The thousand-year old town on the waterfall

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    Furong Town, Xiangxi, this thousand-year-old town hanging on a waterfall has made me yearning for a long time. After the movie “Furong Town” asked the city, her status and tourism value soared in people’s minds, but the far and difficult journey made many people I am as fearful as ever.
    The Longji Expressway was fully open to traffic at the end of November last year, which shortened the distance between Furong Town and the people. It is a delight to see that the shuttle bus from Phoenix to Furong Town is also taking this road for more than an hour.
    The millennium history and natural scenery of Furong Town has made her the best tourist destination for visiting the ancient times. It is the favorite of my heart. I decided to slow down, stay for a few days, and integrate into history and beauty to forget myself. .
     Furong Town Panorama
     Ancient town in the morning light
     Small waterfall outside the ancient town
     Millennium town on the banks of the Mengdong River
     Ancient town in the morning light
     Classic Tujia architecture in Furong Town
     Red Stone Forest in Guzhang County near Furong Town
     Red Stone Forest in Guzhang County near Furong Town
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     Overall strategy
    The self-help travel seniors are carefully crafted, including food, accommodation, travel, travel, purchase and other content, as well as exclusive cheats, travel intimate collections, worthy of your careful browsing. Ha ha.
     About transportation
    Phoenix, Jishou, Zhangjiajie and other places have shuttle buses to Furong Town, and there are many trains, which is very convenient.
    1. At the Fenghuang Ancient City Bus Terminal, take the shuttle bus to Zhangjiajie City and get off at Furong Town. The journey takes less than 3 hours. There is also a direct shuttle bus to Furong Town, depending on your time.
    2. Jishou Bus West Station and North Station have shuttle buses, and the water runs, more than an hour, 30 yuan. It is recommended to be more convenient at the North Station near the train station.
    3. Zhangjiajie Bus Station (next to the railway station) has a direct bus to Furong Town. The journey takes about 1.5 hours and the fare is 25 yuan.
    4. From Huaihua, you can take the shuttle bus to Guzhang County, and you will go directly to the small noodles of Furong Town.
    5. After the shuttle bus arrives at Furong Town Bus Station, you need to take the Xiaobao Bus 3 yuan to reach the entrance of Guzhen Scenic Spot. If you booked the inn in advance, contact the boss and you will pick up at the bus station.
     About accommodation
    There are a lot of inns in Furong Town, ranging from one hundred to seven hundred and eight hundred. I have experienced 3 inns in 3 days, as follows:
    1. The first day arrived earlier than originally planned. Without prior reservation, it was decided to choose a suitable place to stay outside the scenic spot. Result oneWhen I got off the bus, I was brought to the “Yongshun Tujia Female House” inn by a woman who was close to her home. It was close to the entrance of the scenic spot, the room was poor, the conditions were simple, and the living was very uncomfortable.
    In fact, there are two good inns near the lotus pond outside the scenic spot. The conditions are not high.
    2. Baihe Wharf Inn
    The inn is located in the ancient town of Furong. After entering the gate of the scenic spot, turn right over the Tuwang Bridge and turn right 50 meters. As long as the guest is booking, the boss will come to the town bus station to pick up.
    The rooms have five floors, each of which is the result of the owner’s unique creation, with different styles, from furniture to flooring, unique, yet unified into a nostalgic style.
    I chose to stay in the “Republic of the Republic of China” standard room, the room is the Western style of the Republic of China. One meter two double beds, fireplaces, small cabinets, as well as curtains and floor tiles, all from the blue-green to the western style, let you put yourself in an elegant and elegant living room environment.
    Each room has a large balcony with a large view and is a great place to have a tea chat.
     The exterior of the inn is a classic antique building in the ancient town. The brown-black wooden façade holds the high wings of Xiamen and is beautiful.
     Entering the lobby, the front desk on the left side, is a large wooden tea case in the middle. It is a good place for guests to chat with tea. On the right is a book, suitable for quiet guests who are not used to the bustle.
     On the third floor, there is also a large balcony with elegant environment and a tea bar. It is a good place for friends to talk about it.
     The bed linen is very refreshing and the bedding is of high quality. It should be said that having a good night’s sleep is an inevitable enjoyment for every guest at Baitang Wharf Inn.
     The central air conditioner is silent, the TV is clear, and the wifi signal is strong. The room’s chandeliers, dark lights, bedside spotlights, etc. are bright and have different functions, suitable for watching TV activities and other environments.
     The room has a large balcony with a large view and is a great place to chat with tea.
    3. Furong Town Tianquan Inn
    Furong Town Tianquan Inn has six branches in Furong Town. The locations of the branches are different. The cliff pavilion, Chengyuan Building, Qujingxuan, etc. can be viewed from the sky, and can be quiet, with different styles and tastes. need.
    I stayed at Room 6-201 in Cliff Court. Outside the door is a spacious balcony with a tea view. It is a place where you can enjoy a cup of tea while watching the scenery. Anyone who stays at Tianquan Inn can enjoy a night view of tea at night, which is an indispensable program for travel to Furong Town!
    The 6-201 room is large in size, with a carved bed and a solid wood bed.The head table and the small cabinet all give a feeling of comfort.
    The owner of Tianquan Inn is a very cool and enthusiastic Inner Mongolian man. But the inn was made warm and delicate by him.
     The bed linen is refreshing, the mattress and the double pillow are comfortable, giving the guests a good night’s sleep, which is the inevitable enjoyment of staying at Tianquan Inn.
     Clear TV, strong wifi signal and comfortable lighting
     The hot water is fast, the shower is easy to use, the thick cotton towel, bath towel and towel are complete, the disposable toiletries are of good quality, and there is also a small bottle of hair care and body lotion, which is very thoughtful.
     About food
    This time in Furong Town, it took a long time to get along with the two innkeepers. I also had some special Tujia dishes and local dishes from Furong Town in the two inns and recommended restaurants.
     “Galaxy Mountain Villa” next to Baihe Wharf
     Tujia specialty wax pig face
     With the special rice wine
     Boiled small river fish
     Sour beanBelow is the kitchen secret of Tianquan Inn.
     Green garlic prawn
     Tujia wax pig feet
     Tujia special pepper
     Tujia pickled fish
    The most common snacks in Furong Town are of course rice tofu; there are ginger sugar, large and small bags; there is also a homemade yogurt shop on Stone Street, which is very good.
     About shopping
    After a few days of wandering, it is necessary to have something to harvest. Recommended several:
    1. Furong town bacon, smoked from pure homemade green pork, 35 yuan a catty.
    2. Small fish is also good
     Into Furong Town
    Note: Below the text is the corresponding piece
     On the first day, enjoy the red stone forest in the last sunshine.
    In the afternoon, from the phoenix to Furong Town, getting off the bus is a bit embarrassing, I wonder where the ancient town is? It is still necessary to take a small bread of 3 yuan, that is, the bus can go to the ancient town. No wonder the innkeeper who made the reservation asked me to pick it up. But I booked tomorrow, come one day in advance, ready to look for an inn, and move on tomorrow. When I got off the bus, I was greeted by a woman to her home. Outside the scenic spot, the conditions were very poor. I didn’t know how to agree. Always carrying an eager baggage.
    There are two small scenic spots outside the scenic spot. The entrance to the scenic spot goes to the right. There is a red military house. There are some exhibitions inside. This is mainly an old house. You can have a look. Further forward is a lotus square, the environment is good, surrounded by old houses, it seems to be the same time to shoot “Fo Rongzhen’s attractions. There is a good inn next to the price, the price is not high, the conditions are a little away from the entrance to the scenic spot Further.
    Crossing the square is a small waterfallCloth, the tourists who come to Furong Town are almost unknown. This is the upper reaches of the waterfall in the scenic area. The small waterfall is also very beautiful. It is surrounded by crude oil cauliflower, which is dazzling and beautiful under the sunshine of Lili. Then you can walk along the river to the stone bridge at the entrance of the village. The straight road is a scenic spot for the toll. There are security guards. When you cross the bridge, you will return to the inn outside the scenic spot.
     The lantern hanging on the left is a nice inn.
    After 3:00 went back, I came to two small couples in Chengdu, and let the boss find the car and went to Hongshilin. Originally, the Raiders said that there is a bus, but the bus in the off-season is definitely not open, and the chartered car is around 150.
    The Red Stone Forest is next to Guzhang County, which is not the boundary of Yongshun County. It is about 15 kilometers from Furong. Tickets 168 are more expensive, more than 60 and students can get a discount of 90,75 or more.
     The three above are the entrance to the scenic spot, and the sun will fall.
    When we arrived, the sun had not completely fallen. It was very beautiful on the Red Stone Forest. We walked a little ahead of the map to the core scenic spot. A pool of quiet water reflected the gorgeous red stone forest. It was especially beautiful in the sun. The sun is not falling before taking pictures, very beautiful pictures. The stone forest on the other side is inferior. There are many small roads around to stretch out. We took enough reflections and tried to walk a little. It didn’t feel good. The sun gradually fell, so we didn’t go any more. We went back to the exit, less than 2 hours, if it went inside. It takes about 2.5 hours to travel all. It is worthwhile to come to enjoy the good sunshine. If the rain is cloudy, the red will not show its gorgeous color in the absence of light, and it will lose the charm of the attraction.
     Core scenic spot
     This special like “stone lotus”
    After returning to the inn after the tour, it was more than 7:00 in the evening, and I had a meal at the inn.
     The next day, Furong Town Leisure
    Furong Town ticket price 120, preferential price 85, not implemented national regulations, how is it not a national official attraction? Since I didn’t buy a ticket yesterday, I didn’t want to come out when I lived in the scenic spot today. Going to work at 8:00, before entering the unmanned. After work at 6:00, I came in to enjoy the night scene and I was left unattended.
    It came in at 7:00, and gradually many people who stayed outside came in at this time. From the top to the waterfall, although it is just spring, but the water is not small.
    You can also walk around the waterfall and walk inside the water curtain, which is very fun. There is also a stone cave behind the waterfall, which is a site that was first inhabited by natives. The entire scenic spot is surrounded by waterfalls, and the ancient houses on both sides of the river form an arc. The close contact between the waterfall and the dwellings is a rare and unique landscape of Furong Town.
    At this moment, I feel the charm of Furong Town quietly. In Xiangxi, Furong Town and Longshan Liye Town, and the town of Puxi in Huaxi, Huayu Chayu Town is also known as the “Four Famous Towns” in history. It is one of the historical and cultural ancient towns recognized by the state. In the same year, Director Xie Jin found this place for the film “Furong Town”, which promoted the development and improvement of Furong Town. From then on, Wangcun became a well-known Furong Town.
    After watching the waterfall, I walked on the stone street, the stepped alleys, the winding streets, the Tujia sloping wooden building in Yishui Yiyi, but there were too many commercial shops, and the house built a shelter, which affected The original taste of Slate Street. According to historical records, there were more than 560 shops in Furong Town during the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang years. I wonder if there were such shelters at that time?
    Today, I stayed at the newly opened “White River Pier Inn”, nostalgic style.
    The sun came out, and the lovely sunshine in the morning hit the old house in the millennium old town. There was a long-lost feeling in my heart.
    The Baihe Wharf Inn has always had a viewing platform to the right, and then it can go straight to the opposite side of the waterfall. There is a small pavilion. This is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of Furong Town. I have been sitting here for more than an hour. Wangcun is not big. If I only visit for a long time and add one night, I decided to stop here and let my heart calm down. It is an indispensable part of my trip to stay with the ancient town for two days.
     Furong Town Panorama
     Panorama of Furong Town centered on a waterfall
     This is taken on the balcony of a waterfront restaurant on Stone Street, and the angle is not bad. But generally have to eat to enterCome to shoot.
     This photo was taken in the sunshine of a waterfront restaurant on Stone Street, and the angle is not bad. But generally you have to eat to come in and shoot.
    After the afternoon break, I accompanied my husband to the opposite side of the waterfall, but the weather was not good, and it was still raining.
    Then along the riverside path, you can walk all the way to the courtyard of the Tuwang Palace. The buildings are all old houses with scattered features, rich in features, and related exhibitions of the Xiangxi bandits. Here is the place where the Tuwang of the rich side of the year chose to build a summer resort. When the husband was off, Wanfu was not open. Inside the labyrinth, it took a long time to find the exit. Otherwise, it is necessary to have tickets for the scenic spot from this port. The mountain path opposite the waterfall is connected to this place.
    Visitors are wandering around Stone Street and the waterfall, and almost no one comes to the pavilion opposite the waterfall to enjoy the panoramic view.
     There is a viewing platform that can be photographed close to the waterfall.
    In the evening, I came to the opposite side of the waterfall to enjoy the night view. The night scene created by Furong Town was also a great effort. The unified pumpkin lanterns of the family, as well as the red lanterns, and the waterfalls with colorful lights, were dazzling and gorgeous.
     On the third day,
    Today, there is no rain, just to visit the ancient alley.
    First come to the square at the entrance to the scenic spot, there is a magnified statue of the Xizhou copper pillar.
     The stage building on the side of the square is called the “hand-handling hall”, which is the place where the Tujia people danced in the festival. The style is classic and beautiful, and the artistic value is high.
     All wooden structures
     On the other side of the square is the earth king, which should be a new building.
    Then enter the Shiban Street from the Paifang to enjoy it. I saw Xie Jin’s “Movie Pictorial Exhibition Hall”, which contains many movie pictorials of the year, and reminds me of some scenes of that era.
    There is also a “Xizhou Copper Column” exhibition hall, which is the only national key cultural relic of Furong Town. The real copper pillar is here. In 940 AD, the king of Chu, Ma Xifan and Xizhou, the thorns of Peng Shizhen, fought for many years, and concluded a covenant, arranging and smelting, and casting 5,000 pounds of copper as evidence. According to the history of the cut: “After the Jin Tianfu four years (AD 939), the history of the Xizhou thorns Peng Shizhen and the king of Chu, Ma Xifan, who occupied Hunan at that time, the battle of Xizhou. After the defeat of Peng Shizhen in the post-Jin Tianfu five years (AD 940) and Ma Xifan negotiated and engraved the passage of the war and the terms of the discussion on the copper pillar. The copper pillar weighed five kilograms, the height of two feet, the six hearts into the earth, the shape of eight sides, hollow, the real money, the column end covered with copper Top, swearing on the copper pillar, standing in Huixi, Song Tianyi two years (AD 1018) when re-established, but also engraved some of the name of the official. Now covered in the glass, photo reflection, just a commemoration.
    At noon, the owner of Baihe Wharf Inn invites to eat, and the newly opened inn invites the guests’ opinions.
     Eat on the brazier while roasting, feeling at home.
    After the break, I moved to the “Tianquan Inn”. The owner of this inn was very enthusiastic. I didn’t meet up on the phone and gave me the original 300 Chengyuan Building. I upgraded to more than 600 cliff-viewing waterfall viewing rooms, and invited dinner with several other Beijing friends in the evening.
    The light rain has been sloping underground, and I have lived in the viewing room. The entire waterfall village is at the foot, and I have not gone out in the afternoon. I have been sitting in the room or on the balcony.
    In the evening, the sun smiled again, and the beautifully hit the village in front of him. Before I left, I always envied the Furong Town Waterfall in the online sunshine. I thought that my March trip was a rainy season and I would not have such good luck. Unexpectedly, from the time of coming out to the present, as long as it is an important spot for the full sun, the old innocent is to care for me.
    At night, the boss came from Beijing.A friend, they tasted the local Tujia dishes together, otherwise only two people are really not easy to eat. In fact, the boss has never known my identity, but it is also like a friend, hospitality to experience his home is a very good choice.
    The three-day leisure trip to Furong Town is over and will return in the morning. How much do you have to give up, or say goodbye. I remembered the owner of Tianquan Inn, a man from Inner Mongolia, but stayed in Furong Town because of his likes. One family and one opened the inn. The goal is one hundred chains. I really admire this courage and spirit from my heart.
    May his goal be realized, may I have the reason to come to Furong Town.
    Goodbye, the thousand-year-old town on the waterfall, goodbye, the wonderful place in my heart.

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