Food “photograph” mountain city–Chongqing trip to heart

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    Chongqing is an unpredictable city and a city like a fan. Surrounded by mountains, it is built on the mountain. The Yangtze River and the Jialing River meet here, also known as the Mountain City. There are too many labels in this city in Chongqing. It is difficult to sum up the feelings of it in one word. The mountain building is “mountain city”, the cloud is foggy and the “fog city”, the summer heat is the “fire stove”, and the cross-mountain is “Bridge is all.” Chongqing is a magical 3D city. Today’s Chongqing is due to the plum dam that passes through the building. “Take the 18th ladder from your world and let more people want to find out.” I turned around here several times and landed here several times, but I didn’t feel the city carefully, but also for Chongqing’s hot pot, this time Sanya returned to Chongqing, and this time I decided to go shopping.
     Accommodation articles
     Nordic Cottage—Van Yun Homestay
    On the day before departure, Sanya booked a B&B located near Jiefangbei on the APP. Take the baggage at the airport and take the subway line 10 and then change to the second line to the station. It is not far from the booked B&B. I have to say that people who have no sense of direction are really dizzy. After being out of the station, they are between high-rise buildings. They obviously see it in front of them but they don’t know where to enter. Fortunately, the shopkeeper added WeChat after the reservation, which was very intimate. In the location, I also circled the nearby building names, otherwise I could not find them.
    Located in Jiefangbei business district, the location is good, downstairs is the more market night market, all kinds of snacks are readily available, close to the Jiaochangkou subway station, convenient travel. Entering the password to open the room for a moment is clean and tidy, Nordic style is simple and I like it very much. The big window at the bedside is very good for watching the night scene at night.
    The whole house is decorated in a Nordic style, with a chandelier as a point light source to enhance the overall design, plus the illumination of the bedside table lamp, the decorative painting and decorative flowers placed under the chandelier, and the bright natural light during the day. The best place to read. I lie on a well-supported mattress for a day, and I feel alive with blood.
    The chair is super like, tired of going back every day to sit quietly, or watching a movie, not being disturbed by all kinds of things, it’s good, I don’t want to leave.
    There is a good projection, the clarity is very good, I plan to go home and also install one, lying in bed to watch TV movies, fried chicken is comfortable.
    The brand’s electric kettle, pot knives, and a variety of seasoning tableware are available to meet basic cooking needs.
    Small and fresh, full of literary and artistic sense.
    Simple lines decorate the roomMore taste.
    The bathroom is clean and has a beautiful light.
    In addition to daily essential daily necessities, the landlord also prepared an umbrella, first aid kit, sewing kit, washing machine refrigerator, etc., even the laundry liquid is ready, really super intimate.
     Strolling to eat articles Millennium town – Ciqikou
    The ancient town of Ciqikou was built in the Song Dynasty. The ancient town is rich in Bayu culture, a stone road, a thousand-year magnet mouth, and the epitome and symbol of the ancient city of Chongqing. It is praised as “Little Chongqing”. In fact, this place is also the form of antique commercial street in each city: the wide and narrow alleys of Chengdu, the South Tonglu Lane in Beijing, and the Sifang Street in Lijiang. Ciqikou Ancient Town After the development of the past, two streets were formed. The locals called it “Zhengjie” and “Old Street” respectively. There are 12 streets and alleys in the ancient town. Most of the streets are decorated with Ming and Qing styles. The ground is paved with slate and there are many shops along the street.
    Going in from the main entrance, the stone road is very narrow, there are street vendors on both sides, there are many snacks and specialties. Walking on the stone road, the historical atmosphere comes to the ancient town of Ciqikou, stepping on the stone road, taste the local specialties, find a teahouse, feel the customs of Chongqing, suitable for eating and eating all the way.
    Looking at this narrow street, the crowds are crowded, the tourists are in a constant stream, and the various snacks and crafts and specialty shops on both sides of the street are fascinating. Sometimes, when going uphill and downhill, it is rare to have a flat land, but the tourists are crowded.
    Smell the smell of the spicy smell, the bright red and dark red eyes, and the sesame and chili noodles sprinkled on the surface, making appetite wide.
    The sale of Ciqikou seems to be more heart-wrenching, and it is necessary to sing. The distinctive shop door will be sold by the theme clothing salesperson, which is more attractive than the ordinary screaming, and then buy and buy.
    There are various kinds of twists in the mouth of the magnet. In my memory, only Chen Jianping’s twist is the most authentic, and it is the old street main store, so it is followed by a long queue, almost half an hour. I bought a hot twist and I am satisfied. Later, I found out that apart from this line, there was almost no one in the next door. Later, I went to taste the taste and didn’t feel much difference. If there were too many queues, the same taste would not be necessary at all.
    Antique commercial street, handicrafts, hot pot bottom material, entrepreneurial shop, twist shop, snack bar have everything, in fact, the ancient streets in different places feel the same, I am happy for this bone.For those who are shopping, I still like to go along with the crowd.
    In the Qing Dynasty, Hanlin’s residence was originally a small town’s school. Now it has been transformed into a tea house. Place a pot of tea and sit under the eaves to feel the fragrance of this book.
    Mu Xiaoqu made sugar cakes, the beautiful young lady is making, the store can go in for free photo, the old girl’s heart is about to turn.
    The magnet mouth is different from the wide and narrow alleys in Chengdu. What is the difference? Going around the magnet mouth is going up and down the stairs, but the trails here are very old-fashioned, and the Xiaopo path is quite sensational.
    The ancient town is built along winding roads. The quaint buildings on both sides are high and low, and the entrance is very antique. It is integrated with the ancient town. The bluestone alleys extend upwards with a section of stairs. Also increased gradually, the bluestone plate with a quiet, a real life of fun.
    Small tea house decorated with art
    In the morning, there are few tourists, and it is very relaxing to take a walk in the ancient town.
    Find a quiet corner, let the slow pace of time brew a cup of tea, read a book, and enjoy the peace and comfort of the afternoon. . .
    Cat at the mouth of the magnet
    At the door, I slap the powder in the bowl and sell it with hot and sour powder. Maybe this is also the characteristic of the Ciqikou, just like the hand drum in the ancient town of Lijiang.
    It is full of colorful wish cards, here, about love, about family, about friendship, write your story with your wish, stay here. Whether it is a wish card or a prayer card, it is our hope for a good life.
    The mouth of the magnet can be said to be quiet and quiet, and there is a unique and quiet far behind the bustling market. Through a quiet path, you can see some old houses, and now some people live in it.
    The slate blue brick white wall is hidden in the noisy Ciqikou back street, and the old houses are more tasteful.
    The characteristic creative industry street has quite special features. The entrance is some folk craft snacks. Going up along the stone road, there are more small shops. The resident singers sing the folk songs and the vegetation covers the whole building. Jewelry is decorated as a small shop, and it is full of various teahouse shops of Dreamcatcher. The flowers are full of winding paths.
    Nowadays, it seems that the hand-made class has become the standard of the ancient town.
    Baolun Temple
    I am waiting for you in the “Before”, waiting for your stop, waiting for your return… I will have a fun at the leisurely afternoon. If you like to be quiet, it is better to be a little earlier. It is best to have a charm when it just woke up. After nine o’clock, the magnet mouth tourists are bustling. It is best to miss the weekends and holidays, otherwise you will only see people who are shoulder to shoulder. Congregation……..
     Whole Cow Series – Angry Eighty Strings
    Hot pot is a good medicine to cure all the uncomfortable. In Chongqing, this hot pot is a bunch of cities. There is such a string of popularity and new ideas. It is also a must-have for my trip to Chongqing. Dragging the stomach where I have nowhere to go, I have to play the red string of the card.
    The anger is eighty years old, and the Jiujie shop is located in the art park business of No. 42 Yuyuchi.The card is extra striking, with a large dessert station at the door, perfectly sprinkled with desserts and spicy skewers. The local dialects everywhere, the red theme, are not coming early.
    Chongqing: Overbearing old, delicious dog, don’t fall down, set up, Ba Shi… very Chongqing
    The store is spacious and bright, and the store is large enough to have two layers of small and small layers. The table is quite a lot of queues. The decoration is very interesting. The main style is still nostalgic style. The shabu-shabu, enamel cutlery, wide wooden bench and so on of the tile table are very old in Chongqing. The mix of simple industrial style, the wall slogan is also very grounded, and has its own unique The style of decoration.
    The more varieties of skewers, the better, the variety of freezer on the whole wall, the whole cattle string can not be covered, dozens of beef types can not be blown, spicy beef, ginger beef, tribute beef The pickled peppers, the number of dishes wrapped in beef are all counted, so don’t be too much, you can think of unexpected things.
    A good string, how can you leave its unique pot bottom, all the essence is absorbed and blended together, the more you eat the more fragrant, the more you eat the more spicy. The important thing is that the bottom of the pot is only 18, which is considered to be super affordable. I chose a slightly spicy pot bottom. I ordered some special dishes on the menu to take some strings. The oil dish is self-service, and it is modulated according to personal preference.
    Who can guess that it is a disposable apron, the hot pot that has been eaten for so long is also the first time to see, convinced!
    A bucket of peanut seedlings: When you come up, you are scared, and at first glance, it looks like popcorn, and it is the first time you have eaten this dish.
    One cow: The point is this. I first saw this kind of grass in the circle of friends.” When you can’t have it, the only thing you can do is not to forget yourself. When you come up, you can use tin foil. The shape of the heart of the peach is placed in a glass bowl, and the dried ice is filled with scent, and a cotton thread is used to scrape the soap.It became a crystal clear and big bubble, and the process was really amazing. In fact, it was the bovine spinal cord boiled for a few minutes. The entrance was smooth and tender, and there was no smell.
    The reason why the anger is so hot, I think it is probably inseparable from the innovative dishes and the delicious desserts, filling the impeccable stomach of my food.
    Confession beef: Use a pink iron box as a utensil to uncover the lid and flutter, so good to see.
    Gold Shrimp Sliding: The appearance is different. I almost ate it as a dessert at first. The super cute shrimp slipped, and the crab seeds or cockroaches were added inside. Stir well before the pot, and there was some graininess in the entrance. There is no smell after cooking, not bad.
    Snow Mountain Beef Tongue: The enamel bowl used is very retro
    The rose-shaped meat feels quite a test of the master’s craftsmanship.
    Angry, garlic and crispy meat: The finest crispy meat is not only the tender and tender color of the skin, but more importantly, it is necessary to control the fat of the meat. It is delicious when it is fat and thin. Even people who don’t like fat meat eat this. The crispy meat has something to stop.
    Rage ice dumplings: Whether it is hot pot or skewers, ice dumplings must not be missed, especially when it is not spicy, it will be especially spicy, and it is cool and cool.
    Flame Caramel Pudding: Use a cup of tea like a bowl of tea, the green leaves set off the red of the cherry, the entrance is instant, the favorite dessert.
     City Landmark– Jiefangbei
    Jiefangbei is located in Yuzhong District, the main city of Chongqing. It is a historical witness to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and Chongqing’s liberation. One of Chongqing’s landmarks is Chongqing’s most prosperous business circle, equivalent to Shanghai’s Nanjing Road, Chengdu’s Chunxi Road, and Chongqing’s indigenous heart. Forever the most prosperous “City Head”, now here is the shopping for people in Chongqing, the living street and shopping plaza after a meal, and Jiefangbei is also the place that best reflects Chongqing’s “beauty”, “food” and “beauty”.
    Jiefangbei is located in the bustling commercial center, surrounded by high-rise buildings. It is also the only monument in the country to commemorate the victory of the Chinese nation in the war of resistance. The monument is white, and there is a big clock near the top. When you reach the whole point, you will think of Hongliang. the sound of.
    I have to say that the vicinity of Jiefangbei is really a gathering of food. The delicious street of Bayi Road is a paradise for me to eat. It can always be eaten from the street to the end of the street.
    The place where I lived was only a few hundred meters away from Jiefangbei. I took the night to the beginning of the Hua Deng and went around for a walk. The night view of Jiefangbei is very beautiful. With the rendering of the lights, it seems like various light shows, all kinds of goods. A variety of modern high-rise buildings, the bustling architectural lights are colorful and eye-catching.
    The Jiefangbei at midnight has already dispersed the hustle and bustle of the day, but there are also many tourists. The Jiefangbei in the night will still ring the bells when the whole point is over. It shines under the light of the light, standing quietly here, watching us come and go.
    I came to Chongqing for the first time. It is recommended to live near Jiefangbei. The transportation is convenient, there are countless specialties, and the night view is the best.
     Never compromise the hot pot—Hong Jiu Ge
    Every time I go out with some friends who can’t eat spicy food, the shabu-shabu is my most desperate compromise. As the red nine-square of Chongqing baby, the hot pot should be a red one, except for the whole spicy red oil pot bottom, the others are not. It is a real hot pot.
    “We don’t sell shabu-shabu, and the slightest is the last compromise.”
    This hot pot attracted me all at once, mainly the following:
    The first is of course the bottom of the pot, the red fire is boiling and seductive. “We don’t sell shabu-shabu, the slightest is the last compromise”, domineering!
    The second is a variety of fairy-fashioned dishes, in addition to the high value of the taste is not to mention!
    The third is its location and service. The 10th floor viewing platform at Hongyadong is perfect for eating the night view of Hongya Cave. The whole smile service!
    The location is on the 9th floor of Hongyadong Scenic Spot. It is only 2 floors from the entrance of the top floor scenic spot. The signboard is very eye-catching and can be seen. The store is relatively large. The environment is good. There are two floors above and below. The location is just right, you can see the night view of the Millennium Bridge and the other side of the river. The tables and chairs in the store are simple and clean, and the wooden benches are inlaid with bamboo mats in the middle. It is soft to sit on, this one is like this.
    Order a slightly spicy, carefully prepared secret pot bottom, soup color red and spicy spicy, and do not get angry without hurting the stomach, insist on the use of disposable primer, never re-use the bottom of the pot. The red oil token printed with the words “Red Jiu Ge Lao Hot Pot” came into view. The words “We don’t sell shabu-shabu” are particularly eye-catching.
    Then add the water to start the tanning system, the self-service seasoning area is prepared with a smashing dish, and the scented oil is placed neatly in a row. The store is full of atmosphere.
    These colorful bottles made me pick my eyes. Not only are the high values, but each one is a different taste. There are several flavors of hawthorn, rose, glutinous rice, green plum and mulberry. I have made it difficult to choose difficult diseases.
    The matching small glass is very interesting, and the small fish at the bottom of the wine glass cup is vivid.
    Signature beef is a big one, beef tendon, beef tongue, beef belly, everything is good, good value for money, the atmosphere of the dishes.
    The best crab meat, the crab is clear and soft, boiled soft, silky and easy to make, hard to cook, is a Q 弾 crab stick, umami before the seven emotions and six desires, just want to hold the abundance of this tongue.
    This self-contained small county liver just caught the attention of the table, the county liver wrapped in pepper is very appetizing, one piece of meat is worn on the bamboo stick and it is thick and thick, whether it is oily dish Still dry discs are delicious.
    The vegetarian dish platter is good, very distinctive, the red, yellow and green looks very comfortable, very fresh, and the watery and tender tomato looks like a bite.
    This pair of pepper beef, a special eye-catching on the table, the top red chili peppers have a good value, the thickness is just right, each piece of beef is coded with a layer of secret base, control the heat when cooking, hot I can eat it, and I have confirmed my eyes. It is my favorite meat.
    In Chongqing, as the saying goes, no hairy belly is not hot pot. Look at the dense granules on the hairy belly to see the freshness of the hairy belly. Each piece is large and flakes. After that, the hairy belly covered with rich soup at the bottom of the pot chewed a crisp pleasure in the mouth, don’t mention how cool it is.
    The Overlord Waist is really very domineering, the oversized one, the fairy fluttering and the film is very thin, just take 30 seconds to put it down and change the color to eat it. It is cool to eat it with the secret dry dish.
    Love shrimp slippery, shrimp made by hand-made fresh live shrimp, without any additives, eat into the mouth a word: fresh!
    Wait until you have enough to eat, don’t forget to have a rose iced dumplings. This summer snack can be tasted in Chengdu’s full street. It’s rare in this cold winter, a table of hot pot cuisine. Next belly, come on a clear and cool ice powder, sweet-scented osmanthus plus rose, plus a few ingredients such as raisin red beans, the entrance is smooth and sweet, it is really satisfying, a bowl of belly is still unsatisfactory.
     One of the Eight Great Academy of Fine Arts–Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Huangfuping Campus)
    The Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts has two campuses. The old campus is located in Huangpiping. The school feels like a condensed version of Beijing 798, full of artistic atmosphere. Don’t miss the two places on campus: Chongqing Art Museum and Tank Library Art Center. The central location within the school gate also stands as the largest alumni wall in the country, recording the names of more than 35,000 students enrolled in Sichuan and the United States from 1954 to 2010, and is also known as one of China’s eight major aesthetics.
    The university campus was originally a place full of humanity. People were quiet and green trees. At this moment, they finally came to the art academy that they had longed for. They couldn’t help but feel the excitement of the heart. They quietly strolled and watched quietly.
    The sunshine of the day was particularly splendid, and it was sprinkled through the leaves, which was extraordinarily quiet. The walls of the house were colorful, which was very suitable for the young artists to take pictures.
    The main entrance came in, followed the main road, and the place to the right hand down the stairs was the tank library. I heard that there is still a real tank inside.
    A person walks around the Academy of Fine Arts and pats the graffiti wall. In fact, the mountain city is also a green city. On the way to the mountain city, in addition to feeling its greenery, the atmosphere in the Sichuan-American campus makes me feel faint. Quiet.
     Graffiti street
    Graffiti Street is a street at the entrance of Chuanmei, located in Huangpuping, Jiulongpo District, with a total area of ​​1.25 kilometers. It is said to be the largest street of graffiti art in China and the world today. From the road that Yang Jiu Road took the bus, you can see the wall paintings. The street that is approaching the door is more dense. Every resident is upstairs and the buildings are full of paintings. I have to admire the artists. Painting.
    Art comes from life and is the best interpretation here. The most shops on the graffiti street are probably selling picture frames, calligraphy and paintings.
    On this short street, from the building to the wall, even the outer wall of the shop, full of graffiti, equivalent to a huge painting
    The residential building, which originally looked dirty and messy, was given a new life by the artist’s brush, which made the graffiti art of the residential building show up, and the whole block changed significantly.
    There are many delicious foods on the graffiti street. The old shops such as the ridged bean flower, the second baby noodle, and the Huji hoof flower soup are cheap and delicious, and there are various special snacks.
    Although the graffiti is relatively old, but the people here are less quiet, you can take pictures of the concave and convex shape.
    I think people who live here every day should be very happy. The children here are accepting art from childhood.
     Second Factory Wenchuang Park
    The second factory of Eileng is located near the Eling Park in Yuzhong District. It was formerly the Second Printing Factory of Chongqing. In the past half century, the second factory has already closed down. The old printing factory has been rebuilt, retaining the original features of the old building and joining the old building. Modern art style, with a small and fresh style of literature and art, has become a network red card.
    The combination of the old factory of the second factory and the new art style makes it unique and full of literary character. Now the factory building has been transformed into a tea house, a coffee shop and various small shops.
    Many net red photos, you can say that every corner can take pictures, very literary atmosphere, feel the feeling of passing through your world.
    Walking into these old factories, you can see the stone ladders that have been trampled all the year round, and the handrails that have been peeled off. The sight in front of you is like pulling in for more than ten years.before.
    On the basis of the nostalgic factory building, it has been transformed into a hundred-art art space. There are not only small shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc., but also regular events, not just young people. Many elderly aunts will wear beautiful, about a few friends, you can help me shoot, I will help you shoot.
    In the inadvertent corner of the second factory, there are many lovely wall paintings, as well as the stone steps of the mountain city, which are covered with moss, and occasionally come here to shoot couples.
    Many small shops inside can take pictures, and some stores need to consume to shoot. For example, this girl, my girl’s heart, is so cute.
    Retaining the original style, injecting new art elements into the cafes and teahouses, strolling around, resting here, ordering a cup of coffee and enjoying the beauty of the mountain city, feeling the whole world is quiet.
    “I hope that there is a person like you, such as the refreshing wind in the mountains, like the warm light of the ancient city, from the morning to the night, from the mountain to the study, as long as it is you, just fine—-“From yours Passing the world”
     Escalator with money sitting – crown escalator
    Asia’s second longest crown escalator was completed and operated in 1996. It is mainly connected to the two intersections and the Chongqing Caiyuanba Railway Station. It is located at the two-way station of the light rail line 1, and can be reached according to the signs after exiting the station. The escalator is one of the characteristic traffic for Chongqing people. It is not an escalator seen in ordinary shopping malls. It is built only for not wanting to climb stairs. If you take a ride, it will cost 2 yuan per way.
    The speed of the escalator is much faster than that of the general escalator. The vertical height is 52.7 meters, the escalator length is 112 meters, and the 30 degree inclination angle is very visually stimulating. I have seen this attraction in “Extreme Challenge”. The gradient is high and the speed is fast. The time of the ride is especially safe and the handrail is grasped.
    It is estimated that the partners who come to Chongqing will want to experience it. After the visit, there is no regret. After all, this is also a feature of Chongqing. Before I sat, I heard that there is a bit of cold sweat in the palm of my hand. After the experience, I feel that there is nothing to fear. Germany is fresh and exciting.
    1. The Crown Escalator is located at Exit 4 of the light rail two intersection. You can see the sign from the light rail.
    2. The escalator has only two ways of coin (2 yuan) and bus card (1.8 yuan), and does not support WeChat and Alipay.
    3. The escalator has a total length of 112 meters and a lifting height of 52.7 meters. It takes only 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
    4. If you are a little road idiot like me, I suggest returning the original way, 2 yuan per way.
     Walking through the building–李子坝
    Li Ziba’s absolute land of red, I do not know when to start, a “through the building” subway … oh, is a light rail, a big fire on the Internet. The magical design of “wearing through the building” built the light rail station on the residential building, and swayed over 10,000 yuan, attracting many people to check in.
    The light rail that wears the building is Line 2, and the site must be known as Li Ziba. If you want to take the light rail to experience the building, take the ride from Zengjiayan, try to rely on the front position, not only can you see the building, but you can also feel a ” Roller coaster, if you take a ride from Buddha Road, it is recommended to rely on the rear position, you can feel the nearly 90 degree turn, the premise is a certain window.
    The light rail wears the floor, the only crossover design in the country. In order to make everyone more enjoyable, the observation deck is now built under the light rail of the Liziba. It has always been particularly curious. Is it the first building or the existing light rail? What?
    Through the house, every day, there will be a magical scene in which the light rails pass through the building and the air is flying.
    The train interval is relatively short, the car is still a lot of back and forth, and soon a satisfactory photo was taken. This is really just a spot where you can take a photo. The Liziba subway station is really a subway station where you can take pictures.
     Amazing night view – Hongyadong
    Hongyadong can be said to be a punching spot for Chongqing Red Star attractions, attracting a lot of younger brothers and sisters who flew from all over to fight cards. Hongyadong is built on the main building of the Bayu traditional architectural features. It is built on the hillside and has 11 floors from the bottom to the top. It is a collection of folk buildings, shopping malls and restaurants. Each layer has different functions. A variety of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops.
    At night, the elevators and other elevators are really a headache. So I went to the first floor and went to the first floor. From the zebra crossing to the opposite side of the road, I could see the panoramic view of Hongya Cave in close quarter. At night, the Hongya Cave is really crowded with people, and it is brightly lit. Quickly find a suitable location to take a beautiful night view.
    Compared to the Hongya Cave in the daytime, the lights are lit at night to give people a feeling of another different building. As night falls, the whole building looks golden and looks like an animated cartoon “Spirited Away”. .
    In the evening, Hongyadong is crowded with people, various literary youths, photographers, and tourists. Here, I personally think that the best angle for taking pictures is on the opposite side of the road, you can take the appearance of the entire Hongya Cave, but people are super More, the car must pay attention to safety, or in the middle and front end of the Millennium Bridge, it is also a good choice to go directly to the other side of the river, and the most important thing is to go at night, the day is really boring.
    The riverside at night is very beautiful. Chongqing calls it a night city. Hong Kong is not a vain name. The United States does not want to go home.
    Going to the Qianmen Gate Bridge, it seems to be integrated into the night of the glaze, the light is in the middle of the river, the microwave is smashing, the scene is in the eye, the heart is stunned.
    The Millennium Gate Bridge under the night, lying still beside the bustling Hongya Cave, you can see the scenery on the bridge, and the people watching the scenery look upstairs.
    The sizzling hot pot and the gorgeous scenery of the night scene, composed of the heart of the city, formed a heart rhythm of the city, met Chongqing, see the southwest, mountain city, Chongqing, this is the city I went to the second time!

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