Hot spring health comes to Yunman, parent-child romance number first (starting)

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What kind of place is this, so that many guests are dragging their families to take a long trip to vacation? What are the different charms here, so that the guests willingly wait in advance to wait in line to stay here for two days? On the occasion of the New Year, I am fortunate to work with my family to unlock it –
    Although it is already in the cold winter season, it is still sunny and white clouds fluttering. The exterior of the building is like a fairytale castle in Europe. The environment is elegant, the reflections are picturesque, the simplicity and the fashion are the same. Here is the Yunman Hot Spring Hotel in Hangzhou First World Hotel.
     Hot spring health to Yunman
    Located in the First World Hotel in Songcheng, Hangzhou, Yunman Hot Spring takes a Japanese design and layout. Under the blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by green trees, it sparkles like a tropical rainforest. Adjacent to Xianghu Lake, it is a hot spring resort paradise in the bustling city. Hangzhou citizens are more blessed. You can enjoy the tropical rainforest hot spring bath without leaving your home.
    Tropical Rainforest Bubble Spring (Graphic / Love Flu)
    The tropical rainforest bubble spring is a dynamic bubble pool, with a variety of health functions such as bubbles and massage. It is also the largest pool of Yunman Hot Spring.
    Tropical Rainforest Bubble Pool (Graphic / Love Flu)
    Hangzhou Yunman Hot Springs combines hot spring leisure and holiday tourism. After testing and certification by the national authority, Hangzhou Yunman Hot Spring belongs to the bicarbonate spring. In addition to the conventional ingredients, there are trace elements such as lanthanum, cerium, lanthanum and fluorine. Among them, the cerium content reaches 150.9 Becker, which reaches the quality of physiotherapy hot mineral water. standard. The spring water has a great effect on the metabolism of human tissues and skin, especially for relieving nervous tension, beauty degreasing, and medical fitness. The tropical rainforest hot springs in the metropolis will bring an unparalleled soaking experience.
    Yunman Hot Spring adopts a harmonious architectural style that restores the essence of the bathing culture. Tropical rainforest, exotic. The original soup tribe, Xianqi 氤氲. The water is natural, magical and unique. It has 33 pools in the four areas of Rainforest Bubble Spring, Yuantang Tribe, Xiangju Huashe and Tianzhu Caotang. It enjoys the perfect experience of health and leisure in the natural environment.
    Rose soup (graphic / love flu)
    Here is the rose soup of Xiangju Huashe, which is a must-have for women, which is a must-have for beauty.
    Bath (graphic / love flu)
    Baths, ginseng soup and other traditional Chinese medicine baths are the preference of middle-aged and elderly people.
    Milk bath (graphic / love flu)
    The milk bath and aloe bath are more popular among young and beautiful people, and they are always full of laughter and laughter. In addition, the original soup tribe of Qingtang pays more attention to the special health effects of the hot spring water itself. In addition, Yunman Hot Spring has green tea pool, Shouwu pool, wine pool, etc. It can also go to dry steam room and slate bath. In short, in Hangzhou Yunman There is always a hot spring for you.
    The bubble hot springs can also be turned around in a tropical rainforest environment to see the bridges and goldfish play. Great vacation experience.
    1. Bathe in the hot spring before bathing to ensure that the soup pool is hygienic and drink plenty of warm water.
    2. Hot spring water contains a variety of mineral elements, which can keep fit, but it should not be soaked for a long time. According to the physical condition, you need to rest and drink water every 15-30 minutes to adjust to re-enter the pool.
    3. People with heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases or frail patients and alcoholics should not enter the pool for hot spring baths.
    Fish therapy pool (graphic / love flu)
    This is a kiss fish pool: the Turkish hot spring fish known as the “bacterial scavenger”, close to the human skin, foraging aging cortex, bacteria and pore excretion, so as to achieve the pores of the body, the discharge of body waste and toxins. When you first enter the pool, it will be itchy. After a while, you will feel more and more comfortable. It can accelerate the body’s metabolism, and it has the effect of beauty and longevity. Fish therapy pool is charged separately: 39 yuan / person.
    Yunman Hot Spring Opening Time: Monday to Friday: 12:30-22:30, Saturday and Sunday (legal holidays): 10:30-22:30.
    At night, Yunman Hot Springs is shining, nearly 10,000 colorful lightings, dozens of exquisitely crafted cute pets, and the hot springs are dotted into the beautiful Milky Way.
    On the occasion of the New Year, Yunman Hot Springs also launched the hot spring winter festival and the pigs and the exotic performances to make your Yunman Spa experience more colorful.
    Walking through the long wooden corridor, the mist is lingering, and under the wooden structure of the spring house, a hot spring is scattered and beautiful, making people warm and ready.
    Take a walk through the lantern-filled cloister of the Japanese-style building, experience the mysterious and dreamy tropical rainforest, walk freely through the beautiful forest trails, and then enjoy the Maya Style Show, Fairy Flying, and Disco in Love. “Tiangong Flash Show” and other wonderful water dance show.
    Maya style show (graphic / love flu)
    Fairy Flying (Graphic / Love Flu)
    Tiangong fast flash show (graphic / love flu)
    Yunman Hot Spring Performance Timetable (Graphic/Love Flu)
    Here, we will provide you with a time and venue table for the Yunman Hot Springs show. Don’t miss it.
    Or soak in the pond to recuperate, or stroll along the water to listen to the flowers. Away from the city, feel the integration of rainforest style and hot spring health, and enjoy the realm of “Heaven and Man”. The rest hall of Hangzhou Yunman Hot Spring is also equipped with tea and some health massage items: such as massage… The hot springs are so tired that you can put on a bath towel and massage while eating fruits to relax your body and mind.
    At the First World Hotel in Hangzhou and the Yunman Hot Springs, you and her warmth, just now kicked off, let us step into the colorful world, let the lovely pig pigs take us to experience happiness. Big world –
     Pigman Parade
    On the occasion of the New Year to the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, Hangzhou First World Hotel launched the Pig Man Carnival, happy to welcome the New Year, and added a strong atmosphere for the fun and leisure of the family.
    This is the big parade and performance of Pig Man and his little girlfriend at the Big World Hotel.
    The pig parade has attracted many families with children to come here to interact with each other and have fun.
    Hey, kids and pigs are taking pictures together and have fun!
    and then? Then Pig Man and his little girlfriend became the stars of the first world hotel, and they also opened a star meeting! NB!
    At the First World Hotel in Hangzhou, there are also games suitable for parents, such as catching dolls, children’s theme parks, etc., to fully let children experience the joy of the holiday. Play a high-tech parent-child paradise and live in a five-star hotel to experience a different leisure time.
    Children’s Games Theme Park (Graphic / Love Flu)
    Professional gym (graphic / love flu)
    Opposite the children’s theme park is the gym, billiard room, etc., so that adults and children have to play, each needs, consider very thoughtful.
     Southeast Asia Wind World
    Stepping into the lobby of the First World Hotel in Hangzhou, it is like coming to Southeast Asia, where you can see large Thai accessories and sculptures. The precipitation and quality of the hotel can be seen from the solemn elegance of the front desk facilities.
    The Thai-style front desk is warm and welcoming, no matter how many guests, fast and orderly.
    There is also free tea at the front desk, and there is a service of scanning code to charge the treasure. It is very intimate.
    The tropical rainforest hall in Southeast Asia has a large leisure area, and the material of rattan bamboo teak makes people feel like a holiday in Southeast Asia. It is also very convenient to provide a variety of tea drinks and fine pastries.
    Thai-style carvings and architecture can be seen everywhere. It feels like this is a Southeast Asian hotel.
    This is the entrance to the Yunman Hot Springs at First World Hotel, where the hotel and the hot springs blend together for a convenient guest experience and stay.
    Exquisite hanging paintings on the walls of public areas, exquisitely carved Buddha statues, and simple and harmonious Zen, is there a kind of rush to go abroad? !
     Tongue pleasure world
    At the First World Hotel, there are not only fun games, exciting performances, and health spas… the food here is not to be missed:
    Lijiang Hall (graphic/influenza)
    The cuisine of the First World Hotel allows guests to rush to find food, and three meals a day can be enjoyed at the hotel. This is the Lijiang Hall in the tropical rainforest of the atrium, where you can taste delicious and exquisite banquets.
    Delicate dish dessert (graphic / love flu)
    A cold and delicious dish (graphic / love flu)
    Double-flavored chicken shrimp (graphic/influenza)
    Tieguanyin tea fish (graphic / love flu)
    Casserole Dongpo Meat (Graphic/Love Flu)
    Pig bag (graphic / love flu)
    I like this super cute pig bag, it looks good and delicious, just to see if you are willing to give up.
    Of course, if you don’t want to have a banquet, you can go to Taixiangge to taste Longquanshan cuisine, or taste the favorite buffet in the jungle restaurant. There is always a taste that suits your taste, so that you can pick the tip of your tongue and come to the first world to realize the taste buds.
    Tropical Jungle Restaurant (Graphic / Love Flu)
    In the tropical jungle restaurant, a special area has been specially prepared for children. Many cartoon animal toys and tableware are also customized for children. It is obvious how hard it is!
    This is my favorite dessert dessert, the peach kernel inside is super delicious.
    The seating in the tropical jungle restaurant is also the zebra’s graphic, which is very original to the tropical zoo.
    After tasting the delicious, you can also go to the KTV of the first world, I believe that you are the strongest sound.
    Or take a break in the rooms of the First World Hotel, as the rooms here are a great place to experience a comfortable holiday. Through the hotel’s spacious, bright and luxurious public areas, the Sightseeing Glass Elevator comes to the guest room floor.
    The elevators on the floors are as big as the hotel lobby, and it is still a strong Southeast Asian style, so you can get drunk and can’t wait to go to the room to see –
     Romantic and warm world
    Staying at the First World Hotel in Hangzhou, the couple’s view double bed room, Southeast Asian Thai classical romantic fusion of fresh and natural original tropical rainforest wind, fresh welcome fruit placed on the coffee table near the terrace.
    The oversized terrace of nearly 20 square meters allows guests to enjoy the sun and the sun.
    Looking out from the terrace, you can see the high dome like a cobweb-like glass sky steel structure. The garden is filled with tropical rainforest plants, giving you the feeling of being completely in the rainforest, both freehand and original.
    The couple’s view double bed room is very bright, the decoration and accessories are rich and elegant, elegant and refined. Solid wood furniture reveals the scent of the logs and the heavy temperament.
    The wall is covered with elephant prints from Southeast Asia. The two-meter-wide solid carved bed room is stable and warm, the linen is neat and tidy, and the four healthy sleep pillows have moderate softness. The fresh rose petals are warmly decorated with beds, making the gentle and romantic endless extension…
    The bedside retro candle-type table lamp is like a court, convenient touch switch, intimate all kinds of mobile phone charging plugs, smooth free WiFi, see the quality of the hotel in the details.
    Lying on the large leisure sofa, flipping through a legend of ancient love, let the couple landscape bed room through the classical romantic feelings.
    No need to use too much language, everything in the room silently shows the taste and quality of the hotel…
    Use the free pure water provided by the First World Hotel in Hangzhou to make two cups of fragrant tea, and share the love with dear.
    The dry and wet partitions of the bathroom of about 8 square meters are reasonable, and the retro style of the Southeast Asian rooms continues.
    The small toiletries are very cartoon and parent-child, and the baby toilet is prepared for the children. The hotel’s parent-child cards are everywhere.
    The bathroom is transparent and visually appealing, and it looks stylish and avant-garde. The induction light source used in the bathroom enters the bathroom, and the light is automatically illuminated to avoid the nighttime paralysis and is very humanized.
    It’s the night, open a bag of hotel-friendly bath salts, filled with rose petals in the warm bathtub, accompanied by elegant music, let the romantic endless rogue… belongs to you and her romantic holiday First world!
    Hangzhou First World Hotel also prepared a delicate and nutritious day and night: Dessert Tremella Soup and Dim Sum, caring for every minute and second…
     Caring service world
    At the First World Hotel in Hangzhou, check-out is not waiting. Put the room card into the fast check out magic kingdom box at the front desk of the hotel, you can walk away, and get the tedious rhythm of daily check out in seconds!
    Then, if you are interested in time, you can also look at the Songli Derivatives area around Hangzhou Songcheng in the lobby. The production is very exquisite, and you are still very cute. Maybe you have a favorite one!
    Round-trip airport bus sign at the hotel reception (graphic/influenza flu qlg920)
    Hangzhou First World Hotel and Yunman Hot Springs also provide guests with convenient transportation services. From December 30, 2018, the hotel opened a bus to and from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, 3 flights a day, convenient round-trip, fare 20 yuan / person.
    Airport bus timetable (graphic / love flu qlg920)
    In the hotel’s parking lot, there is a special Xianghu Airport bus line. The Xiaoshan Airport shuttle bus stops at the pick-up point. It is very clear. Guests can scan the code online to purchase tickets, or buy tickets at the hotel. It is very convenient.
    Round-trip airport bus (graphic/influenza)
    This is a brand new bus to and from the airport. I personally experienced the shuttle bus at 11:15 on December 30, 2018. It is safe, comfortable and fast. It takes 40 minutes from the Great World Hotel to Xiaoshan Airport.
     [PS] Other modes of transportation
    Get off at Xianghu Station on the 2nd subway station and walk 200 meters to Xianghu Bus Station and turn to 712/1594 Road, Hangzhou Paradise North Square, and then go to the First World Hotel.
    K515 (interval): Near Jiang Community – Songcheng Hangzhou Paradise (get off at Songcheng Hangzhou Paradise Station)
    K327: Wushan Square – Linpu Bus Station (get off at Xianglifang Station) Ways: Hu Xueyan’s former residence, South Bus Station, East China Furniture Market Station, all on the train.
    K659 Road: Tonghui Road Bus Station – Xiaoshan Shoes City – Songcheng Hangzhou Paradise
    K716 Road: Xiaoshao Road Bus Station – City Heart Square – Songcheng Hangzhou Park
    K344 Road: Wen Wei – Songcheng Hangzhou Paradise
    K707 Road: Xianghu Tourism Line (Beishan Park Loop): Get off at Xianglifang Station
    K701 Road: Tonghui Road Bus Station Loop: Get off at Xianglifang Station
    K706 Road: Tonghui Road Bus Station Loop: Get off at Xianglifang Station
    A: One bridge: After crossing a bridge, take Jiangnan Avenue, drive west to east along Jiangnan Avenue, turn to the right hand and turn to the right hand under the bridge of the Third Bridge. It is the windy avenue, and the location is at No. 2555 Fengqing Avenue.
    B: The second bridge: the second bridge, the exit from Xiaoshan, the Tonghui Road down, Tonghui Road to the end, turn to the right hand, is Jincheng Road, along the Jincheng route east to the west, open to an overpass The direction of the left hand turn is the style road, located at 2555 Fengqing Avenue.
    C: Three Bridges: After crossing the Third Bridge, it has been moving southward. It is the Avenue of the Winds, and the location is at No. 2555, Fengqing Avenue.
    D: Four Bridges: On the fourth bridge, exit at Binkang Road, turn left to Binkang Road. Drive along the west side of Binkang route to the east, and turn to the right hand under the Sanqiao Bridge. It is the Fengqing Avenue, and the location is at No. 2555 Fengqing Avenue.
    The aftertaste of Hangzhou First World Hotel and Yunman Hot Spring is always beautiful and warm, so that we can see the golden sunset on the returning plane and keep talking about it in the first world, in Yunman. The hot springs are comfortable and romantic, because the environment, the service here, the delicious food here, and the health here are all exquisite, just like the golden light of the sky. I hope to have the opportunity to experience the high quality of the first world in Hangzhou!
    (Graphic / love flu qlg920)
    Where do you want to ask the New Year? ! The first world, the bubble cloud man hot spring, and the pig man happy to swim together. The Pigman Parade will help you, and you can enjoy the benefits!
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