Feel the romance and dreams of winter in Inner Mongolia

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    Everything about winter
    Is an endless snowfield
    Is the elf in the forest
    It is the warm sunshine of winter
    It’s the joy of making dumplings.
    Is romantic, dreamy
    Is that I want to go somewhere again
    Suddenly realized that time passed quickly because the scene of Inner Mongolia two years ago was still vivid. As a southern child, I had unlimited illusions about the North, and this snowfield also brought me endless surprises and misses, subverting my impression of the loneliness and desolateness of winter.
    A place can go again, and there are still many expectations. It is not easy for me who loves freshness. It is probably a romantic border town, a 40-degree Chinese cold pole, perhaps a heroic Mongolian man, a large share. Another delicious northern dish, perhaps eating ice cream indoors and watching the snow falling outdoors, these people are deeply attracted to me, so I am coming again.
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     This pure and dreamy snowfield “trailer”
    I like the place where the four seasons are distinct. I don’t have much to say in this year. I say that there are not many, so I don’t live up to every season. In the spring, I listened to the flowers and flowers under the cherry trees, and went to the sea in the summer. The autumn experienced a colorful, this winter, I saw snow in Inner Mongolia.
    I hope you can fall in love with this land in winter.
     On the first day, I met a group of stupid scorpions, and the unexpected encounters in the journey were all pleasant surprises.
     Another perspective on the Daxinganling Mountains in winter is such a dream.
     The observation deck on the hill and the curved mountain road make it look like a good idea.
     The ski resort that passed the last time, finally arrived, and experienced the first ski in life.
     All day long, squatting at the setting sun, throwing thick snow on the roadside, happy like a child.
     The little snowman carved by Liu Ge became the object of my first photo with my little friend.
     That morning, in the cold village, the housekeeper’s house was splashed with a whole pot of water.
     In the Daxinganling, there is no village in front, there is no car in the future, the snow has already flooded the small half of the wheel, and sometimes I can see some animal footprints, although I am always worried, I still enjoy such a quiet and undisturbed moment.
     Going to find the elf in the forest, it is Santa’s reindeer, and suddenly seems to be in the world of fairy tales.
     If you don’t say it, you won’t know that such a cute fairy-tale house is a bathroom along the road.
     The U-shaped lake is covered with snow and looks far away. It is already another country in Russia.
     At three o’clock in the afternoon, the sunset has begun. Find a high place and see a romantic border town.
     Occasional smog forest, carnival on the frozen river, like this little surprise.
     It is said that the smog is to rely on luck, and we have seen the smog of our luck for several days.
     I like the row of neat trees on the snowfield.
     You can see the beautiful sunset every day, and go north in the pink sky.
     The white tower surrounded by smog looks so sacred under the blue sky.
     I really love this romantic and pure land.
     Traveling characters “Little Fairies” and “Universal Six Brothers”
    You are very happy with this trip. ✨✨
    Nordic: I, skip it.
    Tuanzi: I have a room with me, chatting with each other every day, and I feel that the other person wants to say awkwardly after the whole journey.
    Belle: The netizens met, the character was super good, and they met each other late.
    Little Paris: Walking wardrobe.
    Sixth brother: Introducing the grandeur, the perfection of the trip is inseparable from the six brothers. From the moment we received us at the airport, we always felt that the northern man was straight and enthusiastic. The whole process of navigation, aerial photography, photography, ice sculpture, every day will come up with a prop or stunt to surprise us, every day is properly arranged, as long as there is a problem, it is right to find him. The little friend said that when he meets his sixth brother, the criteria for mate selection must change.
     OutLine Tips “ticket” “car rental” “route”
    There are no direct flights from Chengdu to Hailar, usually transit or stop in Tianjin. This time, the ticket went to the special ticket for Chengdu to Hailar to transfer in Beijing. The price of the return trip is the usual price.
    About chartered cars:
    In the winter, the daylight in Inner Mongolia is very short. It starts to dark up at about 4 o’clock, and it can’t be too long outside. If it’s cold, it can be kept in the car at any time. So this time, public transportation is not considered. The whole tour is a chartered tour. Although there are not many snow in the roads in Inner Mongolia in winter, it is also a test of driving skills. It is recommended to choose a local experienced master to drive. It turns out that this decision is super wise. After all, the Six Brothers not only drive the technology well, but also take us to a lot of small and quiet places. We choose all-inclusive, in addition to eating every day is their choice, and they pay for AA. After Hailar, nothing is left to control, and we are very satisfied with the route and accommodation conditions.
    All the way along with our car is Toyota overbearing, the trunk is oversized, our four girls are two 26-inch boxes, two 24 inches, one 20-inch, two skis, six brothers’ aerial cameras and backpacks, some miscellaneous Small things, the trunk can be stuffed in.
    Before you book a car, you must first ask what type of car, the luggage can be installed.
    Because we chose the all-inclusive package, we didn’t worry about the accommodation. The whole process was very good, the heating was enough, the environment was clean and the space was big.
    The accommodation environment is basically similar to this, standard room.
    In addition to the hotel, we also had a night in the cold village, I really like this kind of local special accommodation.
    If you are not used to it, you can also make suggestions with them. At that time, they gave us a hotel in the city. Later, because of the time, everyone decided to go to Lengji Village. The environment might not be good, but our small partners were very excited. Everyone made a bed together and slept together. There is a feeling of a student age.
    Day1: Chengdu – Beijing (transfer) – Hailar
    Day2: Hailar-Yakeshi (Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort)
    Day3: Yakeshi – Genhe – Lengji Village
    Day4: Lengji Village – Lulu Quaint Reindeer – Moerdao
    Day5: Moerdao 嘎 – Linjiang – Shiwei – Ergun
    Day6: Ergun – Hailar
    Day7: Hailar-Tianjin (stop) – Chengdu
    After taking a ring road, the Yakeshi to the root river did not follow the regular route of Erguna. Moerdao went to the river on the road to the river and basically did not see other vehicles on the road.
    About eating:
    The food is written in the text, and it is not written separately.
     Inner Mongolia winter tourism warm articles “wearing” “equipment”
    The fairies who love beauty can actually ignore this paragraph. After all, I only brought a coat all the time, but if I look at how to keep the cold, I can still read it.
    This is the third time in the winter to the north. I have experienced the first uneasiness, the second time I want to do whatever I want, and then I am fearless. This is actually not as horrible as I imagined. La. Probably because there are several experiences, so this time the least wear, perhaps the cold resistance is higher than once.
    I bought a long down jacket before departure, whether it is north or south, I like the coat that covers my knees in winter. Traveling in winter, for a person who doesn’t pack my bags, a jacket already accounts for more than half of the suitcase. So this time I went straight to the airport wearing a down jacket. I started the day when I was in Chengdu, and I got a lot of different eyes. After the space was freed, the 26-inch box didn’t feel enough, and it’s really not going to cry.
    5 sweaters, 3 skirts, two scarves, two hats (you must buy an earmuff if you can’t cover your ears), a mask (must bring, no regrets), a pair of waterproof snow shoes, a few plus velvet Thickened leggings and plush thickened thermal underwear, down liner (not worn all the way).
    Warm baby (useless), warmFoot patch (useless also does not work)
    Pajamas must wear the thin long-sleeved trousers of the Spring and Autumn Period, and must not wear velvet pajamas. The first time I went to the plush pajamas on the other side, I couldn’t sleep at all, it was too hot. In some hotels, if the heating effect is good, the long-sleeved trousers feel very hot.
    In Inner Mongolia is probably:
    Warm clothing + sweater + down jacket. Two plus velvet thick leggings + skirt + one or two pairs of wool socks + snow shoes.
    (This kind of wear is enough for me. I will take off my warm clothes in the hotel every night before going out to eat, because the room is too warm. Snow shoes must be waterproof, after all, often in the snow.)
    The second coat that appeared in the photo was worn by a small partner. If the suitcase is not big enough, you can change your jacket with your friends. This is also very good.
    The white down jacket is the most correct choice. It doesn’t pick people and doesn’t pick up the scenery. Every photo is very like. If you feel that your coat is bloated, you can choose to take off your coat when you take a photo. The few minutes you take a photo will not be very cold.
    About warm baby:
    Before starting, I would like to buy a warm baby. After all, it was useless to go there twice before, but I bought it later, but I returned without it. In addition to using two warm foot stickers, the whole process did not use warm baby.
    In extremely cold weather, warm baby does not have much effect. According to the small partner, in such cold weather, the warm baby can’t activate and can’t heat. Therefore, those who are afraid of cold can put a warm baby indoors, wait for the fever and then go out.
    About equipment:
    In fact, when I first came to the north, I also bought a camera warm down jacket. This thing is really not easy to use. The photos I took are always unclear. At the same time, I greatly underestimated the cold resistance of the camera. So after using it once, I have been at home in the little black house.
    The 5d series and 6d series of my friends and I did not freeze the whole process, and the battery consumption was normal. As for the other series of cameras, I am not very clear, you can prepare a few more batteries, or put a warm baby in the place of the battery.
    From outside to indoors, we basically didn’t manage the camera. After turning off the power, we brought it directly into the house or the car. Only in the cold village, I am in the backpack and then enter the house. Do not open the camera to see the photos immediately after entering the house.
     Day1: I haven’t seen it for two years, so the air is so familiar.
    “Nordic, do you want to go to Inner Mongolia?” asked the group.
    “Go!” He did not hesitate to agree to this trip.
    That is the place where I have been thinking for two years. At the end of the last trip, I have to say something about it. I always feel that this place is definitely coming back.
    On the day of departure, it was difficult for Chengdu to get a sun. The weather was good enough to indicate another round of the screen of the circle of friends, “Sunshine in Chengdu”. I was very excited. I was so excited that I was wearing a super-thin down jacket and I came to the airport with sweat. I saw the friends smoothly, and then everyone gathered in the ultra-thick coat in the waiting room and kept holding the boarding fan.
    When I got a group photo at the turn of Beijing, I immediately went to the boarding gate.
    When the oncoming cool breeze blows on my face, the air is filled with the breath of winter, surrounded by warm northern words, I just shook God, I finally reached this place of mind.
    Hailar has always been a place to start or transit. I don’t have a lot of impressions here. I still stayed at the moment when I fell on the bridge two years ago. This time, in addition to the impression of falling into the camera, there is probably a plane six brothers. We found a string of stores.
    Pushing open the door and seeing the people inside are short-sleeved in the short sleeves. After sitting down, everyone took off their coats, and once again, they were shocked because the six brothers also wore short sleeves. It turns out that you are wearing this way, no. Cold, then I think about who is okay and often stays outside the tens of degrees.
    It is highly recommended that this wine, which looks like a fruit beer, is actually a carbonated drink, Hans Chalet. However, the drinks we drink at the store we eat every time or the fruit wines are not available in other stores.
    Drink a big mouth and eat meat. Like the local cuisine, the weight of the northern dishes was shocked when I first went to the northeast. I only thought that the northerners were too honest. Last time I couldn’t sneak in Hailar, this time I finally made up for the last regret. After eating a plane meal plus a fast food, we only think that these are delicious.
    After eating and drinking, I went back to the hotel to rest. Probably because I was too tired to fly, and I didn’t talk to the group. I went to sleep. I knew that every night after that, we basically talked about the early morning, and the girls went to each other. It’s incredible.
     Day2: Those who missed and met again were lucky.
    Two years ago, I missed the Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort on the same day because of the early flight. Although I didn’t ski at all, I was envious of the ski photos brushed in the circle of friends. The first day of the official trip gave us a lot of surprises, such as a group of stupid encounters, such as ski resorts where there are no tourists, such as the first bai (bai) snow (pai) in life.
    From Hailar to Yakeshi, it’s already close to lunch time. Every day in the future, I feel that I have been eating and eating. After all, the sun will go down after lunch, and it will be time for dinner.
    If you are looking for a meat cake shop on the road, you will decide this one. Until the moment of serving, I felt that this shop only had meat patties. In fact, people are a Chinese restaurant. Every time I serve, I will sigh that the northerners are really honest, super-large dishes, and the price is not bad.
    The northern dish is like this, looking at the ordinary, but the taste is super good, every time it is to help the wall out.
    Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort is located 16 kilometers southeast of Yakeshi City. In addition to skiing, you can also harvest a lot of scenery, cabins in the mountains, small animals on the snowfield, retro small locomotives, the first sight you will see. Fall in love with here.
    Walking along the road covered with snow, probably not for the weekend, there are few other vehicles on the road. Through the woods, reaching the top of the slope, near the snow that has never been disturbed, the row of row-like villas in the distance is in front of you, the dark brown houses, the roof is covered with snow, as if in the fairy tale world general.
    Walking into the snow, I had a shallow foot and a foot. I didn’t have an ankle. I walked to the deepest place and took a photo with a small windmill in the distance.
    Before taking a photo, be sure to check if the camera is foggy. Otherwise, the photos taken like me will feel a layer of yarn.
    I like all the plants on the snowfield, it looks so lonely and strong. This piece of the front isI don’t know if it’s a lake or a wetland. After that, we drove in and saw the cracked ice under the snow.
    Those who are hiding in the deep forest want to live for a while.
    茫茫雪原, even if the weather is not good, but I still love it.
    Looking back at the road when I came, I took a picture and hurry back to the car. Because it was the first time I got off the train, I forgot the gloves. It was not cold all over the body, only the hands were frozen.
    The prayer flags in the distance to the top of the mountain flutter in the air, dotted with the woods, very beautiful.
    The car continued to move forward, and after turning the corner, it went down the hillside. The retro train head of the roadside attracted us.
    The white clothes are very on the mirror. Although it looks like a lot of clothes, in fact, only a sweater is worn inside. Even the warm clothes are not put on this day. Every day, I am entangled in taking pictures of the coat. . Well, it must be the reason for the down jacket, not the fat person. (down jacket: I don’t have this pot)
    In addition to the retro locomotive is a good place to take pictures, this road outside is also very popular with me. Gloves specially bought a rope, so you don’t have to look for it when you hang it on the body. A little friend is looking for gloves every day to get off the camera.
    Don’t be fooled by this photo that is pregnant, it still has to blame the down jacket too swollen.
    I rarely like to show my face, my expression is unnatural and I can’t pose. Every time I look at it, I like it. But this photo taken by the group is like a whole trip. It is a joy to be taken by the group. The photos are super like.
    I saw this side fishing at the locomotive, but when we drove in here, we were attracted by this row of trees. Fishing has long forgotten to go out of the clouds, come back and flip the photos in addition to here, there is no fishing photo.
    When I got here, I started to have some blue sky. The sun in the distance sprinkled through the cracks in the woods to the snow. The trees were full of emotions and warmth. Sprinkle on the face, even in the place of minus tens of degrees, it feels warm, then, just feel that the years are quiet.
    Come, give you a big picture.
    Even if I can’t see my face, I still can’t stop my love for this photo. The frozen lake, the footprints on the lake, the blue sky above the head, the trees behind it, are indispensable.
    It seems that only this day, I remember to take a group photo, everyone’s nose is frozen red, so be sure to wear a mask, take it off when taking pictures. Thank you for your company these days.
    When I got on the bus and walked on the road, I heard a sound that I didn’t know. When I thought it was ice cracked, I called the six brothers to drive out. In fact, on such a cold day, the ice has been frozen very thick, and we are coming in according to the track of the local people’s car, so don’t worry. When I went back, my sixth brother also played with drifting. I immediately stopped talking about the drifting. I almost turned me around two years ago.
    I have always admired the Six Brothers without having to look at the navigation, and can go directly to the destination. The only time I went wrong was today, but it only took a minute or two. Turning the car to the right road, I saw a few horses on the side of the road. While we were shooting them, they were also observing us, motionless.
    There is also a lonely horse in the distance.
    Look at the front of the deer, hey, no, it is a silly scorpion. Six brothers excited to tell us.
    I also looked at the photos in the back row and took off the lens and put on the telephoto to shoot these little cute. Thanks to the Six Brothers on the wrong road, we will miss out with these silly scorpions.
    Do you think there are only two? Please see the picture below.
    I met a group of silly scorpions. Although it was not the first time to see a silly scorpion, this encounter was the first time.
    They lined up in an orderly way to the forest, and the leader who turned around would look at the two orders from time to time. When they reached a certain safe distance, each one would turn around and observe us. . At the edge of the forest, they all stopped to look at us, and the leader immediately made a few clear calls, as if telling everyone to go home quickly.
    The heart-shaped butt looks very cute, and the crisp sound is like the warmest song in the winter.
    It is said that the temperament is timid, and it is mostly in the jungle during the day. It will be in the open grassland or bushes in the morning and evening, so this afternoon’s meeting is rare.
    The first encounter with a silly scorpion, the first time I heard the scream of a silly scorpion, the first time I knew that they were in a row in such order, these encounters made me feel lucky.
    The road sign reminds everyone that you must slow down the speed, do not whistle, please do not hurt or disturb the elves in these forests.
    When the ski resort arrives, the sun basically goes down. The winter in the north starts at 3:30 in the winter, and it will start dark at 4 o’clock. So we are counting down the sunset time after we finish our lunch every day.
    The tourists basically finished, and when we changed out of clothes, we wrapped up the entire ski resort. However, it didn’t help. I, who had never slipped through the snow, took the skis and took them off in ten minutes.
    The ski fare here is still very cheap, but in an hour we spent nearly half an hour to get rid of the ski suit. The first time I went out wearing ski boots and my own clothes. The shoes didn’t go well. After I walked to the skiing place, I felt that wearing a ski suit would look good, and then I would come back and change, so I went back and forth, and the time was delayed. More than half. The girl is awkward.
    On the ski slopes left the first photo of the snowboard in life. After putting it on, I took a step back three steps. After ten minutes, I didn’t go backwards in the same place. After exhausting, I was exhausted. I was forced to help the staff to help me to evacuate and go home. It’s super envious to watch the little friends slippery.
    When skiing, there will be a staff member next to me. I saw this handsome guy playing the snow circle and later changed one. I asked him if he was not playing well. He said that the speed was not fast, and he changed quickly. Then make up one sentence, it is really boring to watch you play. Amount, obviously naked, disgusted us, waiting for me to practice turning, big turn, air rotation and then a snow shame (it is estimated that this life has no play).
    I shared an anecdote, for the sake of beauty, I also used mascara on that day. As a result, I don’t know if this mascara is not waterproof. Every time I wear a mask outside, it will become a panda eye. When I took the snowboard, I couldn’t take it off. I asked the handsome staff to help me. I also looked at it. When I returned to the dressing room, I wanted to find a place to sneak in.
    Every day after that, mascara was thrown into the cold palace. Amy’s fairy daughters are asked to bring a waterproof mascara.
    Since this day begins with eating, it is good to eat.
    I was looking for a hot pot restaurant near the hotel. It tasted very good. I used it myself. Because I added a lot of vinegar, this one likes it. Red bean wine tastes a bit like plum wine, and it feels super sleepy after drinking.
    Because I lived near the train station, I had the sound of the train all night. The police in the next room had a policeman coming. The heating was so hot that I wanted to sleep in the window and didn’t sleep well all night. Fortunately, those who are unable to resist the likes of today.
     Day3: Four seasons like spring in the north
    The whole day of the road seems to be boring, but the places that pass through are still fresh.
    We ate ice cream in a warm car and went outside for twenty degrees. We saw color for the first timeThe bathroom of a fairytale house. For the first time, we experienced the warmth of the hustle and bustle. Several people in a room seemed to return to the student era.
    Starting from Yakeshi, everyone was in the car and smashed the fight at the hotel last night. Today’s weather is very good. It was attracted to the morning sun in the early morning, and the blue sky slowly came out. After passing through a place, the four words in the annals of history are very eye-catching. When you look closely, the two logging trucks are left and right, and there are two tools for logging on the middle pile. After logging is prohibited, these logging trucks will also go into history.
    Beer is still routine or frozen, and a section of the Internet is often mentioned by us. The conventional one is about minus twenty degrees, and the freezing temperature is not so low.
    In a small town passing by, Liu Ge saw that there were ice cream and some frozen fruits and got off the bus and bought a big bag. We were enjoying it in the car.
    Whether it is fruit, seafood or ice cream, it is sold outdoors. This red cherry-like jellyfish is especially popular for me who like sour food.
    In addition to eating Madiel in Harbin at minus 20 degrees, this time I finally ate an ice cream called Hulunbeier in Inner Mongolia, which was minus 20 degrees. Asked the six brothers green packaging and blue packaging which is delicious, decisive choice of blue packaging, the taste is really great, and there is another heart in Inner Mongolia.
    I really like the architecture of Inner Mongolia. No matter which city or town, every building is colorful. Under the blue sky, in the snow, this combination is especially wonderful.
    It was very strange to meet the carriage on the road for the first time. I really had to sit and go to work immediately.
    The square grass that I met on the road was piled up in the snow. I didn’t meet the round grasshopper. I was planted with a grassy photo. I also dreamed that I could climb the grass and take a picture. Photo.
    The 500 meters ahead is 50 degrees north latitude. It has already been opened and it has been turned back to take a trip to this.
    I really like our car this time. It looks great to the film fonts in the north, so this time the theme is all the way north.
    The sun shone in the warmth of the car, and after being full, it was sleepy, and all the people in the car fell asleep.
    When the car stopped, I woke up with the dumplings. I asked the sentence for speed measurement. After I got the answer from the sixth brother, I saw him lying on the steering wheel and falling asleep. I have been chatting with the group, and from time to time I open the window and pat the scenery outside. After ten minutes, I set off again. Later I learned that it was not speed measurement, but that the six brothers saw that we were all sleeping and no one was chatting. He was also sleepy. When I talked about the next day, I said that I and the troupe had been squatting after he slept. In fact, I don’t blame us. It’s obviously the speed you said. We always laughed and said that we don’t have this pot.
    This cottage between the mountains is very nice. The wood behind it is still the color of autumn. The smoke surrounds the whole forest. I like this color, bright and lively.
    This is the first bathroom we met, so there are still a lot of lovely toilets in the rest of the journey. When the girls in the car went directly to the bathroom with the door open on the right, when the door was closed, the sixth brother was laughing outside. Looking back at the photo, I found that the reminder sign of the female bathroom next to it had already disappeared. Everyone did not distinguish between men and women, according to the left side of the male and female.
    I originally planned to go to see the reindeer today, but the sun has already started to go down to the root river. So I decided to go directly to Lengji Village and go to Lengji Village early in the morning.
    I saw the igloo that was prepared for Christmas. The last time it happened was Christmas, a bonfire party was held, and a certified Santa Claus was taken. This Christmas here must be lively and extraordinary.
    The current Lulu Quaint Reindeer Township has been relocated. The buildings here are basically dark brown roofs, and the colors are like the colors of reindeer. The whole township is not big, but the infrastructure has everything.
    There are rows of brick-red huts in the city of Genhe. There are such small trees on the side of the huts, which are similar to the Christmas tree. The glory of the setting sun dyed the sky orange-red, and the light sprinkled on the roof covered with snow, and the beauty became a painting.
    After sitting in the car for a day, I couldn’t help but take two photos when I saw such a scene.
    At this time, bent down to hold the thick snow on the side of the road, forced to throw into the air, some snow sprinkled on the face, sprinkled on the top of the head, happy like a child, has long forgotten the boring all day long.
    The moon on the other side has already risen, marveling at the big moon and raising the telephoto early. Later, the group said in the group that this is the eighth full moon in the past 80 years and the last full moon in 2017.
    When I arrived at Lengji Village, the sky was completely dark. Every village in Lengji Village had a folk reception. The two villages at the entrance to the village were doing a happy event, and they lived in this house. I actually came here two years ago. I only ate a lunch. When I entered the room, I felt that the familiar air was blowing. The table was still the table, and the layout was still the layout.
    The accommodation in the cold village is very good now, although it is awkward, but the experience that I have not experienced is also good. The bathroom is no longer the kind of outdoor dry toilet that was two years ago, and every household has built an indoor luxury toilet. However, toiletries must be brought, not like a hotel, no toothbrushes.
    Waiting for dinner while kicking with my friends, we haven’t kicked for a long time, and we’re back to the middle school, the entertainment program that goes out every day. When the kick was tired, a few people began to play dry eyes. The whole process was a crazy state. The six brothers had to save the cards together. As a result, some people finished the game. He could only accept double punishment if he didn’t.
    The farmhouse food is very delicious, although there are not many ingredients, but it is delicious.
    Frozen pears, frozen persimmons and jellyfish, which were bought on the road before. Ask the boss to take a basin and pick up the water and put the fruit in. I always thought that if I bought these, I could eat it directly, and I would like to make a bubble.
    Then there was ice on the water, and the fruits were picked up. I want to eat which one to take. The most favorite place is the persimmon fruit. Although I usually don’t eat persimmons, the frozen persimmons are really delicious and can’t be stopped. Although I have been to the North several times, it is the first time to eat frozen pears. The taste is weird, and the individual does not like it very much.
    Sleeping on the bed, I really like a few people in a room, chatting, this time is like a student moment that can’t go back, nostalgia and cherish.
     Day4: The warmth of the sun, looking for the reindeer
    Every day in Inner Mongolia is surrounded by sunlight. Although the temperature is very low, it feels warm when it is a little sunny.
    Wake up in the early morning in the sound of chopping wood. After washing in the cold water, you will enjoy the sunshine in this small courtyard.
    Every household has a lot of lights and some taste of the northeast town.
    I like this small courtyard that is festive and grounded. The snow behind the swing has become a venue for us to play with water.
    In order to prepare for splashing water into ice, the glass was filled with water and then poured out. Later, it felt too much trouble, and a kettle was directly taken out, and then the empty kettle entered the house.
    Splashing water into ice must not be splashed on the road. After the water is spilled, it will form ice, and people who walk will slip. So it is best to find a snow or open space.
    I didn’t know how to splash before I splashed. I didn’t splash it last time. Then I thought about it. Anyway, I have a pot of water, and it’s just a few times.
    I am afraid that the water will be sprinkled on my face, so I don’t have to worry about wearing the hat. I always sprinkle some water on my body or face every time I splash it. This kind of temperature will not have any temperature.
    Splashing water into ice can’t stop, but then it’s wonderful to see other friends’ friends circle. Jumping up and splashing, it was poured into 180 degrees. If we wear too much, we can’t jump, and we can only say that we are envious.
    In addition to playing with water and ice, there are also large flower buds to provide, put on a large cotton jacket, and immediately bring people here.
    Appearance: Beckham.
    Everyone in Lengji Village is basically in this style. Like the small village in China’s coldest place, it is still familiar like this again after two years.
    The dog is estimated to be very cold, and you can see it as if it is shivering.
    When I arrived at Lengji Village the day before, it was already dark, so neither of the two landmark buildings were photographed. When I left, I returned to the original road and immediately took two shots.
    There was a viewing path on the road, and there were two cars parked outside the boardwalk. It was also a tourist like us. Going in for a while, although there is sunlight in the woods, it is not enough to step on the snow. I took two shots and went back to the car.
    Six brothers took out his wig with a big beard, and then took the ski goggles and matched his boots. It was so cool. Each little partner took a group photo like a star.
    A small hole was made in the frozen lake, and the lake under the ice was clean and clear. Many locals came here to take water and use it. Looking at the strange, he followed the footprints step by step to the ice to watch.
    The frozen reeds are crystal clear in the sun. The other side of the partner has already played skating on the lake. I worried that I had not slipped after trying for a few times, but I didn’t dare to force it. I was afraid that my heart would be unstable and I fell down accidentally.
    The quaint quaint on the edge of the river is a good place to find reindeer. Originally intended to go to another place, as if the phone of that family could not get through and gave up, and finally chose to come here.
    Headbands with antlers to find the elves in the forest.
    This round-shaped house is like a tent and is unique in the woods, which are also available to tourists during the summer.
    Take off a bloated down jacket for a photo, and immediately put it on.
    Follow the boardwalk and you will seeSee the reindeer’s dining spot, there will be a large number of reindeer figures. Talking to himself, the color of the feed is not good, if the reindeer goes to the woods. Six brothers immediately became the incarnation of the breeder, holding a basket full of food and introducing the reindeer into the woods.
    The reindeer is very docile, as long as it does not touch its horn, it will not attack people. I forgot to touch the antlers when I took the photo, but it just evaded and didn’t attack me, so don’t worry. If it comes to you, dodge it, don’t yell and scare it.
    Here, it is like a worldly paradise. Walk into this original deer tribe and get close to the reindeer to experience the simplicity and nature.
    Travel through the path between the mountains and forests, and see the reindeer. In fact, there are many other small animals, such as silly scorpions. But because the feet were not frozen, I went straight out.
    On the way out, there will be a lot of small birds, grab a handful of seeds and put them on your hands. From time to time, there will be birds to eat, not afraid of people at all. This kind of close contact makes me and my friends abnormal. excitement.
    I really like the path leading to the bathroom outside Lulu. The plank road covered with snow, the sound of the creaking on it, the houses in the towns and villages in the distance, against the blue sky, the beauty became a picture.
    After lunch at Genhe, it was like Moer Dao. The feet were frozen and had not been slowed down. They had to take off their shoes in the back seat. Without the restraint of the shoes, the feet quickly became aware. Before the sixth brother said that the shoes were taken off, let the feet move open, and soon it would be fine. Everyone didn’t take it easy. Later, after they couldn’t stand it, we took off the shoes and took off the shoes.
    The weather in the north is dry, so that I rarely drink water every time I have to take a pot of water, so I am looking for a toilet all the way. I thought that the color cabin was so good that it was a bathroom, and I made a mistake and went on.
    I didn’t take long to meet one. The bathroom on the road was so cute, and every bathroom was different. In addition to the endless prairie in Inner Mongolia, there are also some small surprises hidden in the mountains. Inner Mongolia in winter is not desolate, romantic and dreamy.
    It’s also a good time to start the sunset countdown and take two gentle portraits with this gentle light.
    Some places where the sun is warm and heart-warming can no longer express their love for it in words.
    Every day I can meet such a beautiful sunset. In addition to the orange sky, there is also a pink color, and the girl’s heart is beginning to flood.
    Six brothers said that a railway is super beautiful, and then we came here. Parked on the side of the road, after a few minutes, I saw this curved railroad track. The sunset light shone the rails, and the scenery was all the scenery.
    I used to say that I left for a photo, and the more I grow up, the less courage. I watched the photos here in the autumn, let me decide that I will not see you in the fall, I hope to find the courage to be brave and fearful.
    On the way back, the sky has gradually turned pink, and the whole person is powdered under the sky. When we were close to the road, we also found a big footprint. The sixth brother said that it might be a bear’s paw. I said I don’t believe it. Although every time my sixth brother said that I was a dubious state, every time he said nothing.
    When a certain group got off the bus, they only found one glove. When we took the picture, then we both had one person, so it looked like a microphone.
    It was the destination that arrived after dark. After a short break, I went to the restaurant near the hotel and ate a firewood wok. It was a bit like the fire turkey on our Sichuan side. The difference was that the taste was not spicy.
    Drink well, eat well, and sleep well. I like every day here.
     Day5: Occasional smog, through the forest, we all the way north
    I have never seen the appearance of Daxinganling, and I have never overlooked it. The aerial camera is slowly rising, and the Daxinganling in winter is so dreamy.
    There is not much hope for the journey, so every occasional small scene that I encounter is a big surprise.
    Every day is accompanied by such sunshine. Maybe it was too long to chat last night, so I got a headache this morning. I bought the medicine later because the water in the cup was very hot, I forgot to eat, and I forgot my headache.
    Bypassing the winding mountain road slowly, the viewing platform did not open the door, but also said that it was forbidden to climb. When I saw no staff, I thought about going up. I thought that as long as I crossed the iron bar, I could go up and found that the wooden steps that had gone up had been removed.
    So the scenery we saw was blocked by the tree.
    Next to it is a huge receiver, even if you climb a few steps here, you still can’t see the scenery below.
    But we have an aerial camera. The flight in the winter is to test the battery’s power resistance, and whether the user can resist the cold. Six brothers will hide in the car after flying the aerial camera.
    This is the first time I have seen the Daxinganling from an aerial perspective. The curved Panshan Highway is matched with the viewing platform, which seems to be satisfactory. On the side without sunlight, the deep blue is like a sea, like a dream.
    The road covered with snow can barely see the wheel prints, walking in these tall and dense forests, as if walking in the painting.
    When you pack up the equipment, you start to go down the mountain. Walking on the spacious road, you can see the low-rise houses on the left hand side look good. So after driving in, I found a frozen lake, a smog forest, and smoke between the mountains.
    I have seen smog many times. In the year of the university, I ran to Haze Island for the sake of smog. Fortunately, I saw it the next day. It is said that it takes luck to see the smog. We can see these wonderful scenery in the next few days. It can be said that luck is overwhelming.
    It was thought that there would be smog in places where there were rivers. What is puzzled is that the rivers here are frozen and why they can form. In fact, the winter is long and cold, and there is enough water vapor in the air to see such a fairyland.
    The smog in the distance, the bright yellow house in the distance, the smoke-filled chimney, the life is strong and like a fairyland.
    On the ice-covered lake here, rushing, stopping, facing the sun, enjoying the cold air blowing.
    Traveling a photo is two things I like. I can see the scenery I want to see. I feel satisfied when I take a satisfactory photo.
    Taking off the coat and taking pictures, the red dress is in stark contrast to the pure white world. These two photos look foggy because the UV mirror is not good, the lens is foggy, so be sure to check the camera before taking a photo.
    After wiping off the fog, I took a few more shots. On this day, I wore a warm coat and a dress. A down jacket outside, not outside for a long time, is not cold.
    The locals also pushed bicycles past the lake.
    Turning around, I saw the car that accompanied us for a few days. After we got out of the car, the six brothers played the drift alone, several rounds of down, the bag on the roof of the car still steadily parked on the roof.
    Because the package of frozen fruit was not taken off the car the night before, so I will freeze it on the roof the next day. Later, the car was driven far away and it was not taken down. It can only be said that the six brothers’ skills are great.
    I like colorful scenery. I thought that only autumn is colorful, and in the winter, I can see these colorful scenery.
    The orange-orange trees form a superb layering on the snow-covered mountains. People are deeply immersed in this beautiful scenery and do not want to leave.
    In the sun, the orange trees are more vivid.
    Walking along this road, the scenery along the way is wonderful. Trees in the distance between orange and white, trees in the woods, and smoke on the roof seem to have broken into a fairy tale world.
    I like every scene here and I like these lively scenes.
    When I returned to the city, many people cleaned up the snow on the road. The first time I saw so many people coming out to sweep the snow, it was rare to see such a group activity.
    All the way to the room Wei Kai, here must remind everyone that there must be some food in the winter car. When we arrived at Shiwei, it was already half past three in the afternoon, and it was only after that time that we had lunch.
    The birch forest passing by, the tree shadows, is very beautiful. This woods also has a wooden plank road to enter, but because there is no one in the winter, our group is still a little scared, just took a picture on the side of the road.
    I wanted to go to the toilet but didn’t open the door. Later, I went to the police station. As the saying goes, I have difficulty finding the police. In fact, we only have people in the police station in the village. Many stores are closed in winter. This line has fewer people coming in winter, so we have not seen a car passing by in Linjiang. Exclusively enjoy this beauty.
    The fences that are enclosed are all colored, so it is very happy even if the animals are kept here.
    The road that goes straight in the photo is to Linjiang and Shiwei, and there is a road up the hill to see the panoramic view of the whole village.
    There was a group of cowboys grazing on the slope, and we quickly ran away when we saw our visit.
    When we walked all the way through the village, the signboards were restaurants and accommodations, but no one opened the door during the winter. The winter is so beautiful, the summer should be super beautiful.
    Come to a panoramic view and enter the forest soon. After the walk, it feels like entering the no man’s land.
    In the winter, you must drive a technically rich master. You must choose a model with a high ground.
    Snow has photos so thick, and I often see a variety of footprints throughout the journey, big and small, I have to worry about getting off the camera every time, this road has no signal, if the car is really stuck in the snow Or something else, can’t imagine. Although we are worried about this road, it is good that the scenery is not bad.
    The fun in the car is to find out what the animals are in the snow. A string of footprints marched in the snow, and then walked into the forest and disappeared into our sight. After a while, new footprints will appear.
    The more you go, the closer the trees are to the winter. The snow fell on the leaves, as if a Christmas tree, the long road curved forward, can not see the end, looking forward to encounter surprises in the corner.
    It’s timid to get off the camera, but I don’t want to miss this view.
    One such bird nest will be hung on every tree not far away, giving the birds a warm home in the winter.
    The danger of arguing with the six brothers in the west of Sichuan is still dangerous. My husband and I said that the roads on our side are all on one side of the mountain, on the other side of the cliff. The six brothers said that you are also watching the road next to the cliff. However, after being blocked by the tree, we felt that it was not too dangerous.
    Later, I saw in the aerial photographs of Six Brothers that the road we had traveled was like this.
    The Daxinganling in the winter is such a beauty. It is such a magnificent and beautiful place to take a panoramic view of Daxinganling through aerial photography.
    The moon passing by, isA beautiful lake, named because of its shape, is named after the moon. The lake in winter has been frozen, but it is still difficult to hide her beauty. Standing here, you can see the Russian village on the other side.
    The photos of the moon and the moon in the summer and autumn have been deeply attracted. The beauty of the moon in the winter is a bit of a depression, so come back next summer or in the fall.
    There are two such small lakes around the moon, as if they are silently guarding the moon.
    After the moon bubble, I went to Linjiang. After crossing the forest, there is an endless grassland in front of you. Take a long shot of the mountain in the distance, if in the midsummer, just press a computer desktop here.
    The winter mountain road is slow to drive, and it is already two o’clock in the afternoon when it arrives at Linjiang. Along the way, only one of our cars was a bit lonely, so when I was near Linjiang, I saw this group of cows and horses very excited.
    The entire Linjiang River is not big, and the Sixth Brother took us to a winding road to the commanding heights, and we can see the village. There are only dozens of households in the entire village, and two-thirds of them are of Russian descent. The building here is basically the same as Russia on the other side, and there are carved under the eaves. The dumplings told me that you don’t have to go to Baikal next month, it is exactly the same as there. Then I told the dumplings that you don’t have to go to Hokkaido. I will help you to make a sense of Hokkaido. We always hurt each other in the journey and we are not tired.
    Like this small border village, these cottage buildings in the village are called woodcuts. The woodcuts are typical Russian houses. They are carved out with wood and hand axe. They are horns, very standardized and neat, and they are warm in winter and cool in summer.
    The wind on the mountain is a bit big, and you must be fully armed when you get off the camera.
    The children in the South saw that the snow was all excitement. They held the full snow and threw it into the air. I liked this moment.
    Or sit quietly in the snow waiting for the setting sun, or look at another country in the distance, like this quiet and comfortable, no one disturbed for a short time.
    Linjiang is not very far away from the room, and the commanding heights in the distance will be able to see the entire room. The afterglow of the setting sun fills the town, and the castle-like architecture is more dreamy under the setting sun.
    Just the sun hit the car, and wrote a message to the north behind the car, representing us all the way north.
    I really like the architecture of the border city, with bright colors and exotic customs. The streets in Shiwei are basically such buildings. There were fewer tourists in winter, so many shops on the street were closed. Finally, we found a noodle restaurant and one person ate a bowl of lamb noodles.
    After lunch, I met the sky with a pink sunset. The girl’s heart has begun to flood again. Who said that winter is only a depression, and you look at the winter in Inner Mongolia.
    There is also a port in Shiwei, and I have seen many border ports. This is especially like this. Probably the pink sky of the day, probably a castle-like building, the shutter will never stop.
    It happened to catch up with the six brothers’ big dumplings, and then we went to try dumplings. The dumplings in the north are all dumplings of their own and noodles. On this side, we basically buy ready-made dumplings and return them. If you are lazy like me, you can buy them directly in the supermarket.
    Please make sure to wash your hands when making dumplings. Don’t forget.
    Dad taught us how to pack, and my aunt would lick dumplings.
    When I was in the bag, I explained to you that when I was eating the stew on the first day, I said that I like to eat dumplings in the stuffing, and how can I dump the dumplings inside.
    In fact, the dumplings are wrapped in the stuffing, so that there will be very little down-skinned, not all the feeling of dumpling skin.
    For the hand-scarred star, the final result is because the package is too ugly and exchanged for a spit, hahaha. Wait until my skills are practiced, and then I will save my face.
    Because the bag can’t even stand on its own, it’s even harder to go to the dumpling skin, and then it’s washed.Look at the little friends, and look envious.
    Spitting each other and adding fuel to each other will put the dumplings in the pot.
    Although my packages are a bit ugly, but they are not successful, I can only comfort myself. Then secretly asked what the dumplings are, and want to eat her bags, hahahahaha.
    After bidding farewell to the big aunt, I went to Ergun, a 20-minute drive. I like to integrate into the local life experience, especially special, fresh memories.
     Day6: Skiing and snowman, this is the look of winter in memory.
    We enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the scenic area without tourists. We took the skis and slid down the open hills. We chased the sunset and felt that we will leave tomorrow. We sang songs in the car to plan the next trip.
    Ergun is the last stop on the itinerary. As a border city, the buildings here are equally exotic. We wanted to be a little easier on this trip. We didn’t go to Manchuria, but we didn’t miss the castle buildings in the city. I often sigh that people who live here are so happy that they are in the world of fairy tales every day.
    Then we went to the Ergun Wetland and was hailed as “the first wetland in Asia”.
    Every morning, the vision is not very transparent, and the distant peaks in the clouds are like a illusion.
    From this walking path, you will see a large smog forest, and the little friends are taking pictures here and forgetting the cold.
    The colorful cottage in the distance is especially nice in this misty lawn.
    There is a large platform on the plank road, and the first wetland in Asia can be seen here.
    The tributary root river of the Erguna River flows through it, forming a spectacular and beautiful river wetland landscape. I want to wait until the summer to see the roots of the river flowing quietly, the water is surrounded by meadows, the green and vibrant scene.
    On the other side of the platform is a misty forest, into the woods, to feel her beauty.
    Although I have seen smog many times, I have never seen the smog under such a blue sky. The smog here is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. The sun shines through the branches, making the originally white frost more crystal clear.
    I like the lonely picture of such a tree. I want to take a picture of a tree all the way. When I come back, I look at the photos and I am basically confused. This photo taken here is especially like.
    The wishing card became a landscape here, and the snow fell on the red wishing card, which was very beautiful.
    There are also many low-lying plants on the empty platform. In the cold weather, there are also smog hanging on it. With these white vegetation as the foreground, this character has become the favorite of the whole journey.
    This plank can go down and see more smog. When the entanglement is going to go down, the sixth brother will come up from below, tell us that the old beauty is good, just go and see with the group.
    From here you can see that there is a large smog below, because the terrain is low and the sunlight is basically blocked. And the plank road is steep, so you must walk slowly along the fence next to it.
    In the smog forest, I felt a little cold with the squad. I thought about going back to the original road and I was ready to go back to the car after a short distance.
    Come to a photo of this trip.
    The ice sculptures that are still preparing for Christmas, it seems that I am out of hand, can only wait for the circle of friends of the six brothers.
    After eating the grilled lamb chops in Erguna at noon, I went to Hailar. The scenery on the road is different from the previous days. I can no longer see the dense forest. I can see the snowfield at first glance.
    It has always been wondering why the trees here are so neat.
    Walking in the open snow, I will step on the air from time to time, and then try to take the next step after being scared. Every time I step on the air, I feel like a surprise, and I am not tired. Don’t wear a long skirt, the denim skirt worn that day is the most failed one in the entire journey.
    On the other side of the snow is a slope. Six brothers said that the snowboard is in the car for so many days, how to use it.
    Then I crossed the road and drove up the snow.
    This slope is not very steep, and a group of people have a good time here.
    We are very excited about this project that is not available in the South. We can control the brakes ourselves, but because it is not very steep, we need to use hand planers to help the slippery. The red one sitting on the sixth brother slipped very quickly, and the one of the dumplings was covered by the down jacket, which was green and slipped very slowly.
    The green slippery, the prints of the track-printed fat are the marks of my hand planer.
    Both me and the group want to pile up a snowman. The snow here is all piece by piece. The snow that we both got there for a long time will not work.
    Later, the sixth brother went out and immediately got a complete snow down, and then slowly made the shape. We joked that the sixth brother is not only the photographer who was delayed, but also the engraver who was delayed.
    The nose is also made of snow and then connected with branches. The color of the eyes is different because the same mineral water bottle cap was not found.
    SubsequentlyGoing to a higher and steeper place, putting the skis behind the car, when the skis disappeared, and driving down, I was already crazy in the back seat.
    In the end, I didn’t get off with Belle. The group came back and told me that she had just slipped down because the speed was too fast. When she pulled the handbrake, she fell and rolled a few times. Forgive me for not being righteous. . When I look at the video of wrestling, the laughter of the six brothers in the back.
    Finally, I used the skis on the last day, or I wasted my luggage every day.
    On the way back, we met another perfect sunset, so I was reluctant to leave.
    I like the empty road like the North.
    At the end of the sunset, the sun was like a yurt. When the camera was taken, the spire of the yurt was gone, but the arc was still very similar. Although not photographed, the scenery is just in my heart.
    The horse under the pink sky, and the herd of the handsome back.
     Day7: I don’t want to say goodbye, I think I will see you again.
    At the end of the journey, there are always some disappointments. Those who have regrets and missed give the reason for the next return. Yes, the Dal Jilin Temple that did not go last time, so this time came.
    In the afternoon, I returned to Chengdu. In the first half of the morning, we didn’t want to waste. We went to the Dal Jilin Temple not far from the city.
    Located on the Baobao Mountain, this temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple.
    The white tower surrounded by smog is so sacred under the blue sky.
    It is also the site of the position of the Baoshan Mountain in the Hailar Japanese Army.
    The temple did not open the door and there was no staff. Then we went to the woods to take pictures. Looking at the smog every day, I am annoyed with the words of my sixth brother, but I still miss those scenes.
    The empty road is only us except us. In Inner Mongolia in winter, we fully satisfied the whole scenic spot, so we don’t have to queue up for photos, so we don’t have to take photos of tourists.
    The hair that was combed that day was the most satisfying to me. I told the group that I would not comb this hair a few days earlier. Probably I wear a hat every day, I didn’t expect to comb my hair.
    From the white tower, you will see such a row of promenades on the road. The last time you passed here, you saw the most beautiful sunrise.
    When I passed yesterday, I saw the smog here and it was picturesque. It’s too late, and it’s this scene when I passed by. I’m still worried about where we’re going for the next half hour, so come here.
    Six brothers drove the car down, approaching the river and seeing more beautiful.
    The group let me stand here and take two photos. I want to stand in a lower place, covered with snow and think it is as high as she saw. She let me jump.
    Fortunately, I didn’t listen to her. When I slowly went down one foot, the snow had already passed the calf, and the other foot was still high. I was so deep in it that I couldn’t extricate myself, or wait for them to pull me up. I once suspected that I must have laughed at her yesterday to retaliate against me, hahahaha.
    After playing for about half an hour, Liu Ge took us to dinner. Say that the last meal is going to eat.
    Worried that we were not used to eating, we ordered a few Chinese food. In the yurt, the combination of Mongolian and Chinese cuisine has drawn a perfect ending for the entire journey.
    I like the winter in Inner Mongolia, which has an endless world of pure white, with dreams in fairy tales.
    I don’t remember where I saw it. I have to go to Hulunbeier at least three times in my life to see the grasslands in the midsummer, the colorful autumn, and the winter.
    Even after seeing the winter of Hulunbeier twice, I still feel that it is not enough, because I am deeply fascinated.
    This winter, Inner Mongolia has met all my illusions about this season.

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