Guilin Free Walking Guide on the 9th

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Budget: 2000-3000

Day 1 Everywhere → Guilin

“Arrive in Guilin today and book your flight and accommodation in advance.”

Accommodation: Guilin

Day 2 Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill-Jingjiang King City-Haitian Sausage Powder-Diecai Mountain-Two Rivers and Four Lakes-Chun Kee Roasted Goose (Diecai Store)

“Today is mainly in Guilin. Attractions include Elephant Trunk Hill, Qixing Park, Jingjiang Palace, Two Rivers and Four Lakes. Highlights: Jingjiang Palace’s history and campus culture, night views of the two rivers and four lakes, and night view waterfalls of Guilin Waterfall Hotel. Per capita budget: 400 yuan (if Xiangshan and the two rivers and four lakes do not generate tickets, it will save a lot) ”

Accommodation: Guilin

Day 3 Guilin Daxu-Maozhou Island

“Today’s main attractions: Daxu Ancient Town (free of charge) Feel the ancient town that has not yet been developed, and experience the most rustic living conditions of local people. Per capita budget: 200 yuan (including food, accommodation, travel)”

Accommodation: Guilin

Day 4 Guilin Longji Terraced Fields

“Today’s main Longji terraced fields, the main two parts are Ping’an Village and Dazhai Village. Considering that you like ethnic folk customs, arrange here for two days and experience the life in the mountains. Longji and Yaozhai Village has a package ticket + fare for a total of 140 yuan. Dining , Try local specialties, native chicken, bamboo rice. Per capita budget: 300 yuan (including admission tickets for today and tomorrow, eat and live today) ”

Accommodation: Longji Terraced Fields

Day 5 Guilin Longji Terraced Fields-Huangluo Yaozhai

“Today is mainly in Longji Terraced Fields, and the sunset and sunrise of the terraced fields are good for two days. The per capita budget is 200 yuan (including food and accommodation).”

Accommodation: Guilin

Day 6 Guilin → Yangshuo Guanyan-Guanyan Family-Guilin Lijiang Essence Drifting-Xingping Ancient Town-Xingping Hotel

“Today’s main attractions: Crown Rock and Lijiang Essence Drifting (including nine horse paintings) that have been recorded in the Guinness Book of the World Mountain), rustic Xingping ancient town, stay in Xingping ancient town. Per capita budget: 400 yuan. ”

Accommodation: Xingping Ancient Town

Day 7 Yangshuo Shili Gallery-Osmanthus Flora Farmhouse-Yulong River-Impression Liu Sanjie

“The main attractions today: Shili Gallery, Yulong River, Impression Liu Sanjie (performance), these are all classic In the evening, stroll around West Street, enjoy a bar, and enjoy a day. The price of a single bicycle is 10 yuan a day, a double car is 20 yuan a day, and an electric car is 50 yuan a day. Main attractions: Shili Gallery, Yulong River, will pass along the way Butterfly Spring, Big Banyan Tree, and Moon Mountain. If you want to go to these spots, you can buy tickets, or you can go outside. Budget per capita: 500 yuan. ”

Accommodation: Yangshuo West Street

Day 8 Yangshuo → Guilin → Yangshuo → Guilin West Street-Yinziyan

“Today is mainly in Yangshuo, the classic West Street, the beautiful Yinziyan. Back to Guilin in the evening, if you have time, look around the lake to see the night view. Buy some local specialties, various flavors of cakes and crisps are good, Jin Shunchang is an old brand, quality Guaranteed; per capita budget of Guilin Sambo (Sanhua wine, chili sauce, tofu): 300 yuan (including food, accommodation, transportation, attractions) ”

Accommodation: Guilin

Day 9 Guilin → Everywhere

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