[Guests come from the South] – Yangzhou self-driving in the early autumn! ~

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    Written in front
    Another November of the year is the third anniversary of the marriage with the egg! ~
    This year, it’s really busy, I don’t have time to travel, and I don’t have time to write a travelogue! ~Hong Kong, Macao and Ningbo photos are still quietly lying in the cold palace of the computer! ~
    There is only a short Shaoxing travelogue from the beginning of the year to the present, it seems that it has not been finished! ~ Shame…
    When people come to stand, the burden on their shoulders is heavier than a year. Although I yearn for freedom, I can’t do it without eating fire! ~
    Therefore, it is inevitable that you will be busy for a few buckets of rice! ~ And travel also needs to be entangled! ~
    But even if you are busy again, you will always look forward to the outside world, you can’t run far, and you can always get around with your feet! ~
    On a Friday afternoon in October, I got off work early, driving on an empty highway, and suddenly I wanted to drive further afield! ~
    So, I said to the egg, let’s go to Yangzhou, now! ~ Look at me, say, good! ~
    Quickly go home to sort out the bags, book the hotel, fill up the oil, and once you leave, the journey begins! ~
    Yangzhou, we are here, our third anniversary! ~
    About Yangzhou
    Yangzhou, should be clear wind, should be moonlight, should be light rain, should be old. Only when the catkins are flying, when the rain is misty, the grace of Yangzhou can be set off. This quiet and small city of Suzhong, even if it is just to walk to appreciate, will not be too tired. Compared with Yangzhou in ancient times, she faded away from the style of “waist 100,000 rides, riding the crane down the Yangzhou” and omitted. The glitz of the dream of Yangzhou in ten years and the glory of winning the glory of the Qinglou is now calm.
    In Chinese history, Yangzhou has had three great times, the first time in the middle of the Western Han Dynasty; the second was in the Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Zhao and Song Dynasties; the third was in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was the most important port city in the Tang Dynasty. It was not only the richest man in the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, but also the largest metropolis in the southeast of China. It was also known as “the world’s most prosperous” and “Yang Yiyi II” ( Yizhou is now Chengdu.) Major cities such as the Song and Yuan Dangzhou Prefecture have become emerging business centers and have become synonymous with wealthy. Yangzhou in the Ming Dynasty was listed as one of the 16 largest cities in the country. In the Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou was seated in the monopoly of the salt industry and the location of the transportation hub, which made the Yangzhou economy reach another peak after the Tang Dynasty in the prosperous period of Kang.
    Many people mentioned Yangzhou, they would think of the words “Fireworks in March under Yangzhou”. Fireworks in March is almost synonymous with the city of Yangzhou! ~ I also really want to feel the city in this season, only to wait for the coming year! ~
    Yangzhou is a very special city in my eyes. It takes the longitude of the north and the south. It has both the roughness of the north and the gracefulness of the south. It is very contradictory and harmoniously blended together, creating a unique city in Yangzhou! ~
    There is another mention in Yangzhou that I have to mention, in the morning, the water baggage in the evening, Yangzhou locals will continue to repeat this sentence to us tourists! ~
    This sentence is to eat morning tea and bathing hall, Yangzhou is famous for three knives – a razor, a chopper and a pedicure knife. The so-called “pocket water” refers to the soup bag, Yangzhou does not lack the old-fashioned morning tea shop, such as Fuchun, Yechun, Gonghechun and Jinchun are well-known. In the evening, to take a bath, repairing the feet is really a real life experience in Yangzhou, Yangzhou bathroom, Yongning Spring, Shuangguiquan bathroom are counted as Yangzhou’s old bathroom, Lu Qin foot art and Su Yang foot care is Yangzhou A rising star in the pedicure industry.
    Although Yangzhou in the fall is not as colorful as spring, there is no such thing as a quiet beauty! ~
    It is excellent to stroll in a garden such as a garden or a garden, or a thin West Lake. But the most pleasant thing is to bend in the small streets of Yangzhou Old Town. There are more than 500 alleys in Yangzhou. Like the market, Caiyi Street, Dongguan Street, Nanhexia, Dingjiawan, small like screw tops, Pakistani gates, etc., take Nanhexia, according to the test, where the salt merchants live, Lin Daiyu Dad should be working and living here as a salt priest. The depths of the alleys under the Nanhe River are also the places where Yuyu spent his childhood. Counting this history, go down the Nanhe River and go to Heyuan. The house in the alley is then suffocating, with dew, and the flowers and plants grow very moist. In the small courtyard, the banyan tree is indispensable. Every May, the scent of flowers is fragrant, and it is another scene.
    At this time, the lotus in the Slender West Lake has been defeated, but there is no autumn scene.
    It is said that from July to August, the Slender West Lake will hold a lotus flower exhibition, and more than 200 varieties of lotus flowers will be opened on land and in the lake.
    The Slender West Lake Scenic Area is a place with more lotus flowers in Yangzhou. There are both lotus ponds swaying in Mantang, and there are also water-banking lotuses in full bloom, twists and turns, from Wuting Bridge to Lotus Bridge, Xichuntai, Xuyuan, and Twenty Four Bridges, Wan GardenThe stone wall rogue, the new north gate… Wherever you walk, a variety of lotus plants are planted in the water tank, and the second is open, wherever you can smell the lotus. In terms of varieties, it is also extremely rich, including celebrities such as Huayan Ye, commander, Shaoxing Honglian, Jiaorong Sanchang, Xinghua Chunyu, etc. There are small and exquisite red million varieties, as well as good quality bowl lotus. Variety.
    About the trip
    The whole trip is three days and two nights. Because it is self-driving, the time is quite sufficient! ~ The entire downtown area of ​​Yangzhou City is considered to have gone through several times! ~
    There is nothing to say about the specific itinerary. We bought the joint ticket, which is a total of five scenic spots. All of them are played and eaten and drinked. It should be regarded as a better experience for Yangzhou City! ~
    Slender West Lake and Daming Temple are together, a little farther! ~ As long as it is not a holiday, parking is very convenient! ~
    The Garden and He Garden are all in the city. It is a starting fee for taxis between attractions. It is more cost-effective to drive than to drive by yourself! ~
    Other attractions such as Wang’s Xiaoyuan and Zhu Ziqing’s former residence are also in the city! ~ So it is very convenient to play! ~
    About transportation
    Yangzhou has no direct trains yet, so many Shanghai tourists will have a little trouble and need to transfer, but I heard that there will be direct sales next year, and it will be more convenient! ~
    The internal traffic of Yangzhou City is very convenient. How to be willful and arbitrarily bus and rental! ~
    So, this is a city that doesn’t need to worry about traffic! ~
    Very suitable for couples, parent-child weekend leisure tour! ~
    Wenchang Court
    Wenchang Court
    Wenchang Court
    About food
    Yangzhou’s food is really famous! ~
    Huaiyang cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines! ~
    Huaiyang cuisine began in the Spring and Autumn Period and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is known as the “first taste of the Southeast, the beauty of the world.” The selection of Huaiyang cuisine is rigorous and in accordance with the material; the production is fine and the style is elegant; the pursuit of the taste, fresh and peaceful.
    Huaiyang cuisine is very particular about knife work, and the knife work is relatively fine, especially the melon carving is well known. The dishes are exquisite in form and taste good; in cooking, they use the heat, pay attention to fire, and are good at stewing, braising, simmering, simmering, steaming., burning, frying; raw materials are mostly based on aquatic products, focusing on fresh, sweet taste, fresh and slightly sweet. Famous dishes include Yangzhou fried rice, lion head with clear stewed crab powder, big boiled dried silk, three sets of ducks, soft long-tailed fish, crystal meat, squirrel squid, and Liangxi crispy clams. The dishes are exquisite and elegant.
    I and the egg are small appetites. In fact, so many shops can’t eat, only the next few famous tea shops can be introduced! ~
    Fuchun Tea House
    The Yangzhou Morning Tea Shop, a century-old brand, is also a must for every visitor to Yangzhou!
    Orange crystal is very close to Fuchun, and you will be there for a while! ~
    Fuchun Tea House
    In fact, Fuchun is not as uncomfortable as many people say. His family’s snacks are the smallest and most exquisite, and it is the most delicious morning tea atmosphere! ~
    Of course, the price is also the most expensive!
    In addition to the service attitude, almost, it is recommended to try it! ~
    The tricycle at the entrance of the store is very old-fashioned. It is much more beautiful than the tricycle in our hometown. But I don’t know the price. I don’t usually take a tricycle with me. I always feel that people riding tricycles are too hard, watching them laboriously Riding on us is also a bit unbearable~~
    The morning tea here is sold in the form of a set meal! ~Our two little appetites have already eaten a lot and have already eaten very much ~~ I have to keep some stomach to eat something else.
    Yechun Tea House
    Yangzhou Morning Tea Shop mentioned in the third episode of “China on the Tip of the Tongue”
    I went to Yechun twice, once at the entrance of Daming Temple, once in the Zhenyuan store. It was not because of how delicious it was, but rather the fate! ~
    Yechun I personally recommend snacks, so I packed a lot of snacks for my family when I left! ~
    Crystal meat, what looks more appetizing, tastes really hearty, not recommended, snacks are smaller than Jiangjiaqiao, than Fuchun! ~ Haha ~ relatively affordable, tasteThe road is not bad! ~
    Yechun Tea House (Zhenyuan Branch)
    It is especially recommended that pine nuts burned wheat, it is very fragrant, salty and light, and the favorite of the egg~
    My favorite is the oil cake, especially the envy of Yangzhou people can have so many breakfast varieties to choose ~
    Jiangjiaqiao Dumpling Noodle Restaurant
    When you arrive in Yangzhou, you will definitely taste the old noodle dumpling shop.
    Jiangjiaqiao is a morning tea shop that Yangzhou people love to go to. It is cheap and affordable. Their buns are oily and big, not as delicate as the big tea house, but their dumpling noodles are really delicious, seemingly simple pepper soup. Bottom, but it is delicious! ~ Pot stickers are not bad, although not too appetizing, but the taste is OK! ~ The most recommended dumpling noodles! ~ Ten yuan per person can eat! ~
    Oil cakes are all oversized! ~
    The pot stick is also very large, it is fried with vegetarian food, especially fragrant~~
    Dangdang Dangdang ~ This is a particularly delicious dumpling noodle, the egg likes to eat the dumplings inside, I like to eat noodles, one person and one bowl all eaten ~~
    The dumpling noodles were also recommended by a local aunt when we ordered the order. The Yangzhou people were very enthusiastic about the tourists, and the personal feeling was a more humane city~
    About accommodation
    Because it was a walk away, I spent five minutes before departure to quickly book the Orange Crystal Wenchangge store that I had been optimistic about before! ~ The price is not expensive, the location is good, clean and hygienic, highly recommended! ~
    It’s a little bit of a problem with parking on weekends. It’s not a stop, but the parking lot behind the hotel will have an aunt charge, twenty a day! ~Others are very OK
    Orange Crystal Hotel (Wenchangge)
    Because it was late, I upgraded the room, so big, cool! ~
    Behind our room is the school bathroom, but I heard that it is no longer open! ~
    Yangzhou people are really very leisurely. The next afternoon we woke up in the afternoon and saw the game playing chess at the entrance of the hotel. It was suddenly stunned. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon! ~
    The Chen Kee Restaurant at the entrance of the hotel is also a famous local restaurant. The first day of dinner is settled in this house. There are still a lot of people at 8:00 in the evening. This dried silk is the best we have ever eaten! ~
    The lion head god horse is also good, Yangzhou fried rice is not recommended, not good, we have not eaten delicious Yangzhou fried rice! ~ tears collapse…
    About attractions
    There are a lot of attractions in Yangzhou, but there are no special attractions in the study. Since it is here, there is always some regret when you don’t play! ~
    If you don’t like to visit the attractions, it is also a good choice to visit Yangzhou City in a circle. This is really a very playable city! ~
    A circle around Dongguan Street is a former residence, it is worth a visit! ~
    Wenchang Court
    Wenchang Pavilion was built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. It is the Kuixing Building of Yangzhou Government, hence the name “Wenchang Pavilion”. On the night of the festival, the lanterns on the pavilion are a good place for downtown Yangzhou.
    Wenchang Pavilion is an octagonal three-level brick and wood structure, similar to the Hall of Prayer for the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. On the ground floor of the pavilion, there are arches on all sides, which are connected to the street. The second and third floors of the pavilion, surrounded by virtual windows, and four floors, are close to the street and have a panoramic view.
    No straps, pure hand-held! ~嘎嘎
    Wenchang Pavilion is not really a scenic spot, it is a landmark, and the surrounding area means the center of Yangzhou! ~ Shopping malls, meals, and attractions are all around! ~
    The egg is good, keep it still! ~
    shouxi Lake
    Slender West Lake is a symbol of Yangzhou’s grace and elegance. It is also a must-see in Yangzhou. The beauty of Slender West Lake lies in twists and turns. It is like a slender and beautiful lady. It is characterized by “skinny”. The lake is wide and narrow, and the forests on both sides of the lake are sparse. The garden buildings are simple and colorful, and they stroll along the banks of the Slender West Lake. .
    There are a lot of bridges on Slender West Lake, and each has its own posture. Starting from Hongqiao, the beauty of “two embankments and flowers, water, and all the way to the mountains” began. The five wind pavilions on the Wuting Bridge are very southern. On the full moon night, each of the fifteen bridges under the bridge contains a moon. The most famous one is the twenty-four bridges of the twenty-four bridges, the moon and the night, where the jade people teach to blow the Xiao. The beautiful scenery along the exhibition, the twenty-four bridges are still there, but the state of mind is another Fan.
    In spring, the Yiyi weeping willows in the garden will dance with the wind; in autumn, the red to the stunning shore flowers will make the Slender West Lake more charming, and when it is near dusk, Xu Yuan’s hair is not bad..
    Slender West Lake is the most famous attraction in Yangzhou! ~
    Many people have played with the chicken ribs and there is nothing to play with! ~
    I think that the scenery of Slender West Lake is really not amazing, but there is a unique temperament that cannot be said! ~
    The weather we went to this day is not good, there are more tourists, so the scenery is really difficult to shoot, we are difficult to get up, there are few attractions that will let me get up early in the morning to film! ~
    The ticket includes five scenic spots: Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, Geyuan, Heyuan, and the ancient canal. The fare is 220.
    Simon: 11, 39, 50, 55 nights, 81, 107, 216, tourist line Oriental Lily Garden Station
    North Gate: 5, 25, tourist bus, tourist line Guanyinshan Station;
    South Gate: 4, 5, 6, 17, 23 nights, 27, 29, 37, 51 nights, 62, 103, tourist bus, tourist line, Zhenyang Intercity Bus Line Slender West Lake Station;
    Dongmen: 27, 62 Road Songjiacheng Ruins Park Station
    150 yuan in the peak season; 120 yuan in the off-season: children under the age of 6 years (inclusive) or under 1.2 meters (including), disabled persons, 70 years old and above free of charge; 7-18 years old, undergraduate and below students, active duty soldiers, 60- Half price of 69-year-olds
    Opening hours
    6:30-18:00, ticketing time: 7:00-17:30
    18:30-22:00 (open the night tour after March 20, the fare is about 80-100 yuan, the whole boat by boat)
    The Twenty-four Bridge is a masterpiece of ancient Han bridge construction. The twenty-four bridges in history have long been smouldering in the wild. Nowadays, Yangzhou City has planned to renovate the bridges in the West Bridge, and build a pavilion at the West Lake. It has added a new charm to the ancient city of Yangzhou.
    It is a single-hole arch bridge, white marble railings, such as jade belts, like neon lying waves. The whole bridge is 24 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, 24 columns and 24 floors. It seems to correspond to the 24th. On the white slate board, the meditation of the colorful clouds chasing the moon, the bridge and the water are connected to the cloud-like lake and stone stacks, surrounded by the fragrant osmanthus, so that people can see the clouds, water, flowers, and moon at any time, and realize the “Twenty-four Bridges The wonderland of the night.
    This play is the famous twenty-four bridge! ~
    Do you still remember the old poems that you don’t want when you were young?
    “Calling the State Han Han Judgment” Du Mu
    The green hills are faintly sloppy, and the autumn grasses are not withered.
    Twenty-four bridges on the moonlight night, where does the jade man teach bragging?
    Yangzhou Slender West Lake Water Tour Route
    Line features: Follow the emperor’s footprint to see the beautiful garden scenery, listen to the anecdotes about Qianlong, taste the royal feast and experience the life of the emperor.
    Route: Royal Wharf – Yechun Garden – Rolling Stone Cave – West Park Qushui – Hongqiao – Changdi Spring Willow – Four Bridges – Yuyuan – Xiaoyuan – Wuting Bridge – II Fourteen Bridges – Stonewall Rushing – Pingshan Hall – Guanyin Mountain – Chengxiang Court – Tianshan Han Tomb
    There are many cats in Slender West Lake, very noble and glamorous, completely not afraid of people~
    These two cats have the same posture and let the uncle take pictures. I am also drunk! ~
    According to legend, Yangzhou salt merchants celebrated the birthday of the Qing emperor. In order to give the emperor a birthday, spending Wanjin to build such a magnificent building, it can be seen that the Yangzhou salt merchants were rich.When we went, we just saw a group of beautiful women in the dress rehearsing. It is estimated that there will be performances in the past, but it is more interesting than watching the beautiful women’s uncles. It’s called a concentrated person, no photo. It’s a pity that it’s a bit, and three hundred words are omitted here. . .
    “Changdi Spring Willow” is one of the twenty-four views of Yangzhou. From the entrance of Slender West Lake to a long embankment of Xiaojin Mountain, there are a lot of peaches and green willows. When the spring season is sultry, the Yiyi willows will be adorned with a blush, and can be left in the clouds.
    Wuting Bridge was built on Slender West Lake, like a belt in the lake. There are five pavilions built on the bridge, hence the name Wuting Bridge. This distinctive bridge has become a symbol of the Yangzhou landscape.
    The Wuting Bridge was designed and built by the skilled craftsmen in order to welcome the Qianlong South Tour in the Qing Dynasty. The bridge is elegant and beautiful, with yellow tile and Zhuzhu, with white railings. The pavilion is painted with algae, which is magnificent and has the characteristics of southern architecture. Under the bridge is a thick bridge pier with northern architectural features, harmoniously combining the architecture of the North and South, garden design and bridge engineering. There are 15 bridge holes in Wuting Bridge. The night of the 15th round, each hole has a month, and 15 round moons are suspended in the water, vying for each other, and the boating is interspersed with holes, which is interesting.
    The Slender West Lake Diaoyutai is a famous attraction. The three faces the water. Only one long dike is connected with Xiaojin Mountain. The people stand here. Wuting Bridge, Xinzhuang, Xiaojinshan and Baita have a panoramic view. At the office. The couplet of Diaoyutai is the book of Mr. Qi Gong. The Shanglian “Hao Ge to Lancome” is from Xu Yanbo’s poem. The next link is “to catch the autumn wind” from Du Fu’s poem.The collection of fines in the sentence. On the lonely lake of the Diaoyutai Lake, when the orchid blooms in the continent, it is here and the song is sung. When the autumn wind passes over the lake, it is quietly fishing here. The situation and the attractions of the couplet are in harmony with each other.
    Black swan, still see it for the first time! ~
    Daming Temple
    Daming Temple was first built in the Southern Dynasties and has been around for more than 1,500 years. Before the famous Japanese monk crossed the Japanese, he passed the precepts here. The most famous temple in the temple is the Qiling Tower. The tower is dedicated to the relics of Sakyamuni. The great poets Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, etc. have also appeared on the poems. There is also a Qionghua tree in the front yard of the temple. The leaves are lush, and the spring flowers are white as jade plates. It has the reputation of “Yangzhou Qionghua, the world is unparalleled”.
    The Daming Temple Temple is built on the foot of the Fengshan Mountain. It has a high view and a wide view. The south can see the white snow, the west can see the Xihe River, the north can see the real temple pagoda, and the east is the Emperor Tailing. What is even more amazing is that the iron tip of the center of the main hall of the central Daxiong Temple is facing the top of the tomb of the Tailing Mausoleum in the east. It is just east and west, that is, using the theodolite, it is not partial. This is a masterpiece of the ancients, or a combination of God’s will, it is not known until now.
    The Pingshan Hall in the “Imperial Old Hall” on the west side of the Daxiong Temple in Daming Temple was built by Ouyang Xiu in Yangzhou when he was in Taishou. “The Fifth Spring in the World” is also here, although it has lost the clarity of the old days.
    Daming Temple is actually very beautiful, and the mood is also very good, but the business atmosphere is really too strong! ~ One door next to the door is all about money! ~唉
    Take the 26th road to the First People’s Hospital (Wu Dao Tai Fu) and transfer to the 25th/travel line to Daming Temple;
    Take the tourist bus to the Daming Temple on the bus stop of the West Bus Station;
    Take Bus No. 25 to Daming Temple;
    Chengbei Passenger Transport Terminal takes the 5th road to Daming Temple.
    High season (3-6 months, September-November) 45 yuan, off-season (12-February, July and August) 30Yuan, Dengta hit the clock 25 yuan, the above attractions are sold at the entrance, the tour guide fee 50 yuan / 5 people, more than 5 people more than one person more than 10 yuan.
    Opening hours
    He Yuan
    He Yuan, also known as Sending Xiaoshanzhuang, is a private garden built by He Wei in the Qing Dynasty. It is a masterpiece of garden architecture in the late Qing Dynasty and is known as the first garden in the late Qing Dynasty. The whole garden consists of the back garden, the courtyard of the residence and the part of the schist stone house in the southeast. The parts are connected by the avenue.
    He Yuan has four “the best in the world” in the art of crowning Chinese gardens, among which the crown of characteristic buildings – the 1,500-meter re-route corridor with the reputation of “the first gallery in the world”, constitutes the beauty of garden architecture and the beauty of the return of the loop. There is absolutely nothing in Chinese gardens. The other four firsts are the “First Mountain of the World” in the Shishan Mountain House. It is the “human being” of the stone painting master Shi Tao and the Shangshi Stone. From this, you can see the famous “water moon”; with a string of strings on the road The window window composed of the leaky window and the empty window on the cloister is known as the “first window in the world”; the Hexin Pavilion in Heyuan is a rare water-hearted stage in China, which is called the “The First Pavilion in the World”. “.
    The most amazing thing about He Yuan is not the exquisite luxury of this garden, but the feng shui of this garden is probably really good. He is really a very blessed family. It is not only a generation but also a very long life. ! ~
    Miss Ho’s mortuary is very elegant, and the combination of Chinese and Western, in those days can have Western fans and pianos, the outstanding family of the piano can be seen.
    Miss’s boudoir, that era, really sincere! ~
    Take the 26th train station to Shita Temple/Ximen and transfer to No. 209 to Heyuan;
    Take Bus No. 19 to Heyuan at the bus stop of the West Bus Station;
    Take Bus No. 19 to Heyuan at the East Bus Station;
    Chengbei Passenger Transport Terminal take the 216/40 road to the People’s Building (Chinese Medicine Hospital)/Ximen to 209 Road to Heyuan
    Peak season: (3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, December) 45 yuan; off-season: 30 yuan; guide fee base price 50 yuan
    Dongguan Street
    Walking into the Shuangdong Historic District seems to have retreated to more than 100 years ago. The old bricks and lanterns in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which are not applied to the powder, are scattered. The old man starts the chessboard on the stone table and plays leisurely. The child sits under the old tree and sits on the wall, reading the book… There are many old brands and old shops. The old house, in this less than one square kilometer block, has 108 criss-crossing, old-fashioned streets connected end to end. These streets are winding, short and fine, and each lane is a moving story.
    Dongguan Street is specifically a food street, planning and management is very good, is the most comfortable commercial street that my domestic attractions have seen except Wuzhen! ~
    Very famous rough tea, I think it is normal! ~ Not so exaggerated and delicious! ~
    Purple rice cake
    Uncle and mad, and the uncle who made the tattoo made such a delicate purple rice cake, I really want to give him a compliment~
    A piece of purple one piece of white as long as five yuan, delicious and delicious, very delicious ~
    When we sat on the opposite side to eat the dumplings, we just saw the uncle’s wife coming. I silently accompanied him to sell the purple rice cake, and chatted with a few words. The companionship is the longest-lasting confession. It is probably like this~
    Gaoyou salted duck egg
    10 pieces of 8, taste. . . general. . . Not as good as the egg mother’s own pickled ~~
    Four-in-one dumplings
    The bowl of four dumplings is sesame, leeks, bean paste and fresh meat. It is said that the rice noodles with glutinous rice balls are made from the finest glutinous rice, which is sweet and refreshing, and can not be cooked for a long time.
    In the early years of Yangzhou City, all the streets and alleys were smashed with bamboo boats and sold four-ton dumplings.
    It’s really all the way to eat, from the end to the end, from the day to the evening! ~
    This tofu is really delicious! ~
    This pig’s claw is highly recommended, especially delicious, the boss is also very able to talk ~~ We only bought one when we first passed by, and found that it was completely unresolved after eating. After roasting, The pig’s claws are crispy and tender, fat and not greasy, so they bought two more when they decided to go back~~咔咔~~
    Simei pickles
    You can buy four or five kinds for a dozen dollars, enough for a long time~~
    The Dongmen site has undergone three archaeological excavations since 2000, and it is now seen.The city gate, the ancient artillery position, the remains of the ancient city wall, etc. were rebuilt in 2009 in the original site with reference to the Song Dynasty city wall and the heavy gate. Nowadays, the Dongmen site has become a good place for leisure and fun of Yangzhou citizens, and it has become a beautiful scenery in Yangzhou.
    It’s too late, I won’t let it go again at 9:00! ~TAT only went up during the day! ~
    Ancient canal water sightseeing
    The ancient canal tour on the joint ticket is not bad. Sitting on a boat, listening to the explanation, the breeze is slowly, the willow is Yiyi, and the thoughts are scattered again, quite comfortable! ~
    The garden was built in the Qing Jiaqing period and was the private garden of Huang Zhiyu, the merchant of the Lianghuai Salt Industry. Winning with bamboo and stone, even the word “一” in the name of the garden is also taken from the half of the bamboo character. It should be combined with the various colors of the garden. The rockery in the garden is also known as the “four seasons rockery”, and the garden is like the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. It is the most distinctive scene in Yangzhou gardens.
    The spring landscape is like a smile. At the entrance to the south of the Guihua Hall, stalagmites are arranged along the flower wall, and the bamboo forest echoes. The summer scenery is green and dripping, in the northwest of the garden, the rockery is in the pool, the valley is beautiful, and the scenery is very quiet. The autumn scenery is as clean as a makeup, and it is a yellowstone rockery and a pavilion on the top of the mountain. It is the highest attraction of the whole park. The winter scene is bleak and sleepy. In the small courtyard in the southeast, the Xuanshi leaning against the wall is like a snowy snow. The round hole on the south wall has the atmosphere of winter snow and snow. On the western wall of the small courtyard, you can see the bamboo and camellia at the spring mountain view.
    Akiyama Highlights: There is also a fascinating mountainous three-dimensional sightseeing passage in the autumn mountain in the “Four Seasons Rockery”. It not only has a flat turn, but also a three-dimensional twist. It is necessary to keep in mind that “the big pass does not pass through, the light does not pass through, the straight pass does not pass.” The “mouth” can only go out smoothly.
    There are too many tourists, and it is extremely difficult to take pictures. You can only find a few places where no one is! ~
    Take the 61 road under the park
    Take the 26th road to the Century Lianhua, walk into the East Circle Gate and follow the “Guxiang Style Travel” route to the Garden.
    Take the Yangzhou Tourist Line (Automobile West Station – Jianzhen Library) and get off at Geyuan Station, that is, to the North Gate.
    Take the No. 8 bus and get off at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital Station. Walk north to Yancheng East Road and turn right to the North Gate. Walk south to Dongguan Street and turn left to the South Gate. The walking time is 10 Minutes
    High season (3~6 months, 9~11 months): 45 yuan
    Low season (1~2 months, 7~8 months, December): 30 yuan
    Coupon (including Heyuan, Geyuan, Daming Temple): 135 yuan; tour guide fee: 50 yuan
    Preferential policies:
    Children under 1.2 meters in height, elderly people over 70 years old (vouchers) free of charge; half-prices for 60-70 year olds and full-time students (vouchers)
    Opening hours
    High season: 07:15~18:00 (3~6 months, 9~11 months)
    Low season: 07:15~17:00 (1~2 months, 7~8 months, December)
    Garden tour route
    The entrance to Beida Gate, the first home after the house, is a regular route. Walk through Wanzhuyuan. Entering the mansion area from Zhuxijiamen, you can travel from east to west and go through the mansions of the westernmost mansion into the four seasons. Appreciate the next season’s rockery in the order of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and finally go to the end of Yi Yuxuan from Dongshan.
    I saw this fish pond for the first time! ~ But I feel that the fish like the round hole in the water, and they are all playing in groups, like a playground~~
    Bamboo in the garden! ~
    GardenSitting on the bench and listening to a commentary, I feel that time is so static~
    Former residence of Zhu Ziqing
    There was still some time on the day of the final return. We decided to go to the former residence of Zhu Ziqing. The most feared thing in the student era is the phrase “reciting the full text.” Of course, Mr. Zhu’s article must be recited, haha~~
    We walked from Dongguan Street with Baidu map all the way. Zhu Ziqing’s former residence is really the most rudimentary spot I have ever seen! ~ Hidden in the ordinary residential area, the bus must not open, even the ordinary car can not open! ~
    The former residence of Zhu Ziqing was built in the Qing Dynasty and is a typical courtyard house in Yangzhou. Zhu Ziqing has lived in many places in the country, and Yangzhou’s “Zhu Ziqing’s Former Residence” is the oldest preserved Zhu’s residence in the country, and the study and bedroom have maintained the original appearance of the year.
    Enter the first entrance, thin brick paving, strips of stone, moss joints, brick wall tiles, carved screen doors, simple and generous. Patio, door hall, wing room, window sills made of mahogany varnish, case, table, cabinet, big bed and furnishings in the room remind us of the busy life scene of Zhu family.
    The main hall of the hall is the living room of Zhujia, on both sides is the residence of Zhu Ziqing’s parents and children. The west wing is the study room of Zhu Ziqing’s aunt’s mother and Zhu Xisheng (that is, the nephew in “Hetang Moonlight”). The second entrance to the former residence is an orderly hall and an exhibition hall.
    1. 4, 26, 26, evening, 32, 86, under the Qionghuaguan station, walk 100 meters east along Wenchang Middle Road, and walk 200 meters south along Anle Lane.
    2. 4, 25, 26, 26, night shift, 86, sightseeing bus, tourist line “Wu Dao Tai Fu (First People’s Hospital)” station, facing the gate of Wu Dao Tai Fu, there is a small left hand side Lanes and lanes have Zhu Ziqing’s former residence sign. After entering the alley, there is a sign at every fork, and the sign follows the walk for 5 minutes.
    Retail price: 10 yuan
    Adult ticket 10 yuan, students, 60-69 years old with a valid certificate half-vote, over 70 years old with a valid certificate free of charge
    Opening hours
    April – October 8:30-17:30, November – March 8:30-17:00
    It is such an alley! ~
    This is the neighbor of Zhu Ziqing’s former residence, is it very unexpected! ~
    The former residence is very small, there are very few people, a few simple desks, a diverticulum, a few introductions, no more! ~ A little disappointed~
    When we went, we saw several staff members at the door being trimmed. It is estimated that the former residence will be better~~
    Is this alley name interesting?
    After the tour of Zhu Ziqing’s former residence, we set off to go home! ~
    Although the commemorative trip of the third anniversary is somewhat rushed, it is this rush that is a good record of the busyness of the year! ~
    The days are long, the colors are different every year! ~
    This year, I don’t bother to look at each other! ~
    In the coming year, four years, we will meet again! ~

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