Fly to the most beautiful prairie and feel the charm of Hulunbeier~

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Hulunbeier’s dream has finally come true.
    I have always had a great yearning for the Hulunbuir Prairie. Every year, I repeat it over and over again, but every year has not been realized. Fortunately, finally, in this September, we embarked on the Hulun Buir Prairie as we wished. journey of.
    There is no such thing as Dad’s participation in this journey. Only me and Xiaoxi’s two people, traveling in Hulunbuir, it is basically impossible to take public transportation. Therefore, the transportation method can only choose to go with the group or self-driving tour, I and Xiao. It is really difficult for two people to drive by themselves, so it is very important to follow the group, but how to choose a group with good cost performance is very important.
     Reasons for choosing a local group
    1. The five-day tour with the group, the daily wake-up time is around 8 o’clock, which is just too happy for the group that usually needs to get up at 6 o’clock or 6:30. Because I am carrying children, this time makes me feel that I can’t choose.
    2, do not eat group meals with the group;
    Throughout the trip, we only ate a total of two group meals. The rest were all things we chose to eat. The guide will take us to the street full of food and beverage outlets. Everyone will go to eat at will, so there is not much difference between them and free travel. It feels like everyone is traveling by car. Two meals are also very special Russian meals and roasted whole lambs. These two kinds of meals are basically a few people who have a hard time ordering food, but everyone is different, they can share, and they can also maximize the maximum avoid wasting.
    3. We only shared the fare, but we have full-time drivers and guides;
    There are only 11 people in the whole group. It is not so much a group. It is better to say that a group of friends have come out to play, and the guide and the driver are invited. This feels very good, and there is no difference between the small group and the custom route.
     Already intoxicated by the beauty
     Let’s take a look at our overall itinerary:
    Day 1: Hailar – all day gathering, free time, stay at the hotel;
    In fact, it is the free time, here are also recommended a few trips and places where friends who come here can go to play. [Recommended scenery].
    1. [Genghis Khan Square]: The largest square in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been one of the landmark buildings in Hailar District of Hulunbeier City. There is a miniature of Genghis Khan-Tiemuzhen, which allows you to fully understand his wonderful life.
    2. [Hailal National Forest Park]: It was listed as one of the eight scenes of Hulunbeier in the Qing Dynasty. There are many wild animals and plants growing in the park, and the content of negative oxygen ions is high. It is one of the places for local people to entertain and relax (warm reminder: Tickets are 20 yuan).
    3. [Hulunbeier Ancient City]: The gates and houses of the Qing Dynasty architectural style, adjacent to Su Bingwen Square, is Hailar’s famous snack street, where you can taste local specialties to satisfy your taste buds and let it pick it up!
    4. [Anti-Fascist War Memorial]: Hailar patriotic theme education base, the memorial hall displays the period of the war of aggression against China.
    Day 2: Hailar-Golden Khan Mongol Tribe – Ergun Wetland Park – Enhe Russian Nationality Township
    Day 3: Enhe – Birch Forest – Equestrian Training – Grassland Archery – Campfire Party – Montenegro Traditional YurtDay 4: Montenegro – Appearance Country Gate – Featured Russian Meal – Matryoshka Square – Matryoshka Hotel
    Day 5: Manzhouli-Hulun Lake-Balhu Mongolian Tribe (The Soul Deduction + Roasted Whole Sheep)-Visit Herder-Hailar
    The five days are very fulfilling, but they are not at all. If I can play with my children, then I can prove that the rhythm of the itinerary is interesting and reasonable. On the first day, we arrived late, the driver master patiently picked us up, and the night lights on Hailar and Manzhouli were really beautiful. If you didn’t see it, you couldn’t believe the night of the city. It is so beautiful.
    After a day of flight, Xiaoyan was already sleepy. We are going to sleep as soon as possible. Fortunately, the hotel on the first night is very close to the airport. We have not used it for a long time on the road. This makes us feel very good, after all, the next day. There is also a trip, I hope to have a good rest, energetically greet Hulunbeier’s play.
     The next day: full of blood to resurrect, play the Hulunbeier Prairie!
     There is a beautiful place, the name of the Golden Account Khan Mongol Tribe~
    On this day, we all concentrated on the car. The tour guide explained the day’s itinerary. I felt very relaxed when I heard it. My heart was so happy. This kind of trip is what we want most. On the way, the grassland style began on both sides of the car. We first came to the Golden Account Khan. The leader gave Hada to everyone. Then we led the bag under the leadership of the team leader. Xiao Yan was like me, listening carefully, but he The finish is too fast, the little guy is always running.
    I can’t wait to come to the prairie and head to the Mozhgrad River, which is hailed by Mr. Laoshe as “the first water in the world”. The river is full of water, blue sky and white clouds, and the green grassland, and the moment it only blooms. Open laughter.
    Xiao Yan likes to run on the prairie. It was originally because he was a little cold in the morning to wear more clothes for him. Now it is a sweat, and it can only be taken off one by one. Even the tour guide said that our luck was really good. Just the day before we came, Hulunbeier had already snowed, and it was super cold. They had already started wearing down jackets. Ok, I admit, the weather is very strong in the past few days.
    I feel very good when I take a picture. I took a picture of the props I prepared in advance and took them one by one. I am very grateful to Xiaoyan. I can take a very beautiful photo for me at a young age. When we need to make a selfie, we will take a selfie together. Many of our friends think that our photos are taken by professional photographers. In fact, we are all self-portraits and mutuals. Shoot, but I need to carry a tripod, a SLR camera and a shutter release.Already.
    Next to the river, we also took a long time, perhaps because the blue sky in Beijing is always gray, so I can’t help but want to take a few more pictures when I see the extra bright blue sky on the grassland. I always feel that I cherish this blue sky. Such a grassland, such a beautiful picture.
     Into the first wetland in Asia – [Erguna Wetland Park];
    This is China’s most original, best, and largest wetland. It overlooks the whole city of Ergun, and goes deep into the wet wood plank road to get close to nature and watch the wetlands. Here, the natural oxygen bar is the only thing you need to do.
    The entire wetland park has a wooden plank road as the main road for recreation. It can be circled along the wooden plank road. About an hour or so, Xiaoyan walks in front of the road. The little guy’s physical strength is really good. All the way, let him wait for me, we both stood at the highest point to shoot, walked and jumped together, the tour guide explained the outline of this wetland.
    When we actually arrived, the first wetland in Asia was really not a rumor, but it was well-deserved. 128,000 hectares, this area sounds like no one can compare. There are places to rest along the way. We rested on the chairs in the side, but we didn’t have any special rest along the way. Although there are places on the boardwalk that need to climb stairs, most of them are very gentle streets.
    Standing high, looking into the distance, the clear root river flows quietly, the curved water surrounds the meadow, the bushes on the shore are bushy, green and intoxicated; intoxicated, the scenery is present, we stop and watch quietly, feel the surroundings everything of. Many friends also sit down and rest in different places.Looking at it quietly, how can there be such a beautiful scene in the world, thanks to the endowment of nature, that moment is the mood I want to express most.
     En and the Russian nationality township, hey, not the same Russian style;
    The tour guide told us that it belongs to the border area of ​​China and Russia, and lives in the descendants of Chinese and Russian. If you are lucky, you will really see a blond man who speaks a Cantonese-speaking prostitute. The houses of Enhe and the Russian nationality towns are all exotic and exotic “wooden style” houses, with simple wooden houses and unique living habits. When we stayed in the woodcut house, we felt it.
    I want to stay here, go out and buy some fruit for Otaru. I think I need to rest, so he stays in the room and I go out to find a supermarket. The hotel’s father is very enthusiastic to say that I want to borrow my electric car to go out and buy, she said that the supermarket is not very far. But I was embarrassed, didn’t ride her electric car, but I soon regretted this decision.
    Originally thought that the supermarket would be relatively close, I did not expect to come out very far. The supermarket is very small, and the items that can be bought are limited. Fortunately, the fruits that are usually eaten can still be bought. Then go back, the amount, if not the house on both sides attracts me, it is really hard to imagine how strong I am going back. The scenery along the way is beautiful, so I regret not taking the camera out.
    When I arrived at the room, the room was cold. I decided to go out with a little donkey. The sun outside was warm, just warm, compared to the cold ice of the room, the sun outside was too attractive to us, and there was a Russian woodcut.楞 Architectural features. Xiao Yan didn’t want to go out at first, he felt cold, until he dragged him out and felt the warmth of the sun, I felt that I was right.
    We are all admiring the house along the way, like a small villa with a strong Russian style. I always feel that I am no longer in the motherland, but I have come to Russia. Although I have not seen the friends of those descendants, the style of this street has already surprised us.
     The third day: into the white birch forest, Mercedes-Benz grassland;
    The birch forest, where the birch forest is lush, divides the five theme functions of the fairytale forest area, the art area, the romantic love area, the affection park and the photography area. The art area can enjoy live performances at regular intervals. The reindeer garden can experience feeding reindeer, and the park can experience Strolling through the empty plank road built around the birch forest, there are wishing trees, landscape essays, expansion equipment and landscape huts in the fairytale forest family park. We can also climb the viewing platform overlooking the birch forest.
    In fact, the entire birch forest has four entrances, all of which can be walked in. We first took the battery car to the farthest entrance, and then slowly walked back. There are also wooden planks in the birch forest, and safety signs are seen every other way. “Forbidden to go down the road, beware of locusts and poisonous snakes”, amount, see these words, I don’t think anyone will go on.
    I was talking to Xiaoxuan along the way, but he was very embarrassed and never walked down.Plank road. Here we have chosen to go to the fairy tale world. After all, there are bald-headed homes, as well as Xiong Da and Xiong Er, which are full of childlike pictures. At that moment, I felt that I had returned to my childhood, and I was exploring the home with a small baldness. The layout here was very dreamy.
    The pictures in the animation are displayed here, and all the children are gathered here. Well, if they are all true, that is the best. Although this cannot be a fact, the facts in front of us have already made us very satisfied. I have always felt that I entered the fairy tale world together with Xiao Wei. Xiao Yan has always liked to watch “The Bear Park”, there is a big tree kindergarten there, he always wanted to go to this kindergarten to see, this time is simply a satisfying wish.
    Reindeer Garden can be said to be another place that makes me feel very interesting. Reindeer can feed on their own, just buy a bucket of their food. It’s just that the little one is small, the reindeer’s head will be bigger, so he doesn’t like it very much, but I like it very much. He prefers challenging projects, and there is a tightrope project in the birch forest, and he goes up to challenge.
     My photographer is not bad.
    I was very pleased to see him brave. He was too difficult to make it in the middle. He thought about giving up, but he insisted on completing the whole journey. Originally, children under the age of 10 can’t play, but he still wants to challenge. He can do it bravely. I think we have left our happiest smile in the birch forest. Of course, we also saw the little squirrel. To the little squirrel, a “come” made me feel very cute and unforgettable.
     [Black Mountain Head Riding Field] Riding into the distance;
    This is the highlight of this trip. We first arrived at the racecourse and first received the equestrian guidance and training of professional coaches. Wearing equestrian clothes, I feel very cool, but I can’t ride a horse with my camera, so I didn’t take pictures. I felt a little regretful. I still saw the horse team and it was spectacular.
    We were riding on the road all the way, never running, and some were unhappy. The master said that this is because some guests have reacted before, but considering the safety issue, this is the only way. When I wanted to come to play in other grasslands, the masters were allowed to run on horseback, but I didn’t think that it was impossible. Ok, then go to the Romans.
    After riding, you can also go to [Xiushan Water Archery Field] to experience the fun of grassland archery. Xiaoyan is not interested in archery, and my interest is not very big, so after we stayed in the yurt, we ran directly to the surrounding grasslands and continued to play in the grasslands.
    The grassland is beautiful, we have been playing with each otherThe play, the tripod has been supported, and a lot of videos have been recorded, which has opened up our best mood. From time to time on the prairie, horse riding teams pass through, and the scenery is beautiful. At that time, I felt that you were watching the scenery, but you did not know that you were part of the scenery. In the afternoon, the sun was very warm and warm, I had taken off my thick clothes, and the warmth of summer came back again.
    We ran all the way and played against each other. Xiaoxuan likes to run on the grassland. He always likes it, and it seems that there will always be endless physical strength and energy. Looking at his happy look, I feel that this trip is really right, the child needs the prairie, and all the factors that nature brings us. Grassland, beautiful, we are very happy.
     The weather is so good.
     Day 4: Good question with Russia, walk away from the doll square;
    We didn’t look inside the Guomen Scenic Area. When we came, it was not the peak season. There were very few people, but we needed to walk around, just standing on the wall and looking at Russia on the other side. It feels a bit uncomfortable. At that moment, I think Russia has become our plan.
    After that we stayed at the Matryoshka Hotel, this hotel has a distinctive theme, which is the doll and everything about Russia. The lobby and the corridor are very luxurious and artistic, the design of the room is relatively simple, and the taste is not very good. Fortunately, the theme of the doll is better, and the hotel can go directly to the dolly area, no need to pay extra fees.
    The Matryoshka Square is also known as the Matryoshka Scenic Area. It is an important part of the Sino-Russian border tourist area of ​​the national 5A-level tourist scenic spot. It is the only large-scale comprehensive tourist resort scenic spot with the theme of Russian traditional handicrafts – the doll image. The concept of history, culture, architecture and folk customs combined with Russia is a large-scale Russian-style customs park that integrates eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing and entertainment.
    Just entering the scenery of the doll, the full set of dolls suddenly broke into our eyes. The sun is just right, Xiao Yan played hide-and-seek with me in the Matryoshka Square. Fortunately, there are not many people, we are very convenient to play. The seasonality here is very strong, but in my opinion, this time is just right, perhaps because everyone thinks that Hulunbeier in August is the most beautiful, so it is also the most popular in July and August.
    We traveled all over the scenic spot, and those of us who were stimulating games didn’t dare to try it. The roller coaster can only be seen. But for some other small games, you can also go and see. But the main purpose of the two of us is to play with the dolls, and let those games be put aside.
    Until we can’t walk anymore, okay, go back to the hotel. The hotel is a good rest, this is what we want to do most. It is especially appreciated that when we arrived at the hotel, we were not able to check out the world of dinner, just hungry and thinking about what to eat. Opened the take-away software, I did not expect that it could be called a delicious takeaway. Great, okay, just eat it in the room, our dinner is not at home.
     Day 5: Feel the sea by Hulun Lake, go to the Mongolian tribe to roast the whole sheep, visit the herdsmen;
    When I came to Hulun Lake, there was some light rain. Fortunately, when we got off the bus, the rain had stopped. It was really the sky. Appreciate the Huolong Wonderland Hulun Lake, which is China’s fifth largest freshwater lake. The reputation of Hulunbeier is half-named by Hulun Lake. It is more than 2,000 square kilometers and is like a bright pearl. Above the Hulun Buir grassland.
    Although the rain stopped, but there was no blue sky and sunshine, when taking pictures, naturally there were a lot of beautiful factors, but it did not destroy the mood of our play. Otaru likes to throw stones at the lake. Fortunately, there are so many stones here, he can play for a long time. The seagulls in the distance flew around the feeding people. We wanted to shoot more, but we could only buy those fish.
    But every time the little cockroach keeps the stone in the sky, the seagulls will always fly. They think that the little cockroaches thrown some fish into the sky, but they didn’t think it was just some stones. They must be very angry. After that, we hovered here for a long time, just in the quiet side of the lake, the little scorpion throwing stones, I took pictures at the side, so the match is just right.
    Today’s weather is not very good overall. When we left Hulun Lake, it started to rain again, and luck was really good. After a while, we are going to have lunch, which is also a heavyweight lunch – roasted whole lamb. [Balhu Mongolian Tribe] is the place where we taste the whole lamb. It is not only delicious food, but also song and dance performances. It is very exciting.
    The scale is grand and unique—[The soul is Balhu], which includes the Mongolian dance of Matouqin, Mongolian long-distance, modern and Mongolian culture. Before roasting whole lambs to eat, first recommend a “Mongolian prince” and “Mongolian prince” to let them pray for the little sheep. I like this kind of ritual with a very strong folk custom and see a different life.
    Outside is the prairie. Every time I see the grassland, I feel very excited and have a hard time to give up. Xiao Yan also asked me to take pictures for him. He likes to take pictures, likes me to shoot his every move. Fortunately, when we were taking each other, we were very happy.
    When we were eating, it rained heavily. After the meal, the rain stopped. This luck is really a lever. After eating lunch, we are going to go to the herdsmen’s house, taste the dairy products made by the herdsmen, and wear national costumes to take pictures. It sounds great. In fact, the grassland is our favorite. We tasted the milk tea, which is very sweet, but the most attractive thing is the grassland itself.
    Clothing is beautiful, II wore two sets, but Xiao Yan was not interested in this. He just liked to run on the grassland. Fortunately, we have a good time together. This is enough. In fact, the journey is basically over here, and then it will return to Hailar, but The five-day itinerary is very slow and it’s very fun to play. It’s also the first time we’ve tried this group, between the group and the free line, but it’s satisfying all the fun we want, it feels great. I think I will continue to play like this.

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