Guilin national style | On the background board of 20 yuan, play a song “The meaning of travel”

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It’s funny, the first impression of Guilin is the lyrics that have been popular in the streets. “I want to go to Guilin, I want to go to Guilin, but when I have time, I don’t have money…”.
    I thought that Guilin is a very expensive and expensive city.
    However, with 20 beautiful backgrounds of the Yangtze River, it has the reputation of “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world”. It has the unique customs of more than 20 ethnic minorities such as Zhuang, Hui, Miao and Yao. It has a must-see performance in Guilin. “… Guilin has made me fascinated too much.”
    Guilin has a rich ethnic atmosphere and a wonderful performance.
    Tourists like Yangshuo West Street
    On the edge of the picturesque Lijiang River, I encountered a 20-yuan renminbi fisherman.
    In Xingping Old Street, there is no purpose to stroll, passing through the simple villagers.
    The night view of the two rivers and four lakes is beautiful, and there are bridges built on the famous bridges of the world.
    In September, a person went to Guilin for 4 days and 3 nights. There were lively and leisurely, beautiful natural scenery and rich ethnic customs. It was a worthwhile trip. What makes me interesting is that the newly-recognized friend “turned” to the village near the Lijiang River, but unexpectedly saw the most simple folk customs. During the trip, such “deviant” experience is the most interesting ~
    In addition, it is the misunderstanding of the childhood, Guilin is not expensive at all, 4 days and 3 nights to play accommodation plus return air tickets, 3000 blocks properly.
     About those things in Guilin
    Known as “Guilin Shanshuijiaxiaxia”, Guilin has always been a well-known tourist city at home and abroad. The two rivers and four lakes with beautiful night scenery are known as the Elephant Trunk Hill symbolized by the landscape of Guilin. The long history has an indissoluble bond with Guilin. It originated from the Guilin Wangcheng in the Ming Dynasty and was left over from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Historical Streets – East and West Lane, more than 150 national leaders left the footprints of Yangshuo West Street… too much and wonderful.
    Coupled with the recent eternal love of Guilin, which is open in Yangshuo, it also shows the national customs of Guilin.
    4 days and 3 nights of travel, a person strolling is very comfortable, neither need to make too fine a trip, nor do you need to punch all the famous spots, everything is free.
    Day 1. Departure: Qingdao – Guilin, Guilin – Yangshuo, Songcheng
    Day 2. Yangshuo West Street – Xingping Ancient Town
    Day 3. Xingping Ancient Town – Guilin Liangjiang Four Lakes, East and West Lane
    Day 4. Return: Guilin – Qingdao
     Day 1 | A must-see performance
    Last winter,I have been deeply impressed by the love of Sanya.
    The perfect stage design, the cool technical presentation, and the superb stage performances of the actors are all important factors that contribute to a performance. In my opinion, Songcheng’s ancient feelings are called “a must-see performance for a lifetime”. “The most important thing is to combine too many local features.” Legends and folk customs make this show even more vital.
    In Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai… Every place where Song City has traveled through the ages, this time in Guilin Yangshuo, the opening of Guilin’s ancient feelings, it will be performed in Guilin’s local Zhuang, Miao, Yao, etc. The customs of ethnic minorities are weaved together and are breathtaking.
    The performance was unfolded in the beautiful and stunning landscape paintings of Guilin. It consisted of the five scenes of “Guilin Legend”, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”, “Age of the Ancients”, “Liangjiang Love Songs”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, and Jin Ge Tie Ma, beautiful as a cloud, reappearing a period of three Guilin’s love for the third generation.
    The first act “The Legend of Guilin”
    In this beautiful and beautiful land of Bagui, there is a beautiful legend. The beauty of Guilin attracted the evil black dragon, which led to the burning of the spirits and the suffocation.
    General Fubo and Diancai Fairy descended from the sky to save the people. In order to ensure that the place is prosperous and peaceful, they have turned into mountains and rivers, and they have guarded this land and water.
    The second act, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    This scene is the most part of the performance of the national characteristics.
    As is known to all, Guilin is a multi-ethnic area. Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao, Dong and other ethnic minorities live in harmony here, and there are many beautiful dances and beautiful songs. Every March 3rd is a grand singing day in Guangxi. The ethnic minority compatriots gather in Yangshuo, Guilin, and express their love and happiness for a happy life with cheerful melodies and light dancing.
    The third act “The Thousand Ancients”
    In the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shihuang, in order to open the channel for transporting troops and transporting grain as soon as possible, ordered the soldiers to go through all the hardships and open up the spiritual channel.
    There is the Great Wall in the north and the Lingqu in the south. After a thousand hardships, Qin Jun finally cut out the spiritual channel and realized the great feat of entering the Xiangjiang, Zhujiang and Lijiang rivers by seven points. He communicated the transportation of the Xiangjiang River, the Pearl River and the Lancang River, and sent the advanced Central Plains culture to the whole Lingnan. Qin Shihuang completed the great cause of great unification in Chinese history.
    The fourth act “Liangjiang Love Song”
    Guilin This magical land has produced many legends, and Liu Sanjie is one of the household names. She sings beautifully, and the legend has the talent to export into a song. The sound is crisp and mellow, and it touches people’s hearts.
    Ending “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    Who is Liu Sanjie? It is the legendary woman who sings beautifully, and is the girl who loves singing in Guilin. It is also from all directions, coming from the mountains and rivers of Guilin, and coming for the wonderful beauty of Guilin.
    The one-hour performance is fleeting. With the rhythm of the stage story, the mood is also ups and downs. Only this performance, I feel that this trip is worthwhile.
    In addition to the wonderful stage performances, there are many other fun things in the scenic area.
    Entering the door first feels a strong national customs. The decoration of the ancient times conveys the atmosphere of the Guilin minority.
    The favorite is the Yangshuo Ancient Village in the scenic spot, as if the entire version of Yangshuo was moved into the scenic spot.
    The small shops on the street are also very interesting. Where is it interesting? Just look at the store name and you will know.
    Grandma’s tea house, grandpa’s wine cell, father’s toy, mother’s pastry… Originally, each store was opened by its own relatives. Although it was just a welcoming store name, it still made the visitors feel a lot more friendly.
    If you say that Yangshuo in the ancient times is the peopleThe vulgar embodiment, the No. 3 secret in the scenic spot, presents many cool technologies in a fun way, attracting more children.
    For example, paint the cute little animals on the electronic drawing board in front of you. After painting this cute little lion, you will find it in the forest on the big LCD screen.
    Coexisting with big lions, playing with robots, wearing cute little antlers, dancing with other bunny… Most of them are virtual presentations, but this way of making life fun and fun through technology, even Adults also love it so badly.
    The coolest thing is of course the “The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”. This position of the giant giant system in the history of art is well known. In the Qingming Shanghetu Film Museum, the use of technology means that visitors can feel as if they are there.
    In the secret of No. 3, I also got a little surprise – a bookstore hidden in it, a study room.
    After watching the wonderful performances, I played a fun game. When you are resting, you can sit down at the bookstore. If you have enough time, you can read a book in peace.
    Out of the 3rd secret, there is still a lot of excitement in the ageing scene.
    For example, thrilling water projects.
    A mirror house and a haunted house with a sense of technology.
    A folk song and dance performance.
    Or after watching the show, do nothing, just go around in the scenic area, enjoy the feeling of the unique quiet air and lively atmosphere at night.
    Tips: Guilin The tickets for the ancient times are one of the scenic spots and performance tickets. Internet ticket purchase can be collected at the self-service ticket machine that enters the scenic spot.
    It can also be purchased manually at the machine or at the ticket office.
     Day 2 | Day Walking Street & Fatty Night Adventure
    Because I have to go to Xingping Ancient Town from Yangshuo in the evening, even if I know that Yangshuo West Street has a different flavor at night, I can only compromise and go for a day.
    With more than 1,400 years of history, as the oldest and busiest street in Yangshuo, Yangshuo West Street is more than just a pedestrian street.
    Mr. Sun Yat-sen once gave a speech at Yangshuo West Street. Xu Beihong, the master of art, also lived here. Yangshuo West Street is full of the footprints of leaders from more than 150 countries.
    The buildings on the street are mostly old buildings from sixty to seventy years ago, and there are also ancient buildings left over from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The ground is paved with large slabs, which are very simple.
    You can come here to shop, this street is less than 800 meters, all over the small shops, it is not too much to say that it covers clothing, food and accommodation.
    When I walked slowly on West Street for a few hours and was preparing to return, it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the night market was about to start stalling.
    The nearby villagers put their own fruits, and there are fun toys and ornaments…
    It’s a pity that I’m leaving when I’m going to be busy.
    After thinking about it, the journey was full of surprises and regrets. I can only hope that the next time I meet with Yangshuo West Street is the most special night.
    Tips: At the entrance of Yangshuo West Street, there is a crossover bridge. When you walk on the bridge, you can also enjoy some good scenery.
    The building caters to the mountains not far away, and there is infinite harmony and beauty.
    When I went back to the B&B to pack my luggage and prepared to take the bus to Xingping Ancient Town, I received a WeChat from a friend I met at the B&B last night, and agreed to leave later.
    Speaking of the B&B, the Mango Meishu in Yangshuo is only 1 km away from the Songcheng Ages Scenic Area and is within walking distance. Distance to Yangshuo West Street is also the starting point for taxi rides.
    The room is rich in vintage and literary collection style, properly my dishes.
    Everything in the room is very delicate and lovely.
    Retro telephone, cute color hangers and bathroom. All of them highlight the taste of the owner.
    More intimately, the B&B seems to be delicious all the time, ready for the guests.
    When the check in was hot, I sent a bowl of brown cake. When I went back to play at night, I was given a bowl of white fungus lotus seeds.
    Not to mention that there is such a rich breakfast set wow!
    Carbon water, protein, beneficial fat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. The staff preparing the breakfast must know the nutrition!
    Returning from the West Street to the B&B, when the small partners gathered, they couldn’t help but stroll down the B&B and noticed that the original hall was also a proper retro style.
    An old object covered with traces of time.
    A freshly colored bed and breakfast hall.
    There are also many memorials left by the tourists.
    Everything is wonderful.
    Until the night falls, my friends will come. Of course, the bus was missed, so a group of 4 people took a taxi to the ancient town.
    20 kilometers away, the time is not early in the ancient town, I wanted to experience the youth tour of the ancient town, the small partners enthusiastically invited to live in their rented house, so we took the boat across the Lijiang River in the dark night. Came to a small village called Dahebei.
    Boarding the boat, my friend laughed: Your girl is also timid, not afraid that we are bad people.
    I am jealous: Oh, I only knew it yesterday. I have no doubt hesitated. Whether it is a bold heart, or a person who probably talks about it must have a gas field.
    Well, in this quiet village, the stars are bright. good night.
     Day 3 | Playing along the Lijiang River, “The Meaning of Travel”
    I felt sleep until dawn, and opened the curtains. The sun was shining in the small buildings in front of me.
    The atmosphere of the small village alone, passed through the old distance.
    After dinner, I went out with my little friends.
    I learned that I would be ukulele, and I was excited to take me to the nearby B&B and pick up the little U back: Let’s take a picture with the piano!
    Most visitors to Guilin will not miss Xingping. After all, the beautiful Lancang fishing fire behind the 20 yuan is located in Xingping. It is one of the most beautiful ancient towns along the banks of the Lancang River. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful scenery and powder walls and Uwa stone alleys.
    Dahebei Village is a beautiful small village along the banks of the Lancang River. It is only a few minutes by boat from the ancient town.
    It was still early when I went out, and Dahebei Village seemed to have just woken up, a quiet look of sleepy eyes.
    The villagers’ clothes were drying on the banks of the river, and some young people were resting in a daze.
    The grandparents who took the burden returned, couldn’t help but think, just came back from the morning market stall in the town. What about today’s business?
    The old grandmother who happened to meet, the wrist is covered with dense wrinkles.I am always afraid of aging, but I can feel this situation. I always feel that every wrinkle is a medal of life, and I am not so scared.
    Going forward, the sky is getting clearer and the temperature is getting higher. It is early autumn, but it is still sweaty.
    The mountains are revealed, and the green trees are in harmony with each other.
    My friend asked if I should go to the home of the fisherman’s father who was behind the 20 yuan. Only then did they know that they met.
    When I arrived at the old man’s house, I realized that he had just left the house. Only the grandmother was at home, so it’s a coincidence.
    Who knows that by boat crossing the river, came to the ancient town, just happened to meet the old man is on the waterfront. Ha, there is no old man floating on the river, I was photographed.
    Ah, the water in the Lijiang River is really beautiful.
    On the roof of the B&B, I saw a picture of a wall of white tiles.
    I really want to live here and be a villager.
    In the ancient town, there are not only eight scenic spots such as Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, Luoji Mountain, Lotus Rock, Tianshui Village and Lingbao Pavilion. The 24 scenic spots are amazing, and the Ming Dynasty architecture is booming.
    My favorite is the integration of villagers and towns.
    Stop and find a small restaurant to eat.
    After the meal, it is here to punch the card.
    Look, 20 RMB backgrounds are the same. Unfortunately, the season is not right, the river is not abundant. But it is still a beautiful scene of mountains and rivers.
    Playing a “The Meaning of Travel” is really a bit of a haha.
    Say goodbye to Xingping Ancient Town and take the high-speed train to Guilin City.
    Coincidentally, the high-speed railway station in Yangshuo is near the Xingping Ancient Town. It took a long time to get to the urban area of ​​Guilin. Say goodbye to your friends, take a break at the hotel, and walk in the two rivers and four lakes at night!
    If you talk about Guilin, the most important place to go, of course, is the two rivers and four lakes.
    As the name implies, this place consists of two rivers and four lakes. The two rivers refer to the city section of the Lancang River and the city section of the Taohua River; the four lakes refer to the Shanhu, Wuhu, Guihu and Mulong Lakes in the city center. The two rivers and four lakes are not only the main water system in the urban area, but now they are one of the important projects in the upper reaches of Guilin.
    At night, the two rivers and four lakes, the clear water of the lake, and the blessing of the lights that are extinguished by the Ming Dynasty, are more beautiful than the day. Take a walk by the lake and see the leisurely lakes for tourists in twos and threes. There are also locals who come to the lake to enjoy the cold at night.
    The most special of the night scenes of the two rivers and four lakes is the bridge on the lake.
    Does it look particularly familiar? This is a model built on the famous bridges of the world. The Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, the Arc de Triomphe in France… You can also look at the architectural miracles without going abroad.
    The Sun and Moon Twin Towers also faded away from the many solemnities of the day in the night, and became affectionate.
    Located on the central axis of Guilin City, the Sun and Moon Twin Towers are known as the world’s first copper tower and are a night view of Guilin tourism. The tower is 35 meters high and has seven floors. It is a glass tower. Each layer of carved painted doors and windows symbolizes different themes, rich in Chinese traditional charm, connected to the Sun Tower by an 18-meter-long aquarium, and there is a large mural of Guilin Ming Dynasty blue-and-white plum bottle in the underground palace.
    Not far from the two rivers and four lakes, it is the east and west lanes of Guilin. This is the only ancient building left over from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Guilin. It has witnessed the rise and fall of the history of more than 1,400 years since the Wude years of the Tang Dynasty.
    Today’s East and West Lanes retain the architectural features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and have become a scenic spot that attracts tourists.
    It is late at night, still bright and lively.
    Back to the hotel, good night.
     Day 4 | Guilin Museum
    Today, on the return day, I wanted to go to the Guilin Museum and go around.
    Listening to friends, the museum houses the cultural relics of 11 ethnic minorities in Guangxi, which makes me a fan of national culture.
    It is a pity that Ma Daha, remembered the wrong plane, and hurriedly took a taxi to the hotel. Oolong’s is that it’s only broadcast at the airport, and the flight delay is 2 small.Time. Ah, why don’t you say that? Fall and fall!
    I have to use my “there will always be accidents and regrets on the road” to comfort myself.
    Guilin, bye bye. See you next time.
     Eat and eat in Guilin
    Hey, forget to say what is delicious in Guilin. As a senior foodie, of course, eating and drinking is the biggest meaning of travel. As a multi-ethnic city, Guilin’s ethnic specialties are of course diverse and colorful.
    Searching for food in the streets of Guilin, you will definitely see the signboard of beer fish. It can be said that this is the main dish in Guilin City. Unfortunately, it is too big and too unfriendly to a solo traveler. Just point to the Lijiang small fish recommended by the owner.
    First, the small fish in the Minjiang River was fried, and then the green pepper and the tomato were fried together. Is it the practice of Guilin alone? So special.
    The speciality of the Yao people, oil tea, is somewhat different from the Tibetan butter tea, but the taste is different.
    Camellia is cooked in a pot, with onions, salt and other condiments, served with snacks. Many people may not be used to it, but be sure to try it. Maybe this taste is fatal to you.
    The spicy taste of the duck in the wok and the soft palate of the vegetable stems are all recommended.
    In the Xingping ancient town of Yangshuo, this eucalyptus rice noodle is the rice noodle of Guilin.
    Compared with other rice noodles in Guilin, the most special thing is that the horse meat is placed in the powder. The first time I ate the horse meat, it was chewy.
     Guilin’s small traffic tips
    The last thing to say is the traffic in Guilin.
    In the airport of Guilin, there are quite a lot of airport bus routes, and there are direct access to the urban area and direct access to Yangshuo. Each class varies from time to time and price. I am directly from the airport, Yangshuo, the fare is 50.
    If there is traffic in the city, there is also a bus between Guilin City and Yangshuo. Go to Guilin Bus Station, the fare is 20.
    In Yangshuo, the most recommended is of course two-wheeled motorcycles. The master is very intimate in the roof of the umbrella, blocking the sun.
    From Xingping Ancient Town to Guilin City, you can take the high-speed rail: Yangshuo Station – Guilin Station. It takes more than half an hour by car and is very convenient.
    Tips: As a well-known tourist city, the ox in Guilin is not too much. Buy tickets, ride cars, eat… cover all aspects of play. As a smart visitor, be sure to keep your eyes open. Remember to bargain! Bargain! Bargain!
    The important thing is said three times.
    I wish you like the love of Guilin’s landscape, the ethnic customs of Guilin, and the friends of the ancient times, you can play in Guilin.

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