Hacienda Birthday Tour

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Hacienda birthday tour [Ha Xiandao latest Raiders + massive beauty map]
    Graphic / dimple fruit
    Birthday is a special day for everyone. People celebrate their birthdays in a variety of ways. When I was at school, my classmates celebrated their birthdays, and the most handsome boys in the class sang birthday songs for themselves. After graduation, all the colleagues celebrated their birthdays, cut the three-tiered big cake, and traveled on the way to teammates. I am sending you the most beautiful blessings at the 3,000-meter-high Tibetan Plateau… thanksgiving every time. Among the many moving, the warmest is the unforgettable birthday that I spent with my family in Hacienda…
    After economic independence, I travel with my family every year, near or far. On this Dragon Boat Festival (my birthday) holiday, my grandfather, my parents, and my grandmother drove from my hometown to play. Our happy family started again. Happy Hacienda trip.
    Let me talk about the Raiders:
    One: Haxian Island location:
    Haxian Island (Haxian Village) is located in the northern part of the Yellow Sea and is part of an administrative village in Dachangshan Island Town, Changhai County, Dalian (a map near Changhai County on the map). It is located in the southwest of Dachangshan Island. East is opposite to Seri, and southwest is opposite to Guanglu Island. The island is 4.84 kilometers long and 1.02 kilometers wide. The island is long in east and west and wide in the north and south. It is shaped like an ingot. The island has a land area of ​​4.72 square kilometers, a cultivated area of ​​42 hectares, a coastline of 14.3 kilometers, 235 households, and a total of 765 residents, which is the eighth largest island in the country.
    Two: Haxian Island traffic line
    1. Take the train and get off at the Puland store, then take the passenger car to “Pitkou Port”. You can also take a direct bus to the “Peikou Port” to the “Peikou Port” in Dalian “Beigang Bridge”. “Piekou Port” has a passenger ship that goes directly to Hacienda. Before July 1st, it was the off-season of Haxian Island tourism. The boat from Pikou Port to Hacienda was operated twice a day (9:30 in the morning, 3:00 in the afternoon). The journey takes about an hour. After July 1st, it entered the peak season of Hacienda tourism, and the number of flights increased by about 4-5 flights per day. Round-trip ticket for 99 yuan. The returning flight will be 6:30 in the morning and 1:30 in the afternoon, and 4-5 flights will be added after July 1.
    2. Take the high-speed passenger liner from “Dalian Port” to Changhai to “Golden Port” on Dachangshan Island or take the high-speed passenger liner to the Longchang Dachangshan Island in Jinshitan and disembark at “Golden Port” and transfer to Dachang The mountain goes directly to the passenger ship of Hacienda. The host family of Hacienda can purchase and book tickets for tourists. (People feel that the second route is a bit troublesome. Non-self-driving tourists in Dalian can take the return bus from Dalian to Hacienda. It is convenient to go to your location (40 for a commercial car and 60 for a car). Please ask Yang Island Master (he is familiar with a lot of return calls): 13841138138.
    The island is prone to fog, and the flight time of the ship will change when the fog is thick. The friends who catch the plane must pay attention.
    Three: Dalian’s self-driving route:
    Dalian-Haxian Island takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive by car. The whole journey is about 110 kilometers. When the upper salt expressway is about 5 kilometers, it will enter the Heda Expressway (Danda Expressway). There is a signpost at the exit of Pikou West to Pikou Port. Or when the poplar room meets, turn to the left and turn straight, and then head towards the port of Pikou.
    Four: Island food: The island is mainly seafood, scallops, sea bream (oysters), sea urchins, fresh shrimps, yellow croaker, black fish, abalone, sea cucumber and so on. No need for too complicated cooking, boiled or steamed enough to make you feel good. There is also a seafood barbecue in the evening.
    Five: accommodation
    There are so many farmhouses on the island, and the environment is very different. I lived in a thriving fisherman. When I went to the house last year, I went to a double-storey building. I added a new standard room and added a shower room. It is very convenient to take a bath. The price is between 150-200, the peak season price is around 240 (three meals + barbecue + live) personally feel that this price is very cheap.
    Six: main attractions
    The island is not big, the golden sand beach and the five tiger stones are a must. In fact, I prefer to walk on the island casually, cute dogs on the roadside, lazy kittens.The old ships full of history, the kind and kind fishermen… will give you different feelings and infinite surprises.
    Seven: Warm Tips
    1. The island is a small island whose original ecology has not been fully developed. The accommodation conditions are limited, but it is still very clean and tidy. Some rooms on the island will be damp. Before going to bed, the electric blanket must be opened in advance, so that it will be more comfortable to sleep. This year I lived in the standard room of Yangdao’s main house, and it was quite comfortable.
    4, the temperature difference between the morning and evening at the beach, pay attention to increase or decrease clothing, pay attention to sun protection during the day.
    5, play at the beach, pay attention to garbage, do not discard it at will, it is the responsibility of each of us to protect this quiet island.
    I hope this guide will help more friends to go to Hacienda. Since I participated in the program of Guangdong TV’s Southern TV on 19-26, I don’t have time to go online. The message can’t be answered on time. Please beg the bees and come back to reply to you. The message, the bee bees can call the phone of Yangdao, he is the island pass, with the phone: 13841138138, okay, start watching the chart.
    D1: Depart from home at 7 o’clock in the morning and arrive at Pikou Port on the expressway.
    I met a little Teddy on the boat. It was so cute. I wish I could raise one, but I usually didn’t have time to take care of it. I could only look at other people’s homes.
    The stern’s spray is like a starfish, and the air is full of the sea’s happy taste.
    Caribbean Pirates are coming~
    Like this sunny color
    Arrived in Hacienda in an hour or so, Yang Island owner waited for us at the dock early.
    Seeing the three words of Haxian Island, familiar and intimate.
    The grandfather’s first time to sit on the ship for so long is very happy.
    Hacienda immediately has access to running water, which is building a water pipe.
    Like this feeling
    Warm harbor
    Reef on the island
    Arrived at the thriving fishermen, now I have a standard room that is much more comfortable than the original one. I admire the Yang Island owner who grew up on this island. The business is doing so well. Now, the two floors are up. Congratulations.
    Yang Island owner arranged for us to take a break and start enjoying a delicious island lunch.
    Eight slightly (harmonic), tender meat
    Grandpa is very funny, with a special sense of the lens.
    The fresh home is stuffy with yellow croaker, and the tenderness of the meat is endless.
    Shrimp meat quality is better than Q, and the mustard taste is very good.
    In the afternoon, you can leisurely in the yard, facing the sea, and a seafood barbecue with your loved ones. The scallops and sea bream of the main house of Yang Island are infinitely small.
    While writing, drooling haha
    While watching the crystal clear sea view while grilling, can you feel it without getting on the island?
    There is a magical road after the ebb tide, but the tide is also very fast, don’t go easily unless you know the exact time of the high tide.
    After lunch, I went to the beautiful beachside with my family and went to the door. I met the super-selling puppies. When I was far away, I ran over and naughty and bit my skirt.
    Look, this is my young and beautiful dripping mom.
    This is my fashion sense, guess the age of the big man, can you think that this is 60?
    I put on the beach skirt that Thailand is scouring (Gome is shooting), I like blue very much this year.
    Grandpa (83 years old) came back in Hainan for two months, still wearing this island suit, and told us that the Spring Festival is going to Taiwan, happy to drop the grandfather, I hope you will always be so healthy.
    Haha, look at this to clean up, too lover.
    Looking at the camera together, eggplant + scissors hand, in the cheesy action is full of happiness and joy in my eyes.
    Yang Island Lord took us to the Golden Beach to see our happy family.
    Deep forest like a fairy tale
    This is the golden sand beach, the beach is very delicate.
    Today is Father’s Day. I gave a call to Mr. Dad early. Hazen Island returned. I discovered that my dad changed. When I was running on the beach wearing a wreath, there was always a pair of eyes. The smile, the seaside at night, the fruit dad added a few more points: “Don’t go alone, you are not a boy, you have to pay more attention…” Dad began to express his love gradually, rather than deep in At the bottom of my heart, although my father gave me a bit of a stiff hug on the beach, I still feel the temperature of my father’s love, I wish my father a happy holiday, my daughter will always love you…
    Silent beach, only the sound of the waves
    The reefs stand and admire the wonders of nature.
    At this moment, the entire beach belongs to our family.
    Who is this big drop?
    Happy walking in the golden sun, stepping on the soft sand, I took off my shoes and ran, jumping happily…
    Hacienda is waiting for you
    Thanks to Yang Island Lord for shooting so many favorite portraits for me.
    Returning to the beach, passing by the main teacher of Yangdao, the blooming roses attracted me, how happy it is to live in such a warm and romantic small courtyard.
    When I put the balcony on the rose, let the flowers fill the balcony.
    The golden sunset is so intoxicating
    I really like this quiet boat.
    Roundabout road
    Happy drip back to the fisherman for dinner. Dad customized the rose cake for me in the morning. This is the first time I have eaten my father’s cake for the first time. The night scorpion (the wife of Yangdao’s beautiful and beautiful wife) made us a On the table full of birthday dinner, Grandpa Yang (the father of Yangdao) also accompanied the grandfather to drink a lot of red wine. The moment the birthday candle ignited, I made a wonderful wish: “I hope my family will always be healthy, happy and happy.” I still remember the two promises that my parents made when I was a child, and I realized it before this birthday. I will make you happier and more proud in the days.
    The first piece of cake is given to my mother, my birthday, my mother’s bitter day, and grateful for your contribution.
    Da Yu (transliteration), boiled, dumplings, mixed with cold dishesIt’s all good drops.
    Flower cover crab special fertilizer
    Home boring sea fish
    Haizizi (the sea scorpion seedlings are left in the sea, it is wild) The taste is called a fresh!
    The scallop entrance is a bit sweet
    Rhubarb rice dumplings, the taste of glutinous rice.
    Mom and Dad glared at me and blew the candle. It was the first time that it was so big. This happiness now surrounds me. The night of this island, accompanied by twinkling stars, I made a sweet dream…
    D2: Grandpa gets up at 4 o’clock every morning. In the past few days in my house, I was also affected by the drip, getting up early, getting up early, the early bird catching the worm, and getting up early for a day, Haxian Island in June The sunrise time was around 4:20 in the morning. When I opened my eyes and opened the curtains, I saw the fiery sunrise, put on the clothes, picked up the camera and ran downstairs in a minute. I quickly recorded this beautiful. In an instant, the sunrise is just a moment. After watching the camera, I am laughing and laughing. At this time, the girls of the two Liao divisions who watched the sunrise next to me watched me and said, “Your clothes are worn.” Haha
    Every time the sun rises, it’s a beautiful day.
    After eating breakfast, Yang Island owner took us out of the altitude network and was able to catch what was all by luck.
    This is the puppies of Yangdao’s main family. I followed us all the way. It also wanted to go fishing in the sea. I begged me to bring it. I had to tell it: “Without your life jacket, you can’t go, wait on the shore, etc. I am coming back.”
    Xiaobai happy drops a big “wet kiss” on my cheek
    Under the care of my parents and Daxie, my grandfather also went out with us to the altitude net. When I pulled out the scallop net, my grandfather was very funny, and helped to step on the wooden pole, which made the visitors of the whole ship laugh.
    Great harvest, fish, crabs, sea urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers (farm, caught and returned to the sea)
    The little Teddy (named ingot) that I met on the ship when I came, was also living in a thriving fisherman.
    Xiaoyuanbao, you are very happy to travel with your master.
    There are many farms in this sea area.
    At sea, this is the place to raise abalone
    Meet the sea duck
    Big harvest, sea urchin
    Ankang fish
    Flower cover crab
    Small yellow croaker, small yellow croaker’s dried fish is also very delicious. When leaving the skin, I bought a few bags at the farmer’s market in Pikou. I ate porridge in the morning and fry a few small yellow croakers (13 jin).
    Look at this sea urchin, it’s a bold fruit.
    A cage of scallops, kept for the evening, this is Yang’s own family.
    The first big barracuda, you can eat at night.
    Flower cover crab
    Happy drop full of return
    This seaweed is a bit old, and it can be wrapped in tender drops.
    I like the island life like this.
    Do it yourself
    A lot of scallops are empty, they are eaten by the starfish, the starfish eats everything, the crab can be eaten and the shell is still intact.
    Put the ducks~
    The salted duck egg on the island is called a must, the egg yolk is red
    This seaweed is a drop of taste duck
    After lunch, the whole family was beautiful and drunk until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Wake up to Yangdao to take us to Wuhu Stone.
    Grandpa will be tired after walking for a long time. Dad deliberately took a small stool for his grandfather. When he was tired, he sat down to rest.
    I wear slippers to go up the mountain and admire myself. If you climb, I suggest you wear long pants and sports shoes.
    This is my favorite feeling~
    Living in this city with sea is so happy
    Hey, the tiger is coming to eat you~ you are not afraid of it~
    Still a lady.
    The pair of 25-dollar flip-flops in Beijing Amoy is too strong. I have been to Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Guizhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, and Jiangxi in four years… Actually, there is still a bad, big love!
    I found an unknown wild flower in the mountains, and I personally compiled a garland.
    Most of the chickens here are free-range, and they go to the mountains to feed themselves every day. The eggs taste very good.
    Daxie, fruit dad, and fruit mom accompanied the grandfather on the beach. I called them on the mountain. My mother and the big sister ran over. Grandpa followed the small bench and followed.
    Blooming sea bream flowers on the mountain
    This is the flower of a total hill jujube on the mountain.
    I brought the garland to my grandfather, and my grandfather’s beauty and sorrowful expressions are really close to each other.
    Go back and enlarge this photo~
    I don’t know how to look like a 60-year-old woman! Learning like a big brother haha
    Fruit dad, fruit mom, and daddy played like a child on the beach, and eventually Dad won. I quietly watched them happy, and my heart was satisfied, so happy…
    I also said that I went back to help the dumplings with dumplings at night. As a result, I was too happy to forget the time. Hundreds of dumplings were wrapped in the mother and sister of the scorpion and the scorpion. It was hard work and the blessings of the Yangdao masters. Such a virtuous wife!
    The dumplings are stuffed with two kinds of stuffing, including squid stuffing and scallop stuffing. The squid meat is hand-made into mud. It is painful to write this strategy, my saliva, saliva! ! ! !
    The squid and the scallop itself are fresh enough to add some leeks, which is a dumpling that will scream.
    Come, do you want to try it, haha?
    My grandfather fell asleep early at night, and I chatted with Dad and fruit daddy mom until late at night, Yang Island Lord took us to see the sea fire, and clearly remembered the excitement of seeing the sea fire for the first time, throwing a stone In the sea, the feeling of fireworks in the sea is so magical, but the street lights are too bright at night. It is best to wait until the street lights are extinguished. The best month to watch the sea fire is August-October. The stars in the night sky are bright.
    3: When we get up early in the morning, we are ready to return. When we come, we will empty the miles. When we go, the fog will lock the sky. Haxian Island is really reluctant to leave. Grandpa looked at the legend of Haxian Island next to him, and he never forgot to mention the legend of Hacienda when he got on the bus and waited for the boat. Grandpa is a teacher graduate, and grandfather is a classmate. The memory of 83 years old is still super good, which makes us sigh! The old man is very good at painting and painting. He is a cute and optimistic old man.
    The fog can also entertain yourself and go to the strange stone near the pier to take pictures.
    More than 50 minutes passed, the sky was fine, and the boarding boat returned.
    Goodbye Haxian Island, goodbye Yang Island Lord, there will be time to drop again~
    Grandpa appreciates the seascape along the way
    The two-day island line is full of endless joy and happiness. There is nothing more happier than the happiness and happiness of the family. Thanks again to the accompaniment of the lord of Yang Island, and thank you for the delicious seafood made by the scorpion.

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