Harbin·Snow Township|Snow is quiet in the sky

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Hello everyone, I am a stranger (love travel, love photography, love food, love crafts, love sports… dream of doing a charity while traveling the world of Jiangnan women ~ ~ ~), is a mysterious and unpredictable Scorpio, hope Here you can share your travel experience and experience with everyone. Welcome everyone to follow my Weibo (Anna_Anqi): http://www.weibo.com/annayiqi
    In the first month of 2014, I was here to watch the world of ice and snow. On the last day of 2014, I went to the north of the motherland with my little friends, and the beautiful city of Harbin, Heilongjiang, decorated with white snow, celebrated with warm and hospitable people. Beautiful 2015, new year and new weather! I wish you all the money! Everything goes well!
    [Total itinerary: Dalian – Harbin – Xuexiang – Harbin – Dalian]
    First come to your own side face, then cold and put the pose well~
    [What to prepare]
    Clothes: on – thermal underwear + sweater + down vest / down jacket + ski suit (rent 150)
    Under – warm autumn pants + trousers / pants / trousers + trousers
    Snow cotton / hiking boots + warm baby
    Additional: plus velvet hat (Lei Feng hat type) + scarf + ski goggles + touch screen gloves + plus velvet gloves + snacks (meat meat ~ ~)
    DAY1 got off work after work, from Dalian to the high-speed rail to Harbin, all the way for 5 hours, watching the “Shenzhen Agent”, a sleep, arrived, the good friend came to the station to pick us up, went to a special style barbecue Shop-Glorious years, everyone is here for the New Year, it is very lively~
    There are also special performances in the evening, really good! ~
    The things here are especially in line with the tastes of the Northeast.
    DAY2 There has been no signal in Xuexiang. It’s really a real wonder of what it’s called a silver-clad, snow-falling fairyland. The villagers here said that wild animals can be seen everywhere in the forest, but it may be because of too many tourists, they are hiding. In the evening, the colorful villages, the red lanterns hanging high, do not have a charm, that is, the weather smells too refreshing.
    Ice and Snow Gallery to see animals (I can’t say that there are no animals at all~~)
    I have to pay for the photo with the deer. . .
    Happy children~
    Haidongqing, ready to catch pheasants
    Hiding in the wooden frame~
    What am I looking for in the snowdrift! ? ?
    Looking at the smog, it’s really a snowy world, except snow or snow.
    I can’t open my eyes! ~
    I won’t forget to take a photo of a long leg.
    Hike through here, the world buried by snow
    Red lanterns are blocked
    Slide the tires, one person and one tire, get the top of the slope and slide down~
    Naughty partner
    Have a good time, Kaisen~
    Snowmobiles are not particularly cool! ! !
    This is the ice sculpture world where my father went, as if it was a miniature version of the world of ice and snow.
    I really like this photo, the father and son under the snowy night.
    There are a lot of such stalls here, things are quite expensive, but the baked sweet potatoes are really delicious, especially sweet! ~
    Snow shovels
    Red lanterns hung high~
    This is a bar. It’s boring at night. You can sit and share the anecdote with friends from all corners of the country.
    In the evening skating rink, there will be many tourists playing here during the day.
    Entering here, the two people in the Northeast turned, I heard that it is still very authentic!
    Day3 rushed to the dream home early in the morning. It was worth taking pictures and playing. Where did Dad go to shoot here? At noon, we had a good lunch and returned to Harbin. I am glad that I didn’t have a cold and experienced the coldest in China. The place is really great!
    Quiet little village
    The ski trails are so high! Too HOLD can’t stop~
    The photographers are all out on the tripod, so professional for this view!
    So, we entered the dream home shooting base
    It’s really worth it to get up early. No one is older than us. It’s great to pat the beauty of no one!
    There is a Guinness record of martial arts performances, full of people are people, really do not like to squeeze in ~
    All wild geese hanging up, a bit cruel
    Silly, you are stupid after all. . .
    Looking at the dream home, it’s really beautiful, isn’t it~
    In the world where snow is bred, the spring season will be beautiful!
    Crossing up~
    The captain is exploring the road ahead, and the young ones are following behind.
    Even if there is no exact route ahead, we must be brave!
    Canon cameras are so resistant to the original battery!
    Eighteen strangers in the Northeast, the local culture seen here, everyone can appreciate it~
    There are no meats in the snowy town. When I come back, I will pick up the 12-inch big burger. The life style of the people of Harbin is also quite high~
    This is a bar, there will be a sing at 8 o’clock, American Western food is not bad~

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