Flying to Changsha to play weekends and eating is the most basic respect for autumn.

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Stay away from the city for four or five years and look for the spicy food
    Perhaps it is to watch Hunan Satellite TV grow up, so it is no stranger to the city of Changsha.
    The crayfish that the stars have to eat, the orange head of Chairman Mao, the Yuelu Mountain that loves the evening pavilion, the stinky tofu that the food street must smash, the labels that come from the hand, and the picture of the original impression.
    When I filled out the college entrance examination, I wrote about Hunan University. When I got to the score line, I was squeezed by the candidates with the same score. This is the legendary love.
    I went to Changsha once in college, but I don’t remember what I had eaten. I asked you, is travel important? ?
    The deepest memory is spicy, order a normal rice bowl, and the result is to find a dish in a thick layer of pepper.
    After a long time of reunion, because of the invitations of friends who have not seen in three or four years, I will simply fly, come to Changsha and play for a weekend.
    Because the friend Dan always “blows” the relationship with Changsha, this is the first time I have become a shopkeeper, all the way to mix and drink, so pleasant travel, how many times, why not wow.
    Flying the first night, the last day of the morning flight, only two days is complete, in order to meet the needs of eating / playing / literature and art, not too slow, the final arrangement is:
    Day 1 : Wuyi Business Circle (Guojin Center + Taiping Street) – Xie Zilong Image Art Museum – Winter Melon
    Day 2: Yuelu Mountain (Love Night Pavilion / Yuelu Academy) – Hunan University
     Food highlights
    Travel notes, the information points are scattered, so simply concentrate on sorting out, the most important, eat, this part. Of course, as a non-Changsha native, it is for reference only and is not authoritative.
    1) Type
    Chen Keqing said that there are two kinds of small noodles in Chongqing, one is local in Chongqing and the other is in the field. In extension, the iconic food with geographical names in front is still the best in the local area. Hunan is one of the three most spicy provinces in China. Spicy is of course the main theme, so visitors should take a limited time to taste authentic Hunan dishes and snacks.
    The representative of the snacks is of course stinky tofu, sugary oil and so on.
    More special is the perilla peach ginger.
    As for the head card of crayfish, it should be the most delicious in the season. I didn’t think about eating when I went, so the crayfish control didn’t want to mention it.
    2) Location
    Food Street is the first to focus on the Wuyi Business Circle, Pozi Street, Fire Palace, Taiping Street, Winter Melon Mountain.
    Taiping Street is very commercial, but the traditional Changsha snacks and modern dessert drinks can all be plucked here. Donggua Mountain is a very grounded residential area. Personally recommended, winter melon and sausage are really good. It’s so delicious!
     Homestay recommendation
    Because the married Dan always wants to take the family, we have chosen the homestay that is necessary for home, and can cook for themselves (the last night, Dan always showed a hand), laundry and clothes, it is very convenient.
    Although it is more convenient to live in Wuyi Square, we are still living in Meixi Lake, which is relatively far away, and the subway station on Line 2, and there are several subway stations in Wuyi Square.
    This homestay is in the community, the living room and master bedroom have 270 degrees lake view, the style is simple and atmospheric, very suitable for family travel, the key is the price is very affordable, cost-effective to fly!
     Practical little tips (continuously updated…)
    1) Although the drop of the windmill has been removed, welcome to use the tick and windmill, from the airport to the urban area of ​​about 50 yuan. Because of the small episodes on the road, I don’t like the taxi driver in Changsha. If there is a situation where you have to pay for the high-speed toll, you will resist it.
    2) When you first arrive, your diet should be gradual. Don’t eat a lot of spicy food in one breath. It is easy to get angry and stomach pain. You should pay special attention to this hidden danger.
     Day1 Xie Zilong is very literary, I still love Dongguashan
     Changsha IFC Center ifs
    Chengdu’s ifs has been attracting tourists with cute pandas to become a net red. Changsha’s IFC center ifs officially opened in May this year, and has already attracted countless eyes. The so-called “Changsha influx of people, Changsha IFS accounted for half.”
    Wuyi Square is the only city center in Changsha. Now the highest level here is the 95-story Changsha new landmark ifs. Once the Wuyi Square, the tyrants Pinghetang Commercial Building, can only look up to it with deep affection.
    On the 7th floor of the top floor, there is the world famous artist KAWS in the first copper permanent sculpture art in Greater China – SEEING/WATCHING. It is necessary to take a photo, but now it is strictly controlled. Two or three security guards next to it refuse to approach.
    In addition to the statues that do not hug back to back, there is some little cute on the other side of the terrace.
    At the foot of the foot is a pedestrian street that is endless, and it is a long-running Xiangjiang River. Occasional art exhibitions are a place to spend a whole day.
     Taiping Street
    Fire Palace, Pozi Street, Taiping Street, in my opinion, are local people who do not bother to go, but friends have to play, and have to accompany the place.
    Time is not enough, we chose Taiping Street, quite ancientThe streets of the town are literary and temperament, the main road is not long, and some small alleys are interspersed.
    A small red book glanced over, and the tea-and-yellow orchids were mentioned at 95%. The chain tea shop blossomed in Changsha, decisively came to a cup, lined up slightly, and got a small one. Reminder, you can continue to go to the home team during the waiting time and don’t miss the best time to drink.
    This cup of orchids latte, covered with a thick layer of cream, not much amazing when drinking, I do not know why I want to drink the next day, but happened to have not touched the store, it turned out to be the last regret.
    Dan always ordered the mama tea next door, a large cup.
    This mama tea on Taiping Street is very design-oriented. It is not unusual to look at it. The second floor is Wenheyou Art Museum. It is a small one with a sense of art.
    Now the food street all over the country will sell “authentic Changsha stinky tofu”, Changsha himself, there are countless stinky tofu brands, Wenheyou is one of the leaders, online is different for it, but I just ordered a family After stinky tofu, I came to eat Wenhe and friends, only to understand that the brand stood still, relying on the strength of wow.
    The big sausage is also a must, and the outside is tender and fragrant.
    The mistake is to buy the sugar oil in a shop, hey, barely eat two, afraid of waste.
    Strolling around to see this colorful shop, it is attracted by the smell of freshly baked.
    When I entered the door, I saw a row of small snacks that I tried to eat. After eating the fruit tea that the clerk gave you to try, I was very embarrassed. I decisively bought the black pineapple with good taste and meaning as a gift, really It’s delicious, delicious, and you have to eat it yourself before you can give it away.
    As for black pineapple, there is no first Cantonese song, called “Like You”, “Black Pineapple, Spicy Eyes, Silver…”
    Either the Taiping Street literature and art, the small facade of Taipingli, which contains big dreams, are handmade shops and exhibitions. The sparrows are small and have their own style.
    Before leaving, I bought a cup of Deerhorn Lane. I can drink milk tea for a quarter. Today, I have removed all the precautions about calories.
     Xie Zilong Image Art Museum
    It may be the most literary place in Changsha. When I was in the circle of friends, many people said that we didn’t go to the same Changsha. Haha, in the impression of eating goods, Changsha is a gourmet paradise, but the goose is full of sorrow. enjoying the moment.
    This is the first museum-level video art museum in China. It was also completed in September last year. It immediately became a popular location for the “big movie” of Net Red. The chic geometric architectural shape, gray and cool color, how to shoot It.
    We took a taxi from Taiping Street, almost 30. Bring a good ID card, swipe your ID card at the door to get a free ticket, and of course there are other paid showrooms.
    The pavilion is also a seemingly undecorated cement primary color. There are three floors, and the stairway is the most chic. It is also the place where the photographers have the most photos.
    The free photo exhibition content is quite general… It is estimated that it will be replaced regularly.
    [tips] External development time: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00
    ※17:30 stop to enter the hall
    ※Closed on Monday, except for Golden Week holidays
     Li Zi Body Building
    Just opposite the Xie Zilong Image Art Museum, it is also “free and free of charge”. It is the largest modern public welfare art museum at home and abroad established by Li Zijian and Dan Hui.
     Winter melon
    The road in Dongguashan is not very good. The driver of our taxi is also very diligent. The road around the bend is always open.
    After an hour, I sincerely lamented in the circle of friends:
    “Winter melon is also so delicious! Hot braised sausage grilled basil peach ginger!”
    The taste of perilla peach ginger is slightly weird. Many people will not be used to it. I am very used to it. After all, I love peaches.
    The first store of the card is Dandan hot brine, the price is very close to the people, of course, the dining environment is alsoVery general.
    Winter melon mountain sausage must not be missed! ! ! After eating one, I want to eat two more!
    The second store to punch the card is the famous big barbecue. At five o’clock, the team has already been the oldest, almost full of us. At the beginning, we meant to make dozens of strings. Waiting for the dishes to be found wrong. Wow, why are you so delicious! ! ! Hurry and then dozens of strings.
     Day2 walked through the university road and returned to 20 years old
     yuelu Mountain
    After a day of yesterday’s violent walk, I took a bed in the morning, and the weather seemed to have a good trend. I immediately made a move to Yuelu Mountain.
    Although Yuelu Mountain is famous, its altitude is not high, so don’t have the burden of sports. There are several ways to go up the mountain.
    Walking, the best choice for physical exercise.
    Cableway, fear of high people carefully selected.
    Sightseeing car, 20 yuan one way, 30 yuan round trip.
    We bought the ropeway tickets at the door. I found out that the sd card was not taken in Ma Daha. Fortunately, there was a stationery store on the roadside.
    In the delay, Dan always took the baby to take the cableway. When I arrived, I found that the ropeway ticket could not be found, but I saw that the ropeway was a chair. Even if I didn’t lose it, I didn’t dare to sit down. I decided to buy it. Sightseeing ticket.
    Soon I went to the mountain sightseeing spot, overlooking it, it is the head of the orange continent, the weather is not good, just look at it.
    In a blink of an eye, the sun shone through the dense clouds, and the scenery had more layers.
    Follow the mountain path and walk to the love pavilion.
    From time to time, there are elderly people who pick up tofu and jelly to solicit business.
    “Parking love Fenglin night, frosty leaves red in February flowers”, it is this poem that will block the love pavilion, not the maple leaf season to see it, but the plain pavilion, but estimated The forest is full of dyes, and the tourists such as weaving can’t hold you a place.
    Yuelu Academy is really very temperament, and it is also the only attraction in Yuelu Mountain to collect tickets. We have a little time to go and we have not entered.
    Down the mountain road, and then to the food street, you said, how can you not gain weight, just after the exercise, you are asked to eat quickly.
     Hunan University
    Avoiding the temptation of the foot of the mountain, the snack street in the University City still does not intend to let you go.
    This old man’s sugary glutinous rice is much better than yesterday’s purchase at Taiping Street, and it’s half cheaper!
    I found a small shop to eat cold noodles and round rice, and the sushi next to it was also eaten by monkeys.
     Meixi Lake Park
    In the afternoon, it was really tired, and I went back to the bed and went to sleep.
    The 270 degree lake view is still worth boasting.
    Going downstairs to Meixi Lake in the evening, the commercial street also eats a lot.
    Pack the next two days of memories and continue the next journey…..

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