Guangdong Ring Line Leisure Tour (below)

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     The general impression of Guangdong tourism
    Guangdong Loop Leisure Tour! I played Danxia Mountain, took a boat trip to Jinjiang, Xianglong Lake, and the boat line Jinjiang. The scenery on both sides was so beautiful. Take the cable car to the Elder Peak, overlook the peaks, and feel the first place of the seven Danxia landforms; go to Zhaoqing Qixingyan, take a tour of the battery car in the scenic spot, stroll along the Zhuhai Lovers Road, and observe the Zhuhai fisherwoman, then visit Zhongying Street, take the car ring Tour South Australia Island, watch Guangji Bridge, play for nearly ten days, feel the beauty of Guangdong, the city construction is also very good! Shenzhen is developing fast, and it has not been able to look like Shenzhen more than 20 years ago!
     Shenzhen Diwang Building.
     Watch the Diwang Building, officially known as Shun Hing Square. It is the tallest building in Shenzhen and the first high-rise building in the country, ranking among the top ten buildings in the world. The theme-oriented tourism project “Shenzhen Window” is located on the top floor of the towering Diwang Building. It is the first high-level themed sightseeing tour in Asia. Shooting up, I feel the building towering into the sky.
     Travel itinerary
    The first five days have been introduced in the previous article, and the next article begins on the sixth day:
    D6: In the morning, visit Zhuhai to Zhongshan City (the former residence of Zhongshan), then visit Shenzhen [Mangrove Nature Reserve] and visit Luohu Port at night.
    D7: In the morning, I went to the “Special Zone in Shenzhen Special Zone” – [Zhongying Street]. I drove to Shantou in the afternoon.
    D8: After breakfast, visit the 100-year-old commercial hall – the old park small building in Shantou, the Shantou Kailuan Cultural Exhibition Hall, and the Shantou City Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall. In the afternoon, go to the most beautiful island, the national AAAA-level scenic spot – [South Australia Island].
    D9: After breakfast, head to Chaozhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, and visit Guangji Bridge, Kaiyuan Temple and Paifang Street.
    D10: Return to Shanghai by train in the morning and end the journey!
     Preparation before travel:
    1. For domestic travel, be sure to bring your ID card; carry it with you and never put it in your suitcase.
    2, bring a good UnionPay card (credit card), easy to shop.
    3, bring a good camera, mobile phone, charger, charging treasure, data cable, and so on.
    4, bring your own daily medication, motion sickness, wind oil and so on.
    5, before going out to inquire about Guangdong rain in recent days, not only bring an umbrella, but also bring a good raincoat to climb the mountain, wearing comfortable, rain-proof travel shoes.
    6. The temperature difference between several cities in Guangdong is large, and the more you go south. The higher the temperature, the summer clothes must be, sunscreen, sunglasses do not forget to bring.
    7, with some dry food, snacks, in case of emergency.
    8, with toiletries and change clothes.
     Guangdong climate
    Guangdong Province is a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate zone with abundant climatic resources. Due to its low latitude and its vast ocean, the ocean and the mainland have a very significant impact on the climate of Guangdong. Traveling in April, both temperature and precipitation are on the rise. It is a season of change in alternating warm and cold weather, so it is very unstable. After a few days to the south, the temperature is higher, bring a good coat, you must bring a summer dress.
     Recommended for the main attractions in the next few days
    Former residence of Zhongshan
    Nanao Island
    Guangji Bridge
    Archway Street
     The four characters in front of Sun Yat-sen’s former residence are eye-catching: “The world is public”
     Long wooden plank road along the coast of Qing’ao Bay.
     Guangji Bridge
     The archway street at night is more spectacular
     Former residence of Zhongshan
    On the sixth morning, I went to Zhuhai from Zhuhai. I visited the former residence of Zhongshan at 10:00, and lined up to receive the tickets by ID card.The four big characters are striking: the world is the public. Going 50 meters, there is a two-storey Chinese-Western small building on the right hand side, which was designed and remodeled by Mr. Sun Yat-sen when he was 26 years old.
     Two-story Chinese and Western small walled building, designed and remodeled by Mr. Sun Yat-sen at the age of 26.
     It’s probably the Chamber of Deputies.
     There is still a small drawer in the herb house where Chinese medicine is placed.
     Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
     Mrs. Sun statue.
     Forward is the former residence of Zhongshan.
     Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve
    We drove from Zhongshan to the Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve in the afternoon. The mangrove forest in Shenzhen is a living fossil in the plant world. It is famous for its far-reaching. I see that the tour group is now visiting the coastal eco-park to see the mangroves along the coast. Itinerary. The mangroves are separated from the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong by water, making them a tourist attraction that directly views the sea and mangroves.
    Tickets: free of charge;
    Travel information:
    1. Buses: J1, 76, 80, K113, 229, 231, 305, 317, 322, 337, 382, ​​K204, K105
    2. Self-driving: Depart from the airport: From the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Kirin Interchange, turn to Nanhai Avenue, take the Binhai Nanyou Overpass, turn to Guimiao Road, and go straight to Binhai Avenue. The entire journey is 26 kilometers.
    3. Departure from Luohu Port and Railway Station: Transfer from Jianshe Road to Binhe Avenue, 13 km in total
     Mangroves grow by the sea and are separated from the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong.
     Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve boundary pillar. Then go to the downtown area of ​​Shenzhen to see the Diwang Building.
     Binhai Avenue. On the one side of the vast sea, the tall buildings are lined up.
     Zhongying Street
    After breakfast, go to Zhongying Street, Zhongying Street is located in Shatoujiao Street, Yantian District, Shenzhen. To enter the “Special Border Management Pass” issued by Zhongying Street, wait for the pass with your ID card. Those over the age of 60 are given priority. After a while, I got a pass and passed through Zhongying Street. On the face of the “Boundary Stone”, the “Boundary Stone” is less than 0.5 kilometers long and less than 7 meters wide. There are many shops on the street, and there are products from five continents.
    Tips: Zhongying Street passes through the customs and walks through the personal channel. Don’t take the team channel.
     Zhongying Street passes through the personal passage (left channel), do not take the team channel (right channel).
     At every entrance and exit of Zhongying Street, there are armed police soldiers on duty.
     This is the bridge street next to the “Boundary Stone”, there is time to go around.
     The focus of Zhongying Street is less than 0.5 kilometers behind the boundary pillar stone, a street with a width of less than 7 meters, and street shops.
     Old urban small park arcade building in Shantou
    In the morning, visit the old urban small park arcade building in Shantou. The old street in Shantou is distributed by the arcade building. The small park is centered on the small park and extends to the surrounding area. It guides out the quaint streets, which are being renovated and visited. Shantou Kailuan Cultural Exhibition Hall], then visit the Shantou Cultural Center.
     The old urban small park building in Shantou is being renovated.
     The gate of the old mother’s palace is closed.
     The roofs of these temples are made of inlaid porcelain and made into a double dragon play beads. The colors are very beautiful!
     The roof of the Guanyin Temple looks better.
     [Shantou Kailuan Cultural Exhibition Hall], Shantou Cultural Center.
     Tour [Shantou Kailu Culture Exhibition Hall]
     The sculpture of the former mother and son of the Shantou Cultural Center.
     Then visit the Shantou Cultural Center. There is an elevator to go straight upstairs to visit.
     The most conspicuous thing is that the squid dances.
     Photographed on the car – Golden Sands Park.
     Nanao Island
    Nan’ao Island is located at the junction of the three provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, from the Shantou Special Economic Zone of Guangdong Province.It was only 11.8 nautical miles. After lunch, we went to Nanao Island. The sea was surrounded by the South Australian Bridge and it was on the island in a few moments.
    Tickets for the South Australian Island General Hospital: 20 yuan / person, half a ticket for the elderly over 60 years old.
     On the South Island, the first stop is the South Australian Island Visitor Center. Free time for 15 minutes, next to a public toilet.
     The scenery at sea is unobstructed.
     South Australian General Hospital
     See the handsome house through the gate.
     Some people did not follow the routine and crossed the reef. Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom!
     Stay in Green Bay for 60 minutes, we rolled up our legs and wet our feet! The waves of the sea are higher than the waves, standing on the beach, reluctantly!
     Guangji Bridge
    In the morning, I headed from Shantou and went directly to Chaozhou Guangji Bridge, one of the four ancient bridges in China. Guangji Bridge, commonly known as Xiangzi Bridge, is located outside the East Gate of Chaozhou Ancient City and spans Hanjiang. It is one of the eight scenic spots in Chaozhou.
    Tickets for Guangji Bridge: 20 yuan; free of charge for ID cards over 60 years old;
    Guangji Bridge opening hours: 9:00~17:30; that is, the suspension bridge opens at 5:30 every night, for sailing to and from the vessel, closed at 9:00 in the morning for visitors to watch.
     Guangji Bridge, you need to buy tickets from the left, we enter with ID card.
     There are separate pavilions or pavilions on both sides of the bridge.
     [Xiangzi Bridge] of the hanging suspension bridge, feel “Xiangqiao Chunxiao Shuiyu, 18 ships two or four continents”;
     Guangji Bridge integrates girder bridges, pontoon bridges and arch bridges. Its unique style of the “eighteen shuttle ship twenty-four continents” is an isolated example of ancient bridges in China. The famous bridge expert Mao Yisheng praised it as “the earliest in the world. Closed bridge.”
     Guangji Building
     Guangji Building is facing Guangji Bridge.
     The door to the other end of Guangji Building – the water gate.
     The Guangji Building at night is particularly dazzling.
     Kaiyuan Temple
    Kaiyuan Temple, a Buddhist temple, is located in the center of Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. As an ancient building in the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple is a national key cultural relics protection unit. Out of respect for religion, there were no photographs in Kaiyuan Temple. In addition, the tour guide invited the staff inside to introduce it to the outside from the temple. There is the Great Hall of Sorrow and the Temple of the Thai Buddha is located in the foothills of Huiru Park on Dongshan Road.
    Take the Guangji Bridge, cross the Guangjilou Gate, and turn left for about 200 meters to Kaiyuan Temple.
     The two stone arches in front of the Daxiong Hall of Kaiyuan Temple, 7 meters and 25 stories, are made up of stone carving members. This was built when the Kaiyuan Temple was built. Although the stone surface was severely denuded and the image was mottled, its lines were bright and the method was condensed. The carvings such as the Lux, the Lotus, the Double Dragon and the Treasures, as well as the “Quasi-Curse”, “The Curse of the Victory” and Sanskrit are still visible.
     Big brass clock
     Inlaid door
     Stone arch
    We taste vegetarian food opposite Kaiyuan Temple. After the meal, watch the stone archway, which is commonly known as the “Ting”. There are two columns and one door or four columns and three doors in the archway. Only Jiajing has built a multi-column long archway. The archway has a commemorative effect. For those who have achieved outstanding achievements in the urban and rural areas, such as martial arts, merits, and science, they will be referred to as &apos expressions & apos. Such as: the second place.
    We have to go to the night scene at night.
     At noon, the sun is shining, and there are not many tourists on the street. At first glance, it is a memorial arch. Rows of times, unique style, extraordinary momentum.
     Is the archway street at night more dazzling?
     About Shenzhen Perth Hotel
    Stay at Shenzhen Baiston Hotel in the evening. It is a quasi-four-star hotel located at No. 1025 Yanhe South Road, Luohu District. It is located at the southernmost tip of Shenzhen Luohu, adjacent to Hong Kong. It is within walking distance of Luohu Port, Shenzhen Railway Station, Metro Terminal, and public transportation. The terminus and long-distance bus terminal are very convenient for transportation to and from Hong Kong and other cities in Guangdong.
    We walked to Luohu Port in 10 minutes.
     The hotel is located at No. 1025 Yanhe South Road, Luohu District.
     Hotel Lobby. Hanging on the banner, you must be a real name.
     It is a 10-minute walk from the hotel to Luohu Port.
     The next morning, on the road side (5 minutes walk) to see the Shenzhen Railway Station during the day.
     Green Oriental Hotel
    The Green Oriental Hotel in Shantou looks great and the lobby is brilliant. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the business district. There is a large supermarket, it is very convenient to buy and entertain, and you can turn right and go forward, you can go to Times Square, and then you will be on the river.
    Green Oriental Hotel, this is the only hotel that has stayed for two nights since we traveled.
     The hotel lobby is luxurious and elegant.
     The Green Oriental Hotel has a great exterior.
     Look at the Green Oriental Hotel during the day to be more spectacular.
     The room is oversized and awesome!
     The bathroom is clean.
     Chaozhou Fuding Hotel
    In the afternoon, the sun was hot and the group friends were a little tired and asked to go back to the hotel early. So at 3 o’clock, I will go to Fuding Hotel. Fujian Fuding International Hotel is an international luxury standard four-star business hotel integrating guest rooms, food, entertainment and shopping.
     Fuding Hotel. The main road to the south is to the north. The hotel goes right and turns to the Chaoshan Railway Station.
     The hotel lobby is large, with a sofa at the entrance to take a break.
     The rooms are decorated in light colours and are simple and clear.
     The bathroom is lightly decorated.
     About food: Shenzhen Chinese food, Shantou dinner
    Visiting Zhongying Street, because of the small episode of the pass, delayed for more than half an hour, just near Sha Tau Kok – good day country dining. After lunch, drive to the Shantou (more than 4 hours) and go straight to the hotel for dinner.
    This time, Guangdong Tourism, wherever you go, dining hotels and dishes are good, as shown in the picture below.
     Near Sha Tau Kok – Good Day Country Dining
     In the evening, go to Shantou and go straight to the hotel for dinner.
     Going early, the hotel is quite quiet.
     Black fungus fried pork
     Cucumber mixture
     Above the cabbage is seafood!
     Chaozhou dinner restaurant
     Shantou Dining Hotel
     Zhuhai Dining Hotel.
     About buffet breakfast
    The breakfast buffet at Green Oriental Hotel is mainly light, with more fruits, vegetables and miscellaneous grains. Fuding Hotel has boiled eggs, dumplings and red bean snacks! Some hotels have egg tarts.
     Egg tarts, corn, cakes, millet porridge, these are all my favorites!
     Hawthorn, boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables are also good.
     Fried noodles, millet porridge.
     Dumplings and red bean snacks are delicious.
     There are many varieties of steamed dumplings, cups, and stir-fry.
     Chaoshan cuisine: Zheng Ji beef balls
    On the way back to Nantou Island, the tour guide arranged dinner to taste the Chaoshan handcuffs and beefball hot pot. The beef balls are familiar food for the Chaoshan people. Hand-made beef balls, crispy and sweet, refreshing, let us experience a different tongue feel! A plate is not fun, our table group friends are the sameAdding a plate to the table, it is really refreshing.
     The color is fresh, the meat is crispy and sweet, and it is refreshing and squeaky. I still want to eat after eating, and the same table group friends also ordered a hand to beat beef balls (35 yuan / plate) to share.
     Chaoshan handcuffs beef ball hot pot, with beef slices, tofu, vegetables, etc., beef slices for 2 people. Unexpectedly eat.
     Aisle Street Food
    There are many foods and snacks in the archway street. Chaozhou spring rolls 5 yuan / piece, golden beautiful, crisp outside and tender, strong flavor, crispy skin, salty and stuffy. Many stores are selling Chaozhou spring rolls, we can’t take care of the stomach and buy tasting.
     Chaozhou spring rolls 5 yuan / piece, golden beautiful, crisp outside and tender, strong flavor, crispy skin, salty and stuffy.
     This bowl of small round is a bit like Ningbo dumplings, but also put a lot of other sweets.
     About shopping
    Zhongying Street: Two rounds of back and forth on Sino-British streets, there are cosmetics stores, duty-free shops, and high-end tobacco and alcohol.
     Buy some soy milk and other cosmetics.
     Duty free shops buy chocolates and snacks. You see this lady car purchase, it is known that daily life supplies and food, Sino-British Street is cheaper than Shenzhen.
     About Shopping: Chaoshan Specialties (Fu’an Road)
    The tour guide in the car gave everyone a snack. Everyone thought it was delicious. On the way to Nanao Island, the parking allowed the group to purchase. Their specialty is very special, the most affordable is kohlrabi, the most people buy. There are also fruit lists bought with cough, seaweed, dried squid, dried fish and so on.
     About shopping: hand beat beef balls
    Hand beat beef balls. On the archway street 60 yuan / 500 grams hand, machine hit 50 yuan / 500 grams, we do not worry, commissioned tour guides to purchase custom fresh hand beat beef balls, back to Shanghai that morning, the tour guide for each group of friends with insulated bags Well, the road is bumpy for more than 10 hours and it is fine. If friends go to the tide, don’t miss the taste and buy the beef balls.
     Guangdong Tourism Suggestions
    1. The ID card should be carried with you and should not be placed in the trunk. Every time we go to an attraction, the tour guide should purchase the scenic spot ticket with the group ID card. Some group friends inform the ID card in the bottom luggage box, and can only wait for the car to stop and rummaging.
    2, China and Britain Street clearance, take the personal channel, do not take the team channel. When we went, we walked the team channel and collected our passport. We said that it will be given to the tour guide. When the result returns, we must have a permit to come out. The tour guide did not go in. I don’t know the matter. I communicated upstairs and downstairs for a long time. Only found a pass. The staff who had received the pass sign upstairs gave our pass to the team tour guide who went in with us. The important thing is to say three times: take the personal channel, after the staff has verified it, return it to me and return it when returning to Shenzhen.
    3, stay in Zhaoqing, if the hotel is in Songcheng Road, it is recommended to go to the ancient city wall of Songcheng at night.
    4. Stay in Zhuhai and go to Gongbei Port at night. Look at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.
    5, stay in Shenzhen, take a ride at Luohu Port at night,
    6. In Shantou, ride a shared bicycle at night, take a ride in Times Square, and see the night view of the south bank of the Shishihai River in the Hanjiang District of Shantou City;
    7, Chaozhou’s Guangji Bridge night light show, friends do not miss.
     From Qixingyan, I went to dinner at the Baiyuelou Restaurant in Baogong Culture Park. After dinner, I went out to see and found the Baogong Temple on the right hand side.
     Baiyuelou Restaurant has dinner
     Baogong Temple
     The dance (drama) opposite the Baogong Temple.
     Check in Zhuhai and go to Gongbei Port at night.
     In the evening, I went to Guangji Bridge to watch the light show. I felt that the Guangji Bridge and the Paifang Street that I watched at night were more shocking than during the day! Perform 2 games every night at 8 and 9 o’clock. Friends don’t miss the Guangji Bridge light show.
     Far shot of the Guangji Bridge at night.
     Guangdong Travel Tips:
    1. The important thing is said three times: Zhongying Street passes through the personal channel, so don’t take the team channel;
    2, Jinjiang Cruises for Danxia Mountain is 120 yuan. It is not recommended for the boat trips of the partners. The scenery of the Xianglong Lake ferry boat is good. It is recommended to take a ride.
    3. Every time you visit a new hotel, inquire about the nearby attractions. Try to enrich the travel letter.
    4, Zhaoqing Qixingyan Tianzhu Dengfeng, good physical partners recommended to climb the top to see the other six mountains.
    5, small items in Zhongying Street: snacks, drinks, etc. are cheaper than Shenzhen.
    6, Guangdong temperature is higher than Shanghai, the Chaoshan area is hotter, the light is amazing! Don’t forget to bring summer clothes and sunscreen when you are traveling!
     Chaozhou returns to Shanghai
    After breakfast, start from Chaozhou and go to Chaoshan Railway Station. The road is a bit far. On the way, I saw the Chaozhou Railway Station, and then I went on a high-speed train to get to the Chaoshan Railway Station.
    We took the train back to Shanghai! Shift: D3126 (09:20-18:43).
    Ten days of Guangdong tourism is coming to an end, goodbye to Guangdong!
     The Chaoshan Railway Station is relatively remote and can only be played by itself.
     Good night in Guangdong, goodbye!

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