Guilin Travel Guide, intoxicated by the idyllic landscape

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    Guilin, “Shanqing, Shuixiu, Dongqi, Shimei” is a famous tourist city at home and abroad.
    How many literati have attracted a lot of ink
    How many photographers attracted the beauty of Guilin and took photos of Zhang’s poems
    How many net red travellers have attracted, and deepened the experience of human life in Guilin
    Net red shop, net red food, net red beauty punch card…
    The yearning for Guilin attracts more and more people
    This trip to Guilin summed up some travel and punching places.
    From the perspective of photography and travel, I believe that we will bring you some inspiration!
     Sharing (a) has a strong accommodation to make the mood beautiful
    Mango Meishu, a beautiful home for sale
    resonance! share it! This shopkeeper said this: “Opening a homestay – selling good, but pursuing inner dreams, hopes to achieve the glory after hard work, shine into reality. Everyone’s time is constantly moving forward, seemingly replay, but yet The exclusive movie that is not replayed. The atmosphere of the four seasons is constantly changing, and we will remain the same. May you be as beautiful and simple as us…”
     Mango Retreat
     Mango Meishu Lobby
     Mango Meishu Lobby
    After the room is booked successfully, a small group will be set up to serve you. The group will introduce the hotel’s overview, surrounding attractions, surrounding foods… The exclusive small housekeeper will answer all kinds of questions with enthusiasm and meticulousness, 24 hours online, very intimate !
     Mango Bang: The products in the beverage store are mainly fruits, and the mango is the trump card in the fruit.
    After check-in, a small group suddenly sent a message, a layer of mango help has prepared afternoon tea dessert, there is a free sago can be tasted; there is also a small event (painting stone).
    A basket full of small stones, palettes and pigments are ready. Look at the achievements of many children and big friends. Each piece reflects the good wishes and impressions of true beauty in the hearts of the painters… Take time, know yourself, come to Guilin, get used to slow life!
    This is a sentimental home, the owner is a photographer, and the photography elements are everywhere in this store… The models of the old camera are hung in the corridors of each floor… the classics… every item It seems that it takes a lot of effort to design, from the perspective of light and shadow, from the perspective of the overall beauty of the picture…
    American-style garden style design style, fresh and transparent, small complex style is more emotional! Choose the homestay, the biggest satisfaction is to openThere is a feeling of going home after the door… Mango Meishu has done it! Put on your slippers and lie in the living room and you can go to sleep instantly… yes! It’s all because of the ease of the environment…
    Handmade paintings, cute dolls, pastoral style reminder frames, wooden tables and chairs, woodcarving lamps… Careful decoration everywhere. Beauty, where is it? In fact, in my heart, I will show the beauty of my heart and bring beauty to the hearts of every guest. This is satisfaction! “Mango” satisfaction!
    This woodcarving lamp has undoubtedly become the highlight of the whole house. It looks up when you go upstairs, and its design is artistically great! Turning on this light at night is enough to make people sleep peacefully. Does the hue have hypnosis effect? According to experts, the light design in the room does help sleep.
    I am very satisfied with this big bed, comparable to the big bed of a five-star hotel! The bed is suitable for the right height, the hardness is suitable, and the back is smooth and soft. When you lie inside, you will feel the quilt is very light, and the shallow one is caught in the bed for a moment, it is very relaxing…
    Reading an article or reading a story becomes something that many people must do before going to bed. Is there really hypnosis? I don’t know, but sometimes I also look at some story-telling apps on my mobile phone. The hearts of people at night are quiet, and many times I will be touched and resonated by a passage in the story or in the article! Maybe this is the meaning of reading before going to bed!
    I wake up to wake up the next day, go downstairs and have a full breakfast, a good day!
    1, breakfast is a good match.
    2. Mango Meishu is only about 15 minutes walk from Guilin Qiangu Scenic Area.
    3. There is free parking.
    4. Luggage storage and tour ticketing services are available.
    5. Provide private travel services.
    Wangjiang Tower, the right combination of Chinese and Western culture
    It was built in 2002 and renovated in 2017. It is a Chinese-style wind inn.You can receive foreigners. Taking the famous Wangjiang Tower, you will naturally see the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River on the upper floor. The location is only 100 meters away from the very lively Yangshuo West Street in the evening.
    The hotel is next to the former site of Sun Yat-sen’s place of residence. It was originally the Shouyang Academy built in the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty. In the 29th year of Qing Guangxu, it was changed to “Prefectural High School”. In November 1921, it published the “Three People’s Principles and Develop Yangshuo Fuyuan Method.
    After the inn, Xu Forhong’s former residence, Xu Beihong’s former residence is free to visit. There are still many old photos of Xu Beihong in the museum. Here, he has created such works as “Dawn”, “Backwind” and “Qiangjiang Chunyu”. Rebuilt in 1984, Yokohama “The Former Residence of Xu Beihong” was written by Liao Jingwen.
    Entering the inn, it gives people a feeling of a book, and some modernity! The fusion of Chinese and Western cultures is just right! Many foreigners can be seen during dinner time.
    The decoration is decorated with antiques, and the full space gives people a kind of enrichment. Sitting here, three or five friends chat, and a pot of tea is just right!
    The interior of the room is very warm and equipped with all the necessary features. The embossed paintings on the wall are decorated with vintage Chinese elements. This is also the beauty of China in the eyes of many foreigners!
    There is a balcony on the third floor. You can see the Zhijiang Tower, which is known as the “first floor of Linshui Guanshan”. Below is the Lijiang River. You can also see the rolling hills in the distance… I have friends telling me that Zhijiang Tower is a great place to enjoy the scenery of “Dongling Zhaoxia” and “Spring Palace Wanyun”.
    Chinese and Western breakfast will be prepared for guests, and can be reserved for delivery to the room. I will order a Western breakfast.
    Wangjiang Tower’s signature meals are also very popular on the review network. I ordered a table of recommended dishes, which is really great! I want to say here, I don’t need to go out to find a restaurant for lunch or dinner. I usually go out and choose a hotel or hotel that I don’t want. The food in the store actually represents the local characteristics, and the price is also affordable!
    “Wangjianglou Inn” was written by Pang Zhonghua Inn. This yellow English signboard was designed by a Dutch designer for the inn. The two signs represent two stories, which represent the hospitality of Wangjianglou. What kind of story is it? Have the opportunity to meet the host to have a chat…
    Yuyue Riverside Inn (Jinding Branch), returning to the country and sleeping with nature
    If you are familiar with Yangshuo, you must have heard of Jinding. It has been opened for more than ten years and has a good reputation! The roof garden leisure bar on the top floor is a unique place on the West Street to enjoy the mountain and street views. A cup of coffee and a book, let people indulge in the natural beauty and forget the passage of time…
    In 2018, the Jinding branch opened, this is the Yueyue Riverside Inn. The trip also stayed here for a few days.
    Located on the banks of the River Kwai Blossoms, it is surrounded by trees and clear waters. It can be said that: enjoy the bustling West Street, and enjoy the tranquility of the riverside.
    The overall style of the inn is fresh and elegant, with a simple texture. It conforms to the modern people’s pursuit of fashion. The Nordic home is inspired by nature and has a strong human touch.
    The honey-star city house double bed room gives me the impression that the fashion is simple, warm and beautiful, the lines are concise, and the overall use of bright neutral colors.
    The hanging chair in front of the window is actually nothing. The floor mat is a happy pig. The Peggy family is the biggest highlight. I believe that it will be loved by many parents and children. The children may feel that they are far on the floor mat. The chair is more comfortable… What kind of thinking is this, adults sometimes don’t understand!
    Home, return! I think this is also the experience of the boss. In fact, you can see that there are many details of the arrangement. This room is the same feeling as the home.
    The washing pool, the bathroom and the bathroom are used separately, which effectively solves the troubles that many people need at the same time, and is clean and comfortable.
    On the fourth floor of the inn, there is also a balcony with a view of the garden. You can see the West Street Archway and the night scene of the water show big show “Recalling Liu Sanjie”.
    There is a restaurant to eat and drink, located on the first floor of the inn, just listen to the name to know the taste is not bad, must be home-cooked. Because I am a very loved one, no matter how many mountains and seas I eat outside, I still feel that the family is the most delicious when I return home.
     Pineapple Duck: This dish is very powerful, time-consuming and requires careful preparation of materials. Close your eyes and feel the smell of braised pork. In fact, this is a duck.
     漓泉1998: Local beer, light and refreshing
     Handmade snail brewing: Impotence method is as long as it is a snail, it will definitely put mint, tastes fragrant, tastes good
     蓑 蛋 egg: the shape of the dish is very beautiful, with a sweet and sour sauce topped with crispy and delicious
     Steamed pumpkin flower stuffing: the meat in the bread, very delicious taste.
     Home-made tofu: tofu smooth and tender
     Orange ribs: sweet mouth, more in line with Southern tastes
    A personalized private hotel! The design style breaks the traditional hotel’s architectural rules, spatial layout and interior design, meeting the requirements of information technology and leisure facilities for high-end business and leisure travelers in modern cities.
    Aerial vertical view of the Jinding Hotel Sky Garden.
    The sky garden can enjoy the beauty of Bilian Peak. Bilian Peak is one of the symbols of Yangshuo County. This mountain is named after a shape of Bilian, which has a history of more than 1,000 years.
     Sharing (2) Watching an immortal legend “Guilin’s Eternal Love”
    The large-scale song and dance “Guilin Eternal Love” is the core of the scenic spot, reappearing the history and culture of the Guilin and the national customs. I want to know Guilin and read this one! A piece of story has written about the friendship, affection and love between people living in this land for generations, and it is earth-moving!
    The night before was the time to step into the scenic spot. Aerial photography to see the sun, the giant songs of the incarnation of the true and beautiful children of Bagui Earth are magnificent, and they are integrated with the mountains and the setting sun of Guilin… wonderful!
    This magical land of Guilin has produced many legendary figures. Liu Sanjie is one of the household names. Her singing and wisdom have been passed down to the present day and she is known as the “song fairy”. This statue is the largest statue of the gods in the world. There are one gods on each side of the statue. The songs of the songs are still spread all over the world, echoing in the green mountains and green waters.
    Aerial photography can be seen, every night is the climax of Guilin’s ageing scene, this is Guilin, a city that never sleeps!
    The main entrance of the scenic spot, also known as the Guinian Avenue, has 16 totem poles on both sides. These totem poles engrave the history of Guilin for thousands of years. The cows and frogs on the pillars symbolize the strength and reproductive worship of ethnic minorities. Walking on the avenue of the year, it is like crossing the Guilin Wannian time tunnel and starting a mysterious journey.
     Free self-view scenic map
     Self-service ticketing, ticketing machine
    No. 3 Secret Tourism Complex
    Crossing the Wishing Promenade is the No. 3 secret. The jungle food court in the secret area is full of food and snacks from all over the country. There are dozens of amusement equipment such as bumper cars and animal parties in the play area…
    If you enter the park on time at 13:00, you can come here to experience the same experience as me. There is no need to queue up and free to experience multiple rides.
    This “magic mask” and “magic mirror” are especially interesting, and you can experience it for both children and adults.
    In the magic mirror, a lion or elephant will appear from your side. When you look at the camera in front of you for a few seconds, you will automatically take a photo of you and the animal at this time, and take it with your mobile phone to commemorate it.
    Every time you play it, face recognition then turns into the preset animal in the picture, of course, you can play it automatically.
    This magical stage is very interesting, automatically wearing a helmet and dancing with the four small robots in front of the screen.
    Magic jungle, suitable for children to draw in the machine, the good painting will encourage.
    Magic shadow, I move it too…
    A study room, a rare place to clean, there are many books on the shelves for visitors to read, tired of walking can take a break here, order a cup of coffee, waiting for the night to film the night scene.
    If you have enough time to watch the time (the singer welcomes you one hour after entering the park), you can take a look around the area to familiarize yourself with the environment so that you can arrive at the interpretation area in time after the show starts. This idea is simply fantastic. Passing tourists don’t pay attention to it. It’s really a real person, and it’s integrated with the fabric.
    Song Xian Yingbin (歌仙广场)
    Gexian Square can accommodate 5,000 people here. The welcome ceremony starts here. The music sounds, the handsome men and women in gorgeous ethnic costumes dance on the stage, and then they will be full of beauty, respect and admission. Tourists.
    Jingwangfu City Gate downstairs welcomes guests from all directions, and enters the city with tourists to play in various streets and take photos.
    Folk juggling (Embroidery Square)
    At this time, the buzzing sounds, folk artists are performing stunts, and the whip is smashing the roses and seeing the brothers’ expressions are quite exciting.
    The girl’s cartilage is really powerful, attracting the audience to cheer!
    The hardest trick! Standing on the stool, carrying the flowers in the vase on the back of the bend… The children must not imitate!
    The master’s smoldering power, the fire group is really beautiful!
    Mo Laoye recruits (embroidered building)
    Motosi is the residence of Master Mo in the story of “Song Xian” Liu Sanjie. Mo Tusi let his daughter, who is like a flower like a jade, throw a hydrangea to the whole city, and can actively pluck the hydrangea. Perhaps this is a fast ride. you.
    Color tone “A Three Drama Grandpa” (Fengqing Street)
    The two sing and sing the tourists into the depths of the street, while walking and talking with tourists.
    The color tone is commonly known as tone, color tone, lantern, and so on. It is one of the local opera dramas in Guangxi. It belongs to the light drama system. It originates from the rural songs and dances and rap songs in the Guilin area.
    In the performance, the Guiliu dialect is used, and the expressions of singing and dancing, such as Xiaosheng, Xiaodan, and the clown (three smalls), are mainly used. The ugly and the horns of the ugly and the horns are turned, debut, fan flowers, and hand flowers are very special. The footwork is most prominent. Because it is deeply rooted in the rural people, and closely combined with the local folk twists and minors, the tone has formed a content of interest.The lively performance style, the fan, handkerchief and ribbon that is known as the “three-piece treasure” of color tone play an important role in the performance.
    National Flash Show (Fashion Street)
    The cheerful music sounds in the street, when the handsome guys dressed in national costumes in the street, jumped into the dance, and took the tourists together to celebrate…
    After a few minutes, the music stopped, and everyone was busy with each other. This is “flash”.
    To put it simply: many people use the Internet or other means to make a series of specified songs and dances or other behaviors at a specified location, at a specified time, unexpectedly, and then quickly leave.
    “Flash Action” is a performance art that is purely funny or worshipped. Its main features are unorganized and disciplined. Only the initiators are not organized, members are from the network, and members are basically ignorant. It is now blooming everywhere in the country in a variety of forms.
    Qin Bing patrol city + Lingqu point soldiers (wind street to the ancient times square)
    After the flashing, a group of Qin soldiers came to the street and went straight to the ancient square. The Lingqun soldiers, the young men axe the hook and fork to practice, the 18-like martial arts are all proficient, handsome and compelling.
    Guilin Ancient Love (Eternal Love Theatre)
    The large-scale song and dance “Guilin ancient love” Jin Ge iron horse, beautiful as a cloud, reproduces a period of Sansei III Guilin love. The show uses advanced high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, holography and stage machinery. Hundreds of actors perform in a three-dimensional space of water, land and air, singing the true, good and beautiful legends of the time and space of the land of Bagui, which will be hidden in eight hundred. The Bagui culture under the waters of Lijiang River brings you into the field of vision. The visual feast, the soul is shocking!
    The first “Guilin Legend”
    Jiang Zuoqing Luo belt, mountains such as jasper, Guilin since ancient times enjoy the “landscapes of the world” reputation. On this piece of Zhonggui’s Bagui land, there is such a beautiful legend in the ancient times.
    The beauty of Guilin attracted the evil black dragon, which led to the burning of charcoal and suffocating. General Fubo and Diancai Fairy descended from the sky to save the people. In order to ensure that the place is prosperous and peaceful, they have turned into mountains and rivers, and they have guarded this land and water.
    The second song “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    Guilin is a multi-ethnic area. Zhuang, Yao, Yi, Miao, and Dong ethnic groups live in harmony here, and many beautiful dances and beautiful songs are circulated.
    Every March 3rd is a grand singing day in Guangxi. The ethnic minorities gather in Yangshuo, Guilin, and express their love and happiness for a happy life with cheerful melodies and light dances.
    The third game, “Age of the Ancients”
    In 221 BC, after Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the Central Plains, he swept the 500,000 South to Baiyue. When Qin Jun arrived, he was immediately subjected to the stubborn resistance of Baiyue. In addition, the Lingnan Mountain Road was rugged, and the grain and grass transportation was difficult. It could not be attacked for three years, and the Qin army suffered heavy losses. In order to get through the channels of transporting troops and transporting grain as soon as possible, Qin Shihuang ordered the generals to open the canal.
    There is the Great Wall in the north and the Lingqu in the south. After a thousand hardships, Qin Jun finally cut out the spiritual channel and realized the great feat of entering the Xiangjiang, Zhujiang and Lijiang rivers by seven points. He communicated the transportation of the Xiangjiang River, the Pearl River and the Lancang River, and sent the advanced Central Plains culture to the whole Lingnan. Qin Shihuang completed the great cause of great unification in Chinese history.
    Since then, Guilin has become a major town in the Nantong Sea Area and the North Central Plains. To this day, the long rivers that have been flowing for more than two thousand years are still using its clear stream, which moistens the vast land of Lingnan.
    The fourth game of “Liangjiang Love Song”
    The folk song is like the spring river, and it is not afraid of the beach. One side of the water and soil to raise one person, Guilin this magical land gave birth to many legendary figures, Liu Sanjie is one of the household names.
    She is a singer who listens to the wind in the moonlight and has the ability to export into a song. Her beautiful songs are spread over the hills, let the flowers bloom and Yunxia resides.
    Ending “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    The sea is changing, and the years have changed. Today, thousands of tourists from home and abroad came to Guangxi to come to Guilin to come to this grand song and look for Liu Sanjie in their hearts. Who is Liu Sanjie? It is you, it is me, it is her. We are all Liu Sanjie, we are all lovers.
    Ethnic Panzhuang Carnival (Eternal Love Square)
    The bonfire ignited, and the age-old square has become a sea of ​​joy. People sing and dance around the bonfire, no matter what nationality, color, or where you are… holding hands and letting everything go behind Happy priority! ~
    Waterman (Seaport 4)
    From time to time, the performers squirt water to the people on the shore, screaming… But on this hot day, it’s cool to pour some water! ~
    The water trapeze is an extremely exciting water project. It is very difficult to play in many coastal cities. It is often difficult to get a coach. It is a brave game.
    There is a white sand beach on the shore. I only think that I am in Boracay, Philippines. The beach is gently stretched and the sand is white and delicate.
    Parent-child play area, children’s paradise, one by one has become a floating, breaking through the task of completing a water pass.
    The unique style of the city in Yangshuo Ancient Village
    As night falls, the ancient village of Yangshuo is full of excitement, unique life style of farming city, the wine cellar of Grandpa in the street and the street, the story of grandma’s cake, the story of grandmother, the grandfather’s iron shop, the father’s toy and other hand workshops, looking for the father’s Remember and remember the story of your father. Zhuang Jin, Miao Yin, prints, kites, embroidery, clay sculptures, and blacksmiths have a close look at the history and charm of Guangxi folk culture.
    The most beautiful night on the gate of Jingwangfu City Gate. You can see the whole scenery of the scenic spot on the gate of Jingwangfu City.
    At six o’clock in the evening, the night scene began…
    Petty and public, ancient and modern, traditional and international, connotation and passion, this is the city that never sleeps, and is the city that never sleeps.
    1. Scenic business hours 13:00-21:30
    2, seasonal reasons, the time of the show is also different, specifically based on the large-screen display of the day ticket sales
    3, the audience ticket 280 yuan / person, VIP ticket 290 yuan / person, luxury sofa ticket 380 yuan / person, discount ticket 240 yuan / person
    4. There is an automatic ticket pick-up machine in the tourist hall. It is very convenient to use the valid documents to pick up the tickets.
     Sharing (3) the night of West Street, approaching it to know its style
    Known for a long time, now called Yitian West Street, many friends told me to go to Guilin Yangshuo to go to West Street and feel the real nightlife. Then I will live in the bed and breakfast in West Street, feel the body and mind!
    The West Street in the early morning was very quiet, neat and clean, and it looked like nothing happened the night before… This is order, forming a habit, maintaining a good image of West Street, like it!
    Walking through the West Street, there are many net red photo punching cards, such as this pink ice cream sales car, I believe that there must be a long queue at night.
    This sculpture is very famous, and the steps up and down the stairs are also painted, lifelike.
    In Yangshuo, you want to play more attractions. Everyone’s transportation method is mainly electric vehicles. There are rentals everywhere, and the price is good (oil or oil is not included).
    When the night falls, the West Street is officially entered into the open mode. The entire West Street is brightly lit and beautifully decorated!
    The flow of people is moving, between eating food and watching the scenery… It is easy to dazzle! Will ask yourself, go eat first? Or go to the fountain first? The answer I give you is to eat and watch the fountain while walking, and you can meet along the way…
    Looking down the entire West Street from the air is even more beautiful! Is there wood? ! Want to know where there is a high platform in the West Street to take off? Comment on the private letter, oh, haha~
     Sharing (4) chasing the sunrise and sunset, overlooking the beautiful mountains and rivers
    The Yangshuo Bridge was built in 1920 and stands on the Minjiang River. The bridge is 207 meters long. It is the longest road bridge in Yangshuo. It connects the road to Yangshuo to the welfare, Xingping Township, and will be the top of the river.
    Take off and enjoy the morning view of the Lijiang River. The mountains are continuous and the water is curved… harmonious and beautiful! Fairyland!
    In addition to chasing the sunrise and sunset of the ageing scene, there is no good weather, but still have to punch a place where you can take a good sunrise: Yangshuo Bridge. The bridge has a long history and is a great sunrise destination!
     Sharing (5) Yulong River punch card 20 yuan framing location
    In fact, between Guilin and Yangshuo, you can still take the waterway for a little longer, but you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait.
    On the stone wall with a height of more than 100 meters, the crowds are colorful and mottled, just like a picture of a god, so there is the name of the nine horses. Nine horses have different looks, or drink rivers or rivers, and it is “the horse is nine, and the strange things are in the world.”
    The new version of RMB 20 yuan on the back of the Lijiang River, the Lancang River Scenic Area is the world’s largest and most beautiful karst landscape tour area, it has not been intoxicated by many scholars for thousands of years.
    To Yulong River, you must play a drifting tour and experience the feelings of the poets swimming in the Lijiang River… If you like to take pictures, you must talk to the master who has drawn the bamboo poles. Slower, the masters are very talkative and will help you explain passing by. Attractions.
    Along the way, we will see many such hotels/b&bs. Listening to the masters, some of them are opened by foreigners. I really want to live in such a place. When I open the window in the morning, I can hear the birdsong and look at the green river. Drive through the small boat! ~ That picture is absolutely beautiful!
    Occasionally there will be some small slope stimulation, the whole bamboo raft is immersed in water, we must pay attention to raise the shoes, the electronic equipment must be protected and not fall into the water.
    Yulong River rafting local ticket price: 180-400 yuan / 筏
     Sharing (six) travel to take pictures of Guilin, those beautiful places that have to go
    Mulong Lake, with the Qingming Shanghe map as the blueprint for construction
    Taking this place as a travel and punching card, in fact, it is a fancy to the scenic spot to create a blueprint for the construction of the Qingming River. In addition to the tourist group, there are not many people. There are ancient buildings and landscapes. It is a very good portrait of costumes. A good place, quiet enough, easy to play! ~
    The lights on both sides of the lake and along the river have become a beautiful landscape, beautiful and moving! Mulong Lake and Taohuajiang are part of the Liangjiang Four Lakes Scenic Area in Guilin and are also the most essential part.
    Adult fare: 70 yuan
    Opening hours: 8:00-21:00
    Xiangshan, here is also related to a banknote
    Because the mountain shape of the Elephant Trunk Hill resembles a giant elephant with a nose and a sip of water, it is named.
    Here is also related to a banknote… Foreign exchange vouchers in 1979, 50 yuan positive is the Elephant Trunk Hill.
    The north side of the park is the island of love. The island has beautiful environment and lush trees. It is the best place for locals to fall in love in the 1970s. It is called Love Island. Now Love Island is the place for people to enjoy wedding and photography. The lovers made a vow of love under the witness of the mountains and rivers.
    Ticket price: 70 yuan
    Opening hours: 6:30-19:00
    Jingjiang Wangfu, the original stone cliff carvings of “Guilin Mountains and Waters”
    The Chengyun Hall mainly displays the portraits of 14 kings, the portraits of Zhu Shouqian’s father and Zhu Yuanzhang’s eldest brother. It is forbidden to take pictures here, and you can enjoy it after entering.
    There are about 96 stone cliff carvings on the “Peak Body” of Duxiu Peak, which is of great historical, artistic and scientific value.
    “Guilin landscape is the best in the world”, the earliest reference to the source. Author Wang Zhenggong (1133-1203), the word Cheng Hao, Si Ming (Zhejiang Ningbo) people. Little bitter study, happy poetry. In the sixth year of Qingyuan (1200), he served as the prisoner of the West Point of Guangnan West Road. In the first year of Jiatai (1201), it was first proposed that “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and Yubi Luoqing can participate” to praise the ancient sayings of Guilin. This frame stone carving has become a treasure in many stone carvings in Guilin.
    There are interactive games, Jingjiang Wangfu’s Gongyuan can experience the whole process of the imperial examination.
    Ticket price: 120 yuan
    Opening hours: 7:30-18:00
    Longji terraces have the reputation of “the crown of the terraced world”
    Longji terraces, with an altitude of 1180 meters and a minimum of 380 meters, have the reputation of “the crown of the terraced world” and have different landscapes throughout the year.
    Dragon ridge three treasures The three treasures of the dragon’s ridge. I love bamboo rice, also known as fragrant bamboo rice. This is the memory of every Longsheng people’s childhood. Put the soaked rice in a fresh bamboo tube, fasten the mouth with fresh leaves, and place it on a fire. When you eat, use a knife to peel off the bamboo skin, the rice is wrapped in bamboo film, the rice grain is soft and delicious, and the fragrance is fragrant, which is a must.
    Method of roasting eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted corn
    Zhuang aunt sells some handmade products
    Spring is coming, the water is full of fields, such as stringed silver chain hanging between mountains;
    In the summer solstice, Jiahe Tucui, like a row of green waves from the sky;
    Jinqiu, the rice ear is heavy, like the seat of Jintading Yuyu;
    Long winter, Ruixue Zhaofeng years, if the ring ring white jade cloud.
    This kind of scene is called a great spectacle on earth.
    Ticket price: 95 yuan
    Opening hours: all day
    Yinziyan, with electronic interpreter real-time interpretation
    Through the Yinziyan, the Yinzi karst cave, which runs through the twelve peaks, is a typical karst landform. The wonders of nature are displayed here to the fullest, so it is known as the “World Cave Wonders”.
    It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to visit the cave. It is a bit cooler, but it is recommended to add a long sleeve.
    It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to visit the cave. It is a bit cooler, but it is recommended to add a long sleeve. The overall feeling for me is that it is relatively dense in the domestic caves, small and fine, and there are many rare stones that are rare to see.
    Ticket price: 80 yuan
    Opening hours: 9:30-17:30

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