Golden Autumn September North Xinjiang 10th Tour

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First, upload photos first
     Coco Suri
     Cocoto sea
     White haba
     Kanas Scenic Area
     Kanas Fairy Bay
     Moon Bay
     Wolong Bay
     Wuerhu Huyanglin
     Colorful beach
     Wuerhe Wind City
     Second, the words before
    The northern Xinjiang tour has been returning for nearly 4 months, and it has been delayed to write a travel note. The main reason is that his text cannot depict the beautiful scenery of northern Xinjiang. It can be seen in the blink of an eye that as time goes by, the memory in his mind will gradually fade away. Still use the slapstick to record the journey that you have traveled, and live up to the beauty of the beautiful scenery you have seen all the way.
     Third, the main itinerary
    This tour of Northern Xinjiang is attended by the local travel agency of Xinjiang, which is organized by the local travel agency in Xinjiang. The way of travel is mainly based on photography. The itinerary mainly focuses on the Kanas scenic area in northern Xinjiang. The most beautiful scenery in Jinqiu. Most of the members are photographers and even full-time photographers. They registered through the WeChat public account of Xinjiang Tourism Raiders and gathered in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang.
    10 days main line:
    Urumqi → Coco Suli → Cocoto Sea → Burqin → White Haba → Guanyutai → Kanas → Shenxian Bay → Moon Bay → Wolong Bay → Jia Deng峪 → Hemu Village → Colorful Beach → Hu Yanglin → Devil City → Karamay → Dushanzi Grand Canyon→Hongguang Mountain Scenic Area→Urumqi
    Stroke map
     Fourth, the relevant costs
    1. Shanghai-Urumqi Round-trip ticket 3160*2= 6320
    2. Xinjiang local group fee 5380*2= 10760
    3, Urumqi free travel costs 320
    Total 17400 per capita 8700
     Five, travel text
     D1(9/18) Shanghai→Urumqi→Suwenyuan Hotel
    We took the auspicious flight from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2 terminal building at 1250 noon. Because Xinjiang and Qinghai Gansu belong to the northwest, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there is a saying that “early wearing cotton jackets and yarns”, we put clothes all year round. All brought up, stuffed with a large box.
    The 1250 aircraft took off on time. Urumqi is located in the northwest. There are actually two time differences between Shanghai and Shanghai. It takes 20 o’clock for the sun to fall. Now the mobile phone on the plane can be used as long as the flight mode is turned on, and the beautiful blue sky and white clouds are photographed in the air. At about 18 o’clock, the plane arrived at Urumqi Diwopu Airport in advance. It is really convenient to travel now. Shanghai to Urumqi has 3,649 kilometers and arrived in more than five hours.
    Upon arrival in Urumqi by the agreement, the travel agency will send a special person to pick up the plane, report to the hotel to sign the contract and pay 90% of the balance, and prepay 10% of the tour fee. We will stay at the Urumqi Wenyuan Hotel tonight, and arrive at the hotel at 19 o’clock to complete the check-in. We will go shopping near the hotel. Wenyuan Hotel is located in Karamay West Street, with convenient transportation and good room environment.
    According to reports, Urumqi is the world’s farthest city from the ocean. The old name is Dihua. It was developed by the Qing dynasty in Xinjiang. It was renamed Urumqi in 1954 and Mongolian as a “beautiful pasture”. Now it is the capital of Xinjiang. It is the center of political economy and culture. Since the 2009 event was for security reasons, it was necessary to open a security check into the hotel. There were many volunteers with red armbands in the streets and lanes. The police and the police post were everywhere. It felt quite safe.
     D2(9/19) Urumqi → Coco Suli → Cocoto Sea → Susir Hotel
    Today officially opened the tour of Northern Xinjiang, eat the hotel buffet breakfast 8 o’clock, all the way to the north to the Coco Tohai.
    The tour guide is a 90-year-old beauty Miss Xu, our 40 members take a 55-seat tour bus, and each person chooses a seat according to the registration. This is still very fresh for the first time with the group tour, but it is quite reasonable.
    810 left Urumqi to enter the Zhungeer Basin, and the bus goes north along the 216 National Road. According to the tour guide, Xinjiang is the largest province in China, accounting for the entire province.One-sixth of the country, the land border is bordered by eight countries, and there are 47 ethnic groups in the province. The terrain of Xinjiang is referred to as the “three mountains and two basins”, the Altai Mountains in the north, the Kunlun Mountains in the south, and the Tianshan Mountains in the middle. The Taigeer Basin is between Taishan and Tianshan, the Tarim Basin between Tianshan and Kunlun Mountains, and the northern part of Tianshan is the northern Xinjiang. This time we mainly visited the Zhungeer Basin and participated in the local delegation in Xinjiang. We did not enter the shopping store and ate the whole meal.
    Xinjiang is too big, because there are no highways along the way, except for the middle of the meal and rest, the 460-kilometer journey, the bus opened for 7 hours, until 1710, the first attraction of the trip – Coco Suri, Coco Suri Part of the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area, Mongolian is a “blue lake”, a natural marsh wetland formed by the collapse of faults during a major earthquake. The lake is blue and clear, the reeds are flying in the wind by the lake, and the cattle and sheep are on the grass. Free walking, good pastoral scenery, we are immediately attracted to the beauty of Coco Suri, forget the tiredness all the way.
    Staying at the Irtysh Grand Hotel in Cocoto Sea Town tonight, the three meals are in the chubby restaurant next to the hotel, which tastes good. The name of the hotel is good, but the room is not heated, the quilt can’t stop the cold and cold, we can only sleep in a sweater, this hotel is the coldest hotel we feel on this road. However, the surrounding environment is good, there are many Russian-style buildings, and the exotic atmosphere. It belongs to Fuyun County in the north of Xinjiang. It is said that Heilongjiang Mohe is the first cold zone in China, and Fuyun is the second coldest pole in the country. It is no wonder that it is so cold.
     D3(9/20) Cocoto Sea→Shenzhong Mountain→Ertyz Grand Canyon→Chubulin
    Get up at 6 in the morning, jog to the town before the breakfast time, the town is surrounded by mountains, the air is fresh and fresh.
    After breakfast at 8 o’clock, I went to the Cocoto Seaview Area. Yesterday, Cocoa Suri was just one of its attractions. The Coco Sea Scenic Area is also known as the Cocoto Sea Geopark. The main attractions are Shenzhong Mountain and the Irtysh Grand Canyon. Irtysh River and so on. The present season is the most beautiful moment here. The blue sky, the golden woods and the colorful river are like a beautiful oil painting.
    Before the first snow comes every winter, the Kazakh herders are going to make a transition, and the horses and cattle will migrate from the cold to the warmth. On the way to the Cocoto Seascape, we met the spectacular herdsmen’s transition scene. Thousands of cattle and sheep ran in the sunshine, especially those big buttocks walking the buttocks, especially cute, our bus several times Stop and give way to them.
    The Irtysh River is the only river in China that flows from the east to the west into the Arctic Ocean. The Irtysh River passes through the Grand Canyon.
    The Irtysh Grand Canyon, also known as the Zhongshan Gorge, is a gully formed by the faults of large earthquakes crossing the mountains and flowing water for a long time.
    Shenzhong Mountain is 1,359 meters above sea level. Because of the bell-like landform formed by granite stone under the cold and weathering, a stone is a mountain.
    In the winter, the herdsmen are busy turning around, and the horses and cattle are running.
    After swimming back to Coco to the sea, continue to go back to the chubby restaurant next to the hotel for lunch, drive to Burqin at 1340 in the afternoon, arrive at Burqin County at 19:00, stay at Yintai Hotel tonight, this hotel is in a good location, close to Burqin Night Market and Sino-Russian style street.
    The nights in Burqin County are very beautiful, the streets are bright and colorful, and because of the border with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, exotic buildings can be seen everywhere, especially the Sino-Russian old wharf style street, and all kinds of buildings and lanterns complement each other. It makes people feel like they are walking into an exotic dream. The Burqin River Embankment Night Market is also very lively, with a variety of Xinjiang specialties, fragrant grilled fish, grilled skewers, and various dried fruits are very attractive.
     D4(9/21) Burqin→White Haba Village→Subai Haba
    Today we will go to Baihaba, which is officially entering the Kanas Scenic Area. The tour guide reminds us that Baihaba and the later Jiadeng and Hemu Villages are ancient villages. Because they are preserved for centuries, the room is so The facilities are relatively simple, and everyone should be prepared to endure hardships. I don’t think there is anything terrible. Isn’t we going to experience different scenery in different life? Isn’t there a saying that “eyes go to heaven, body to hell”? If you want to see the beautiful scenery, sometimes you have to pay the price of the body.
    Yesterday, on the road from Cocoto to Burqin, the tour guide Xiao Xu told us the story of many Xinjiang Construction Corps. I also knew the origin of the Xinjiang Construction Corps for the first time. Xiao Xu is the third generation of the Xinjiang Construction Corps. Therefore, it is even more sorrowful for her to tell the story of the Xinjiang Corps: When the Xinjiang was peacefully liberated, the local productivity level was low and the people’s lives were very painful. The commander of the People’s Liberation Army Wang Zhen led ten Wan Dajun marched into Xinjiang and formed the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army Xinjiang Military Region Construction Corps”. They became special forces that “do not wear military uniforms, do not eat military sergeants, never change jobs”, and pursue the creed of “not competing with the people” in the Tianshan North and South Desert. In the harsh environment of the Gobi, the warriors combine labor and martial arts, squatting, building water conservancy, and opening up good fields… paying the hardships that ordinary people can hardly imagine, dedicating youth to sacrifice their lives here, and creating an artificial oasis in Xinjiang. In order to avoid the fate of the generation of the great army, General Wang Zhen also approved the “eight thousand Xiang women to go to the Tianshan Mountains” after the approval of the central government. After several decades of efforts, the number of construction corps reached 3 million from the current 100,000, making Xinjiang This barren land has become a thriving home. They have guarded this land from generation to generation to become a real warrior. Xiao Xu feels extremely proud and proud as a soldier. listenThe story of the Xinjiang Construction Corps, I also understand the meaning of “Whether there is something good, but someone is carrying it for you.” Therefore, although we have some rudiment in the ancient village, what is the relationship?
    In the White Haba Village to go to today, we need to apply for a border permit. However, we are with the group. All of them are handled by the travel agency. We arrived at the Habahe County where the border permit was issued. We first carried out a face-to-face security check. After the security check, we drove for 2 hours and then took the scenic spot. It took an hour to get to the White Haba Village.
    Many people queue up for security
    Big pumpkin
    Kanas Scenic Area Ticket Office
    Scenic bus
    Baihaba Village is located on the border line between China and Kazakhstan. It is known as the first village in the northwest and the first post in the northwest. It is also referred to as the “back garden of Kanas”, mainly occupied by Tuva and Kazakhs. Small villages, the village is small, is the most original spires.
    After lunch, we walked in the village. The noon sun was quietly sprinkled in the corner of Baihaba Village. The whole village was very quiet and quiet. The cabins were scattered on both sides of the road, and the crystal clear Xiaohe Village flowed. In front of it is a golden birch forest, and in the distance is the snow-capped Altay Mountains. We seem to have entered the world of fairyland. It is said that Baiha Ba Village is one of the eight most beautiful towns in China, and it is indeed well-deserved. According to the plan, we will be here to meet the sunset tonight and the sunrise in the morning. But the sky is not beautiful. Today, the clouds are a little thick, and the sunset is not as scheduled. However, in the village of Baihaba, we have different beautiful scenery.
    Taking a photo at the border
    Tonight we will stay here for one night, four people and one cabin, the room is still quite clean, there are toilets and showers in the room, the cabins we live in at night actually lit up the lights, so beautiful!
     D5(9/22) White Haba → Guanyutai → Kanas Lake → Kanas Sanwan → Su Jia Deng
    I got up at 7 o’clock at 7 o’clock today. It is estimated that the sunrise time is around 8 o’clock. After breakfast, we rushed to the highest point of Baihaba Village to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was not with the sunrise. The sun only showed a pale yellow light. Halo, but the mountain has already been full of photographers with long guns and short guns. The autumn of White Haba really attracts many photographers.
    At 9 o’clock, we took a bus to the scenic spot of Kanas Lake. Kanas Lake is known as “the paradise on earth, the garden of the gods”. The most famous sights are the fish watching platform and the beautiful Sanwan, namely Shenxian Bay, Moon Bay and Wolong. Bay.
    We first climbed the 1086 steps along the Kanas Lake to the highest point of Kanas Lake. Although it was a little tired, we could overlook the entire Kanas Lake on the viewing platform, surrounding mountains, rivers, forests and lakes. The peculiar natural landscapes such as the grasslands and the beautiful scenery are unbeatable.
    Kanas Lake is one of the five most beautiful lakes in China. The other four are Qinghai Lake, Nam Co, West Lake and Changbai Mountain Tianchi. Kanas Lake is also a famous lake. The color of the lake changes with the seasons and weather. It is said that there are legends of the mysterious “lake monster” that often appear, which attracts us.
    After lunch, we took the scenic spot bus along Shenxian Bay, Moon Bay and Wolong Bay. There are shuttle buses between Sanwan and there are also wooden plank roads. It is said that the hiking scenery from Moon Bay to Wolong Bay is the most beautiful. As it is well-deserved, we walked down the boardwalk in Moon Bay and walked for more than an hour. The scenery was really beautiful. The golden forest, the blue lake and the snowy mountains, we seem to be in the colorful fairy tale world.
    In the fairy bay, there are often clouds lingering like a fairyland
    Moon Bay, shaped like a crescent moon
    Wolong Bay, overlooking a dragon and a dragon
    Beautiful view between Moon Bay and Wolong Bay
    The time for the 20-point gathering is over. Everyone is reluctant to take the bus and leave this beautiful scenery. Tonight, stay at the Holy Spirit Lake Hotel in Jiadeng, the gateway to the entire Kanas area. Traffic transfer station in Kanas Lake Scenic Area.
     D6(9/23) Jia Deng峪→ Hemu→Suhemu Village
    In the morning, from Jiadeng to Hemu, the scenery along the way was beautiful, and the scenery outside the window continued to pass, and the intoxicating autumn colors were picturesque.
    Hemu Village is also an ancient village where Kazakhs and Tuwas live together. It is the largest of the three remaining Tuva villages (Hemu Village, Kanas Village and Baihaba Village). The houses here are also Made of logs, full of original flavor. The autumn of Hemu is like a beautiful oil painting. The birch forest and the larch forest are scattered all over the mountains. The clear Hemu River flows quietly. Hemu Village is known as “the land of God”. It is best known for its early morning. At the time, the morning glow rises, every household smokes, the autumn colors are full of mountains, and a cloud of fog like a fairyland floats in the whole village, becoming a must.
    At 10 o’clock in the morning, we arrived at Hemu Village. When we went to the village to put down our luggage, we went to the scenic spot to familiarize ourselves with the scenic environment. Hemu Village is relatively large. The main attractions are the observation deck, the birch forest, the Hemu River and the Hemu Bridge. Suddenly it rained heavily. Many group members followed the tour guide and returned. We tasted Xinjiang’s special glutinous rice and pure milk at the roadside stall. The word “fragrance” was too sweet. The rain stopped for a while, wow, the whole village after the rain was surrounded by clouds, just like the fairyland on earth, it was so beautiful.
    Taking advantage of the beautiful scenery across the Hemu Bridge, we arrived at Hemu’s most famous birch forest, where the birch trees are all wild.
    At this moment, the birch forest is full of mountains and mountains. We climbed the Hemu Observation Deck and climbed the observation platform. It takes about an hour to go back and forth. As we walked around the north, this small case is nothing to say, overlooking the observation deck. WoThe scenery of the whole village is really beautiful. On the first day, we climbed the observation deck twice, and once in the evening, the white birch forest in the middle of the Hemu River in the morning was very lush and straight, after a thunderstorm. In the evening, many yellow leaves of birch trees fell and sprinkled the earth, and another beautiful view was presented.
    After dinner, everyone gathered at the hill to watch the sunset.
    Tonight we will be staying at the Hemu Village Cabin, where the cabin is a double room and there is a hot water bath in the room. The environment is much better than the White Haba.
     D7(9/24) Hemu Village→Colorful Beach→Chubulu
    At about 6 o’clock in the morning, we didn’t light up. We got up again. At 7 o’clock, we rushed to Hemu Observation Deck to see the sunrise. The clouds were still a little thick. The observation platform was already black and pressed, and the sunrise was finally over. Did not live up to us, and soon the clouds gradually dispersed, the sun spread through the top of the mountain, the sky instantly became beautiful and red, the round sun slowly rose in the valley, accompanied by the sunrise, the entire Hemu Village was immersed in a ray of sunshine, a The smog rises and the morning fog travels through the mountainside. The looming cabins, birch forests, snow-capped mountains and rivers are like dreams.
    We stayed at Hemu for a day and a half, and we swam the whole village. When we left, we still had some reluctance. This pure and original village, dreamy and beautiful fairyland, goodbye!
    The next stop is the colorful beach of Burqin. The most special thing about the colorful beach is the different scenery on both sides of the river. The only Irtysh River in China that is injected into the Arctic Ocean passes through it. The side of the river is the colorful hills of the Yadan landform. On one side is a dense forest of Populus euphratica, which is a wonder of nature. When the sun sets, it is the most beautiful moment of the colorful beach. The rocks here will display colorful colors, but we are cloudy when we arrive, but the mountains and rivers of the colorful beachThe water is still unforgettable.
    Return to Burqin at around 2030 in the evening and continue to stay at the Intime Hotel in Burqin. Since it is the Mid-Autumn Festival today, the travel agency also specially added food to us to let you taste the local moon cakes and fresh fruits. It is especially interesting to gather in the northern part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Toasting together, celebrate the acquaintance here.
     D8(9/25) Burqin→Huyanglin→UkraineErhe Devil City→Sukarai
    Today is the eighth day of our tour of Northern Xinjiang. After breakfast, we drove south along National Highway 217, crossed the Gobi Desert, and went to the Urhe District of Karamay, China’s oil town, to visit the main attractions of Wuerhe: Huyanglin and Devil City. .
    Starting from Burqin, it took more than three hours to reach the Huyanglin scenic spot. At this moment, a large block of Populus euphratica has been put on gold, and the shape is different and competing. Today, there are not many tourists, and we are very satisfied with the film.
    Looking at the golden Populus euphratica, I couldn’t help but think that the tour guide once said: The red willow, sea buckthorn, Haloxylon ammodendron and Populus euphratica forest on the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang are called the desert four gentlemen. Because all three other plants have their use value, they are all picked. Only Populus euphratica Without the use value, it can be perfectly preserved, so that we can now come here to enjoy its fascinating scenery, so anyone will not have the best results. Good classic!
    After visiting Hu Yanglin, he drove to the famous Wuerhe Devil City in half an hour. In fact, it is similar to the formation of Dunhuang Devil City. It is a landscape of Yadan. Under the work of nature, the wonders formed by long-term wind erosion Scenery, but there are fences or ropes in many places in Dunhuang Devil City. Visitors can’t get close, and Wuerhe Devil City can let us watch all directions at a close distance. It feels that the various rock shapes are more majestic and rough.
    This time, I participated in the photography group, and arranged many opportunities for sunset and sunrise. Unfortunately, the weather was not satisfactory. The sunset and the clouds were filled with flowers and flowers. This natural landscape is unforgettable. Good, but today the sunset and sunset of Devil City gave us a big surprise.
    The tour of Wuerhe Devil City can take a scenic sightseeing train or walk. The small train stops at 4 scenic spots in turn. It is also the location of many large movies such as the movie “Seven Swords under the Tianshan” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. It is the most beautiful to watch the sunrise on the top of the two scenic spots. Unfortunately, we don’t know that the sightseeing bus is a one-way street. If you sit at the 4th attraction and can’t return directly to the door, we can only watch the sunset on the mound near the last spot. There is no ready-made road to the mounds. Everyone climbs hard to the high mounds and climbs out of the road. We gathered together on the high mounds to wait for the sunset. In the near future, the sunset gradually subsided, and the sunset sun was like blood. It instantly reflected the whole sky. The giant stone pillars of different shapes in the Devil City were looming, constantly showing strange figures, Devil City. The sunset was really beautiful, too perfect, too spectacular, and made a perfect stroke for our trip.
    Dinner was a good meal at the small stone restaurant at the gate of Devil City, and then the devil’s eyes were shot in the night.
    At around 22 o’clock in the evening, stay at the Karamay Hotel, which is the best hotel in our trip. The network has been restored from 2G to 4G. Finally, you can take a bath in comfort. The hotel also provides free yogurt and mineral water.
     D9(9/26) Karamay → Dushanzi Grand Canyon→Hongguang Mountain Scenic Area→Subei Urumqi
    Today 630 get up, 720 breakfast, hotel buffet breakfast is also good, 830 drive back to Urumqi, on the way to visit Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Hongguang Mountain Scenic Area.
    At 1120, it arrived at the Dushanzi Grand Canyon. At first sight, it was shocked by the canyon. The gorge is north-south, about 20 kilometers long, and the valley is 100-400 meters wide. The valley is surrounded by steep cliffs. The deep canyon is like a quilt. It is said that the canyon is a magical canyon formed by the sloping plain in the southwest of Dushanzi after the Kuitun River rushes out of the Tianshan Mountains. Nature is a great artist and has created this amazing masterpiece.
    In the evening we arrived at Urumqi Red Light.The mountain view area mainly watches the Big Buddha Temple in Hongguang Mountain. The Buddha statue of Sakyamuni is as high as 40.8 meters. It is known as the “Western First Copper Standing Buddha”. It was built in 2002-2004 and lasted for two years. The whole body is made of brass. The red light mountain Buddhist temple group has a tall archway, Buddha foot, Jinshuiqiao, dripping water Guanyin, four King Kong, Amitabha and other buildings. The scenic environment is good.
    Staying at the Urumqi Wenyuan Hotel tonight, the travel agency’s itinerary is coming to an end, and each of them will return on their own schedule tomorrow.
     D10(9/27)Urumqi→Xinjiang Museum→Xinjiang Grand Bazaar→Shanghai
    Since we are booking a flight at 1925 in the evening, we are going to visit the famous Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar and Xinjiang Museum today.
    After check-out and baggage in the morning, it is very convenient to take the bus stop 3 to the museum directly at the entrance of the hotel. 930 arrive at the Xinjiang Museum to watch the “Xinjiang Ethnic Customs” and the “Xinjiang Ancient Corpse” Exhibition Hall, “Xinjiang Nation”Feng Qing” shows the colorful and colorful customs of 13 ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In each ethnic group’s exhibition area, it also features wax figures to express the style and style of each ethnic group. “Xinjiang Ancient Corpse” mainly watches the famous ancient Loulan beauty corpse in Xinjiang, and Some of the dried corpses that have been unearthed for thousands of years are a bit horrible, and they can be regarded as a favorite for Mr. Christ, who likes Chinese medicine.
    The famous “Lou Lan Beauty” ancient corpse is 3800 years ago.
    The corpse of Zhang Xiong, the general of the Gaochang Kingdom during the Tang Dynasty
    Then we went to the Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar, the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar. The “Great Bazaar” Uygur people mean the market and the farmer’s market. The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar was formed on June 26, 2003. It is the world’s largest bus. It has a strong Islamic architectural style. It is a landmark building in Urumqi. It integrates Islamic culture, architecture, national commerce, entertainment, and catering. It has everything in it. We tasted hand-picked rice, baked buns, yogurt, ice cream, etc. Xinjiang cuisine, sourcing special dried fruit, and returning to the hotel with happiness.
    Uyghur musical instrument
    Like a Uighur woman
    Xinjiang cuisine
    I returned to the hotel around 1530 pm and called a taxi. I arrived at the airport in 20 minutes and stayed at the airport for three hours. However, I boarded the plane at 1840, took off on time at 1925, and flew to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in 4 hours and 40 minutes. In the air, I met a beautiful sunset.
     Sixth, the final experience
    The tour of Northern Xinjiang has been successfully completed. Although we are the first to try photography, the comparison tour is indeed more in-depth than the ordinary tour. Especially in the natural scenery of northern Xinjiang, the grasp of light time is particularly important. Follow the local guides in Xinjiang to go deep into the Kanas scenic spot, shoot at the best time in the best time, and harvest a lot of beautiful films and sentiments.
    Goodbye to the beautiful northern Xinjiang, I look forward to meeting again in southern Xinjiang!

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