Guilin Travel Guide

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Guilin’s classic tourist routes are divided into three parts.

Part of it is in the urban area, which is “three mountains, one cave and one park”-

Elephant Trunk Hill

Fubo Mountain


Reed flute

Seven Star Park

Part of it is in Yangshuo. The so-called “Guilin landscape is in the world, Yangshuo landscape is in Guilin” is the beauty of Yangshuo. In addition to the Baili Li River brought back by Luo with Luo Luo, Yangshuo also has the paradise of Tao Yuanming’s writing, the naturally-made Moon Mountain, the fantastic Yulong River, the western street where Chinese and Western cultures merge, and Liu Sanjie’s water park.

The third part is the Longji Terraces. The scenery of the Longji Terraces changes with the change of seasons. It usually takes 4-5 days to visit these three places.

Recommended itinerary

Day 1: Directly drive to Guilin and transfer to Dazhai (departure from Guilin before 2pm), go to Dazhai, view point 1 or 2 to watch the sunset in the afternoon, and stay at Tiantouzhai in the evening.

Day 2: In the morning, watch the sunrise at Dazhai Longji on the 1st or 2nd viewpoint and go to the 3rd viewpoint. After dining in the stockade, go down the mountain at about 10 o’clock. I will arrive at Guilin at about 3 pm, watch the two rivers and four lakes and the Lijiang Great Falls in the evening.

Day 3: Walking on the Li River (Yangdi-Xingping), staying in Yangshuo

Day 4: Bike tour on the Long River (or rafting halfway), Big Banyan Tree, Moon Mountain, Bodhisattva Water Rock or Longmen Water Rock, back to Yangshuo at about 4pm 4

Tips: In addition to classic tourist attractions, Guilin also has many tourist resources, such as Huixian Wetland, Bajiaozhai, Maoershan, Daxu Ancient Town, Hongyan Village, etc. If time is sufficient, it is strongly recommended to visit You will see a different Guilin.


There are three mature places for accommodation: Guilin City, Yangshuo and Longji. The development of these places is relatively complete, the accommodation is concentrated, and there are more fun spots, such as taking morning and evening photos. Make a recommendation for these points of accommodation:


1. Lazy Cat Youth Hostel (Yangshuo Branch) Address: 16 North Road, Yangshuo County. Price: RMB 30-RMB 120 per room. Phone: 0873-8810784 18978339897

2. Yangshuo Yayao Inn Address: No. 9, Fuqian Lane, Yangshuo, Guangxi. Price: RMB 100 per standard room. Phone: 077-6910991 13877372289

Guilin District

1. Lazy Cat Youth Hostel (Guilin City Branch) Address: No. 13, North Lane of Luma Mountain, Guilin City, Guangxi. Price: RMB 35-RMB 80 per room. Phone: 0773-5657548 13457654804

2. Guilin Yulanshuxia Self-service Inn Address: 34 Yinding Road, Guilin. Price: RMB 40-RMB 60 per room. Phone: 0873-3832387 13978341899

Dragon’s Back

1. Jinkeng Dazhai Hotel Address: Tiantouzhai, Dazhai Village, Heping Township, Longsheng County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, southeast of the optimistic scenic spot of Xishanshao in Jinkeng Terrace (Longji District B Viewpoint 1) Price: 80 RMB per standard room. Phone: 0873-7585658 13907835021

2. Guilin Longsheng Sankeshu Inn Address: Tiantouzhai, Dazhai Village, Heping Township, Longsheng County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province. Price: RMB 40-RMB 60 per room

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