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a memory about color
    If you want to see beautiful scenery, you can’t get it by sitting in the house. After all, travel is a comfort in adversity.
    Although it has entered April, Dalian still has some slight coolness. Most of the locals like to go to the beach, Xinghai Square, the largest city square in Asia, the beach always makes people have to stop. There are high-rise apartments scattered along the coastline. It is a very happy thing to be a neighbor with the sea.
    When I was a child, the memory of the aquarium was so pale that I changed my impression from fun to romance. I also witnessed the imprint of my growth. The yearning for the trip to St. Ya is more like a colorful dream.
     Dolphin Bay Love
     Kung Fu Walrus
     White whale legend
     Deep sea music
     Whale coffee
     Open the tour
    The design concept of the theme park of Shengya Ocean World will lead us to a magical journey of “from the land to the bottom of the sea and then back to the sea from the bottom of the sea”.
    Everyone’s trajectory is different, and many trips have made me quite a bit of experience in planning my itinerary. Also share with you here.
    There are five venues here, namely Sea World, Polar World, Coral World, Deep Sea Legend and Dinosaur Legend. Each pavilion has a theme. With the performance, I will make some arrangements for the approximate time of play, for reference only!
     Coral world
    The color of coral is always indescribable, but it has four seasons of scenery, more than a thousand coral reefs, and the environment and scenery of coral life can be reproduced in the museum, where you can take photos of the sea floor texture. Lamenting the surprise of the eucalyptus without leaves, I hope that the world will be stable!
    1, the content is relatively simple, the tour time should not be arranged too long, half an hour is enough;
    2, the lights in the hall are very dark, remember not to open the flash when taking pictures.
     Shengya Ocean World
    Through the [Shark Cave], the mysterious atmosphere has always been around. In order to ensure a good seat in the performance, I have to ignore the curiosity and go straight to the show of [Dolphin Bay Love].
    Dolphins, beluga whales and mermaids, princes, moonlight angels, the expression of multiple emotions, together with the dream of the “mermaid fairy tale” don’t applaud, because only enough warm, the beluga whale will sing for you.
    1. Performance schedule: 10:00 11:30 13:00 15:00;
    2. Performance time: about 20 minutes;
    3. The best viewing area: the middle area can be viewed in full view;
    4, wet area: the first three rows, want to have a close contact with the dolphin beluga whales, then don’t miss it;
    5, [Love of Dolphin Bay] Performing a photo moment: sweet kiss, dolphin diving, high-altitude top ball.
    [The Pyramid of the Sea] is a bright spot. The pyramids surrounded by fish are engraved with ancient Mayan characters, which conveys some kind of message. The huge UFO-shaped water tank can be used to find small creatures on the sea floor through the glare.
    The wings of the jellyfish are crystal clear, and the lights of various colors are hit on the sea water. The strewing posture radiates a strange demon under the backdrop of the setting, and it is difficult to move his eyes to other places.
    The shark is the most fierce. The [Shark Shark Zone] shows us an incredible world of sharks and squids. Although it is a little scary, it is indeed a good place to shoot “silhouettes”.
    Walking through the mysterious channel [undersea channel], the 118-meter fantasy scene brings the blue romance to the extreme.
    [Havana Avenue] is a commercial street, tired to rest here, octopus balls with beer is the most appetizing!
     Whale coffee
    Life comes from the ocean, and people always have a wonderful complex of the ocean. If you have a chance to come to St., try the Whale Coffee in the Whale MALL, a maritime-themed café, like the name. There are dolphins and white whales on the other side of the huge glass window in the store. This is the store. One of the biggest selling points.
    In the comfortable restaurant, outside the glass window, the beluga dolphins swim, what kind of dining is this? Perhaps food is not the highlight of this restaurant. When the little guys swam past them, I believe this dream is no less than the stimulation of the taste buds.
    Order a cup of red velvet latte and sit next to the glass to tease the beluga. Because it does not contain coffee, it does not hurt the stomach. The red milk powder is mixed with the thick milk milk foam and slowly swallowed. The whole body feels warm.
    It’s not easy to take a photo with a beluga, except that patience is more important in terms of time, location, and harmony.Say it’s just like it, hahaha!
     Holy Asia Polar World
    Once a friend arrived in the Antarctic and the Arctic Circle in just two months, and called him to a successful life. In the polar world, I can make a little fantasies.
    The harbor seals living in [Sea Seal Bay] are leisurely swimming. If you want these little guys to stay for you, use small fish to attract them!
     Lai’s eyes, um, confirmed, they need me at the moment. . . Small fish in hand
    [Kung Fu Walrus] It is really big enough to go to the queue in advance to get a good seat. After all, the only “Kung Fu Walrus” gimmick that imitates Michael Jackson’s dance is too attractive. Watching the trainers call for natural and well-trained sea lions and walruses to do all kinds of movements, and the strength is to interpret “hilarious big movies”; the wet area is best for close-up viewing, and the “little guys” are naughty and careful. Meet you.
    1. Performance schedule: 10:00 11:30 14:00 16:00
    2, performance time: about 20 minutes
    3, wet area: the first four rows
    4, there will be interactive links, remember to raise your hands!
    The picture of dancing with the beluga whale has become an unavoidable part of my memory.The color, they spit out the bubbles, feeling broken, beautiful, shocking!
    1. Aspects: Domesticated personnel do not wear diving equipment such as gas cylinders and goggles, and dance with white whale water.
    2. Performance schedule: 11:00 15:30
    3. Performance time: about 15 minutes
    4, the best viewing position: the highest position in the middle of the platform
    5, [White Whale Legend] performance photo moment: beluga knight, than “heart”, spit circle
     Driving the “icebreaker”, although only simulated, the cockpit perspective is still very attractive
     Deep sea legend
    The huge arched canopy will cover me! The underwater creatures, sardines, and jellyfish, can also see the whales violently tumbling, followed by the “seawater” sinking slowly, and the IMAX panorama presents a dazzling underwater creature spectacle.
     The room with the overall tilt of the equipment and the cabin “seasick” feels very strong
     Will this fascinating mermaid remind people of Pirates of the Caribbean?
     The specimen is very chic
    1. [Deep Sea Music] is a circular performance, 10-12 minutes/field, 30 minutes apart.
    2, the best shooting position: in the middle of the entrance field, here will be the most intuitive to feel the whales, giant octopus swam to you
     Dinosaur legend
    Located on the west side of the 100-year-old city of Xinghai Square, you need to take a battery car. The world’s most complete [Shuangmiaolong fossil] is definitely the biggest attraction; mobile 4D theater, sitting on a dinosaur egg-shaped car, through ancient times, experience being chased by tyrannosaurus, smelling the jungle flowers.
     Shuangmiaolong fossil
     [Silicon wood] is very beautiful, touched by hand, warm as jade
    You can walk along the coast or take a battery car. The fare is 10 yuan / person.
    Coming here, stemming from the love of nature, everyone who stands here has only one idea, that is, embracing the sea.
     Tour tips
    [Sanya Ocean World Address] on the west side of Dalian Xinghai Square, in Xinghai Park, opposite the Second Hospital of Medical University
    Dalian Railway Station – Shengya: Bus 16, 22, 406, 531, 901 to the Second Hospital of the Medical University, the opposite side of the road is; (about 20 yuan taxi)
    Dalian North Railway Station (High Speed ​​Rail) – Shengya: Take the subway T1, get off at the Second Hospital of Medical University, walk 200 meters to the south and exit; (about 45 yuan by taxi)
    Ticket price, find out! The five hall joint ticket is the most suitable!

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