Give me four days in the Spring Festival and bring you to fall in love with Chongqing (starting)

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    Mountain City Night (Graphic / Love Flu)
     With the continuous promotion of online video and film and television, Chongqing has become a city close to the Internet, and more and more tourists come to Chongqing. Foreign tourists who travel to Chongqing, if they really want to enjoy the main tourist attractions of Chongqing’s landscape and humanities, it may not be enough for 15 days. For example, Wulong (Tiansheng Sanqiao, Longshuixia Ground, Fairy Mountain, Furong Cave) takes two days; Dazu Rock Carvings for at least one day; Yangtze River Three Gorges, Wushan Small Three Gorges 3-4 days; Wansheng Black Valley, Ordovician It takes two days; Jinfoshan one day; Simian Mountain, Zhongshan Ancient Town, Love Ladder will also take at least two days; Pengshui Ayi River Miao Village and drifting one day; Wujiang Gallery, Xiangyang Gongtan, Longtan Ancient Town for two days Time… These are the top 5A attractions or world heritage sites or the ancient towns, landscapes and cultural landscapes that are worth seeing. The average visitor does not have so much time to experience and see, or only one or two places at a time. It’s coming to the Spring Festival. Maybe it’s been a long time for Chongqing, but the holidays are limited. I don’t know how to play in Chongqing to be more enjoyable. I can live up to the Spring Festival holiday that I spent in Chongqing in the Year of the Pig. Then give me four days and bring you to fall in love with Chongqing!
     D1. Visit Longxing Ancient Town, Guanshan City Night
     Longxing Ancient Town is located in the southeast of Chongqing Yubei District, more than 30 kilometers away from the main city. There is a shuttle bus to and from the Hongqihegou Bus Station in Jiangbei. This Lunar Year of the Pig, in the Spring Festival, takes the warm and hustle and bustle of the sun, first accompanying me to the town to hang out and drink tea, and to go through the days of the ancient town.
    Longxing Ancient Town has a long history. According to the records of Jiangbei County, there was a small market in the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty, the commodity economy was developed and the Longxingchang was set up. At the beginning of the Republic of China, it was changed to Longxingchang. In June 2003, it merged with six villages such as Tianbaozhai Town, which is now the Longxing Town. From the heights, the ancient town is a bird’s-eye view. The 12 large and small streets are criss-crossed, and the narrow and long streets are back and forth. The long bluestone streets are on both sides. They are typical brick and white houses with blue bricks and black tiles. The panes are carved with exquisite woodcuts. The pattern is delicate and subtle. The residents of the town lived a bleak day.
    Step into the ancestral hall street – the entire block is deep and winding, the residential buildings have maintained a traditional style, rich in historical and cultural heritage.
    The well-preserved Huaxia Ancestral Hall, also known as the Doctor, is a key cultural relics protection unit. It is also the only root-seeking ancestral temple in the Southwest, with the theme of surname culture.
    Longxing Ancient Town has two ancient temples, the Longzang Palace and the Temple of the King, and an outside Christian church. It is gratifying that the three major schools of Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity coexist in one street, and they coexist harmoniously and enjoy themselves. They form a different kind of scenery in the town. This may even reflect the accommodation and generosity of this Chongqing town. The coexistence of the three major religions is accompanied by the prosperity and prosperity of Longxing Town. Walking through the vicissitudes of the pavilion, you can see the Longzang Palace on your left. Formerly known as Longzang Temple, Longzang Palace is now a center for Taoist believers. The name is said to be related to the Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Yunwen.
    This is the Huilong Bridge and the Gulongxing Memorial Archway built by Jianwen Emperor at that time. It can be said that: gold carving, painting, flying, antique, simple and elegant.
    Crossing the archway, the front is the Buddhist Longxing Temple, which is built to commemorate the Daxie (formerly known as the Temple of the King) and is separated from the Longzang Palace.More than 260 meters, the Christian Gospel Hall is located between the two temples, and they are connected to the old street. Longxing Temple is also a cultural relics protection unit in Chongqing and one of the eight ancient buildings in Longxing.
    This is the Christian Gospel Hall: there is no opening for worship in the festival, Amen!
    The townspeople who drink tea and chat in the sun. Participate in it, you can also play mahjong entertainment together, hehe!
     Longxing, the former dry dock and the nowadays folk street – the ancients called the “five horses returning to the nest”, is still a Cuban town that is “raised in the deep knowledge of the people”. The original taste is worth visiting. Return to the main city in the afternoon to taste the old hot pot in Chongqing –
    When it comes to eating, I don’t want to eat Chongqing’s old hot pot in Chongqing. From the point of view of eating, you haven’t really tasted the taste of Chongqing. Where is the authentic old Chongqing hot pot? Of course, it is the old hot pot of Linjiangmen. Linjiangmen old hot pot originated from the pier, the raw materials are mainly hairy belly, duck intestine, yellow throat blood and vegetables. But the trackers were tired for a day, and they didn’t have much energy to cook. They used a chili kimchi and other spices to make a pot. They burned the “pig into the water” that the rich people didn’t eat at the time. I didn’t expect the taste to be good. Later, It has slowly developed into a Chongqing hot pot.
     You may have to ask, why is Chongqing’s old hot pot divided into many “well” characters? Because people used to have poor living conditions, there were not many people who went to the hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot. The old-fashioned hot pot restaurant was not big, and there were fewer pots and seats. Sometimes people who come across the weekend will be ranked. In order to reduce the waiting time for the rankings, put this “well” character, everyone can fight the table. A few of them are from Party A, and the rest are from Party B. Everyone does not affect each other, saves waiting time, and can also eat together, so many people have become friends and even family, comedy. Now that the living conditions are good, the hot pot restaurant is also very spacious, and people are very particular about it, so there is no longer a table, but the way of this “well” character has been retained, and it has become an authentic old A big sign of hot pot. This is also very convenient, it is very convenient to put different dishes in different grids, it is also easy to find when eating, so many people in Chongqing like to eat old hot pot, of course, whether the taste is authentic is the first consideration!
    The dishes have been ordered, say less, eat more, come, and get up!
     After eating the old hot pot, I slowly walked to the Hongya Cave on the bank of Cangwu Road. Hongyadong has a history of more than 2,300 years and is now a red spot. After being preserved and rebuilt, it has become the landscape project of the most traditional style of the Bayu in Chongqing. Hongyadong is built along the cliffs of the mountain. It is a good place to visit Hongya, drop the green, visit the old streets of the mountain, enjoy the culture of the Bayu and observe the convergence of the two rivers.
    Hongya Cave under the night: Hongya Cave was bought and restored by the Little Swan Group. The Sichuan Opera is very authentic. The food is also a lot of food. It is known as Chongqing’s new food and leisure street. I will go to the goods myself, not much to say.
    Standing on the platform or on the bridge overlooking the Hongya Cave, the traditional roof of the Bashu roof, shining lights, stop a little! The one-of-a-kind building is row upon row, making people shine.
    One of the characteristics of the night view of the mountain city is the undulating terrain and the heavy buildings built on the hills. Whenever the night falls, the lights of the homes are high and low, such as the stars, extremely magnificent, the bridges, rivers, roads, and high-rise buildings built by the mountains constitute the theme of the night of the mountain city.
     The night in Chongqing is so beautiful, standing in front of the window, even the mobile phone can shoot a warm night. Chongqing, a city that is more beautiful in the night, just as the poet wrote: “Because of the high-rise house in Ganzhou, it is a staggering stone city. Who will turn Wanjiajure and shoot a Jiangming. The waves are difficult to cover, and the clouds flow from the Qing Dynasty. Looking at the insatiable, Tianshui is crystal clear.”
     D2. Wulong World Heritage Tour
     Today we are going to the world heritage site – Wulong. Wulong is actually a lot of attractions to visit: Tiansheng Sanzhao, Longshuixia Ground, Furong Cave, Furong River, Baima Mountain, Wujiang Gallery, Houping Tiankeng, Fairy Mountain, in short, enough time is very important. We only have one day, we go to the natural Sancha and Fairy Mountain.
     The Tiansheng Sanzhao Scenic Area is located on the 30th parallel north latitude. The magical latitude belt also creates a magical topography – the natural landscape of the Wulong Karst group. The natural Sancha is its representative natural masterpiece. The scenic area is set with mountains, water and waterfalls. The combination of springs, gorges and bridges constitutes a magnificent and endless stream of natural landscape paintings, innocently a natural heritage site of the world.
    It is cloudy when I go, and the sunny days will be more beautiful. Tianlong Tiankeng pit is the shooting place of “The Golden Flower of the City” – Tianfu official residence, but also recalls the scene of the assassin flying in the movie… Tianlong Bridge: It consists of two holes The bridge has a height of 235 meters, a thickness of 150 meters, a bridge width of 147 meters and an average span of 34 meters.
     The second bridge is Qinglong Bridge: the bridge is 280 meters high, the bridge is 168 meters thick, the bridge width is 124 meters, the average arch height is 103 meters, and the average span is 31 meters. The bridge hole is steep and steep, just like the dragon in the sky.
    The third bridge is the Black Dragon Bridge, with a height of 223 meters, a bridge thickness of 107 meters, a bridge width of 193 meters, an average arch height of 116 meters and an average span of 28 meters. The natural Sancha Scenic Area gathers three natural stone arch bridges and two tiankeng within a range of less than 1.2 kilometers. The nature is amazing and strong: here is the world’s largest natural bridge group!
     Fairy Mountain has an average elevation of 1,900 meters and a maximum of 2033 meters. Its Qifeng, Linhai, Caochang and Xueyuan are known as “Four Musts”. Known as the Eastern Switzerland, the southern country snowfield. The season we arrived is a good time to enjoy snow, skiing, and snow. The snow has reached 10-20 cm.
    There is still smog, and the wild fruit on the mountain is frozen!
    Wrapped in silver. The smog can be seen everywhere here.Why bother to ask for far? ! Who said that the South China is not snowy? ! Every year!
    In the evening, we went down to Xiannvshan Town and met the sunset. The weather in the mountainous area is changing fast, relying on luck!
    At night, in the Fairy Mountain Town, you can see the diamond-like tourist reception center. Fairy Mountain Town is the most beautiful town in Chongqing, with an altitude of 1200-1300 meters. It is the most suitable altitude for human habitation and a summer paradise for summer. We strolled in the fairy-tale Fairy Mountain Town, Yinxing Road, Xianggui Road, Tianjie, beautiful night, beautiful dreams…
    The morning fog the next morning was very beautiful under the light and shadow, we are going to the next red dot: Wansheng Ordovician.
     D3. Flying in the Ordovician
    The dream created by Chongqing Ordovician Tourism Co., Ltd.
     Ordovician Scenic Area
    Located in Wansheng, Chongqing, it is about 2 hours drive from the main city of Chongqing.
     Located at the foot of Montenegro in Wansheng, Chongqing, at an altitude of 1,300 meters, it has unparalleled natural landscape resources, and the remarkable karst landforms give birth to a few hundred meters of cliff-side scenic spots.
    The Ordovician (5.14 to 38 million years ago) is the heyday of marine non-vertebrate animals: in the vast ocean of the Ordovician, marine invertebrates have prospered unprecedentedly and lived with a large number of invertebrates.
     Chongqing Ordovician
    Geological features are rare in the world because they have a history of 500 million years.
    We came to the Ximen Parking Lot in the Ordovician Scenic Area and then purchased tickets from the Tourist Reception Center in Ximen. There is no charge for the parking lot within half an hour. For more than half an hour, 7 vehicles will be charged 10 yuan/time within 24 hours, and 7 vehicles will be charged 20 yuan/time within 24 hours. The second-wheel motorcycle is 5 yuan/time within 24 hours, and the charge is reasonable. (Tips) The Ordovician Scenic Area is part of the Forest Scenic Area and smoking is prohibited in the panoramic area.
    This is the online ticket for the scenic spot. The opening hours of the scenic spot: April to August every morning from 8:30 am to 21:00 pm Every year from September to March of the following year from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm The scenic spot is 16:30 daily. When the scenic spot stops selling tickets or the number of tourists reaches the maximum daily carrying capacity, the sales will be stopped and exchanged in advance.
    One-day tour weekdays scenic spot price: (one ticket to play scenic spot)
    Full price ticket: 220 yuan / person (adults and children over 1.4 meters in height)
    Children’s ticket: 160 yuan / person (height 1.2 meters – 1.4 meters below children)
    Elderly fee: 160 yuan / person (60 years old – 69 years old (by my valid ID))
    Discount ticket: 160 yuan / person (active military, military disabled)
    Free ticket: Children under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters), one child with free ticket purchase, one free child enters the scenic spot. The rest exceeds the child’s need to purchase tickets to enter the scenic spot; 70 years old (including 70 years old) or older (by virtue of my own ID card), each ticket purchase adult can bring one free ticket to the scenic spot, and the rest exceeds the elders need to purchase tickets to enter the scenic spot. At the same time, you must be accompanied by someone with more than one security guardianship to enter the scenic spot.
    The specific fare and usage are shown in the chart below. Please read the applicable scope and other details carefully.
    Off-season fare table (graphic/influenza)
    High season fare table (graphic / love flu)
    Ok, then follow me to find the Ordovician gameplay collection –
    Scenic tour map (graphic / love flu)
    First, provide a map of the scenic spots of the Ordovician scenic spots to everyone. Based on the Ordovician geological time, the Ordovician Scenic Area has specially customized high-tech participatory recreation projects such as “Return to Ordovician”, “Crossing 500 Million Years”, “Braves Drifting”, and Children’s Happy Valley ( The mechanical equipment play area) and the challenging high-altitude speed skating, jungle leap, and cliff-climbing machines fully satisfy the joys of tourists of different ages.
    High-altitude glass suspension bridge (graphic/influenza)
    There are 8 high-altitude projects in the Ordovician scenic spot: sky hanging gallery, cloud covered bridge, glass suspension bridge, cliff swing, step by step startling, extreme leap, high-altitude bridge, high-altitude walk. This is a high-altitude glass suspension bridge and the first fully transparent high-altitude glass suspension bridge in southwestern China. Above the height of 300 meters, the cliffs and the 150-meter-long glass suspension bridge form an air passage that makes people cry. Are you striding through? Or are you struggling to pass through? It is not only to satisfy your self-satisfaction, but also to appreciate the different karst landscapes.
    High-altitude glass suspension bridge (graphic/influenza)
    Let’s take a look at the mountains on the glass suspension bridge, experience the romantic suspended bridge, and open the selfie on the suspended glass bridge! It can also be said that it is a high-altitude scream trip, hehe!
    Then we walk through the jungle to experience the wonderland of high-altitude speed skating!
    High-altitude speed skating (graphic/influenza)
    Flowing in the sky and swaying in the sky, experience the thrill of flying in the Ordovician! The real cloud is driving! (Tips: Adults over 85KG and children under the age of 12 are not allowed to participate in high-altitude speed skating.)
    General Shoucheng (Graphic / Love Flu)
    This is the general guarding the city of Shifeng, it is said that this is the Pakistani star – General Baanzi. The Pakistani state was besieged, and in order to save the Pakistani state from the country of Chu, Xu was rewarded with three cities. After the settlement, the territory of Baoba was not lost, but he did not want to destroy the contract. He then cut off his head to thank the king. The soul of General Baanzi became the peak of this statue, always guarding his own land and descendants.
    The Lookout is located at the highest point of Stone Town, overlooking the park and the entire Wansheng. At sunset, the sunset glows and the mountains are like a fairyland. According to legend, after the general of the Palestinians became the general stone peak of the generals, his wife often came here to worship him, so he called it “returning to the watchtower.”
    (graphic / loveinfluenza)
    Five high-speed skating, you can play and experience the kind of clouds and winds, and the wind whistling in your ears!
    (graphic / love flu)
    If you bring children and enjoy adventure, like stimulation, and like challenges, you can speed up and go to the jungle to leap! Ordovician has created 6 unique and creative jungle leap routes for teenagers, let you feel the thrill of extreme sports. Experience the double test of physical strength and wisdom. This time is limited, we first broke into the ice hole of the seal for a thousand years to see what happened.
    Ice Cave (graphic/influenza)
    Ice Cave: It is a unique natural cave in the Ordovician period 500 million years ago. The caves are connected to each other and stretch for several kilometers, forming the underground labyrinth of the Ordovician. The temperature is more than 10 degrees per year. The temperature difference with the outside is large, and it is only about 18 °C in the hot summer. It is like a natural air conditioner! In the sky of the tens of meters high in the hole, a natural stone bridge is placed across the bridge, which is breathtaking and spectacular.
    Ice Cave Cave (Graphic / Love Flu)
    The caves inside are connected to each other and stretch for several kilometers.
     Underground labyrinth of the Ordovician
    . According to legend, in the ancient times, the ancestors of the Bashu had lived in the cave. During the Warring States period, when General Ba was fighting, he also had tens of thousands of soldiers.
    Cliff swing (graphic / love flu)
    My favorite is to sway the 8 meter long cliff swing with passion and domineering, cry for your bravery! Then go to experience the 21-meter terrorist swing, you will feel the moment when the swing is thrown out, you have already flown in the sky, rippling in the sky! This is the pleasure I want to fly in the Ordovician!
    Horror swing (graphic / love flu)
    Latest News: Ordovician Scenic Area
     In 2019, a 30-meter cliff horror swing will be added!
    What kind of leap and passion experience will be, that is the game of the brave, so look forward to! Of course, the scenic spot is also very human. If you go up and suddenly don’t dare or don’t want to play, there is a “regret medicine” for you to eat, haha, in short, happy!
    High-altitude jumping machine (graphic/influenza)
    This is a high-altitude jumping machine. Feel the thrill of jumping off the building, cool to the climax, the limit weight loss on the cliff, dare to play? Come, PK!
    Screaming big pendulum (graphic / love flu)
    Screaming big pendulum experience high-altitude stimulation, extreme screaming, 360-degree air swivel screaming circle!
    Food (graphic / love flu)
    Of course, we don’t just want to play. There are many foods in the Ordovician scenic area waiting for us to taste. The cute pigs and pigs stand to welcome us. It is the Chongqing famous snack city in the scenic spot. Choose a variety of gourmet snacks/drinks and rest for a while. .
    Food (graphic / love flu)
    There are many rides in the Ordovician area, which are more suitable for teenagers and children.
    Guild Wars Island (graphic / love flu)
    For example, the fierce battle of Shark Island / disco turntable / self-controlled aircraft / frog jump / happy jellyfish: these are classic amusement parks, let the child’s heart bloom, open the joyful journey of childlike bloom.
    Self-controlled aircraft (graphic/influenza)
    Carousel (graphic / love flu)
    There are also carousels and bumper cars, no matter adults or children, they are happy to play, and there is no fear and scream of high altitude.
    Bumper car (graphic / love flu)
    Sunset glow high-altitude glass suspension bridge (graphic / love flu)
    “Wine is also afraid of the deep alley”, the Ordovician in the depths of Wansheng Mountain has been upgraded through packaging, and through the online games, live broadcast, DOU audio and video channels and other channels to create a new Chongqing Red Network – Ordovician. This time is different, this is
     Flying up the Ordovician, waiting for you to fly together!
    Ordovician Ximen exit (graphic/influenza)
    This is the Ximen exit of the Ordovician scenic spot. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much to leave the scenic spot. The Ordovician scenic spot is open until 8 pm, you can live in the scenic spot or nearby farmhouse, because the scenic spot we are going to the next day is the Black Valley. In Wansheng, the Leo Taoji scenic spot is not far away, and it will be half an hour!
    Cliff Camp Base Hotel/Villa (Graphic/Love Flu)
    Here, we recommend the net red accommodation in the Chongqing Ordovician Scenic Area – Cliff Camping Base Hotel! Living in the cliffs of the cliffs, the Ordovician net red cliff hotel and single-family villas, the ecological vegetation environment and air is super good, the negative oxygen ion concentration is up to 100,000 / square meter, it is also a perfect place for summer vacation. Staying here can watch the sunrise and sunset and turn to the stars, you can fine-tune the cloud and Xia Wei, and make a great change through the vast sea. Living here is really “healthy growth, poetic habitation”!
    Cliff Camp Base Hotel/Villa (Graphic/Love Flu)
    In addition: the Ordovician scenic area also launched the special rooms of the Bird’s Nest Hotel: just like the bird’s nest is hidden in the jungle, like a natural growth on the treetops. It has the shape of a bird’s nest hotel in the west, which is like a natural growth on the treetops. The hotel inherits the style of respecting nature, emphasizing natural harmony, and is naturally natural with the virgin forest. Clouds and fog, sunrise and sunset, morning listening to the window, insects singing birds. Intimate contact with nature, let people put downCut, return to the truth.
    [PS Traffic] Take a long-distance bus to Nansheng, Chongqing, four kilometers to Wansheng Passenger Transport Center Station (price is 38 yuan, multiple shifts per day, rolling train), then take bus No. 113 to the South Gate of the Black Valley (price is 1 yuan) For the 119 bus to the Ordovician Dream Theme Park (1 yuan fare), you can choose to get off at the Zhongmen or Ximen. The online ticketing center of the scenic spot also has a shuttle bus back to the main city of Chongqing at 4:30 pm, Ordovician-Chongqing four kilometers, the fare is 45 yuan, and the ticket center and public number of the visitor center can purchase tickets, which is very convenient.
     D4. Black Valley aerobic walking tour
     When I wake up to sleep naturally, we change to the Black Valley. The Black Valley is located in Wansheng, Chongqing. It has been merged into the Wanwan District (short for the Wansheng District of the Lancang River). It is the national original ecological scenic spot. The Black Valley is also the natural geographical canyon boundary between Chongqing Southeast and Guizhou. It is a great leisure resort for canyoning, drifting, rock climbing, camping and fishing.
    North Gate of the Black Valley Scenic Area: The entire black valley scenic area is 13 kilometers long. It is 6 kilometers from the north gate. It is a battery car (30 yuan), then a 6-km plank road and pontoon. This is also the essence of the black valley. Another one kilometer is the mountain sightseeing cableway (30 yuan), of course you can also climb the mountain. If you choose to walk throughout, 5 hours is enough, the opening hours of the scenic spot: 9:00 – 17:00.
    The pontoon in the Black Valley, the pontoon is just a little on the water, and the rope is fixed on both sides. The location of this pontoon is the most famous squid gorge in the canyon: the slope of the rock wall on both sides of the pontoon has the least inclination of 70-80 degrees. Some rocks have been eroded by the flood all the year round, and even formed a rare inverted sloping wall with a slope of 100 degrees. The spectacle is like a slit in the crack of a giant rock. People say that the first line is everywhere here.
    I stood in the bottom of the narrowest squid canyon, the upper part of the canyon was almost closed, no sunlight came in, and the squid river seemed to be a dark river. I stretched out my hands, the left hand touched the rock wall of Chongqing, the right hand touched the cliffs of Guizhou, and I pedaled the water in two places. This is a magical place, flying through the floating bridge on the Qifeng plank road. In the waterfall, I feel very great in the moment…
    The scattered flower waterfall, the water here is relatively large, the shop is relatively open, you can also get close contact with the water – pay attention to wet and safe.
    After walking through the canyon pontoon and the plank road, we saw the cable car in front, and we knew that there was a last 1km sightseeing ramp. Take a break and drink some water and continue on foot.
    It is worthwhile to walk this kilometer on foot. You can see the scenery that you can’t see or appreciate in the cable car. Walking between the stone arch bridges and the creek waters in the Black Valley, there are fish jumping in the water. There are primitive jungles and valleys, and there are stretches of raft bridges built by people. Protecting nature also makes us fully Close to nature, the black valley is ecologicalPerfect balance.
    The Dengtai Waterfall and Feiyun Waterfall are quite beautiful here, and you can come to the waterfall pool to take pictures and play in the water. It is quite pleasant.
    At 3:30 in the afternoon, I will leave the Black Valley and return to the main city of Chongqing. I will watch the horses and the blue sky and white clouds in the distance from the pond. The mood is super good, take a deep breath – take away the fresh breath of the Black Valley, a healthy New Year tour. .
     [Night magnetic mouth, ancient town hairy Wang]
     Two and a half hours, we returned to the ancient town of Ciqikou in Shapingba, the main city. Speaking of the Ciqikou locals in Chongqing, it is estimated that few people will not know, but when it comes to the source of the magnet mouth, many people can’t say the truth.
    Ciqikou Ancient Town originated from the Song Dynasty, because the Ming Dynasty Emperor Jianwen was hidden in its Baolun Temple, aka
     Longyin Town
    . In the early years of the Qing Dynasty, it was also known for its abundance and transfer of porcelain.
     Porcelain mouth
    . Because this place is prosperous by the Jialing River and once an important waterway pier, it is called “Little Chongqing.” Here, it used to be “a thousand people in the day, and the lanterns in the night,” which is quite prosperous.
    I like the magnet mouth that has just darkened in the setting sun. At this time, the sky is a royal blue. The whole ancient town begins to light slowly. There are relatively few tourists on the ancient slate streets, and it also has the charm of the ancient town. Although the commercial mouth of the Ciqikou is getting stronger and more commercial shops, but you calm down, there are still some highlights worthy of your experience, looking for the magnet mouth in memory.
    For example, across the shacks of a small street, the antiques have witnessed the ancient times of the ancient town.
    To the riverside near Longyinmen, blow the air, step on the stone steps of the ancient pier, and feel the tranquility of the bustling times.
    Then eat an authentic spicy horse blood, it will definitely make your appetite wide open. Don’t eat at the porcelain mouth
     Ancient town
    You are not really integrated into it! In addition
     Guzhen chicken, twist, hot and sour powder
    Will make you covet.
     The Ciqikou is like a large amphibious dock, gathering more and more card lovers like her!
    Chongqing Ciqikou has Metro Line 1 to No. 2 to Line 3, you can go to Chongqing Longtousi Station and take the high-speed train back, or take the No. 10 line at Chongqing North Station South Square Station to Jiangbei Airport T3/T2 Terminal. return.
     Four days passed quickly. In the past four days, we went to the ancient town of Longxing, where the ancient rhythm was leisurely. We enjoyed the night and the beautiful mountain city night, and experienced the majestic world of Wulong and the snow and ice beauty of the southern country. In the traversing of Tao Ji, I experienced the excitement of the high-altitude leap and the brave challenge. I walked on the natural valley of the natural fresh link and tasted the local specialties of Chongqing… The years are like this, some things have disappeared even though But no one can erase the traces it left in the city. Open and inclusive Chongqing welcomes guests from all over the world.
     I passed by the world, and it is still drunk! Give me four days in the Spring Festival and bring you to fall in love with Chongqing! I wish you all auspicious Year of the Pig, and the Spring Festival is good!
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