Floating dreams, in Harbin, you are a beautiful ice and snow

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     Pre-departure impression
    A series of nicknames such as Harbin, Oriental Little Paris, Eastern Moscow, Ice City, and Snow Mecca will come to mind. The city’s fascinating city has different glamours from different angles.
    You ask me, what is Harbin?
    It is the light of the central street jumping.
    It is an adult couple who feeds each other with a Maddale popsicle and candied fruit.
    Or a gorgeous building on an egg.
    It is a pure world of ice and snow.
    It is the wonderfulness of each different snowflake.
    It is the heroic atmosphere of the former heroes and tears.
    This winter, in Harbin, I have different discoveries.
     Trip summary
    Day1 Shenyang-Harbin-Ice and Snow World-Night Central Street
    Day2 Central Street – Hufengling (about 4 hours drive to Hufengling)
    Day3 Hufengling Ice and Snow Sunrise-Unfrozen River-Middle East Engine Garage-Weihu Cottage-Yabuli (about 1.5 hours drive to Yabuli)
    Su Yabuli
    Day4 Volga Manor – Return to Shenyang
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    Welcome attention and cooperation.
     What to eat
    Authentic Russian meal
    Northeast two people transfer art restaurant
    Candied haws and desserts
     what to wear
    Harbin is not cold this winter, but the mountains and snow are cold, and the hands and feet are frozen in the morning and evening…. Don’t just think about doing the most embarrassing! Outdoor dripping into ice, indoor warm as spring, multi-level wear is essential.
    Outdoors need thick coats such as down jackets and fur coats, hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories. Sweating indoors should wait for the sweat to disappear and then go outdoors to avoid catching a cold.
    In my case, a complete set of hats and gloves.
    A mix of skirts and sweaters.
    The northeast features large flower buds.
    Come back with a fur hat.
     The price that everyone cares most!
    In Harbin, hotels, restaurants, scenic spots, rentals, etc. all have strict price lists, so you don’t have to worry about killing customers. The per capita price of high-end Russian food is 200+, but the amount of cheap snacks and daily meals is large enough, and the price is affordable.
    Winter costs and other factors will cause the price of food and beverages in the scenic area to rise during the peak season. It is necessary to carefully determine the actual price. Do not greet the discounts of low-priced groups and black-hearted groups, and make reasonable budgets and scheduled trips.
    The high-speed rails directly connected to Harbin in the northeast and north China are very convenient. In particular, Yabuli also has a high-speed rail station. If you return directly after skiing, you do not need to return to Harbin.
    Other areas can take the flight to Harbin Taiping International Airport.
     Travel tips
    1New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, winter holidays and other peak seasons, it is recommended to plan the trip in advance, be sure to book a stable listing or follow a reliable travel agency.
    2, the winter air is dry, first, to minimize the exposure of the skin, the second is to prepare antifreeze ointment, hand cream, moisturizing body milk, etc. to cope with the cracks in the hands and feet and body skin.
    3, long-term activities in the outdoor, if sweating is easy to frostbite or wet, shoes must be waterproof, shoes and socks should be replaced in a timely manner.
    4, not only individuals should pay attention to keep warm, cameras, mobile phones, drones also need to pay attention to keep warm, in a subzero temperature environment, the battery will be powered down quickly. It is recommended to buy a winter camera cover to keep warm, or carry the camera and spare battery around, and keep warm with body temperature.
    5, many scenic spots on the ground there will be ice and snow, in addition to wearing non-slip shoes, there is a trick is to get off the car, you must first pay attention to whether there is water or ice under the feet, when the steps take slightly bent knees Keep the center of gravity forward, which will greatly reduce the chance of falling.
    6. The snowy scenery on a sunny day is beautiful, but because the white snow absorbs less ultraviolet light and has strong reflection, when strong ultraviolet rays are injected into the eyes of the snow traveler, photochemical action will occur, and sunglasses must be worn.
     Ice and snow world, see the most romantic look of ice and snow
    Walking in the world of ice and snow, the colorful lights will show the pure white ice and snow.
    Looking carefully, I suddenly discovered that these are not imaginations that are out of nothing, but a tribute to famous buildings around the world and local architecture in Harbin.
    The tens of layers of high-rise ice bodies form the 1999-century light tower, symbolizing the 20th anniversary of the world of ice and snow, as a milestone stands in the most prominent position.
    Surrounded by ice towers, the Colosseum, the Ruins of St. Paul, the castles and churches that are not named, are all dreamlike in the snow.
    At the very end is the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which was once called by the Harbin people as a Lama station. It is similar to the octagonal layout of the Greek cross, so that people from different directions can visually feel the beauty at once. Moved with. In the impression of the old Harbin people, the center of Harbin is the tall onion head and tent top – this is the sky belonging to Harbin.
    A snowflake contains countless crystals, and a crystal has many different faces. Each face reflects light, so the snow is so white.
    In the ice and snow world of Harbin, ice and snow have a new form.
    At that moment, I took a deep breath in the snow and ice, sucking this fairy-tale romantic atmosphere, and want to put this beautiful and beautiful collection.
    Opening the park on December 20, 2018
    Venue: Sun Island Scenic Area, Songbei District, Harbin
    Tickets: standard ticket 330 yuan; discount ticket 280 yuan
     Central street lights
    Central Street, formerly known as China Street, is Harbin’s most famous landmark. Friends in Harbin let me pay attention to every floor tile at the foot, because this is the granite-casting artifact brick from the central street built in 1898.
    In that year, Harbin began to build railways and urban construction on a large scale. The original riverside section was an ancient river channel. It was a desolate and low-lying meadow. The carriage carrying the railway equipment opened a dirt road in the mud, so the Middle East Railway Engineering Bureau would pull the wasteland along the river. To the Chinese living in Harbin, by 1900, the “Chinese Street” was formed as a street where Chinese people lived.
    Central Avenue, shortly after its birth, has become a famous commercial street in Harbin, and even the most famous street in the Far East. Many foreigners have entered the business and trade has never been more prosperous. The rapid development of the economy has stimulated the construction of these businessmen. The central street is the epitome of Harbin, the unique architectural culture of Harbin and the European life of Harbin people are clearly reflected here, and it is called the “Asian First Street”.
    Walking on the central street, the sweet and sour candied fruit gourd or the delicate and colorful Russian eggs all show its unique charm. When you come to Central Street, you must try authentic Russian Western food, as well as the famous Maddale Popsicle.
    About 10 minutes walk from Central Street, it is the famous Sofia Church. The onion head of the falling snow can already be seen in the distance.
    Harbin has been changing. The unchanging thing is that Sofia’s onions will cover the snow and ice in the winter.
    I saw the children laughing, I saw the tourists busy, I saw the central street and the snow of Sofia seemed to be able to drift to the old age.
     Sunrise at Hufengling
    You must have a conversation with the sun, the moon and the stars, talk to the rivers and lakes, shake hands with each tree, and ponder every tree, and you will realize the greatness of the universe, the slightest life, the precious time, and the death.
    That morning, I really felt the coldness of the Northeast, and I also witnessed the beauty of the Northeast.
    At the beginning of the day, the sky is full of snow, mountains, fields, houses, every tree in the forest, every rock is shrouded in the white snow.
    The trees that have fallen on the leaves absorb the deepest tie of the snow.
    The cold wind seems to always break this harmony, desperately calling, and it seems to test my determination to watch the sunrise.
    Snow, covered with roofs, roads, broken branches, hidden appearance of various objects, blocked roads and traffic, snow flakes flying in the sky, so that the heavens and the earth dissolve into a white one.
    Qianfeng Wanling, looking at it, is white, shining with a continuous connection of silver.
    Staring at the sky, closing my eyes, I seem to hear the snow sing in my ear, as if I heard the sound coming from the distant sky.
    I recognize that the flashy footprints on the snow are poems; the road that is stepped on the faint knot is prose.
    Under this heavy and deep sky, the spring snow that dances in the sky is gentle and quiet. If you think about it, if you realize it, gently kiss my cheek and gently slide into my collar. The change of tenderness brought me a winter of tenderness.
    She seems to be a fairy wearing a white dress. Wherever her skirt is, the snow is quiet and the snow peak is cold and straight, and the Yushu Qionghua is blooming, but the air is particularly gentle. Under her gentle soothing, all the instigation began to calm down, and the earth was quiet and peaceful, like a baby who was asleep in the mother’s arms. In this world of silver makeup, this dazzling whiteness eclipsed the sky. In this quiet white, what other impetuous things can we put down?
    Ticket price: Dice ticket price 45 yuanThere are plank roads, visits to smog, cedar, stone forest, odd trees and watchtowers; tickets for Hufengling Scenic Area are 40 yuan, and the main landscapes include white birch forest, Huxiaoquan, Lianlishu, Wuxiu River, and Korean pine seed garden. Cool valley, alpine grassland, etc. Forest exploration 30 yuan (children 20 yuan).
     In the Weihu Mountain Village, Zhiwei Mountain
    In the winter of 1946, in the northeast of Heilongjiang. Shao Jianbo, the chief of staff of a certain army of our army, led the chasing team of 36 people. After breaking the teat mountain, they marched in victory and prepared to eliminate the gang. Reconnaissance platoon leader Yang Zirong, sincerely changed to dress up as a bandit, and took a picture and entered the Weihu Mountain. Yang Zirong came to the Weihu Hall of the Nursing Cave and defeated the various temptations of the mountain carvings and the confession. In the end, on the “Hundred Chicken Feast”, Yang Zirong drunk the gangsters, and the memorial team arrived in time to smash the crowd.
    This is the prototype of the northeast , as a prototype, familiar with the model play “智取威虎山”.
    Longjiang land, Linhai Xueyuan. There are more heroes in the heroes. In order to “welcome the spring and change the world, and write the spring and autumn with more blood,” the story is more than “the wisdom of taking the Tiger Mountain” is the end of these stories.
    The revolutionary stories of those chivalrous and daring have not been dusted in the years, and the time has passed, becoming the story of my winter.
    From the moment of entering the mountain, the Weihu Mountain Village immediately brought me into the majestic story of the cold winter.
    Walled houses, old streets, houses, Changbao homes, big car shops, and hundred chicken banquets, all have their own feelings.
    As it happens, we bumped into a film crew, the crew members dressed in those years of clothing, each face is also like the courage of the year.
    Ticket price: Tickets for Weihushan Film and Television City are 45 yuan.
    Itinerary: Hufengling and Yabuli Scenic Area are connected. It is recommended to play for three days and two nights. On the first day, climb Hufengling, visit the birch forest, take a horse-drawn sledge, take a bus to visit the Middle East garage, etc. The next day, Yabuli Entertainment, Yabuli Ski, return on the third day.
     Volga Manor, eat an authentic Russian meal
    The sky is a uniform and translucent blue, the air is as fresh as the milk that has just been squeezed, and the cat walks me meme gently, gently rubbing it without a sound.
    Suddenly remembered, I was in Volga Manor. Into a grand and full of fantasy buildings, marvel at the gorgeous, while the sense of smell is sensitive to the smell of loose tar, like a fruity flavor, exudes a strong yet pleasing atmosphere.
    This demise in the First World War was born in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. The stunning exhibition hall was copied into the Golden Circle Western Restaurant in a hundred years.
    Red cabbage soup carries the common nostalgia of the Russians. Domestic red cabbage soup often does not eat red cabbage head, and the taste is also made with tomato sauce, but in Volga Manor, I taste the authentic red cabbage soup that can only be enjoyed in Russia.
    It was a kind of warmth in the spring, and the coldness of the winter was dispelled: the golden sun shattered through the gradually sprouting leaves, and the eyes were slightly raised, and the eyes extended from the branches of the twigs. The soft spring sky suddenly eased the frequency of breathing. Ye Saining’s passionate poems and Pu Ning’s Yu Yong’s words suddenly hit the heart. Russia’s honesty and truthfulness complemented the spring day.
    Beet squid salad is a traditional Russian salad. It is an indispensable dish at the festival banquet. It is also one of the most popular dishes of Russians. The squid is interwoven with vegetables, and the fish is jumping in the sweetness.
    Russian barbecue is originally referred to as char-grilled mutton skewers. The skewers are usually marinated in marinade prepared with salt, pepper, vinegar, etc., and then refer to various charcoal grills. In addition to the kebabs, the whole lamb chops and pork chops also make the index finger move.
    Bread is one of the most important foods of Russians and is also included in the Russian food “Three Musketeers”. The bread is slowly torn with your fingers, and when the tip of the tongue is chewed, the starch produces an extraordinary change.
    The flour of baking bread can not help but think of the fertile original ecological alpine black soil in the middle of Russia. The golden wheat field in the autumn, the “natural barn”, the original ecological wheat of the Altai Mountains, is milled after simply removing the wheat bran, and the color is small. Yellow, fine powder, the baked bread is soft and strong, and the aftertaste is mellow.
    Harbin, those floating snowflakes, look at nothing in the sky, until the tears are teased by the wind rising all the way, the rising snow is only one grain and one grain is seen by me, another grain is in sight. The range disappeared to the depth of the upper part.
    That night, I said goodbye to Harbin on the way. In the cold and quiet wasteland, we walked side by side, all the words were frozen at the lips.
    Snowflakes are melted by the enthusiasm of each passer. I wanted to kiss the snowflake in Harbin, but I kissed the whole winter.

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