Exposing Xiamen’s AB face, simplicity and petty bourgeoisie, this harmonious life is the real Xiamen!

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    Speaking of Xiamen, it is really a very comfortable city, small and exquisite, the warmth of the long flowing water, the warmth of people can not be separated. Compared with the accent, I prefer to use “taste” to describe Xiamen, not only the local accent, but also the simple feeling of the same with the Minnan culture. The hall has a kitchen, so “cute” place is probably Xiamen. Well, Zhongshan Road, Gulangyu, if you want to see only these, then you should detour, tourists see tourists are not suitable for this, here should be my most comfortable life to play, if you can live like a local Why should you stand outside the door like a tourist? Two days into the life circle of Xiamen, feel the most authentic Xiamen.
     ➤About seasons and temperatures
    Xiamen is like a spring season, and you can see green trees every season. In summer, the weather in Xiamen is hot. From July to August, it is generally above 30 °C. Occasionally there will be a typhoon crossing. The typhoon weather will be unusually hot. In August, there will be strong precipitation. Once the precipitation is strong, the generation of Zhongshan Road in Xiamen University will have to play. Difficult, generally maintained in 1-3 days, the bad weather will not last too long, most of Xiamen is still sunny and beautiful ~ because of the sea, and the environmental greening is more important, so the overall climate of Xiamen is pleasant, very in Xiamen I can barely see bare trees. Even in winter, the trees are green and full of vitality. If you want to go to the beach to play, be sure to do a good job of sun protection. In addition to the seaside, Xiamen sometimes does not need to be in front of the village, so you need to pay special attention. Other scenic spots have places to shelter from the rain and take a little coffee. You don’t need to worry too much about the weather.
     ➤About public transportation
    1. Bus: Xiamen is not big. The actual area is not shown here. For example, most of the popular commercial districts on the island can be basically 5-30 minutes. If you want to cross the area, you will not exceed the basic area. 1 hour bus ride.
    2. The traffic in Xiamen is mainly based on buses. In October 2017, Metro Line 1 was officially opened. The cost is 2 yuan, the most expensive is 7 yuan, mainly from Zhongshan Road to Xiamen North. Ming District, Huli District, Jimei District, for tourists to Zhongshan Road, Gaoqi Airport, Jimei Garden Expo Park, Xiamen North Station can be used.
    3, BRT: BRT is a major characteristic traffic in Xiamen. In addition to the sometimes crowded peak period, time can be guaranteed. Because the exclusive passage and smooth roads, starting from the starting station, as long as there is a location, then the road is basically worry-free. The BRT compartment is bright and tidy, and you can feel the leisure and comfort of Xiamen very comfortably. It is worth mentioning that because the BRT looks very much like a passage in the air, it also has a function. If you want to cross the road, you can’t find the crosswalk. When you see the blue BRT port, you don’t have to hesitate to go up, it can be regarded as a flyover!
     The first day, A face Xiamen, there is a gesture of life
    Woke up with the flowers, although the white orchid is not very good, but the fragrance is very outstanding, especially in the early morning and evening, the taste is particularly good, this hotel is very small and fresh, the flowers and ornaments inside can see the boss’s intentions. Xia Shang Yi Ting is a state-owned enterprise brand. I only have a hotel that sees this brand in Xiamen. It should be a chain brand that only exists in Xiamen. When I booked it, I read the website and many stores. I concentrated on Siming. Area.
    ➤Hotel recommendation: Xia Shang Yi Ting Hotel (Bai Lan Branch)
    Address: 90 Forbidden Road
    Bailandian is the closest to the scenic spot I am going to, so I preferred this home, the price is affordable, the room is also a big surprise, simple and elegant, I was wondering if there is a Bailan Road called Bailandian, and later When I got started, I realized that it is really a real white orchid! Next to the hotel is a large white orchid tree.
    In the whole morning, in addition to dining in the hotel, I used to watch the floral landscaping in the hotel. I couldn’t help but put some in the room under the tree and smelled happy. Now I have a scent of thoughts. Smell the smell of white orchids and think of a wonderful holiday in Xiamen~
    Just walk to the right side of the hotel’s main entrance and walk along the street. You can see the “Ophthalmology Hospital” bus stop after about 400 meters. Take the No. 1 bus to get off at the “Science and Technology College Siming Campus” station and walk forward. 200 meters on your right hand side will see the cute cat pattern arch, no doubt, then you will arrive at the top of the Australian cat street ~
    Today’s first stop is the super cute cat street where the girl’s heart is bursting. It is said that it is a cat street. In fact, it is not a street with many cats. Xiamen is a city with cat culture. Gulangyu has more Another name for Chinese cat island.
    There is such a characteristic street in Xiamen, called “Dingao Ai Cat Street”. It has been given many elements of cats. Walls, telephone poles and even snack bar noodles or window sills are painted with colorful, cartoon characters of various breeds. It has become a very creative and distinctive street, and the top of Aussie Cat Street is close to Xiamen University. If the whole street is a live cat, it is estimated that such a beautiful place in Xiamen University will be occupied by the cat country.
    According to legend, a long time ago, the fishing industry in the Xiamen-Hong Kong region was prosperous, and fishermen were mostly fishing in the sun on the sunny slopes of Ao Tsai. Cats are not hydrophilic, only eat fish when food is scarce. In order to protect the catch, the local residents have raised a large number of cats full-time mousetraps, and many cats are few people. With the improvement of the city and the transformation of the fishery, the top of the Ao Tsai has become a densely populated area, and the cat has lost its natural habitat, promoting the marine culture of Xiamen and Hong Kong, inheriting the memory of the community, and adopting culture.The innovation reproduces the goodness of the cat street and the goodness of the people.
    In fact, the whole cat street is mainly an art block. There are snacks and gadgets for sale. There are some lovely cats on the street. The style is diverse. There are hundreds of cats on the whole street. They are photographed from the street. At the end of the street, you can gather together.
    People who love cats are excited to be unable to control themselves. Which corners are photographed, most of them are family and couples traveling, ready for enough camera space, boys must have super endurance, one by one shot~
    It’s not too early to come to Cat Street. The shops here are mostly open until noon, and it’s not suitable at night. The cute cat graffiti here, when it’s taken at night, it’s not cute~ It’s best when it’s near lunch. Most of them are places in small alleys, and the art is not drying.
    Going out from the street where Ama Mala Tang is facing, and then turning a corner, you can walk to [Xiamen University]. Xiamen University is back to the mountains to see the sea. The geographical location is rare. The beauty of Xiamen University is famous throughout the country. But on weekends and holidays, it is also a big queue. If it is a parent-child tour, it is recommended to take a child as an education to feel the picture. I didn’t make this excitement for this trip. Looking at the tourists waiting in line at the door of the hot sun, I rushed to the door and made a card and went away.
    By Xiamen University, from the Zhongshan Road affiliated to Xiamen University, I went down and went down to [Shapowei]. The rows and rows of distinctive street shops are exciting, and they have the feeling of stepping into the peach blossom source. I like the petty bourgeoisie fresh mood, upright noon, we picked a must-go net red restaurant to enjoy the food.
    The location is very easy to find, Shapo tail is named because it is the end of a large section of the beach, and the sand everywhere will flow here. The iconic area is the sheltered dock, and now it still has The boat is docked, and there is a row of unique storefronts facing this distinctive landscape. 4people is one of them, a two-story small bungalow building.
    ➤4 PEOPLE (Shapowei shop)
    Address: Opposite to the Vegetable Market, No. 106, University Road (China Children’s Art Museum Station)
    My favorite is the upstairs position. Because I was curious to run up and look at it, I just wanted to stay away. In addition to the upstairs seat, the other side of the glass is a small and very comfortable observatory. There is a wooden old bookshelf, and the twin towers are raised. The opposite is the sheltered dock. Watching the ship rest leisurely here, as if time is forbidden.
    The 4people’s decor is decorated with a lot of comfortable wood. The sound of stepping on the wood and the joy of expectation convey a retro atmosphere. Eating here makes people happy and comfortable. Quietly blowing the wind, you can look at the typhoon shelter at the end of Shapo, where you can savor the life of the terrace of the old Xiamen house.
    The bread before the meal is free, it is a small hungry comfort, but there is also a small box.Nuts, bread with butter, crunchy, delicious~
    American T-BONE 195 yuan
    6 minutes of cooked maturity, cut in two quarters is a good-looking pink, American T flesh, each plate is the ultimate good meat, the place near the T bone will be slightly a little bit, personally feel a little bit The location is delicious, the meat is more moist, the juice is more, and it tastes very fragrant.
    After having a full lunch, I wandered around Shapowei and found that it was really a paradise for the petty bourgeoisie. When I was full, I didn’t want to leave. I was thinking about finding a comfortable shop to sit and enjoy this leisurely Feeling, nature, my first choice is still facing the sheltered dock. Looking at the sparkling water and the small blue flag-hungry boat parked there, there is a sense of peace of mind, afternoon tea dessert at Shapowei There are countless stores, each with its own style.
    ➤JUICY SUPPLY (University Road 92)
    Address: Back Gate, No. 92, University Road, Xiagang Street (near Shapowei)
    It’s been attracted by JUSSIY in two steps. It’s just that it’s not suitable to sit outside in the afternoon sun. It’s different from the style of the door. It’s the upstairs rest area, too characteristic, just downstairs. The facade is two styles, warm and comfortable.
    The protagonist in this shop is a Shar Pei, thinkThere must be some stories in it. The inexplicable is to feel the boss’s love for this dog. It has its lovely figure everywhere. There are many kinds of sweet varieties of JUSSIY. The layout of the balcony is my favorite style, facing the wind. The dock has a row of high-legged wooden chairs, and you can see the full view of the twin towers. The scenery is infinitely good, but unfortunately it is a bit of sun.
    The temperature in the room is very comfortable, the decoration is very style, the wall is made of flat color wooden boards, the other side is actually a small drawer of the medicine shop, the simple feeling, the light here makes me feel very young, it is so dim Feeling, the time has been softened a lot, and the heart is so quietly and quietly enjoying the journey.
    Talk to a friend and talk about it, leisurely emptying, enjoying food in your mouth, sweet to psychological, the richness of the moment is mixed with a sense of peace of mind, a small sheltered dock, you can see the head at a glance, when did it develop into this? I can’t remember it, only know that the Shapo tail at the moment is really beautiful.
    At the twilight time, there will be a glimmer of light on the surface of the water. The faint, yellow light will tell you that the sun is about to go down. I have always heard that Xiamen is a city that never sleeps. The day is getting darker and the lights are shining. The tail began to retreat, and it was a lively scene. People came and changed a few waves. At three o’clock in the day, you can see the different moments of Shapo’s tail.Sight.
    Almond Cocoa Tower
    The almonds are scattered on top of the chocolate cream. A spoon goes down. First, the crispy chocolate breaks out and makes a comfortable sound. Then it is a layer of creamy cream. Then it touches the bottom of the crispy and fragrant bottom. The taste is changeable. The cream is slightly sweeter, and the dessert can affect the woman’s mood. It is a good mood to unconsciously pick up the song.
    Lemon elderberry
    The name is very special, but it is very good with the sweet tower. Before drinking, use a straw to shake the drink. The taste of the bubble is very refreshing in the summer. It is particularly clear in the sun. There is a lemon, sweet and sour inside. Practicable.
    After eating dessert and drinking tea, I stayed quietly for an afternoon to chat with my partner. It was very comfortable. The nerves in my leisure time were romantic because of the flashing of the beading lamp. The bar of the literary fan is the best for Shapowei. At night, and the girlfriends silently searched, stopping in front of a retro-styled small tile.
    ➤You Know Bar
    Address: Behind 114 University Road
    Looking up and down for a long time, in addition to the retro fancy tiles at the door of the balcony window, people are fascinating to get its style. Other embellishments are rare. When it comes from the facade, it is always fascinating. What kind of bar is it? What prompted us to take this step is its name. “You know bar” seems to be a kind of tacit understanding. What are the people outside the door still skeptical? “you know” is like a friend who hasn’t seen you for a long time and tells you something new. You know that it will develop according to your familiar pace, but you will always be surprised, because the person who knows you the most is still it. Yeah.
    There is no one on the first floor. It is a bar table with a small set of scenery. The neon tube swears its own taste. The stairs are the main area, the bar is in the middle, there is a high chair, and there are tables, chairs and sofas on both sides. Sitting anywhere, casual, compared to the large-scale interpretation bar, it seems more like a small and warm chat, no noisy, but also a little leisurely, there is a kind of friends who come to the house to taste wine and listen to songs. Feeling, it is really suitable for us.
    Hand-picked cocktails are the basic equipment for every BAR. I didn’t expect to have grilled oysters and snacks here, and it’s unexpectedly delicious, dimly lit, and a drink with friends, no matter which location, dark It’s like a corner, quiet and free of intrusions, and friends are so in the dark, this kind of freedom allows us to talk freely, talking about all the novel people and things we see today.
    It is also a terrace. Unfortunately, its space is limited. It is enough for you to look at the scenery. If you like to be busy, you can go to the bar. We have seen many people like to sit at the bar. The light is good enough to see the bartender’s face. They performed fancy bartending and chatted with them.
    At night, I am not afraid of finding a way back. Xiamen is so big. The itinerary is not over. Because it is a crowded area, the bus stops nearby are not waiting for the bus. My friends and I have bypassed the crowd and walked more. A short distance, don’t underestimate this small distance, not only have a location, no one can crowd, but you can also see great scenery!
    ➤JUICY SUPPLY (University Road 112)
    Address: Xiagang StreetNo. 112, Dao University Road (opposite the vegetable market)
    I kept eating and drinking all day long. I didn’t think how much I had to eat at dinner. I almost saw the tempting bread on the window selling bread. I bought a classic triangular cheese bread and eat it. A little bit of snacks, leave a little breakfast, the idea is just right, unexpectedly it’s packaging, a very cute paper bag, it is particularly good to look at, the store can also carefully cut the pieces for you, service so good It is no wonder that the door is out of the market.
    From the street storefront in Shapowei, when you see the Xia Shangminxing supermarket, there is a road called the Beehide Mountain Road on the right side of the Minxing Supermarket. From this Beehide Mountain Road, go up to a main road called Siming South Road, to the left. You can find the “Xiagang Bus Station” by turning left on the road. There is a hive community in the Hive Mountain Road. In addition to the petty bourgeoisie in Shapo, you will feel detached on this road. The life here is very strong. There are kindergartens, small markets, and small ones. Most of the people who are in the mouth are living.
    The last bus of the 941 Road at the “Xiagang Bus Station” is 21:30. Under the bottom of a bridge, it is a bus start station. The location is relatively sufficient. It is necessary to sit on the driver’s side because the car is on the bus. By way of Zhongshan Road, the driver’s side can see Gulangyu Island on the side of Zhongshan Road. The night view of Gulangyu Island is also beautiful. In fact, there is no one at Zhongshan Road at noon. Because of the heat, there are relatively few people walking on the street. At night, it is a wonderful moment for the recovery of Zhongshan Road. Therefore, it is recommended to have energy to visit Zhongshan Road. You can enjoy this car. After the night view of Gulangyu, get off at the “Waterfront Building Station” and continue to visit Zhongshan Road. If you are like a person who has already visited Zhongshan Road and is not unusual, you can sit in the car and get off at the “Ophthalmology Hospital Station” at the “Waterfront Building Station”. You can return to the hotel soon after walking. The advantage of choosing Xia Shang Yi Ting Hotel (Bai Lan Branch) is obvious, the traffic is convenient, and the cost performance is high.
    When I arrived at the hotel, I couldn’t wait to take the bread out. This kind of bread is not the same as the general chain of bread. It is a European-style triangle bag. It is only delicious in the hand-baked workshop. The bread is strong, the face is fragrant, the most exotic. It is inside, the fragrant cheese, sour and sweet mouth, with the coarse grain of the coarse grain rind is super delicious! ! I regret not buying one more. When I try to eat it, I feel particularly delicious. I didn’t expect that one of my own tastes was so good. It seems that it is not easy to step on the thunder. Unconsciously, a big loaf was eaten by me, and I couldn’t wait until breakfast~
     The next day, B, Xiamen, the locals of the locals
    Today is a big morning, most of Xiamen’s shops are open late. This is the right place to go to the places where Xiamen people often go and feel the life of Xiamen people. There is such a park called “Zhongshan Park” near the hotel. Accessible, or by bus or BRT, the distance of 1 station can be reached, get off at the “Dou West Road” station, go back in the direction of the car and walk straight into the west gate of Zhongshan Park.
    Xiamen is a garden city, beautifully armed to the bridge, from the BRT station, Xiamen is particularly beautiful, all the way flowers are blooming along the road, Xiamen people’s faces are a kind of elegant, even clothes are very There are few big red and green, and people who look at the station come and go. I think they are quite elegant. It is a very good experience to ride. There are not many people here. Everyone looks calm and has a lot of positions. They also have their own place. Occasionally there are elderly people on board or passengers with children. Everyone will politely give up their position. It is almost unthinking. This kind of positive energy is particularly comfortable.
    From the west gate, you can enter the park. Zhongshan Park has four gates in the southeast and northwest. The park is very big. It feels that even the noon is a good place to cool down. There are many big trees inside. The old people are playing cards under the tree, under the tree. There are also many public chairs, and you can sit and rest when you are tired. There are zoos and small amusement parks throughout the park, and you can also have fun with your family. The old people here are full of rich faces, and naturally they are filled with joy. Xiamen is a livable city, and it is true.
    Beside the small alley that was returned to the original road, mistakenly hitI stumbled into the flower market here. There are no high-rise buildings. They are some ancient houses, but they are not the same across the Xiahe Road. They are all modern buildings. The flower market here is called the second city. An old flower market, all the streets are selling flowers, and there are a lot of people to buy. Usually go to work, and when they get off work, they will not forget to add a touch of spring to their home. They all say that Xiamen is like spring, no matter which. In the first season, the family has flowers that are always open, watching the lively people, like me, shuttle in the flower market, watching the old and young picking their favorite flowers here, the location is not remote, as if it is like getting off work or buying food. Passing by, I just turned in and picked it up, the kind of leisurely and calm, as if it was everyday.
    In the small alleys of the flower market, there are also many small and well-decorated coffee houses. In places you didn’t think of, even we also met a single-family coffee room. There is also a coffee school next to it. It’s really a surprise, open in this way. The old city is another flower market block, both romantic and tasteful.
    Yak-Ie-Chao Beef Shop (Dou West Road)
    Address: 209 Dou West Road (next to Sopeng KTV)
    At noon, we thought about coming to an encounter, eating it, picking a popular restaurant in the street and trying to look at luck. At the side of our hotel at Douxi intersection, we saw a fresh beef hot pot named “Niu Yi Chao” The master who cuts the meat in the open file is skillful and my eyes can’t be diverted. This hot pot restaurant is very popular. I saw the crowd at the door. Think about it. I shouldn’t step on the thunder when I eat here. It wasn’t long before I stared at the people who cut the meat, and we went in and went to eat.
    The thing is very simple, the freshly cut beef hot pot, the meatballs are fresh hand-made, this I saw in the tide, the sauce is self-matching, the sand tea sauce is my favorite, today’s soy sauce + sesame oil + peanut butter + The chopped green onion is also very perfect. The meat is fresh and tender. We add three dishes to the dragon meat. Compared to the tender meat and fat beef, the fatness of the dragon is the middle of the two. It is my favorite type.
    The most recommended is the salt and pepper steak! Super delicious! Super fragrant, a steak with roots, a bit of bones with a fragrant oil, a part of lean meat is slightly fragrant, tastes very tasty, a super satisfied, there are about four small portions, two people eat really Can eat super satisfied! highly recommended!
    There is a Yonghui supermarket opposite to the “Niu Yi Chaos Beef Shop”. Many of Xiamen’s specialties are like pies, orange cakes, and a puff pastry. They are sold in supermarkets. The good habit of going out is that I often buy local products in the local Shangchao. The packaging is not very beautiful, but the authenticity is the most suitable for eating and sending the family elders! I bought a lot of things in the supermarket, went on a walk for a while, followed the navigation and took a new road back to the hotel to pack my luggage.
    There are two railway stations in Xiamen, one is the South Square of the Railway Station, the other is the North Railway Station of Xiamen, the North Station of Xiamen is in Jimei, and it is about 40-60 minutes by car from Siming District. If you are going to Xiamen North, you must reserve in advance. Good time, Xiamen’s railway station is in Gaoqi, if you are flying, it is also necessary to reserve an hour’s drive to prepare. If the train is like I am at the south square of the railway station, it would be great. From here, there will be several stops in the past. The journey is less than 20 minutes, that is, Xiahe Road is straight.
    I sent my luggage for a little rest. In the time of the gap, we thought about taking a little time to go to the nearby old town to go shopping. It is best to have a place where the road conditions are not too complicated and controllable, so we took the BRT. At the Kaihe intersection, from the hotelHowever, the distance from one station is still very convenient. In the evening, the crowd has already surged.
    Xiamen people buy food here to buy seafood and buy fruit. A whole street vendor sells all kinds of seafood. At this moment, I really realized that Xiamen is a coastal city, looking at all kinds of fish, a lot of A lot of them are kinds that I don’t know.
    Psychological ecstasy, here is probably the most authentic appearance of Xiamen, tourists will not come here, I also happened to listen to people, in fact, this should be the most secret and wonderful base camp for diners, here is the most ancient taste All kinds of local small spots in Xiamen, local people are here to buy, many are classic ancient taste, fried fried spice, fish cake, frozen bamboo shoots and full of fried cakes.
    Strongly push the fried cake, look at the simple and unpretentious, the taste is really very fragrant and very delicious! The geographical characteristics are strong.
    Going all the way, in addition to the unsatisfied customs, there are still endless delicious food, buy some before the ride, just as the dry food on the road!

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