How come to Nanjing to play tricks? Not all the same throughout the year

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    I am not an indigenous person in Nanjing. It is completely wrong to settle in Nanjing. From the March when Beijing sent 38 boxes of logistics to Nanjing, it began the life of a northern wolf in Nanjing.
    In the first year of Nanjing, there was no socialization, no work, and it was a house renovation.
    I have a job and have a life in the back. I have a friend and a friend. I once thought of going to Hangzhou to develop. Now I am also in love with the comfortable life of the big blue whale.
    I used to be “no local life in Nanjing” and was often jokes by the company’s Nanjing natives. But I love to eat and love to go shopping, every weekend and holiday will go out to explore the various places in Nanjing.
     Nanjing Urban Architecture
    Every city has his own attributes and landmarks, and because I have studied design and edited professional architectural magazines, I am particularly interested in these buildings. Come to a city and sing the best to see these buildings. Whether it is new or old, it is a unique symbol of the city.
    Once the tallest building in Nanjing + humanities campus + historical buildings + natural landscape
    Drum Tower Station, Line 4, Metro Line 1.
    Internationally renowned female architect, designed by Zaha, once the tallest in Nanjing, Zifeng Building. Friends who come to Nanjing with a food stall in Nanjing can generally taste it. This store is slightly less than other people in other popular attractions in Nanjing.
    Recommend this area, in addition to the modern building, there are two adjacent campuses, the old campus of Nanjing University and Southeast University. There is also the Jiming Temple. When the cherry blossom season, there is no time to go to Japan. It is not bad to come here.
    The old campuses of Nanjing University and Southeast University have a special sense of the times and the Republic of China. In particular, the fountain of Southeast University, or the location of Lu Yi in the “People’s Name”, is very distinctive.
    The wall behind the Jiming Temple used to be Xuanwu Lake. It is also a popular attraction all year round. Summer lotus is especially beautiful. Can be boated. The scenic area is very large and has a very distinctive relative angle. My husband was here by the aunt (smirking). I have seen a circle of friends from the professor of Dongda University, saying that Xuanwu Lake is lit with lights all night, and it is especially bad for trees. Carefully observed, it is. If the scenic area is planned, it can be considered that nature itself, the life of trees and flowers, rather than just watching the pleasing people, is really good design.
    Nanjing’s Ming City Wall can walk on it, with tickets, divided into sections. Xuanwu Lake has the best viewing position here. The bricks on the wall are old, and you can see the names of the people who donated the walls at that time. Very historical. If the walls of Beijing are not removed, such asIf Liang Sicheng’s crying is successful, Beijing also has a wall that can drive cars. I remember when I was in high school, I watched the documentary. I have seen Lin Huiyin’s design of the ancient city wall in Beijing. These ideas can only stay on the drawings. Walking on the wall of Nanjing, I can’t help but sigh. I hope that time can be slower. I hope that modern people can protect historical buildings and see them later.
    Traveling to Nanjing Qinhuai River, Confucius Temple, and the Presidential Palace are all popular attractions that are often mentioned. The old gate east not far from the Qinhuai River Confucius Temple is also a good choice. There are fewer people, and it is also a renovation of old buildings. There is a special pioneer bookstore in the home, Guo Degang’s Deyun Society. There are also some interesting small restaurants, dessert shops and cultural products stores.
     Nanjing Natural Scenery
    Zhongshan Scenic Area
    This scenic spot is especially large. The general tour group will take you around. Look at the super beautiful necklace of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Underwater World, and Song Meiling. As a Nanjing native, I recommend everyone to come here with the four seasons.
    Spring to the Zhongshan Botanical Garden to see tulips, summer to Linggu Temple to see fireflies, autumn to see what? The ginkgo leaves on both sides of the stone road in Xiemafang fell to the ground, and it was beautiful. In the winter, the plum garden was seen.
    I have been to 5-6 times myself, and I have been with friends for 3-4 times, but I have not finished. The light spots scattered through the tall sycamore trees on both sides of the road are really beautiful and very quiet. It is not recommended to ride a shared bicycle to enter, it is not safe.
     Love tunnel
    This attraction is a bit far away. If you are going to Lukou Airport or Nanjing South Railway Station or Yinxing Lake, you can take a look. The dense trees on both sides of the old train road in the summer grew together and it was really beautiful. But it is also very hot, there are many mosquitoes, it is recommended to bring some mosquito repellent water, and wear light-colored long-sleeved trousers.
     Wen Qing must see Pioneer Bookstore
    Wutaishan’s Pioneer Bookstore has been named one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by BBS. However, there are many branches of Pioneer Bookstores in Nanjing, which are also highly recommended. In addition to the old Mendong store mentioned above, there is also the Zhongshan Scenic Area store. The shop in Laomendong, the internal wooden structure, is particularly interesting. If you look closely, you can find the details of many Huizhou buildings. It turns out that this Junhui Book House is an ancient building that was rebuilt from a different location. The carved and painted buildings, all the antique wooden combinations are all shipped from the distant Jiangxi Wuyuan, one brick and one tile, one carved and one tree is extraordinarily precious.
     This photo was 3 years ago, I haven’t had a month or a half, and my hair is still chest.
     Nanjing Museum
    Because the “Treasures of the National Treasures” program has been ignited by the Big Baoen Temple Glass Tower, it is hidden here.
    The map is a special exhibition this summer, Musha’s special exhibition. Nice to see the original prints. And in the exhibition room, I also copied one, until I closed.
     Eating in Nanjing
    Xinjiekou Subway Station + Mingwa Gallery
    I think Nanjing is the most amazing place. One was hungry three times in the Beijing subway. If it wasn’t rescued by a good subway worker, you probably can’t see me and me. When I got out of the subway, there was a wealth of small shops, which was so happy.
    Many online red foods have shops here, full of dazzling.
    Xinjiekou subway station comes out, two steps is Mingwa Gallery
    Recommended small fish pot paste, Hermes fried rice, large intestine package small intestine in Taiwan snack bar
    I don’t want to eat Nanjing food stalls, I also want to try the Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, recommend Xianheng Restaurant. There is an anise bean that Lu Xun has loved in Lu Xun’s big book. There is also a delicious rice cake soup. Gourd glutinous rice balls.
     Mingwa Gallery + Xinjiekou Subway Station
    I think Nanjing is the most amazing place. As a person who fainted three times in the Beijing subway, if the staff did not give a small chocolate, you probably can’t see this travel note now. It is a pleasure to eat at the subway. At the Xinjiekou subway station, there are a lot of foods to eat, almost all of which are explosions or net red food. If it is not an explosion, it is estimated that the rent cannot be afforded. What you can’t miss in Mingwa Gallery is Hermes fried rice and small fish pot stickers. Do not love the large intestine package small intestine in Taiwanese snack bar.
     Fangpo cake
    It is also around the Xinjiekou, a long-established old shop, to do breakfast business. A halogen egg can cure all the getting up gas. I used to pack 40 back to Beijing to eat several times a day. Hazelnuts, black rice, rice cakes and sugar seedlings are also recommended.
     Yanziji and the scenery along the Yangtze River
    The 58-kilometer riverside scenery belt, all of which are slow-moving greenways, was built before the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. A total of 13 paragraphs, including Hexi New City Jianye Section, Jiangxinzhou Section, Gulou Section, Xiaguan Section, Xiaguan Binjiang Business Section, Muyan Section, Yanziji Section, Pukou New City Section, Pukou Section, etc. Each has its own characteristics. And the Shanghai Bund is flooded with Shanghai Style Architecture and the World Architecture Exhibition. The high-rise buildings on the other side of the Huangpu River are going to compete with the sky. Contrast with this, the Yangtze River seen in Nanjing is more primitive, on both sides.There is also a natural scenery. In particular, the riverside scenery around Yanziji is the place where I ran out of the first 5KM marathon. If it were not the scenery along the coast, I guess I could not run.
     Beautiful Daxianlin
    I came to Nanjing to buy a house a few years ago, and I followed several Vanke properties, all around Nanjing. It was raining in those days, and it was drenched every day. It was very bleak. Xianlin is full of trees here, with wide roads and few people. I will be here later.
    There are many universities in Xianlin, and the Pharmaceutical University can see Gesanghua.
    Nanyou can see beautiful women.
    There are many different flowers on the roadside of Xianlin all year round.
    There are cherry blossoms in spring, cornflowers, other flowers in the summer, wild chrysanthemums in the summer, and large pieces of mash in autumn and winter.
    Little cute people when they are hanging out
    If you come to Nanjing, I hope you can enjoy it too.

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