Fengyan Fengyu in Travel Quickly brush the practical tips of popular Disney projects

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    Do you have your own fairy tale dreams? Disney is the place to light up the dreams of the heart. No matter what kind of news I saw before, I was not afraid of the crowds of Shanghai Disneyland, and the queue was long, I will go to this place of mind. Coincidentally, my wife and I got two Disney tickets from friends, so a dream trip to go away was opened.
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Be the first to see
    At Disney, there are cool pirate ships, cute Mickey, fantastic parade performances, and the ability to buy and buy in the Disney town. At night, look out at the most beautiful riverside night view on the Bund in Shanghai. In the middle of the night, returning to the literary and full-fledged youth hostel, this kind of fresh journey is the imagination we have had. This is the strange dream in our hearts.
     About the author
    Want to die stars, travel practitioners, certified travel experts.
     About transportation
    Day1 departure: Linyi, Shandong – Aircraft – Shanghai Hongqiao (1:30)
    Day2 Sprint: Shanghai Hongqiao – Subway – Disney Station (9:10)
    Day2 Nightlife: Subway Return Hotel
    Day3 return: direct train in the afternoon
     Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
     Travel tips
    1. Traffic problems: There are direct flights to Shanghai in Linyi. The low-cost flights we booked on the website in advance are cheaper than the high-speed rail. However, it is taking off at night. What blue sky and white clouds and clear skies will not be seen. We still had some episodes, which took off at 8:00 in the evening, but it was in heavy rain.Delayed to 11 o’clock, but fortunately set sail, Disney’s tickets are wasteful, after all, after the ticket authentication, there is no way to retreat.
    2. Temporary accommodation: When arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, it was already late. The hotel near Disney was booked late because it was late. There is really no time to find a hotel, after all, we need to sleep for five or six hours, and then have the energy to brush through Disney. So, we tried to get a van for accommodation for the first time outside the airport, but we went to the Super 8 hotel chain for a fee of more than 200 yuan. However, it is recommended that the friends still find a reliable hotel to stay in, and the “black car” is really scared.
    3. Subway suggestion: After Disneyland is closed, you can go shopping in Disney Town, but you must watch the time. When we go, the subway is out of service at 22:30, and we missed the time perfectly and can only spend A hundred ocean taxis went to the hotel that was booked before. Here, we must be optimistic about the changes in the end of the subway operation, of course, it is best to book a hotel around.
    4. Admission to the park: Before I went to Disney, I also checked some Raiders, saying that SLR, selfie stick and the like are not allowed to be brought in. When I arrived at the Disney gate, I really needed to look at the backpack check, but I saw that others brought the SLR into it, and it should be fine. Bottled water and open-bag snacks can’t be brought in, but Disney has a lot of direct drinking water, you can drink it directly by turning on the tap.
    5. Easy Travel: To open a Disney project, you need to go light, and a pair of shoes are a must. I am 25,589 steps all day, and I am listed in the sports list. In order to match Disney’s fantasy dreams, beautiful clothes are also needed.
    6. Ticket price: Disney’s ticket is 575 yuan, must be booked in advance, of course, after the purchase is not transferable, no refund. You can always pay attention to the Shanghai Disney official website, a lot of special activities.
    The strongest suggestion: Avoid the summer vacation, avoid the weekend, if it is rainy weather, don’t complain that the weather is bad, maybe Disney people will have fewer points and shorten your queue time. If you want to play popular projects, you have to give up a lot of photo opportunities. For example, I only have these slag pictures as a commemoration.
    In China, there are countless playgrounds, and the experience factor and safety index are also uneven. Of course, more tourists will choose the “Gao Da Shang” paradise with high popularity, big scenes and high grades. After all, their standardization will make people more happy and more assured. Such as the first batch of national 5A tourist attractions, the Happy Valley series represented by Shenzhen Happy Valley, the Changlong series represented by Guangzhou Changlong, the most technologically advanced, the Fangte series consisting of technology and fantasy, and the Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park with scientific significance. , the Chinese paradise combined with Suzhou Paradise and so on. However, since an amusement park officially opened in 2016, it has become popular. This is the third Disneyland in Asia, the sixth in the world, and the first Disney theme park in China, Shanghai Disneyland. As China’s first super-park from the West, Shanghai Disneyland incorporates more Chinese elements.
    When I came to Disney, the first feeling was that there were so many people. If you want to have fun at Disneyland and have enough projects, you must understand its theme partition before you play. There are seven theme parks in Shanghai Disneyland. When I went, there were only the six main theme areas of Qijie Street, Qixiang Garden, Adventure Island, Treasure Bay, Tomorrow World and Dreamworld. Toy Story is the new theme area of ​​Shanghai Disneyland this year. The opportunity will have to go again.
     Tips for brushing popular items
    There are dozens of Disney rides, and choosing which one is a very important “question”. Among the many amusement projects in Shanghai Disneyland, the most popular ones are four, which is certainly the most queued. They are the battles of the Pirates of the Caribbean in Treasure Bay.In the world’s world-famous speed wheel, flying over the horizon on the expedition island and drifting on the thunderous mountain, you can smoothly finish these four projects without wasting too much time. That is the “winner of life” in the playground. As a person who has finished brushing all over, here are two major experiences to tell you. First, you must download the mobile app of “Shanghai Disney Resort” in advance. This is not only a map of the entire park, but also the queue time, performance time, location of the restaurant and drinking water for each project, so that you can be reasonable. Arrange your own play plan. The second is the FP card, which is Disney’s quick pass. Disney’s popular items have a long queue time. With the FP card, you can directly enter the fast track and save time. Of course, the FP card is limited. It is said that the current FP card can be grabbed on the Disney app, and it is also refreshed at a fixed location and time. When I went to Disney, the FP card was still in the speed-changing wheel, the thundering mountain rafting, and the seven dwarf mine cars. Pick up on a nearby machine, and the rides collected in each place are different, and can be picked up every two hours. Of course, the FP card has a limit on the arrival time of the game, so you must not miss it.
     Dreamworld theme area
    My wife and I went to Disney a little later, and lined up until ten o’clock before entering the park. We deposited our luggage immediately after entering the park. Just after entering the Disney clock tower, there is a storage place on the right side. In order to play without burden, it is recommended to save the heavy bag. It costs 50 yuan a day. cost. After storing things, we quickly ran to the vicinity of the seven dwarf mine cars, and queued up to receive the FP card for the thundering mountain drifting. It can be used after 17:00, so we can safely brush through other projects. After that, we experienced seven dwarf mine cars by the way. We only lined up for 10 minutes in this popular project. It was lucky, it was a simple project sitting on a small train.
    When you get the FP card for the first hot item, the mood is always beautiful. After the end of the play of the seven dwarf mine cars, we decided to play the theme partition one by one, and waited for two hours to open the second FP card. In the fantasy world theme area, you can take pictures in front of the Alice in Wonderland maze, and Alice’s sculpture is very good. Queued for five minutes to play the rotating honey jar, which is the bumper car in the honey pot. I queued up for 30 minutes to play the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This project feels a big loss, wasting too much queue time. It was originally played by children. It was sitting on the railcar to read the story. Forget it, just make a small one. Child. In short, my feeling is that the fantasy world theme area is more suitable for parent-child play.
     Treasure Bay Theme Area
    Going forward, we came to Treasure Bay. This theme area is what attracts us most of the Caribbean Pirates – the Battle of the Fallen Treasure. Before we came to Disney, we saw that this project has been in the maintenance stage, and it has not been opened for nearly half a month. It did not have much hope. But we were so lucky that it was suddenly opened today. However, this experience project suddenly shut down and maintenance. The more fortunate things happened again. We are the last two of the tourists waiting in line, the people behind us. I can only cry alone. Because it is a popular item, we have been waiting in line for a long time, and we have time to take pictures. The scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean are presented here one by one, which is very real. Sitting on the track boat, watching the realistic 4D movie effect, experiencing the shocking naval battle scene, the heart is quite satisfied. Due to the temporary closure, the staff sent the tourists who lined up and did not play, and the pass for a battle of sinking treasures was given to us, of course, but it was not used, and it was not open again this day. After coming out, I caught up with the Pirates of the Caribbean, “The Storm Coming: Captain Jack’s Amazing Stunt Adventure”. There are several rooms, you need to watch the show for a while, and finally come to a big theater, you can sit down and see a game. Can laugh and laugh,It was a thrilling performance.
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Shanghai Disneyland
     Tomorrow’s World Theme Area
    Unconsciously, two hours passed. The FP card collection time has been refreshed. We have also grabbed the FP card of the Extreme Speed ​​Wheel in tomorrow’s world. Kaisen ing can be experienced at three o’clock in the afternoon. We can rest assured that we can play other projects at noon. Since it is in the world of tomorrow, then open the amusement project of tomorrow’s world. At this time, the rain is getting bigger and bigger. We are very afraid that the speed-lighting wheel will be closed because of rain. Because this roller coaster-like project belongs to outdoor amusement facilities, I have been to many amusement parks before, and some of them are well-known in China. The large paradise will close these projects once it encounters rainy weather. But Shanghai Disney does not, even if it rains, it can guarantee safe operation. After queuing for 50 minutes in the rain, I only played the jetpack aircraft, but at this time the rain slowly became smaller, flying high and low above, not afraid of the rain. I feel that the experience of this project is similar to that of Xiaofei, but it is more exciting. If time is tight, you can choose one.
    After lunch, we came to the heart of the speed of the light. Because it is sponsored by Chevrolet, the interior of the project presents the Chevrolet logo everywhere. This roller coaster-like project is cool, like riding a motorcycle. You don’t have to worry about items such as coins and glasses falling. In addition to the temporary lockers on the outside, each “motorcycle” has a small box that can hold small items. This popular item used our FP card, which was originally queued for 1 hour, and it was fixed in about 15 minutes. Two words: irritating.
    In the middle, we watched Disney’s most complex float parade and started to punch some non-hot items. When you come to Treasure Bay and take a leisurely adventure in a canoe, you can take a boat with a wood pulp. In fact, you can move on the track. You want to move on the track. You want the atmosphere. You can see the boat of the Kraken revenge on the way. The boat is still very shocking.
     Adventure Island Theme Area
    There is still a meeting at 5:00 pm, in order not to miss the thundering mountain rafting with FP card, we arrived at Adventure Island in advance. There are still some time, we have played the “Exploration Camp”, the combination of mountains and water. I will pass the Dumu Bridge for a while, and I will climb the ladder for a while, and the space is very big. It is not fun to experience with many tourists. After the thundering mountain drifting, the sky is dark, the round drift boat can take six people (specifically forgotten), and the thundering mountain drifting will be “wet”, the position at the door will be more wet, so say, go inside Sitting right, I hope you can be smart like me.
     Fantasy Garden Theme Area
    The fantasy garden theme area is especially suitable for children to play. As for the adults, you can also revisit the “Children’s Day”. One of the most popular is the Fantasia Carousel. My wife thinks that she is a female man. Without a girl complex, we have given up this long queued project. It was only seen at the Marvel Hero Headquarters and the Mickey Club.
     There are surprises and regrets
    Yu Xiang • Flying over the horizon, this popular item, the most people lined up, even the FP card was robbed. We basically brushed the Disney project at 6:30 in the evening. At that time, unlike now, you can play until ten o’clock, and it ends at seven o’clock in the evening. But we decided to try to queue up. It turns out that we can experience the project as long as we queue up before 7pm. In the end, we queued for 150 minutes, sat on the horizon, and saw this magical world in a realistic scene, definitely worth taking up so long queue time. Of course, there are regrets and regrets, just to line up to see this, missed Disney’s fireworks show. Maybe going out to travel will leave more or less regrets, so that we will come again, the next time we will take the baby to see the luminous phantom show. At this time, Shanghai Disneyland has closed its garden. The current park has no daytime noisy, very quiet, and it is worth recalling.
     Disney Parade
    How many childhood dreams Disney has, some people are eager to have cute Mickey Mouse, some people dream of becoming beautiful princesses, others want to be friends with Winnie the Pooh, and some people are determined to be brave as Buzz Lightyear. In the Shanghai Disney Resort World, in addition to enjoying the transformation of dreams and excitement in the park, recalling the once cartoon world is also essential. In the whimsy garden of Disneyland, everything will come true. The tour of Mickey and his friends will be my happiest moment in Disney, but the 14-minute parade will only have two games a day, 11:30 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon. Choose a location in advance, don’t miss it. Oh.
    It was raining when we were playing in Disneyland. The morning was forced to cancel due to precipitation. The afternoon was also subject to availability. We are very worried. After all, it’s the biggest regret to come to Disney and not see the coveted train theme tour. Fortunately, the weather is strong. After a delay, the parade officially begins. In the distance, the Goofy dog ​​and his little friends are coming to us. The first climax is the train of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. The girlfriend of Donald Duck and the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse Minnie are in front. In the small train, Mickey Mouse Mickey and Donald Duck Donald, they passed by. On the road, you can hear the cheers of the tourists.
    The seven dwarfs followed. I am sure that the seven dwarfs must have mines at home because they are pushing the mine car. White huSon, chubby body, with seven different colors of hats, funny. The Disney Animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released as early as 1937. It was adapted from the Grimm’s fairy tale. The stories told you must remember.
    Buzz Lightyear and his soldiers came over. In 1995, Buzz Lightyear appeared in “Toy Story”. I remember that I accidentally saw this cartoon movie, and I deeply liked Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Doll Hudi, those playful The green soldier, I also have that kind of toy when I was young.
    I haven’t seen “Frozen”, but their floats are really dreamy. Like the castles of the White World, they waved at us on the castle terrace and were very intimate.
    The clownfish and the blue kingfish swim slowly. The Nemo Story turned the parade into a world of oceans. It turned out that there were so many interesting things happening on the bottom of the sea.
    The domineering Mulan team finally came over. This Chinese style cartoon has adapted our historical stories, and the interesting Hua Mulan is easier to engrave into our minds from the military story. The female generals who are riding high horses and the female warriors who are drumming are all showing the domineering of women.
    Winnie the Pooh came slowly, and behind him was the rabbit and the fox in Crazy Animal City. When I went to Disney, it wasn’t long before the film was released. I was very excited when I saw these animals. After all, this is a cartoon animal I just saw, and I was very impressed.
    Parade performances, in addition to interacting with cartoon characters, can’t even take pictures, no matter how you shoot, you can’t avoid long viewing crowds. It’s so hot to see how Disneyland’s parade is. In all major scenic spots, thousands of people go. Onlookers should be rare. So, to watch the Disney parade, grasp the time, and get stuck in advance, then this parade performance will be completely in sight.
    Eat and drink, buy and entertain, you need the Shanghai DisneyAll there is, all you need is to have fun in the Disney vacation world. In the town of Disney, you can walk to the Walt Disney Theatre, where the performances are all Disney classics and definitely worth watching.
     About diet
    There are a lot of restaurants in the town of Disney, and if you have plenty of time, you can choose a favorite restaurant. In Disneyland, don’t just look at the experience project, wait for the hot items to open at noon, and have a meal to get a physical queue. There are some fast food restaurants in the major theme areas of Disneyland. There are many choices for the tribal restaurant on Adventure Island, the Barbosa Grill in Treasure Bay, the Moon Restaurant in the Garden of Wonders, the twist of the world of tomorrow. At that time, we were waiting for the use of the fast pass for the speed-changing light wheel to eat in the world of tomorrow. I chose the 88-yuan burger package and my wife chose a Kawaii children’s package. All the lunches of our two add up to the picture. Look at it, but eat enough.
     Walt Disney Grand Theatre
    Grand Theatre In the town of Disney, the two-hour performance begins at 7 pm and is divided into two episodes. It is now the Broadway classic musical “Beauty and the Beast”. When we went, I liked the “Lion King”. You can book tickets in the Shanghai Disney Resort’s APP or official website in advance, depending on the location of the seat, the price range of 135 yuan to 590 yuan. Because the queue for the last popular item at Disneyland was too long, and I missed the first half of the musical, the ticket couldn’t be retired, and I could only watch it from the second half. I have never seen a musical, and I am deeply attracted by the performance. The story is very interesting, especially the musicians who are playing drums on both sides. It is necessary to pay attention to photography during the performance.
     About shopping
    If you only care about playing during the day, then Disney’s surrounding goods, of course, have to go to the Disney town to buy. However, Disney’s genuine goods are indeed very expensive, and the move will cost hundreds of yuan. Small to keychains, mobile phone cases, headbands, plush toys, daily necessities, everything, if you are too expensive, you can also redeem a few Disney commemorative coins as a “go here” memory.
     Shanghai night view
    Speaking of China’s wealthiest economic belts and urban agglomerations, it belongs to the Yangtze River Delta. The Yangtze River Delta is China’s largest economic zone, the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and one of the six largest urban agglomerations in the world. In the Yangtze River Delta, the core of the economy and finance is the “magic capital” of Shanghai. The city of Shanghai, regardless of business, technology, logistics, transportation, etc., is developing at a high speed. This is full of historical vicissitudes and The place where modern civilization collides is a phenomenal metropolis that is eclectic and eclectic. Like the Pearl of the Orient, it stands in Asia and shines in the world.
    When it comes to the history and modernity of Shanghai, there are endless stories. Shanghai, a historical and cultural city, was already the seal of Chu in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The Wuyue culture in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces was also handed down here. Shanghai is still a place in the modern history that has been scratched by years. Since the Qing Dynasty set Shanghai as an open port, Western industrial civilization has been introduced. The combination of traditional culture and foreign culture in this inclusive city has formed a unique Shanghai-style culture. Over time, it has gradually formed a Shanghai-style character, a Shanghai-style style, and, of course, the Shanghai style we can see. building.
    Shanghai has inherited the traditional culture of our ancestors and embraced the large-scale imported culture. Shanghai, as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, formed a gathering place, Wu Yue culture has been passed down here. At the same time, it is the earliest place to be “spotted” by foreigners. In the face of the sudden wave of industrialization, the Western civilization accepted by Shanghai is also the earliest, latest and most mature. In this way, the fusion of the two forms the unique style of Shanghai in the metropolis of Shanghai. The architecture here has a strong Shanghai flavor, and it forms a school. The Shanghai architecture also leaves a strong color in the history of Chinese architecture. It is.
    In Shanghai, there are many buildings, and many houses, apartments, banks, and shopping malls are typical Shanghai architecture. The infusion of various architectural styles has formed the unique characteristics of the Shanghai style architecture, which is more suitable for the economic development of the city and the habits of the residents. The first feeling that Haipai architecture gave me is that the literary art is full! Many residences have classic courtyards, and through the low windows of the houses, you can see the outside design landscape at a glance. What’s more, Haipai Architecture is fully adapted to the climate of Shanghai. The youth hostel I live in is suitable for Shanghai’s four seasons of distinct living needs. It is located in Soho International Youth Hostel in the central area of ​​Shanghai.
    Shanghai, a big city, will naturally attract many tourists from home and abroad. Faced with hundreds of thousands of people per day, the travel to Shanghai has become a concern for many people. Shanghai does not lack four-star and five-star hotels, but it is also the first choice for upper-level groups, business travellers, and holiday tourists. Shanghai does not lack chain hotels, but most of them are swept away by travel agencies. For students or leisure travellers, youth hostels are their first choice. There are many natural trips in Shanghai. Those who travel to the Youth Hostel can get a pillow to enter the big room of the eight-person room. The bed is not high. Very comfortable, but for twenty or thirty dollars to stay for one night, in a metropolis like Shanghai, it is a travel experience that is extremely cost-effective.
     Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel
    In Shanghai, there are many youth hostels, because Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel is located on the banks of the Suzhou River in the central area of ​​Shanghai. Just arrived here, the sky was dark, and it was just over the renovation of the outer wall. It took a few laps to find the Soho Youth Hostel hidden in the depths. Although it is night, but still can feel the literary temperament of this youth travel, the environment is also quiet and simple, I think, this should be a place with a profound cultural heritage.
    The fact is that the “background” of the Soho Youth Hostel is very hard. What is special about this hostel located on the banks of the Suzhou River in Shanghai? It turned out that this youth travel was founded in 1933 and was once the warehouse of Shanghai underworld tycoon Du Yuexi. Many people have heard about Du Yuesong, especially the Shanghainese, who are more familiar with him. He is an important figure in the Shanghai Youth League. Although he is a gang, he is more adept at doing business. As a legend in modern history, Du Yuexi has done things such as helping the victims and actively fighting the war. It is also remembered by people.
    The main building of Soho Youth Hostel, in addition to the glorious past of modern history, its predecessor is the headquarters of Tudou.com, which is also a witness to the development track of modern technology companies. Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel has the essence of Shanghai style architecture. It is because of this inheritance that it has been awarded the “Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Protection Award” by UNESCO. In China, this is the only old warehouse building that has won this honor.
    I came to Shanghai this time and also experienced a youth trip. It was also my first time to stay in a youth hostel. I think there is still a little excitement. Because I was in a hurry to travel, I chose a convenient youth hostel, and it really did not disappoint me. After screening, we stayed at Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel. Just ten minutes walk, we can reach Xinzha Road Station of Metro Line 1. For all kinds of blocked Shanghai, the subway should be the most convenient transportation choice, no one, of course, I didn’t say when I had a private plane.
    Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel, everyone likes to call it Soho Youth Hostel. Because I just want to experience the atmosphere of the Youth Hostel, I chose the big bed room. After all, the Youth Hostel also has a room like a quick hotel, not just the Datong shop. Soho Youth Hostel is very convenient for people like me who travel in Shanghai. It is close to Nanjing Road, People’s Square, Bund and Expo Park. It only needs to go to Chenghuang Temple, Yu Garden, Food Street, Tianzifang and so on. About half an hour. Of course, if you choose Disney, you can only pour the subway.
    Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel has something in common with other youth travellers. It is full of literary talents. After all, there are many students and many foreigners. Located in the vicinity of Jiuzi Park, the green tourism on the Suzhou River in the central area of ​​Shanghai is quiet and comfortable. The interior decoration is very warm. There are water outside the front desk, there are stones, and some rest swing chairs, stay for a while, full of coziness. There is also a second-floor platform in the public area. I bought some beer and cooked food with my friends, and I sang on the tables and chairs at that location. Going up again, it is a large terrace with open-air movies in foreign languages. Externally, the Suzhou River Art District where Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel is located, there are many artistic activities such as performances and exhibitions around. Such a strong artistic atmosphere, do you know what you like?
    The main building of the Soho Youth Hostel is 1307 South Suzhou Road, and the famous four-row warehouse in the north. You can see the typical Shanghai “Shanghai School” and the famous “Shikumen Housing Group”. Founded in 1933, this youth traveler used to be the warehouse of Shanghai’s great man Du Yuexuan. Its predecessor was the headquarters of Tudou. Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Youth Hostel has the essence of Shanghai style architecture. It is because of this inheritance that it has been awarded the “Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Protection Award” by UNESCO. In China, this is the only old warehouse building that has won this honor.
    It is such a youth hostel that has opened five Soho youth hostels in Shanghai, but I think the most literary fan is the one on the banks of the Suzhou River. Here, you can feel the feeling that other homes don’t have. The old store is famous for its natural reason. Such a livelihood in the city, there are many foreigners, many are poor travel, such an environment, such prices, they are very content. If you want to experience this kind of literary fan, let’s talk about it.

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