Frank Franco Chan [Meeting Travel] 12 Days Night Thailand Escape

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    Original music, travel, and your own life will be posted on Weibo.
    On August 9th, when Don Muang wanted to turn around, an uncle asked me, “Thai people are still Chinese?” I laughed and answered him, “Chinese people, who are Thai in Thailand.” The process is full of all kinds of encounters. Looking back at the wonderful experience of these 12 days, I took out the pen, sat on the stool in the airport and wrote the melody you are now hearing.
    I started planning a year ago and came to Thailand with expectations. I experienced a 12-day runaway. Looking back now, I still remember the beauty of Thailand and the enthusiasm of the Thai people. This trip has met many people, thanks to a lot of people giving
    We helped and filled me with memories throughout the summer. Thanks to the beautiful lady Xiaoman, Fiona, Vivian, Laobai and Xiaobai met in Chiang Mai, together in Pai in No.
    9 Hunan photographer Kate and university girl Lili who have had dinner in the overnight city, and Pura
    Vida boss Noi, Miss Yang of Thailand and kind car driver. Because meeting you makes my trip more meaningful.
    First come to the sky pressure field on the small plane of AirAsia
    The trip will have new inspiration, I will write them out in music. The song is my own feeling, and called it “Meeting
    Travel. Arranging, songs and singing are all Frank himself. I simply recorded a demo with a computer. It is not well recorded, and it is not a Mix. So there are a lot of tricks. I hope everyone likes it. Many friends ask me for music. Will be posted on Weibo, will also provide free download of Demo, if not disappointing, pay attention to a microblog. I have been doing music and music for a long time, and I hope to find music that I hope to play.
    Every musical instrument and every note of the song is written by Frank himself very hard, so I hope that my favorite friends respect the copyright. If necessary, please contact me.
    Going out with D7000 plus 18-105 dog head and 50 set, the result is 50mm has not been used, the dog head is equipped with a polarizer, so the sky layering is much better, it turns out that the dog head is still very good
    of. I took more than a thousand photos, because I really didn’t want to take photos. I chose 800+ to stay, and the photos are only a part. In the later stage, only Lightroom was used to adjust the color temperature, exposure, light and dark, and contrast.
    Degree and color. The watermark is handwritten and then extracted.
    I went to Thailand to research a lot of Raiders online before, but I also made a simple plan myself. Because there is a large search on the Internet, this time it is not specific to write a strategy, or to focus on the mood record. When traveling
    Sudden situations such as gas and state have actually occurred, so I suggest that you simply go to Thailand to make a plan, set the ticket and accommodation in advance, and other travel strategies will be handed over to the travel guide and the network.
    Thank you for your holiday.
    From July 29th to Chongqing, and back to Chongqing on the morning of August 10th, the experience was a full 12 days. This itinerary is for reference only, the itinerary is very casual, and there are many times to take a lot of detours, so don’t take my itinerary completely.
    Day 1 Chongqing – Bangkok Su Kau, Siam Square, Erawan
    Day 2 Grand Palace & Jade Buddha Temple, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Khao San Road Night Market
    Day 3 Bangkok – Chiang Mai Lila Massage, Thousand Hot Pot
    Day 4 Suthep Mountain & Shuanglong Temple, Chiang Mai University, Nima Hamming Road, Mango Tango
    Day 5 Minibus to Pai, Coffee in Love, Strawberry, World War II Bridge, Night Market
    Day 6 Mari Pai, Elephant Camp, Tree House
    Day 7 back to Chiang Mai, Sunday Night Market
    Day 8 Visit the ancient city, Wat Chiang Man, Hope Road Temple, Chedi Luang Temple, Wat Arun, Chiang Mai – Phuket
    Day 9 Visiting Badong, Jiangxi Cold
    Day 10 newspaper Pippi two-day tour, Supipi
    Day 11 Pippi – Badong, Simon Cabaret Show
    Day 12 (formerly planned) Karen, Kata Beach, Phuket – Bangkok, Bangkok – Chongqing the next day
    1. Our air tickets are all small planes that AirAsia has booked in advance. The friends who are going to go can pay attention to the movements of AirAsia for a long time and long time. The promotion is very cheap. The more expensive it is, the more expensive it is, but it does not seem to be very cheap now. Also check out our domestic airlines, and sometimes have relatively cheap airline tickets.
    2, the entire hotel is booked on Booking, mainly the price displayed on Booking is tax-included, as long as there is a credit card to order, and can pay cash when you stay.
    3, diet, these are used to eating; tipping these don’t leave you to stay alone.
    4, the consumption level is lower than the domestic, but it is not too cheap. When we arrived, the exchange rate was 5 o’clock. In time and inconvenience, we didn’t need to change it at the Bank of China in advance, and went directly to the airport ATM machine, comparing several. Or the airport ATM machine has the highest exchange rate.
    5, Thai Chinese is very good just a legend, but the English level is generally good, travel must be English or a few words on the body, or you will dance.
    6, the ticket from Chiang Mai to Pai can add Ayaservice WeChat, use WeChat to order the package, there is no need to give more money.
    7. Boats, tickets, and day trips in Phuket are best booked online, which is much cheaper. I booked on the course, and there is a Thai contact, Miss Yang, who can help. Miss Yang is very good at Chinese, and there is no service at the back. It has helped a lot.
    8, the phone card to use happy card, do not have to buy in the country in advance, 7-11 inside the sale, as long as 299B one, much cheaper than domestic purchase.
    9. There are many mosquitoes in Thailand, and you can buy herbicides in major pharmacies in Thailand, which is very effective against mosquito bites.
    ====================================================================================================== ====
    This is my first trip abroad. I have already been excited about flying in Bangkok. I am facing a little bit of fear and tension in the upcoming Thailand. It may be too exciting and too much.
    A short three-hour flight, coming out from Don Mueang Airport, take a taxi to Khao San Road. On the way, the driver communicated with me in his standard Thai English, only to realize that he was already in another country and realized that he
    Have been slaughtered by the driver. Like China, the more developed the city, the more serious it is. The pace of Bangkok is faster, but traffic jams, drivers say “jai” along the way.
    Yennyen”. Let’s take it slowly, right, why do you travel so tightly on your travel holiday? Let everything come slowly.
    When I arrived at Khaoshan Road, I simply packed up at the residence and went to 7-11 to change my calling card. It started to rain in Bangkok. Yes, this is our summer vacation, and it is also the rainy season in Thailand. It is fortunate to leave the high temperature in Chongqing’s midsummer and come to Thailand to escape the heat. Then take a taxi to the first destination, Siam Square.
    Once I saw “Love in Siam”, I knew that Bangkok’s central business circle, Siam Square, was also positioned to stop the first stop of the Siam Square when it was time to arrange a flight. Take a taxi to Khao San Road to Siam Square
    100B, this business district is not enough to visit for a few hours. The Naraya Bangkok package is a good hand letter, although there are also airports. Many brands have discounts, which is much cheaper than domestic ones. First
    I don’t want to buy anything in a day, just want to check it out.
    On the way to Siam Square, the driver told us that there are different companies in Bangkok, so we can see a variety of taxis of various colors on the street. Thailand also left a vivid impression.
    Walking along Siam Square, the Erawan Shrine is nearby. Bangkok is basically a small temple that can be seen on every road. At this time, it is necessary to give full play to the role of google map and English.
    On the way to the Erawan Shrine, marvel at the Thai people’s faith. This is a country of faith. Every time a Thai people pass by a temple, they will stop and cross their hands together. It is also a country with faith and a group of kind and friendly people.
    The Erawan Shrine is a small temple with a very strong incense and should be very spiritual.
    The four-faced Buddha met a very cute child.
    Bangkok is very hot this day, but the people who come to worship Buddha are still in a constant stream, and the Thai people are very religious.
    It is only a 20-minute walk from Khao San to the Grand Palace. Although it seems short, the itinerary is really a big run. Followed by google map to the entrance to the Grand Palace, spent 30B rented a pair of trousers, 500B tickets, squeezed in the middle of the compatriots, visit this magnificent palace. The gold ornaments and the glass are full of eyes, as if they are in the legend of the Journey to the West.
    Because it is a weekend, schools in Bangkok also organize students to visit. All the way to the long shot of the gun, after going home, I found that the lens is completely dirty.
    From the Grand Palace, you can eat at nearby markets, and fruits are cheap.
    Walking along the wall, passing through the pier to the Zhengwang Temple, I sat down on the Chao Phraya River for a while. Looking at the foreign leisure travel that did not have long guns and short guns, suddenly it was envious. Leisure tour, don’t be too tired, don’t go to Zhengwang Temple, you can look at Zhengwang Temple from afar. This is also seen as the Temple of Zheng and the Chao Phraya River.
    Take off
    The shoes went in to visit the Big Buddha. The iron-casting Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. In this circle of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, I once again lamented how much this is a country of faith. Why do they have so many temples? for
    What do they respect the temple? And the Thai people are so kind and kind, and all of this is worth thinking about. And these sighs have become stronger and stronger after Chiang Mai.
    Aunts and Awang can be seen everywhere in Thai temples. They are not afraid of people and will not worry that humans will harm them. They are lazy in the middle of the crowd to do what they want to do, in fact, they are also individual.
    Walking very tired for a day, I went straight from the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and took Tuktuk back to Khao San Road. This is really a place where backpackers gather. The streets are basically European and American tourists, and there are fewer compatriots. Here, the first Thai street
    Side snacks, the first Thai Tea, the first Thai Breakfast, the first Thai horse killing chicken, and almost left a Real Tatoo for the first time.
    When we walked through the Khao San Night Market and returned to the hotel along the way, the nightlife of the foreigner was just beginning. Sitting on the river downstairs in the hotel, I smoked cigarettes, called the family and friends in the country, and blew the river wind. Only the next day, I liked it, and I look forward to going to Chiang Mai tomorrow. .
    Finally, another orange wall of Magic Food, Don Mueang, Bangkok, goodbye.
    When AirAsia’s small plane landed in Chiang Mai, it was still a bit embarrassing. I don’t know what Chiang Mai is all about. All the worries have become redundant in the next few days. Chiang Mai people are warm, friendly, and have good security. Basically, they don’t have to worry about throwing things.
    120B taxi to the hotel in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, because the ancient city is very small, you can stroll around the day, so there is no hotel in Tha Pae. Living in the gates of Chiang Mai has a big market directly, which can solve the problem of eating out.
    Hotel front desk demon sister is very friendly and very enthusiastic. I think the shemale Ladyboy is the third gender of Thai people. They are just like normal people. They just became Ladyboy for various reasons. They should not look at them with a different look. Just like a normal person.
    Double strips, 20B everywhere
    I went to Han Chiang Mai to have a free Chinese map. I received a college girl studying Chinese. I knew that we would go to a thousand hot pots later, and also helped us to nail the Thai address of thousands of hot pots on the map.
    Holding a map walking on the streets of the ancient city, a Thai young man came home on a bicycle and stopped right next to us, thinking that we were lost, enthusiastically communicating with us in English, and introducing us to the one he bought. dinner. Thai people are so friendly.
    On the road, I met the elementary school, and the boy in the Boy Scout costume was in traffic. I saw that I was shooting him, and I was happy to give a thumbs up. I also thanked him with a thumb.
    In the ancient city, there is a temple in three steps. If you walk in the streets of the ancient city, you have to sigh the belief of the Thai people. It is said that the children of Thailand are sent to be monks before they become adult. Their respect for the Buddha and their love are learned. This is also the source of warm, friendly and kind Thai people.
    Chedi Dragon Temple
    In the middle school that went to the Qingman Temple, the school seemed to be playing a sports meeting, and the students of the group were rehearsing. From the mouth of the locals, the summer vacations of Thai schools are the hottest times in March and April, and we are in class during the summer vacation.
    Wat Chiang Man
    Taupe door
    A pair of loving fathers and sons traveled and captured this wonderful moment.
    A very cute little temple in the ancient city
    Monks can be seen everywhere in the ancient city.
    Wat Phra That Doi in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai
    Iconic Donald Duck
    The iconic action is one.
    Thai colorful banks take one.
    Leisurely ancient city
    Pasin Temple
    There are children in the temple who are learning Buddha
    Sorry, I didn’t take a little monk and only photographed an old monk.
    Xiaoman two people went to find thousands of hot pots, all the way to find a good compatriot, and finally 20B / people sat in a double strip to the door of a thousand hot pot. I saw a pair of cars and I also met Fiona, who came to eat the buffet.
    And Vivian, so I came together to eat hot pot. Grab the prawns together, shake the phone together, and learn that they have the same schedule for us tomorrow, and they will travel together, and the happy night begins.
    There are many people in the hot pot, most of them are locals and compatriots. In the hot summer, I admire the creativity of the Thai people. Although there is no air conditioning, I put the water pipes on the roof and let the water pipes spray a fine mist.
    The child will cool up. There was a song performance on the stage. A Thai lady sang the old song of Teresa Teng. She sang very beautifully. At one time, there was another TV series with a guitar. The TV series of TVB in the 90s was on the TV.Drink, choose any dish, and eat dessert. Although the environment is not very good, it can be regarded as a kind of enjoyment of eating, drinking and drinking.
    The four met together at the entrance of Chiang Mai University to take a bus to Suthep Mountain, 600B chartered back and forth. From the foot of Suthep Mountain, walk to Ssangyong Temple, sell a lot of snacks and exquisite handicrafts along the way, and buy a T-shirt with Chiangmai, Thailand printed on it. Yes, I like this warm and slow Chiang Mai.
    Take off your shoes and enter the Ssangyong Temple. Unfortunately, Tiangong is not beautiful, only the slight sunshine, so there are no golden temples in the lens, but still magnificent temples.
    Chiang Mai University encountered a domestic exchange student and pointed us to the canteen. After the meal, it began to look for the lake of Chiang Mai University. Google
    The map suddenly had a problem at this time, so I had to ask the audience to meet. In the boys’ bedroom, I met a girl who was not very good in English. After the purpose, the girl was very anxious to find a good male student in English.
    The boy took us all the way and introduced their campus all the way. When we asked how far it was, he always said “Not.
    Far”. After half an hour, we finally got to the destination. The boy was already full of sweat. He didn’t have time to thank him for drinking water. He already said goodbye to us.
    The rainy season in Chiang Mai may rain anytime and anywhere. We just met the sudden rain on the campus, so we ran a few cups of signature coffee to the coffee on the side, and it was a star ice music.
    The campus is quiet, and several students are taking cameras to take small movies at the lake. It is also here that we met the father and daughter files Laobai and Xiaobai for the first time, and asked Laobai to take photos of the four of us and go to Pai together.
    There are many small and fresh shops around this small and fresh road. Iberry is decorating and leaving a little regret for our trip. Walking on the road, I sighed at the Thai people’s creative and design sense of beauty, and bold use of color.
    Going to Mango Tango to eat the famous mango glutinous rice, sweet and sweet, very delicious, this taste is a wonderful memory. It was only during the travel time that I no longer tasted mango glutinous rice.
    Lila Massage, a lot of branches in the ancient city, the technique is very good, quality assurance.
    Coming back from Pai, it is the long-awaited Sunday Night Market, which is said to be the biggest and cheapest night market in the old city. Going out from the afternoon, drinking coffee at Wawee Coffee, sitting at Black Canyon Coffee for dinner, meeting SCB doing promotions, the parade began, and the night market began.
    The national anthem sounded, everyone on the street stopped, no one made a sound, and the entire ancient city only heard the sound of the national anthem. When the national anthem was completed, the whole street was restored to the excitement. This has to remind me again of the country’s beliefs, religious beliefs, respect for the king, the queen and their country. Just like the pictures of their Queen’s Queen can be seen on their streets.
    From 4 pm to 10 pm, I finally strolled to the pain. I also met a variety of people, a very happy foreigner, each holding a musical instrument, singing while walking, very happy; a policeman who plays the money for the children; a child who is performing; and those who sell things , while creating a vendor. They gave me a new impression of Chiang Mai – simple, hardworking, and kind.
    The night market is full of small commodities, handicrafts, clothing, and snacks.
    This is the legendary handmade ice cream.
    Health tree
    Thai egg cake
    fresh juice
    a happy foreigner
    A singer who is signing for her own record, saw me shooting her, laughing at my camera.
    Super-powered lunch
    Little girl forced by life
    Girl carving car soap flower
    Adding Ayaservice’s WeChat booked the tickets to Pai’s Minibus, the boss once stayed in Taiwan, so Chinese is particularly good. In the early morning, the Minibus was waiting at the entrance of the hotel. It took more than three hours to drive. Although there were many corners along the way, the driver was very slow and very careful. Pai is very small and fresh, and even the oncoming roads are very beautiful.
    Renting a motorcycle next to Ayaservice, the two-day small fresh tour has begun.
    Pulling a motorcycle
    Not much nonsense, now directly in the order of the route.
    Pai’s hotels are free to visit, Laobai and Xiaobai live in Mari Pai, and we have been around for four days.
    One of the biggest feelings of Chiang Mai and Pai in these days is that things can be put away casually, no one takes them, and they feel that they are living a peaceful life without leaving their homes.
    Because I have seen articles about protecting elephants all over the world on the Internet, the trainers are very cruel to the training of elephants, so I just want to go to the elephant camp to see the elephants.
    This is a mother elephant, very docile, she will turn around when she feeds her, haha, a little different from the domestic elephant.
    The tree house is a resort, just in the elephant camp, hot spring line, many European and American tourists choose to spend a long vacation here.
    Pai is a small village in northern Thailand. It has a high altitude and strong ultraviolet rays, but it also makes it very close to the sky. The sky is pure and pure, making people want to keep looking at the sky.
    It is a hotel we stay in and we need to push it. The owner, Noi, runs the hotel alone. Apart from being a little farther away from the town, everything else is very good.
    From Ayaservice, Noi drove to pick us up. She was very happy to tell me that her husband came back from the Netherlands the next day and introduced me very warmly. My eye was on the way, Noi was hot.
    The heart told me what to do. I think, in such a beautiful place, driving your own hotel, getting in touch with people from different places every day, talking to them and laughing, it must be a very good thing, Noi’s face always works.
    See the sun.
    The Chinese are the most popular here, followed by Europeans and Americans, and the Thais. Yes, Thailand can basically meet compatriots everywhere. In a small country, the ratio of domestic people to tourists is 1:4. Many Thais are supported by tourism alone. Therefore, the Thai people are also very eager to learn. They must be fluent in English, and Noi is very eager to learn Chinese from us and read the notes.
    Their cat, June, is ecstasy with sexy feet.
    In the evening, I bought food from the town, sat by the cabin, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset in Pai, while enjoying this rare leisure, I wanted to stay away from it, staying in such a small place for a while. .
    Breakfast made by Noi
    Noi of the sun, may you be so happy forever.
    Pai is very small, its night market is also very small, in addition to want to take photos with Captain Jack, there is nothing to visit, so staying a little farther, you can go back early and enjoy the tranquility of Pai night.
    Finally, take a photo of the night market.
    Arrived in Phuket in the middle of the night, it was raining in Phuket, and I was looking forward to not raining the next day. As a result, the next day, after a small meeting in Patong Beach, it rained again. The beaches in Patong are not as good as Kata and Karen. The long-term over-tourism development has made its water not so blue, but the whole town of Patong is very prosperous, full of entertainment venues, Muay Thai shows, red light district, here is speed and passion. Seen in Thailand.
    Going to Jiangxi to hide from the rain, the result was a heavy rain, so it was over in one day. However, in the evening, I ate a very satisfying seafood at the seafood market near Jiangxi Cold.
    It is said that this is the second largest show in Thailand, the gorgeous stage, the lights, and the performances of the shemale. The level of excitement is almost equal to the Spring Festival Evening. The shemale are very beautiful. Of course, there are two harlequins interspersed in the performance, and they will perform in the audience.I am only glad that I am still sitting in the back row.
    The so-called squandering is fascinating, and the beautiful bubbling swan is waving arms with you, just like the fairy in the Journey to the West, and it is involuntarily followed by the past.
    Finally, it’s fine. I have to stay in Pippi for one night, so I booked a day trip in advance and split it into two days. It’s a lover’s bay, bird’s nest, snorkeling, monkey island, coral island. Expensive, but value for money, the blue sea of ​​Pippi is intoxicating.
    Lovers Bay
    Bird’s nest
    Monkey island
    Coral island
    In Pippi’s two days, there is an endless aftertaste. Listening to the sea breeze, watching the blue ocean, tired and lying down on the hotel pool, lazy sun, hungry, go to Tongsai Bay to buy a huge The pizza, if you want to swim, jump directly into the sea, this is the holiday. I really want the guitar to be around, I want to write it all into the song.
    Don’t Pippi, say goodbye to Phuket, this unforgettable holiday is also time to say goodbye to Thailand. I miss the prosperity of Bangkok, the friendship of Chiang Mai, the cleanness of Pai, the heat of Phuket, the purity of Pippi, I want to say to Thailand.
    “Wait for me, I’ll come back for you!” So ​​I rethought the meaning of my trip on the way back and wrote the front voice.

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