Find an old man and return life to its original appearance.

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    Some people say that it is the hometown that can’t go back, and the distant place is not. In fact, the hometown of adults is mostly similar, leisurely and comfortable villages, neat and fertile fields, sunny blue sky, fresh and clean air, accompanied by grandfathers and grandmothers. However, the vicissitudes of life, returning to his hometown, the sweet memories of childhood have long disappeared without a trace. Our love is often lost. If there is no way to return to the hometown of the impression, then we will simply step forward and look younger, look for a new pure land, and pour irrigation into our hometown. herein. Those who have scenery in their hearts are worthy of harvesting the broadest heaven and earth. So, I came, took the seeds of nostalgia, and married the most beautiful country in Guangdong. In this pastoral corridor, I quietly planted it here. Lived above the tree house, accompanied by small birds, lived on the edge of the waterfall, adjacent to the rainbow.
    [Travel itinerary] ◆ D1 Shenzhen-Yingdexi Station self-driving to Tianmengou to stay in the tree house of Yingde Tianmengou, Kyushu Station, to feel the wonders of the tree house ◆ D2 Tianmengou Nine Station and One Gallery Experience Tree Hot Spring (Tianmengou Tree Hot springs, mountain spring slides, celestial baths,) ◆ D3 Tour Yingde Tianmengou Scenic Area, Yingde West Station – Shenzhen
    Travel Tips: ◆ Yingde belongs to the mountain scenic area. Remember to take anti-mosquito drugs with you. You need to exercise outdoors during the day. Girls who are afraid of tanning can bring sunscreen. It is cool to live in the mountains at night. It is recommended to bring a thin coat. ◆ Tianmengou is not too difficult to climb, but the mountain is still very steep. You must prepare sports shoes and prepare a swimsuit at the hot spring at night. ◆ Tianmengou rigorously carries fire, can not litter and protect the environment. ◆Before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you must go down the mountain. There are many wild animals in the mountain. You can’t stay overnight. Pay attention to the safety of yourself and your family and friends.
    I have lived in Guangdong for a long time. Every time I go to a short holiday, I must go to Qingyuan. I have been to Qingyuan for many times. I feel that it is a place where I can’t play it. Every time I get in touch with Qingyuan, I’m in the first place. It is generally full of sensibility and freshness. As the most beautiful land in Guangdong, Qingyuan has always been the home of drifting, the name of the hot spring town, and in addition to these world-famous special travel projects, it also hides some little-known secret places.
    Located in the north of Qingyuan, with 113 degrees east longitude and 24.5 degrees north latitude, Yingde is a feng shui treasure embraced by the mountains and clear waters. It is recognized as the most beautiful country in Yingde is called Lingnan Ancient Temple, also known as Yingzhou. It has been a basin surrounded by mountains around the south since ancient times. The distinctive landforms have created the unique landscape of Yingde, and the Tianmengou Scenic Area deep in the hinterland of Yingde. It has the most original natural scenery in England and Germany.
    Tianmengou is located in the west of Babao Mountain (also known as Lushan Mountain) in Shijietang Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province. Because it has a concave shape above the legendary Tianmen, it is named Tianmengou. It can be reached by car from Yingdexi Station in three hours. Just arrived at the scenic spot. It is a particularly novel tree house. In fact, many hotels are housed every year, like the Kyushu Station. There are very few inns, watching the novelty, satisfying the dream that I have always dreamed of living in the big forest.
    The location of the Kyushu Station is an important site on the Lingnan to Xijing ramp. It has been used as a station in ancient times. It was established for the difference between the official position and the business man’s rest and the horse transfer. Later, the development and construction of the scenic spot was carried out on the spot. The materials given to us by nature were used to build the tree house tree house, the landscape park, the farm station, and the farm. Leisure projects such as summer resorts.
    The Tree House Village is a highlight of the Kyushu Station. The Tree House Village consists of hundreds of tree houses with different styles. The village is connected by a forest skywalk to each tree building. It looks like a primitive deep forest tribe. In the ancient times, our ancient ancestors and scorpions, in ancient times, relied on such living environment to shelter from the wind and rain, and to defend against the invasion of wild animals. They lived in such tree houses in the Tianmeng Kyushu Station, which is fresh and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Return to the ancient times to experience the experience of the monks.
    Walking in the tree house village, the biggest feeling is that the air negative ion is exceeded, a huge aerobic forest. These houses built on trees are fairy tale huts hidden in thick forests. They are full of tranquility, comfort and privacy. They are not invaded by the outside world. There are many types of house types in the tree house village, which are built in the mountains. Under the summer resort and the Baijia surname villa, there is a celestial camp suitable for summer camping tents, and a separate spa tree house and family with independent hot spring pools.Hot spring tree house.
    The most eye-catching is the tree hanging house. This hanging house in Kyushu Station is also the only hanging house in China. This hanging house is an all-terrain movable mobile hanging house with a height of about 10 meters. After repeated experimental tests, the safety is very secure. There are four hanging baskets as the bedroom in the front and rear. The hanging baskets are woven with rattan. Each hanging blue can accommodate two large and one small ones, with independent Central air-conditioning, there is also a viewing skylight to see the scenery of Tianmengou.
    The second and third floors are equipped with separate living and dining rooms and separate hot spring pools, and free use of the hanging house kitchen. There are a lot of reservations for the hanging house. This time, because there is no early booking, I missed the opportunity to experience it. I want to stay in the small partner and have to book early.
    This time I stayed in the independent hot spring tree house. In order to truly integrate into nature, these tree houses can hardly see any structure of the steel frame. In order not to affect the growth of the trees, the pure wooden frame is used as the support, and the guest room design is built. Above the distance of 3-4 meters on the ground, you need to rely on the ladder made of tree trunks to climb up and down.
    The tree house rooms are not large, but they are clean and neat, the space design is very reasonable, the facilities are fully equipped, and the bed products are comfortable to use. Sitting on the bed, you can see the mottled light and shadow through the leaves, scattered on the desk, living in such a minimalist environment, there is a sense of true relaxation,
    Looking out the window in the room is a undulating mountain with green trees. You can hear it when you open the window.The sound of the birds sing, one does not pay attention, the naughty little squirrel may quickly pass through the window. The room comes with an independent hot spring, and the little friends who are on the same side are here to chat with the hot springs, and the rhythm of life can’t help but slow down, full of sense of coziness.
    Qingyuan has always been a good place to eat wild mountains, and in the evening of Tianmengou Scenic Area, most of the famous dishes of Qingyuan are tasted. Walking chicken, charcoal pork, organic vegetables, steamed grass and so on are all must-eat dishes. The price is very affordable, and it is now difficult to find such a restaurant with a per capita price of 50-80 in the scenic spot.
    The restaurant specializes in health care, and all the foods in the business use the local raw materials of the native land, which guarantees the taste and health of the food, and adopts an appetizing farmhouse practice.
    I remember talking to a friend about food very early, and his words have memorized me so far. I left the big city and ate everything. A dinner, eating earthen vegetables, often home, nostalgic feeling accompanied by the taste of hometown. If you are in a good mood, then pair it with a few glasses of white wine made from spring water, a kind of drunk life in the rivers and lakes.
    Enjoy the perfect food, take a walk in the tree house village and discover that there is also a particularly interesting hot spring area in Shuwu Village. The hot spring design here is a unique tree hot spring. Listening to the staff, this is the only way to make hot springs in China. The underground hot spring is introduced into the forest, and the original hot spring on the tree is called “the bath in the nest, and the health in the oxygen.” Pure hot spring water comes from the natural mountain spring water on the ancient Lushan Mountain. Lushan Mountain is a nature reserve. The active spring water is an extremely precious small molecule group of natural active soft water, containing a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body.
    There are 22 hot spring pools of different sizes in the tree. There are 7 public pools and 15 medicinal baths. The medicinal materials of the hot spring bath are selected from the local Lushan Mountain. They are rooted in the original forest and are not polluted by any modern industry. Growing underneath is a magical gift from nature.
    In October of Guangdong, it has begun to cool down, and the leaves are gradually turning yellow. In the old saying, “Golden Autumn October, Health October”, the hot spring is really a suitable tonic, put on a swimsuit, can’t wait to feel the water, bubble In a few minutes, I can feel the fatigue of my body dissipating. Each spa pool has different functions, and both men, women and children can find a pool that suits them.
    Lying in the hot spring pool, through the gap between the leaves, shocked by a starry sky inadvertently, living in the big city for too long, I haven’t seen the starry sky for a long time, and I have to escape from the big city. And above the sky here is a pure star, and under the sky, the hum of the ear makes people happy. The so-called “stolen life is half a day free.”
    The next day’s alarm comes from the natural bird’s cry. The wake of the early morning bird’s voice is pleasing to most people. The whole day’s good mood begins, and Qingyuan’s place is called It is the most beautiful country, rooted in the most original landscapes. Like Tianmengou is a good place to watch the mountains and see the water. Since you have escaped from the big cities, you naturally have to go outdoors to have aerobic exercise. It is a good choice to climb the Tianmengou Nine Station.
    Tianmengou is divided into nine stations and one corridor, namely one to nine stations and water stone promenade. Its water source is more than a thousand meters high. It is a typical V-shaped alpine grand canyon. According to the introduction, there are 4 major gaps, more than 100 waterfalls, 100,000. Step ladder. The virgin forest covers the top of the ditch, and the vertical single-stage drop of Tianmen Waterfall is 136 meters, which is the crown of Guangdong. One to four stations in Tianmengou are recreational mountain sports areas (all visitors can enter); four to six stations are mountain adventure areas (only for organized teams to apply for permission); seven to nine stations are extreme adventure mountain climbing areas (only for outdoor Organized teams have agreed to enter by application); above the Tianmen Mountain, there is no one, no sign, no security facilities for the restricted area, so all visitors are not allowed to enter.
    The first stop is “Xianyitai”. If you want to go to Xianyitai, you have to climb a long aerial rope connected to the mountainside. You need to use your hands and feet. For those who exercise regularly, it is only a small one. Test, if you don’t exercise often, you may need some courage. You are afraid, you can also choose the mountain trail next to you to climb. Climb up the Xianyi Terrace, you can see a part of the tree house and the mountain landscape in the middle of the mountain. The station, the cliff and the cliff are looming in the forest of the thousand-year-old tree criss-crossing and long and deep.
    From the second stop, it basically became a rocky road. It took a certain amount of strength to climb. On this road, it also felt more and more. The second station with the most primitive landforms and hiking trails also had a nice name. “Plank Road”, the fairy road is a relatively long stop, slow down to walk this mountain road, follow the rhythm and rhythm of nature, and nature, with companions, and quiet with them.
    On the way to the third station, “No Laoquan”, there are traces of stones flowing down the river. It is also the place where most tourists stayed here for the longest time. Just walked into the plank road of Laoquan, the breeze gently cheeks, full of ears It is the sound of swilling water. Because it is the place where the mountains and rivers gather, the temperature is very cool all the year round. The water of the old spring is a precious water source, the water quality is delicate, and it can supplement the body’s various minerals, so it is called “not old spring”. The scenic area provides free spring water for drinking. The spring water is sweet and cold, and those who like to drink tea may take a bottle and bring it back to drink.
    From the “not old spring” of the third station to the “patio” of the fourth station, the scenery is very classic, charming and spectacular. Here you can see the ancient roads full of wildflowers and the lush old pine forests. Standing on the suspension bridge next to the highest point of the fourth station, you can see the magnificent mountains and mountains in the front, and the poor waters in October. I don’t see a particularly large waterfall. If I saw the magnificent waterfall in this site on May and June, I could see the magnificent waterfall on the site. When you can see the rainbow refraction in the mountains.
    “The Golden Mountain” above the “Patio” “Monkey King” “Tianzhong Waterfall” “Tianmen Waterfall” “Tianmen Shengjing” are more difficult climbing routes, we want to leisurely go hiking, so only I chose to climb to the fourth stop. These four stations are all hiking in the original deep forest. I enjoy the negative ion air, especially near the water. Listening to the lively and clear water, like in the soul. Perform a wash. I don’t feel tired at all. If you feel that you want to sweat more, you may want to challenge. It takes about 1 hour to climb down from the first stop to the fourth stop. If the whole journey is completed, it will take about 4 hours.
    On the second day of the dinner, a wild outdoor barbecue was held near the Summer Resort in the station. The restaurant was scheduled to be grilled. The staff of the scenic area also helped us prepare all the barbecue materials in advance, and I volunteered with a group of friends. The game is really a very fun thing, the buffet barbecue in the scenic areaThe number of people is 50 yuan per person. The barbecue ingredients are equipped with a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian. It is no exaggeration to say that there are a lot of ingredients, there is no problem with the tube, and at the end of the meal, even a little wasted.
    The secret barbecue of the scenic area presented honey. After living in Guangdong for so many years, the first time I tasted the honey barbecue, the ingredients baked with honey sauce were more tender and crisp. In the quiet autumn night, listening to the humming, looking at the stars, eating food, everyone spent in laughter and laughter, such a mountain holiday trip is more meaningful.
    The third day of the trip is more leisurely. I wake up to sleep naturally, then go to the celestial bathing area to enjoy a sun bath, and play a water sports with my companions in the original green mountains and green waters. This project is also the choice rate for many families. Most of the places, the ears are the voices of small pot friends screaming cheerfully.
    The mountain spring slide is built on the celestial body bath. It is divided into two slides, which are divided into people and children. It is hidden in the virgin forest. The spring water is also the water that uses the old spring. People sit up like a roller coaster. The slide is away. The average height of the ground is about 2 meters, and the slope of the chute is more than 50 degrees. Sitting at the starting point, the sound of the “rolling”, the speed of the roller coaster is down, the cheers, the screams are absolutely resounding through the valley, and the bottom is slipped to the bottom to form contact with water. Splashes of water, this facility can be described as suitable for all ages, here can play fun.
    Before leaving, buy the famous Yingde black tea in the scenic spot. On the way back, even if you know that you will come back to this place, you still feel a little reluctant to live here. In the three days of Tianmengou, it gives My beautiful scenery also gave me beautiful scenery.
    Traffic Raiders: Address: Shijiatang Town, Yingde City, Qingyuan City, Laoshan (West of Shimentai Nature Reserve) Self-driving route: Navigation: Kyushu Station, Yingde Tianmengou General 驿 ◆ Guangzhou: Airport Expressway – Daguang Expressway (G45)-Guangzhou Le High Speed ​​(G4W3)-Indore Export-Indigo Highway-Take Maping (Right Turn)-Shiqiantang Town-Yizhan Scenic Area ◆ Foshan: Shenhai Expressway Guangzhou Branch-Guangzhou Huancheng Expressway-Airport Expressway-Daguang Expressway – Guangle Expressway (G4W3) – Yingde International Export – Yinglu Highway-Take Maping (turn right)-Shiqiantang Town-Yizhan Scenic Spot ◆ Dongguan: Shenhai Expressway-Guangzhou Ring Expressway-Daguang Expressway-Guangle Expressway (G4W3)-Yingdeyu Export-Yingyu Highway-Dalmating (Right turn) – Shiqiantang Town – Handan Station Scenic Area ◆ Shenzhen: Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway – Shenhai Expressway – Guangzhou Ring Expressway – Daguang Expressway – Guangle Expressway (G4W3) – Yingdeyu Exit – Yingying Road – Walk Ping (turn right)-Shiqiantang Town-Yizhan Scenic Area ◆ Zhongshan: Guangzhu West Line Expressway-Guangzhou Huancheng Expressway-Airport Expressway-Daguang Expressway-Guangle Expressway (G4W3)-Yingdeyu Export-Indigo Highway -Take Maping (turn right)-Shiqiantang Town-Yizhan Scenic Area ◆ Zhuhai: Gangwan Avenue-Guangzhou Expressway-Guangzhou Ring Expressway-Daguang Expressway-Guangle Expressway (G4W3)-Yingdeyu Export-Indigo Highway -Take Maping (turn right)-Shiqiantang Town-Yizhan Scenic Area Free Travel Route: ◆ Departure from Guangzhou: Provincial Bus Station (Fangcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Terminal, Guangyuan Bus Terminal, etc.)→ Yingde Station→ Yingdecheng West Station →Tianmen Gully Station Tianmengou ◆ Foshan Departure: Foshan Bus Station→ Yingde Station→ Yingdecheng West Station→Kyushu Station Tianmengou ◆ Departure from Shenzhen: Luohu Baoan Futian Station→ Yingde Station→ Yingdecheng West Station→ Jiuzhouyu Station Tianmengou ◆ Take the high-speed railway: Yingdexi High-speed Railway Station→ Yingdecheng West Station→Kyushu Station Tianmengou ◆ (from Yingde City West The station is located between Yingde and Polo Town/Tianmengou Scenic Area. ◆ Departure time: 7:00, 7:50, 10:30, 11:55, 15:30 ◆ Return time: 8:30 12:30, 14:15, 17:15

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