[Greater Northeast], a cool seven-day tour! (Harbin-Snow Valley-Snow Township-Changbai Mountain-Devil World-

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    [This is the Northeast, the world of ice and snow fairy tale]
    Intermittent travel has lasted for 4 years, but there has been no chance to go to the Northeast.
    People say that the Northeast has its own taste in the winter, just one day.
    With time, I want to go, go to the Northeast to calm down.
    The world of daylight can make people sink their hearts.
    From Nanjing, go straight to Harbin and feel the charm of the North!
    Hagia Sophia, she belongs to Harbin, but it represents beautiful!
    The building reveals the taste of history and the light of faith.
    Volga Manor, red lanterns hanging high.
    Ice and snow world, here represents the charm and temperature of the Northeast.
    Sun Island Snow Sculpture Exhibition, where snow is transformed into a possible form.
    Old Rico Lake, the winter sun shines through the branches.
    Old Rico Lake, those who are reluctant to land.
    Snow Valley, be a brave ski teenager.
    Snow valley, small village, great beauty.
    Snow Valley Hillside, I would like to be the most beautiful star in your night sky.
    Crossing the snow line, where is my mother?
    Crossing the snow line, we still can’t forget, where is Dad?
    Xuexiang, the crowd of people, is hated by people who love it.
    Xuexiang, the beauty of the villages in the northeast is revealed in the night.
    Changbai Mountain Tianchi, the Tianchi in winter, only the white snow left!
    Changbai Mountain, the volcanic waste heat created the hot spring landscape here.
    The underground forest of Changbai Mountain, where you can see the beauty of the original forest.
    2.1 Harbin
    2.2 Snow Valley
    2.3 Crossing the snow line, Xuexiang
    2.4 Changbai Mountain
    2.5 Changbai Mountain
    2.6 Devil’s Circle, Old Rico Lake
    2.7 Jilin, skiing
    [Snow Valley]—Snow Town Neighborhood, a quiet small village in the valley.
    Living in the corner of Central Street, I feel the taste of Harbin. When night falls, the central street begins to wear different colors.
    The noise of the Songhua River began to dissipate, and the central street smashed, witnessing a less successful “flash” and found that it was not a big one in the city. Then began preparations, preparing for the departure of tomorrow morning, and visiting Harbin three times.
    From Harbin to the snow valley by bus, you can travel on such a road. Without a reliable means of transportation, you will find that maybe your time is spent waiting for the bus and the car. To this end, I traveled to an outdoor club on this road. I still have the sentence. There are more people and more fun. One person has a game of play.
    Harbin to Xuegu, after Wuchang, the journey takes 6-7 hours, which means that most of the day you will spend in the car, but the scenery along the way is very different, there is no snow around Harbin City. On the way to the Snow Valley, you will find that the snow on both sides of the road slowly begins to emerge, and then it is simply a white world.
    On the road, a tree with a sign marked by Snow Valley, people rushing to take photos with the stone, ignoring the warm sunshine on the other side, in such ice and snow.
    I have always admired the driver’s master along the way, controlling such a giant in the snow and ice.
    Plan to stay in the snow valley for an evening and night, and start hiking early in the morning to go to the famous Xuexiang.
    At first glance, you will feel the place of Snow Valley, very quiet.
    Here is the small village in the valley.
    Listening to my friends, I said that Snow Valley a few years ago seems to be the same as the current place. There will be no tourism projects here.
    Listening, it feels like it was like Beihong Village before, the original Bei hammer village.
    Fortunately, I arrived at Snow Valley and settled down. I found the sun still, and climbed up to look forward to the last light of the day.
    This is the quiet little village, very small, from the village head to the end of the village is also a quarter of an hour.
    There is no cold in the Arctic Village, but the snow here is still very rich.
    At the beginning, I was not prepared for it. I only knew that there would be people in the snow town, but you can still see countless tourists in the snow valley.
    When our bus didn’t stop, we could see many vehicles on both sides of the road, but walked in the village.
    But I don’t feel a lot of people, just you go up the hillside, there are many playing projects, you will find that it is also full of people.
    Envy the snow here, it will not be disturbed by the crowds in the high places, even if you love me or hate me, you can only look at it like this, showing the most beautiful look.
    Every one, every household. It seems that on this small hillside, there is its own one-acre three-point land, just get a runway, it is a small ski resort, all this is a gift from heaven.
    No matter how you decorate it, it is still a village.
    A swaying suspension bridge, shaking and shaking, brought a lot of joy to people.
    Snow Valley is a very simple place for Xuexiang.
    Although there is less and less land on the hillside, everything seems to have just begun.
    In the northeast, the use of a river can be greatly expanded. It can be a fish paradise in the summer and a zero-cost playground in the winter.
    The meaning of travel is always beautiful, and we are also persistent to record such a beautiful!
    Being a child in the South, you can’t imagine seeing so much snow, what a surprise.
    The cold can’t stop them from being crazy and be a brave ski teenager.
    Tourists waiting in line for skiing.
    Once in the Northeast, many people will have an impulse to ski because it is in the northeast, in a snowy world.
    However, for authentic skiing, many people are not afraid to try, the first time you play, you will definitely fall into the water.
    Standing on the outskirts of the ski slopes, you will find it a common occurrence to fall here.
    As the night approached, the village began to bulge a white mist, adding a magical coat to it.
    Traveling with children, always feels like this environment, such a scene, very warm!
    On the hillside, looking at it at random is a warm picture.
    I happened to meet a photographer in the same industry. I didn’t have time to take the tripod out of the house after a hasty trip, but this time I can lick someone else’s tripod. It is also a very fateful thing.
    When the night came, climbed up the high hillside and listened to the sings of the songs below. I felt that the nature of the place was exposed at this time. I had a little friend and I went up the mountain, but stayed on the mountain. After half an hour, he was too cold and forced to return. I kept kneeling on the hillside, watching the little stars and the big moon, playing with the SLR.
    Unexpectedly, my initial judgment was wrong. I shouldn’t go up the mountain without gloves, and then I became the rhythm that I dare not reach out.
    The night sky here is beautiful, not as dirty as the city, seeing a little bit of stars.
    The photo is compressed too much, so there are no stars, don’t blame!
    There are villages in the night, overlooking the hillside.
    On the hillside, I listened to my thoughts and missed my own travels. I feel that I have become an outsider for this world.
    The fireworks are all four, bringing a modern landscape to the mountain village.
    When a person groped to find another way down the mountain, there is no daytime paralysis here, as if I could occupy the entire land at once.
    The starry sky is a landscape that is worthy of appreciation. The air around the night is suddenly cold, minus 20 degrees.
    Turned into the main street of the village, only to see the pedestrians in twos and threes, this momentPeople have moved the activity into the room.
    The smell of the northeastern mountain village is very good. It feels very quiet and it is back to the state of a few years ago.
    Putting the SLR quickly into the bag, I don’t want that thing to become a gathering place for water vapor, and the tripod in my hand has begun to drown. The huge temperature difference between indoors and outdoors gives the reason for all the things here to return to the tide. Compared with Harbin, this kind of reaction is too intense.
    Although the tourism industry in Snow Valley has begun to rise, there is still a long way to go before it is perfect. At night, it can only be a hot shop. The first time I live in such a shop, I feel the taste of the Northeast.
    The uncles around me screamed, and the little brother next to me began to complain that it would be a sleepless night, and I would ignore it. Anyway, go to sleep, say goodbye to this place tomorrow morning!
    [Walk to Xuexiang]—Go, find the hometown of Baixue!
    I feel very lucky, because I was still asleep last night. I used to be particularly sensitive to various sounds in the past. I even had the idea of ​​being bored. But since I wandered for eight months, I have traveled in various countries. It also began to become more rational and more adaptable.
    After a simple breakfast, I started walking. Go, go to the snow town!
    Special note, it is necessary to find some food in the bag before the trip, because the distance is too long, and there is no place to buy in the middle!
    A small partner along the way, speaks a few fluent Cantonese.
    Compared to Xuexiang, the snow above the Snow Valley house is a lot less.
    Walking on the road, seeing many of these people, I feel that the joy of this road is absolutely indispensable.
    Many people still choose to take a carriage from Snow Valley and reach the foothills of the mountain climbing. However, there is nothing tired about the road, so we have not chosen this way. The journey is about 3 kilometers.
    Snow Valley is a small village.
    The team on foot is very long. When you grow up, you will mistakenly think that this may be the army of the Spring Festival. You can’t think of it until you start.
    Those horse-drawn carriages that are flying on the road seem to have horses, and they are full of enthusiasm on such a boulevard.
    In the owner’s yard, the Huskies looked at the crowds that passed through every day like the army.
    Let’s go, climb over the grassy hills, snow town!
    I have always felt that such a brand is not beneficial. First of all, it is located one kilometer away from the starting point of the walk. It is a short distance. Then, on an army-like walk, there is nothing to qualify as a brave. Those who ride here are from here. The people who pass by, are not only shy.
    The snow along the way is beautiful, especially on the two sides of the road that have not been trampled.
    When you hear the huge bells, people will wait for the roadside and watch them leave, for fear that these uncultivated animals will hurt themselves.
    It’s very cold here. You can feel the white dew on the horse. It is very tired to be a horse here, because I don’t know how many same journeys I have to drag the carriage every day.
    Those who support each other on the road.
    A family of three walking tours, for the wanderers like me, seeing the family’s travel is always envious.
    On the hiking trail, those who are lazy in a carriage.
    Along the way, you will find the world, there are beautiful white snow, and those who are full of vigor.
    OneOn the way, you will also find many lovers, parents and children. Brought a lot of warm elements to the ice and snow.
    The snow that hangs on the branches.
    The trekking army can be seen everywhere, and people are moving slowly like this, exclaiming the scenery around them.
    Along the way, I still have to take care of my children.
    The snow here is beautiful, like a layer of crystal on the top of the good thing, sparkling!
    The cold is spreading on such a road that feels never ending.
    Where did Dad go, I always had a question. Where did Dad go to Xuexiang before, but there was no walking, but I really couldn’t appreciate the best program.
    Suddenly, people feel that the flowers are ice and snow, dotted with the world that is not tasteless.
    Starting up the mountain, starting from here, the difficulty of hiking is upgraded, and the official overstep begins.
    At the corner of an unmanned person, I put on my telephoto lens. I want to savor the warmth of the people on the hiking road, and I am willing to observe those happy people.
    Long-term trek, when you see the slope afterwards, it seems that everyone understands the difficulties that follow.
    The most joyful thing is the child, but such a hike still has some difficulty for the children.
    On the way, listening to a local guide telling such a story, half a month ago, there was a couple with a six-year-old child crossing, the child crying all the way, all the way to the snow town, this may be the gap in education. .
    There are always a few places along the way, and you are not willing to go forward and kneel down to rest.
    There is never a shortage of people on this road.
    I saw a lot of brave children along the way. This journey was a little difficult for me. Maybe I was carrying my own bag, but it was definitely not easy for the children, but they always rushed ahead.
    Through the branches, I saw the happy people.
    The biggest pleasure of traveling is that you can follow your heart and then roam.
    Those casual children.
    On the way up the mountain, we can also see a lot of strange trees, but each tree will have some snowflakes.
    In the end, I went to the top of the mountain. I didn’t know how long it was, but I thought about how many times I would arrive soon. It was only at the top of the mountain that this walking path would be a test of ice and snow for everyone.
    The young people in the back just finished a feast of undressing, but I was late, only to see how they wore clothes and made mistakes.
    Here is the top of the hills of Yangcao Mountain. Over the mountain, opposite the site of Xuexiang, you need to buy tickets for Xuexiang in this place.
    Such a hill is the dividing line between Xuegu and Xuexiang, which is delimited by mountains.
    On the top of the mountain, it is a feeling of embarrassment.
    Just coming to the top of the mountain is really quick, but you need to wait for other people at the top of the mountain. The roof of the house is charged, the so-called heating bill. It seems that this is always the case in China. If a place is famous, there will be no more simple places, all for money.
    The cost of entering the house on the top of the mountain is actually 20 yuan.
    The little friends I met on the top of the mountain, I used to encounter on the road before, but at that time everyone was tired of a look, this time, we have some joy of victory!
    People on the top of the mountain.
    Boring time is waiting for someone. Take out your camera and start looking for the way you like it.
    The teenager who just climbed the summit seems to have some confusion at the beginning.
    After a lot of hardships, you finally came to the top of the mountain.
    I began to block at the intersection of the mountain and watched the expression of the first moment when people climbed to the top.
    They seem to be the most joyous group.
    The fascinating children make this way of walking become more and more vivid.
    My team leader, Da Qi, but he came up a bit late.
    The top of the mountain is the best playground, and the children with skis have found fun at once.
    Self-timer, never used, but feelVery embarrassing, the artifact is probably like this.
    People are enjoying the wonderful moments. No longer worry about how much more uphill you have, how many roads you have.
    All of a sudden, a large group of children gathered around the top of the mountain. The children helped become the main force here and the source of happiness.
    Putting on the telephoto, I suddenly found that it is a good place to sweep the street.
    Those who are lazy and take a snowmobile in the middle, but recall that their previous pain and exhaustion seems to understand everything.
    There is no more on the top of the mountain. People’s sad expressions when going uphill seem to be cold except for others.
    Those moms with children seem to be playing a mother where to go.
    The extravagant food on the top of the mountain, that is, instant noodles, the two small partners of the same, in the snow and ice.
    Looking at such a couple’s costumes, full of happiness and warmth.
    As for the top of the mountain, I am intoxicated.
    In the snow, the most natural touch of red.
    Be a free person and walk a different path.
    Now I finally found out that the tools that these little guys are holding along the way can finally come in handy.
    Hot mom, reality version. Where is my mother?
    Such a warm scene, beautiful.
    The garbage outside the mountain hut has been piled up like this. The price of a bowl of instant noodles is 20, and it is constantly refreshing my dislike.
    Everyone seems to have entered this door and you have to pay.
    Finally, wait until all the people, we continue on the road! Xuexiang, we are running towards your arms.
    They are shooting the most popular images, and in a photo, you can have multiple yourself.
    The mighty team continues to move forward. This is a march.
    The mountains in the distance are very beautiful in color.
    The snowmobile at high speed gives a dreamy feeling.
    We walked on the top of the mountain.
    Start sliding from here, you can go to the snow town.
    The parents holding the rope on the road gradually began to increase, but always felt the suspect of walking the dog.
    The original good snow road, also played by those who love slippery, became a ski trail, how many people are here to be at a loss.
    Frictional friction, people who keep sliding.
    The congestion is repeated because of the children in front, the collision, all the way down the mountain, you have to say joy.
    Look at my beautiful posture.
    The two fit together.
    Audi all the way.
    The scenery here is beautiful, with heavy snow and woods.
    I don’t know where to go
    In this way, I rushed to Xuexiang, blowing cows all the way, watching the strange scenery.
    When I arrived in Xuexiang, this time I was walking harder than I thought before, but when everything came to an end, no matter how much suffering, it is no longer a problem. Therefore, I feel that such a walk is worth it.
    The starting point for hiking on this side of Xuexiang.
    The legendary “Where is Dad?” Room 1, the current supermarket. The cola here sells 6 bottles.
    The roadside net is some of the nephews of hospitality.
    There are too many scenic spots in China because they accidentally got on a TV. As a result, the audience responded very well, so people flocked to it, and the place where they had taken the TV before was crowned with various names.
    In fact, not on the part of the tourist street, the side of the village is still very simple, but I think this kind of simplicity is just a look. The roadside listens to the chat of the innkeeper here, and the cockroaches here have already risen to a cabin of 400-500. I really don’t understand how the price here is calculated. What will happen here?
    That cute little girl.
    Walking through the simple corner and encountering local folk performances, you can see at a glance that such a performance is just a performance.
    Everything here is re-arranged by the descendants, except for those who can’t catch the snow. The rest is the same Chinese scenery.
    Through the not very strict barbed wire, aiming at a dream home, the original mushroom snow disappeared because of the warming of the weather, but this small place even had about 100 tickets to be a bit pitted.
    It is not in the simple snow town, commercial street.
    Heavy machinery appeared in front of people.
    Dog sledding, but fortunately not so many people love this kind of sports, otherwise the puppies here will be exhausted.
    At first glance, the two girls are pretty, but the next picture, you can try to figure out the voices of the two girls.
    You see, I always feel like being surrounded by a large group of grandfathers, not a very wonderful thing.
    But this is what the so-called photographers shoot outside, completely meaningless.
    I like the northeast fan on the street, no matter how it is packaged, it is still cold.
    The street-side inn also began to hang red lanterns.
    Xuexiang, an intoxicating and annoying place. How much more quiet you can be, how much more calm you can be.
    The snow blower, the snow here, was trampled on the hard road, and there is no difference between the cement road and the concrete pavement.
    When the era of posing is coming, everything is getting rigid
    Dream homes have only dreams, no homes, and they have become tools for people to collect money.
    In fact, people don’t understand, even I don’t understand why, why come to Xuexiang, what is there here.
    Is it to go home and brag, saying that I have been to Xuexiang.
    I started to go to the back of the house. There was no crowd on the street. It seems that everything is not there.
    Killing pig food, if you want to eat in Xuexiang, it is a huge expense. Everything here seems to be linked to the economy.
    Looking at the forest behind, I feel so dreamy, maybe this is the reason for coming to Xuexiang.
    This is Xuexiang, and later it is really impossible to find a reason to play.
    Just go to the girl I met at the top of the mountain. People, always enjoy loneliness when traveling alone, and enjoy the joy when a group of people travel.
    This may be the snow town in people’s minds, with a sense of dreams.
    When the evening comes, every place is waiting for a transformation.
    The warm light is still full of the streets, it seems that there is no such cold before.
    Deliberate carving has become a feature here. Before this, it was a forest farm, just a few farmhouses, but now.
    The woods are so beautiful that it looks like a painting or an ink painting.
    The night in Xuexiang is beautiful, and you have some little to believe in beauty.
    The lanterns of every household here give warmth to those who come to the tourists from the south.
    Quiet white snow, red lanterns, here is still snowy, but I have come to the simple area here, I don’t want to stay in the noise.
    People are in a hurry, everyone has their own different ways of travel, I am a temperament, that is, with the temper constantly moving.
    We didn’t live in the scenic spot of Xuexiang this night. The bus continued to move forward. We lived in a small village 30 kilometers away from Xuexiang. The price here should be no pits in Xuexiang, but if you ask me how much, I am really It is not clear that this is arranged by the club.
    Every night comes, I can only watch TV in the mountain village, and even the network has become a luxury here, or take out the tripod, I still have to experience the cold outside, and the beauty of the stars!
    Photographed in the mountain village on the side of Xuexiang.
    This evening, we still live in the farmhouse inn, the long fire, it is the bed we sleep at night, the uncle’s snoring is like a date, and the complaints of the little brother around me are endless, just sleep like this!
    One day, hurry!
    [Changbai Mountain]—Holy Mountain, see Tianchi is all snow, see the forest stream!
    Here is the birthplace of the Manchus of China and the holy mountain, which is well known.
    Starting from Xuexiang, the bus took a day’s walk before reaching the Erdaobaihe. This is a small town next to Changbai Mountain. It takes only half an hour to get to Changbai Mountain Scenic Spot.
    I also started to come into contact with a new place.Fang, Yan Ji. A place where you can feel Korean kimchi everywhere, we traveled through the town to find the flavor that belongs to Yanji.
    In Erdaobaihe, we finally returned to the life of the city, lived in the hotel, looked at the clean bathroom, and suddenly opened up a lot of hearts, compared with the travel, have a relative happiness!
    The next day, I had breakfast. We will head towards Changbai Mountain!
    This is the famous Changbai Mountain.
    Changbai Mountain is very big. Large to the area of ​​the West Slope, the North Slope, etc., carefully look at the tickets, but can only play a West Slope, but also must be in a hurry.
    [ticket information]
    125.00 yuan (excluding eco-cars)
    [Traffic in the scenic area]
    Environmentally friendly ticket: 85.00 yuan
    Tianchi main peak ticket: 80.00 yuan
    In China’s scenic spots, the ticket price is unambiguous.
    At first glance, I feel that Changbai Mountain is very large and very empty. Even if I take the eco-car in the park and drive it for 10 minutes, I won’t see any boundaries.
    I bought a ticket to Tianchi, waiting for the rushed jeep on the roadside, and came to Changbai Mountain. If I didn’t go to Tianchi, I always felt that the trip didn’t seem so perfect. I got into a jeep that was coming over and was in a hurry. It’s time to go to Tianchi.
    The weather on that day was very good, but at the altitude of more than 2,700 meters above sea level, it was still a piece of white, and the kind of blue sky that I longed for was only hidden deep in my mind.
    Tianchi feels very rough, like a man in the northwest, the wind is endlessly raging.
    The plank road that is fully open in the summer, this time is only open for a distance of almost 200 meters.
    This is the part that is all open. In all places in China, there are no tourists, and it must be a dream.
    The cold is also unambiguous here.
    Crowded and screaming. In order to take a look at the white snow, I was thinking that the result was as expected. If I didn’t, I would regret it. I would regret it when I came up.
    The stone here is really strange.
    The couple who traveled together at the time.
    I have been swaying in the Tianchi for a long time, and I always feel that my 80 pieces can’t be wasted, but I can’t find a place worthy of nostalgia here.
    Leaving, it is going to the station full of jeep, and it is another 18 turns of mountain road.
    Down to the mountainside of Changbai Mountain, until noon. If you have a Chinese meal you have in the hall that has not yet been decorated, you will still experience the hardships of travel.
    Lvyuantan, this is a pool of clear water, but this time is a piece of white, so tasteless.
    This is the Lvyuantan, or the constant white snow. After a long time in the northeast, you will find that the snow will have a day of boredom.
    The road leading to Lvyuantan, everything seems to be for tourism, but the green lake in winter is really meaningless.
    This is the traffic inside the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area. Although there are many people coming to visit, there are many small scenic spots in Changbai Mountain, giving you the illusion that there are not many people.
    At that time, a small partner, travel should be like this, happy
    Beginning in the direction of Changbai Waterfall, the water vapor lingers along the way, this should be the source of the hot spring.
    People can always deliberately package something that is inherently natural and then become a local feature.
    The hot spring water here,It looks very fairy, especially in this cold season.
    The sun shone in the air, and the white snow began to shine.
    The plank road here is very long, about 500 meters from the parking spot to Changbai Waterfall, and there is also a huge long uphill.
    Originally thought that Changbai Waterfall should be an unusually large waterfall, but when it was hard to arrive, it turned out to be like this. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find Changbai Waterfall at all.
    Through telephoto, I only saw the far small waterfall, which can be called Changbai Waterfall.
    The stream flows under the thick white snow, revealing a small piece of heaven and earth.
    It can be seen that the water flow in Changbai Waterfall still has temperature, otherwise I think it must be frozen.
    Changbai Mountain will give people a huge sense of weathering, the ridges of the mountains, and the gullies that can be seen everywhere.
    The flowing water here feels very small, and I don’t care about the ice and snow on the side. I am quiet and flowing, without any interference.
    The Changbai Waterfall, which is coming from afar, does not have any momentum of a waterfall.
    This is people, many people will want to know that China is inevitably where people are everywhere.
    This bridge should be counted as a characteristic building on Changbai Mountain. Everything here is in the so-called tourist area of ​​the imitator.
    Changbai Mountain, which is seen in this way, is the original color.
    We walked like this, squatting at the scenery we were going to, and then there will be a little loss, which is also the meaning of tourism.
    I always feel that the water here is beautiful, and the warm water temperature makes them roam all year round.
    When the sun shone, the animals in Changbai Mountain began to wake up.
    When we get to the mountains, we will always think about it. If you come a few years early, how good it is, you can see more authentic forests. When we get to the river, we will think, if we have been good for a few years, there must be delicious fish here. Now, in addition to the endless decoration of people, the rest is probably the crowd.
    In the square, snow sculptures everywhere, sculptures in the northeast, should be the cheapest art display.
    Xiaotianchi, with the snow in the big Tianchi, I have been mentally prepared. I think the form of the winter water is like this, and the snow has covered all the traces.
    The trees in Changbai Mountain have a sense of extension. No matter where you look, there is always an illusion of guiding trees.
    Walking into the underground forest, you will have an impulse to really walk into the virgin forest. The trees here are kept the same, tall and straight. Despite an artificial road, the scenery of the forest is still pure.
    Follow this path and keep going. From the very beginning, it takes an hour to travel to the end of the underground forest. I remember this is a one-way time, 1.4 kilometers.
    You will see trees dumped on the side of the road.
    Walking on the neat plank road and looking at the big trees around you is really a pleasure.
    Cross the fence of the plank road and take a look at the quiet stream. The water here is beautiful and beautiful until you forget the passage of time.
    Found a poetic piece of land, a person came quietly, but could not help but exclaim, can not help but admire, this is the masterpiece of nature.
    On the banks of the river, I couldn’t bear to leave for a long time.
    Continue along the road ahead, feeling that such a road has no end, so go all the way to the place where the forest breaks.
    Deep underground trenches, it seems that the world has cracks here.
    Here is the underground forest, and the path disappears, leaving only the cliffs not far away.
    The light of the setting sun returns through such a radiance through the woods without leaves.
    Re-passing the small river I just saw, my heart couldn’t calm down for a long time, and I walked along the narrow footprints on the river bank. I thought I could go no further, I met a road and then returned to the right path, but after 20 minutes I found myself Lost, can only return in the same way, in the shallow foot of the snow.
    This is the path that I fell in love with at the time. It was a dead end, and I finally chose to return.
    Such poetry is hard to say in a sentence, and beauty is always unclear.
    Suddenly, the small river here was also filled with coins.
    let’s go. Looked at the early days.
    If I am an animal, I really want to stay in such a forest, go deep into it and find places that are not disturbed by humans.
    Next is the hot springs in Changbai Mountain. I have always been very cold on hot springs. Looking at the dumplings in the outdoor hot spring pool, I chose to give up.
    However, many people come to Changbai Mountain to experience the natural hot springs here, but I am a scenery dog.
    Return to the station Erdaobaihe, enjoy the silence brought by the night, go to the magic tomorrowboundary.
    [Devil World]—Fantasy paradise.
    In the morning, I was called by the front desk of the hotel to wake up. The team leader wanted to see the devil world, a custom-made wake-up service, but the phone bell in the morning dreams must be the most difficult music to listen to.
    After simply using breakfast, I set off in the devil world. I thought that the devil should be very big, like the one in Silent Hill, but it was discovered that it was a small river on the edge of the village. There was a burst of fog and it looked like a dream.
    In the devil world, the wooden blocks floating on the water surface, and the river water that did not have time to freeze.
    When I arrived, I found a lot of middle-aged uncles. I don’t know how long it took, and the long guns and short guns are already ready.
    I think the power of a hobby is unlimited for anyone.
    At this time, the sun has begun to brew more intense illumination, and it may not be long before the spectacle here will vanish.
    The taste of the devil is that it is ethereal and unpredictable.
    Later, the smog island that was supposed to go was also cancelled because there was no smog, but here I still saw the shadow of smog.
    If I want to choose the path of life, I think maybe I will choose a road of the characteristics of the devil, so whether it is surprise or surprise, it is always unknown.
    The smog on the tree in the distance
    The area here is not very large, there are two football fields, all of which are covered in fog.
    The tall buildings in the distance are also looming at this time.
    Snow, ice, water, fog, all this is so harmonious.
    I don’t know if the branches here are growing here, or floating for a long time before finally arriving here.
    Devil, very beautiful. But after all, such things don’t last long, and when the sun shines, nothing will be left.
    In the devil world, you will have the illusion of forgetting the cold, just enjoying all the elements of dreams here.
    Wait until the fog here slowly disappears, we have to leave, take the bus behind us, let’s go. Old Rico Lake, the original snow country style.
    [Lao Li Ke Lake] — the original snow country style.
    If Xuexiang is the hometown of snow, I think that if there is no rebuttal five years ago, it has long since become a sea of ​​people. As for snow, it has been lingering.
    I always thought that the old Rico Lake should also be an ice-cold lake. It was a piece of white, and there was no fun, but I was wrong.
    Just entering the old Rioke Lake, I found out that the snow here is not beautiful.
    Although I have been watching the snow for a few days, I have arrived here. I found out that the purest snow is so beautiful!
    Passing a big corner, here is the legendary snow ridge.
    After walking a few steps, I saw the sign of the Divine Comedy in the old Riko Lake, and suddenly the tiger body was shocked.
    The snow in the old lake is very thick. And there are not many tourists here, giving you plenty of opportunities to get in touch with snow.
    No matter how you look at it, the snow here is a wilderness and a tendency to spread.
    The round-trip distance from the old Riker Lake is about 8 kilometers.You will feel a snow country style in these eight kilometers.
    The curved trees became the best landscape show, and the thick snow made her a beautiful look.
    The warm sunshine sprinkles and the warmth of the world is felt.
    I like to look at such a snow country forest, a kind of purity, and the beauty after the heavy snow.
    Walk and go, you can find many small places on the road, and you can always find the footprints of the ancestors.
    When the wind blew the white snow, it left the traces of the original wind.
    Of course, here, the snow buried people naturally become an indispensable link.
    There is no longer a plank road here, it is the original snow, but when people go more, they become the road.
    The snow looks beautiful, so you can’t bear to touch it.
    Some are like flowers, some are like the result of people’s piles, but no trace of man-made can be found.
    The big tree can’t afford the accumulation of heavy snow, and it has lowered its noble body.
    Every piece of snow here seems to contain a baby, with spirituality.
    We can’t see the smog, we can only appreciate the snow between the branches.
    Keep moving forward
    This complete snow-covered tree has become a new joy for tourists, and it is beautiful in the heart.
    The snow on the branches flutters with the wind.
    It seems that on such a road, you can see all the snow.
    Those snowflakes flying in the air.
    Along the way, the scattered trees add a lot of fun to the walk, just like here is a snow theme park.
    This is a high snow
    This is some warm snow
    This is a group of honest snow that covers the entire land.
    I like the snow that sticks to the trunk like it is like adding water to the trees.
    There was originally a tall tower that could overlook the entire Old Lake, but I don’t know why, the construction was over.
    The last 100 meters leading to the lake
    This is the legendary old Rioke Lake. It is really a snowy scene, but we have already seen enough on the road, and it is worth it.
    The pine trees by the lake.
    We are on the lake, repeating the game of burying people in the snow, holding a person tightly, slamming hard, and the small partners work together to begin to bury people.
    The peers of the same industry always forget to leave their own presence in places where there are landmarks.
    Let’s go, we are ready to return, this white world.
    Lying on the snow, take a beautiful branch of snow.
    Looking at the similar scenery all the way, I feel that the snow country is also like this. People always do this. After reading it, there is some tiredness.
    Let’s go, such a beautiful snow country road.
    Back in the car, our destination tonight is Jilin, there is still a long way to go, travel is on the road.
    [Jilin]—Sunset, skiing, goodbye!
    I didn’t know how long I was on the highway. Suddenly, I was soaked by the sunset outside the window, and I was sleepy. I began to take a closer look at the sunset on the highway, so I had the following image.
    There are always a lot of sunsets on the highway, but there are not many beautiful ones like this one.
    Put on the telephoto, start to follow the sun’s footsteps, beautiful radiance, open the window, trembled and began the sunset shooting, the filming rate is very low.
    When the sun sets, the beautiful afterglow comes, and the beautiful day is over.
    This eveningWe arrived in Jilin City. Jilin is much warmer than Snow Valley and Xuexiang. We walked in Jilin Street where no one was at night. Thinking about leaving tomorrow, travel is like this. Inevitably there will always be goodbye, but we will still go for a while. .
    The next day, I went to Beijing.
    Hello, Beijing!

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