Face-to-face travel–the wind blows the grass, such as Mu Xianjing, the northern Xinjiang line

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    Everyone knows that I want to go to Xinjiang, not for others. It is only in China’s great mountains and waters. Xinjiang is absolutely like Tibet. It is one of the best places in the minds of photographers. This long-distance trip, which lasted for one month in September, will definitely be very exhausting, so I only want to fly to a certain island holiday in August, when I suddenly received a call from my sister to call me to go to Xinjiang, I have A few minutes of embarrassment, but soon made up my mind. Although I am also very aware that August is not the best time in Xinjiang’s traditional sense, but I have not been tempted, and I have embarked on the journey.
    During this trip, I always heard someone sigh and didn’t catch up with the good season, but I stubbornly thought that the scenery that was not 365 days a year was repeated. The weather was different and the mood was different. Different.
    Don’t worry about the so-called good season. In the land that the creator loves in Xinjiang, there are flowers in the spring, green grass and cattle in the summer, red leaves in the autumn, snow covered in the winter, and each season has its own. Beauty, every day is radiant.
    What you need to do is just to set aside your holiday, and in different seasons, pack up different moods to welcome the feast of the eyes.
    Recommended index: ★★★★
    As the gateway to Xinjiang, Urumqi is the political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational and transportation center of Xinjiang. When you get off the plane, the Uighur characters that are everywhere can make you feel that you are in Xinjiang.
    If you just think of this as a passing place and don’t want to stay too much, then you can’t miss this wonderful “Silk Road Show”.
    This audio-visual feast is based on local myths and legends in Xinjiang. It is the world’s first large-scale fantasy show reflecting the Western theme and Xinjiang customs. Taking Xinjiang’s history and culture as the background, it integrates into Xinjiang’s scenic spots and songs and dance culture. It is built by the director of Lu Chuan and the top team to make full use of the world’s most advanced high-tech stage technology and equipment such as sound, light, electricity and animation. Created a stage system of Xinjiang, Chinese style, and international standards.
    Although Wushu Junshan Tianshan Hotel Silk Road Show Grand Theatre is not big, its surprising creative highlights, shocking audiovisual effects and in-depth experience of the audience will put everyone on the vast expanse of Xinjiang, to understand Xinjiang. Opened a window.
    In addition to the “Silk Road Show”, Urumqi can also let you feel the deep ethnic customs as soon as you arrive.
    Practical information:
    “Silk Road Show” ticket price group purchase price of 299-899 yuan, depending on the seat priceThe same, including Xinjiang special buffets and performances, can be purchased on a treasure. (The buffet is delicious, ice cream and yogurt are the highlights)
    Other attractions in Urumqi are recommended: Hongshan, Urumqi Botanical Garden, Grand Bazaar.
    Recommended index: ★★★
    As the most famous attraction in Urumqi, Tianchi is a must-see for everyone.
    Tianshan Tianchi is known as “Yaochi”. It is located in the territory of Fukang City, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is a natural scenic spot centered on mountain lakes. It is a natural scenic spot centered on mountain lakes. It is 97 kilometers away from Urumqi and is an arid area in northwest China. Typical mountain-like natural landscape.
    It is characterized by a complete vertical natural landscape belt and snow-capped mountains and mountain lakes. It is a cultural connotation of the ancient Yaochi Western Queen Mother mythology and religion and unique ethnic folk customs. It is an attraction that integrates mountain lake forest temples.
    Tianshan Tianchi, as the first attraction to see Wuwu City, is definitely qualified, but because there are too many people, it is overcrowded when it is queued into the scenic spot, so the individual does not like it.
    The weather on the day of going to Tianshan was not good. At the beginning, it was still blue sky and white clouds, and then it slowly went down.
    Especially after entering the scenic spot, the sky was mostly cloudy, and I climbed a small hill for photographing. I was so bruised by the unknown grass around me. The whole hand was allergic, the pain was unbearable, and then the endless injury. I continued to shoot in the pain, so that I can still feel the sourness in the place of Tianshan Tianchi. Therefore, it is confirmed again that the scenery is good, and the relationship with the mood at that time is really great!
    Gloomy days, not too big in Tianchi
    There are also dense crowds.
    The incense of the temple in the distance rose.
    After the sights, I found a wave of blue pool, which is more beautiful than the Tianchi.
    Scattered pine cones are everywhere.
    Practical information:
    Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area Ticket Price: 280 yuan (including sightseeing bus)
    Private cars can only park in the scenic parking lot, then buy tickets to enter, take the scenic bus to the scenic spot.
    There are hotels in the Tianchi Scenic Area.
    Recommended index: ★★★★
    Cocotohai Town is located between the Altai Mountains, 48 ​​kilometers northeast of Fuyun County, in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The Irtysh River just passed through the town, which is the origin of the town name. Cocoto Sea, Kazakh means “green jungle.” Mongolian, meaning “blue river bay.”
    Just entering the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area, there are mountains and rivers flowing in the water, and there is a hot air balloon standing, but because the weather is still not clear, there are not many people sitting on the hot air balloon, so it just slowly rises once or twice again. fall.
    The occasional blue sky will make everyone feel good.
    The cattle and sheep are leisurely walking on the road. When they are tired, they take a break. Everyone walks quietly from them, and they don’t bother each other. The harmony between humans and animals is reflected in this land.
    Although the summer of the Cocoto Sea does not have the red leaves of the mountains, the weather is gradually clear enough to make everyone happy.
    Practical information:
    Cocoa Sea Scenic Area Tickets: 90 yuan
    Private cars can be opened and there is accommodation.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    Yiremu Lake is located in the northern part of Fuyun County, within 4 km of the southwest of Cocoahai Town. It is a reservoir lake formed by the intersection of the Irtysh River (mountain section) and the Kayte River. . The lake is about 800 meters above sea level, about 1.5 kilometers wide from north to south, about 5 kilometers from east to west, and the average water depth is 9 meters. Its southwest is the Haizikou Hydropower Station that passes through the lake.
    Not far from the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area, you can see the Yiremu Lake. It is deeply hidden in the southwestern fault basin of the Cocoto Sea and is the largest fault basin in the Fuyun earthquake. It stands on both sides of the east and west, the north and south sides, surrounded by green trees, the fertile fields, the mosaic of the village, and the wonderful reflection in the water, forming two overlapping images. Its central part of the lake has been cut off by most of the two mountains, and it looks like the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. It looks like a huge aquamarine. Far-sighted, lakeside grassland, horns, lakes and bays, rock islands, shazhou scattered, lakeside flat fertile farmland, farmer and playful children in the fields, lakes, trees, fields, cottages, clear mountains, islands To form a magnificent scenery. And this is the scenery of Xinjiang in my mind.
    Practical information:
    No tickets, the best lookout point on the road not far from the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area, there is a scenic card, the roadside can be parked for a short time, you will not miss it.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    Cocoa Suri is located in Fuyun County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang. It is one of the main scenic spots of the Cocoto Sea National Geological Park. It is 23 kilometers away from Fuyun County. Coco Lake is also known as Wild Duck Lake. The lake area is 2677 acres and the average water depth is 2 Rice, there are more than 20 large and small floating islands formed by reeds with roots interlaced in the lake, rich in aquatic plants.
    Coco Suri is a pearl scattered on the earth in the Irtysh River, a wetland. Looking from afar, the green grass on the water is covered, the wildflowers are blooming, the cattle and sheep are in groups, in the afternoon sun, KazakhThe herdsmen’s yurts are like smoke, like a picture of a frontier. The blue sky, the white clouds, the reflections of the scorpion, the surface of the lake like a jade, as bright as a mirror. Occasionally, the swan and the wild ducks light up the lake and smack a smack of sorrow. Then, they circled in a circle and the lake returned to calm. Like a girl who wakes up in a big dream, she is ashamed to think about the enthusiasm in the dream, trying to calm down the heart lake full of love flames.
    When I saw it, everyone was already amazed. In the car, I couldn’t help but pick up the camera and I was afraid to miss such a good scenery. I didn’t feel relieved until I saw the entrance to the scenic spot. I went in and enjoyed the beauty.
    Practical information:
    Coco Suri Ticket: 20 yuan
    Parking at the market not far from the entrance to the scenic spot.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    Located on the first and second terraces of the northern bank of the Irtysh River, which is injected into the Arctic Ocean, the colorful beach is located in Hagahe County, about 24 kilometers northwest of Burqin County in the Altay region. Directions, 24 kilometers from Burqin County, is also the only way to the Kanas Lake Scenic Area.
    The colorful beaches on both sides of the river, different from north to south, are national 4A-level scenic spots. It is adjacent to the blue waters of the Irtysh River, and it is reflected in the lush green valley on the other side of the river. It can be said that “one river is separated by two banks and has two heavens.” The fierce river impact and the violent wind erosion formed the cliff-type Yadan landform on the north bank. The riverbank rock layers have different weather resistance, and the contours will be uneven. The rocks contain different minerals and they will be transformed into various colors. In the sun shining in the setting sun, the color of the rock is mainly red, with green, purple, yellow, white, black and transitional colors. The color is colorful and charming, so it is named “Colorful Beach”. The South Bank is a green tree, and it is a forest, and the mountains and Gobi scenery in the distance are all in sight.
    There is also a large-scale wind power website in front of the Colorful Beach Scenic Area, adding a dynamic and dynamic melody to the vast vision. The green grass, the mountain flowers, the cattle, the horses, the horses, the oasis and the desert are interspersed with groups of camels. The scenes of the big scenes reflect the pure feelings of the Kazakh herdsmen and the simple herdsmen’s life, so that you can feel the spring breeze all the way. singing.
    It is recommended to look at the sunset, the color is very colorful.
    Practical information:
    Colorful Beach Tickets: 50 yuan
    There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot to park. The scenic area is within walking distance.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    Hemu Grassland is located in the inter-mountain fault basin of the intersection of Kanas River and Hemu River in Burqin County, with an altitude of 1124-2300 meters. The surrounding area of ​​the basin is wide and the top is round and round. The river is cut into gorges and the terrain is complex. The Hemu River runs from northeast to southwest, dividing the grassland into two halves. The mountain slopes are densely forested, green and drooping, red deer, marmot The snow chicken inhabits it; while the sloping slopes of the green grass are full of slopes, the flowers are fragrant, the fragrance is overflowing, the bees are collecting flowers and honey, the cattle and sheep are full of mountains and plains, and the beautiful vast grassland scenery.
    Hemu Village is one of the Tuwa villages that maintains the most complete national tradition and is the farthest and largest of the three remaining Tuva villages (Hemu Village, Kanas Village and Baihaba Village). With an area of ​​3,040 square kilometers, there are more than 1,800 people in the township. Among them, there are more than 1,400 Mongolian Tuva people, mainly Mongolian Tuva and Kazakh, and their wooden houses are scattered on the mountain grasslands.
    Hemu natural and primitive mountain scenery, the scenery is beautiful, Hemu River flows from the northeast to the southwest, and the original village and the prairie are harmonious and natural. When we come to Hemu Village, we first enter our vision of the wooden cabins and herds of herds, which form a unique natural and cultural landscape with snow peaks, forests, grasslands and blue sky and white clouds.
    The significance is that these cabins have become the symbol of the Tuva people. Most of the cabins are buried in the soil to withstand the cold weather of the snow-covered period of nearly half a year. It is particularly primitive and primitive, with the tradition of nomads. feature. The roof is generally made of wood-paneled adult-shaped canopy. The house is made up of single-layer logs of 30 to 40 cm in diameter, which is both warm and moisture-proof. We are fortunate enough to experience the accommodation of the cabin and sleep well for one night.
    The sky blue of Hemu is so refreshing, the clouds are like a winged love.
    Tuva’s child, tender and pure eyes.
    Riding a horse to the hill near Hemu Village, there are some difficulties in experiencing the local customs. Because of the large number of tourists, the horses here are hard and tired all the time, and they have to keep going down the mountain, even the mares that are about to be produced in pregnancy are not spared. I heard that I have to “rework” immediately after production, which is really unbearable.
    Beautiful Hemu River, you can experience rafting in summer.
    Light image galloping elves in the distant mountains
    On the hillside around Hemu Village, you can overlook the panorama of Hemu Village and Hemu River. From sunrise to snow, peaks and streams, you can see the sunrise, morning fog, wooden house and Hemu River. Great location.
    In the morning, the smoke is smoky, and the morning fog is like a fairyland.
    Practical information:
    Hemu scenic spot ticket: 60 yuan.
    Ancient city maintenance fee: 20 yuan.
    Shuttle bus: round trip: 100 yuan
    There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot. If you want to stay in the scenic area, remember to take your luggage and transfer to the scenic area bus. The accommodation is concentrated in Hemu Township.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★★
    Kanas Lake is located in the northern part of Burqin County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang. It is an inland freshwater lake. The lake comes from the glacial meltwater and local precipitation of Kuitun and Youyifeng. The lake is 1374 meters above sea level and the area is 45.73km2. The deepest reaches of the lake About 188.5 meters, the water storage capacity reached 5.38 billion cubic meters.
    The shape of Kanas Lake is crescent, and the landscape of the lake area mainly includes the camel neck, the lake of color, the lake of Wolong, etc.; there are rare fish such as Zheluo and fine scales.
    Kanas Lake is a mountain lake formed by Quaternary glaciers. In 2009, it was named “China’s Most Beautiful Lake” by China National Geographic magazine.
    At the entrance of the Kanas scenic spot stands a huge monument, which is engraved with “Kanas 颂”: Kanas, when I whispered you / grand scenery turned around – like a beggar in the eyes of kindness / Once again, I gently lifted, hugs/scenery love, was inherited by the four seasons of the landscape / bloomed in the mood and expression of the landscape / on the Kanas shaker, I am willing to become a abandoned baby in the scenery With a cry, go to speak, go to the beauty, sigh / to participate in the rippling of the lake, the stretch of the mountains / – the wind is most bent down, close to my cheek. I sip it, also do it deeply sipping… …
    Fantasy clouds circling in the sky, like a vision.
    Kanas Lake is located in the northern part of Burqin County in the Altay region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It runs from Kalema to the north, to Hewitt to the south, to Tiebeke to the east, and to Alghezara to the west. It is located at 48°81′46′′ north latitude, 87°04′10′′ east longitude, 150 kilometers away from Burqin County, with an area of ​​45.75km2, an average water depth of 120 meters, a maximum depth of 188.5 meters and a water storage capacity of 5.38 billion cubic meters. It is a mountain lake nestled in the deep forests of Altai.
    According to the National Geographic magazine “Glacier Frozen Soil”: the Kanas River Basin is located in the main peak of the Altai Mountains – the Friendship Peak and the southern slope of the Kuitun Peak. The mountain around the basin is a stepped layered fault block mountain, since the glaciers since the early Quaternary Strong etching, peaks, ridges, ancient ice buckets, U-shaped valleys, hanging valleys, hail ridges, hail lakes and frozen mud flow terraces are very developed. From the ancient glacial landforms, it can be distinguished from the obvious three glacial periods. The Kanas Lake was formed by the huge compound valley glaciers in the second Great Ice Age. At that time, the glaciers were several kilometers long and the glaciers were about 200 thick. -500 meters, the end of the ice tongue is stable at the mouth of the lake, and is in a state of balance. Gradually, a total of about 1 km high and 50-70 meters high is formed at the mouth of the Kanas. The outermost one is about 20 meters high and has a curved and convex ridge. The inner side is connected with the lake by a slope. The final ridges are undulating, consisting of a mixture of hailstones, sand and clay. In the later period, due to the warming of the climate, the glaciers quickly retreated and formed the current Kanas Lake.
    Kanas Lake goes up, there is an unknown small lake, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds and grassland and the playful cattle and horses. The ducks in the lake are leisurely squatting like a beautiful landscape painting.
    Far from the Kanas scenic spot.
    Looking at the snow mountain on the fish watching platform
    Wolong Bay
    Moon Bay
    Practical information:
    Kanas Scenic Spot Ticket Price: 185 yuan
    Kanas scenic area bus pass (excluding the fish watching platform): 275 yuan
    Kanas Transfer Center to Guanyutai round-trip ticket: 120 yuan
    Kanas Lake Shuanghu Cruise 120 yuan / person
    There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot. Private cars cannot enter the scenic spot. (In fact, we asked the security guards at the entrance of the scenic spot. If you add money, you can drive in. The interested friends can ask, the price is not cheap.)
    Accommodation and dining are concentrated in the scenic transfer center
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    Sailimu Lake is the highest mountain in Xinjiang with the highest altitude and beautiful scenery. It is also the place where the Atlantic warm and humid airflow finally takes care of it. Therefore, there is the saying that “the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean”. Saimu Lake is called “Net Sea” in ancient times. It is located in the northern Tianshan Mountains in Bole City, Bortala Prefecture, Xinjiang. It is adjacent to Huocheng County of Yili Prefecture. The lake is 2071 meters above sea level, 30 kilometers from east to west, 25 kilometers from north to south, and has an area of ​​453. Square kilometers, the water storage capacity is 21 billion cubic meters, the lake is clear and transparent, and the transparency is 12 meters.
    We drove a few kilometers along the road around the Sailimu Lake, quietly admiring its beauty, and avoiding the Zhengjing District. It took 10 yuan from a side scenic spot to enter the Lake District.
    The lakeside grass is long, the lake is crystal clear, the mountains are in the distance, and the sea birds are flying in the sky. I have to sigh beautifully!
    Practical information:
    Tickets for Sailimu Lake: 70 yuan. It can be accessed from some side doors, giving the locals 10 yuan.
    There is a parking lot next to the main entrance and side door.
    Accommodation is only a yurt.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    The Kala Jun Tourist Area is the region with the richest biodiversity and highest aesthetic value of the “Tianshan Tianshan” World Natural Heritage Site. Kala Jun is interpreted as: in the “Central Asian Mountain Grassland and Woodland Ecological Area”, one of the 200 key biodiversity areas in the world, the Tianshan Mountain Coniferous Forest is formed by the uniqueness and intact state of the ecosystem. The most typical representative of the Tianshan mountain meadow grassland.
    The colorful flower clusters, the white felt room during the embellishment, the flowing cloud flocks scattered on the green carpet, the dark green virgin forest, the deep canyon, the sky blue sky, the white clouds and the snowy ice peaks make up a beautiful Picture scroll!
    The Kala Jun Scenic Area is very large and is divided into two sides of the Kala Jun Grassland and the Kuksu Valley. It is suitable for 2 days of play. And because of the limited time, we only went to the Karachi grassland.
    Due to the cold weather and the dark clouds, we were unable to wait in the mountains to wait for the sunset to leave, but we saw the most beautiful sunset in the mountains next to the hotel, but unfortunately could not see the shock.
    Practical information:
    Karachi Prairie Ticket: 80 yuan
    Scenic shuttle bus round trip: 90 yuan
    There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot, and private cars are not allowed.
    There are very good hotels in the scenic area.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★★
    Bayinbulak is located in the inter-mountain basin in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains in the northwest of Hejing County, Bayingolun Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is one of the most important animal husbandry bases in Xinjiang. It is second only to Erdos. The second largest alpine pasture. The water supply is mainly composed of ice-snow-dissolved water and rainfall, and groundwater recharge in some areas, forming a large number of swamp grasslands and lakes.
    Bayinbulak Prairie, Mongolian meaning “rich springs”, 636 kilometers away from Korla City, located in the northwest of Hejing County, southeast of Yili Valley, south of Tianshan Mountain, about 2500 meters above sea level, with an area of ​​about 23,000 square kilometers, is a typical The grass meadow grassland is also the most beautiful summer pasture in the southern foothills of the Tianshan Mountains. The Bayinbulak grassland is 270 kilometers long from east to west, 136 kilometers wide from north to south, and the surrounding mountains are over 3,000 meters above sea level. The Bayinbulak grassland is home to 9 ethnic groups including Mongolian, Han, Tibetan, and Ha. The ethnic customs are splendid and colorful. The annual grassland Nadama event, horse racing, archery and other competitions make visitors forget to return.
    The famous Swan Lake is located on the grassland, southwest of Bayin Township, about 60 kilometers from the Bayinbulak District Government of Hejing County, Xinjiang. Swan Lake is actually a large swamp composed of numerous small lakes connected in series. This is the country’s first swan nature reserve. The protected area is rich in water, the climate is humid and the scenery is beautiful.
    The most striking thing is to stand on the top of the Berke Lake in Swan Lake and look at the nine bends and eighteen bends. The ancient Kaidu River slowly comes to you from the horizon. Even if there are heavy clouds and heavy rain, you will be sighed. “This scene should only be in the sky, and there are several times in the world.” On a sunny day, the sunset here is reflected in the winding river, showing the wonders of the nine suns.
    Due to the stormy weather when we arrived, it was a pity that we did not go to the Swan Lake where we could only go horseback riding. We could only see a few rare swan in the Swan reserve.
    Even though the clouds are densely covered, the nine bends and eighteen bends are still shocking.
    Purple wildflowers everywhere.
    Practical information:
    Bayinbulak scenic spot ticket: 65 yuan
    Round-trip ticket for the scenic area: 90 yuan
    Jiuqu 18-bend battery car round trip: 30 yuan
    There is a parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot. Private cars can’t enter the scenic spot. Of course, you can also buy tickets at a high price. You can still ask the staff of the scenic spot.
    Outside the scenic spot is the county seat, with a variety of dining and accommodation.
    Recommended index: ★★★
    Turpan City is a prefecture-level city affiliated to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is located in the central and eastern part of Xinjiang, the eastern mountain basin of the Tianshan Mountains, also known as “Fire Island”, east of Hami, west and south, and the calm of the Bayin Guoyu Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. It is adjacent to Heshuo, Yuli and Ruoqiang County, and connects to Qitai, Jimsar and Mulei County in Urumqi and Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the north. It is the link between China and Xinjiang, Central Asia and North and South. hub.
    When it comes to Turpan, everyone will naturally think of grapes and flaming mountains, so come to Turpan, everyone just want to see the true meaning of the Flame Mountain, and buy some raisins by the way!
    Flame Mountain is located 10 kilometers northeast of Turpan City. It is east-west, 98 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide. The main peak is 831.7 meters above sea level. In “Journey to the West”, there is a story of Sun Wukong’s use of the banana fan to extinguish the flames of the Flame Mountain, making the Flame Mountain famous in the world.
    Due to crustal movement and river cutting, the flame mountain leaves many valleys in the mountain, mainly Taoergou, Wood Ditch, Tuyugou, Lianmugou, Subogou.
    In the morning, the temperature of the flaming mountain has already exceeded 40 degrees. In the afternoon, the highest temperature has been heard to reach more than 80 degrees. Many people with lofty ideals will pick the hottest time in the afternoon to go hiking, just to feel the flame burning. The taste of the body.
    Also worth a visit is the Turpan Museum, located on the west side of the most prosperous Gaochang Road in Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It was completed in 1989 and covers an area of ​​9 acres. It consists of two parts, the main building and the giant rhinoceros exhibition hall, with a total construction area of ​​2,000 square meters. Meter. The Turpan Museum has 3,287 collections, including 135 national-level cultural relics and two-level cultural relics.The 640 pieces of third-class cultural relics are the largest museums in the prefecture of Xinjiang.
    Nearly 300 cultural relics were exhibited in the unearthed cultural relics exhibition hall in Turpan, including 28 state-level cultural relics. The world-famous Turfan unearthed documents include contracts, accounts, official documents, and private letters. These cultural relics are important materials for studying the history of the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. Ancient ethnic books such as Suo Wen, Hui Yi Wen and Sanskrit are valuable materials for studying ancient scriptures of ethnic minorities.
    For those who go to the museum, please note that all bags must be stored and no slippers should be allowed.
    Practical information:
    Flame Mountain Ticket: 45 yuan
    In the scenic area, you can ride a camel to play paragliding.
    The museum is free and cannot be worn with a slipper.
    I don’t remember when I saw the Galaxy last time. It seems to be the Maldives a few years ago. But what is certain is that I have not seen it in China yet! (There are too few places I went to)
    This time in Xinjiang, I spent a lot of nights sleeping in the Milky Way, and it was really a happy life. On the second night of Kanas, the first time in my life I saw the Perseid meteor shower. Although it was with three big men, although it was shivering in the cold, although I only forgot to make a wish with screaming, this kind of memory must last a lifetime. memorable.
    Xinjiang, the more beautiful the night!
    Practical information:
    The summer sunset time in Xinjiang is about 9:15. Generally, the Galaxy can be seen around 11:00, but depending on the degree of the moon, the moon will usually fall at 1 am, which is the best time to shoot the Galaxy. I can shoot early, choose a hill, quietly shoot in places where there is no light pollution, and watch the meteors quietly. This feels really good.
    In addition to those famous scenic spots, the scenery along the way is also indispensable in Xinjiang. Unfortunately, most of the beautiful scenery is fleeting and can only be remembered in the mind, but fortunately also recorded some, and enjoy with the king!
    It’s raining in the distance… capture on the car
    Beautiful bridge
    Blue mosque
    Winding road
    Devil City
    Jesus light sprinkled in the distance
    Stretching grassland and cattle and flocks
    Beautiful snow mountain
    When is the moon?
    Sunset on the road
    Gas station at the gas station
    Grassland and road
    Snow mountain
    Dry earth
    This travel note is too serious to be written here, it is not my tempting style, of course, my slap style is not so suitable for such beautiful scenery! So from this one, I am ready to restore my style….
    This time we have a total of 15 small partners to travel together, dragging the family to take the mouth, so lively. So let’s take a photo of everyone to commemorate.
    First of all, my own photos, thanks to the thousands of thousands of people in the same industry, a middle-aged male photography enthusiast, I took such a zheng (NG) vulgar (ning), almost no face, a variety of distorted posture … can see the depth of photography, really. Capture! Look at everyone, just entertain, entertain! (I miss my brother and fox…)
    It’s rare to have two photos that I took for me…..Grateful! !
    There are actually two self-portraits, to see where I am forced to go, there is no bottom line and principle! !
    Behind me is a gold hoop thermometer that shows our temperature in the Flame Mountain, 40 degrees! Despite this, the sense of body is much better than that of Chongqing at 40 degrees!
    Another photographer, Song Ge
    My line of my model – my brother-in-law! ! ! (In the first few days, I sent a photo of my brother-in-law every day. Everyone asked me why I didn’t follow his sister and niece. I dare say that my sister walked away every time I took a photo and said, “I don’t take it!” He ran and shouted: “You have to follow me again!!” Only the brother-in-law… Every time I stood up and said, “Let me!” Jump and jump, very incomparable……. is a good model!! Of course, I miss my two wives…)
    My little niece! ! From the beginning of holding the camera to her, she would scream and shouted: “You have to take care of me again” and then ran away, and took the initiative to ask for photos, and I have established a profound “revolutionary friendship”! !
    April sister, everyone’s pistachio, she has laughter all the way. Of course, crying is not small….
    April sister’s hemp
    Three photographers, that is, three stinkers who watched the meteor shower with me, the leftmost one is the soul photographer hahaha who took pictures of me! !
    Compared with Tibet, the whole environment of eating and drinking in Xinjiang is so much better, and the accommodation is not expensive. The most expensive Linhai Villa in the Kanas scenic area is just over 400, and the rest is two or three hundred. This time we almost lived in the standard of three or four stars, except that the cabins of Hemu were relatively simple but clean and tidy, and others were well equipped. It is recommended that friends who travel to Xinjiang should make a reservation in advance during peak seasons such as summer vacations or holidays or at the end of September. Other times, they can go to find a room. If you don’t want to live in the scenic spot, you can live in a nearby county town.
    Recommend to everyone a few special accommodations I like:
    Cabins in the Cocoto Sea: The scenery is particularly beautiful. Compared to the cabins of Hemu, this facility is relatively complete, and the yurts in the distance are not bad.
    The Linhai Villa in the Kanas Scenic Area is the most expensive hotel we have stayed in. We have complete facilities and a good location. On a hill, walking to the top of the mountain is the perfect location for shooting stars!
    Tianzhu Hotel at the foot of Karawang Mountain: Five Stars Recommended! The price is more than 200 hotels, definitely a five-star standard! Dry and wet partitions, all facilities have everything, except that there is no hot water at the beginning, and later repaired, the rest is impeccable! Go to Kala Jun and recommend staying here! ! In addition, the restaurant downstairs is the Sichuan Restaurant, even if it is absolutely good business in Chongqing! !
    at lastWrite this painful part!
    Eating should be happy, why would it be painful?
    As a person who usually does not eat sheep, when he entered Xinjiang, it was a thief boat that fell into the abyss!
    Every meal has mutton, glutinous rice, pilaf, yellow noodles, noodles, large-sized chicken…. Well, actually eat it once in a while, these are quite delicious, so much so that On the first day, I am happy to eat kebabs, and the photos are also working hard…
    The next day I also had a delicious sesame meal. I was naive at the time: I wanted to stay in Xinjiang for this sake! ! Looking back now, it’s just a ruin! !
    Mash soup and squid!
    The yurt for the Cocoto Sea, after the table meal like this, no matter how much the standard configuration is a person, or a la carte, the food is always eaten: large-plate chicken, hand-caught lamb, tomato scrambled eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, onions The mixture is topped with mutton. The yellow noodles are cold noodles…. Like people who like to eat big chickens, I started to say that as long as there is a large plate of chicken every day, I will not say this after eating. …
    Finally, in the last few days, I started to find the Sichuan restaurant in a crazy way. I ate a total of three Sichuan dishes twice. I once had a hot pot of Sichuan snacks…. As long as I saw the “Chinese food” on the way, the whole person would burn! Look at the smashing of everyone……………
    This is the second month in a row to go to a Muslim place. I will go there next month and stay for a full month. You know that I think the chrysanthemum will be tight! I want to raise a pig…. Pigs are so cute, why, why don’t they eat pigs! ! ! ! ! woo woo woo woo! !
    Xinjiang is big, there are so many places to play. When it comes to self-driving routes, I can’t do more recommendations. I can only write about our route and the road conditions along the way!
    D1 Chongqing Fei Urumqi, overnight in Urumqi
    D2 Urumqi–Tianshan Tianchi–Guhai Hot Springs Guguhai Hot Spring Hotel
    From Urumqi, take the Tuwu Expressway and the 111 Provincial Highway about 2 hours to the Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Spot.
    Tianshan Tianchi to Guhai Hot Springs took the Tuwu Expressway and the G216 Five Expressway for more than three hours.
    The road conditions are very good throughout the day.
    D3 Ancient Sea Hot Springs – Cocoto Sea Surrounded by Cocoa Sea Scenic Area
    The Guhai Hot Springs departed along the G216 Five-High Speedway and Daqi Expressway for about 4 hours to reach the Cocoto Sea.
    The highway is very good, and there is a place in the Cocoto Seaview area where a few stones are very narrow and slightly larger.
    D4 Cocoto Sea–Colorful Beach–Burqin Accommodation in Burqin County
    From the Cocoto Sea, it takes about 8 hours along the 216 National Road to pass through Burqin to the colorful beach and return to Burqin County.
    Very good road
    D5 Burqin–Hemu Suhemu Scenic Area
    Burqin along the 227 provincial highway and 232 provincial highway and 852 county road for 5 hours to reach the door of Hemu Scenic Area, transfer to the scenic bus for half an hour to Hemu Township.
    The road conditions in the province are very good. The 852 county roads are all down the mountain roads, and the speed is slightly slower.
    D6 Hemu–Kanas Sukanas Scenic Area
    Hemu starts along the Hehe section road and the 852 county road and the 232 provincial road. It takes 3 hours to get to the entrance of Kanas Scenic Area. Transfer to the scenic bus for 1 hour to the Kanas scenic area transfer center and hotel.
    The road is good.
    D7 Kanas Scenic Area
    D8 Kanas–Kramay Yikala City
    Kanas departs from the Tekung Highway and the 232 Provincial Highway to the 227 Provincial Highway and the 217 National Highway to the Kua Expressway for about 10 hours to reach Karamay City.
    The road conditions are good, but it may be because of the reason why I am dozing all the time…
    D9 Karamay – Sailimu Lake – Yining Suining City
    The city of Karamay arrived at Sailimu Lake via Quai Expressway and Lianhuo Expressway for 6 hours, and then arrived in Yining City along the Lianhuo Expressway, National Highway 218 and Qingyi Expressway for 3 hours.
    The road is very good
    D10 Yining–Kala Jun, County Tex County
    Yining arrived at the entrance of the Kala Jun Scenic Area in 4 hours along the 220 Provincial Highway and the 276 Rural Road. It takes 2 hours to get to and from the Karawang Scenic Area. Kala Jun returned to Turks County for more than an hour.
    The road conditions of the 276 townships of Turks to and from Kala Jun are not very good.
    D11 Turks–Bayinbrook Subay Brook County
    Starting from Turks, along the 220 Provincial Highway, 316 Provincial Highway, National Highway 218 and National Highway 217, it takes 8 hours to arrive at Bayinbulak. The bus to the Bayinbulak Scenic Spot takes more than 2 hours.
    The overall road conditions are good.
    D12 Bayinbulak–Turpan, Tulufan City
    Bayinbulak started along 217 National Highway, 321 Provincial Highway, 218 National Highway, 216 National Highway, Lianhuo Expressway and Jingxin Expressway for 13 hours to reach Turpan. It was really sitting from early to late.
    The road is very good.
    D13 Turpan–Urumqi Suwu Urumqi
    Turpan arrived in Urumqi for 3 hours along the Beijing New Expressway.The road is very good.
    D14 Urumqi flies to Chongqing
    From this itinerary, we can see that we have spent a lot of days on the wheels, and we are distressed by our ass… In general, the road conditions in northern Xinjiang are very good, and ordinary cars can be driven!
    In addition to self-driving, Xinjiang can also play like this:
    1, chartered car Do not want to drive their own friends can give priority to chartered cars, high degree of freedom, if people have more fees can also be accepted! And there are all kinds of models, five-seat car, seven-seat business car and even twenty-seat Cost! The route is optional, you can also listen to the driver’s advice! Friends who have needs can add my friend WeChat, is a professional chartered driver in Xinjiang, driving is Coster, and can introduce various reliable models and drivers: w45324709
    2, public transportation If the time on the wheel is too long, in fact, you can also consider using the aircraft to increase the bar! Xinjiang Urumqi, Kanas, Kashgar, Yining, Altay, Hetian, Korla, Karamay, Tacheng, Kuqa, Qiemo, Aksu, Nalati, Turpan, Hami, Bole and other places have airports, is China The province with the most airports, you can use these airports as a base to fly, then use the bus to play around the perimeter of each place, or take a day trip or two-day tour of the travel agency, so you don’t have to take a car every day, it is also a good way.
    3. In recent years, hiking is very popular, and many people are hiking in the Kanas Scenic Area. One of the hiking routes starts from Jaden and one from Kanas. There are a lot of people on the road, just follow the team and don’t need to ask for a guide. However, these two routes have certain strength, and have physical strength requirements. They are suitable for backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts and young people. If you have insufficient physical strength, you can rent a horse. Each horse is about 250-300 yuan per day, equipped with a groom. The hiking route can be used from May to October every year, and there may be more snow in other seasons, which is not suitable for coming.
    Jia Dengyu is about 30 kilometers away from Hemu hiking route. It takes about 10 hours on foot and usually arrives in one day. All the way along the Hemu River, the grasslands, forests, hills and other places appear alternately, the scenery is very beautiful. There are also several inn-stays in the middle of the road. If the one-day can’t be completed, the tourists can stay overnight in the middle of the road. The multi-person bed is usually about 50 yuan, and may rise to nearly 100 yuan during the eleventh period.
    About 40 kilometers from the Kanas Lake to the Hemu hiking route, you need to take a two-day hike and stay overnight at Xiaohei Lake. There are meadows, swamps, lakes, forests and mountains on the road. The scenery is diverse and beautiful. Especially the small black lake, surrounded by the valley, the scenery is fantastic. The accommodation at Xiaohei Lake is a yurt for herders. The conditions are very simple. Each yurt can accommodate about 10 people, about 50 yuan per person.
    In addition, we will focus on public transportation in the Kanas Grand Scenic Area because there are a lot of people asking:
    As of 2016, Xinjiang Kanas Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has opened a scenic car to and from Kanas, Baihaba Village and Hemu Village. Private cars are not allowed. The following transportation vehicles and prices are as follows:
    Kanas Airport to Kanas Jiadeng Airport Bus Line Price: 130 yuan / round trip / person
    Kanas Jaden Airport Ticket Station to Kanas Transfer Center One-pass ticket price: 275 yuan / person, two-pass ticket price: 305 yuan / person
    Kanas Transfer Center to Guanyutai (ie Guanyutai) Price: 120 yuan round trip / person
    Kanas Transfer Center to Baihaba Village Price: 124 yuan round trip / person (going to Baihaba need to apply for a border defense card, if it is purchased by the Kanas company shuttle bus, remember to bring an ID card, the driver will assist )
    Kanas Jiadengtun to Hemu Village Transfer Center Price: 280 yuan / person
    Hemu Ticket Station to Hemu Village Transfer Center Price: 100 yuan / person
    Because Xinjiang is too big, and the altitudes of different places are different, it is different in summer, different places, and the temperature difference is especially big!
    Urumqi, Turpan is very hot, 35-40 degrees during the day, more than 20 degrees at night!
    The Kanas area is relatively cool, about 25 degrees during the day, and can drop below 10 degrees at night!
    The coldest Bayinbulak, we just caught up with the rain, I am short sleeves, long sleeves, long sleeves, fleece, a raincoat on the outside, and a thick sock jacket jeans! In this way, it was still cold and shivering in the rain! I feel that the temperature is one or two degrees. Everyone is joking that it may be snowing…
    So I decided to go to the basin friends in Xinjiang. I spit blood to remind everyone to bring enough clothes. When I met my friend and went behind me, I brought short-sleeved shorts. I told her that I must buy two extra thick wools in Urumqi. Shawl, or buy a down jacket…
    I am so eager to say such a heavy topic? Yes, I must say it! The thing I think most on this road is this!
    do you know? As a photographer, every time I want to do my best to present the most beautiful side of a place to everyone, but this does not mean that I can’t see these bad things! It takes many years to shape a beautiful place, but it takes only one second to destroy it!
    In the fourteen days of traveling in Xinjiang, you can see the rubbish everywhere on the road every day, and you know very well that there is no one to clean up here! In addition to the rubbish everywhere, there are a lot of disgusting toilets, or that can’t be called a toilet! Maybe you think this is Chinese characteristics, but can we change it slowly? I want to appeal to everyone to start from the self! Maybe there is no toilet or the toilet is too dirty and too smelly, you have to solve it in the wild, but can you take away the used paper? Maybe there is no garbage bin here. You have garbage in your hand. Can you bring the garbage to the car and take it to the place where there is a trash can? Feces can be dissolved in the soil. Can other garbage be used as well? ? Is it difficult to take the garbage away? Don’t feel that others are throwing rubbish here, so I have to throw it here, protect the environment and all the right things should start from the self!
    Otherwise, I am worried that the bigger Xinjiang, the bigger China, will have a full day of garbage!
    Is Xinjiang suitable for bringing children? the answer should be confirmed! There are countless natural resources, beautiful landscapes and harmonious animals everywhere in Xinjiang. These flowers, flowers and grasses and all kinds of living creatures will be loved by children, and the accommodation conditions in Xinjiang are not bad, the road conditions are good, the altitude is not high, there is no high anti-reverse, very Suitable for tourists.
    What do you need to pay attention to with your child:
    First, warn them to respect nature, don’t pick grass and flowers, try not to get too close to wild animals, because children’s behavior is uncontrollable and avoid unnecessary harm.
    Second, the trip should be a little easier, giving the child plenty of time to sleep. Try to choose the way of the aircraft to reduce the time of self-driving or chartered. If you must drive by car or chartered, and there will be many days of car rides, then prepare enough playthings for them, or wait for them to keep asking: “How long will we have to arrive? I am so bored! Can I play? Ipad?” (Don’t ask me why I know, we can bring two children this time…)
    Third, bring a variety of drugs, try to give children mineral water to avoid soil and water, if the child has any discomfort, go to the hospital in the nearby county as soon as possible to seek medical treatment. This time my little niece was allergic to the whole body and finally the whole person was swollen. I went to the hospital twice, but once in Chongqing, it would be fine! !
    Fourth, look at your child tightly, because there are really many people in the scenic spot, especially when they enter the queue to change buses in various scenic spots….
    Before going to Xinjiang, the most worrying question should be whether it is safe. Most people will think that Northern Xinjiang has safely passed through southern Xinjiang. In fact, if you actually go, you will find that whether it is northern or southern, it is safe. The factors of instability are only a few cases, and it is difficult to think that it is not safe to do such a governance method in Xinjiang:
    Urumqi Airport is the airport with the highest security checkpoints I have been to. I checked my tripod for the first time, and I took out my outboard lights for the staff to check. After the security check, everyone must be barefoot. Check the soles of the feet. All the cameras in the camera bag have to be taken out. Everything must be taken out separately. I feel like I’m shouting out of the clothes.
    Into the city of Urumqi, it is a few steps to stand guard booths, or open tanks…. The entire Xinjiang area, all hotel stores have to go through security checks, enter the county, the whole car people get off to check ID card Only children do not need to. Are you still afraid of such security checks? So don’t ask again: Is Xinjiang safe? You can go boldly and boldly!
    This one is dedicated to photography enthusiasts, just write about the practical information I have encountered.
    Xinjiang is very suitable for telephoto, because it is big! The sun is very good, remember to bring a polarizer, the flowing lake is veryRemember to bring a dimming mirror. Remember to remove the UV mirror when taking the Silver River Star.
    The sunrise of Hemu Village will have many people going to the opposite side of the hill in the early morning. Personally, it is not necessary to be so early. There are more people, and you will certainly be able to take up the land, and they are all telephoto, and certainly can’t shoot people. In addition, in August, the sunrise time is 7:30. It is cold, no light, and it doesn’t look good. Unless you plan to delay, go ahead.
    In addition, the light pollution in Hemu Village is quite large. Although I also took the Galaxy in the yard where I live, if I want to go to the best shooting point, it must be the opposite mountain. Remember to bring a good flashlight with the app: Star Walk, tell you accurately. The location of the Milky Way and the various constellations.
    Kanas should go to those bays in the morning, and there is morning fog in the sun! In the afternoon, watch the fish station to take Kanas Lake, and go straight! The best place to take the Galaxy at night is that the Linhai Villa where I live will go to the door of the waterworks on the mountain. It is almost the highest point, with less light pollution and wide open.
    The sunset position of the Karachi grassland is just the snowy mountain side. If the weather is good and you have enough clothes, you may wish to wait a bit. Although the sunset is 9 o’clock, it should be able to produce a film.
    The humanities in Xinjiang are indeed very rich. If you can, please try to ask if the parties accept it before shooting to avoid unnecessary trouble!
    I think of this at present, please indicate if there is any error!
    Because not going abroad, needless to say wifi, but this mobile phone signal is also a problem in Xinjiang!
    Moved to Xinjiang, and can no longer be tough, obviously not as good as China Unicom and telecommunications.
    Telecom, the millennial third child, has risen in Xinjiang, and when Mobile Unicom is not working, it is still okay!
    Unicom continues to be moderate, 4G is not the whole of Xinjiang, do not think about it, most urban counties have 3G, sometimes GPRS on the road, most of the time there is no signal.
    mobile? Hehehehe! In addition to several cities, I feel that there has been no signal, and I heard everyone’s lament along the way!
    Therefore, if you want to spend time on the road, and you are a mobile network friend, don’t think about surfing the Internet. Look at the next few movies! !
    Three consecutive travel notes have been written into religion, and it is also because these months have been mixed in religious countries or religious areas, and the feelings must be deep!
    Before, I was naive to think that only the Hui people are Muslims and believe in Islam, so it is strange because Xinjiang is a Muslim region, but there are not many Uighurs in the Hui people in Xinjiang, and there are many other ethnic groups. I have been thinking about these peoples. Why don’t you eat pork? Later, when you talked with local people, you know that all these people believe in Islam…
    Since it is in a religious place, no matter whether this religion is good or not, everyone likes it or not, and reality is not something we can change, so we still have to respect the culture of others. After all, most people are very kind! In addition, I have to say that the sister papers of Xinjiang ethnic minorities are really beautiful! Although the headscarf binds women, it is a symbol of inequality, but if you only regard it as a jewelry, it is pretty good!
    Despite this, I hope that all religions will gradually change with the development of society, with less restrictions on rules and regulations, less illusory worship of the gods, more understanding of human nature, and affirmation of self!
    Come to Xinjiang to buy and buy!
    Because Xinjiang is very large, it is mostly ethnic minorities. There are many handicrafts of various ethnic groups. It looks very beautiful and has the urge to move home! Although these goods are sold in various places, it is recommended to buy in the Grand Bazaar in Urumqi (it is a giant small commodity market). When you are finished, you can go to the plane and it is convenient!
    Raisins are definitely cheaper in Turpan! Grand Bazaar also sells dried fruit, the price is not as good as Turpan!
    Buy goods in the Grand Bazaar, please shop around, the same things are available in many homes, the price is not the same! Also remember, don’t bargain, unless you really want it, if you pay someone else to agree and you don’t buy it, you may have trouble! ! In addition, some Uighurs outside the mall will hold things to ask you if you want to, don’t take care of them, don’t touch the things in their hands, or lose money! The police can’t manage it! Ok, don’t be afraid, these are just a small probability event!
    The silk scarf in Xinjiang is very beautiful. I bought six in one breath and took out the concave shape next month! In addition, I bought this drum for the fat sheep! ! 50 RMB! Then turn around and find anotherShops sell 30…
    Although I have been in Xinjiang for 14 days this time, I feel that the place I have played is also a slap in the face! There are too many fun places in Xinjiang, and this time we are mainly in Northern Xinjiang. Southern Xinjiang only went to Bayinbulak. Most of our friends told me that South Xinjiang is more fun! So I made up my mind that the next trip to Xinjiang must go to southern Xinjiang! Of course, next time, I will go for another season and see the different scenery! Bayinbulak is a place that must be gone. This time, because of the weather, I really regretted it. I hope to see the most beautiful side next time!
    In the end, Xinjiang is really beautiful and beautiful. You can’t imagine it when you are not there! My lens can only show very local things, too much feeling can not be conveyed to everyone! Please include Xinjiang in your travel plan and feel the gift of nature in person!
    The beauty cook in the traveller, the photographer in the photographer! Old drivers who don’t like skydiving are not good divers! Welcome everyone’s private letter exchange travel photography diving parachute all kinds of problems! Of course, you can also answer all kinds of emotional entanglements and even the problem of pregnant mother Yuwa! Oh, about financial banking issues… In fact, I can also answer….. Also… can also exchange cooking skills… well, I am the one-size-fits-all!

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