[Hand-painted travel] Shanghai Disney’s new journey!

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Qiong Wei
    Near noon, I often arrive in Shanghai at this time, the heat waves coming from the face, the glare of the sun seems to be spurting out at the next moment, unstoppable. I got into the subway with my friends, and my heart has already flown to our spiritual dreams, our paradise paradise – Shanghai Disneyland.
     Wonderful preview
    Pixar gave us a big surprise. As the newly opened Toy Story theme park this year, Sergeant Hudi and their toy friends have been given life. It seems that everyone is shrinking together and fully integrated into the rich. Colorful toys in the world.
    Whether it is day or night, the castle always has an irresistible magic for me.
     Colorful mosaic painting in the castle
     About transportation
    1. Take the G5 (Revival) from Beijing and drive to Shanghai all the way. It can be reached in less than 5 hours. The first choice for big traffic!
    2. Shanghai Disneyland is located at the end of Metro Line 11, and you can see the shuttle bus to and from Shanghai Disney Hotel from the right turn at Exit 4. Unlike Hong Kong, each Disney theme hotel in Shanghai Resort has its own exclusive Bus stop! I will give you a detailed introduction later.
     About accompanying items
    Shanghai is in a rainy season, and the accompanying items are as simple as possible. In the rain, the raincoats are very valuable.
     Play route arrangement
    The maggie entered the park on Friday afternoon and left at noon on Saturday. Although it is a 2-day ticket, the actual time of play is only one day! How to arrange in a limited time, in addition to viewing the queue time on the APP, the most important trick is to run! Only run, you can win some people, come on!
     Battle of the Fallen Treasure
    As the first project to enter the park, I abandoned all kinds of curious minds and ran all the way. Treasure Bay is the first pirate-themed park in the world of Disneyland. In the story of Disney, the pirates in the 17th century Caribbean. This pirate era is known for its maritime hooligans searching for legendary treasures.
    Sitting in the boat and personally participating in the fierce battle between Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Davyy Jones, when countless treasures were revealed to us under the sea, it seemed as if they had everything, haha!
    Advanced animation, set and robotics, epic grand scenes, and direct visual sublimation, this is also the reason I strongly push.
    Queue length: about 20 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
     Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue
    The same 360-degree rotating space patrol boat as Hong Kong Disneyland, with the “light emitter” in the hand, aimed at the robotic army of Sok. Once the “Energy Core Z” guards are discovered, they are fired at them, and each time they hit the target, they can accumulate corresponding scores.
    Queue length: about 30 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★☆☆
    TIPS: Before boarding the space patrol boat, there was a passage that was an escalator. There was no staff reminder and almost fell.
     Extreme speed light wheel
    Wrapped in a huge translucent dome, you can ride a light-wheeled motorcycle to participate in the extreme speed competition, challenging one of the most exciting roller coaster projects in the global Disneyland. how about it? Shantou is big enough! When I sit up, my heart is also broken. My heart beats and speeds to experience the speed. The scorpion shouts to be dumb, which definitely makes the adrenaline soar. In the hegemony, the winner is the king, the loser is the beggar, which one would you be? Anyway, I am the one who thinks it.
     Daily rental cabinet, not free!
    If you are brave enough, open your eyes and feel the digital world created by the Disney film “Creation Wars.”
    Queue length: about 20 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    TIPS: There will be a staff member to put your backpack in the baggage car. When the game is over, collect it directly at the exit!
     Have you seen the car behind you? Let maggie be so worried!
     Space fortune Stitch
    Intelligent human-machine dialogue game, “Noble 626 experimental product” in “Star Baby” – Stitch is funny and funny with us, talks and plays games, one sentence: Aloha! Quite contagious, are you getting it?
    Spoiler, this alien monster who is good at evil will also randomly select “girlfriend” on the spot! Generously will send “planets”!
    Queue length: about 15 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
     Stitch really has a good eye, picking the most beautiful girl in the audience to be a “girlfriend”
     Hudi Cowboy Carnival
    The Hudi Cowboy Carnival is very suitable for the whole family to play together, pick your favorite pony, sit in the little carriage, the music sounds – you have to drive. The pony follows the music, swings, and spins. This joyful and lively atmosphere makes my mood involuntarily follow.
    Queue length: about 30 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★☆
     Crystal color
    This is a fun-filled amusement project. In the evening, the riverside is like a fairy tale. It floats through a familiar Disney story. Belle and the beast dance and officially open this “crystal voyage”. Of course, there is also a daughter’s magnolia.
    The hidden eggs of the entire voyage are at the end of the journey, and the boat will sail into the cave hidden under the “fantasy fairytale castle”, a design that has never appeared in other Disney castles.
    Queue length: about 30 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★☆
    TIPS: The best time to play is in the evening, super dreamy!
     The magnolia in her daughter is simply super beautiful!
     LoveLisi Dreamland Maze
    In the evening, the fairyland maze is not too mysterious and dreamy. With the secret background music, the plot in the movie fits perfectly. Walk through the tree maze, remember to go right, and go to the tea party of the crazy hat.
    Queue length: about 5 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★☆
    TIPS: The best time to play at sunset is the best time to take pictures.
     Twelve Friends Park
    In front of the fantasy castle, a colorful mosaic mural is displayed. Shanghai Disneyland creatively transforms the image of its animated star into the Chinese zodiac.
     Remember the wooden whiskers in the Mulan? Here he is the representative of the dragon!
     The Hummer in “The Tangled” symbolizes defending justice and never gives up!
     The big cock with this hand holding the guitar and full of music is the story narrator of Robin Hood.
     Haha! Bruto appeared, it is DiOne of the most familiar stars in the world
     Light up the dream: luminous phantom show
    Around 19:00, the surrounding area of ​​the castle has already stood up early, so high popularity is the most fantastic fireworks show of the day. The last “visual feast” of the paradise every day, the fairytale castle under the night sky is covered with colorful lights and new makeup, it is still the shining star in people’s hearts. Because it is not allowed to carry a tripod, the countertop of the lakeside streetlight has naturally become an ideal location in my heart.
    When the smoky fireworks rise and bloom, the atmosphere of the jubilant atmosphere will be scattered, and the dazzling sparks illuminate the night sky. At this moment, each of us has a pure heart like a child.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    TIPS: The performance on the day is 20:30. The location of the lake is far away but the view is excellent, but at least one hour in advance is going to go, after all, the good location is first come first served!
     If you are a photographer, then maggie still recommends the location of the lake!
     Say goodbye to Shanghai Disneyland, tired!
     Shanghai Toy Story Hotel
    The doorway is made into an oversized gift box, and when you enter it, you come to the bright and bright lobby. The lobby is decorated with cheerful images of Buzz Lightyear, Hudi, Jesse and Pony Red Hearts. The columns are made up of blocks, the floor is designed in a chessboard style, and the rooms have fun-filled details. You can associate yourself with Andy’s room in Toy Story.
    Since we have not arrived at the hotel when we arrived at the hotel, we will store the luggage first and inform the front desk staff to send the baggage directly into the room and inform the room number by SMS, which is convenient and intimate! In addition to this, there are more intimate services:
    Priority admission
    If you are staying at the theme hotel, you will have priority access to Shanghai Disneyland. This “privilege” is awesome! The exclusive channel is located in Shanghai Disneyland and is open half an hour before the main entrance to the park. 7:10 Take the resort shuttle bus to Shanghai Disneyland, you can enter the park with the valid voucher issued by the hotel, the ticket for the day and your ID.
    Priority to receive Disney Express Pass
    It is well known that fast passes can only be picked up after picking up tickets. In fact, there are 2 ways to get them in advance:
    1. Stay at the theme hotel and purchase the park tickets for the next day at the hotel concierge to receive the Shanghai Disney Quick Pass for the next day.
    2, through the Shanghai Disney Resort official website, official APP, Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Service Center to buy hotel ticket packages, when staying at the hotelThe day can also be given priority.
    Hotel shuttle bus
    The first shift in the morning is 7:10. Remember to go to the queue early, and the number of people waiting to enter the park early is beyond imagination!
    Baggage ferry
    For your convenience, you can make an appointment to pick up your luggage directly at the gate of the park. You can pick up after 15:00 every day.
     Soaring • Flying over the horizon
    If you want to take a bird’s eye view of the world or the sky, we will make this dream come true and unfold a journey of flying around the world. Even if I have a fear of heights, I am very addicted. It is really a ride for the whole family.
    Queue length: the first experience after entering the park in the morning, queued for about 20 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    1. Stay at the Toy Story Hotel and enter the park around 7:30 in the morning;
    2. Don’t hesitate after entering the park, go straight to the queue here;
    3, at the same time receive the “Thunder Mountain Rafting” FP (recommended gameplay!!!) to know that this can save nearly 4 hours of queuing time.
     Thunder Mountain Rafting
    As the longest lined item in the paradise, when I joined this thrilling and exciting drifting adventure, under the influence of gravity and current, I went deep into the hinterland of the expedition island and drove into the dark cave. There is indeed an unknown kind. The fear is full of thrills and excitement.
    Queue length: FP, So easy!
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    1, water projects, put on raincoats, there will really be a chance to be poured!
    2, because the FP is able to receive the next project after experiencing a project, so after the out, quickly get the “seven dwarf mine car” FP.
     Peter Pan Sky Adventure
    Take the “spaceship” and fly over London, under the leadership of Peter Pan, against Captain Hook and his pirate crew. The newly developed suspended roller coaster system greatly enhances the flight experience and close to each scene at a close distance, allowing people to quickly integrate into the story atmosphere.
    Queue length: about 30 minutes
    Recommended index: ★★★★☆
     Seven dwarf mine cars
    There are a handful of roller coasters that I can withstand. Although it is suitable for the whole family experience project, it has been unexpectedly stimulated at the beginning.
    Queue length: FP, So easy!
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    As of this, 7 of the 7 quick pass permits have already experienced 6 items, and you can take a leisurely photo of the rest of the time!
     Exploring the Kraken Revenge
    Board the real pirate ship, don’t patronize the camera, but the captain has the task of “arranging”. In fact, the task of running through the entire experience project is “treasure hunt.” The three portraits that will speak will ask you to look for specific things on the upper, middle and lower decks. Do you dare to challenge your IQ? Anyway, I am defeated, hahaha!
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    1. In addition to completing the task, there are actually many interesting small organs, such as the cannon that can be sounded, the alarm bell that can be used as a sound, the DIY wanted order, the knot, and the various shapes that can be concave!
    2, the most important thing is not to queue, the participation is extremely high!
     It’s really fun to play on rainy days, but the photo effect is simple. . .
     Mickey Fairytale
    Shanghai Disney’s theme float parade is probably the longest route. It runs through the entire west of the park, and enjoys the Mickey fairy tale series with beautiful melodies. The classic Disney stars interact. Don’t yell at your smile and wave your hands! ! !
    Time: 12:00
    1. I am at the north exit of Mickey Street, which is opposite the story house statue. The parade float team will depart from the Toy Story Park at 12:00, and will arrive here at 12:20. It is OK to occupy the position half an hour earlier.
    2. If you want to take Micky, there is nothing wrong with choosing this direction!
     Try it again!
     Mickey Club of the Wonder Garden
    The classic and MICKY double photos are just a must for admission. A heavy rain makes it only take 10 minutes to get into half an hour, and I can only haha!
     怂 怂 series – hug dragon racing car
    Some entertainment projects are my heart, but the body is really embarrassing. But still come out and recommend it to everyone, explorers, rush!
    Chongtian Motors will dive high-speed on the towering U-shaped track, up and down, screaming constantly, even the heavy rain can not ruin the self-abuse mode, maggie can not help but ask: Why, live is not good?
     怂 怂 series – monument exploration camp
    The world’s first Shanghai Disneyland with the “Historical Exploration Camp”, three climbing ropes with different levels of difficulty crossing the Leiming Mountain, the scenery along the way should be good! The arduous task will be handed over to you! I am withdrawing!
     Shanghai Disney Food
    The seven theme parks have their own dining areas. The Baboza Grill is located in the treasure bay. The legendary “pork ribs” is quite eye-catching. In terms of taste, the grilled pork ribs are very tasty. It is crisp and tender, and it can be easily torn open by hand. For this reason, the restaurant also specially equipped with disposable gloves. The most absolute thing is to pour the sauce on the rice, which is really good! This scene of eating and drinking “wine” with a big mouthful of meat is exactly the same as the pirates.
    The “roasted squid garnish rice” in the boat-shaped dish is also very popular. The whole grilled squid represents the sea monster in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The risotto is a very authentic Chinese taste. In order to increase the flavor, some are added. Fat meat Ding, it doesn’t matter, just pick it out, who makes the squid tender and tender, and sells enough tempting.
    In the newly opened Toy Story Theme Park, the “Picnic” outdoor dining area of ​​the Toy Box Feast Lounge is surrounded by a variety of enlarged toys, and a “three-eyed Hawaiian pizza” is served while enjoying the view. I feel that I am fully integrated into the world of toys.
    It was very embarrassed to be poured by the sudden heavy rain. In a hurry, I hid in the delicious market of Mickey’s friends. It is good to eat a bowl of Laksa. In Chinese, it is called “叻沙”. It is made from coarse rice noodles, with bean sprouts, shrimps and fish cakes. It is very rich in flavor and has a rich layering: stimulating pepper, rich coconut and mellow The curry is very enjoyable to eat one by one.
    Per capita: 51-100 yuan
    Tips: You can buy some meal coupons in advance, there are discounts, but you have to book at least one day in advance!
    Enjoy a rich and energetic breakfast and get rid of hungry! Dim sum and noodles, as well as freshly baked waffles and crepes with mixed fruit, cream and maple syrup, are definitely a source of energy for a day’s journey.
    138 yuan per adult
    88 yuan per child
     Classic Mickey ice cream, 40 yuan / root, hehehe!
     Shanghai Disney Shopping
    Of the many shopping malls in Shanghai Disney, these three are still to be pushed, because they are more than just a store!
    Located in a small two-story building in Shanghai Disneyland, it is the world’s largest LEGO brand flagship store. The store not only provides the most complete LEGO products in the country, but also various types of building experience activities. Lego fans are naturally absent from the “part wall”, buying empty cups to fill the parts and granules, the price is quite friendly, it is a paradise for boys.
    The vintage station structure of the vintage steel structure, which displays a variety of goods. Among these special items are the limited edition series and unique items that are exclusively created for the Disney World Store. There is a “magic mirror” here, which can turn yourself into a princess’s mirror, which is simply interactive black magic!
    Toys play an irreplaceable role in our childhood. We have injected our imagination into it, just as Toy Story has given every toy life and ability. At the same time, Disney’s animation accompanied my whole childhood. Turning my dream into reality is Disney’s business philosophy. At the same time, it gives us hope, optimism and unlimited possibilities for the future. Its beauty is not only warmth, but also dreams!
    In Shanghai, Disney is the place where my dreams started…

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