For food and beauty, play in Chengdu for four days and three nights.

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    New Year’s Day is one of the most popular festivals in the country. Say goodbye to the obsolescence of 2018. All happiness and regrets will be zeroed. When the zero bell rings, which city do you travel in? My recommendation is [Chengdu], because the food and beauty of the city, just one of them will become the most worthy moment of the mark!
     Anshun Langqiao Restaurant (Binjiang East Road)
     The bridge under the night is surrounded by the Nine-Eye Bridge Bar Street and Lan Kwai Fong, which is known as the most beautiful place in Chengdu.
    Chengdu, a city with a thousand years of culture, has a reputation as a “land of abundance” since ancient times. The scenery is pleasant. The national treasure giant panda is the signature of this place. In addition to the mild climate and numerous attractions, Chengdu is also a world-famous food. All, tens of thousands of restaurants let you eat a family every day for many years, all kinds of street foods let you go from going out to go home and can continue to eat.
    Slow-paced life, hot pots all over the streets, no imaginary urbanization, Chengdu’s streets are full of fireworks~
     Chengdu diners
    Chengdu’s sweet and sour pork vinegar, good-looking and delicious
    Difficult to marry, it is difficult to go to the sky! This poem by Li Bai sets the tone for the millennium. It is true that the martyrdom of that year was difficult and dangerous. It took three months from the capital of Chang’an to Tianfu Chengdu. However, as today, a high-speed railway crossed the Qinling Mountains, and the dream of eating hot pot at noon in the morning became a reality. I also took advantage of the speed of the Xicheng high-speed rail, came to Chengdu for a weekend tour, and had this date with Chengdu’s authentic food~
     Chengdu East Railway Station
    The taste of Chengdu, the preferred Jinli. Perhaps many people think that this is just a commercial street. Perhaps many people will regard it as the “Returning Street” in Chengdu. But for those who really understand Chengdu, Jinli is the most quaint and old street. The ancient and orderly bluestone paving is paved, and it is more familiar with the atmosphere of old Chengdu.
    The remains of the millennium history, every place can make you have different harvests
     Jing Li
     Jinli entrance
    And the wide and narrow alleys with the same name as Jinli have another feeling. Kuanzhai Alley is a paradise for food for foreign tourists. It combines food, beauty, culture and folk customs. It is the most authentic portrayal of leisure life in Chengdu.
     Wide and narrow alley
    In Chengdu, in addition to tasting food, the biggest pursuit is to look at the national treasure giant panda, this group of cute fat gangs, every move can affect the hearts of people around the world. Located at Panda Avenue, the Giant Panda Breeding Center is a fusion of natural scenery and beautiful scenery. You can not only get close to the giant pandas, but also the rural scenery in the Third Ring Road.
     Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
    Three meals a day is the most important part of our lives; what to eat today? It is also a big problem of the century. However, in Chengdu, the topic of “what to eat” can stop the discussion. The city is so delicious that it can’t be said for three days and three nights. Chengdu eaters, the side of the road, drunk Xichang barbecue, such as in the hot pot, looking for roasting, collecting hot pot, etc., there are too many foods that can not be seen in the field, the existence of the food, eat I don’t want to leave on the last meal.
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    After a full meal, drink a cup of tea in the People’s Park, take two mahjong tiles, feel the most authentic life in Chengdu, pretend that you are a Chengdu!
     People’s Park
    Travel is one of the most unpredictable things. It is the easiest to walk away. Once you have been delayed for two days, you will find various excuses to “convincing yourself” not to go out; you often think that people who complain in time have no time to travel, most of them I set myself the threshold for travel.
    Now, from Xi’an to Chengdu, you don’t have to take a dozen-hour green leather car to go through the mountains. You don’t have to go to the airport two or three hours in advance. Metro Line 2 goes directly to Xi’an High-speed Railway Station, and then takes 10 minutes to get on the bus. After three and a half hours, you can reach the capital.
    D1: Xi’an—Chengdu—Chengdu Eater—Du Fu Caotang—Looking for the kebabs—Anshun Covered Bridge—Jiuyanqiao Bar Street—Chuan Opera Face (Accommodation: Chengdu Longzhimeng Ruifeng International Hotel)
    D2: Giant Panda Base – Crossing the Road – Chunxi Road – Fangsuo – Chengdu Oceanic Taikooli – Jiyu Thai Style Hot Pot – Chunxi Road 12 o’clock (Accommodation: Chengdu Atour Riverside Hotel)
    D3: Daci Temple – Chengdu Taiyangli – Jinli – Kuanzhai Alley – such as in the hot pot – People’s Park – Drunk Xichang Brazier BBQ (Accommodation: Chengdu Atour Riverside Hotel)
    D4: Sichuan Conservatory of Music – Sichuan University – Wenshu Monastery – Tianfu Square – Xi’an
     Trip cost
    Big traffic: Xi’an – Chengdu: 263 yuan X2 Chengdu – Xi’an: 263 yuan X2
    Small traffic: taxi: 165 yuan bus subway: 60 yuan
    Du Fu Caotang: 50 yuan X2
    Giant Panda Base: 52 yuan X2
    Jinjiang Grand Theatre: 150 yuan X2
    Dragon Dream Hotel: 465 yuan
    Chengdu Riverside Yaduo: 550 yuan
    Mulianzhuang Hotel : 618 yuan
    About 1600 yuan
    With the gift: 200 yuan
    Native product: 200 yuan
    Hot pot bottom material: 150 yuan
    Total: about 5,600 yuan
    Therefore, a couple’s four-day Chengdu tour only cost 5,600 yuan, and the price that a new iPhone can’t buy makes us two people happy to eat, drink, and play; and who does this money?
    Therefore, do not think that people go out to travel is a local tyrant or family has money, the same is life, the difference is the choice.
     D1, first encounter Tianfu Chengdu, start the food experience
     Chengdu Eater Zhimin Road Store
    In order to catch up with the meal, I chose the high-speed rail at 12:23. In fact, there is another reason because this high-speed rail is the fastest one of dozens of cars per day. It only takes 3 hours and 23 minutes to get from the ancient capital. a Mecca for gourmets.
     Xi’an North Railway Station
    At 7 o’clock in the morning, I got up and packed up. I was hungry all the way to Chengdu. After I left the station, I smelled the scent of the street. The stomach began a fierce protest. As the saying goes: “If you are poor, you can’t be poor, you can’t lose your mouth,” since it has arrived. Chengdu, how can I find a roadside stall to solve it? Fortunately, public transportation in Chengdu is particularly convenient, whether it is the main line No. 1 and No. 2, or the No. 7 line and the second ring Elevated BRT around the city, you can reach all corners of the city unimpeded. Therefore, I don’t care how far the [Chengdu Eater] is, as long as it tastes delicious.
     Chengdu diners
    [Chengdu Eater] Public Comments 2018 must eat list restaurant, is also one of the food card shops that Chengdu local brothers strongly recommend to me. The old shop is on Kuixinglou Street, it is normal to line up for three hours; the new store is in the people. On the road, the opening of the business began to be hot, showing the strength of the store; at night, it is even more crowded, and the delicious mouth can arrange the team outside the road. Fortunately, our witty choice came over at noon, finally able to sit at a table.
    The most popular impression of Sichuan cuisine is the fly house, but in fact, you will find a beautifully decorated but low-priced shop in Chengdu. You can see if this price is very affordable.
    In addition to the paper menu, the store also has a more distinctive wooden block menu, is there a feeling of flopping?
    [Boutique small row] The first time value of the end is also very online, the white smoke of the cockroach, looks like the feeling of the Queen Mother’s wife’s birthday feast in the Journey to the West, haha
    [Garlic Roasted Eggplant] This is a barbecue dish that is common in the country, but only Sichuan cuisine makes it the best.
    [Roasted pork belly] This dish is found in many Sichuan restaurants in Chengdu, but in fact, it can be done a lot, but there are few good ones to do. When you eat a few more times, you can tell the difference.
    [Beer Bullfrog] First of all, this style is very unique. It feels that half a beer bottle is suspended, and the taste is first-class, especially the frog meat. It is as tender as water, and it falls off with a single suck of meat. Up
    [Abalone on paper] Abalone may be a famous dish in the coastal area, and it is also a recipe for rich families since ancient times. Nowadays, it has entered the homes of ordinary people. It only takes tens of dollars to eat, bird’s nest shark’s fin, sea cucumber abalone, how to You know ~
    How delicious is the taste of Chengdu diners, everyone can go to the group to buy online to see the evaluation will be able to understand one or two. Of course, the real delicious still needs you to come to the store to experience it, in order to feel the essence of Sichuan cuisine~
     Du Fu Caotang
    Du Fu Caotang, the last faith of the fallen literati, the ending of a prosperous dynasty!
    Du Fu, another portrayal of the Tang Dynasty, is also the ringer of the death knell of the Tang Dynasty. We came to Chengdu to travel, and many people said that one of the attractions that can’t be missed is the Du Fu Caotang. The tourists are also the real situation of the cottage, so today we talk about the things of Du Fu Caotang~
     Du Fu Caotang
    The cultural works left by an era can often reflect the real situation of this era. The era of Du Fu is actually very sad, because he just embarked on the last bus of the Tang Dynasty, and before he could get the fame, the Anshi rebellion broke out and the entire Tang Empire fell into Throughout the war, even the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty fled to the ground, and the army that was transformed by the horse was forced to kill the favorite noble. Under the background of this era, what kind of good days can Du Fu, who has no hands on the chickens, be able to live?
    Emotions such as violent displacement, hardships of life, and dust on the pearls continue to appear in Du Fu’s poems, and the real situation is indeed that they have not eaten up, and hungry wife is hungry. Many times, even a friend needs help to have a full meal. This is the life of Du Fu.
    Of course, Caotang is not a former grass house. Chengdu has also invested a lot of financial resources to repair and manage this scenic spot. Today’s Du Fu Caotang can’t give you the feeling of poverty that Du Fu wandered to Chengdu that year, but when you visit this scenic spot, you can substitute yourself into that kind of atmosphere, so that you can understand Ha ~
    Having said so many cultures, the scenery of Caotang is also very good. Whether it is the beauty of architecture or the layout of Feng Shui, it can be considered as a superior work, and seeing such a large historic building in the downtown area is also an alternative visual experience!
    There is a square outside the Du Fu Caotang, but now it has been occupied by the square dance aunts. The uniform costume is very professional, hahaha~
    Nowadays, Caotang is no longer a quiet place. It’s not the same world that the bustle and bustle of the Du Fu came from. What is changing is the world, and what is constant is history. Now, when you come back to the cottage, you will still understand the emotions of Du Fu’s worrying about the country and the people.
     Looking for kebabs
    Ancient language cloud: find fun!
    This hot-selling barbecue restaurant in Chengdu is famous for its “seeking and roasting mutton” and is a happy place for food. This shop claims that a lamb chops can make you forget your troubles. A kebab can keep you from going home tonight.
     Looking for kebabs (Jiuyanqiao)
    The specific location of the shop is on Zhimin East Road, from Lan Kwai Fong through the covered bridge, and there is a small alley to go and you can reach it. It is right to the Shangri-La Hotel Hotel.
    It’s a shop in Chengdu, the taste is really worthy of the name, delicious does not explain, especially the mutton skewers and lamb chops in the store, the mutton skewers are fat and lean, so eating oily water, feeling more than pure .
    Another big signature dish in the store is to count the secret lamb chops. The lamb chops baked in a special shabu-shabu are fat and not greasy. The taste is first-rate, and the bite is full of oil, and the fragrance is not fragrant. speech.
    The larger lamb chops are better at catching the cockroaches directly, the meat is more tender, the meat is tender, the oil is watery, and the price is very affordable.
    This is the secret of why the barbecue in the store is so delicious: big pot!
    Many of the barbecue shops in Chengdu use the iron grills on the iron frame. Only the ones that are looking for a home are made with this kind of grilled meat. This is also an important reason why his barbecue is so delicious: “Keep the deliciousness of the meat itself, don’t let it The diners only ate a seasoning!”
    Fresh skewers baked
    What is this everyone know?
    Hey, sister paper may not be used to it, because the smell is relatively large, but it is good for the people to eat more, you know~
    Finally, a scone is a staple food, and it is very delicious with a skewer.
     Anshun Covered Bridge
    In fact, many professional travellers have made a mistake, that is, the nine-eye bridge is that this ancient bridge is the [nine-eye bridge], in fact, the nine-eye bridge is next to the nine-hole stone bridge, this beautiful antique The name of the bridge is called “Anshun Covered Bridge”, and there is no relationship with Jiuyan Bridge.
     Nine-eye bridge
    [Anshun Covered Bridge] The specific location is at the intersection of Chengdu Fuhe and Nanhe. Take the subway and get off at Dongdaqiao Station and walk straight to Hejiang Pavilion to see the panoramic view of the covered bridge.
    Hejiang Pavilion scenery
    Anshun Covered Bridge was built in the Yuan Dynasty. It has been around for hundreds of years. The bridgehead stone is engraved with the graphic of Marco Polo to Chengdu. He thinks that Anshun Covered Bridge is one of the four bridges he has impressed. It can be seen that its status is high and the beauty of the scenery.
    Today, the scenery on both sides of the strait is invincible and has become one of the representatives of Chengdu’s night scene.
    Standing on the bridge, the scenery along the Nan River is unobstructed, and the prosperity of this city has been fully demonstrated at this time~
    The scenery on the other side is much softer, and the residential area is quite different from the commercial area.
    This is the real nine-eye bridge! Don’t admit your mistakes next time you come to Chengdu!
    Jiuyan Bridge Bar Street is one of the most lively areas of Chengdu’s nightlife. When it enters the night, it enters the feast of the carnival, one after the other along the river.Shore distribution, as long as you bring enough money, as long as you have enough energy, it will not be boring until three days.
    Do you like to go to the bar street? Still more love for a quiet night? Looking forward to your answer
     Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu
    From the Jiuyanqiao Bar Street, the first street to enter is the “Lan Kwai Fong”, which is known as the first bar street in the west. It is just across the road from the Shangri-La Hotel.
    The bars here really do not have the prosperity of Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong. The street parking lots are all kinds of luxury cars. The major hotels in the street are full of people. The young men and women standing in line at the entrance are high-priced and It didn’t block everyone’s footsteps, but it was so busy that every time you came over, you needed to wait in line to wait for the position.
     Jinjiang Grand Theatre
    What is your primary purpose when traveling to Chengdu? Hot pot, skewers, Sichuan food or giant pandas? In addition to these traditional projects, there is one of the most elite projects in Sichuan, but it has been neglected by everyone. This is [Chuan Opera]. Although it is not as famous as Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera, it is also a rare cultural heritage in the west. It is a pity if you miss it. .
     Chengdu Sichuan Opera Art Center
    The most outstanding Sichuan opera in Chengdu is at the [Jinjiang Theater]. This low-key building was built in 1908 and is an authentic 100-year-old art museum. The Jinjiang Theatre is also the first large theater in China named after Sichuan Opera. It has hosted many Chinese and foreign leaders and countless tourists~
    The interior space of the theater is not too big, and a drama can only accommodate two or three hundred people. Tickets are divided into four levels: special A and B! The special ticket is the private room on the second floor, the price is expensive but there is a grade; A is of course the best position in addition to the private room, in the middle of the best front view, the ticket is the position on both sides of the ticket, the lowest price of the ticket So it is in the last few rows. I am sitting in the position of C this time, so it is very inconvenient to take pictures.
    Many people have misunderstood Sichuan Opera, thinking that Sichuan Opera only has a face change. In fact, Sichuan Opera has a lot of performances, just like this [耙耳] program, not only the funny Sichuan man is afraid of his wife, but also the life performance of old Chengdu.
    Of course, the audience in the field must still be more and more face-changing. After all, it is not easy to see an authentic face in the field. What’s more, the face of Jinjiang Theater is called the most in the country. After reading it carefully, you will find it with others. Difference of place
    The opening before the show was different from other places. Two huge light masks were placed on the stage, and the atmosphere looked very strong. Where else can there be, right?
    A bunch of Sichuan opera actors appeared, everyone’s clothes are very wide, everyone knows why? Hey, because you want to hide the props for changing your face! The first performance was [Spitfire]. Although the difficulty did not change the face, the stage effect was first-class, and the audience was excited. Call a good one~
    Of course, since it is the first theater, the ordinary performance is definitely not conquering everyone. The few signature performances of the Jinjiang Theatre are the coolest. This one is to change the face by manipulating the doll in the hand. The performer does not touch the face of the doll and can change constantly.
    There is also the most amazing “multi-faceted change”. There are five faces in the back. You only need one banner in your hand. With a single wave of flags, you can change six faces at the same time. This is a real cow. It has changed several times in a row. I didn’t see where the door was, the magic ~ The atmosphere of the scene also ignited at this moment, the tourists sitting around said that the value of the ticket to buy, worthwhile trip. So, everyone is coming to Chengdu, don’t just know how to eat food, and the cultural trip is also coming.
     Chengdu Longzhimeng Ruifeng International Hotel
    The full name of the hotel tonight is [Chengdu Longzhimeng Ruifeng International Hotel], just at the north exit of the East Square of Chengdu East Station. When you book, you will see the East Station next to it. On the first day, the boat will not want to travel too much. The following car will drag the baggage at the first time, and the next five minutes to the high-speed rail to the hotel, convenient ~
    And you don’t have to leave the station to get to the first floor of the hotel from the underground passage of the high-speed rail station.
     Chengdu East Railway Station
     High-speed rail station underground passage
    However, the first feeling of staying is not very good, because the service at the front desk is really bad; the first is that the check-in is very slow, and the second is that the feeling of speaking is high. I asked where the pool at the front desk was, and it was an attitude that ignored it. Generally speaking about hotel facilities, have to talk about it? Cold and cold sentence: opposite the building! I know which building is the opposite building?
     Hotel reception
    There is a large area in the lobby that belongs to the recreation area, but the front desk said that this piece is outsourced? I don’t know how to spend, it’s quite good to look at the environment.
    The decoration style of the corridor is ok, and the hardware is actually very good. The corridors are brightly lit, there are carpets on the ground, there is no noise in the walk, and it is better to avoid the footsteps disturbing the rest of the room.
    Hotel room decoration is very good, this is to be honest. Especially the bed is very comfortable to sleep; but the room type is not very good, because it is at the corner, the room is not very good looking; the room is well done, the network speed is also very fast, leaving the front desk service is not good, the room Still very satisfied.
    Beautiful TV cabinet
     D2, continue to eat and drink, enjoy the holiday
    After getting out of bed, I found that the environment in the breakfast room was quite good, the decoration and facilities were very new, and the service attitude of the staff here was obviously much better, so I raised a star to encourage it. Haha~
    I don’t pay much attention to breakfast. Generally, I eat a little fruit and a cup of milk in the hotel. The female ticket eats less than me, so I often joked that both of us are mosquitoes and eat a little bit. Ding
    After dinner, you can eat snacks and tea in the leisure area on the first floor, read books, listen to music and enjoy a leisurely life. Of course, I prefer the latter to see the giant panda, so I will pack my luggage. At the front desk, hurry to go to the panda base
    The facade of the hotel.
     Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
    The giant panda is the authentic food, why do you say that? Let’s recall that we saw the video of Fat Dada on the Internet. Besides being a tree that has always fallen from the tree, is it always eating and eating?
    Hanging on the tree to eat, lie down to eat, stand to eat, was still eaten by the administrator’s mother, and the fat Dada who has been eating all the time, conquered the cat slaves all over the world with a clever and sly cute look. Innumerable people come to Chengdu to see him only, and we are two of them. As a big food that I love food and can eat, I have to go to the fat Dada to eat more than anyone else!
     Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
    [Giant Panda Base] is located in Panda Avenue, Chenghua District, Chengdu. Although there are more than ten kilometers away from the urban area, the road conditions of self-driving are very good, and there is no traffic jam along the way. It is also convenient to take public transportation. At present, Chengdu has opened a panda base. You can get there directly from Chunxi Road, or take the subway to get off at Panda Avenue Station. There is a yellow giant panda in the subway. You can buy a ticket in the car after you get on the bus. This will save you a copy. Car fare.
    I have to say that the word “National Treasure” is really not a name for the waves. The non-holiday, non-cold summer vacation and non-weekends that I have specifically sought are still shocked by the long queue at the door. From the ticket gate to the side of the road, there is really a feeling of going to the concert~
    I thought that the fat Dada who was on the road would sell us a cute, and make us happy. I didn’t expect to be sleeping at twelve o’clock. Are you turning around and let us look at the face?
    Fat Dada can be counted as an alternative debut? After all, just eat a bamboo shoot around the crowd is surrounded by hundreds of people, than the live broadcast to force! Hey, it’s a bamboo shoot from the bottom of the butt! Hahahaha~
    A few cute little ones, should be a mother compatriot? It seems that the relationship is very good, there is no fight and no pits, quietly waiting in the room to open the rice, row and wait for dinner, cute!
    This kind of text comment board can be seen everywhere in the park, so that visitors can more directly understand the origins of the giant pandas in the park. I remember that I took a few introductions to Japan and the United States as exchange ambassadors. I couldn’t find where I came back.
    In November, Chengdu has two levels of differentiation. As early as the Daci Temple, the yellow leaves have begun, and the evergreen leaves such as the Panda Base and the Wenshu Monastery are still green as summer. Is this scenery good?
     Mala Tang on the side of the road (Zhimin Road Direct Store)
    The food culture of Chengdu is the best in the world. The biggest benefit of traveling to Chengdu is to eat a variety of food. There is a unique “flying village culture” in the world. When you look at ordinary street shops, you can give you the ultimate taste experience, such as “the price is close to the people but the invincible road is spicy”, which is in the fly house. The boutique is located.
     Malafe on the side of the road
    After coming out of the giant panda base, the first time with a female ticket, I ran to [Zhimin Road]
    This street is a gathering place for the taste of old Chengdu. When I was eating a Chengdu diners here yesterday, I saw the side of the road next door. Today, I have come to pull the grass, although this grass has not yet grown to 24 Hours, haha! Although it has already arrived very quickly, it is still terrible to look at this traffic. Fortunately, it is not weekends and evenings. After waiting for ten minutes, it is arranged in a corner table.
    The hot pots in Chengdu and the bottom of the skewers are basically all red oil, so when you try this soup at the bottom of the pot, you should pay attention to the layer on the surface. It will be particularly spicy, but the bottom is slightly lighter.
    Look at the bottom of the pot that looks good and doesn’t drop the taste.
    The string of ingredients is taken by itself. There are five hairs to one yuan, two yuan strings and ten yuan yuan dish dishes. The couple have eaten more than one hundred meals a week, which is actually very cost-effective.
    This big bowl of dishes can also be served on a few, these are all real hard dishes~
    [Duck intestine] is a must-order dish that I strongly recommend for you. The duck intestine making process in Chengdu is not allowed, but the taste of eating is not comparable in other places. It is cooked slightly in the pan, crunchy. , fragrant, it is delicious
    Chuanwei can’t be separated from a “spicy” word. The string of peppers soaked out will make people feel hot. After being cooked in the pot, the spicy taste will not be scattered, and it will be more intense.
    The dish dish in this ceramic bowl can also be seen in Chengdu. It is similar to the cooked hot pot dish. This dish is pig brain flower, which is specially cooked and delicious.
    After eating, I must have a piece of ice powder. I have asked many friends from other places. The favorite thing about Chengdu snacks is this. After all, apart from Chongqing, Chengdu, where can you eat such delicious ice powder in other places? It is hot and hot, and the best companion for hot pot skewers is it.
    The decoration in the store is a bit like the feelings of the 70s and 80s. Some of the slogans on the wall and some details in the store are suitable for taking pictures and playing cards.
    If you want to drink water or pay the bill, you can get the commissary. Have you seen the cashier at the front desk?
     Chun Xi Road
    To know if a city is prosperous or not, take a look at the main commercial street in this place. From the flow of people, the number of brands, the number of shopping malls, you can feel the strength of this street; it is like the commercial street of Nanjing Road and the second and third tier cities in Shanghai. At least the brand of Nanjing Road is difficult to see in a small city~
     Chun Xi Road
    The western region has always lagged behind the eastern coast, so it has been struggling to catch up. In recent years, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Kunming and other cities have caught up with many big cities. But in the commercial street, Chengdu was at the forefront ten years ago.
    Here is the first commercial pedestrian street in the west: [Chunxi Road]
    There is a saying: Do not come to Chunxi Road, never visited Chengdu City! It has become one of the places where foreign tourists come to Chengdu for a must-see card. Do you have to come here when you come to Chengdu? Haha
    IFS’s net red panda, once smashed across the country because of a jeweler’s advertisement, has become a holy place for countless people to come to check-in. In fact, IFS is particularly rich in eating, drinking, and drinking. The rows of all-glass façade buildings are also the high-value places for photo punching.
    how about it? Is it a feeling of height on the hand?
    A mobile phone is so beautiful, so the high-grade place is also suitable for taking pictures. Moreover, foreign tourists want to buy some gifts and give them back to friends. This is also a good place. There are many brands and supermarkets, and the transportation is convenient. It is a good place.
    Chunxi Road is very busy all year round, and it is crowded at any time. For example, the moment I took a photo, it was the afternoon of the working day, and the working hours were still lively. There are many food stores on the street. If you like to eat, you can eat them all the way, and the price is not expensive. It is in stark contrast with the shopping malls on the tall, a city life behind the bustling.
    The key point is: the shopping malls and specialty supermarkets in Chunxi Road are also a good place to buy and buy for tourists, and the price is not high, the price of the people and the environment of the high, pay attention to ~
    Of course, the most grounded gas is still on the Chunxi Road [hot pot car], all major brands of hot pot restaurants have put the shuttle bus on Chunxi Road, want to go to eat what hot pot directly on the train, free; intimate?
    Some centuries-old buildings on the street
     Fangsuo Bookstore (Chengdu Store)
    Address: M068-M070, MB1 Floor, Ocean Taikooli, No. 8 Zhongsha Mao Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu (Cartier side enters the down elevator)
    The visitor said: “We are not here to read books, but to take pictures.”
    Every city has a group of people who like to read books, but not every city has a beautiful bookstore. Every time I come to Chengdu, I will sigh that the charm of this city is unstoppable: in addition to food, beauty, beauty, and beautiful bookstores!
     Fangsuo Bookstore (Ocean Taikooli Store)
    Here is the “Fangshou Bookstore” in Taikoo Li, which is separated by Chunxi Road, a place known as “Chengdu Wenxin”. It is also the most beautiful bookstore in the city. When you see him at first sight, When you are, you will be attracted to your eyes.
     Fangsuo Bookstore (Ocean Taikooli Store)
     Cool entrance
    Visitors who have been here will sigh: This is not a bookstore, it is entirely a sight to see!
    Strolling through it, taking a photo at random is very beautiful; the huge underground space is part of the bookstore, and the unique decoration style puts a huge pillar in the store, along the wall is a row of bookshelves, refreshed Everyone knows about interior architecture.
    In fact, reading is not only reading, because books are mostly the same; reading books also depends on the environment, because the beautiful environment will make people feel more happy.
    After all, the biggest goal for tourists to come to Chengdu is not to read books, but to visit different attractions. Here is a small place worth punching.
    Who says that bookstores must read books? Here you can order a cup of coffee, make a mousse cake, sit in a chair and enjoy an afternoon of time; you can also walk around and pat, leaving the most beautiful memories. After all, people here are already used to taking pictures, no one will interfere, you can enjoy the beauty in your own world.
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    Although Taikooli is nominally a part of the Chunxi Road business district, but to tell the truth, this guy does not give Chunxi pavement at all, and the design is too high-end, right? The entire area is full of antique buildings. In addition to the big names, it is a luxury big name. There is also Bosher, which is known as the first hotel in Chengdu. It is directly a whole set of Boss Hotel, which was converted from the Qing Dynasty’s Wangye House. It is also the local tyrant who came to Chunxi. The favorite place to hit the road, the basic room must be more than two thousand one night ~
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    Standing on the heights overlooking Taikoo Li, the Lang Yu Building in the distance is close to the antique buildings in the vicinity, and the beauty is very ~
    In addition to shopping, Taigu Li’s other function is food. There is a symmetrical street next to the Apple store and Nike store. There are all kinds of restaurants on both sides, and they are all beautifully decorated. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly expensive. Of course, I said For me, the local tyrants bypassed, hahaha~
    Every Apple Store incorporates the design elements of the city, which is the biggest attraction of the Apple Store compared to other branded retail stores.
    Chengdu, Oceanic Taikooli store, simple style is really suitable for taking pictures
    Feel free to stroll until the evening, a pair of small couples began to go out to visit, think about the first two years I was also single in Chengdu envious of watching a couple of people shopping, this year finally holding a girl.
    Prosperous, Oceanic Taikoo ~
    In fact, I don’t know this brand, but I feel that it is very good to shoot, so I have a card for me. Do you know anyone? Trouble message to explain, grateful ~
    The scenery of Taikooli after the day is completely dark, and the opposite ancient building is reflected in the fountain pool. It is really beautiful.
    Here is the entrance from Chunxi Road. If you are interested, you can come and enjoy it.
     Jiyu·Thai-style seafood hot pot (Taigu Li shop)
    Address: No. 1 Gate, No. 169, Xiadong Street, Crystal Fusion, Phase 2, Ocean Exhibition.
    Five-star praise to this store, not afraid of their pride.
    Taikoo LiIt’s just a bustling scene, and there’s some delicious food waiting for you to discover that we’re going to have a hot pot restaurant in Taikoo Li. How many hot pot restaurants are there in Chengdu? Although no statistics, but at least more than five thousand. It can be seen that the competitive pressure of the Chengdu hot pot industry is large~
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    However, among the thousands of horses and horses, there are still splendid generations, such as the familiar Xiaolongkan, the heroes, and the [Jiyu Thai-style hot pot] that I am punching today. Non-chuanwei has successfully entered the top ten of Chengdu’s hot pot list and the first place of Chengdu Thai-style hot pot. One of the food websites includes the existence of the 2017 and 2018 biennial must-eat restaurants.
    Although the fishery hot pot still needs to be lined up late at night, it is the first place in Chengdu’s Thai hot pot.
    Thai style hot pot only Tom Yum Kung soup? No, it’s totally wrong. When you come to this store, you will understand: boutique desserts and delicious seafood and spicy hot pot can coexist, and Western restaurant-style services can also be enjoyed in hot pot restaurants.
    The interior decoration is very beautiful, and the first feeling is not like a hot pot restaurant, but a fine western restaurant.
    One of the most affordable services in the store is to order a set meal for two, then the snack dessert is available in unlimited quantities.
    I especially like this one [Yang Zhi Gan Lu], the taste does not lose the outside dessert shop
    [The bottom of the Tom Yum Kung pot] is the signboard in the store. It is a little lighter than the taste I have eaten in Thailand. It is not so irritating to the throat, and it is more acceptable. The soup base is very rich and can be labeled before the official leek. Drink a bowl first, very fragrant
    Another major feature of the store is the saucer. Unlike the traditional hot pot sesame oil dish, here is a dish with six different flavors for the eater. Which one you like, which is a very intimate service.
    Super fresh seafood, great taste
    After cooking the seafood, look at the size of the shrimp.
    [Drunken Shrimp Platter] Put the soy sauce in your mouth and explode in an instant, bombing your taste buds every second.
    Exquisite snacks, good looking and delicious
    The paired drinks are also good.
    The service attitude in the store does not lose to Haidilao. At any time, it is a staff tracking service. If there is any need, you can solve it immediately without opening. Intimate~
     Twelve o’clock Chunxi Road
    How prosperous is Chunxi Road? According to the written records: Chunxi Road covers an area of ​​20 hectares and has more than 700 commercial outlets. It is a century-old history, so there is another name called “Baijinjin Street”.
    But do you know? The prosperous Chunxi Road will also have a quiet side. After eating the hot pot, let us come to the Chunxi Road at 12 o’clock midnight to see what this bustling commercial pedestrian street looks like in the middle of the night!
     Chun Xi Road
    The street culture of Chengdu should be the most popular among the many provinces in the west. Whether it is a label such as a rap club, a famous rapper such as Xie Boss, or a street graffiti, people feel the passion of this slow-lived city. However, in the middle of the night, the streets of Chunxi Road became the world of skateboarding teenagers. Dozens of handsome pots and a small number of small beauties were here in various shows, which attracted the crowds of melons and screams, but unfortunately did not bring 70-200 shots. Or grab a few close-ups should be cool~
    After walking through the square, I went to the bronze statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Chunxi Road began to be divided into two parts. This was because when the Chunxi Road was built, there was a nail house in the place. Because of the translation relationship for the French, the warlord also If he didn’t dare to move him, he would split the main street into two. At that time, there was no sovereignty and no national prestige. Such a traitor can walk the dog to make the Sichuan king bow his head.
    On the Chunxi Road, the net red beef dumplings shop has been lined up in the morning and has been queued until late at night. At this time, many people are still lined up, showing a good taste rather than a purely speculative shop.
    The net red in the live broadcast, when the night is quiet, the net red will start to work, and some are in the room to draw a makeup beauty to accompany the man to chat, and some come to the street to scream and sell silly blog attention. This is the latter. I don’t know why he wants to be loud, is it to make his voice loud and powerful?
    The deserted streets and the bustling days are completely different worlds.
    With no tourists, the workers’ masters rushed to repair the broken places, and the sparks drawn by the cutting knife were particularly eye-catching in the night.
    Sticking to the small dining car, life or life?
     Atour Hotel (Chengdu Taigu Li Riverside Store)Address: No. 8, Wangping Binhe Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu.
    Atour Hotel, a hotel brand that changes the way travel is done. Because my old sister is a super fan of Atour, the first choice for each trip, she should have lived in more than a dozen Atos hotels. So under her influence, I also began to have curiosity about the brand. Just approaching Taikoo Li from Chunxi Road, I booked the hotel tonight at this hotel~
    The hotel is across the river from Taikouri, and the attractions such as Chunxi Road, Taikooli, and Daci Temple are very close, and the walk is over. Take Subway Line 2 and get off at the [Dongmen Bridge] station. After exiting D2, follow the riverside road to the right hand side. You will see the road once again.
    The hotel service has been reflected from the moment you arrive at the gate. First of all, there is a staff at the door to open the door for you. The first time you come in, someone will bring a cup of warm tea. According to the old lady, each store has a different style. So far, she has not lived in the same two stores.
    The first feeling of entering the hotel was instantly circulated. The wall and bookshelves, sofas and ornaments are really beautiful. The feeling is very stylish. Do you know if you like it or not?
    Atour Hotel also has one of the most praised services that can be returned from a different place. Suppose we borrow books from this riverside store. After we go back to the book, we can go to another nearby store. Even other cities have no problem.
    The front desk has the best business ability, handling online orders and check-in speed is super fast, and guests come to have hot tea, and there is hot tea at the front desk when checking out. This service is really good.
    The room size is not large, the left hand side of the entrance is the bathroom, and the right side is the wardrobe. The name of the room to be stayed is “Jimu”, facing the river view of the river bed, but the photos will be shown later. This season, Chengdu is still a common room. The money is not worth it. What is the weather? River view, let’s talk about the green water in the river.
    Although the room area is not dominant, the toilet area is relatively large, there is no smell and obvious stains, the shower room is separated from the outside dry and wet, the floor drain is force, and no water is coming out.
    The atmosphere of the washbasin, the towels are very comfortable to use.
     D3, experience Chengdu humanities, punch the authentic Chengdu flavor
    Because the hotel also has to accept the banquet, it is divided into two parts, close to the door is the round table for the banquet, and the other side is the deck. Overall the restaurant environment is not bad.
    The breakfast menu is plentiful and has many options.The drink tastes great too. But it’s a silly day, and for the breakfast, we really can’t eat much.
    There is also the ability to cook noodles, hand-to-hand, rice noodles, etc., the versatile chef~
    For the sofa control, lying on the window and drinking water watching the book listening to music is the best enjoyment. It’s just that there’s still a trip to go today, so I’ll just take a short walk.
    The theme of photography and literature of Atour Hotel makes the bedside and hall walls of each room in the hotel have unique landscape paintings. When you check out, you can look carefully and it looks like Xiling Snow Mountain.
     Daci Temple
    The left hand is prosperous in Taikoo Li, and the right hand is quiet and the Daci Temple. This is the best summary of Chengdu must-have attractions that are easily missed by a visitor~
     Daci Temple
    Ancient Chengdu is the temple and the west is the city. This “city” is well understood. It refers to the Chengdu area, but many people do not know what the “temple” that occupied half of the country in the ancient Chengdu period?
    In fact, the temple mentioned here is the ancient Daci Temple in the most prosperous Taikoo Li business district. From the above, you can also see that the ancient Daci Temple is the area of ​​the “Royal Temple”. Grand.
    Tang Xuanzhao had lived here for a long time before the Western Region, so it is now the most popular “Chuzhong Royal First Zen Temple” in Chengdu. In this place where the main entrance comes in, there is a plaque about Xuanzang.
    Moreover, every golden autumn is full of golden temples, one of the top ten famous ginkgo viewpoints in Chengdu. So everyone can see from the photos that the leaves of Daci Temple are yellower than other places.
    Although there is a bustling business district next to it, there will also be activities such as Buddhist associations in the temple, so that Buddhist lovers and Buddhists have a place to communicate. It is also a way for tourists to understand this culture.
    What is Zen? What is it?
    There is no such thing as calling Zen, and it is not tempted.
    Buddha candlelight, a piece of pure land
    Keeping pace with the times, there are some more modern objects in the hospital. What do you think of this?
    There are gods in the head, and the bad things do more. It is the true meaning of Buddhism, and it is also the view that you see at the entrance of Daci Temple.
     Daci Temple Tea House
    Do you like tea? Then you can feel the unique temple tea in Daci Temple.
    There are few quiet places in the bustling business district, and there is a great hidden immersion in the city. After visiting the scenery here, enjoy a cup of green tea in the Zen Room Tea Room and enjoy the memory of the old Chengdu behind this bustling city.
    However, I must come over early in the morning, and I will not be in a position later than a little later.
    The price list, in fact, the snacks in the temple are still very cheap, but the price of tea is a little more expensive than the outside teahouse, but the atmosphere is different after all, so see how you choose.
    You can also sit in the aisle outside and enjoy the sun.
    Kirin at the door? Or what kind of beast, the carving is lively, the British is compelling
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    In the evening, Taikoo is suitable for watching beautiful women and beautiful scenery, but Taikoo Li in the day is suitable for shopping. From the Daci Temple, it is the central area of ​​Taikoo Li. It can be transferred to the road for two hours without repeating. It is convenient for many brands to buy anything.
     Chengdu Ocean Ocean Taikooli
    Many street photographers regard Chunxi Road and Taikooli as a holy place. Every time a work is published, it is shot here, so it is said that the fashion beauty in Taikoo is really more!
    Look around! I heard that this is the term of the old iron here, buy a drink to sit on the side of the road, and then it seems to come to the beauty. It sounds a bit small and wretched, but it is very attractive, hahaha~
    There is a square in the middle of Taikoo Li, and there are various brands doing promotional activities every day. Every time, I can attract a lot of people who eat melons, beautiful Apple Store is right next to
    If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Taikoo Li, the drone is not allowed to fly, but I have a good place here. Everyone should know about it, it is the “Lang Yu Building”. There are many special coffees on the 40th floor and above of this building. Shop, everyone can go up to a drink, then enjoy the whole view of Taikoo Li by the balcony or window, which is the opposite of the twin towers.
    Beautiful food shop, enjoy life, sit on the bamboo chair on the edge of the sun
    Female friends who like to shop can’t miss it, come and buy it for fun~
    Although it is still early in the morning, there are already a lot of pedestrians shopping. The restaurant here is also open earlier. Plus the food of Daci Temple just mentioned to everyone, don’t worry about eating.
     Jinli Ancient Street
    Address: No. 231 Wuhouyu Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu
    A place where Chengdu’s travel impression is more profound is what locals are not willing to go to – Jinli!
     Jing Li
    Why do local people are not willing to go? Because Jinli’s status is like Xi’an Huimin Street, Xining Mojia Street, and Xiamen Zengqi, it belongs to the Net Red Food Street, which provides places for foreign tourists to visit and play.
    But for those of us who are foreign tourists, we are happy to have such a place for us to go shopping. After all, we can eat dozens of Chengdu cuisine from the street to the end, avoiding the trouble of finding snacks everywhere.
    This ancient street brings together the specialty snacks, tourist souvenirs and representative cultural products of Sichuan’s various cities, and even the cultural heritage that is difficult to see in other places such as Sichuan Opera’s face-changing and enamel performances.
    Personally think that whether it is for eating or playing, Jinli is a place where Chengdu should punch cards.
    The same is the food street, Jinli is more abundant than the wide and narrow alleys, especially the streets of Sanguo Street and Guanyu are full of various snacks, there are common pineapple rice, chicken wings and rice, and there are many representative snacks in Sichuan. Such as bacon ribs, duck intestines, rabbits, rabbit heads and so on. Everything should be available, some are choices
    The snacks from the secret recipe of the palace taste very good.
    [Yangding Sansheng] Jinli’s lover gathering place, when the little couples come to play, they can buy a brand here, write down their expectations for the future, and hang on the ancient trees to pray. It is said that it is very effective, everyone can try it.
    Potted plants made of wool, very distinctive
     Wide and narrow alley
    Address: East of Tongren Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    Chengdu attractions, who travels to Chengdu who dare to say that have not been to? [Kuanzhai Alley] A controversial attraction like Jinli. In fact, in my opinion, if people drink water and know how to know, how to feel is divided into different people. Let me use the graphic way to take everyone to visit it~
     Wide and narrow alley
    Generally, tourists visiting Chengdu will first choose Kuanzhai Alley, mainly because they have more places to play, larger area and convenient transportation. Chengdu Metro Line 4 has set up a special station for [Kuanzhai Alley]. When you get off here, you will get off at the entrance of the scenic spot. Plus it is close to the People’s Park. The reasonable plan is to play on the upper line.
    Walking in the wide and narrow alleys, a random roadside stall is a variety of food, so you can’t stop. The point is that the price is really expensive.
    Sichuan bacon is famous both at home and abroad. Is it regrettable that you don’t want to eat pork, stir-fried bacon, whole sausage and ribs?
    And this pig’s nose is inserted into the onion, the next sentence is what?
    As the saying goes: no rabbit can live in Chengdu!
    How many people in Chengdu like to eat rabbits? Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, shredded rabbit, spicy rabbit, salted rabbit, Zigong cold rabbit. . . . Do not say drooling. Rabbit Ding take a look
    One of the signs in the wide and narrow alley is also the embodiment of the slow paced life of old Chengdu – licking your ears!
    Foreign tourists can try it once, and the iron sign plays a few times in the ear. The feeling of crispy and crisp is super good.
    One of the twenty-five yuan street paintings has no other shortcomings except for the rare ones. The paintings are very similar.
    Many people in the wide and narrow alleys can’t help but buy and buy, because in addition to food street, cultural street or a shopping street, panda dolls, silk embroidery, tea, tea cups, hot pot bottom materials, etc. are suitable for friends and family. Buy it back.
    Known as the two most “copper people” in the wide and narrow alleys, twenty yuan at a time with you to take three photos, the fans are stunned, when you can’t move, you can’t see the real person.
    In order to take pictures and fight the aunt, it’s more interesting to go out to travel than to buy ramie.
    Every year is a sea of ​​people, the heat of this street is really the first few in Chengdu
     Such as in Yulinlin Road shop
    Address: 1st Floor, Yulin Life Plaza, Yulin South Road.
    Like [such as in the 蜀] this delicious old hot pot restaurant, it is really not able to grab the location. The address of this shop is on the first floor of Yulin Life Square on Yulin South Road. It is located under the Second Ring Viaduct and the place is still very well found.
     As in 蜀
    A Chengdu sings a Yulin Road tavern, but for those of us who go to Chengdu several times a year: Go to the tavern to dry up? Isn’t it more beautiful to come over to eat a hot pot?
    Due to some inconvenience of the female ticket, we ordered the shabu-shabu. After all, the female ticket is a shabu-shabu, and it is a compromise. Haha
    The first dish that I strongly recommend is [Bamboo Shrimp Slip], everyone can feel the style different from the usual plated shrimp.
    Have you seen the mushrooms we ordered? It’s really fresh, it’s still on the pile.
    Cut into a silk layer of belly, a little hot to enter, with a bit of crisp and unique aroma, eat a copy is not enough, really enjoy
    Although the beef meat in the south is not as good as the north, the well-made shop can make up for this loophole. For example, the [beef slice] of this shop is really amazing, the beef is not pickled, but the freshly cut beef slices on the spot, it can be cooked quickly, and the taste is good.
    [Sleek and tender ridge] This dish is the tenderest part of the pig, so after eating in the pan, it is still delicious and sour as smooth as jelly. Remember not to burn too long, because this dish will become cotton and can’t be chewed after it has been burnt for a long time.
    [Boneless Duck] A dish that is more fragrant and more fragrant, you can throw it into the pot from the beginning, and cook it for half an hour before you fish it. The crisp bone inside the duck’s paw has been boiled, and the whole duck’s paw can be put. Chewing directly into the mouth, it is called a fragrant 哟~
    The duck’s paw after cooking has shrunk a little.
    [Brown Sugar 糍粑] A matching dish that you must eat in a hot pot is the best companion for hot pot. You can’t eat such authentic taste in the field. Do not believe that you can understand it~
    Du Fu’s original works [Chengdu House], with hundreds of words printed on the walls of the store
    The tissue box in the store, with the trademark of Ruan, is really beautiful.
    After a full meal, you will go to check out a more interesting place.
     People’s Park
    Every place has a park, but everyone said that they missed Chengdu and missed it. Why?
    Because Chengdu People’s Park is not only a century-old brand with a long history, but also a representative of life in Chengdu.
     People’s Park
    Here is the People’s Park, a park built by warlords during the Republic of China, but it has become a century-old legend, becoming the last old Chengdu flavor of the city, especially the Heming Teahouse in the park, a bowl of bowl of tea, and drinking. A hundred years old.
    The first thing to visit Chengdu is not to miss this bowl of tea. Because in the tea house, you will not only experience the taste of Chengdu, but also the beauty of the tea house.
    As a tourist, walking in the People’s Park, I am most impressed by three places. The first one is the leisure life of the people of Chengdu. When I came over, it was just Wednesday. The reason should be a more important day of work in the week, but the people who sat in the park drinking tea were all Chengdu people who spoke Sichuanese. When the winter vacation takes the baby to go where to travel, this attitude of life is the feeling that old Chengdu should have. It is really envious.
    The second is [Baolu Sports Monument]
    At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the powers insulted and the weak Qing government slandered and humiliated the country, and cut land compensation. Seriously harming the interests of our people, under this background, Sichuan initiated the road-protection movement, which not only highlights the bloodiness of the working people of our country, but also lays the foundation for the Wuchang Uprising, which can be said to be one of the greatest things of that era. Now the People’s Park is commemorating the monument. As a new generation of citizens, how can we forget the bloody battles of our ancestors?
    Third, [Chuanjun Chuanchuan Sculpture Group]
    Once upon a time, when the country was in distress, the building would be tilted;
    In the history of the Chinese war of resistance, the glory of “the river is not a military” has been left in the history of the war of resistance in China. In the end, the Sichuan people who can return are in the third place, and tens of thousands of troops have been sleeping on the battlefield of the anti-Japanese war. . The land was partial, the weapons and equipment were backward, and even the front line did not want to take this unit. However, relying on the ground guns, the Sichuan people left a famous record.
    Therefore, here is not only an ordinary park, but also a symbol of the old memory of this city.
    Just as the chrysanthemums are in full bloom, the People’s Park has opened a grand chrysanthemum exhibition. Everyone is starting now and can see many beautiful varieties.
    This kind of rare two-color idiom, I am sure that you will see a better praise in the world.
     Drunk Xichang (Hongyun Store)
    “Without the smoke, the life is a lonely journey” is the best summary of the barbecue; however, the barbecue is not just a “string”, the unique barbecue genre in Sichuan [Xichang Brazier Grill] will Refresh your cognition.
    I used to eat a Xichang barbecue in the past and I had to take a night to go to Daliangshan. Now I can go directly to Chengdu Huiyuan North Road to have a authentic [Drunken Xichang Brazier Grill]
     Drunk Xichang
    This trip to Chengdu is a delicious taste. This store is also a “must eat restaurant in 2017” in the public comment. It has also been on the Hunan Satellite TV every day. It is considered to be the rare Xichang brazier in Chengdu. . After all, it’s not easy to go to Xichang. Come here to solve it, haha~
    I don’t know if you have seen a food documentary, “Life in a String”? The second episode is dedicated to Sichuan barbecue, one of which is Xichang barbecue.
    Of course, the Xichang barbecue in Chengdu has been improved, there will not be a kind of sky-filled fumes flying, this unique roasting pot will suck all the fumes away, and after eating a meal, there will be no charcoal fire left. taste.
    I took a taxi with my girlfriend for an hour, just for the unique “small pork” of this big Liangshan. This unique Xichang small pork is very delicious, because it is not made up of MSG and pepper, but the gift of Daliangshan to Xichang people, that is, the meat of the soil pig is delicious, and the delicate taste of the small suckling pig.The small pork must be on the big bamboo block to have a feeling, and the Liangshan pig is different from the barbecue in the field. It is roasted with pork skin. After roasting, it is delicious.
    Put it on the iron frame and bake it, and the oily water will start to go out;
    It should be known that this unique Liangshan pig cannot be farmed in the field and must be purchased at the home of the Yi people in the Great Liangshan Mountains, so it is especially precious.
    Although looking at the fat and thin, but the girls do not have to worry at all, stick to the seasoning when eating, not greasy, this dry dish is mixed with chili powder, soy flour, sesame powder for three minutes, eat not to mention How fragrant it is~
    Pork is the inseparable configuration of Xichang barbecue. Whether it is the small pork or the pork strip mentioned above, it is the running pig from Daliangshan, which guarantees the delicious taste of Xichang barbecue.
    Pork belly, fat but not greasy, baked and rolled with mustard in a small yellow bowl
    I have been eating until 11 o’clock in the evening to pay the bill. I have to say that the barbecue is more like eating in the open-air dam. The night is so cold. Everyone goes to the rooftop to fill it. The lobby is not much.
    After eating, come back with a bottle of characteristic Liangshan snow, beautiful ~
    It’s a wonderful day to eat and drink.
     D4, the journey is coming to an end, there is still a little sadness in my heart.
     Sichuan Music College
    Address: No. 6, Xinsheng Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu
    Originally, I came to Sichuan University, but I passed the [Sichuan Conservatory of Music] and then walked in and out. Although the university is not large enough, it is not as strong as Sichuan University and West Jiaotong University. It is the most concentrated place for beautiful guys and the most expensive colleges. As a visitor to check in, it is a good experience~
     Sichuan Music College
    Chuanyin and Sichuan University are separated by a wall. The small alley next to them is the small commodity street of Sichuan University. It is an intimate neighbor.
    As a well-known art school in the country, the strength of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music is not to be underestimated. After all, famous artists such as Li Yundi, Li Yuchun, Tan Weiwei, Liu Xiaoqing, etc. are all graduated from this school, and with their strong school-running strength, it can be said that Chuanyin is the whole. The best schools for art majors in the western region
    The Sichuan Conservatory of Music has a history of more than 70 years since its establishment. It is one of the nine professional higher music colleges in China, and it has the right to grant master’s degrees. So don’t think that the art is not enough. There are also a lot of masters.
    Walking along the Qinglian Street, you will be able to reach the “Music Equipment Street” outside the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. This street really relies on the Sichuan Sound to survive. The entire street is full of shops selling various musical equipment, especially There are many piano shops. Although I don’t understand the instruments, I don’t think the price is cheap. It’s really rich people who play art.
    I walked to the main entrance of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and saw a row of luxury cars parked on the outside of the road. I walked into the school. The parking lot was a variety of luxury cars. For example, the rare Tesla saw four cars and all the new ones. . It’s really amazing, whether it’s the school’s student’s car or the teacher’s car or the pick-up car, in short, it’s right to see the luxury cars here.
    In the corner of the teaching building, you can clearly see that this campus has been around for some years.
    Where students practice vocal music, when they walk into this courtyard, they can hear the sounds of the singers and the songs of the students, and the sounds of various instruments, as the truth goes. . . Really noisy, hahaha
     Sichuan University
    Address: No. 24, South Section, First Ring Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu
    Every year, the world’s college rankings will make countless universities excited. After all, the ranking of colleges means enrollment in the second year.
    However, Chengdu’s food capital is different. The university’s enrollment here is not based on the value of the face, and the second is not touted. It is based on the taste of the school cafeteria and attracts no mathematics, especially Sichuan University, known as “Sichuan”. Food University.”
     Sichuan University Third Canteen
    How did this name come from? It turned out to be the Sichuan University and Fudan University Association. In addition to sending a student group, Sichuan University also sent two chefs from the school cafeteria. I didn’t expect the two chefs to stir up a few home-cooked dishes after they arrived in Shanghai. The Fudan students came to eat in long queues, and the first time they passed the tenth, the two chefs burst into the college circle. In this regard, the parties responded very calmly: “Our canteen is this level every day, and the dishes are exchanged for not heavy.”
    Envy? Oh no? This is the first charm that Sichuan University has given you, so that you are not alone in the university for four years, and you will be accompanied by food every day. They all said that the corner met with love, but in the campus of Sichuan University, it was the corner to meet the “home-cooked noodles”. I didn’t expect a small row of stalls on the quiet green avenue, hahaha! Is this going to make the food culture of Sichuan University run through every trail on campus?
    In addition to food, the campus scenery of Sichuan University is also very beautiful. After all, it is the first university in the 12 western provinces. Whether it is software or hardware, it has to be dominated. The ordinary one building gives a high feeling. What’s more, here is not the most beautiful campus, the new campus of Sichuan University is called beautiful.
    Sichuan University, there is no destination in the heart of mathematics, but unfortunately I did not have this strength to test, can only come around every year, feel the atmosphere,,,, and food in the park!
    Sports ground on campus
    Central axis main building
    This wave of operation is six or six, and it is also possible to fly with a single mobile phone, haha!
    Jokes are jokes, everyone still has to pay attention to safety.
    Address: No. 66, Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    From Chuanda University, you can take the subway directly to the [Wenshu Monastery] scenic spot. Wenshu Monastery is a famous Buddhist shrine in Sichuan. According to the introduction of the temple, the courtyard was built in the Sui Dynasty. The Kangxi Emperor gave the “empty forest” a piece of money. Therefore, the Wenshu Monastery is also known as the “empty forest hall”, which is regarded as a royal-certified temple with noble blood.
    The quaint and heavy wall is surrounded by ancient temples. The main entrance is embroidered with the three characters of Wenshu Monastery. It is surrounded by the Amitabha in the south, the solemn land, the love of the music, the peace of the world, and the happiness of mankind. The Wenshu Monastery is very solemn. Solemn. The pavilions in the woods are looming and the buildings are beautiful.
    On the central axis of the temple, there are five temples, such as Tianwang Hall, Guanyin Hall, Daxiong Hall, Yantang Hall, and Tibetan Classical Building. But the most beautiful is the Stone Forest Promenade next to the incense, and there is a pair of stone plates at the entrance. It was beautifully decorated and it was very atmospheric.
    Chinese classical architecture is particularly beautiful. This kind of eaves is very common in this temple. It doesn’t need post-coloring after it is shot. It is this carving technique and shape that makes people feel very beautiful.
    The Wenshuyuan Thousand Buddhas Peace Pagoda is not too big in terms of form, but it has a thousand different Buddha statues on it. It was built in the 1980s by the broad and old monks to pray for world peace.
    Nowadays, this place is the place where the Wenshuyuan has a long lamp. There are many pilgrims for the light. If you are willing, you can contact the monks in the temple to understand the price.
    This place should be below the route?
    The naked eye can see the plane flying over the sky~
    The majestic and quaint old building is a natural place for photographers. At this time, if there is another costume beauty, wearing a Chinese costume, passing back and laughing, it will be a great work.
    Wenshuyuan provides three fragrances for pilgrims free of charge. After burning incense, worshipping a Buddha, making a wish, and then eating a bowl of vegetarian food, this is the enjoyment of the Wenshuyuan travel process.
    Finally, I came to the silent faucet, but now I can no longer use it to ring the bell, but I can also enjoy the blessing.
     Tianfu Square
    Address: Section 1, Renmin South Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    This square is called the heart of Chengdu and is the place with the most public facilities.
    Before leaving, you should take the No. 2 line to Tianfu Square and take the high-speed train to the East Railway Station. You will get a wave of this Chengdu landmark. The location of Tianfu Square for Chengdu is the same as that of the clock tower in Xi’an, but the difference is that the clock tower is really It is the center of the city, and Tianfu Square is a lot of north, and to a greater extent, the center of symbolism.
     Tianfu Square
    There are many public facilities in Tianfu Square. The provincial art museum with the richest art collection in Tianfu’s country, the Jincheng Art Palace, the provincial science museum, the city museum, and the provincial library are all around the square. You can visit the past one by one, no tickets are needed.
    Buy a little bit and have a happy time to go home
     Chengdu East Railway Station
    Once, it was possible to drive on Niubei Mountain, and it seemed to be a gateway to Wonderland! However, the reconstruction of Niubei Mountain has been closed until now. Once, it was the last time that Baoyu could feel the back garden of God. For example, this year, Baoyu closed indefinitely. Once, everyone was able to board the Everest base camp, and now Mount Everest has closed the passage to prevent everyone from boarding. Once, Jiuzhaigou was a purely natural landscape, and now Jiuzhaigou was ruined by the earthquake.
    Too many examples tell us the truth: travel is squatting, don’t wait until there is no chance to regret it!
    Chengdu’s four-day tour, leaving too many beautiful and unforgettable, although the feeling of leaving is a little lost, but with my two so playful character, how long can I wait for it to come back again? Maybe in the spring, we will meet in the streets of Chengdu.
    Goodbye, Rongcheng; goodbye, the capital of food~
     Chengdu East Railway Station

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