Guilin 96 hours, visit 12 network red photos (with punch card Raiders)

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    Over the summer season in July and August, it seems that the country has ushered in the best travel season, no crowds, no heat, from Beijing to Sichuan to Yunnan, in order to give someone a chance to check the 34 provinces and cities nationwide We will set the next stop in Guangxi.
    It takes only 4 hours from the high-speed train from Kunming to Guangxi, then we will go to Guilin!
    “I have seen the magnificent sea, playing the West Lake with a mirror like a mirror, and climbing the towering peaks, but I have never seen such mountains and rivers.”
    This is a compliment to the landscape of the Lancang River.
    And I, in addition to seeing these mountains and rivers, I have to call all the net red photos in Guilin. For the sake of convenience, we can choose to leave, we also chose to rent a car at Guilin North Station, and the train station is round-trip, driving all the way.
    So, Guilin was on the line in 96 hours!
    Regarding the video, because most of the time I take pictures, not all places have videos, just take a picture of the wonderful, please watch in the case of WIFI and unlimited traffic.
     Stop huts, abandoned green leather train
    It is often said that “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo’s landscape is Guilin”. So it’s actually a visit to Guilin. It’s better to come to Yangshuo, because many people put most or even all the trips in this place.
    I first met Yangshuo, but I didn’t even think that I would go to the depths of this landscape and find an abandoned green leather train. The huts are the name of a homestay. It sounds very literary, so I also put this The name is also given to this unknown place.
    About a dozen minutes drive from Yangshuo County, through a country road, when you see this stop sign, the abandoned green leather car can be seen taking pictures.
    A total of four or five abandoned trains were unloaded and the wheels were parked here, so it looked a lot lower, but still couldn’t get in. The reason was that there were some fences around, and the train doors were always locked. You can only take pictures outside.
    Probably a lot of green leather cars have been worn after 90s or 80s, and my most impressive impression is about 2000. At that time, from Yibin, Sichuan to Chongqing, about three hundred kilometers, it is such a green leather car, need Sit for one night.
    The high-speed rail will arrive in about an hour, although it is very slow, but these green leather cars are just as memorable as the old days.
    By the roadside train, you can climb in and take a photo at the door through the glass. For those who have been seated in the green leather seat, the layout of the inside is still very clear. During the Spring Festival, even the aisle and The washroom can be crowded with people, and that feeling can only be understood by people who have sat.
     EternalScenario area, crossing to the Song Dynasty
    The first impression of the ages is that in 2016, Sanya inadvertently saw a billboard with the words “Give me a day, still you a thousand years”, “Sanya’s ancient love, a must-see performance”, and my parents I really liked the performances, so I went with them.
    I just didn’t expect that the wonderful inside of the scenic spot far exceeded my expectations for it, the retro-style shops, the wonderful street performances, the excavation of the millennium local culture, the interpretation of the folklore stories, maybe it will come to discover that here is The best way to learn about a city.
    Nowadays, I have also seen the love of several cities, from Sanya to Hangzhou to Lijiang. When I first arrived in Guilin, I found that I also opened a new one, so I also included this trip.
    Although the ancient love is a scenic spot, I have to divide it into three parts, including the net red photo punch, the street performance and the large-scale song and dance “Guilin Eternal Love”.
    Guilin Qiangu Scenic Area is located on the edge of Yangshuo County, about an hour’s drive from downtown Guilin. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the environment is pleasant. Just arrived at the parking lot and was attracted by the towering and strange green hills around. Take some aerial photography and want to show the beauty here more fully.
    Qingshan, with different postures, stands alone around the ages, bringing infinite imagination and romantic atmosphere to this scenic spot, but at this foot, it is another new world.
    Guilin The ancient scene area is very large, so there are many places worth taking pictures. The entire scenic area regains the Song Dynasty culture, and the humanities and folk customs of Guilin for thousands of years are once again presented to us, which is antique and intriguing.
    There are Yangshuo Ancient Village, Shijing Street, Fengqing Street, Lover Harbor, No. 4 Bay and Wonderful Street, and No. 3 Secret Tourism Complex, etc., which have created the life style of the farming era, retaining the nostalgia of Guilin, and at the same time about the uncle The umbrella shop, Grandpa’s wine cell is also helping us find the memory of our parents.
    Not yet in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the festive atmosphere of the scenic spot is already very strong. The various moon cakes are placed together in a colorful manner, like the five-color plate that God has overturned. I always like to take some good food on the road because it is always for us. The travel has been marked with a special brand, perhaps a local feature, perhaps a festive celebration.
    The bell swaying in the wind, the back of the hay under the eaves, I have never seen a scenic spot, so the local life culture is so ploughed, perhaps because of the difference in this place, it makes a difference.
    Nostalgic people are always interested in retro things, big wine tanks, lanterns hanging on the wall, wooden carts, and thatched sheds, as well as grainy grains on the wall, grounded things, always bring A good story, because there is something in the painting, so it is more meaningful.
    On the 4th Bay, a place that is suitable for young people to take pictures, sitting under a sun umbrella, ordering a cup of colored drinks, watching the landscape of Guilin, the sunshine and self-confidence, always indispensable on the road.
    The giant song fairy statue is magnificent and blends with the landscape of Guilin. The small shops are filled with small gifts, rotating windmills, Turkish-style glazed lights, and you don’t need to deliberately play with them. Photo.
    The point is that you can see handsome and handsome little brothers everywhere in the scenic spot. The gentle and beautiful young lady, wearing national costumes, can take photos with you at no time.
    I probably won’t tell you that there are a big uncles of the sunset red tour group. Almost everyone has taken a lot of photos here, and the laughter is as bright as a flower.
    In the evening, when the sun is shining, the Hua Deng is at the beginning, when most tourists walk into the large-scale song and dance “Guilin Eternal Love”, the scenic spot begins to slowly reveal its most beautiful time of the day.
    The yellowed light is like a dusty memory for many years. In the small shop with Guilin style, you can always find the shadow of the ancient city of Lijiang.
    For Guilin’s night view photo punching, you must not miss two, one is Guilin’s ageing scene, and the other is Yangshuo West Street night scene.
    Of course, if you can bring a set of costumes here, you can shoot the style of costume drama. It can be said that the scenic spot has already prepared the venue for you, just how you play it.
    In the Jingwangfu Tower, you can also overlook the entire night of Guilin. As the best night scene in Guilin, you can say that the lighting layout is very rich. You can use your mobile phone to take a few shots to detonate your friends.
    The story about Song Xian Liu Sanjie is still going on, and Guilin has just begun. If you want to make a group of different photos in Guilin and want to experience and feel more pure culture in Guilin, you must not miss it.
     All the wonderful moments should be remembered
    Those who haven’t seen the performances of the ancient scenes must not know that there are countless possibilities in the world. Maybe because I have been here, I have begun to believe that ten years of grinding a sword, one minute on the stage, ten years of work, maybe These wonderful moments should be remembered.
    At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I entered the scenic spot. The first program I saw was folk juggling. Of course, I was most interested in this fire-fighting performance. The fireball with a temperature of more than 200 degrees was directly put into the mouth and the carbon dioxide in the mouth was given. Fight, I don’t know how long he has practiced before he gets the applause here, but it’s really great.
    For the sake of taking pictures, it is more important to grasp these moments. As long as a bowl of kerosene is used, it will be able to spurt the fire, as if returning to the ancient life in the TV series, standing on the streets where people come and go, watching folk vaudeville performances. From time to time, there is also a “host” who is banging around to help out, but in the past it was to get the audience’s money, but now it is to applaud the audience.
    In the scenic area, we can still see another traditional performance. The master of the painting, that is, throwing hydrangea, is a common way used by the ancients.
    It’s not easy to pick out a son-in-law among a group of young talented people. Today, probably a family has to discuss and entangle with each other for a long time. In ancient times, it was a lot simpler, let God decide, adopt Throwing hydrangea, whoever is the bridegroom.
    After the tourists get to the hydrangea, it is not as straightforward as going back. There will be special people to help you dress up, change the groom’s clothes, and hold a worship ceremony on it, including drinking a glass of wine, etc. It can be said that we are heavy. Now the ancient wedding customs.
    The Guilin color tone “A Three Drama Grandpa” is also detonating the whole audience. As a local opera in Guilin, it originated from the folk songs and dances in Guilin. It is a “tune-to-tune” made by rap and can be said to be a lot of laughter. Tourists from the entire scenic area are attracted.
    Perhaps the most exciting thing is the national flash show of the style street, with the capacity of the fish and the wild geese, the lady who is close to the moon and the shame of the moon, spread the costumes of various ethnic groups in Guangxi, plus a few little brothers who are romantic. Cheerful music, give everyone a fast-paced feast.
    After the music comes to an end, the actor will pull the audience around and pick it up.
    Whether it is aunt or a child, they are all immersed in this joy, completely forgetting where they are, only feeling the joy from the heart, like the bar, this is a place that can make you forget the trouble, this is also A performance show that can’t be missed in the Guilin Ages.
    “Six kings, four seas one.” In 221 BC, after Emperor Qin Shihuang annexed the six countries and settled the Central Plains, he immediately dispatched 300,000 troops to the northern part of the Xiongnu. Then he swept the other 500,000 to the south and settled the “Baiyue”. In order to conquer the Lingnan as soon as possible, Qin Shihuang ordered the excavation. Lingqu.
    In the ages of the ages, the Lingqu soldiers began around this story, let us return to the millennium, and feel the picture of the stagnation.
    Lingqu is located in Xing’an County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is the oldest canal in China and even in the world. In ancient times, it was also known as Qin Chi Canal or Zero Canal.
    After being emptied into navigation in 214 BC, the canal has a history of more than 2,000 years. It still plays a role. It communicates with the Xiangjiang River and the Lancang River and opens up the water passage between the north and the south. It is an important guarantee for the Qin Dynasty to unify Lingnan. In order to cut through the canal as soon as possible, there will be today’s drill – the spirit channel.
    With a loud noise, the water flying show in Port 4 began. People who have been to the beach should not be unfamiliar. Visitors can circle around the lover’s harbor to enjoy and film this perfect water show, recommending one for everyone. Very good position, coming out from Yangshuo Ancient Village, facing the shore, where you can take pictures of the flying man with the background of Guilin landscape, and the angle of rotation is just right.
    Rotate, jump, and sometimes rush into the sky, sometimes into the water, you will never think of how it will perform in the next second, only to hear the constant shutter sound and the audience keep applauding, occasionally the little brother will also Look at the skin, see where there is no applause, you will play on the shore, everyone is hiding and not in a hurry, wet and semi-transparent.
     Large-scale song and dance “Guilin’s Eternal Love”
    Every city with long legends and unique humanities is worthy of our taste. If you look at the scenery in Guilin, it is like a glimpse of the museum. If you walk into the ancient times, it is in the light and shadow. To listen to stories that are unknown. Or feelings, or life, or the children’s songs that have been circulated in the millennium, will never stop in the land where the mountains and rivers are bred.
    The large-scale song and dance “Guilin Eternal Love” will use Guilin’s history to perform with a song and dance, from “The Legend of Guilin” to “The Flying Song of the Earth” to “The Eternal Spirits Canal” and “The Love Song of the Lijiang River”. Finally, we follow the story of the song fairy. “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, this is a cry of Jin Ge Iron Horse, and is also a three-year-old Guilin love.
    In the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, it sings the true, good and beautiful legends of the time and space of Bagui, and brings the Bagui culture hidden under the waters of the 800-year-old river into the eyes of everyone. This is a visual feast and a scene. Touch the shock of the soul.
    The first “Guilin Legend”
    “Jiang Zuoqing Luodai, the mountain is like a jade scorpion”, Guilin has a reputation of “landscapes in the world” since ancient times. In this piece of Zhonggui’s beautiful land, there is such a beautiful legend.
    The beautiful scenery of Guilin attracted the evil black dragon, which led to the charity of the people here, the people are not happy, and the anger is rampant. General Fubo and Diancai Fairy descended from the sky and saved the people from the people. In order to preserve the prosperity of the place, they became the mountains and rivers of Guilin, and they lived in this land and water.
    Nowadays, the Caicai Mountain in Guilin is the embodiment of the stack of colors. Perhaps this is just a mythical story that has been passed down from generation to source, but it expresses the awe of the people of Dawn in Guilin, which is the general of Fubo and the colorful fairy. It is also the most authentic prayer for their good life.
    The second act, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    Guilin has always been a multi-ethnic settlement. Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao and Dong ethnic groups live in harmony here, and many beautiful dances and beautiful songs are circulated.
    Every March 3rd is the most popular singing day in Guangxi. The ethnic minorities gather in Yangshuo, Guilin.Cheerful melodies and light dances express love and happiness for a happy life.
    They can sing and dance, and their songs are bright. Perhaps for the history of Haohao, each of them is ordinary and ordinary, but they have stirred up the faint life, and it is also the first time here. To the so many folk songs and dances, to understand their unique national culture, Guilin has not only landscapes, but also customs.
    The third act “The Thousand Ancients”
    In 221 BC, after Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the Central Plains, he swept the 500,000 South to Baiyue. When Qin Jun arrived, he was immediately resisted. With the rugged mountain roads in Lingnan area, the grain and grass transportation was difficult. After several years, the Qin army suffered heavy losses.
    In order to get through this communication route of Xiangjiang, Pearl River and Minjiang River as soon as possible, Qin Jun has gone through thousands of difficulties and has been dedicated to three great generals, achieving the great feat of seven points into Hunan, and thus helping Qin Shihuang to complete. The great unification of Chinese history. Since then, Guilin has become a traffic center in the Nantong Sea area and north of the Central Plains.
    In order to pay homage to the predecessors, the third general vowed to build the spiritual canal. The generals did not fear the difficulties and obstacles. The heavy snow flew still in the front line, and the outbreak of the flood, the appearance of the noodles that the dying soldiers wanted to eat, created the time. The difficulty of opening a canal. It was also the climax of the performance that brought the whole atmosphere and shocked the soul to the performance, and the scene also remembered the enduring applause.
    In order to celebrate the completion of the canal, the third general died in the river in order to follow the first two generals. There is the Great Wall in the north and the Lingqu in the south. As one of the two great projects of the Daqin Empire, the Lingqu Water is still on this land, moistening the vast land.
    The fourth act “Liangjiang Love Song”
    The folk song is like the spring river water, not afraid of the beach and more dangerous, one side of the water and soil to raise one person. In the land of Guilin, which is famous for its legends, many legendary figures have been born, and the most widely known is Liu Sanjie, who is a common Guilin person and a mysterious song in our hearts.
    They took the burden from the audience, accompanied by touching music, while picking tea, while telling the story of Liu Sanjie, those beautiful legends have slowly withdrawn from the sights of Bagui, and we are following the ancient times. The performance, go together to find Liu Sanjie, perhaps the person who is most expecting in the heart, is Liu Sanjie.
    Ending “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    Thousands of tourists have come to Guangxi and come to Guilin to come to Yangshuo, the riverside of Yangshuo, and look for Liu Sanjie in the heart.
    And who is Liu Sanjie? From the top of the audience, flying on the flying carpet, and the voice on the side tells us, “Liu Sanjie is you, me, she is. We are all Liu Sanjie, we are all lovers.”
     No. 3 secret, a paradise for children
    If you think that the performance of the ancient times is from historical legends, rising from the life culture, not suitable for children, then it is wrong, although I prefer its performance, but there is a 3 in the scenic area of ​​the ancient theater. The secret complex, which can be said to be a paradise for children, is very suitable for taking pictures of children.
    The No. 3 Secret is a complex that combines food, leisure and entertainment. It looks like a cave, but it is colorful, and it appears in the image of a tropical rain forest, including the ceiling, and various vines, flowers and fruits. The small shop on the side is also the same as the grass house. It is super suitable for taking pictures. People who don’t know think that you are abroad.
    The most attractive thing here is probably the entertainment area. Many children come here. They don’t want to leave, they are super fun, and this time is the best time to take pictures of them, so I think the secret of No. 3 is for taking pictures. Health, especially for children.
    In addition to the rainbow slides, there are small pirate ships, planes, and the choice of Trojans, which are very suitable for children, and the situation I see is that the children are having fun on the top, and the parents are taking pictures below. video.
    For adults, there is also a very petty bookstore. The bookstore is made of wood and has a bookcase as a wall. It has a strong literary atmosphere and is a good place to take pictures. Also very nice.
     Yulong River, a small freshness belonging to Guilin
    If there is only one place in Guilin that is suitable for taking small and fresh photos, I chose Yulong River, not because of the scenery.
    The mountains of the Yulong River, or independent peaks, or continuous, like a tiger down the mountain, like a frog, have to sigh the magic of nature.
    The water of the Yulong River is as quiet as it is. When it encounters the wind, it is like a rush. There is no boat like a river in the river. It is quiet like a paradise.
    Colorful sun umbrellas, skilled pontoons, far-reaching mountains, near the water, only when you come, will you know what is going on in the middle of the painting, small fresh tones are really suitable for this, whether it is shooting landscape, or humanities Or about you.
    Yulong River is one of the few places in Guilin where you can take artificial bamboo rafts. We take a ride from Hummer Wharf, about an hour or more, to the Gongnongqiao Wharf. The two people are 400 yuan in total. The pontoon can help you take pictures on the way. .
    The mountains on both sides have different shapes. Through imagination, people have given them some sense of picture. For example, when you see this mountain, the boatman will tell you that it is like a galloping horse and telling you how to take pictures. Where to shoot the best position, maybe they are the name of the surrounding farm, but every day to and from the Yulong River, everything here is particularly clear, not photographed by myself, but also seen many people shoot.
    And here, the boatman will tell you that this is the most open place on the river of Yulong River. When you go a little downstream, he will let you look back and just take a picture of the reflection of these mountains.
    As for why I always feel that it is suitable for taking small and fresh photos, because not only are there fewer tourists (including the peak season), but the background is not too messy. The overall blue-green tone is very well-repaired, and you can take a good look anywhere. Photo, but pure scenery, not to mention more.
    You must know that the Lancang River is basically like a big ship. Many of them are the departure of a tour group, and it is a ship with an engine. There are a lot of back and forth, the river surface is rather messy, and it is a bit noisy, and there is no such mood.
    Each ship has two fixed positions. When it is turned over the river dam, it will not splash. The boat will have an umbrella. When the sun is out, it can be supported. It can be rained, but I prefer it. Guilin in the drizzle, a bit of Jiangnan’s taste, tenderness and a hint of rural flavor, very strong, very appropriate.
     Xingping Ancient Town, Powder Wall Uva Stone Alley
    Xingping Ancient Town knows a lot of people, it is a network of red photos, but there are very few people who come to feel slowly. It is located in the northeast of Yangshuo, twenty or thirty kilometers from the county, and the Minjiang River is here.Big bend, so it is obvious on the map.
    The ancient town of Xingping is very quiet, and it is very quiet. The whole is a powder wall, and it is a stone-paved alley. It has the feeling of a kind of ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is also the most beautiful ancient town along the banks of the Lancang River. However, because it is far from Guilin and not as famous as the ancient town of Daxie, there are not many people coming to the group, especially for taking pictures.
    Driving from Yangshuo to Xingping Ancient Town at 5 or 6 in the evening, about 40 minutes or so, there are few tourists here, so the narrow streets look very empty. Like other ancient towns that have been commercialized, this ancient town is basically Selling specialty products, whether they are eating or playing, there are some small cafes and bars.
    The ancient town is really small, so small that if you don’t take pictures and don’t shop, if you don’t go shopping, you can finish it in ten minutes, but for those who like to take pictures, you can play for one day, each store has its own. The style is the same as this ancient stage cafe.
    The surrounding area of ​​the town is actually a local resident, and the atmosphere of life still exists. It is only commercialized in comparison with the most quaint villages, but it still does not prevent tourists from enjoying it here. It is quiet, elegant, and not impetuous.
    Many of the small shops on both sides have become restaurants, mainly based on Guilin or Guangxi. Of course, you can see Guilin’s beer fish, Guilin rice noodles and Liuzhou snail powder.
    The clerk boss who is idle will also sit on the bench at home and often feel the most common side. It is also the most authentic side of understanding the life of the local people. This picture is very grounded, but full of the story. Occasionally, I thought I saw the picture in the movie.
     West Street, the most charming nightlife in Yangshuo
    When I was not in Guilin, someone told me that I had to go shopping on West Street. At that moment, I didn’t know where West Street was.
    After coming, if you haven’t been to Yangshuo West Street, you will not be close to Guilin’s nightlife. When the sun sets, Yuhui ends, and the time of belonging to West Street has just begun. Hundreds of people are in Enjoy the most fascinating nights here.
    There are carnival bars, colorful lights, countless snacks, and countless net red photo punches.
    On the left side after the bridge, there is a cat empty bookstore, which is found in many cities in China, such as Suzhou, Dalian and Shanghai. This is a bookstore known for its petty bourgeoisie. The biggest highlight is that the photos are beautiful, so each As long as the cat empty bookstore in a city is open for business, it will never be possible to take pictures.
    At nine o’clock in the evening, the West Street, which has passed the summer holiday season, is still full of people. It seems that all the tourists in the whole town are gathered here. When you enter the door, you can see a big archway, and then the back is filled with various styles of color. The lights have added a lot of romantic colors in fairy tales, and such a colorful place is also the best place for Guilin to shoot night scenes.
    The bookstore decoration is very small and elegant, there is no need to arrange, you can take beautiful photos, and the special rest area is also a coffee to read, very comfortable, and this natural state is the best time to shoot portraits. .
    In addition, there are many interesting shops here, which are more suitable for taking pictures. If cat empty is a bookstore in a warm city, then Yangshuo West Street is warming tourists from all directions. The life here is always full. Passion, no troubles; the photos here are always so positive, carefree, maybe like the lights that are occasionally met on the road, for some people just rushing, and for some people is all.
    This is a relatively large commercial complex, so there are second and third floors, but it is not as closed as a shopping mall. It is also full of various wall paintings on the stairs. It is very interesting. People who come and go have to take one. Take a photo and go.
    It is included in the corners of the corners and stairs, and some stores are very distinctive. The West Street, which is seen from the second and third floors, is another scene, colorful lights, melodious songs, hanging along the stone bridge. Lanterns, people who take pictures while walking, seem to be in a microscopic world, watching the most affectionate side of Yangshuo.
     The most beautiful road, disappearing into the distant horizon
    I have always come from a mountain that thinks I have seen a lot of styles, the wonders of Huangshan, the show of Mount Emei, the danger of Huashan, and the sacred snow-capped mountains at several kilometers above sea level. It won’t come into my eyes, so that when I decided to go here, I didn’t even have a few shots with the camera.
    Probably what I think in my heart is Guilin. Can there be a mountain that looks better than Yangshuo?
    This road is the road from Xingping to Guilin City. I don’t know whether it’s a township road or a county road. It’s not wide, but the road conditions are OK. There are more corners. I saw the recommended Guilin net red photo on the Internet. I am doubtful that this is totally irresistible.
    So I started this road twice, and I didn’t believe it was so beautiful. When I went back the next day, the mountains were full of fog. I could hardly see many places. I only turned over the top of the mountain. When it came down, many places gradually dispersed.
    The mountains here are not high. Some observation decks have been built on both sides of the road. No facilities are available. It provides a place for you to take pictures. Usually, some local people sell fruits and snacks here, but they also stop. If you have time, you can take a few hours to slowly finish the road. The scenery along the way is very beautiful. There are really many places worth taking pictures.
    First, starting from Xingping, where the altitude is very low, all the way to the northwest direction, gradually going uphill. When you reach the top of the mountain, the line of sight is basically the same as that of the mountain. Perhaps this is the most beautiful view of Guilin’s landscape, but there are not many people here, maybe there are The locals have never been there.
    When I passed by the day before, it was still a sunny afternoon, and the next day, I was faint, just like a beautiful woman still holding a half face, only seeing the heavy stack, and at this time, you have to sigh, nature The magical work, like the pen of God, paints this land so beautifully.
    The uncle who heard the road said that if you come here in the early morning, you can still see the village at the foot of the mountain, and the whole mountain is especially quiet. You can only hear the cockerel and the dog bark. It is a good place, surrounded by the mountains. It is like a paradise.
    Blue sky, white clouds, breeze, no one came and went, such a Guilin I am afraid that many people have not seen it, I really want to find a farmhouse here, live for a few days, feel the mountains and waters here, feel the life here.
     Lijiang, like a poem
    From the elementary school textbooks, probably all Chinese people know this place, Guilin Lijiang, and the background of the 20 yuan renminbi now circulating is here.
    Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world. The mountain is the mountain of Guilin, and the water is the water of the Lancang River. It can be said that 99 of the 100 people in Guilin are looking at the mountains and rivers of the land of Bagui, and I am the same, only However, compared to their stop-and-go appreciation, I prefer to take it down and freeze it for a moment. When I am seven or eighty years old, I will lie on the rocking chair and slowly look back at life.
    Lijiang River is the mother river of Guilin. The birthplace is the Yueer Mountain Maoer Mountain. It belongs to the Pearl River Basin. The two sides of the Qingshan Mountains are picturesque, and the bamboo is long. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the city. It has mountain green, water show, cave odd and stone beauty. The reputation of “four wins” has attracted many writers and writers to leave the poems of heroic poetry in the past and the present, and also let countless tourists take a nightmare and never forget.
    Most people who come to Lijiang will choose to take a cruise. Compared to this type of tour, I prefer to hike along the river, while walking and shooting, 20 yuan background, Jiu Ma painting mountain, yellow cloth reflection and Xianggong Mountain, etc., each store has the most representative photos, if you can take a picture, it is not a glimpse of Guilin.
    At the time of the typhoon crossing, the power of mangosteen is very large, but fortunately, there are many mountains in Guilin, there is no dust and no storms, and after a torrent of rain, it is a misty morning, the sun is very Ok, with a mist, like a fairyland.
    The densely packed cruise ship stopped at the dock and waited for the arrival of the tour group. The tourists who came here usually drove directly from Yangshuo or Guilin, so if you get up early and live nearby, you can still see The Lijiang River, which is unmanned, is much more beautiful than the noon and the afternoon.
    It is such a point that there are countless people waiting in line for punching every day. If it is evening or early morning, there is basically no need to queue up. Because there is no team tour, everyone can prepare 20 yuan like them and take pictures of them. As a commemoration, it must be quite interesting.
     After the rain, if you are in a fairyland
    If I say that this is one of the most beautiful and most suitable places for photography in Guilin, I think there will be no rebuttal. If there is, the rebuttal is invalid. I have traveled more than half of Guilin and I have seen the mountains and rivers. I am in a rainstorm. After returning to Yangshuo from Guilin, after the rain stopped, I accidentally discovered that this mountain village was like a fairyland.
    Although it is a place of accidental discovery, it is more suitable for taking pictures than many places, so I will share it with you today. The specific coordinates are from Guilin to Yangshuo, through Dayan Road, when I am going to the high speed, there is a pass. To the north of the country road, bigIt can be photographed about a kilometer away. Of course, it can be clearly seen on the main road. On the left side, all of them are such mountains. If they are looming, the clouds are haunting, just like the fairyland.
    Surrounded by Datun Township, of course there is one thing that proves that the scenery is really good here, because the club med hotel in Guilin is located here, but we also came to know, so if you can’t find it, you can directly navigate the club med Guilin Hotel. If it is rain later here, the scenery is better, the absolute photo resort.
    If you only shoot in the village, you can also shoot this effect, but because of the height problem, there is no way to take a picture of the heavy picture, I used aerial photography, so the overall presentation is more obvious, if there is a drone, Come to Guilin, you must bring it, you don’t have to look for the viewing platform, you can take off at any time.
     Mulong Lake, a small photo taking secret
    I used to travel in the past, always playing card scenic spots for fun, set a place to send a circle of friends, and after learning to take pictures, where to take pictures, it became my theme every time.
    Every place except some popular hot red photos, there are some niche secrets, perhaps unknown, maybe it’s just a good photo, or it’s too small. In short, whenever you find such a place, always Some little surprises.
    Mulong Lake is a 4A-level scenic spot in downtown Guilin. Although the scenery is acceptable, the photos are also very good, but there are not many tourists who come here normally. Most people go straight to Yangshuo or Xingping, and this place is from Guilin North Station. It’s only half an hour,The stack of mountains on the side is also the best place to watch the sunset in the city.
    In fact, there is no lake here, but because there is a wooden dragon hole above the river, it is called Mulong Lake. Here, the natural landscape is merged with history and culture. The pavilion and pavilion have a quiet environment. It is a good place to take photos and punch cards. Not too big, you can go shopping in about an hour, if you want to shoot portraits, you can bring some costumes to go.
    The buildings here are very beautiful, row upon row, antique, and are the imitation of the Song Dynasty architecture. On both sides are the green hills of Guilin alone. The middle of the river is the most important part of the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin. through.
    According to the drowning, it has the charm of Jiangnan, so there are really a lot of places to take pictures, whether it is on the shore of Mulong Lake or in the attic, and when walking to the end along the lake, there is a some old wall. On one side, you can overlook the Mulong Lake, and on one side you can overlook the Guilin City. The Lijiang River flows through it and is silent.
    Bamboo deep tree worms sing, when it is cool, not wind. The mottled light and shadow seems to be telling the legend. If we come here, we will slowly feel it. At the moment of taking the photo, I have already understood the long history of the land of Bagui. Maybe the years will never be suspected. Everything I have ever done, I have recorded these things. I hope that on the day I am old, I can revisit the old days and think about how I was when I was young.
     96 hours after the riverside
    Don’t think that I have to write it again in 96 hours. I don’t have time to write it. You don’t have time to look at it. In Guilin’s four days, I didn’t live in Guilin City, and I didn’t live in Yangshuo, but I chose it. Living in the Xingping River, facing the river, you can also spring blossoms, this is not a casual talk, there are really flowers, but also a lot.
    The hotel is only 2 kilometers away from the ancient town of Xingping. It is also close to the direction of the Lijiang River. The location of the 20 yuan background is also very close. It includes the Xianggong Mountain and the Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, etc., but it is not around because of the surrounding inn. There are not many people who come here to stay, so relative to Yangshuo County, the environment is much better and quieter.
    There is a large yard downstairs, some tables and chairs and sun umbrellas, as well as swings and the like, some flowers and plants, quite a petty bourgeoisie, the doorway is a Lijiang River, if you live on the third floor, In the bed, you can see the ships of the Lijiang River.
    All the rooms in the hotel are on the 2nd floor and above. The first floor is the hotel lobby, including the lounge, children’s entertainment area and restaurant. Although there is no elevator, the stairs are also designed to be fresh, simple in style and very popular. It is also Guilin. In the hotel inn, it is more suitable for taking pictures.
    The room is quite large, the decoration is softer, there is independenceStanding bathroom, a balcony, with a bathtub, because there are almost no tourists in the surrounding area, so it is very quiet, no noise at night, when the typhoon comes, it rains, drinking tea on the balcony, listening to the rain Don’t have a charm.
     Those things to pay attention to
    1. Guilin The scenic spots are scattered, especially the Longji terraces. Whatever it is, it is better to drive by car or chartered, save a lot of time, and the public traffic thief is slow.
    2, the inn should be selected in Xingping or Yangshuo, living in Guilin to many places is not convenient.
    3, Mulong Lake tickets 70 yuan, you can buy at the lowest 10 yuan online, buy it on the spot and then pick up the ticket.
    4, there are drones to carry, do not have to climb the top of the mountain to shoot, flat take off has all vision.
    5, Guilin The tickets for the ageing area of ​​the ages to buy in advance, choose a seat, go in and find the show timetable first.
    6, Yangshuo West Street has a good pig belly chicken, next door to Starbucks, the environment is very good, less than 70 per capita.
    7. According to the speed of my driving, Guilin went to Yangshuo for 80 minutes, Yangshuo to Xingping for 35 minutes, and Xingping to Guilin for 100 minutes.

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