[First hair] hydrophilic summer, this is the correct way to open the summer Huangshan

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    In such a hot weather, go to Huangshan to climb the mountain?
    No mistakes!
    Yes, Huangshan is best known as Huangshan.
    But Huangshan is not only Huangshan.
    There are plenty of places to surprise you!
    For example, the ninth wonder of the mysterious line at 30 degrees north latitude – Huangshan Mystery Cave
    For example, “The First Village of Shuikou Garden in China”, the “Extreme Challenge” shooting place – Tangmo Ancient Town
    For example, the only high-altitude ringless infinity net red swimming pool in the world of 99 meters
    They all have one thing in common – hydrophilic summer, yes, this is the correct way to open the summer Huangshan!
    There are plenty of places to surprise you!
    For example, the ninth wonder of the mysterious line at 30 degrees north latitude – Huangshan Mystery Cave
    For example, “The First Village of Shuikou Garden in China”, the “Extreme Challenge” shooting place – Tangmo Ancient Town
    For example, the only high-altitude ringless infinity net red swimming pool in the world of 99 meters
    They all have one thing in common – hydrophilic summer, yes, this is the correct way to open the summer Huangshan!
    The above picture shows the location map of various scenic spots in Huangshan. The number of trains to Huangshan North Station is relatively high. From Huangshan North Station, it takes about one hour to reach various attractions. There are also many shuttle buses in the Huangshan area. The overall traffic is quite convenient. This time, it is mainly a self-driving tour of Huangshan.
    Play time: July 7th to July 9th, 2018
    Day1: Chaoshan High Speed ​​Railway Station – Huangshan North Station – Huashan Mystery Cave – Tangmo Ancient Town (Living)
    Day2: Tangmo Ancient Town – Huangshan Fengda International Hot Spring Hotel – Return
    In order to avoid the appearance of boring large sections of text, I put detailed traffic, accommodation, tickets, food and other strategies at the end of the article.
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    Go around and hover around, hope that when you return, you are still a teenager. △
     [The ninth wonder of the mysterious line at 30 degrees north latitude]
    Huangshan has already boarded in February last year, saying that the real summer is really not the desire to climb Huangshan, so it is not fun to not go to Huangshan Mountain in Huangshan? There is also a lot of attractive places around Huangshan. For example, this very low-key but deep-cut name is enough to make you wide-eyed and vertical thumb. △
    A few days before coming to Huangshan, it was raining and heavy rain. I was worried about this trip before. The summer vacation ticket was too difficult to grab. I bought it a long time in advance, but when I saw this blue sky and white clouds in Huashan Mystery Cave, There is an indescribable joy in the heart. Equally gratifying, there is also the gate of Huashan Mystery Cave, not a uniform climbing step, but a suspension bridge across the Xin’an River. △
    Walking up the suspension bridge, the fields in the area are unobstructed, and the 200,000-square-meter Jiangnan small grassland blasts into the field of vision. The grassland landscape of Inner Mongolia’s “wind-blown grass and low-lying cattle and sheep” can also be seen here, and it can also win the first bay in Jiangnan. The prosperity of Xin’an River is the mother river of Anhui. I haven’t been so close to nature for a long time, bid farewell to the city’s high-rise buildings, plunging into the natural embrace, and breathing the inexhaustible fresh air on the prairie. The whole person is refreshed. △
    The suspension bridge across the Xin’an River is also very interesting. The long ropeway leads to the other side of the mountain. I don’t know what kind of surprise is coming soon, but this layout design is inevitably embarrassing, walking on the suspension bridge and shaking. It’s not just the body, but the blood that is excited in the cell, the one that comes from the novelty of the unknown mystery. △
    The extension of the Huashan Mystery Cave in the Huangshan Mountains can be described as a stunning architectural wonder of ancient architecture, and it is still a mystery of the millennium. No one can explain its strange phenomena so far. The 30 degrees north latitude is a mysterious latitude line. The secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids, the Middle East and the North Sea, the Bermuda Triangle, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the Himalayas, etc., which are puzzling by tens of thousands of experts and scholars are all on this line. On the other side, Huashan Mystery Cave is also on this line, so it has been praised by experts and scholars as “the ninth wonder of the mysterious line of 30 degrees north latitude”! △
    Huashan Mystery Cave consists of 36 grottoes. At present, there are only three developments. This is one of the grottoes, and the entire site of the grotto has an area of ​​seven square kilometers. What is the concept? According to a regular football field of 7,140 square meters, this group of grottoes is equivalent to the size of 980 football fields. It is buried under the ground and verified by archaeological geologists. It was excavated in the Western Jin Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,700 years. In the ancient times of underdeveloped science and technology, this is a striking engineering miracle. △
    Seeing it at first glance, many people think that it is just an underground cave formed by the karst effect, but in fact it is not a natural cave. He is an underground palace group that was built by the ancients more than 1,700 years ago. Yes, it is completely complete. It relies on human development. △
    The magical thing of the ancients is that they did not rely on any modern technology, but they can accurately know the structure of the mountain. The stone pillars they left are just the important support points of the mountain. If you change a place, maybe this The huge “underground palace” will be in danger of collapse. △
    At the same time, the chisel marks on the stone wall are also artificially chiseled. It has the effect of sound absorption. You speak loudly here, it is difficult to hear the echo. And what is the design of the sound-absorbing stone wall? Admire the design mind of the ancients, and wonder why such a huge project was built? △
    At present, there are 36 caves that have been detected, and only three have been developed. This is an original cave. It can be seen that the cavern is completely filled with underground mud. The development process is without destroying the structure inside the cave. Shovel out all the silt in the cave, then pump out the water in the cave, and then lay the road and match the light. There are two land grottoes and one water cave. △
    So why is it a mystery? First of all, such a huge project, there is no historical record, when did these grottoes originate? How to extract it? Where did tens of thousands of stones go? How to transport? It is still a mystery. The government has also invited many Chinese and foreign experts and scholars to come over and study, but the mystery has not yet been solved. △
    Experts and scholars have different opinions. Some think that this is a place where weapons are used. Some think that this is a quarry. Some think that this is the place where Huizhou merchants salt, and some think that these grottoes are not completed once in a dynasty. Each dynasty has different functions. It may be quarrying at first, and later as a squadron and grain storage. Some scholars believe that stone materials are shipped to Beijing for the construction of the Ming Tombs, but each statement has its own contradictions. So no one has been able to give a statement that everyone is convinced. △
    It is precisely because the Huashan Mystery Cave has such a mysterious mystery and adds its own unique charm. In May 2001, after inspecting the ancient Huizhou Grottoes, President Jiang sighed: “It’s really amazing, if it is promoted abroad, It’s not allowed, and I am happy to name the scenic spot. The inscription is “Huashan Mystery Cave”. △
    Listening to the introduction of the guide’s fantasy, I will finish the two grottoes without knowing it. On the way to the water grotto, I will pass through a Swan Lake, where there are groups of black swans, white swans, painted ducks, and mallards. Black-swan can be fed to all kinds of birds and beasts such as white-bone chicken. △
    On the way to the water grotto, you need to take two boats. The time is not very long, but it is still attracted by the beautiful scenery along the way. The beautiful natural environment makes the accumulated long-lasting suffocation disappear, and the whole person is like a bottom-up Refreshing. △
    The No. 24 water grotto is also a magical existence. The water pumping inside can’t be pumped. Listening to the tour guide says that the water is very deep, and the process will go through a very narrow passage. It needs to be lowered to pass, but it may be in recent days. Due to the high level of rain, the grotto will be selectively closed depending on the weather. △
    In the summer, the most important point of the Huashan Mystery Cave is that the caves are very cool and touching 15 degrees. Once you want to stay inside, you don’t want to come out. This is a good place to take summer and shelter from the rain, haha, in I am also grateful to Huihui Travel for hosting this event and meeting several good friends. △
     [Hundreds of kilometers of “excavation” over the ancient buildings of Huizhou]
    Then I went to the ancient town of Tangmo. I haven’t recovered from the millennium mystery of Huashan Mystery Cave. I was shocked by the sunset of Tangmo Ancient Town. I’m interested in the colorful clouds that are coming in (well, I’m going to see Westward Journey) More, thank you for the gift from God, it is very grateful not to rain, but also sent such a beautiful sunset, the sunset, the sunset glow, in the golden yellow burning cloud, Tangmo ancient town seems to glow The new vitality seems to be telling the history of this millennium ancient town. △
    Tonight’s stay is the Tangshan ancient town’s well-known Huangshan Tangmo French family hotel. When it comes to this hotel, it’s still necessary to start from the late Qing Dynasty’s rich business plan million big house seven patios. Because there are seven patios, it is named seven patios. Just a few years ago, China and France cooperated to renovate the seven patios along with 14 other Huizhou-style dwellings into a Hui-style family hotel, which is why the name of the hotel is “France”. The hotel introduces the advanced French ancient dwelling development and protection concept and the management mode of the family hotel. The combination of Chinese and Western cultures brings the concepts of neighborhood harmony and human culture to the extreme. △
    Walking into this ancient Huizhou building, I feel that I have come to the mansion of the ancient rich people. Modern hotels have seen more. I like this kind of local characteristics. Incorporating local people into local local culture will help us to become more In-depth understanding of the customs and customs of this ancient Huizhou village. △
    It is said that ten of the buildings are in the ancient villages of several tens of kilometers nearby.The heavy-duty and heavy-duty migration of the fallen flowers, one brick and one tile, one beam and one pillar, are disassembled according to the number, and then assembled into the appearance we see today. When visiting the ancient village of Huizhou, we should stay in such a family hotel. △
    The antique room reveals the cultural atmosphere of ancient Huizhou everywhere. “A lifetime of obsession, no dream to Huizhou”, tonight can be a beautiful Huizhou dream. △
    The courtyard is deep, the frogs are bursting, and the ancient buildings of Huizhou, which are made of powdered walls and slabs, make people sneak in a half-day leisure, strolling through the courtyard, and the feelings of leisure and elegance are born. △
    The rich natural resources of Huangshan Mountain and the profound cultural heritage of ancient Huizhou have nurtured the eight bowls of Huizhou on the tip of the tongue. After thousands of years, the eight bowls have always been the main event on the banquet. The eight bowls have no fixed dishes, but pay attention to quantity. The eight bowls of eight bowls are placed on the Eight Immortals table, sitting on eight people, the Huizhou cuisine inherits the local flavor of the millennium, and the simple and unpretentious local customs of Huizhou people can be seen from it. When I came to Huizhou, I had to punch the local culture into the eight bowls of delicious food. This is a great honor for the French family hotel in Tangshan, Huangshan. △
     [The first village of Shuikou Garden in China]
    When it comes to Huizhou ancient villages, the most famous one is Hongcun, but in Anhui Province, there is such an ancient village worthy of everyone to go. It has many reputations. In terms of natural scenery and humanities, it can be said to be no worse than macro. Village, here is also the shooting location of one of the most popular variety shows, “Extreme Challenge”, Zhang Yixing, Sun Honglei, Huang Wei, Luo Zhixiang, Huang Lei and other popular stars have gathered here. Yes, it is the Tanggu millennium town that we visited in the morning. △
    So what kind of charm does this ancient village have, which can attract the attention of the “Extreme Challenge” crew? “Feng Ya Shan Shui Yuan, Hui Pai Ancient Building Promenade”, Tang Mo is known as “the first village of Shuikou Garden in China”. It is one of the ten beautiful villages in Anhui Province, the only national civilized village in Anhui Province, with ancient architecture and rural scenery. Most famous, it is widely regarded as a model of Huizhou ancient villages. △
    Tang Mo, the model village of Tang Dynasty, was built in the Tang Dynasty. It was created by the descendants of the Tang and Guo Dynasties Wang Hua in accordance with the pattern of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Since the surrounding economy was not developed in Tangmo Village, Tan Hao became a famous market. Its history is very long and its humanities are profound.In the year of Ginkgo biloba, the filial piety of “West Lake” was built, the beauty of the water in the middle street, the victory of the “Ten Bridge and the Nine Looks”, the inscriptions of the famous inscriptions, and the reputation of the compatriots Hanlin were well known. This is a sandal garden with the reputation of “Xiaoxi Lake”. It was built by a wealthy merchant in the early Qing Dynasty for its mother. The West Lake elements of Hangzhou can be seen everywhere. △
    “Tang Mo is a fresh and peaceful and sees mysterious”, the famous esthetician Guo Yin praised the road after the tour, flowing water, ancient rhythm, a stream, villagers live together, step into the Tang model, you can feel the quiet of this ancient Huizhou village With peace, there are Jiangnan water towns that are visual, arches, ancestral halls, wind and rain corridors and ancient bridges, with Huizhou ancient dwellings with powder walls and tiles, and unique Huizhou architecture horse head walls, simple and elegant, as if crossing The Ming and Qing Dynasties △
    Today, the country’s rich people’s security, these old buildings are still full of emotions, look up, a “return” word to do the Huizhou merchants’ helplessness and hardship, and pin their hopes for the family, go far away, fight hard, unsuccessful Cheng Chengren, the successful Guangzong Yaozu, the failure to understand his own frustrated life, go home, for many Hui merchants at that time, turned out to be a luxury. △
    The ancient town of Tangmo has a profound cultural heritage, and there is also a beautiful natural scenery. The simple martyrdom passes through the village, and the two sides are accompanied by tall and lush old trees. In the direction of the stream, you can see the green fields and The blossoming lotus blossoms are blooming. The ancient people of Huizhou pay great attention to Feng Shui. They think that water is a symbol of wealth. The “shuikou” built to prevent water from flowing out is because of this, but it has a better promotion effect on the greening and ecological environment of the ancient village. △
    A thousand-year-old ginkgo in the ancient village, the trunk has become hollow, but still grows strong, the magic is that there is an upside down “baby” on the top, as if it is to be produced from the mother’s stomach, ah magical millennium Silver tree. △
    The beauty of Tang Mo is because of its coziness and tranquility. The ancient villages are very few people. There is not much commercial atmosphere. They still maintain their original simplicity, a small river, a few people, far mountains and waters, and ancient and interesting. The hustle and bustle of the city, there is no radiance, it seems that it is hidden in the mountains and is not noticed. The people here live in the Ming and Qing dynasty houses with pink walls and tiles, and there is a hard-to-find harmony and tranquility between the cities. △
    The antique Huizhou village has nurtured the lifestyle of the people of Tang Dynasty. Under the wind and rain corridor, the three or five villagers, sitting on the bench, relying on the guardrail, rest and chat. As a tourist, you only need to slow down, become a local, sit in a small restaurant, drink a cup of Huangshan Maofeng, talk to the villagers, and enjoy the slow time of this living. △
    “It is the old dream of Ma Tangmo, and the water heart opens the white lotus.” Tang Mo is a microcosm of Huizhou culture. There is a leisurely and slow time here. It is a feng shui treasure that comes without leaving. △
    As one of the eight major cuisines in China, the authentic flavor of Huizhou cuisine is absolutely not to be missed. The unique geographical and cultural environment of ancient Huizhou gives the unique flavor of Anhui cuisine. The Huizhou cuisine is good at burning, stewing and steaming, but it is explosive, less fried, heavy oil, Heavy color, heavy fire work, local materials, to win with fresh. The representative works include Huizhou Mao tofu, braised squid squid, ham stewed turtle, braised civet, pickled fresh squid, Huangshan stewed pigeon, etc. It is really a blessing to be able to taste the original Huizhou cuisine at the Tangzhuang French family hotel. . △
     [99 meters high altitude infinity pool to enjoy Huangshan]
    This trip to Huangshan, refused all sweating, summer, how can you not come to the water park, but more often, coming to the high-altitude infinity pool of Huangshan, it is said that this pool is unique in the world, you I might think that I was a bit exaggerated. Yes, I thought so at first. When I got the relevant information, I was even more impressed by the pool. △
    The stay at the Huangshan Fengda International Hotel will go directly to the water park area after the baggage is released. There are several areas in the Fengda water project, one is the children’s water park area and the other is the alpine tsunami wave pool. One is a 100-meter speed skating super slide, and the other is the main building of the vast world. △
    Each area is fully playable, such as this high mountain tsunami pool, 20,000 square meters paved with 1.5 square meters of water, up to 4 meters of huge waves, with LED display andStereo surround sound, you can feel the impact of the mountain and tsunami is the visual and auditory impact. △
    Three children were caught on the beach, two of them were wearing the same swimsuit and holding a water gun, while the middle one was wearing a superman swimsuit, one holding a lifebuoy in one hand, and the other with a model of the airplane, feeling that it was windy and difficult to walk. In words, the summer water world is their main position! △
    It is said that this is Fengda’s new project this year – the 100-meter speed skating super slide, one side straight to the bottom of the sea, the other side is twisted straight, no matter which one you choose, you can feel the speed and passion of the water. △
    This Xiongtai was too bullish, and did not need to slow down at all, and directly rushed into the water pool under the waterway, which aroused the “stunning waves” and attracted the onlookers’ bursts of carnival. △
    If you don’t want to play, you can watch the various handsome guys under the umbrella next to you, but if you come, you will feel it again. I believe you will like it here. △
    After playing a few trips directly to the Fengda Haotian World Project, the legendary high-altitude infinity pool is on the tenth floor, and we can’t wait to take the elevator. △
    The elevator went out and turned a corner. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The top of the head was blue sky and white clouds. In the distance, it was the hustle and bustle of Huangshan. I could swim in the blue pool water as if I could reach the white clouds. I never wanted to look at Huangshan in this way. △
    “How many restaurants in the Huangshan area like this high-altitude infinity pool?”
    “The only one in the world!”△
    The answer from the infinity pool leader is quite surprising. Although the high-altitude infinity pool is very rare, it is not to be labeled as the “global only” high hat. △
    “First, the 360-degree circular high-altitude infinity swimming pool is indeed the only one. Second, most of the high-altitude infinity swimming pools at home and abroad are rectangular, and the area and capacity are relatively small. Third, the high altitude of Singapore is boundless. The swimming pool sees the urban jungle landscape, and the infinity pool here sees the world’s first mountain – the landscape of Huangshan Mountain. Listening to the person in charge and taking a few proud introductions, I am right. This infinity pool was completely stunned. △
    This infinity pool is only a 15-minute drive from Huangshan Tangkou. It is located on the tenth floor of this circular building. The ring building was built in November 2016 and is 99 meters high. The pool has 3000 cubic meters of water and can carry 300. Personal, the capacity is very large, and more importantly, you can enjoy the beauty of Huangshan in 360 degrees! However, it seems that few of the world’s best swimming pools are known. The low-key is probably built at the end of 16 years. After 17 years of summer vacation, it has not been discovered by most people. △
    The reason why it is called the infinity pool is because the pool water is always overflowing. It looks like it is connected to the sky, and the people swimming on the sideline seem to fall from the sky and fall on the ground. Sitting or standing on the sidelines, the visual look is even more frightening. △
    The infinity pool is just looking at the danger, but in fact it is very safe. This is the photo I took on the 12th floor. I want you to see not their kissing photos. We are paying attention to the sink behind the infinity pool. Yes, the overflowing water will flow to the sink, and the width of the sink is two meters, so the infinity pool is very safe, but for the sake of safety, the behavior on the sidewalk sitting or standing on the infinity pool is not Allowed. △
    And the loved ones, in the high-altitude infinity pool, watching the Huangshan Mountain, watching the magical blue sky and white clouds, watching the star-studded Huizhou architecture in the distance, what a romantic act. △
    The vast landscape building of the vast world has 12 floors. The top-level circular viewing bar is connected to the top-level pool, and you can see the hotel surrounded by mountains. △
    9-story leisure massage rest hall, 8th floor is an indoor circular heated swimming pool, 6th floor is a hot spring surfing pool, each floor is a circular full-glazed glass curtain wall, while enjoying the scenery, you can also enjoy the beauty of Huangshan Mountain, you have to feel This building is really designed too well. △
    There is also a VR experience hall on the second floor of the building. This floor is charged separately. There are other children’s water parks on other floors. I can’t remember too many floors. More interesting projects need to go to the site yourself. Come experience. △
    After we have finished all kinds of projects, we have dinner. The dinner is eaten in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant. More than 2,000 kinds of animal and plant ingredients in Huangshan are an important part of the wild flavor of the Huizhou cuisine. The hotel is based on local materials and produces the authentic flavor of the tunnel. Hui cuisine cuisine. In addition to the classic emblems such as braised squid and squid, the hotel is also equipped with Cantonese chefs. It is also a great surprise to drink authentic Cantonese soup in Huangshan area. Finally, don’t forget to bring a bowl of authentic Fengtai noodles. . △
     [Five-star hotels affordable to civilians]
    Eat back to the room, this is the layout of the room, clean and tidy, low-key with a little luxury, the sofa area is the favorite, you can see the various landscapes outside the window during the day, here also by the price of the hotel. △
    Five-star hotel is only sold from 500 yuan? Also includes a water park package? Wouldn’t it be a pit? This place in Huangshan is expensive, really. When I came to the hotel, I was always thinking about where to dig, but after two days of playing, the hotel really exceeded my expectations and could not be described with conscience. It is simply value! △
    Later, I asked the relevant personnel of the hotel. He told me a story: In the early years, the leader of Fengda led five farmers and relied on a loan of 50,000 yuan to start the journey of Fengda people’s hard work, from one bowl to one. The Group, Fengda’s success, while not forgetting the hard sweat of the original, Fengda Hotel’s philosophy is to make a five-star hotel for civilians to afford. They did it. △
    The next morning, I slept in the morning and woke up naturally. I strolled around the hotel and found that there are outdoor hot springs. The sun shines through the leaves and the mottled light and shadows are dotted with a hot spring. It is very dreamy. △
    Breakfast and lunch at the hotel can be settled here. The breakfast buffet is included in the room rate, and the lunch can be settled in the food city in addition to the Chinese restaurant. The price is very touching. You may not believe it, you can Find a dish of six dollars in a five-star hotel. It is a restaurant with a civilian price. △
    After a beautiful lunch, draw a complete ending for this cool trip to Huangshan! △
    1, Huashan mystery cave network purchase price of 80 yuan, including 2 onshore grottoes, can be booked before 14:00 on the same day
    Admission time:
    8:00~17:00 (low season)
    8:00~17:30 (peak season)
    2, Huashan Mystery Cave (ticket + ticket) online shopping price of 115 yuan, including 2 road grottoes and water grottoes.
    3, Tang Mo Guzhen online shopping price of 70 yuan, stay in Tang Mo French family hotel free tickets
    4, Huangshan Fengda Haotian Tianshui World Tickets 128 yuan (not live hotel), Huangshan citizens half of the discount, (high-altitude infinity pool needs to add 20 yuan per person)
    1, Tangmo Ancient Town can stay in the Huangshan Tangmo French Family Hotel, including the ancient town tickets, currently selling around 350 yuan.
    2, Huangshan play can stay at Huangshan Fengda International Hotel, Tangkou drive to take only 15 minutes, the current sale from 538 yuan, water on the project, infinity pool needs to add 20 yuan.
    Food and transportation are mentioned above and will not be repeated here.

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