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    People should go on a trip. When you are young, you still have the money to play with personality, and you are smart. Please decisively leave the concrete forest that you can see with your eyes closed, escape the intriguing intrigue, and enjoy in a city you like. The years of solitude are quiet, and then carefully take some beautiful photos of crying, leave them to the elderly, proud to give them to grandchildren, see, these are the places I have traveled.
     About accommodation transportation
    1. About accommodation
    The homestay industry in Xiamen is really well developed. Most of the local B&Bs in Xiamen have a lot of choices, ranging from one hundred and two hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. They can choose according to their own economic strength. The hotel must choose to be on the island, as most of the attractions are on the island. In addition, it is not recommended to go to Gulangyu for a special night. It doesn’t make much sense. Finally, be sure to choose a good looking room. In a later article, I will introduce a hotel that I recommend, a hotel that surpasses the fire on the vibrato.
    2. About transportation
    Xiamen Gaoqi Airport was built on the island. It is considered that there are few Chinese companies who dare to build the airport in the urban area. Therefore, the landing of the plane is particularly cool, and the residential buildings below are clearly visible. Xiamen Station and Xiamen North Railway Station are far away, Xiamen is standing in the urban area, Xiamen North Station is in Jimei, so you must keep your eyes open when you buy tickets.
    The bus system in Xiamen is still relatively developed. Many public transportation lines are ready for change.
     Xiamen must-have attractions – Xiamen University
    We had a special liking for Xiamen University. We arrived here the first time we arrived in Xiamen. It can be described as super excited.
    One of the most beautiful universities in the country, it is especially rare for a university to be a tourist attraction. The historical and cultural charm of Jiannan Grand Hall and Yan Enlou, the scenery of Furong Lake and Lover Valley, together with the winding field of the meteor shower, and the Furong Tunnel painted with graffiti, are the characteristics of Xiamen University. At the end of October, Xiamen University needs to start an appointment in the public number. It needs identification and face recognition. More than 1,000 people can enter the day. Remember to make an appointment early.
    Xiamen University’s most famous Furong Tunnel is also the arched tree of Xiamen University.
    Going out from the back door of Xiamen University is Baicheng Beach. The school that can see the sea when you go out can be said to be envious.
     Xiamen must eat food – banquet · old Xiamen private kitchen
    Deyun’s private kitchen in Xiamen, I heard that Xiamen must have a feast, not only the authentic taste, but also the excellent service. There are many lost dishes in Xiamen.
    This store is searched on the public comment list, the results are surprisingly satisfying, super cost-effective, no wonder the ranking is so high, friends coming to Xiamen University can eat by the way, in a food court opposite Xiamen University, far away You can see it, the location is better to find, the dishes are superb, and the price is very high.
    The service of the banquet is super good, and every staff member is very intimate. Every dish will introduce the current dishes, and will also consider the local tastes and other factors to prepare a small meal. Every moment, the heart of the diners, in a timely manner Understand the situation of meals and respond to the needs of the supply.
    The dish is highly recommended by the yellow croaker. The soup is super super fresh, and the milky white bowl is very full. The noodle and soup can be added in an unlimited amount. The food is very tight, almost four or five. The noodle line is very thin, very strong, not quite the same as before, the explosion is delicious, it feels very authentic home restaurant, very local, the soup should be smashed for a long time, the code is here to the saliva To flow quicklyCome. The clerk recommended the sauce, yellow lantern chili sauce, and was super delicious, considering the taste. Together with the yellow fish noodles, it is a magical, perfect
    Crispy, muddy ducks have always liked the toon, and the muddy stuff is very loved. This dish is great and satisfies all the love. It is said that after the bone duck is boned, it is marinated with the secret sauce. Grinding and then beating, and finally frying, rolling the delicious duck meat in the mud, although I love the duck, but this love is deep, crispy shell, soft mud, wrapped inside a solid duck Meat, dipped in a special cod liver oil orange sauce, sweet and sour is not greasy, it is great. Other dishes will not be introduced one by one, the last wave of pictures.
    After going to Xiamen University, I went straight to the hotel that I had booked in advance. I actually have some standards for the hotel. After all, living in the travel accounted for a large part. Before we came, we decided to make this art-rich hotel again and again. It is said to be a new brand owned by Lujiang, a veteran hotel in Xiamen.
     Xiamen Lujiang·Yujia
    Lujiang Yijia is less than one kilometer away from the Zengcuo business district. ‘There is a beautiful view. There is a rushing sea before. There are endless mountains, left hand breeze, right hand sunshine, so good.
    After the check in, take the elevator to your room and push in the door. The fresh and clean colors in the room make you feel refreshed. The lake blue pillow and bright orange fabric add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to this piece of tranquility.
    There are two 1m2 single beds in the exquisite mountain view twin room. If you need it, you can call the service center and let the room service staff help to make the two beds into a unique 2m4 super king bed. The dressing table should be the most concerned part of the girls. The small vanity mirror with LED lights will not quarrel with the companion who is still sleeping. On the other hand, it can still illuminate your face in the dark, let you The makeup is exquisite and perfect, don’t be too intimate
    Toilet equipment is readily available’Spacious hand washing station, warm aromatherapy vial’ high-end toothbrush supplies, and even more jaw-dropping high-tech induction hair dryer waiting for you to challenge
    Ps: For the sake of everyone’s safety, the hotel’s visitor management is also very strict. If a friend comes to the hotel to enjoy afternoon tea, you need to register the visitor on the first floor. After leaving the room, you need to return it to the front desk.
     Xiamen must eat – Lujiang·Yijia Yiyi Buffet Restaurant
    Lujiang Hotel sister brand, high-end five-star resort hotel ~ Lujiang. Yijia Hotel, located at No. 382, ​​Longhu Mountain, Siming District, Xiamen, close to Zengcuo Tourist Area, opposite to Science and Technology Middle School
    Originally, the Lujiang Hotel was an excellent impression. It can be said that it is the first place in the heart of Xiamen’s buffet. It will definitely not miss this opportunity. Try its sister brand. The overall style of the hotel is different from the Lujiang Hotel. The new hotel combines a lot of young elements + new art atmosphere, making people feel happy and young!
    During the buffet lunch trial, the activity price is 140, and the dish is served with braised chicken wings and chilled abalone! This is also the most important thing I have to pay attention to! In fact, the buffet has been the same now, and it is true that there is a sense of ritual in these On the menu! In the impression, Lujiang Hotel is the earliest self-service restaurant in Xiamen that has always insisted on semi-self-help. The earliest chef recommended dishes are not limited. Now it is a good food memory! Far! The quality of the dish of the family is still good! The shark’s fin soup in the chicken wings is very good, and it is recognized! The iced abalone tastes good too, and the head is also super big! The plate is very nice, the hot dishes are quite good, the impression is deep. There are a lot of soups, Jinlianlian pig liver along the soup, sand tea soup, stone olive ribs soup, these are good! There are many meats, pigs, beef, chicken and chicken are all full! The taste is also super good seafood is Kind of fish and shellfish! But there is no crab! Someone has been criticized before, but personally prefers cooking with temperature.
    See you
     Xiamen must-have attractions – Gulangyu
    To Gulangyu, you must buy a ticket for the public number (Xiamen Ferry Co., Ltd.) a few days in advance. For tourists, there are two routes, one from Dongdu International Cruise Terminal to Sanqiutian Wharf and the other from Dongdu. International Cruise Terminal to the Inner Ferry Terminal. Most tourists, tour groups are the route of the former, I personally recommend the latter’s line, avoiding the crowd is king.
    Sunlight Rock is the highest point of Gulangyu Island. You can see the whole Gulangyu Island on the Sunlight Rock Top. The Sunlight Rock is particularly crowded, so it is recommended to catch the best of Sunlight Rock in the morning.
    Avoiding the crowd, the residential area on Gulangyu is especially good for shopping. The unknown pier on Gulangyu Island is also full of interesting little surprises.
     Xiamen Gulangyu must eat food – picky eaters | seafood restaurant (Gulangyu old shop)
    The old shop is located at No. 15 Fujian Road. The first floor store is simple and natural. Once you enter the door, you can feel the ancient style of the South of the decoration.
    Simple and elegant design ~ The second floor of the store also has a green plant pot decoration, the whole dining space is more comfortable and comfortable ~ The third floor is an independent ten-person box, full of food and drink, you can also take a photo in the store ~ ​​absolutely shooting Great choice for the scene.
    The speed of serving is very fast, the service is thoughtful, the store prepares a small spot before the meal, there is a mung bean cake coconut cake ~ tastes good 哟
    After the meal, there is fruit, cantaloupe is really sweet!
    Xiamen Gulangyu Island is a tourist attraction, and most of the tourists are tourists who come to travel~ seafood dinner is indispensable~
    Not many dishes will be introduced one by one~
    Everyone tastes different, just like I think, picky eaters are no matter the characteristics, practices, tastes,
    Very good seafood restaurant, friends from all corners of the country~ Come to Gulangyu and remember to go to the grass.
    Recommended: steamed Boston lobster / fried crab / / wild crab stew porridge / boat house bibimb / ginger duck / scallop bamboo soup
     Xiamen Gulangyu must eat food – picky food curry
    I strolled through Gulangyu and accidentally saw this picky eater. I didn’t expect to picky food and curry, but it was the net red shop on Gulangyu.
    Entering the store is like feeling like entering a small house in the forest. There are green houses and wooden houses in the courtyard, and the retro Chinese style decoration has more memories. The seafood curry restaurant is mainly curry. Fortunately, we have a lot of people, we can try a few different flavors of curry made with different ingredients, but its curry is really good, no matter what ingredients are added, yellow curry
    The taste is thick and fragrant, and the red curry is spicy and stimulating. Deep-fried pork chops are also highly recommended, with a crisp golden appearance and inner tender meat.
    Juice, not dipping sauce are superb. There is also the red curry Boston lobster in the store. The curry is made with red curry, but it is not very spicy. It is served with super fresh Boston lobster. The meat is very firm and very tasty. Crimson curry breaded crab, oversized one breaded crab, full of crab paste filled with whole crab shell, the choice of conscience.
    Recommended: Red Curry Bread Crab / Indian Red Curry Seafood Sauce / Satay Beef Skew / Satay Chicken Skewers / Ceylon White Curry Chicken / Secret Red Curry Burdock / Satay Pork Skewers
     Xiamen Gulangyu must eat food – picky eaters | Shacha Noodles (Dragon Road)
    In the seafood restaurant that I had eaten before, I was very impressed with all aspects of his family. When I searched, I found that they opened a new sand tea shop, and there are discounts. I went to Gulangyu for food. The location of the shop is in the alley on the side of the main road of Longtou Road. It is easy to find the navigation. The facade is very particular, but the whole store is not big but reveals the details everywhere: in the early morning, there was a red brick white wall decoration style in southern Anhui, with retro doors and windows, adding various old effects, even the mottled years on the white wall. The traces are also imitated vividly, showing their intentions.
    The bowl spoons that eat sand tea noodles are retro chicken bowls, so that customers can feel like they are in an old house, and truly restore the dining environment of old Xiamen. The sand tea noodles are fresh and real. When you order, you can see the little brother cut fresh squid on the countertop. It is clean and hygienic. Of course, the most important thing about sand tea noodles is that the soup is not authentic. I don’t usually like to eat sand tea noodles, but I can also feel the rich sand tea fragrance. I most admire the fish balls in his home. I didn’t think it was an ordinary hot pot fish ball. I didn’t expect it to be a hand-wrapped fish ball with the old-fashioned fish balls! I don’t have to queue. The spice of their home is just right, and the outside is crisp and tender. Service attitude is also great, the overall experience is great.
    Recommended dishes: sand tea noodles / frozen bamboo shoots / spiced
     Photo punch card – anyway, Gulangyu shop
    The environment of this [anyway] is impeccable, that is, hiding is too hidden, so there are not many guests, it can be described as Alice in Wonderland that the true love party can find. It is very suitable for the quiet atmosphere of the photo, especially suitable for the hot afternoon. Take a trip to Gulangyu with friends in the hot summer. After the nearby attractions are finished, take a photo and take an afternoon tea. There is a villa in the courtyard that is now used as a family hostel. The green plants decorate the courtyard.It is lush, and [anyway] hides deeper in the courtyard.
    The space in the store is small, and the layout seems simple and simple, but it is pleasing to the eye. The sweet varieties to choose from are not particularly large, but they are super refined. The group purchase of 38 yuan desserts and drinks is very good value. Personally prefer the seemingly simple [black and white], the taste is delicate, sweet and sweet, it makes people happy. The value of the drink is very high, the name is also very good, it should be soda water modulation, and then add mint leaves and lemon, refreshing thirst, taste very summer.
    Recommended: black and white
     Xiamen Betka Botanical Garden
    Wanshi Botanical Garden is famous for its red cactus in the sand plant area and the fog in the rainforest world. It is really suitable for taking pictures. The Botanical Garden generally recommends visiting these two more famous areas. Because the botanical garden is particularly large, remember to buy a ticket to take the tour bus to the most uphill sand plant area, and then slowly walk down to the rainforest world. Remember to see the time in the rainforest world to avoid smoke and avoid running away.
    The Shasheng plant area is the most recommended place to play and take pictures. Because the place is particularly large, the photos can effectively avoid the crowd, and there are several small greenhouse-like museums that are also suitable for taking pictures.
    Plants in the sandy plant area are perfectly matched with blue and white clouds.
     Xiamen must-have attractions – eight cities
    There are 1 to 9 vegetable markets in Xiamen, and only eight cities are suddenly red. The eight cities carry the Xiamen memories of Xiamen people. They are also the favorite market for locals. Now the eight cities not only sell seafood, but also There are many old shops with ancient taste.
    The seafood in the eight cities is the freshest, the first time to catch the seafood., sell directly at the booth.
    The evenings of the eight cities are the most prosperous time. The stalls are distributed, and tourists and local residents gather here.
     Xiamen must-have attractions – Zhongshan Road
    Xiamen’s oldest commercial street, with a lot of people, lots of goods, and fame, whether in the past or now, is like Manhattan in New York, Ginza in Tokyo, and Central in Hong Kong. To Xiamen, Zhongshan Road is a must, because it represents the prosperity, wealth and time rhythm of Xiamen.
    A hotel building connected to the Xiazhou Wuzhouke, with a blue sky and a sea of ​​blue water, is far away from the sea garden “Gulangyu”. The arcade street of Zhongshan Road is the representative of Xiamen’s architectural culture. Most of these buildings were built by the overseas Chinese in the 1920s. They were completely renovated in 2017. Well… you become aware of it…
     Xiamen must eat food – feast (Chinatown Store)
    When I was in Xiamen, I thought about eating something delicious. I opened the list of popular reviews. I found that the feast was also included. Although this family is not necessarily eaten, it is the closest to Zhongshan Road and the most convenient transportation. of. Ready to go to the grass.
    The name of the restaurant is the name of a literary bourgeoisie full of imagination. As many people are eagerly awaiting, the food is so, and life is the same. In order to match this scene, the decoration of the restaurant is also a small amount of money, from lighting to tableware and dishes.
    At the time of the dinner and other meals, the merchant gave a surprise to the restaurant. Two small bottles were placed in a box, and one bottle was “poison.” This idea is very good, in fact, the poison is bitter gourd juice.
    There are so many delicious dishes, only a little bit can be chosen, and the stomach is still limited.
    In the signature dish of the small pigeons, the pigeons are lying in the hay pot, just like lying in the nest. With a glove torn open, the scent floated over, and the savory gravy brought a touch of joy.
    Pigs and sands are a net of red snacks, especially the net red of some video sites. Every time you eat this net red, you will abuse it. The chopsticks are smashed a bit. I also want to try it. The level is not enough, the effect is too bad. It is.
    The service is very good. The fruit that was finally delivered is also a good idea.
    There are other dishes that are not introduced one by one.
    Recommended: Devil Spicy Chicken with Mango Yolk / Signature Popping Small Pigeon / Buckwheat Salad Potted
    Haoxiang Ridge
    Address: Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street
    The fragrant loin is the net red shop of Zhongshan Road. The tenderloin is like fried and boiled. It tastes very fresh and tender. When it meets the peak period, it is very crowded.
    Everyone remembers that the store is very maverick and only accepts cash.
    Old Sixisha Tea Grill
    Address: opposite the South Central Plaza
    It is a family-run old shop, located in the intersection of Jiekou Street, Laojiao, Xiamen. It can smell a delicious barbecue when passing by. However, the barbecue is actually not the most powerful sign in the store, but the special sand tea dipping sauce used for food together is the essence. The sand tea sauce here is hot to the table, fully stimulating the fresh flavor of the sauce, completely better than the plain taste of the canned sauce sold in the supermarket. In addition, although the Sixisha tea sauce is very mellow, it is not sticky, and can even be directly drinked, salty and sweet, moderately fragrant. Come to Xiamen to taste early adopters, you must not miss the sand tea here.
     Xiamen must-have attractions – Shapo
    You can get off at the China Children’s Art Museum Station by bus, youth culture, old city culture, and Minnan culture. Intertwined in this old neighborhood, the former frozen factory turned into an art western fish shop and turned into a cafe. The tailor shop became a creative burger shop, with quaint arcades on both sides of the street and novelty decorations at the entrance of the creative store. West End of the Arts, Craftsmanship Xiamen, Shelter and Yanwu Bridge
    They are excellent locations for shooting.
    Ps: Restaurant that is not recommended in the scenic area but must be recommended after taste
     Xiamen must eat – lotus park fried crab
    Close to Xiamen Station, navigate for almost 10 minutes. The restaurant environment is good, the service in the store is also good, the table is given to boiled hot dishes, and the shelf is convenient for the bowl; the disposable gloves are also considered thoughtful; the store has free parking, and there is hospitality parking.
    Lotus Park Fried Crab ~ Xiamen old-fashioned fried crab restaurant has a business history of 22 years. The well-known fried crab brother in Xiamen restaurant has always been fresh in food, taste first-class and affordable.
    Pan-fried crab, crab meat is sweet, red cream is full, and the head is quite big. The sesame oil is fragrant and the ginger slices are fried underneath. The taste of the two blends together and it tastes great and satisfying.
    The fried rice noodles are made with Xinghua rice noodles. It is super delicious. Today, it’s amazing. It’s a taste of more than ten years ago. It’s amazing. The taste buds even feel like this old Xiamen people can eat before the memory. The taste that comes out.
    The sea-boiled sea prawn is as amazing as the fried rice noodles, because the chef controls the whiteness of the shrimp to the extreme, the pink is white, clean and clear, and the shell is naturally smooth, and the entrance can eat the sweet taste of natural shrimp. It is rare, from the color of the shrimp to the shelling and then to the entrance, the taste is beyond the shrimp. There are still a lot of dishes, I will not introduce them one by one. Everyone will try them themselves and they will live up to expectations.
    Recommended: Lotus Fried Crab / Secret snail / flavor ginger duck / featured fried rice noodles / Wenyu soil pig soup / featured jellyfish head
     Xiamen must eat food – Xiangyu Bali Indy Restaurant
    It can be said that Xiamen is the oldest Southeast Asian restaurant to date. It is a must-see list of popular reviews. Here, you can taste dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and many other countries! And the most interesting Yes, the experience of this store owner is quite a story. The cuisines of Xiangyin Bali Indian Restaurant are mainly divided into three categories: authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, Hong Kong-style roast meat, Japanese cuisine.
    Curry King Crab is the ace of Bali’s ace, and the customers at the store will have almost a table. Its highlight is that its golden cocoa-flavored curry juice uses more than 30 authentic spices from Southeast Asia, with a hint of savory flavor and a slightly spicy scent with coconut milk. Everyone’s favorite way to eat is to bring another Thai fragrant rice and pour the full curry soup into the stir! The main dish is also to choose the quality crab, the big crab leg, cut it with pliers and you will see the white inside. The tender crab legs and meat are also delicious with curry sauce.
    Southeast Asian cuisine is good at using a variety of spices, the classic one is curry sauce, the second is sand tar sauce, and the third is Tom Yum Kung soup! Thai frozen raw salted shrimp has both Japanese sashimi and Thai style. The flavor. The fresh prawns are processed in the open side and can be sterilized and preserved in the ice tray. The shrimp is crystal clear, the entrance is cool and the Q feels full!
    It is covered with some sweet and sour Thai peppers, with some sweet and sour. The bright-smelling lime-scented osmanthus fish is different from some restaurants in that it uses low-priced fish. The Balinese Ink Thai restaurant uses high-quality and high-cost osmanthus fish (but the price is not expensive)! It is sweet and sour. Thai peppers, as well as fresh lime slices from Thailand, are hot in the stalls of the open fire. The fish slowly absorbs the broth of the soup, slightly sour! Indonesian satay skewers are fragrant You can taste it in Bali!
     Xiamen must eat food – Yajian seafood food stalls · created in 1993 (Hu Lidian)
    Xiamen’s red-grade seafood food stalls, because of their home service and quite authentic dishes, the most important thing is that their seafood is cooked and fresh. The popularity rate of netizens was extremely high, so I decided to come and try. The location is on the roadside of Nanshan Road, there is a small light card, but the front signboard still has a relatively large word, adjacent to a supermarket.
    There are three floors in the store, but we are only on the first floor, the seats are not too much, the tables are available. The first floor is mainly a seafood display area is relatively large, the store also mainly recommend this. There is no need to make an appointment in advance, and verification is also convenient and quick.
    Stir-fried vegetables, spinach, garlic, very refreshing. Seaweed horns, crunchy seaweed wrapped in fat and oily meat, bulging is very gratifying. Boiled three fresh, shrimp is fresh and large, and the meat is real, especially the taste of the rattan is extremely satisfying. Shrimp and crab will, this dish really meets all my delusions about seafood, it is really delicious. Ginger duck, it takes some time to get on the table, steaming, the pot is still sizzling, the taste of ginger and sauce will soak the duck, the entrance is sweet and soft, big love.
    The merchants are very enthusiastic and the service is quite thoughtful.
     Photographing punching – rotten tail road around the island
    It’s very suitable for people to take pictures, so let’s not regret it.
    The bus stop of the winding road around the island can sit at Zengshan Station.
    There are now special people in charge, and there is a charge for going in for photos, about fifty. Last year, due to the Xiamen Golden Brick Conference, the unfinished building was repainted. When the weather is fine, there is a Mediterranean flavor.

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