Hangzhou self-driving 1h into the “Fuchun Mountain Residence”, punch card cross-border network red land

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I don’t know if you will feel the same feeling. Once life is bound by some fixed thinking, it will gradually become boring.
    So these years, I took a fun soul on the road, running around, trying to live in multiple ways, and having multiple identity tags, such as columnists, contract photographers, travel experiencers, food reviewers, hotel sleepers. Teacher… presents an image of a “cross-border”.
    I think that the so-called cross-border is probably a new attitude towards life. Let yourself cross the barrier of ideas and cross the boundaries of the region to find the ideal state of life. After all, the ideal of life is for an ideal life.
    Nowadays, more and more urbanites choose to free themselves from the bustle. Going to the countryside around the city on weekends, getting close to nature and returning to the pastoral landscape is not a cross-border? Especially for young people, the ideal self-driving car is cheaper and has a face. It’s better to have a sister on the trip… That “cross-border” is the most suitable, and multiple needs are in place. Absolutely a travel tool.
    Recently, Shantou has tested a “cross-border SUV” as a “cross-border life home” and selected a destination with “cross-border temperament”. It has embarked on a combination of dynamic and static, and the city and the township. A “cross-border journey” that blends harmony between man and nature.
    Starting from the center of Hangzhou, we drove the Geely Dorsett GS and followed the Changshen Expressway. The entire journey was 75 kilometers, about 1 hour. The scenery along the way, farmland, lakes, mountains, grassland, flowers… The scenery along the way is constantly changing with the wheel. When we opened the panoramic sky skylight, we were pleasantly surprised by the wide view. The natural beauty flooded into the car and brought us into the embrace of nature.
    I want to listen to some music, but I have connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth. The songs I like in QQ music are accompanied by us all the way. The car is equipped with high-definition map navigation, large HD LCD screen, it seems clear and easy, no longer have to bother to stare at the phone navigation. From the venue, the high speed, less than 10 minutes, arrived at the destination on the navigation – Fuyang Dongyuguan Village.
    Arriving near the village, we parked on the side of the road for a short break. The sleek red body of the Emgrand GS has attracted a lot of attention from the villagers and turned around.
    The sky is clear and the sky is blowing, the wind blows the earth, the wildflowers on the roadside are swaying, and the large fields are rolling green waves, rushing to the village in front, and a unique pastoral style picture is displayed.
    ▼This was once the prosperous water ancient customs on the Fuchun River. In the “Fuchun Mountain Residence” made by the Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Gongwang, this Fuchun landscape and the riverside villages were vividly painted and became “China’s Top Ten Famous Paintings”. first.
    ▼The long years here precipitated the ancient villages. It was famous for Yu Dafu’s novel of the same name. Nearly 100 ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties were scattered in the village, and they held a timeless and simple style.
    ▼ The most beautiful resounding room in the friendly brushing circle of friends is also located here. It is simply living in the ink paintings of Wu Guanzhong’s paintings. Jiangnan is crying thousands of netizens and winning the best jury award in the architectural world.
    ▼The west side of the village is still hidden in a hidden world of Jiangxin Island, surrounded by clear water, shaded by trees, and relatively isolated environment, so that it still retains the original natural scenery, attracting countless people to explore and explore the wild nature of nature. .
     古隘东梓关 | Touching the Millennium Historical Memory
    Dongtunguan Village is located in the west of Yakukou Town. The village faces Fuchun River, backed by hills and distributed along the river. It is written by Yu Dafu, a Fuyang writer, in a quiet, leisurely, safe and self-sufficient riverside town.
    There are several ancient fragrant eucalyptus trees at the entrance of the village. The stems are thick and straight, and the branches are lush and green. Like the canopy, the projection is a shady. I don’t know how many years have passed here. How many storms and vicissitudes have passed, and I have been quietly guarding this village.
    Along the quiet bluestone road, through the wide or narrow old streets, the simple rural life comes to the fore.
    Entering the East Guanguan Village History Museum is like opening up a time scorpion and condensing more than 1,500 years of historical memory. You can learn about the history and culture of this “Western Yanling Beach, the first east of the East” by watching humanities documentaries, reading historical stories and characters, and browsing the village changes.
    There are also many rare “old objects” in the museum, which are all collected by the villagers at home and placed in the village history museum for visitors to visit.
    There are many ancient ponds of various shapes and sizes in the village, and the houses are built along the perimeter of the pond. Nowadays, fountains are installed in the ponds, and the ancient villages are combined with dynamics and vitality.
    In the millennium, the years have been quietly sealed, and nearly a hundred ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties have shown their tenacious vitality, telling the story of the endless and inexhaustible time.
    Among these ancient buildings, there are many relics of development value, such as Xu Family Courtyard, Xu Chun and Da Pharma, An Ya Tang, Yue Shi Temple, Sister Hill, Guan Chuan, Xu Jia Fang Fang, Zhu Jia San Tang and Wang Jiada. The hospital, etc., these valuable relics also included Dongyuguan Village in the “Chinese traditional village directory.”
    No visitors are woven, there is no traffic, it is quiet and serene, pure and pure. The villagers planted trees under the wall of their own doors and planted their own scenery. Inadvertently, the flowers and plants of different colors jump into the eye, making people happy.
    Yu Dafu’s novel of the same name, “Dong Yu Guan”, is written by the protagonist who took the ship to the east to find a doctor to travel to treat the disease. According to folklore, when Yu Dafu was 36 years old, he had a lung disease and went to Dongshuiguan to find a famous doctor to see a doctor. He lived here for more than a month. In fact, since ancient times, Dongpuguan has indeed produced a lot of “good doctors”. The ferry crossing in Dongyuguan has also been the “Noah’s Ark” for many people who come here to seek medical treatment.
    One of the most prestigious doctors is a good descendant of the Xu family of the famous family in the Dongpu area. Xu Shanyuan, the eldest son of Xu Bingshi in the “Xu Shifang”, is said to have “a few dozen miles in the east. No one knows his name and medical ethics.”
    As a late Qing Dynasty scholar, Xu Shanyuan had a great dream of saving the world and saving the people when he was young. After he was retired from illness, he became a famous doctor in Dongyuguan. He studied the ancient and modern incurable diseases and was in the village. Opened a half-selling and half-selling Chunhetang pharmacy, and also had medical classics such as “Yizhi Yi Duan” and “Zheng Xuan Xuan Yao”.
    The Xu Family Courtyard is the home of Xu Bingshi, the “three Ata”, built in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of 130 years. Patio, porch, front house, wing room, concierge, main house, yard, etc., also retain the elegance of large families. Nowadays, the Xu Family Courtyard has been repaired and has become a golden signboard in Dongyuguan, welcoming the arrival of the four tourists.
    Zhang Shaofu has been practicing medicine for three generations. At the age of 13, he studied medicine with his father. At the age of 20, he has won the ancestral medical treatment. At that time in Hangzhou, but anyone who suffered a bone injury, there must be someone Amway: hurry to Fuyang orthopedics, find Zhang Shaofu! The so-called “Orthopedics” is the Anyatang in Dongyuguan.
    After Zhang Shaofu moved to Dongpuguan Village with his ancestral medical skills, he sat down to discuss the hanging pots and then set up the predecessor of Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine and Trauma Hospital, Dongshangguan Orthopedic Hospital. Patients from all over the country come here, and they are bustling. Over time, Dongpuguan has gradually become synonymous with “Fuyang bone injury.”
    At noon, the smoke rising from the chimney of the residential house brought us back to the real life. In the courtyard of a villager, the village woman is busy washing vegetables and cooking. The children are playing alongside. Several chickens and ducks are leisurely, walking, foraging, and fighting. This kind of pastoral-style rural life can’t help feeling. So it’s time to be quiet.
     Net red relocation house | Take out ins wind photos
    Jiangshan still needs literati to hold it. Yu Dafu’s full affection for Fuchun’s landscape makes this piece of hot earth rejuvenate with aura and charm, becoming the “dream of Jiangnan” of many literary youths. Nowadays, a few photos of the ins wind make the Dongmeiguan Village’s “most beautiful relocation house” brush the screen circle of friends, and ignite this quiet and long-lasting Jiangnan ancient village.
    This piece of Hangpai New Residence is located in the south of the village. There are 46 buildings in total, which are different from the historical architecture of the ancient village. Traditional ancient buildings and modern dwellings coexist and co-prosper, giving Dongyingguan Village a unique “cross-border temperament”. Just like the concept of Dorsett GS “cross-border SUV”, it spans the boundary between cars and off-road vehicles, and can take you around the crowded city, or you can ride in the rugged mountains.
    The white wall and the tile were stretched into pieces, which were hidden between the flowers and rice fields, and restored the “white wall and black tile, patchwork layout” in Mr. Wu Guanzhong’s paintings. An indescribable quiet beauty, in this world, the landscape and the independence of the world, hit every visitor.
    Different from the large-scale modern bungalows and European-style villas that have emerged in large numbers in rural areas, Hangpai’s new residences are unique and unique. The bare white walls, without too much decoration and color, the large area of ​​white, is ethereal, is a dream, is a color that allows the mind to inhabit.
    The curved roof, the square window and the wooden grille and the hollow wall perfectly realize the crossover of the curved and straight, light and shadow, virtual and real, abstract and concrete, and the delicate and delicate outline of poetry and painting. Jiangnan’s beautiful and graceful.
    Pure white architecture, the appearance is very suitable for taking pictures, the proper hand is a picture of ins wind, romantic and fresh, to ensure that the circle of friends.
    360 degrees from different angles will have different beauty. Every embarrassment makes people fall into a dream, letting people forget stress and stay away from anxiety for a short time.
     Poetry Fuchunjiang | Cycling and strolling
    We drove the Emgrand GS and turned away from a country lane. Driving west along the meandering river, the power system is freely retracted, giving us no small surprises; even if it is bent out of the corner from time to time, it feels that the chassis is still firmly gripped, and no excess shaking is felt; The performance is continuous and stable and impressive.
    In front of the river, the water of Fuchunchun is quiet and flowing. Under the sunshine, there is a shimmering light. On the banks of the river and on the banks of the embankment, there are many green plants growing vigorously, lush and green.
    There is a quaint pavilion on the riverside called “Linjiang Xiaozhu” for visitors to take a nap.
    The official ship’s bow in East Shaoguan is nearby. Dongshangguan Village, a water fortress, used to be very prosperous. From Fuyang to Hangzhou, you must walk from this pier. As time passed, with the development of land transportation, the water transport immediately declined, and the village followed the depression. The ancient ferry terminal gradually faded out of sight.
    After the 1990s, young people have gone out of the country and went to the city to seek a living. After many years, this has become a hometown that cannot be returned, carrying many homesickness.
    There are several bicycle rental points in the village. You can embark on a double four-wheeled bicycle with your little friends. You can enjoy the scenery of the ancient village in a leisurely way, or along the Fuchun River embankment, you can feel the wind and smoke, and the mountains and mountains. The poetic scenery from the stream, anything…”
    Down the embankment, Linjiang has also built a long hydrophilic plank road. You can walk on it and enjoy the Fuchun River view from a close distance. The green plants along the way are lush and lush, which makes people happy.
    The Emgrand GS parked on the river embankment has also become an eye-catching scenery on the Fuchun River. The lines of the car are smooth and beautiful, and they look both stylish and elegant.
     Jiang Jingmei Homestay | Lying down watching the river view stars
    I am thinking, if you can live in such a beautiful Fuchun Mountain map, you can see the river view while lying down, what a pleasant thing. The tour guide said: There is a “most beautiful homestay” in front of you, take you to see.
    This is a B&B in the back of the village, including two houses and a restaurant. Wuyuan, listening to this name, is very basic, but the boss is Shanghai, a 93-year returnee from the United Kingdom, made a special trip to Dongguanguan Village to transform the B&B.
    The property’s original colours of wood are used to create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. The exquisite craftsmanship can be seen everywhere, and with a variety of artistic elements, you can appreciate the uniqueness of the owner.
    The spacious floor-to-ceiling windows and clear windows blur the boundary between the house and nature. Sitting at the window, brewing a pot of tea for yourself, or licking melon seeds, chatting, and looking for a world of indifference between the rivers and mountains.
    The property has a total of 13 rooms spread over two houses. The name of each room is simply an abstract symbol with numbers, but it is made of Chinese calligraphy and traditional characters. It has a classical charm and is so different.
    The rooms are decorated in warm wood tones and the natural texture of natural materials. The design is simple and bright.
    The best view of the river view room, open the balcony floor curtains, the sky blue gas clear, the river is long, the mountains are lush, the mountains are like clouds… The live detachment is a picture of Fuchun Mountain, depending on the wind, the lake is like a piece. The paradise has been taken into the arms.
     Authentic farmhouse food | Fuyang taste on the tip of the tongue
    For the coastal people, Fuchunjiang not only created the beauty of the place, but also created a lot of food, forming a unique and rich food culture. Dongshangguan people living in the river, the most common farmhouse dishes, we tasted in the hotel restaurant, and have a unique flavor.
    Stewed chicken. The chickens in the village are free of any feed. They eat all kinds of small insects and drink clear water. They ensure the tenderness and taste of the chicken meat, and they also taste the taste of yellow wine. Big supplement.
    Fuchunjiang squid. When you come to the Fuchun River, how can you not eat the fish of Fuchunjiang? It is best to say that any fish in Fuchunjiang is eaten, of course, white mullet, squid, and squid. The key is still, delicious and not expensive. What we ate was a big squid that had just been freshly salvaged from the river in the morning. The fish is thick and not tender, and it doesn’t matter if it tastes delicious!
    Wine stuffed buns. This is the intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang Province, and its production techniques have been passed down for two or three hundred years in Fuyang. Different from the reality of the northern steamed buns, Fuyang wine-making steamed buns have the natural effect of enzymes, which are soft and porous, large and full, symbolizing the “full of blessings”. Hot steamed buns, served with a piece of fat but not greasy braised pork, perfect!
    Dried bamboo shoots.
    Taro stewed pork ribs.
    Sauerkraut pig large intestine.
    A few seasonal vegetables, braised eggplant + stir-fried small green vegetables + small fried white.
    Mulian tofu. This is a must-have drink for the heat of the day, the tofu is delicate and smooth, the brown sugar is sweet and pure, one biteGo, full of cool and sweet. Under the big tree at the entrance to the village, the small sales department in the village has bought it before, and will hang out the “Mu Lian Tofu” brand to attract guests.
     Wild Fun Tongzhou Island | People’s Outdoor Beauty Paradise
    On the west side of Dongguanguan Village, there is a natural island floating in the heart of the river, like an emerald embedded in the Fuchun River. It is said that it was named “Tongzhou Island” because of the “medicine holy” Tongjun old man who planted herbs on the continent during the Yellow Emperor period.
    Taking the ferry is the most basic way to get to Tongzhou Island. After arriving at the pier, you can contact the boss of the ship. You can sail from one person and the ticket is 1 yuan/person. With the opening of an inter-island bridge, self-driving tourists can keep driving along the Jiang line and cross the bridge to the island.
    The island still maintains a very natural and natural scenery: the low hills are soothing and undulating, the heights are high, the grass, the rice fields are different in shades of green, and several farmer houses are inlaid… We seem to have come to a new The world”, the natural simplicity and tranquility is its initial business card.
    With the development in recent years, Tongzhou Island has become a paradise for outdoor sports, and many mature amusement projects have been completed here.
    You can ride the wind on a paraglider and experience the freedom of birds. In addition, live CS, high-altitude rock climbing, bamboo rafting, dryland ice hockey, cool tree climbing, jungle zip line, dragon horse line and many other recreational projects for you to choose, play is heartbeat.
    Among them, kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor projects. The unique natural environment of Tongzhou Island makes the water flow in the nearby river surface relatively smooth, which is very suitable for the water sports of kayaking. There are currently two or three kayaking bases on the island.
    Whether it is an adult, a child, or a junior or intermediate player, under the guidance of a professional coach, it is basically easy to get started and experience the rafting in the beauty of the mountains and rivers. Even if it is a slap in the air, it will be released.
    Before returning, you can go to the island’s vineyards, fig gardens, dragon orchards, and pick some fresh food.Take the fruit home.
    The current Tongzhou Island is old and full of vitality. With the rise of the sun and the west, day after day, the Fuchun River is guarded by the day and night, and the prosperity of the ancient village on the opposite side is overlooked.
    As the sun gradually sinks and the surrounding area slowly dims, Dongpuguan Village is still retaining the last sunset of the horizon, like the retreat of the paradise in the suburbs of Hangzhou.
    Under the guarantee of the three high quality of Emgrand GS “high value, high safety and high comfort”, we escaped from the unchanging life in a near-wild way, and came to this quiet rural village to complete once. Swim in the mountains and waters, in time and space, get close to nature, talk to history, and feel the beautiful landscape full of spirituality and heritage in “Fuchun Mountain Residence”.

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