Go to the Flower and Bird Island and go to an appointment that owes two years.

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    I went there a couple of years ago, but in fact my ultimate goal is the Flower Bird Island.
    At that time, the Flower and Bird Island on the Internet was an island that was almost isolated from the world, but because of the winds that we had on the sea in the past few days, the boats that went to the Flower and Bird Island could not withstand the storms, our time. Not much, so the trip of that trip left with regret.
    Two years ago, it was just a small island with few tourists.
    Two years later, the Flower and Bird Island became the “Santorini of the East.”
    Just a few days ago, I finally went to this appointment with my friends for two years.
     Beautiful picture
    In the flower and bird island, blue and white buildings can be seen everywhere.
    Staying in a homestay by the sea is the right way to open the flower and bird island.
    Fishing with fishermen is a must-see experience in Flower and Bird Island.
     About the author
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     It seems that walking and leaving, but the long-awaited flower and bird island
    “Aku, flower bird island to find out?”
    The recent high temperatures in Hangzhou, of course, Shanghai is also. So, I was thinking about finding a place to be cool. A friend from Shanghai recommended me to the Flower and Bird Island. This strange and familiar name came to my mind.
    “That, let’s go!”
    We agreed to meet at 9:00 in the drip lake, and take the Yangshan line at 9:00 to the Shenjiawan Wharf. There was a small difference in the middle. I don’t know if it’s a friend who made time or luck. He It was a minute before arriving at the drip lake.
    Here, I also reminded the babies who want to go to the flower bird island. The interval between the Yangshan line is long. Once you miss the last class, the next class may not catch up with the follow-up boat, so be sure to leave enough time!
    We were on a boat and the departure time was 11:50, so it was about 2 o’clock when we arrived at Flower Bird Island. When we got off the boat, we were a little scared by the fog in front of us. At a glance, the visibility was about 50 meters. Later, our butler told us that there is no need to worry about this. Although there are many fogs in the flower and bird island, it is not slow to go, so the chance of seeing the clear sky is still very big.
    Flower and Bird Island, located at the northernmost tip of Zhoushan, the islanders live in a small area. From the pier where we disembarked to the B&B, it is only a five-minute walk, so the number of people on the island is also controlled every day, probably only about 200 Tourists.
    Our home is directly opposite the sea. Wake up in the morning sun, sleep with the waves, open the facade of the house towards the sea, this is the correct way to open the flower and bird island holiday.
    In the homestay, my favorite is the location of the kitchen, cooking in the kitchen facing the sea, which is probably one of the best working environments in the world.
    After a little cleaning in the homestay, we went out to look for the taste of “Oriental Santorini”.
    In the courtyard next to our B&B, it was the shooting location of the “Ode to Joy” 2, and I also learned the scenes in the play to make a card. The short stone wall facing the sea in front of the door is the place to close the Xie Tong date.
    At first glance, the blue and white architectural style is really a bit like in Europe! There is no need to remember to walk here, and you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Maybe the next corner is a familiar intersection.
    This time, to the flower and bird island, there is another surprise – blue fluorescent sea.
    I have always heard that the Flower Bird Island has a blue fluorescent sea, but when I went to the island, I knew that June and July were the most easy to see. Fluorescent sea is actually a bioluminescence phenomenon. The phenomenon of bioluminescence refers to the process in which a living body converts chemical energy into light energy through a certain chemical reaction in the body.
    On the first day we arrived, the butler took us to the beach and saw the blue fluorescent sea, but because the area of ​​the light was not large, it was enjoyable to the naked eye, and no suitable photos were taken.
     Fishing with fishermen is a must-see experience in Flower and Bird Island.
    According to the plan, our second day of the flower and bird island is to follow the fishermen’s sea fishing. Followed by the butler to the agreed dock, a dozen people on a boat, put on a life jacket and went on board.
    After the ship leaves the island, the color of the sea has also changed. The farther away from the pier, the better the color. Looking from afar, you will see a lot of reefs and small islands that are exposed to the water. The fishermen stopped the boat and started fishing where he thought it was appropriate. He will demonstrate it first, and we will imitate his appearance and pull the fishing line to feel the fish hook.
    It can be clearly seen that fishing with wire is only a fun activity, and real fish and shrimp crabs should be salvaged with fishing nets.
    This basket full of seafood can be imagined as a seafood dinner.
    The little friend caught the crab and played it. I couldn’t help but wonder if I wanted to try it. I didn’t expect it to be caught by the crab’s foot. It hurt me to wow, but fortunately I was only suffering from a skin injury.
    If you have the same curious baby as me, be sure to pay attention to safety when playing!
    Although the boat that takes us out to the sea also has a awning, please be sure to do a good job of sun protection! Our boat stays on the sea for about an hour, and everyone on board has the opportunity to experience the fun of personal fishing. Everyone has a good time.
     If you must find an iconic building, the lighthouse counts
    I have been to many islands at home and abroad, so for me, they may all be similar, and if you must say that there is anything special about the flower and bird island, in addition to the blue and white buildings, the flower and bird lighthouse is also a special attraction.
    The lighthouse was built in 1870. The cylindrical tower is more than 17 meters long and is marked with two horizontal stripes on the black and white. When the night comes, the Xenon spotlight on the top of the tower will shoot at a rotation speed of one week per minute, with a range of up to 22 nautical miles. Half of the flower and bird island shines under the strong light beam of the lighthouse, like a white pelicans. In the case of dense fog and haze, the visibility is poor, and the tower is also equipped with a powerful “fog flute”. The sound can be heard more than 10 nautical miles away. Because of its long history and majestic lighthouse, the lighthouse is also known as the largest lighthouse in the Far East.
    The best way to get to the Flower and Bird Lighthouse is to take a battery car at the Visitor Center. However, because our package itself contains this content, it saves a lot of trouble and the housekeeper will take us directly. The journey is a bit far and it is necessary to go up the mountain. It is not recommended to go on foot.
    From the visitor center to the flower and bird lighthouse, there is also a good scenery. When you encounter a beautiful scenery, the battery car will stop, we can take pictures at will.
    Along the way, we saw the lighthouse all the time. When we actually got to the lighthouse, we felt that the distance was more beautiful. Of course, becauseIt is the sea in front of the lighthouse, and the photo taken nearby is also very artistic.
     If you can, please pick one early morning
    On the days of Flower and Bird Island, sleeping too much seemed to be a waste, so I chose to get up early in the morning.
    Stepping out of the homestay, coming to the beach watching the waves slap on the shore and seeing the islanders begin a leisurely and rhythmic day. At this time, the sun has not fully illuminated on the island, so you can hang around without fear of drying. Walking in the slow living neighborhood, you can see that the fishermen have started a day of “transactions” early.
    At this time, I walked in the alleys and felt that there was only one tourist on the island. Every flower, even every cat I met on the road, seemed to welcome me.
    I like this quiet time. If you are like me, try to get up early and feel the most primitive life of the island.
     About the island cuisine
    Since I came to the island, the most not to be missed is the seafood dinner, but also the people who especially like to eat seafood, so these three days can be said to be immersed in the “sea of ​​seafood” can not extricate themselves.
    The flower garden is a must-have every day, and the stir-fry is a bit spicy. If I can, I can eat a whole plate.
    I can eat different kinds of fish every day, and I have to praise our aunt’s cooking.
    The fat scorpion is also a DC saliva.
    In addition, fresh shrimp, dried squid, kelp, etc. are also served as a delicious food.
    After three days in the flower and bird island, I had a special meal for every meal. I went back and estimated that I was three pounds.
    Once longing for the millennium
    Open a question in an instant
    This is, as long as you go, such as marching toward the flower and bird island
    In the blue sea, there is a journey of fragrance
    The poet Shu Jie once wrote the poem here.
    Flower and Bird Island is also an island of poetry.
    If there is time, I will definitely come to this wonderful little world to see the sea and daze.
     Raiders section
    Preparation before the trip
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included, such as student ID cards. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be swiped or WeChat paid.
    2, ticket class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app.
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels, various chargers, photographic equipment, USB data lines, etc.
    4, clothes: according to the length of time to decide the clothes, check the weather in the flower bird island in advance. However, the island weather is cloudy and uncertain, and it is still ready for rain.
    5, other categories: prepare sunglasses, umbrellas, etc., do a good job of sun protection!
    Day1 Hangzhou-Shanghai-Driphui Lake Subway Station-Shenjiawan Wharf-Hua Bird Island
    Accommodation: m1 Homestay
    Day2 sea fishing – flower and bird lighthouse
    Accommodation: m1 Homestay
    Day3 Strolling Flower Bird Island – Pier – Return
    Tips for visiting the Flower and Bird Island:
    1. Best travel time: three days. Arrived on the first day, staying at the hotel, familiar with the environment; the next day sea fishing + lighthouse + free to visit the island; the third day to get up early to enjoy the most quiet time on the island, take the boat to leave in the afternoon.
    2. Come to the flower bird island in the summer, remember to bring a hat, can be used as a tool for taking pictures, but also can be sunscreen. Of course, although the temperature on the island is not high, please be sure to do a good job! !
    3. The price of Huaying Island is not high. For example, a bucket of noodles is also five or six. For the scenic spot, it is a conscience price. When you come to Flower and Bird Island, the most not to be missed is the seafood dinner. In general, the homestay aunt will provide a service to cook, specifically to followAuntie communicated.
    4. At present, the convenient route for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to go to the Flower and Bird Island is to take the Yangshan Line from the drip lake in Shanghai to the Shenjiawan Wharf. The Shenjiawan Wharf has a direct daily boat to the Flower and Bird Island. The time is 10:30-11:40. Left and right, the specific time depends on the situation of the day. If it is about 1.5 hours, the ship will be slower for about 2 hours. The return trip is the same, the departure time of the Flower Bird Island Pier is around 13:00-13:30. We were on the Internet for three days and two nights of free travel packages, so after arriving at Huaying Island, some people docked, and the package included three seafood dinners. Later, it was the most cost-effective. If you want to come by yourself, you must remember to let the owner of the hotel help you book your ticket, otherwise you may not be able to buy a ticket.
    5. Another name for the flower and bird island is Kirishima, so don’t feel bad when you encounter the clouds, this is another beauty. Experience tells us that it is easy to fog in the morning and evening. If you want to shoot without fog, it is a suitable time after lunch.
    6. On the Flower and Bird Island, there is a place called Wuji Inn. Although it is a homestay, there is an infinity pool on the side of the sea. It is a good place to take pictures. The pool itself is not open to the public, but it is OK to take a photo. There are some Gesang flowers in their yards, and the background for taking pictures is also very good.

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