Hong Kong-Shenzhen Tour New surprises in a series of two cities

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Photo Author: Pimpin three sub
    When I started writing this article, I suddenly found that Hong Kong has been returning for 20 years. I can’t help but sigh that time has passed. The changes in the Mainland and Hong Kong have been much better over the years. However, it’s always the same for Hong Kong. A relationship!
    For a long time, I watched Hong Kong dramas and spent one winter and another, from “Big Times” to “Fire Guns and Tenderness”, from “Heaven and Earth” to “Fire and Ambition”, to the later stage. Heart Storm, “Sneak Sniper” and so on. From the fate of the little people in the background of the big era, to the grievances of the big family, and then to the professionals in all walks of life in Hong Kong, through a small screen, they seem to be familiar with the big and small things in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong drama about the meaning of love, family, and the way people do things, did not dare to say that changed my life, but at least in the world outlook and values ​​have had a great impact on me.
    Until 2012, I finally came to Hong Kong for the first time. When I walked on the street, I was familiar with the scenes that I could not be familiar with: the big red TAXI, the street bus, waiting for the Star Ferry. The dock, the scene of the film and television scenes in tandem with my memories of Hong Kong. The office workers who are rushing in the footsteps, the teahouses who drink tea and read newspapers, are not strangers to me. I treat myself as a Hong Kong person to feel Hong Kong. It was also because for the first time, after that, it was out of control and liked to explore the city. It is necessary to travel twice a year. Later, because of the working relationship, it is even more lucky to come to Hong Kong many times.
    Naturally, I especially admire the Shenzhen people. Not only do they first come into contact with Hong Kong culture, but they can also take a pass card and say they will leave. We live in a city far away from Hong Kong, sometimes go to Shenzhen to enter Hong Kong first; or play in Hong Kong, stay back to Shenzhen, not only affordable, but also can play two cities at the same time.
    The last trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, I chose some relatively small routes, and return to Shenzhen to return, the ticket price is cheaper, also found a good place to see scenery and play in Shenzhen, please follow me On this trip to discover.
    Hong Kong
    ◆The first stop of the Discovery Tour: Golden Bauhinia Square
    Speaking of the symbol of Hong Kong, I believe that everyone is most familiar with the Golden Bauhinia Square. It has “the ever-blooming Bauhinia” and is also the symbol of Hong Kong’s return. However, this trip of discovery, we should not be so dull, and don’t just look at the golden flower, please continue to extend to the coast.
    It is the famous Wanchai Wharf with a wide coastal walkway overlooking the Kowloon Peninsula. When the weather is good, you can see the helicopter landing on the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel. I’ve been thinking about going west, and I’m still looking at the bustling Central from another perspective.
    Looking at Central from Wan Chai Ferry Pier
    Recently, the Golden Bauhinia Square is the most eye-catching, and it is also the completion of the Hong Kong Anime Waterfront Park. 30 anime statues based on the proportion of real people are all from local original anime images. There are well-known old masters, 13 points, McDull, etc., and take a photo with your favorite cartoon star!
    ◆ Discovery Tour 2nd Station: Centralpier
    Located in the most important section of Hong Kong, the Central Pier is across the sea from the Star Ferry Pier on the Kowloon Peninsula. After several integrations, the existing Central Pier has combined the functions of several terminals in the past into one. A large port at the dock, where you can take a boat to many islands such as Cheung Chau Island and Lamma Island.
    Of course, in addition to being an important function of the port, Central Pier will also have a lot of fun projects, such as the main station of BIG BUS, the Maritime Museum, Hong Kong’s largest Apple flagship store and so on. If you want to walk to visit the tall buildings in Hong Kong, you can walk slowly along the pedestrian bridge, which is undoubtedly the best choice.
    Finally, we recommend the new landmark of the Central Pier – the Central Motorcycle Skywheel. The 20-storey white Ferris wheel is particularly pure under the sunlight.
    Every time you ride the Ferris wheel, you can enjoy 3 laps of the round; the constant temperature equipment in the car is comfortable in any season; and the free Wi-Fi is available here to meet the needs of anytime, anywhere.
    ◆ Discovery Tour Third Station: Taipingshan
    At this station, we came to Taiping Mountain, the highest peak of Hong Kong Island. The way to climb the Taiping Mountain can choose bus, walk, etc. The most recommended one is of course the Peak Tram, which was originally used to carry the mountain residents up and down the mountain. The century-old transportation has become the most unexplored experience.
    Because the slope of the Peak Tram reaches an angle of 45 degrees, it will be very exciting whether standing or sitting, and the vision will change with the rise of the cable car.
    After boarding the Victoria Peak, you can overlook the two sides of Victoria Harbour, or you can go shopping, enjoy food, and visit the Peak Market. Because of its good vision, it is the best choice for visitors to watch the night scenes of Hong Kong.
    If time permits, you can continue to walk along the mountain road, ancient street lamps, lush vegetation, you will find the quiet beauty of Hong Kong.
    In the afternoon after a rain
    I saw a fairyland view on the Victoria Peak.
    Taiping Mountain, with its pleasant environment and broad vision, is now one of the highest-priced areas in Hong Kong. Many stars and billionaires buy homes here as an investment and a place for leisure and holiday.
    ◆ Discovery Tour 4th Station: Stanley
    Continue to the south of Hong Kong Island, we came to the beautiful Stanley, different from the rushing rhythm in the city, full of free-flowing atmosphere.
    Victorian architecture of Murray House, Chinese traditional dayAfter the temple, you can feel the collision of Chinese and foreign cultures; you can bargain at the Stanley Market, let you experience the deep Hong Kong market well; the breeze sends the cool waterfront, the silhouette of the sailboat, let you think that you came to a certain southern Europe Coastal town…
    Tin Hau Temple
    Murray House
    Go to the bar street for a cocktail, watch the sunset and watch the tourists stroll down the beach. Please let go of your troubles and enjoy this wonderful time.
    If you want to play Stanley, it is best to choose the weekend, because there are basically fairs on the weekend. In the market, there are not only Hong Kong-based designer products, but also a wide variety of creative products from clothing, handicrafts, and commemorative objects from all over the world.
    ◆ Discovery Tour 5th Station: Hong Kong Disneyland
    Take a Mickey train, let’s go to Lantau!
    Located in the mountains surrounded by Hong Kong Disneyland, it is a veritable fairy tale paradise, which combines the fun of California Disneyland with other Disneyland, and has the experience of localization in Hong Kong, definitely making you worthwhile.
    Take a Hong Kong Disneyland map and stroll along the “American Town Street” to see how Walt Disney’s home is; move forward to the “fantasy world” and let the fairy tale dream come true; in “Tomorrow’s World”, You can experience the latest high-tech play experience; you can’t miss the jungle adventure in “Exploration World”; the “Anti-Fighting Base Camp” is a theme area that is unique to Hong Kong; the “Wild Manor” haunted house adventure will challenge your courage. And the most exciting “Grizzly Valley” is waiting for your scream.
    The second time I came to Hong Kong Disneyland, I took all the key items I missed before, and I would like to recommend [Lion King Performance], [Mickey Fantasy Journey] and [Blur Manor]. I am not spoiled. Go yourself. Experience it!
    Lion King Performance
    Blurred manor
    In order to welcome the upcoming Halloween, Hong Kong Disneyland has prepared an indispensable makeup party. Micky and Friends have led a group of friends, put on Halloween costumes, and greet friends and family on the town street. The event will continue. By October 31, don’t miss it!
    For more details, please refer to my previous article: Childhood is incomplete? It is better to come to Hong Kong Disneyland!
    ◆ Discovery Tour 6th Station: Lantau Island
    Lantau Island, Hong Kong, is famous for the world’s largest bronze Buddha, the Big Buddha. In order to meet the steady flow of passengers, a 5.7-kilometer cable car route was built: Ngong Ping 360, which connects Lantau to Tung Chung and Ngong Ping. It takes at least 40 minutes to take the cable car than to take the bus.
    Sitting on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, you are ready to open a 360-degree unobstructed viewing mode for half an hour. From the high buildings of Tung Chung to the mountains and rivers of Lantau; from Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport to the Big Buddha, The beauty of Hong Kong is unobstructed. Because the car is a wind-permeable design, the cable car can feel the breeze while traveling, enjoying the intimacy with nature.
    From the high-altitude look at the green wild mountain forest, there are cute cattle grazing; on the pedestrian path, there are backpackers who are trying to climb the mountain, say hello to them, they will certainly hear!
    Hong Kong Airport can be seen on Ngong Ping 360
    After taking the Ngong Ping 360 up the mountain, the first thing I met was a commercial street. I recommended the “Hui Kee Long” here. Their salty lemon seven is famous for its delicious taste.
    Of course, you have to be vegetarian when you come to the Buddhist holy place. The vegetarian food of “Ngong Ping Restaurant” is also featured in Hong Kong cuisine.
    If you are full of food and drink, then try to use your feet to experience the magic of nature! After crossing the Temple of Heaven on Ngong Ping Road, as the pace progresses, you will find that the noisy and prosperous Hong Kong has disappeared. Tall trees are the result of centuries of growth; the lush moss is a testament to the long absence of sunshine. Through the jungle, there is a small path leading to another unknown hill, follow the feeling for a while, there is a Google map, you can always help you find the way back.
    ◆ Discovery Tour 7th Station: Bauhinia Cruise
    After experiencing the beauty of the scenery, we will return to Victoria Harbour in the last stop, and experience one of the four most beautiful night scenes in the world in a way that is not too slow: the Bauhinia Cruise.
    Boarding the Bauhinia Cruise and setting sail from the North Ferry Terminal at North Point will begin a two-hour dinner and scenic tour. There is a rich buffet on the boat, accompanied by jazz sing, the atmosphere is beautiful and romantic. After the meal, board the top of the boat to see the scenery on both sides of the river. You may also wish to record your beautiful shadow.
    You can choose the route from 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock to see the sunset of Victoria Harbour. You can also choose the time from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock to watch the night light show of Victoria Harbour.
    Thousands of mountains and waters are always in love, eight streets and nine strangers are yours, you have seen the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, and you have also walked through the mountains of Hong Kong. This discovery journey has come to an end, and then I entered Shenzhen with me. Go see a different kind of paradise.
    ◆ Discovery Tour: Eastern OCT
    After crossing the Shekou Port, the car began to travel to the northeast of Shenzhen. We are going to the OCT in the east of Shenzhen. This is a comprehensive resort, which is a combination of theme parks, tourist towns and resorts. Because it is close to Damei Beach, it has a wide area and it has become a good place to enjoy the scenery.
    The entire eastern OCT park mainly includes six sections including Grand Canyon, Cha Valley, Yunhai Valley, Dahuaxing Temple and Theme Hotel. The content of the game is varied from outdoor large-scale rides to ecological experiences and cultural performances. Travelers of all ages are suitable.
    In the OCT East, the most impressive thing is to take a forest train, this fairy-tale journey between the Big Turn Train Station and Interlaken Railway Station. The air is fresh and beautiful along the way, and the mountains are close to the water and the reflections are interesting. The small villas in the European-style villas make people feel the illusion of being in Europe.
    The entire eastern OCT covers an area of ​​nearly 9 square kilometers. It takes two days to play slowly. It is recommended to stay in a hotel in the scenic area for one night and it will be easier to play.
    Hong Kong-Shenzhen Twin Cities Traffic Tips:
    Mainland passengers transiting from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, the commonly used ports are:
    1. Luohu Port (6:30-24 every day:00 customs clearance): After passing the customs, there is a direct subway to the city centre of Hong Kong;
    2. Huanggang Port (24-hour customs clearance): You can take the bus to various central areas of Hong Kong after passing the customs clearance;
    3. Shenzhen Bay Port (6:30-24:00 daily clearance): Provide one-stop inspection for passenger cars in Hong Kong and Shenzhen;
    4, Futian Port (6:30-22:30 customs clearance every day): After crossing the customs, you can connect to the Hong Kong subway.
    After experiencing the changes of the years and the accumulation of humanities, each city will have its own unique temperament, and it will also have a bit of worthwhile recollection. Just like Hong Kong, I have been there many times, but every time I can find new surprises and emotions, I think this is also the real value of travel: discover more beauty! I hope this article will bring you a little inspiration and make your Hong Kong Shenzhen trip more new discoveries.
    For more details on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen tourist routes, please click:

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