[Hand-painted travel] pure land, the journey of the heart of the heart

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Qiong Wei
    Near the weekend, this restless heart is eager to move. On an early morning flight, I found out that the world is so big in a few hours, and I gradually like the thrill of the same time and space.
     Listen to the waterfall
    After a few trips, I finally arrived at the tourist service center in Heping Town, Tiantai County, and walked into the hall. The diverse spatial layout made people have a wide view. At the foot of the Tiantai County panoramic sand table, there was a illusion of stepping out of the mountains and rivers. .
    Did not make more stops, take the tour bus and walk all the way to Shiliang. Walking along the mountain road, the Tiantai Mountain in the mist, injects a sense of excitement into the whole journey. There aren’t many vehicles in the past. The quietness here is very pleasant. It separates us from the towns and towns where tourists are woven, and there is a reality that is hidden.
    In the scenic area, the ancient trees are towering, and you can take pictures of the picturesque scenery at any angle. A stone beam lie on the cliff like a dragon. The water in the mountains falls down desperately. The water comes out of the wind, and the wind blows water to us, but when it comes to my feet, it suddenly becomes soothing.
    The clearing of the pool and the beauty of the river are not as good as the stone-beamed waterfalls of the thunder and the thunder.
    Qiongtai is the land of spirituality admired by the celebrities and sages of the past generations. It is also the feng shui treasure of the founding of Taoism. “Qingtai Xiangu” four large cliff characters, eye-catching.
    The rain is like the next, a little bit, from the air softly sprinkled, the soil in the mountains is mixed with fresh smell, the light green under the feet, like a light watercolor, for me who lived in the city for a long time, no more than this Real and pure nature.
    The mountain bends and turns, step by step, and walks through the “Lingyun Plank Road” which is as high as 300 meters. It is a test of one’s physical strength. It may be the closest to the sky here, so it is regarded as “the sky”, and I still can’t help but appreciate this magnificent mountain view before I fall. The green eyes are clean and washable, and the eyes are clear, and the eyes are calm and calm.
    Most people will choose a top-down approach, but in Qiongtai Singu, Maggie is strongly recommended to go from the bottom up. The steepness of the “Tongtian” plank road has only the talents who have been there to have a say!
     Buddha asked
    Tiantai Mountain is a sacred mountain where Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Buddhism coexist. The religious culture is everywhere and there is no time. Whether it is a temple or a Taoist temple, whether it is exquisite or quaint, it is all looking up to the gods on the top.
    As far as I am concerned, faith is good, it is beautiful, it is tolerant, and people have a sense of solemnity.
    Tongbai Palace is the southern ancestral home of Chinese Taoism. There is almost no commercialization here. The quiet environment rarely meets tourists, and most of them are students of the Taoist College. There was a mist on the lake in front of the gate, and the mountain was far away. Only the gray mountain shadow was faintly identified.
    Near noon, I went to Zhaitang to use vegetarian food. Taoism has been advocating health and keeping the heart since ancient times. Before the meal, I worshiped the ancestors. Here, I also adhered to the ancient training and painstakingly banned.
    The easiness of eating and eating is the simpler and better, and the repair is always a heart. It is a love for the landscape, forgetting about the stars, picking the essence of the heavens and the earth, enlightening the cardinal of the health, replenishing the energy of the body, and enjoying the longevity of life.
    Come to Tongbai Palace to experience the ideological connotation of the Taoist Nanzong Heaven and Man, and to discuss the tea with the Daochang, cultivate the Yijinjing, and feel the Taoist inaction.
    The original temple of Huguo Temple has a history of more than a thousand years, and the four major temples of Buddhism: Wannian, Guoqing, Huguo, Taiping. The name of the temple is very good, meaning the country is long-lasting.
    Even if there is no religious belief, it is good to sit in the temple. The Buddha is naturally a kind spiritual leader. Some people will confide the restless emotions and sad things to him, but sometimes it is a kind of talk to sit quietly. Listen to the moon net master to promote the Dharma, copy the scriptures, but also solve the worry.
    Guoqing Temple is a “clean world” that has been swayed by cigarettes for more than a thousand years. The nine-level towers are towering, and the morning bells and gongs continue to come to worship the incense; the mountains are built on the ground, and the temples are greeted every day, and tourists are woven.
     Former residence of Jigong
    The Daoji monk was born in Tiantai County. He was unrestrained, and the deeds of helping the poor and helping the poor and punishing the evil were enough to make the people of this place proud of the world. The people honored the “Jigong Living Buddha.”
    The happiness of Jigong’s belief in freedom is his love of life and immortal feelings, which is difficult for us to emulate.
     Leisurely rooftop
    The history of Chinese people wearing socks is really a long time. “Said the text” 曰: socks, foot clothes. It means that the socks are the clothes of the feet and the positioning is accurate. A fairly large-scale shopping mall, creatively introducing tourism into it, is the development direction of Baihe International Socks City. Visit the Baihe Socks Museum and experience the progress of socks. After more than 3,000 years, the materials range from cloth to cotton to natural silk to artificial nylon. The style is from cloth bag to rope to rubber band hoop to elastic and elastic. Technology is transformed from manual perfection to mechanical.
    If you are confident enough about your sewing skills, try making a sock doll, design and study the color matching yourself, and cultivate your own hands-on ability and aesthetics with innocence and extraordinary imagination. Of course, I decided to give up after I tried it, hahaha!
    On the old street of Shanglu Village, Baihe Town, which is separated from the Socks City, there is a feeling of riding through the time machine. It has already faded away from the old voice, and there is an indescribable desert. Once the old street, once screaming, it is now a once-preserved, but preserved ancient building, a heavy history, its existence is the most beautiful scenery. Those who work hard outside, no matter how far they go, they can find their memories when they come back here. The road they walked through is deeply deep in memory.
    Many skilled craftsmen in the town have been handed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer artists who have these handicrafts. Only here is a more complete preservation.
     B&B recuperation
    Huagu Xiannong Homestay
    If you come in July or August, you can also see the blooming hydrangea on the sides of the stone road, and the hostess will personally make tea reception. The local spring water is especially sweet and sweet with natural tea.
    Arrived late at night, there is no life in the countryside. Open a little window, the air filled with negative ions can make your sleep more stable.
    Travel is like this, no matter how hard the road yesterday, but early to find that in a new strange city, it will be completely excited.
    The hall is my main indoor activity area. It can be used for reading and writing. It is also the place where the hotel eats breakfast. When it is good to move outside, there seems to be no dust in the air. Looking at the distant mountains and clouds, it is a very relaxing retreat. selected.
    In addition, the tea room on the 1st floor seems to have a hole in the sky. The tea set on the Duobao Pavilion hangs too much attention from the store, and sat down with the owner to talk about tea, leaving the window drizzle and comfortable.
    Houhai Yinquan Homestay
    Bamboo forest trails, flowing water, this big hidden hotel in the city, undoubtedly provides the most comfortable care for the boat trip.
    The room is designed with the proposal of modern living in mind, and all appliances and supplies are not naturally comfortable. The huge bathroom allows for a moment of relaxation, with a masonry wall, floor and vanity to create a gentle “localized” atmosphere.
    Careful, you will find that there is no bottled water in the room, all from the owner’s confidence in the local water quality. In this comfortable and unconstrained environment, there is no standardized service, and some are open and natural at home.
    The B&B is never just an overnight apartment, but everything that happens here can be taken care of.
     Eating on the rooftop
    Different cities may have different feelings because of different foods. For people in the rooftops, a dumpling tube and a wheat cake should be all memories of food.
     Rooftop memory restaurant
    Dumpling cake tube, also known as “five tigers and scorpion sheep”, is made into a cake dough with flour paste, which is wrapped with fried vermicelli, meat, pork liver, egg skin, bamboo shoots and other ingredients, and then fried to golden, the dough is thin and tough. The entrance is delicious.
    The granola is very similar to the northern pie, but the filling is so rich that it is beyond imagination and loves mashed potatoes.
    Glutinous rice steamed cake is almost one of the staple foods for breakfast. Food is needed for survival, but food can cure the journey.
     Fried flat food
     Roof fruit
    The scenery of Tiantai County is self-contained with the wind and bones. It also advocates the cultural connotation of harmony and harmony. The heavens and the earth and the United States are beautiful, and everything and the union are born. “The years are quiet and the world is stable.” I think this is the ideal state of life. This is also the deep experience of the Tiantai Lingxiu landscape to the travellers.

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