Going to the Million Sunflower Garden, let me dream in the tulip flower sea

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    No girls don’t like flowers, if they have, they haven’t met their favorite flowers yet.
    I have always enjoyed the tulip of Sauya, but I have never been to the Netherlands yet, after all, it is the home of tulips. But I went to the Million Sunflower Garden and rounded up my dream of tulips here.
    Million Sunflower Garden is located in Xinyi Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City. It is open all year round and is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Take Metro Line 4 to Jiaomen Station in Guangzhou, take Exit B and take the South Sabah Line 2 to get there.
     The tulip flower sea in the winter is like a dream
    Guangzhou is not so snowy. When I arrived at the Million Sunflower Garden, I saw the pink-white tulips in the pavilion, and there was a illusion of powder snow.
    Pure white, with a little pink powder with a little powder, delicate flowers, fragrance. The flowers are tall and straight, and the flowers are fixed in white outer packaging, which exudes their charm in the winter in Guangzhou.
    According to the information, this kind of tulip is called “Lucky Goddess”. It has high environmental requirements and is extremely difficult to cultivate. It is a rare variety imported from the Netherlands.
    Sitting next to her, carefully observing her, the flower branches in her hand feel real, the lotus-like flowers are dignified, the petals are delicate, and the stems and leaves are smooth. For this floral event, the florist must have put a lot of effort into it, otherwise how can the tulip bloom in this cold winter season, and the tulip is a northern flower, it must be very difficult to plant in the south.
    This time, the flower fair has introduced more than 30 varieties of tulips, and more than 100,000 tulips have been created by more than 30 themed scenes by the skilled flower artists. It is very interesting.
    I was most impressed by this scene. I used a white wrought iron to make a large vase shape, which was connected in pairs to form a small aisle. The “vase” was decorated with tulips, the pink flowerpot girl was full of breath, and the red flame pattern on the tulip. Embellished in white, eye-catching but harmonious. (Speaking quietly, when I walked over here, the brain made up a scene and it felt great.)
    I am very satisfied with this photo, although the protagonist is not me. The yellow tulip is primed, the colors are warm and bright, and the sky garden is decorated with pink flowers. But the most beautiful one should be the beauty of the middle, gentle and elegant, and the look of the flowers is really beautiful.
    Bright yellow, bright this winter.
    Ziyun from the United States The oxen and gems are inlaid in green foliage. The best place to take pictures here is to concentrate on the flowers. Without looking straight into the lens, the expression will be much more natural.
    The florist carefully organizes the flowers and wants to bring a shocking beauty to the tourists. As everyone knows, she has become another beauty under my lens.
    The flower language of tulips is fraternity, considerateness, kindness, but different colors have different meanings, purple represents loyalty, endless love, red represents warm love, pink represents eternal love, white represents pure and high love, and yellow represents cheerful . In European and American novels and poems, tulips have always been a symbol of victory and beauty. There are many moving legends about tulips, and many countries such as the Netherlands, Iran, and Turkey cherish them as national flowers.
    This flower fair is China’s first tulip flower show. Because it is rare, it attracts a lot of tourists. The pavilion is crowded, but it does not affect the flower viewing. Millions of sunflower gardens also held a “flower delivery” event, with an average of 300 flowers per day for women who love beauty.
    Although the tulip is the main coffee of this time, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery above the head. In order to show the beauty of flowers from many angles, Huabo Xiu hangs many flowers from all over the world in the air, such as the blue snowflake in South Africa and the dragon-winged sea otter in Brazil. They are also the beauty that can’t be ignored in this exhibition.
     Unbeaten four seasons rainbow
    The seasons alternate, and the flowers of the Million Sunflower Garden are never absent. Millions of sunflower gardens have woven a rainbow on the ground with large flower fields.
    Is it a bit like Furano in Hokkaido? Because the scenic spot is dedicated to Mr. Xiong Guliufu of the farmer of “Four Seasons Color Hill”, so you can enjoy such a beautiful view in Guangzhou.
    You can choose to take a ride on the Huatian train in the park, enjoy the beauty of the flower fields, or walk in the flowers like me, and enjoy the beauty of the flowers at a close distance. This is really a good place to take pictures.
     Let you teleport to the Rose Garden in the UK
    This is the English Rose Garden with British royal garden style, with nearly 100 varieties of European roses.
    The ancient Roman fountain in the figure is as high as 5 meters and is very conspicuous in the rose garden.
    The aroma of the whole rose garden is refreshing, and I also smell three flavors of fruit, tea and musk. The aromas overlap but the mix is ​​very good, and it smells good and refreshing.
    Here is a purebred English rose, which is an award-winning variety from the UK. The flowers are beautiful, the petals are interlaced, the whole flower is round and full, and the roses of different colors are intertwined, attracting many people here, including couples who are right and right, family and family, and some students who come to sketch.
    A flower can be a picture.
    Taking pictures, it’s still not looking at the camera.
    In order to shape the British style of the Rose Garden, there are many British-style buildings and objects in the garden. This white wrought-iron avenue is very powerful.
    The windmill in the distance is also a good material for framing or taking pictures.
     Bright sea bream
    Begonia is also a good place to take pictures here. See the red building behind me? With a touch of ancient Roman style, it is suitable for taking pictures as a background.
    The variety of colors of sea bream flowers is really good, intertwined into a gorgeous flower sea, in the sea of ​​flowers, always bring a good mood.
    Pairs of swan sculptures are recommended for couples, and people who wish to come here can find their love. The swan is painted in yellow and blue, and the colors are dazzling, and even if the weather is bad, you can take good-looking photos.
    This blue-roofed white castle is very popular among children, but I think it is also very good for the adults to use the concave shape.
     Golden smile, sunflower is always so beautiful
    This golden big face doesn’t look like a big smile, and here I can’t help but smile.
    Million Sunflower Garden is a sunflower-themed ecological park with 66.7 hectares of Kwaihai Forest. It is the largest sunflower garden in the country and is open all year round. It is the only one in the world.
    The sunflowers are modest and low-headed, low-key and unobtrusive, because the entire disk is full. When I saw the sunflower, I remembered the sunflower chicken I had eaten. I will introduce it to you at the end of the article.
    When I am here, I am always advising myself, don’t pick flowers and pick flowers, because I always think of the scene when I was holding a whole sunflower dish.
    The bee smells the flowers and flies over~
     Romantic lavender, am I in Provence?
    Millions of sunflower gardens are really a surprise, I found a large lavender field. Through this pullOn the porch of the ox flower, the lavender field is on both sides of the 100-meter corridor. The buildings on the promenade are blue and white, and the scenery of the sea is different.
    Lavender is usually flowered in spring and summer, and millions of sunflower gardens are grown in the off-season, even in winter. Moreover, the Million Sunflower Garden combines the romance of Provence with the fashion of Hokkaido to form a unique lavender field.
    The flowers are light blue-violet flowers, and even when they are ten miles away, they can smell the flowers. But when I stand in the middle of the flower field, the aroma is not strong, but the elegant fragrance is very magical.
    This kind of solid color flower field, whether it is kneeling down or standing, is a good photo background.
     Oh my squirrel is cute
    Millions of sunflower gardens are not only the world of flowers, but also a 5,000-square-meter super large “private” squirrel garden with many cute little squirrels.
    Look, I took a little cute, but still don’t bother them, let’s play happily.
     Flower Love Hotel, the castle that little fairies love
    In the evening, I stayed at the Huazhilian Hotel. At night, I was attracted to the scenery show before I entered the hotel.
    The black night is the background, and the European-style Fortress is shimmering in the flower field. This is not the castle in the fairy tale.
    In front of the hotel is a “four-color” peacock decorated with lights, which is exquisite and very hard.
    Entering the hotel lobby is not the same as the outside, the whole girl’s heart is suddenly lit up.
    The transparent skylight is dark blue, and the flower-shaped lanterns are hung on the top of the white lobby. It is ingenious and fits the theme of the hotel’s “Flower Love”. The colored lanterns look great under pure white, because the Christmas tree in the lobby is also very eye-catching near Christmas.
    This is the lobby during the day, the sun shines through the glass, warm and beautiful. The front desk is a sunflower-themed background. Although it is a painting, it only takes a moment to feel the vitality and agility in the painting.
     Tulips, live in the tulip room
    Because this is a tulip exhibition, I chose the hotel’s tulip house.
    The whole is full of vibrant orange tulips, mirrors, carpets, bedside lamps, all designed with the elements of tulips, the room is also decorated with tulip flowers, tulips in the daytime, tulips in the evening, live in the tulip room, I want to Don’t leave in the world of tulips!
    The bathroom configuration is also very complete, the individual is very interested in this bathtub and smart mirror, wash away the tiredness during the daytime play, and then be a beautiful bedtime skin care, you can go to sleep well.
     Sunflower Chicken Seafood Buffet
    As for dining, you can choose to go to the sunflower chicken seafood buffet.
    The Christmas decoration at the door is very good. Is Santa Claus carrying a guitar going to have a song?
    The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes to suit everyone’s needs. The restaurant is also very good, the lights are shining and the food looks good. (Of course, the taste is also very good)
    It is my favorite crayfish. I have already drooled when I saw this red appearance. I couldn’t stop eating it.
    The chefs in the restaurant are highly skilled and made on-site to ensure freshness. Guangzhou is close to the sea, seafood is not less. Shellfish and shrimp foods are “lying” on the ice and are very fresh.
    This cupcake is good when it is dessert. It is just sweet, not too greasy, but it doesn’t feel sweet enough. The cream on the top of the cake is not like a rose.
    After eating, you can also have a cup of honeysuckle tea, honeysuckle tea soup is bright yellow and green, drink a bite of sweet and delicious, cheeks and fragrance, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and thinning the throat.
     The world’s first expensive chicken: sunflower chicken
    I still remember this place, which is the corner of the tulip exhibition area I mentioned above, which I like very much.
    It is mentioned here because the restaurant of the sunflower chicken is connected to the exhibition area, so you can enjoy the view before you taste the food.
    Now officially introduce today’s C dish – sunflower chicken.
    Don’t underestimate this.What a chicken, it is called the world’s first expensive chicken. Because the breeding of sunflower chicken is quite difficult.
    The sunflower chicken is named after the unique feed for feeding the chicken. It is made into fresh sunflower dish, leaves and rods. The water is also the juice from the sunflower rod. Because of the uniqueness of the feed, sunflower chicken is not cheap.
    White swan, Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt and other five-star hotels all use sunflower chicken, yellow skin, crisp bones, sweet and tender meat, and sunflower seeds in the bone marrow. It has a high nutritional content, in which the vitamin E content is several times that of other breeds of chicken.
    Although there are three ways for sunflower chickens: clear stew, snowflake, and white cut, everyone prefers white-cutting, because without any coloring and sauce, just a little salty seasoning, the flavor of chicken can be juiced. The original taste is preserved.
    The golden chicken skin is crispy and chewy, the meat is fine, the juice is delicious, the taste is moderate in the mouth, and the crystal chicken smells sweet when chewed. No oil, no firewood, a taste bud.
    In addition to the sunflower chicken, I also ordered other dishes to accompany me, the taste is also very good, especially this corn soup, very sweet. The taste of the clams is very crisp and there is no residue at all. This meal is very comfortable to eat.
    Although I have been there once, I will come back later. After all, girls don’t like flowers, especially in such a sea of ​​flowers.
    The tulip’s flower show will last until March 31, 2019, and the Tulip Show will be held in the Green Clouds Flying Garden in the greenhouse hall of the Million Sunflower Garden. The ticket price is 150 yuan per adult, if the birthday of this month is 140 yuan, and you can receive a free sunflower flower. 1.2-1.5 meters of children is 100 yuan per person, the scenic area will give a children’s spree. Old people, military personnel, students, and disabled people can enjoy discounts on documents.
    Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. I like to travel, so I chose to go out, I also like to share what I like, so I chose to write this travel note. Millions of sunflower gardens have brought me surprises and warmth in this winter. I hope that you can enjoy this surprise and warmth when you go there.
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