Going to Dali from the ancient city to the Bohai Sea, willing to be warm as ever

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Every heart has a Dali. Shangguanfeng, Xiaguanhua. Cangshan snow, 洱海月. Wind and snow, is Dali. In recent years, in addition to Lijiang, Dali is also the place I went the most. Once, I wanted to open a home in Dali and wanted to settle in Dali. Later, time made many ideas change in the subtleties. I no longer want to settle in Dali, I still like Dali.
    However, compared to Lijiang, Dali is really more dispersed, so I am also particularly troublesome to write. In any case, I also use this travel note to commemorate my great years of squandering and the stories that continue to happen in Dali. (This travel note may continue to be updated, after all, the story continues to happen.)
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    [洱 seaside, the story is happening]
    If life is only as early as I see, I hope that Dali will always be as warm as in memory. I have to meet a few of you before I can forget you. I have to reject a few of you before I can afford to. In March 2015, I experienced a severe winter and went to the south of Caiyun to meet the warmth of Dali.
    In the winter, the little Putuo, the seagull flew. In December 2016, passing through Dali, stayed at the seaside for two days.
    Always remember, there will be reverberations. At the Aegean Sea, you asked me what I wanted to do in the future. I said to go to Dali to open the inn. You said that the cherry blossoms of Dali University are super beautiful every March. So, the cherry blossoms in Dali became a obsession. Finally, in March 2017, I went to Dali to see the cherry blossoms.
    The refreshing winds of the mountains and the warm light of the ancient city. This is the ancient city of Dali in March.
    I finally went to Haixi and saw an impression of the Bohai Sea.
    Above Cangshan, Mo Zhen tea room. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time on earth.
    It’s better to go to Cangshan when it’s raining, full of fleshy photos.
    Perhaps it is reluctant to separate, stayed in Dali for half a month in March 2017 and then went to Lijiang. In April 2017, I accidentally returned to Dali. This time, I went to Haixi’s neck tree.
    And Dali’s friends, black wild boar, big teeth, driving Jeep to the mountain to find a big windmill.
    For the first time, I went to Hai Tong Park and wore Chinese clothes.
    Dali in September. In the wheat fields of Xizhou, the colors of autumn are harvested.
    There is also the Rose Garden in Dali, which has always wanted to go, and the flowering period is earlier this year. So in April, I met the rose.
    Dali with uncertainties. Finally in the Bohai Sea, wearing a white dress to take a light wedding tour.
    I am an old man. I have remembered these years, I have accidentally gone to Dali many times. From the rustic girl, to the peak of collagen, to the middle-aged girl of today’s Buddhism. In the end, many people mistakenly thought that I was from Yunnan, Emmmm Dali. It was really a memory of my youth, a place that could not be replaced.
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    [Mei Su recommended]
    In fact, I have lived in Dali’s B&B. However, it is a pity that the customs along the Bohai Sea are closed, so they can only share the ancient city. 1. Hidden 闺宓 Designer Hotel
    I remember living in the ancient city of Dali for the first time. I lived in this vagueness.
    Designer hotel after the renovation of the Bai courtyard. The pool that enters the door is very tricky and is also a feature.
    The room is simple. The bed was very comfortable, the only downside was that the space was a bit smaller. It may also be a common problem in the courtyard of the ancient city of Dali.
    In fact, I have lived in Dali’s B&B. However, it is a pity that the customs along the Bohai Sea are closed, so they can only share the ancient city.
    2. Listen to Huatang Fengxue City Store
    Recently I went to Dali and found that the inn has updated a wave. I have lived in Lijiang for several times before listening to the flower hall. I heard that Dali opened a new store and went to the store. This is located in Yulin Road, Dali Ancient Town. The location is super good and the price is high.Very high.
    The yard is a blue and white style, with a bougainvillea, full of small Greek style!
    The first floor room, the combination of cave style and ins wind. The color scheme is very much liked and the room comfort is also very high.
    The toiletries are full of girls, it really won my heart hahaha!
    Do not go out, take pictures in the room are super nice series.
    The third floor room is also super nice!
    3. Listen to the flower garden, the snow, the old city, Cangshanyuan
    Later, because the ancient city only booked for two nights, I wanted to continue to live in the back. Then the inn adjusted it. I recommended that we move to Cangshanyuan in March Street. I was hesitant at the beginning, and the result was super surprise after moving on!
    It is rare to live in an inn with a large garden in Dali. This is the theme of the European Rose in Dali, and it is somewhat different from Lijiang.
    Listening to Huatang’s net red horse moved to Dali. Must continue to take a photo with the net red wood.
    We booked 3 nights. Finally, we upgraded a suite, after all, I am also a super member. The room of Cangshanyuan has a higher overall grade and a more cave style.
    The room has a large balcony where you can look out over the sea.
    Hahaha, nothing to do. I took a picture of a floating girl, just like the theme of the cave.
    Compare the exotic terraces. The benefits of Cangshanyuan are very quiet. We all lived behind and didn’t want to leave.
    The details of the restaurant are also beautifully furnished.
    Sitting in the garden in the evening, swinging, seeing the scenery is not bad, just take a picture, but prefer the garden at this time.
    4. Sense of neutrality
    Located near the foreigner’s street in Dali Ancient Town, this is the residence of the former county magistrate, and has now become a boutique inn. It is one of the few well-preserved Dali Bai people in the ancient city of Dali.
    In the small courtyard, the succulent plants everywhere are full of vitality! Look at the small courtyard on the second floor, the atmosphere is chic!
    The design of the room is also simple and elegant. In the old city, I found the old time I missed.
    5. Free clean
    This home is located outside the South Gate of Dali Ancient Town. The overall price is a bit more expensive.
    There are only five rooms, called: wind, flowers, snow, moon, clouds.
    The combination of the Bai courtyard and modern style.
    We live in a duplex room. Have to say that the room is really comfortable. Especially in the rainy days, staying in the room directly does not want to go out.
    The balcony on the top floor. You can see Cangshan, overlooking the sea.
    [food cheats]
    1. Fat Ding in Dali’s Rose Milk Tea This shop was discovered in March 2017 on the People’s Road in the ancient city. Sell ​​a variety of roses related things.
    My family’s rose milk tea I personally like, a cup of 10 yuan. Every time I go to Renmin Road, I must buy it.
    At that time, he and the Dali who lived in Dali took a group photo on Renmin Road. I dragged the box, but it was actually taking pictures of the clothes during the day. It is drunk now to think about it.
    2. A product of spicy and spicy is in the fat next door in Dali, which I also discovered unintentionally. It is the spicy food opened by Dali people. But my honey juice is super delicious, and I must eat it every time I go to Dali Ancient City. The price is super cheap, and one is one or twenty.
    3. No. 88 Renmin Road West Point Shop This is a Tengchong back to Lijiang after Dali, Lao Li’s friends recommended, saying that their cake is super delicious. When I went to Dali myself, I would buy it every time.
    Compare roses and strawberry cakes. Others I personally think that the ice cream is small. And before the milk tea, Mala Tang, I also called “Little Paris People’s Road three treasures”
    4. The yellow pheasant walked around in the west and talked about eating. Dali was the first to push. Dali’s snacks are not only complete in variety, but also distinctive. But in Dali, when it comes to “first dish,” people first think of “Yongping Huangqi Chicken.” The color is delicious, the aroma is tangy, the oil is not greasy, I personally like this dish very much and must be recommended.
    5. The bait block bait block is unique to Yunnan and is made of high-quality rice. The production process is to wash the rice, soak, steam, smash and simmer into various shapes. Generally divided into three types: block, wire and piece. The production method is burning, boiling, frying, halogen, steaming, and frying. The flavors are different, and the food is long-lasting. There is a strange thing in Yunnan’s eighteen monsters: rice cakes burn bait.
    6. Hot and sour fish Dali hot and sour fish, is one of the traditional cuisine of Dali, Yunnan. Great reasons for the climate, the environment, geography and ethnic customs and other reasons have formed a unique taste of eating habits, like to eat sour, spicy, sour can stimulate the heat, spicy can be appetizing. The degree of love of hot and spicy fish by Dali people living in the seaside is self-evident. Its characteristics: delicious and delicious, sour and delicious, never tire of taste.
    7. The fungus hot pot fungus hot pot is a Yunnan specialty. It is made up of several different kinds of mushroom and stewed into a pot. The fresh fragrance of the mushroom is forced out under the action of high temperature, and the flavor is fascinating. The mushroom is sweet and delicious, the entrance is smooth and refreshing, and its essence is in the soup and the tenderness of the mushroom. We recommend the “Zhuzhen Square” of Yuxi Road in Dali Ancient City. We went to eat once and felt that the taste was very fresh, the weight was sufficient, and the price was reasonable.
    [Unlock new gameplay]
    1. Traveling around the Bohai Sea actually came to Dali before, I lived at the seaside. Unfortunately, the cruel facts now make me unable to face the sea and spring blossoms. Dali is quite big. If there is no car, it is very inconvenient to go to Erhai. It is recommended to take a day trip to the jeep, including travel. From the end of Haixi to Haidong, the shooting points will not be missed. More suitable for a limited time, Bohai will get it in one day. The places mentioned in my text can be visited, and are more suitable for lazy people who do not have a car and do not want to be a Raiders.
    2. Unlocking the B-face of the Cangshan Mo Zhen Tea Room + Silent Photo, is the Cangshan line that I really like. The experience of the small group that was booked online before was good, and the team leader service was very good. Friends also feel that the price is very high. Recommended.
    3. Dali travel shoots when it comes to Dali travel, I feel that China’s travel photography is the originator of Dali. There are not many photographers who come to Dali to know. Black wild boars and big teeth are two. Recommend their [Sanchao] studio. These are the pictures they gave me.
    This light wedding two-hour tour was taken by Dali and other wind image museums, photographer K.
    4. Go to the Rose Garden to take photos + Afternoon Tea + Make a Flower Cake Recently, go to the New World found in Dali, and spend a lifetime with Rose Life Museum. Just in Haixi Majiu. You can take photos, drink afternoon tea, make flower cakes, you can really play for a day, super, highly recommended!
    5. Take the last shot of the suspension at the hotel and take a photo of the suspension at the hotel. I have sent a sputum before, and many people asked me how to shoot. Here is a unified reply. With a tripod, in the same position, first take an empty scene, people sit on the ladder. (When the waist is good, you can lie down a bit and the effect will be more dreamy.) Many pictures are superimposed and rubbed out with a mask.
    [Other useful information] Weather: In fact, as long as it does not rain, it will not be too cold. Dali can be said to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Winter wears a winter coat, but it will be very hot when I get out of the sun, so I usually wear a shawl. Photography: Canon 5D2 5D4 +17-40 35 2 85 1.8 Other notes: UV in Yunnan is very strong, it is recommended to do sunscreen measures, sunglasses, sunscreen essential, it is recommended to apply mask every day!
    Part 1: [Wind] Dali Ancient City
    The ancient city of Dali is the center of politics, economy and culture in Yunnan during the 500-year history of Tang and Song. There are 14 key cultural relics protection units above the city level in the ancient city, carrying Dali history and culture, religious culture and national culture. It is the core area of ​​Dali tourism. Of course, the above is taken from the mother. The ancient city in my mind, of course, has his own unique look.
    [The warm light of the ancient city]
    There is a saying: Dali March is a good sight! I don’t know if it’s the March Street. However, in March and April every year, Dali’s cherry blossoms are open, from Dali University to Dali Ancient City. I think that is the most beautiful look of the ancient city.
    In front of Wuhua Building, there is a big cherry tree. During the day, the revival of passers-by comes and goes, and when the night falls, the cherry blossoms are especially beautiful!
    There are four gates in Dali Ancient City: South Gate, North Gate, Cangshan Gate, and Erhai Gate. The South Gate is the place where many of my first trips have passed through Dali, so it may be because of this, there is a different feeling for the South Gate!
    The south gate of the ancient city of Dali can be on the wall. There are not many people in the morning, and it is very good to take pictures on it.
    Insert a time-lapse video of people coming and going at noon.I remember that in March 2017, Dali traveled and lived in the ancient city for many days. One morning, I got up early and ran to the south gate wall to take pictures.
    In the spring, Dali is also called the wind season, and the wind on the wall in the morning is very big. My little friend Belle and I also tried our best to take pictures.
    The light in the morning is soft and there will always be a satisfactory picture. The refreshing wind in the mountains, the warm light of the ancient city, I think, it is Dali in March at this moment.
    [People’s Road and Catholic Church]
    I rarely came to the ancient city of Dali before. Later, I came more and didn’t know why. There are so many roads in the ancient city. Renmin Road is always the most popular way to visit in the ancient city of Dali.
    In fact, compared to Lijiang, Dali has a more lively atmosphere. Take the ancient city and say, Dali ancient city, there are really many shops that are very heart-warming. Especially Renmin Road, there are many interesting shops and coffee shops, very good to go shopping. Every time I go to Dali, I will go shopping on the People’s Road.
    I remember that I went to the double gallery for the first time that year and saw the students wearing school uniforms to go to school. Later, when I walked on Renmin Road, I often saw students from Dali. Can’t help but feel that their school uniforms are really good!
    There is a Catholic church in the ancient city of Dali. I have known it many times after I came to Dali. The Catholic Church was built in 1927 in a quiet alley in Dali Ancient People’s Road.
    This Catholic church is really special. The Catholic Church of the Bai nationality was the first to see it. So you have to take a photo.
    A three-wheeled white grandmother riding in the alley. The Bai people hanging on the street tie dyed. This is my life, about Dali’s life.
    By the way, on the upper reaches of the people, there is also a good-looking tie-dye. This was discovered recently, and I wanted to take a photo when I passed by. The boss is very nice and allows us to take pictures.
    I remember living in the ancient city of Dali for the first time. I lived in a B&B where the Bai people’s courtyard was transformed. But it was always raining, and Belle and I had nothing to do, and took pictures in the yard to pass the time.
    Looking at the photos now, I still miss the state at that time. Although the face is rounder than it is now, it is full of collagen. There will be a small scene at that time, and you can have patience for a long time.
    Later, I lived in many Dali inns. But the seaside was turned off, so I returned to the ancient city. This year I went to live in this [Learning Hall Dali Fengxue Old City Store], here I have the big garden I like and the standard Trojan.
    It’s fine in the morning, and I’m in a swing in the yard. A new day has begun!
    I like this purple rose, I have nothing to look at in the garden, I feel very relaxed.
    Uh huh, this is awesome. Miss Sister played a new height of floating photography. Because the hotel is cave style, I thought of this idea temporarily. The floating girl in the cave knows about it~
    Part 2: [Flower] Flower of the ideal country
    [Dalian University Cherry Blossom]
    I remember that in March 2015, a week after I left Dali, Dali’s cherry blossoms opened, and I saw it in my circle of friends. In September 2015, on the day of leaving Turkey, at the Aegean Sea, you asked me what I wanted to do in the future. I said that I like Dali. I will be a teacher at Dali University in the future. You said that the cherry blossoms in Dali are super beautiful every March. So, the cherry blossoms in Dali became a obsession. Finally, in March of last year, I embarked on a trip to Sakura in Dali. < Dali University Cherry Blossom Guide > Time: March each year, the flowering period is determined by morning and evening; December winter cherry flowering period: about 2 weeks
    Dali cherry blossom, Rosaceae. The virtue of charity. This is the first time I went to Dali University to see the sign next to the cherry blossom forest. Because it is Rosaceae, the color of cherry blossoms in Dali is quite beautiful.
    I went to Dali University for the first time and deliberately carried my shoulder bag. Comes with studentism.
    Also because it is Rosaceae, I waited for a sunny day from the rain. Wearing a powdered Chinese costume, go to Dali University to take a cherry blossom photo.
    I and Belle University knew about photography and later traveled together. I have been shaking for many years. Let’s go to Dali University to take cherry blossoms together. We always change a lot of poses from the same angle.
    I really admire us who are playing chicken blood every time I take a picture. A place where you can toss a whole afternoon.
    Since the impulse to buy 85 shots at the end of 2016, it has been the main force since then. What 70-200 2.8, we are little fairies, do not move!
    More interesting is that at that time, I took a cherry blossom at Dali University and met two photographers to shoot a girl there. One of them saw us dressed in Chinese clothes and professional equipment, and they ran to pick up. He was a black wild boar (pig brother). Later, he met the big tooth under his introduction and took us to Haixi to take a photo. Later, we became good friends with them. They are the travel photographers of Dali.
    The second time I came to Dali University, it was almost dark, and I was still trying. On the hillside, listening to the guitarist in the school, blowing the wind of Cangshan, overlooking the sea.
    Dali University is really beautiful, it is really beautiful!
    Because of the cherry blossoms of Dali University, there are cherry blossoms from the roadsides imported from the school to the mountains. Therefore, there will be early and late flowering. No, in April, I will come to Dali University again to catch up with the last wave of flowering.
    This time I came to Dali University, the sun is so good that it will be tanned in one afternoon.
    On the way below the school, there is a little cherry blossom left. I made a friend and forced to record the tail of this cherry blossom.
    At the moment, please call me the cherry locomotive girl Paris teacher!
    The cloud of Dali was particularly beautiful that day. The cherry blossoms in the sun are also very red.
    Grabbed the tail of the cherry blossoms in early April. Half of this road, thank you, less than half still.
    In fact, many times, meeting a lot of scenery requires luck and fate. For example, I saw three cherry blossoms in Dali last year. Rainy days, sunny days, the last cherry blossoms.
    But I went to the beginning of April this year because the flowering period was earlier and all of it was lost. The cherry blossom season in Dali is still very beautiful in my heart. I hope to have a chance in the coming year and meet again!
    Cai Village is located in Huanxi West Road in Dali, and is the closest place to Haixi to the ancient city. I have never been to the village before, but I always love to go to various gardens to take pictures. Dali is a small fresh, must be a village! Verbena Flowering period: Every year from May to October, there are many flower fields in the village. This is a special feature of Dali. Generally, I take photos of 10 yuan.
    The first flower field in the village was in September 2017, and my photographer, a good friend, took me to the school. The weather was really good that day, the clouds look good!
    It seems that blue and purple are also very good. Because I wore white for the second time, there was a contrast.
    Science, this is verbena, not lavender!
    Every day at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, Cangshan is prone to the phenomenon of Tyndall. This time is the best time to shoot.
    Recently went, in May, another flower field. Because the one I went to the first time I couldn’t find it. However, I don’t think it is good for the first time, and the weather is not good for the first time.
    [Ma Jiuyu Rose Garden]
    In Majiu Village, Huanxi Road, there is a rose manor called “Flower Life Rose Life Museum”. Around May each year, it is time for the rose to bloom the best.
    I used to obey the cherry blossoms of Dali, and later I was planted with Dali’s roses. Year after year, so even in the same place, every time you go, you can have different gains.
    The purpose of my trip to the Rose Garden is very simple. Take a good photo! As a result, there were unexpected gains, that is, drinking cold tea and eating delicious flower cakes and cookies. Here you can experience your own flowers and make a flower cake, but you need to make an appointment in advance.
    It was late that day, so I went straight to the afternoon tea. Oops, sitting in the rose garden for afternoon tea, blowing the wind of Cangshan, is really cozy. Next time I want to bring my sister to a picnic.
    There is an orange jeep in the rose garden, which is more cool. Unfortunately, my clothes are not very handsome, so I didn’t go to the car to take pictures.
    In addition to roses, there are also sang flowers. For a flower madman, it is simply to find a home hahaha.
    The key point is that the rose garden must take pictures with the rose! When I went, the rose was the best day to drive, and the luck was overwhelming!
    Go to the flower basket borrowed by the gardener Aunt Rose as a prop. No need to pose again~
    The photographer said, let’s take another shot in the background of Cangshan~ um, in the rose garden under Cangshan. I haven’t even taken photos of the Rose Garden in Chengdu. I took photos for the first time in the Rose Garden and gave it to Dali. After all, I am a fake Dali hahaha!
    The last one of the smelling series. It felt a little bit low on the day. However, the photographer’s brother took a good shot and praised Mr. Chen crazy!
    Part 3: [Snow] is not the same Cangshan
    [Cangshan] is the main peak at the southern end of the Yunling Mountains. It consists of nineteen peaks from north to south. It starts from Dengyuan in Wuyuan and ends at Tiansheng Bridge in Xiaguan. Many people come to Dali only to know the Bohai Sea. So, I am here at the very fun Cangshan of Amway Amway!
    [If you have nothing to do, go to Mo Zhen Tea Room]
    You don’t know, there is a Mo Zhen tea room on Cangshan Mountain, Taoxi Valley. Whether it is sunny or rainy, it is suitable for drinking tea and daze, this is the real life of Dali.
    The first time I went to Mo Zhen tea room, it was a rainy day. When we arrived in Taoxi Valley, we needed to take a short walk to get to Mo Zhen. Looking at the Bohai Sea and the Three Pagodas in the tea room, it is completely different from the perspective of Dali.
    For the first time, I went to the indoor tea room. Nice tea sets and exquisite furnishings make me like it!
    From cloudy to heavy rain. Then we will drink tea and listen to the rain on Cangshan.
    Later I bought a raincoat and went to the tea garden to take a small video. It seems now that I was quite interested at that time. It is a precious record, a precious memory.
    Because I liked it so much, we decided to wait for a sunny day and go to the tea room for the second time. I have to say that the mop of sunny days is what I like. Look at the Three Towers and the Bohai Sea here, the sunny look is more beautiful!
    The favorite is the location of this rocking chair. Sit here and enjoy the sun and watch the scenery. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time on earth.
    The weather is fine, the sun, the flowers of the tea room, the warm bloom.
    This is the best shooting angle I think Mo Zhen tea room. I really like Mo reminder, which is probably what I should have in my ideal life.
    Because I like and miss. So, this year, I came to Mo Zhen for the third time. This time, I am a new experience, a different harvest. Because I went to Mo reminder before, all my friends drove us to the car. This time I didn’t have a car. So I chose a small group of 6 people for a half-day tour. The team leader drove us to Mo Zhen and Silent. Because I traveled to Xiamen with my friends before, I reported a day trip to their home in Gulangyu, so I was relieved.
    Although it is a place that has been here, this experience is somewhat different. I used to take a photo of tea before, this time I have a tea picking experience! Take a photo with the foreign children in the group.
    Emmm, picking tea on the line. This is what a middle-aged Buddhism girl should look like. . .
    Years of ruthlessness, I feel less and less collagen on my face. The third time I went to Mo reminder, it was obvious that the value was low, and even the sale of Meng was not able to sprout. . .
    Foreign friends in the same industry have finished tea and started to experience tea making. I am taking a picture of tea while hahaha!
    Still the original formula, or the familiar taste. The best shooting position in my eyes. Although it is cloudy today, there is no shadow on the face. After a year, this tree has grown a lot.
    This time I am going to take a picture on the swing. I used to come to Dali and I wish I could have a sunny day every day. Now I feel that it is very comfortable on a cloudy day. I am more and more Buddhist!
    Because we rushed to the silence to eat vegetarian food, so the time in Mo urged is very fulfilling, it is almost the same to play. Mainly the leader has a car, one place and two places will be more convenient.
    [The rainy days are even more beautiful]
    [Silent photo] has the tranquility of the temple, but there is no solemnity of the temple. It is not so much a nunnery as it is a garden of birds and flowers. The interior of the ancestral hall seems to be casual but meticulous, and two flower beds are built in the backyard. All kinds of beautiful flowers and succulents are full of life. TIPS: 20 minutes on the way from the Sentong Temple, the road is not big, and the plants are full of flesh. Tickets are free, and the vegetarian meal is 20 yuan per person.
    I have been to the three silent photos, in rainy, sunny, cloudy days. I don’t know if it is preconceived or how, I think that the rainy days are the most beautiful!
    Then I will talk about the first rainy day of the silence. I remember that I came to Dali in March 2017. I originally wanted to see cherry blossoms, and I found the warm memories of 2015. As a result, it was not the rainy season but it often rained. It’s raining, of course you can’t go to the sea, you have to have fun. So at the recommendation of a friend, we went to the silent photos of Cangshan for the first time.
    The first time I came to the silence, I was shocked by the succulent plants in the garden. This is a paradise for meat lovers!
    There are many more fleshy varieties in the Silent. For my layman, of course I can’t name it. Just think, each one looks good!
    Even if it rains, it will not reduce the excitement that I came to Silence for the first time. Hold the umbrella, hold the camera and keep shooting.
    Don’t want to miss every good detail. The flesh is more oily and bright under the rain. The rainy days are really beautiful!
    The rainy Dali is always very cold, and the cold of one second becomes winter. At that time, wearing a cloak, just to keep warm, holding a yellow umbrella. I want to come all over, or take a few photos and go! I didn’t think that the clothes were quite good, haha, and it was beaten!
    The silence of the rainy days, I saw the raindrops falling in every corner. Wind chimes and pine cones. I love every good detail in the rainy days.
    Silence is not big in itself. If you want to eat vegetarian food and take pictures, you will actually finish shopping in an hour. However, for me, a photographer who likes photography and has a higher demand. Silence is enough for me to play for a long time.
    So, it’s raining Dali. In fact, there are also good places to go. I will come back to the silence afterwards, and I have no photos like the first time. However, I have never encountered rainy days.
    There are still photos, and when I first came, I was a lot more fleshy. Later, each time it was different. Therefore, a good scenery should be recorded in time.
    Another day of the rainy days of silence.
    Silent photos of the cloudy sky. Is it rainy but more beautiful!
    There are still sunny days. I still love the rainy day.
    The last time I went to the silence, it was a cloudy day. It is the small group that participated in the bikego, and it was with the Mojin tea room. As for why I went to the place, because I brought a friend to play, and then we have no car. For the sake of convenience, I reported this Cangshan line. On the day I left the Mozhen tea room, G.O took us to the silence. G.O will give us a lot of explanations than before, let us know more about the silence.
    Revisiting the silence, there is not so much enthusiasm to shoot more meat. It’s always enthusiasm to look for someone to look good.
    Let’s take a look at the breakfast. In addition to the first time I went to the silence, it rained, no one was stunned, and there was no one to know the silence. Later, when I went to the Silent, I was going to line up for dinner. This time, the team leader made an appointment in advance for us. After we went there, we could eat without waiting in line. I have to add one, and the vegetarian meal is the best vegetarian meal I have ever eaten.
    The third time I came to the silence. I have become a middle-aged Buddhist girl. Regardless of his middle age, he is always a young girl.
    Part 4: [Month] Bohai is not the sea
    The Bohai Sea is not the sea, has been to Haidong, and has also been to Haixi. About 15 per month, Xizhou can see the moon in the sea, so I have a saying. Then here, let’s talk about the West Coast Road. Tips: If you spend a day traveling around the Bohai Sea, it is recommended to start from Haixi in the morning, go to Xizhou, Shuanglang and then Haidong, and finally dig to see the sunset, so that all the scenery will be seen at the best time.
    [Huanhai West Road, another kind of sea]
    I remember going to Dali in the past, I went straight to the double gallery. Later, the gradual travel photography became popular in Dali. When I saw Dali who went to other people, I felt that I had gone to a fake Dali.
    When I talked about the cherry blossoms at Dali University, I met the photographer Black Wild Pig (Pig Brother). Later, he introduced his partner to the big teeth. Drive with us to take a trip to the sea. So, I finally went to the famous shooting point of Haixi [歪 neck tree] and nearby. Accurate positioning is Ma Jiuyu.
    The weather in Dali that day was surprisingly good. Usually I always shoot with Belle, this time I changed to a photographer. Not the same style.
    However, what is interesting is that the scenery of Dali Haixi is also divided into dry season and abundant water period. When we first came here, it was the dry season in March, so there will be more landscapes. Later, when I came back in the wet season in September, the water level was too high and these scenes were flooded.
    When the big teeth took pictures for the first time, everyone was not very familiar. I am still afraid that the photo is not good. The result went back to a photo and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s rare to have such a smile, so I especially like this set of photos.
    The big tooth took us to the shooting points he knew. There is also this scene near the neck tree, but many people lined up at the time. But to tell the truth, some landscapes also need character and fate. I have been here a few times later, but it is rare to encounter the first time to go through such a transparent weather.
    There areThe chicken raft reservoir is also a famous shooting point. Unfortunately, every time I go, the door frame has a wedding dress. So, every time I choose to give up, just pat in other places. The photo that the big tooth classmates gave me for the first time, I still like it so far!
    The second time I went to Haixi, it was April 2017. But the weather was not good for the first time, but the landscape was accidentally discovered on the road. I liked this most of all the photos I took at the time. I don’t want to brush the screen, so I have a good one!
    [Hai Tong Park, two kinds of scenery]
    Haitang Park is located near Xizhou and is also Haixi. I remember going to Shuanglang in 2015. We went to Xizhou on the second day. Teacher Beier always wanted to take the couple tree in Haitang Park. Finally, because I didn’t want to walk, there were other trips in the afternoon, which led to the abandonment of the sea tongue. Later, when I first went to the sea tongue, it was two years later. However, until now, I have not taken photos of the couple tree because I have seen more.
    The first time I came to Hai Tong Park was to go to Dali University in March, and I met the black wild boar (pig brother) and the master of the big tooth. On that day, I asked the makeup artist Miss Sister to give me a makeup and wear a Chinese dress. I mentioned it in a travelogue in Yunnan. I said it at the time. When I write Dali travel notes, I will put the photos they gave me.
    The first time I came to Hai Tong Park, it was noon. The sun is very glaring. If we go by ourselves, we will definitely not look for light. With the photography, we are more happy.
    Looking at the photos now, I discovered that the Bohai Sea of ​​that day was actually in two colors.
    Come back to Haitang Park for the second time. Dali who does not follow the routineIt is a different landscape.
    Take the 3 yuan carriage to the door of Hai Tong Park and walk to the park. However, it is said that during the flood season, a lot of landscapes were flooded. I haven’t found a place I’ve been to in the past once in a while, and I am also a fan of it.
    Simply, just like this. It is the meaning of the travel itself that is the scenery in front of you and enjoys the unexpected encounters in the journey.
    The wind of the sea tongue is very big, and in the afternoon here, it is actually suitable for a quiet hair. Dali is really a magical place. Every time you come, there will be different scenery. Today’s Hai Tong Park is really comfortable!
    [Little Putuo, the seagull flies away and flies back]
    Xiao Putuo is located in Haidong, Bohai. It was built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1982. It is a pavilion-style two-story building. One layer is like Bodhisattva, and the second floor is Guanyin Bodhisattva. The small Putuo is located in the sea-tourism line from Shimonoseki to Shuanglang and Butterfly Spring. When the boat arrives, it is necessary to stop at the island, let the tourists board the small Putuo and watch the scenery of the Bohai Sea. Every year from December to March, Little Putuo will have many seagulls flying from Siberia.
    I remember that in 2013, I went to the double gallery for the first time and passed the small Putuo. Later, Little Putuo seemed to be a landmark memory point. At that time in 2015, we went to the double corridor from the Xiaguan chartered car. After the small Putuo, I felt that I was going to the double corridor.
    In 2016, I was digging for two days. This time, I finally waited for the seagull of Dali, the small seagull of Putuo.
    The little Putuo at sunset, the seagull is not particularly much. But the sunset here is really super beautiful!
    So the next morning, I went to the little Putuo to see the seagulls. In the morning sea, there are Cangshan and clouds in the distance. Under the soft light, the blue is fascinating.
    In the morning, there are more seagulls in Putuo. After all, it’s a new day, everyone is hungry, hahaha!
    At that time, I passed by Dali alone. One person was at the seaside, patted the seagulls, and sun-baked, and felt very satisfied.
    I still couldn’t help but let the tourists take a few shots for me. Can choose two backs, enough. The grade is getting bigger and it is easier to meet hahaha.
    [Mysterious Haidong Grove]
    In Haidong, dig the road to the double corridor. There is a small forest that is perfect for taking pictures. So I call it mysterious grove!
    I used to see photos of my friends taking pictures in winter in my circle of friends. I feel good to see the explosion, so when I dig the second time, I must find it there. However, we did not find it for the first time. Later, the black wild pig (pig brother) saw my friend circle positioned in the small Putuo. He took the photo to the guest and took us to find it.
    The same skirt, this was taken the next afternoon. However, when we went there, there was no stopping next to the boat, and some were a pity.
    Taking pictures in the woods is actually very easy to have a shadow on the face. So still need a variety of angles.
    I have to say that the light and shadow of Dali is great. When we took these photos for an afternoon, it seems that it is really hard. But it was the best record of that time.
    [The most beautiful sunset, in the color mining]
    Digse Town is located on the east bank of Bohai Sea, in the middle and east of Dali City, bordering Shuanglang Town in the north and Haidong Town in the south. Haidong is the place where Dali sees the sunset. The most beautiful sunset is definitely digging. I remember that in 2105, I went to Shuanglang, and in the afternoon of the Bohai Sea, the driver took us to the Xizhou direction to take the rapeseed. Later, I went to Haidong, all the way to the Tyndall phenomenon. I was here at the time and took pictures of my super favorite. Later I learned that here is the color of the digging.
    The color of the morning is the same as when the sea is quiet.
    Digging at noon. Behind the seagulls and the snow of Cangshan.
    In fact, encountering many landscapes really requires luck and fate. For example, I saw the sunset with the Tyndall phenomenon here. When I went again, the water level was too low, and I didn’t see it for the first time!
    At sunset, the boat stopped on the shore, and me under the backlight.
    Indeed, the sunset of Haidong. It is easy to appear Tyndall now. Every time I go to Dali, it is like this.
    That is the way to dig the road to the Bohai Sea. It was later known to many people. When you go again, you will always take a wedding dress. I can no longer line up the team.
    Written here, I am very fortunate that I have been to Dali very early. Before it was so hot.
    The most beautiful sunset is digging in color. After sunset, the most beautiful time has slipped away.
    Some people say that today’s Bohai Sea is not as good as nostalgia. In fact, it is only that it left temporarily. For me, Dali is still an ideal country.
    [double corridor in memory]
    Turn to the old photo. Time returned to 2013, when I returned from a graduation trip to Vietnam. Rested at home for more than a week and continued to travel to Yunnan. I went to the double corridor where the fire was a mess. Living in Haiti, when taking pictures, it is the originator of the Chinese white table.
    In March 2015, our group went to Yunnan again. At that time, Shuanglang was the first choice for our travel destination.
    That time, I passed you in the double corridor, a little regret, or riding a bicycle to take pictures of the beach. The scenery on the road is very good!
    To solve the sunset, we watched the scenery in the building where we lived. At that time, I have not traveled many roads and have not seen many sunrises and sunsets. It is easy to satisfy, and it is also a state I miss so much now.
    There is also an observation deck where you can see the panoramic view of the double gallery. The original double corridor is such a shape.
    Later, I never went to the double gallery again. All the best memories are in my heart, in my mind, in my photos. Some people say that Dali has no double corridors. And I am still looking forward to it when it returns!
    [The wind of Shimonoseki]
    Always on the beach, wearing a white dress to take a group of photos. Later, when I went to Dali, I never realized this. In April of this year, I saw a relatively hot travel package on the Internet. It was quite idle anyway, so I booked a play.
    The tour was for two hours, and the original film was sent, and 9 pieces were selected for finishing. I understand photography myself, and the reason why I chose to travel. One is because I am lazy, and the other is to get some photos from different angles in peacetime.
    The tour is a sea view hotel in Shimonoseki. Many seaside homestays are now closed, and there are very few open rooms. This hotel is better, the shooting point is quite a lot.
    But that trip was very bad.The weather is too bad. Originally booked another day, the result was that the small partner was too big, and the navigation was wrong, which led us to not make it that day. The weather was not good the next day, vomiting blood! ! !
    This glass staircase, if the weather is good, will really look great! It’s a pity!
    This white door frame is not bad. The photographer called Lao K, and the photo was very patient. Later, after a month, I met him again in Xizhou. I said that I want to write him into the travel notes, he is very happy!
    The Bohai Sea is not the sea, blowing the wind of Cangshan. I am in Dali. When it is sunny, there is wind and rain.
    Part 5: [City] surrounding ancient town
    I am almost finished writing it. Dali is too big, and there are too many places to play. I have gone too many times. The last part, talk about the ancient town around Dali!
    [Xizhou ancient town, spring to autumn]
    Xizhou Town is located in the north of Dali City, west of Cangshan Mountain, east of Bohai Sea, and called “Da Li City” during the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is one of the “Ten Commandments” in the Nanzhao Period. It is the hometown of the movie “Five Golden Flowers”, famous in Yunnan Province. One of the historical and cultural towns and key overseas Chinese hometowns. Xizhou is centered on Sifang Street, north to Tianzhuang Hotel, south to Fuchunli, Caiyun Street, Dyeyi Lane, west to the middle section of Shangshang Street, east to the east side of Zhendong Road, and the two houses protect residential houses, about 17.32 hectares. Within the area, most of them focus on protecting residential houses and protecting residential houses. They also include the three major courtyards of Yan, Dong and Yang, which are listed as national key cultural relics protection units. Tickets: Wuxizhou Ancient Town is not far from Dali Ancient City, so going to Dali, Xizhou should be a must.
    I remember the first time I went to Xizhou, it was 2015. At that time, the people in Xizhou were particularly few and felt that the entire ancient town was contracted by us. At that time, the impression of Xizhou was the Bai people’s residence and tie-dye.
    The second time I went to Xizhou, it was March 2017. It was the first time we went out to take pictures with the big teeth. We are converging at Xizhou.
    He took us to the red and yellow walls of the net. Although it was the midday light, I and Belle forced a group of photos.
    Later, I went to Xizhou several times. It is still tie-dyed everywhere, but it is difficult to have the urge to take pictures in front of the tie-dye when going for the first time.
    I have been thinking about going to the round floor to take a photo. The results are being repaired every time.
    Fortunately, when I went back in April this year, the round building has been repaired. Finally completed the photo with the round building. However, it is a pity that I was at a low point during that time.
    And finally, I took a photo with the net red wall. I still like Xizhou very much. Every season has different scenery. It is the appearance of Dali in my heart.
    There is also a small white car near Xizhou, one of the famous shooting spots. This is the big tooth classmates who took me. Because you are too lazy to process photos, so let’s put one.
    [巍山, into the South Country]
    The Daishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County is located about 60 kilometers south of Dali City, Yunnan Province. The ancient city of Lushan is also known as the ancient city of Nanxun, and is the birthplace of Nanzhao culture. It was built in the late Ming and early Ming dynasties and is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is also the third batch of Chinese historical and cultural cities in China. The Lushan Mountain in history is the true Nanzhao country. Many people know Shaxi, but few people know Lushan. In fact, Dali’s food is in Lushan.
    The ancient city of Lushan has a long history and culture.The foundation is profound, and it is known as the “hometown of Chinese famous snacks”. There is also the saying that “the charm of the mountain, snack paradise”. Since 2011, Lushan has held the Lushan Snack Festival every year.
    I have only been to Lushan once and went for the snack festival. There are not many people in Laoshan in peacetime. Every year, they go to the snack festival, just like the New Year. Know the famous Huang Qiji.
    There are other kinds of food. If you are eating goods, you will definitely like to go to the Lushan Snack Festival.
    There is also a Confucian Temple in the ancient city of Lushan. In the west gate of the ancient city, it was built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1398).
    The Lushan Star Arch Building, also known as the Wenbi Building, is located in the middle of the ancient city of Lushan. It is the street building of the center of the Ming Dynasty.
    The tower of the Lushan Mountain. You can see the panoramic view of the ancient city of Lushan by climbing the mountain tower. Probably this is the best place I think Lushan is.
    The memory of Lushan is somewhat blurred. I don’t know, I won’t see you again in the future.
    [Quiet Shaxi, the years are like songs]
    [Shaxi] is located in the southwest of Jianchuan, Yunnan, China. It is located in the southeast of the Jinsha River, Minjiang River and Nujiang River Three Rivers Nature Reserve. It is located between the Dali Scenic Area and the Lijiang Ancient City. The famous Shibao Mountain is here. A true ancient town in Shaxi, antique, still retains the most original architectural features. Ancient temples, ancient theaters, ancient shops, horse shops, ancient red sandstone streets, century-old ancient trees, ancient lanes, and ancient village gates. Shaxi is located in front of Dali and Lijiang, and is actually closer to Lijiang. It takes 2.5 hours to get to Shaxi in Dali, and you can go back and forth on the same day. However, it is recommended that you stay for a few days and there will be different gains.
    If you use a word to describe Shaxi, then “quietness” can’t be overemphasized. It is the only surviving bazaar on the ancient tea-horse road. It is as quiet as ever, like Lijiang Lijiang ten years ago.
    Shaxi Ancient Town is not big, you can walk around in half an hour. But here and it is suitable for a daze. This tree on Sifang Street, I heard that Huang is better. But when I came back in the fall, I still didn’t catch up with the yellow.
    Dashiqiao is also a sign of Shaxi. In the evening, the Dashiqiao faded away from the heat of the day. Everything seems quiet.
    In the morning, come back to Dashiqiao and experience the vicissitudes of life. On the bridge, watching people come and go, lamenting the time.
    In the fall, I came again to Shaxi. The big stone bridge in the autumn is a little warmer.
    Sitting in the yard drinking milk tea and baking the sun. This is the Shaxi life I want.
    I went to the lighthouse village and it turned out that Shaxi was so big.
    The white dragon in autumn is exactly like oil painting. There are still a lot of photos not released, wait for me to empty and then write a separate Shaxi travel notes!
    [attached]: wear experience
    Travel is to be concave, so stick to each travel note and share your experience. Continue this! In fact, sometimes it is not only the problem of photography technology, it is really important to wear it! I think it is the most important thing besides photography technology! Clothes and the environment do not match, the technology is equal to zero!
    1. National style shawl / sweater Dali is very windy, so a coat is very important. Since it is the Dali of the Bai nationality, of course, the choice of ethnic style in the coat is more appropriate. The blue sweater was sent to me before I lived in Dali. Now she is still traveling around the world, while shopping and clothes are selling. Red is bought online by myself.
    2. “The very white” tea service Mo Zhen tea room favorite photo. At that time, I deliberately wore a very white tea suit to take pictures. I also gave it to me. I really felt so good that I took a photo and took it to Xizhou.
    3. A red dress red dress is really super-mirror. However, the style is also very important, otherwise it will be very tacky if you are not careful. This piece is a little boho, passing through Xizhou twice, but now it seems to be the explosion of Dali.
    These two are less likely to hit the shirt. Purchased in [falling lotus custom women’s clothing]
    4. A white dress first appeared in a red dress, and the white dress was also very versatile. This article is also a comparison of Bohemia, and it is sent to me.
    These two are relatively popular styles.
    This yarn is very good, it was bought in a store called Limu in Lijiang.
    5. In fact, the yellow skirt is also very light and rarely wears yellow clothes because it feels black. However, in fact, it is good to choose bright yellow. The first national style is very suitable for Xizhou.
    6. Clever use of Hanfu occasionally, to a Hanfu, will also add a lot to the photo. However, Hanfu actually has a very high demand for hair style. I am a bit too amateur, and I will pay attention to it next time.
    So I used to wear improved Hanfu. This jacket is a modified version, I am quite suitable. Purchased in [Li Li class female female original homemade]
    7. Occasionally light wedding dress, full of fun. Recently, I like to take a light wedding dress and shoot a group when I see the right scene. Because I took many photos at the seaside, it was a bit of a shortage. The light wedding dress brought this time was also a timely rain, which saved my clothes shortage. Purchased by [Please, Mr. Deer]
    [willing to be warm as ever]
    Finally finished, I am really tired of a bit of old blood to spit it out! This travel note commemorates the great ideals that have come and gone over the years. Some places will not go once, and some places will go many times in life. This is the fate between you. Although the current Bohai Sea is not the same as before. However, I am willing to wait for it to return! If there is only one door between the city and the city, then I am in Chengdu, you are in Dali!

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