How long does it take to play in Beijing? If the arrangement is reasonable, three days and two nights can be.

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     Talk about this trip
    The ancient capitals of the thirteen dynasties saw Xi’an, the ancient times of the Six Dynasties saw Luoyang, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties looked at Beijing.
    As the capital of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Old Beijing has left many interesting hutongs and various architectural sites. As the capital of New China, Beijing is the most prosperous city in the world. Ancient and prosperous, alleys and high-rises, alleys and streets, this is the visual enjoyment of Beijing in various contrasts, and the reason why I fell in love with the city when I first came to Beijing!
    I have been to Jingcheng three times before and after, but I didn’t share a trip. Let’s take a look at what can be played in Beijing for three days and two nights~
    Let’s share the old Beijing’s eating, drinking, and scenery with a group of films.
     Tips for Beijing
    1, Beijing’s travel routes are mainly in the Forbidden City and the surrounding area, accommodation is best scheduled in the second ring is more convenient. If you want to experience the taste of Beijing’s old alley, you can choose to live in the north and south of Luogu Lane.
    2, Beijing Capital Airport T3, T2 can take the airport line directly to [Dongzhimen], but the airport line is more expensive 25 yuan a mile, another cheaper route is to take the bus No. 10 bus to [National Exhibition] Transfer to the subway to enter the urban area, cheaper than a dozen dollars but the time is a bit longer.
    3. Beijing has two airports: Capital Airport and Nanyuan Airport. Nanyuan Airport has not been to, I don’t know what the situation is. I personally recommend that everyone look at the arrival point when booking a flight. The transportation at the Capital Airport is more convenient.
    4, Beijing’s temperature in winter is very low, a few degrees below normal. Personal advice must bring thick clothes and scarves, gloves, especially when walking outside at night to take a photo with a mobile phone, the hands will freeze in a few minutes.
    5, shooting tools:
    Camera: Canon 5D3 Nikon D750 is the preferred Canon for shooting paper. I still prefer Nikon’s tolerance when shooting scenery, so I chose double repair as the old master of 95.
    Mobile: Huawei Mate 9 is mainly used for small video shooting, you can share your friends at any time.
     Travel expenses
    Big traffic
    Xi’an – Beijing: 480 yuan X2
    Beijing – Xi’an: 300 yuan X2
    Small traffic
    Xi’an-Xianyang International Airport: 25 yuan X2X2
    Capital International Airport – Beijing: 25 yuan X2X2
    Urban taxi, subway, bus: about 100 yuan
    Catering: 1,600 yuan
    Accommodation: 798 yuan X2
    Forbidden City 50 yuan X2
    Temple of Heaven 30 yuan X2
    National Grand Theatre performance 180 yuan X2
    Buying a gift: 300 yuan
    Total about: 6000 yuan
     Day 1, Xi’an – 798 Art District – Lijie Street – Sanlitun
     Wangjing Homestay
    The ancient capital of Beijing is as attractive to tourists as any city; but Beijing’s high travel costs have also discouraged many people; what do you think is the most costly way to travel to Beijing?
    In my opinion, the most expensive thing in Beijing is not eating and doing. Nowadays, the major airlines are promotingXi’an flies once in Beijing for four or five hundred yuan; nowadays the major catering industry is doing group buying, and a dinner in Beijing can be solved by about 200.
    Only accommodation can not be discounted, one night ordinary hotel must be five or six hundred yuan, and many are located in the old house, the environment is really normal, once lived can be said to be unforgettable. So, this time we came over and changed a way to travel and stay at the hotel.
    From Xi’an to Beijing, it only takes 2 hours. From Beijing to the B&B, it only takes one and a half hours, so we can come to Wangjing from the ancient capital Xi’an in less than four hours.
    In the past three years, the lodging industry has risen in a large number in China. High-end boutiques such as Moganshan and Tonglu are large-scale boutiques. The homes in the streets and lanes of various cities are quite wide.
    The name of this homestay in Wangjing SOHO is [IHOME]. It is initially attracted to the decoration of the British retro style when it is seen on the app. It is located in the excellent location next to the subway station and next to the 798 Art Center. It is also a convenient thing to talk about.
    Like we are coming from the airport, we can go directly to Metro Line 14.
    The hotel is different from the hotel. There is no uniform corridor and uncharted lobby front desk. There are no swimming pools, gyms, lounges and other items that the hotel can provide. But after the “Flower General” broke the news of the five-star hotel, I really don’t Dare to challenge the conscience of the hotel industry.
    At the very least, the owner of the hotel will clean up his house and make people feel at ease. The experience of the hotel is actually very interesting. When you come, you can follow the navigation to find the community, contact the landlord to find the unit, and you can find the small surprise in the room, go out and buy food and cook for a trip on your tongue. It is a sense of experience that the hotel can’t give.
    Whether it is a hotel or a homestay, the first priority is “sleep quality”. This time the experience is very good. Half of the factors come from this thick soft mattress and comfortable quilt, plus a huge glass wall, sunlight. Can wake up the sleeping guests directly and give you a warm day
    Custom-made toiletries, smells good, the towels are fine and soft, and feel comfortable after touching the skin. Therefore, as long as the hotel is doing well, it will not lose to the star hotel in terms of details.
    The winter in the north is very dry. An air humidifier is an essential configuration. Thanks to the careful store, you will fill the water before you check in.
    B&B always has its own special features. It’s no wonder that many photographers will book a homestay to shoot portraits. Is it a big wall like this one?
     798 Art District
    Beijing is a prosperous metropolis, and it cannot be overstated with the words “inch”. But Beijing is another place that is extremely suitable for tourism. Under the high-rise buildings, there are many cultural relics and cultural and creative parks.It’s hard to go through the first half of the month, and countless beautiful scenery and stories keep you from being bored on the road.
    The hotel is only 2 km away from the 798 Art District. This 798 Art Park, known as “Beijing’s most literary attraction”, is also a tourist attraction that is extremely suitable for photo-taking, especially for small friends who like to make friends and shiver. Sisters, this place is definitely not to be missed.
    If you often go out to travel, you will find that there are more or less Wenchuang Parks in the big cities, such as the old factory buildings in Shanghai and the memories of the eastern suburbs of Chengdu. The small people are like the renovation of unknown old factories in the second and third tier cities. The sights to come.
    But to investigate its roots, Beijing 798 Art District can be said to be the originator of the Wenchuang District across the country. This is the first place to redevelop the old factory. For example, this earthen wall has regained its vitality after being filled with graffiti. From no one cares about it, it becomes the darling of everyone rushing to queue up for punching.
    The 798 Art District covers a very large area, and with the newly developed 751D.PARK, it is difficult to go all the way without more than three hours. Of course, the travel of the flower-like style is another matter, such as just rushing through the kind of trip. Mission, speed is faster
    The 798 Art District has preserved many old factory machinery, and there is no need to deliberately set the scene. These reinforced iron frames are the best camera tools.
    The 798 Art District is a very suitable place to shoot art. In addition to many graffiti walls, art shops, old factory machinery can be used for props shooting, and the biggest prop is the locomotive head in the center of the park.
    The only drawback is that the 798 Art District is too far from the city center, and there is no direct subway. It takes 1.8 kilometers to walk after getting off the bus, which is one of the factors that restrict its development. I don’t know if there will be a subway repaired into the park in the future?
    [Aberdeen Huangfu] is a very large chain fast food brand in Beijing. Basically, there are several branches in each district and shopping mall.
    After coming out of the 798 Art District, I didn’t want to go around to find a meal. I ate a meal at the New World Plaza nearest to me. The price of his home was very cost-effective, a diced rice, a seaweed, a bowl of soup and a clam. Dumplings add up to 51 yuan, Xi’an is almost the same price.
    Although it is a fast food restaurant, I personally feel that the quality does not lose the outside of the cooking hall, the meat is delicious and the vegetables are crisp, and the raw materials of the rice are also very good to eat with a touch of aroma. The seaweed with the rice is very good, but the single dumplings are delicious. Instead, the taste is not good, remind everyone not to point
     Local traffic
    Beijing’s travel mode is that the subway turns around and turns, from the first line to the tenth line, it will also play Beijing City smoothly. All Beijing subways can be scanned by QR code, but you need to download an [Easy Access] APP first, and associate Alipay. After opening, click the middle travel code to align the scan code on the gate.
    Beijing Metro Line 1 is the first subway to be opened in Asia. The site along the way has been carved for decades. Now it looks like it’s a bit worn, especially the square head. I think everyone has seen it outside. It can be regarded as a unique travel punch card.
    Avoiding the peak hours of commuting, Beijing traffic is not so uncomfortable
    However, people outside Beijing bus can’t scan the code directly. This is a very depressing thing. Unless you download the card and recharge it, it is not as simple as other cities to pay for the bus code directly in Alipay. If you need to take the bus, you have to prepare two yuan in advance, and you will not be allowed to accept the money of one passenger when you throw it in here.
     Street snack
    Qijie Street is the homonym of “Ghost Street”. The first street was the place where merchants traded when the morning was still not bright. The stall owner illuminates with kerosene lamps. In the distance, it looks like a light, so the name is “Ghost City, Ghost Street”. “.
    This street in Dongzhimen is only 1 km long, but there are more than 150 food stores. Every step is delicious, but the fly in the ointment is that the road in the middle of the street is too much traffic, almost the feeling of food street.
    [簋街] is the first food street in Beijing, and even more than the famous reputation of Nanluoguxiang and Houhai. Nowadays, the main street is spicy crayfish, so it has gradually become a famous night market street. Most of the diners are also famous for the spicy crayfish.
    One of the most popular is the Hu Da Restaurant, which is also the famous chain in Beijing.The shop originated from the street. This head office is very popular among diners from the south to the north. It is said that dozens of stars have come to check in, which shows that it has a high status in the Beijing food circle. Moreover, the traffic of the store is very convenient. From the exit of the subway [Bei Xinqiao] station, it is the street, and it can be reached by going straight for 300 meters.
    Beijing’s December is already below zero. I’ve seen a little touch on the logo on the doorstep of the hotel.
    The most famous one is the Spicy Crayfish, and Hu Da Restaurant is the representative of it. It can be seen that the crayfish is delicious, but the price is not cheap. When it comes, it is said that there is no 8 yuan and 10 yuan, 12 yuan. The lobster, and the pain of 15 yuan a Ma Xiao, and the female ticket two people ate 20 crayfish, half a kebab, two roast oysters, two bottles of Wang Laoji, everyone guess how much?
    15 yuan a small Ma, the size is still so big, the focus is that the taste is really good, compared to the spicy crayfish that Chengdu and Chongqing have eaten are not bad, friends who like spicy taste can not be missed.
    However, the mutton skewers of Hu Da Restaurant were poorly grilled. The lamb is not fat enough, and the seasoning is not sweet enough. It doesn’t feel like eating lamb, and the meat is not fresh.
    Two garlic chopped oysters, the plate is very beautiful, the taste is also done very well, a little better than the garlic scallops.
    Of course, when you come to the emperor, you can buy and buy. If you say that it is most suitable for shopping in Beijing, the first push must be [Sanlitun]
    Located in the Chaoyang District, Sanlitun and Taikooli are the most prosperous entertainment streets in Beijing’s nightlife. They are also the easiest places to see stars and wealthy businessmen. There are often various luxury cars coming in. The above may be sitting on a certain place. .
    As a person who has no interest in the bar, I prefer to go shopping in the next door of Taikoo to buy things.
    In fact, I first knew that Taikoo Li was because of all kinds of “story” rumored on the Internet. Later, I came to Taikoo because I was curious about the difference between this place and Chengdu Taigu Li. I wandered around in a circle but I liked the feeling of Chengdu Taigu Li. I don’t know what you think?
    The Apple Store in Taikoo Li is also the place where the number of queues for new products is the highest.
    It’s good to come over at night, buy something to take home.
     Day 2, the collision between ancient and modern, the fusion of history and trend
     Forbidden City
    I have been to the Forbidden City as early as 2016, but the Forbidden City at that time was not as hot today. It can be said that 2018 is the rapid development year of the Forbidden City, especially the rare documentary of the museums such as “National Treasures” and “I am in the Forbidden City”, so that the Forbidden City, the last Imperial Palace in China, has a big fire. The documentary and variety shows about the Forbidden City have taken advantage of the small video transmission methods that young people like, and invited the stars to talk, attracting countless fans.
    In addition, the “Yanqi Raiders” and “Rugao Biography” have been released in the Qing Dynasty. Although they were not filmed in the Forbidden City, they also promoted the beauty of the Forbidden City. Therefore, this time, I noticed that the traffic volume has increased a lot.
    Although the Forbidden City has opened 80,000 tickets every day, it is still difficult to get a ticket every weekend and holiday. Fortunately, the Forbidden City keeps pace with the times and opened WeChat [Forbidden City Ticketing System]. We booked today’s tickets online yesterday. After you come to the Forbidden City, you don’t need to pick up the ticket. You can go directly by swiping your ID card. Tickets for the Forbidden City can be pre-sold for up to ten days in advance.
    Tickets for the Forbidden City: April 1st – October 31st is the peak season, 60 yuan per ticket
    Every year from November 1st to March 31st, the annual season is 40 yuan per ticket.
    Treasure Hall: 10 yuan per ticket
    Watch Museum: 10 yuan per ticket
    Folk rumors: There are 9999.5 rooms in the Forbidden City. Why not leave 10,000 rooms and leave half of the rooms? It was because Yongle Emperor dreamed of the heavenly Jade Emperor blaming him when he built the Forbidden City, and asked him why he had built the human palace to the scale of heaven. After the Yongle Emperor was deeply disturbed after he woke up, he ordered to stop building the palace and eventually left half of the unfinished houses.
    Oh, in fact, all the rooms in the Forbidden City are 8704 rooms, but the folks say 9999.5 in order to describe the number of houses in the Forbidden City. This kind of folk history can be laughed at, but it must not be taken seriously.
    In the documentary “The Forbidden City 100”, the director arranged a lot of scenes for the Taihe Temple. In fact, there are many halls in the Forbidden City. There are also many names in the “Palace”. Here I will give you a rough data: The Palace has a total hall 18 There are 23 palaces, 4 gardens, and 12 gates. The “Yanwei Raiders” which was fired some time ago was filmed at Hengdian Palace in Hengdian, and the original version of Yanfu Palace was in the Forbidden City.
    In addition, there are countless such as Xuan, Tang, Zhai, Lou, Ge, and Pavilion. The Grand Palace is beyond our imagination, and it is not a long time to visit two or three times.
    What’s more, there are more than one million artifacts and numerous peripheral products in the Forbidden City. If you look closely, you don’t know what year and month to play. I have just told you that there are two pavilions in the Forbidden City that are sold separately: the Treasure Hall mainly collects many treasures at home and abroad. The most precious one is a [镐多塔], which is engraved from a large jade carving of 5000 kilograms; The watch museum has a collection of ancient clocks, among which the humanoid clocks that can be written are the most amazing.
    Of course, every hall in the Forbidden City is also the essence, full of history and culture;
    Look! This is the throne of the Qing emperor~
    The area of ​​the Forbidden City is too big. It is not easy to really finish it, so we only visit a very small part, and choose a few beautiful photos to share with everyone. I hope you like it~
    I look forward to coming to the Forbidden City for the next time.
     Forbidden City Corner Cafe
    [The Forbidden City Corner Coffee] detonated the tourist circle and the food circle from the first day of opening, and countless tourists made a special trip to check out this unique coffee shop, relying on the 10,000 tens of thousands of tourists every day in the Forbidden City. For a long time, he It is the front page of major traffic websites.
    The Forbidden City, the 600-year-old Royal Palace, before the funeral moved out of the Forbidden City, there was never a private shop that could open a branch in the Forbidden City, so the corner coffee was the first in the past 600 years, not to mention Beijing. Who is the tourist who is not in the Forbidden City? As long as you can see this café in the Forbidden City, the unique conditions make it a recommended place for tourists to come to Beijing.
    From the opening of December 1st to the present day of December 30th, a full month of operation, the heat of the Palace Museum is now, we look for tourists as a tourist. Half a month ago, the small video, photos, and friends circle of the corner coffee were screened for several days. Now that the heat is finally over, we are also wandering around the Forbidden City to make a wave.
    When I entered the store, the first thing I saw was the “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, which was also the element that first exploded on the Internet. In fact, I prefer to call him [Mountain River Miles], listening to domineering, haha!
    The gauze is painted with mountains and rivers. From the bar, the whole store is directly connected to the back wall. Although the photos cannot be photographed, everyone can feel this style~
    The details in the store are actually done well. For example, ordinary coffee shops are separated by wooden boards or walls, while corner cafes use gauze to make screens, plus some characteristic peripheral products in the store, such as Kangxi’s favorite chocolate and royal elements. The style is still very good.
    I really want to buy this one.The surrounding area of ​​”A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” is only slightly more expensive.
    A 35-45 drink, which is about the same price as Starbucks, is still very conscience. What do you think?
    Coming out from the turret cafe, walking to the corner is a famous photography point – the Forbidden City turret!
    Every day, there are many old masters gathered in Beijing. It is not easy to take a photo of a plane. Please praise and applaud~
     Jingshan Park
    Jingshan Park is located directly opposite the Forbidden City. There is only one moat in the middle. It is also a very good choice to drink coffee and go to Jingshan.
    Is it expensive to consume the imperial capital?
    In some ways, this is the case, but from the ticket point of view, Beijing’s scenic spots tickets are true conscience, especially represented by Jingshan Park, as the national AAAA-level scenic spot and the only view point overlooking the Forbidden City, tickets you guess Guess how much?
    At least thirty or fifty in other places? As a result, the ticket for Jingshan Park turned out to be 2 yuan, and students can enter such a large scenic spot with only 1 yuan, especially for the first time visitors, it is incredible.
    The old name of Jingshan Park is called “Mishan Park”, because the coal slag of the palace is piled here, and the higher the pile, the more it becomes a coal mountain. So don’t look at Jingshan Park, which is very beautiful now. It’s actually a pile of earth and mountains. .
    Jingshan Park is located on the central axis of the Forbidden City. It is just opposite the Forbidden City. It borders Beihai Park in the west and stands on the Jingshan Mountain. You can directly see the White Tower in the North Sea.
    Standing at the highest point of Jingshan, Wang Yefu, this scale is very majestic! I don’t know who is the residence of the Qing Dynasty. Anyone who knows can leave a message to answer it. Thank you.
    The elevation of Jingshan is only 43 meters, but it is the highest commanding height around the Forbidden City. Therefore, many tourists come here to enjoy the panoramic view of the Forbidden City, but not everyone can see the most beautiful Forbidden City. There is a key point: time!
    If you want to see the scenery of the Forbidden City in Jingshan Park, the best time is before 12 o’clock in the morning. The sun shines directly on the Forbidden City, and the red walls and yellow tiles are particularly beautiful under the sunlight. However, after twelve o’clock, the sun shines directly on Jingshan. Standing on the top of the Forbidden City is a gray one, while the opposite pavilions in Jingshan are blue sky and white clouds, so you need to arrange your own time. Jingshan re-entered the Forbidden City, and our trip was actually reversed.
    There are five pavilions in Jingshan Park, all of which are the words of Emperor Qianlong. It must be said that there are certain reasons for the prosperity of Kanggan. The two emperors are all great and talented people. This kind of good character and good poet can not be done. what
    Beautiful Jingshan Loft
    There is an ordinary banyan tree in Jingshan Park, but this tree has the life of the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty. After that, Cixi personally sentenced the tree and asked Li Lianying to supervise: “Use the shackles to copy it for a lifetime until the tree is alive. Until the end of death.”
    “Historical stories and regional culture are also the essence of the road. As long as you understand it, you will find many interesting and small spots.” For example, we are talking about this place—[Jingshan Park Chongzhen Emperor Hanging]
    After coming down from the five pavilions on the top of the mountain, you can see the banyan tree as you walk to the exit.
    In fact, the reputation of the entire Jingshan Park is based on this tree. In 1644, Li Zicheng broke through Beijing, and Chongzhen escaped from the Forbidden City. Only one old eunuch was left with him. After the palace was on the coal hill, Chongzhen Emperor did not. If he is willing to flee again, he will use his three-footed white scorpion to succumb to it, leaving the will of “sudden death, no face to see the ancestors in the ground, to go to the crown, to cover the face. Let the thief split the zombie, do not hurt the people” This embarrassment also touched Li Zicheng, causing the king to order the burial of the body of Chongzhen.
    For the next three hundred years, the Empress Dowager Cixi, the actual controller of the Qing Dynasty, learned the story of this tree and thought that a banyan tree in the district could kill the emperor. It is unknown. Then ordered Li Lianying to lock the tree with a chain until the tree was dead. This tree has gone through the fate of being locked by the iron lock for decades, and the stone tablet has written records~
    Why can’t I see where the ropes are now? Because in the period after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Forbidden City and Jingshan were destroyed by a group of students. This banyan tree was considered as a product of the feudal society because it was given by the Empress Dowager Cixi. It was uprooted. Destiny, seemingly dragged to the open space to burn. Therefore, the attraction that we now see [Chongqing Emperor hanging up] is actually a new species after the reform and opening up. After all, the Chongzhen Emperor has been hanging for more than three hundred years. If it is an old tree, it will be such a small one. What?
    The world has passed three hundred years, the only thing that may remain unchanged is this mountain~
    Everyone thinks: If Chongzhen does not hang himself, but moves south to continue to organize resistance, can he be able to ZTE Daming Dynasty with his talents?
    I have heard that a chicken soup in a Cantonese restaurant in Beijing has done a great job. I took the time to check in today. This [Xiang Shou] restaurant is located on the second floor of the JW Marriott Hotel Dawang Road. It is also one of the must-eat restaurants in Beijing in 2018, soI had great expectations for his family before coming.
    Huajiao is a precious food with the same name as bird’s nest and shark’s fin. It needs to be stewed for about 2 hours before it can be eaten. The soup base is put into the bowl and can be directly consumed without adding any spices. This is called a delicious taste.
    After scented chicken soup, after eating a bowl, add a heavy-duty [spicy snail] spicy and delicious flower snail with a small fork, gently smashed out the meat, eat very fragrant and chew strength.
    [Boutique Beef] Guangdong people have very strict control over the quality of the ingredients. This beef can kill most of the beef hot pot in the country. It can be eaten at a glance, and the meat is delicious and not stuffed.
    [Seafood platter] Of course, you can’t eat raw seafood, especially the delicious abalone, clips and fresh chicken soup. It’s just a taste of the world, but I still prefer the abalone, the secret soup. Sprinkle and eat again, more delicious
    [Black Tofu] Black tofu is more nutritious than ordinary white tofu, and it tastes more fragrant, but don’t cook for too long, it is easy to spread.
    The last cocktail is garnished to end this sumptuous dinner; enjoy life and eat different every day.
    However, this store also has a little bit of something that makes me feel uncomfortable: the service attitude is very bad, I hope I can improve it next time~
    [Nanluoguxiang] is the most popular representative in the old Beijing Hutong. It is also the preferred place for the literary youth to understand the taste of old Beijing. Walking in the Nanluoguxiang, meeting the local old guns in Beijing in the alley, it is quite After listening to a scene from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the old Beijing Hutong is a very interesting place, and the old people in the Hutong are more interesting lecturers.
    I don’t need to tell too much. Everyone knows that this place is the representative of Beijing, one of the top ten tourist streets in China, and the most popular scenic spot in Beijing. It is always a tourist full of streets. It is really bustling with tourists. scene.
    Of course, there are a hundred different colors in the people. There are always some monsters and monsters in the popular places like Nanluoguxiang. It is said that every day, you can see this fast-talking brother and singer.
    To be honest, Nanluoguxiang is suitable for the first time or someone who takes a girlfriend like me. It is not suitable for travel enthusiasts who want to deepen the Beijing Hutong culture. The alleys and main streets here have been changed. In the commercial block, there is no such pure, quiet old alley
    Perhaps we prefer to have no lights, only a small courtyard, the old man sitting outside the door to enjoy the cold, chatting about the fun of the city, sleeping next to a big yellow dog, a cat on the wall chasing the leaves ~
    The hutong is the place where the old Beijingers live their daily lives, not a gathering place full of sipping and Yiwu small commodities. Unfortunately, Nanluoguxiang has lost these flavors~
    However, everything is good or bad. Although the commercialization of Nanluoguxiang is serious, it is extremely convenient to eat, drink and play compared to Beiluoguxiang and other old Hutong alleys. There is a cheese on the street which is very delicious and walks outside the door. I can smell it, and the tourists who line the door are also aware of the popularity of their business.
    This kind of snack is delicious, and the price is not expensive, you can buy a lot of 20 yuan.
    [Yuer Hutong] The former residence of the Qing Dynasty inlaid with Huangqi was also the former residence of Qi Baishi, the master of the Republic of China. It is difficult to preserve the original taste in such a lively place.
    Therefore, there is actually a quiet place in Nanluoguxiang, depending on whether you are looking for it.
     National Theatre
    The night in Beijing came very early, and it has turned black since it came out from Nanluoguxiang. I wanted to go back to the hotel directly, but I think there is another place where the night view is worth a trip. Here is the [National Grand Theater] a science fiction building like a spaceship.
    Looking at another direction is another feeling. The house in the lower left corner is the legendary Great Hall of the People. It is also the venue for major conferences in China. In fact, it looks particularly beautiful at night.
    The entrance of the National Grand Theatre is directly connected to the subway station. From the subway station [Tiananmen West Station], the C entrance directly enters the Grand Theatre. The middle passes through the long art corridor, and the name, fare and time of the show recently are on the wall. Tourists master first-hand information
    Inside the National Grand Theatre, the pillars are attached to the same section of the Forbidden City.
    Do you see these people standing in the hall? There are some sitting on the side steps. Most of them are ticket sellers. They will take the initiative to sell tickets for the show. I personally advise you not to be cheap, be careful to buy fake tickets, and this kind of behavior is not very good~
    I bought two tickets for the opera. This is the road to the performance hall, very beautiful~
    It’s very late to watch the show, and it’s a very good feeling to stand outside and enjoy the exterior of the Grand Theatre.
    There are a lot of special police officers on duty along the road to help everyone’s peace, moved ~
     Schindler Beer Restaurant
    This must-eat restaurant is actually located in the 751D.PARK in the 798 Art District. It is not far from the B&B where I stayed. After the end of the day, I have to eat a beautiful dinner. This restaurant is a good choice.
    The dishes in the store are mainly made up of classic German dishes and German beer. As a person who rarely eats German food and does not drink, there is really not much German food culture. You can tell me that German cars can A few words, haha~
    The store environment is good, the staff is also the rigor of the Germans, the details of the food and service environment are particularly good, the overall dining atmosphere is very enjoyable, I did not hesitate to give the five-star evaluation of the restaurant.
    Then let’s talk about the dishes, 56 yuan a piece of [Meat Cheese oysters], four large oysters served with delicious cheese, the taste is unique and strongly recommend a wave to everyone.
    [Rosemary Roasted Pork Hand] is actually a small part of the pig’s foot. The weight is not big, but the price is 58 yuan. It is also very affordable. It belongs to the special dish of every table in the store. The pig skin is baked crispy and guilty. Happiness bursts.
    298 yuan a [Tomahawk steak] about 500g, pointThe personal preference is 7 minutes, the whole steak gravy is fresh and juicy, with black pepper sauce and baked potatoes.
    After giving you a look at the end, the waiter will take it off for you, which is a caring service;
    The large amount of good price and good taste is our overall evaluation of this dish.
    The price of the beer in the store is 58 yuan for a 0.5L cup, but the ordinary soft drink we ordered is really not the taste of beer.
     IHOME Homestay
    It’s a pity that this trip is more time-consuming, otherwise you can stay for a few more nights. Next time you come to Beijing, you will continue to choose a homestay and feel the different pace of travel.
     On the third day, how come to Beijing to get a roast duck?
    Dashilan is a commercial pedestrian street facing the city tower outside the front door of Beijing. Although it is very famous, it is the only scenic spot I have given to this trip. However, this time we are here to taste a bowl of [Old Beijing miso noodles]
    A seemingly simple plaid dish, in fact, there are six kinds of vegetables such as cucumber, toon, bean sprouts, vegetable leaves, soybeans, and celery, as well as fried sauce made with diced meat and onion ginger and sweet noodles in oil.
    Lettuce silk is also one of the companions of the old Beijing miso sauce. Order it with the tofu sauce below, and the smell of a little oil is inside.
    After the old Beijing tofu is fried, put a few pepper segments and pour the hot oil with the hot oil. You can mix it with the noodles and eat it directly with lettuce and green vegetables.
    The key to fried noodles is the production of noodles. The noodles in the north must be hand-made to be delicious. The hand-picked noodles will have a unique strength and aroma.This is also the soul of the old Beijing miso noodles.
    Pour all kinds of sauces and side dishes into the bowl, and stir them with the noodles. To be honest, the old Beijing miso sauce is a very controversial dish. People who like it feel that this taste is delicious and the noodles are strong. If you don’t like it, you feel that the sauce is disgusting and the noodles are tasteless. Which kind are you?
    The women’s ticket was eaten by one tenth. I ate one-fifth of the ticket. Fortunately, there was a bottom of the beef dish. Otherwise, it’s really not this morning. Beef is tasted with garlic and vinegar, and it is not bad to eat. However, the price of Dashilan is really not cheap, so it is a small one hundred yuan.
     China’s first KFC
    As I said before, I have no interest in Dashilan. The real purpose of going to the front door is to punch the card [the first KFC restaurant in China]. As an ordinary poor student, I often choose fast food in my usual life. A meal, and when I was a freshman, I also worked part-time at the KFC restaurant, so I had a special feeling for this “first”. When I first came to Beijing, I made a special trip to get a card. Now I am revisiting my hometown. It is.
    When the first KFC was opened in the front door 32 years ago, the whole three-storey building was a shop with a business area of ​​1,200 square meters. The leaders of the Beijing Municipal Committee personally went to the scene to cut the ribbon and even arranged The performance of the Yangko team in northern Shaanxi is a grand event.
    Today, KFC has opened more than 3,000 stores across the country, but this first one is no longer the glory of the past. The three-story house was divided into several sections and joined several other brand stores. The business in the store was cold and clear, and there were no lively scenes. Have to be sighed by the changes in the years~
    In fact, the decoration of this store is very beautiful. If you are interested, you can take a photo.
     Laoshe Teahouse
    It is quite coincidental: the first KFC in China is the [Lao She Teahouse]. I remember that when I learned this section in the text, I was particularly curious about the people in the teahouse.
    Here you can enjoy the pure Peking Opera performance, and you can also eat the secret cakes of the court. The focus is on the people who like literature, there will be unique emotions in it. So in a short while, I also saw a few tourists who came to the camera with a camera.
    It’s a pity that the performances of this day are all in the evening. I can’t see the show in the morning. The cold and clear in the store will not have the willingness to sit for a while. I sent a schedule to everyone, and you can arrange your time.
     Tiananmen Square
    “I love Beijing Tiananmen Square, the sun rises on Tiananmen Square; the great leader Chairman Mao guides us forward.”
    Since I was a child, I have listened to this song and grew up 90. I should come to Tiananmen Square to feel the ancient city tower that witnessed the founding of New China.
    In fact, Tiananmen Square is a must-see place for entering the Forbidden City, but yesterday it was eager to enter the Forbidden City without staying here. Today, it’s a bad thing to come over again and find that the weather is not good. It may be a pity. The fate has not arrived yet?
    Of course, traveling with a loved one, even if it is a thunderstorm, is also a unique beauty, let alone the rainy area to make up for it?
    Between the Tiananmen Gate and the entrance of the Palace Museum, there is also a training camp for the brothers and brothers, all of whom are iron-and-blooded men, attracting constant cheers from the crowd.
     Temple of Heaven
    Before coming to the Temple of Heaven, I suggest that you must first understand the culture of the Temple of Heaven, otherwise you will feel bored when you walk in and out.
    Tickets for the Temple of Heaven are divided into sets of tickets and individual tickets. Individuals are advised to buy a package if they come in. Individual tickets can not enter any attraction. They can only walk on the avenue like a park. There is no point at all. When you come in, you can buy tickets for the Hall of Prayer and so on.
    The main building in the park is the temple of heaven used for worshipping the heavens and the earth. It is round in the north and square in the south, meaning “the place of heaven and earth”. The ancients especially believed this. This is a special altar for the Emperor of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to worship the heavens, ask for the rain, and pray for the harvest. Every time there is a ritual activity, it is especially lively.
    In the Sacrifice Ceremony Hall of the Western Hall of the Prayer Hall, the evolution of the Chinese ceremonial ceremonies was introduced in detail, highlighting the etiquette of the ceremonies of the Qing Dynasty, including various sacrifices.If you don’t know the sacrificial culture, you can visit here and you will know it easily and clearly.
    The Tiantan Park has a very large area. The Central Avenue is a shooting spot that I like very much. However, the Temple of Heaven in the winter is really a bit bleak. There are no leaves on the tree.
    Behind the Echo Hall there is an evergreen tree, in which the snake tree and the basalt are the most peculiar. The snake tree is also called the “dragon tree”. The trunk is densely distributed like a dragon and extends to the ground. It has the meaning of a dragon. Xuanwu is a big turtle growing on the tree. I heard that I can be lucky. We also tried it. I hope everything will go smoothly in 19 years.
     Four seasons
    As a big love for travel, the pursuit of food even exceeds the scenery, then come to Beijing, it is necessary to punch a meal [Beijing Roast Duck] is perfect.
    Once upon a time, the imperial cuisine of the emperor has now entered the homes of ordinary people. In the case of competition of many brands, the price has also been lowered. Among them, my favorite brand, “Four Seasons Folk Welfare”, now only 228 yuan for the whole duck, half Only ducks can be eaten for only 128 yuan.
    After slicing the duck meat, the appetite is greatly increased. Put the sauce in the burritos, and then mix all kinds of small ingredients to make a delicious Beijing roast duck roll! If you eat roast duck directly, it is too greasy. I don’t know how everyone feels?
    Beijing Roast Duck’s saucer, a five-dollar piece, the experience of many tastings is that one dish is only enough for half a roast duck, and the whole roast duck needs at least two servings.
    Another charm of Beijing Roast Duck is the process of slicing. The chef cuts the whole roast duck into thin slices with a long knife, but I have always had a question: Why do you look at the big duck and cut it out? Just the only thing? Where are the rest?
    Aiwowo, one of the authentic old Beijing cuisines, don’t look too big, but it is not easy to get hungry because it is steamed out of glutinous rice. Eating one is equivalent to eating a rice dumpling. To be honest, the taste is a bit weak, I personally don’t eat very habitually.
     The end is this trip, but life must always pursue
    In this world,
    There are at least tens of thousands of cities you have never been to.
    There are at least tens of thousands of landscapes you have never seen before.
    At least hundreds of millions of people are living in a completely different way than you,
    If you travel once a month, you can see countless scenery in this life.
    So let’s look forward to the next trip~
    The people who love to travel are very kind, because everyone is willing to discover the beauty of the world. On the road of travel, I am just a newcomer. I hope to exchange and learn with everyone, see more beautiful scenery, taste more food, and hear more stories~
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