How much is the dream of Lianli?

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    The smog is falling,
    The smoke and rain turned into a water cloud township.
    Koi is amazed,
    Clear water wrinkles,
    For the summer wind to send a different fragrance.
    Luo Shen dance sleeves,
    Pan Yushenglian,
    National color also does not hesitate to make heavy makeup.
    How much do you know in Dreamland?
    A pool of smoke, the Hakka on both sides.
    The most memorable, landscape gallery, paradise on earth.
    Shicheng is a beautiful and rich small county located in the southeastern part of Jiangxi Province, northwest of Ganzhou City. Because there are 10,000 mu of lotus ponds in the territory, it is known as the “hometown of white lotus” in China. Here is the birthplace of Hakka culture, and it has the reputation of “Hakka Cradle”. With these two business cards, the tourism industry in Shicheng County is booming. After this trip, I have to share my experience and experience, and I am fortunate to show the beauty of this “outside the lotus”.
    Shicheng Raiders Guide on the itinerary
    The itinerary plus round-trip time, totaling 4 days, contains all the essential attractions of Shicheng County, Datun Lotus Garden, Tongtianzhai, Lijiang River drifting, 10,000 acres of alpine meadows, gossip, ancient buildings, Nanxun, osmanthus The House Gallery, Red Tourism Shicheng Block War Memorial Park, tasted the specialties of Shicheng, especially the Hakka cuisine of the Ai Lian Villa, the Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel and the four-star Lijiangyuan International Hotel. .
    The specific arrangements are as follows:
    Day 1: Arrival, Welcome Dinner, Hot Springs, Water Carnival, Stay at Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel
    Day 2: Datun Lotus Garden, Tongtianzhai, Ai Lian Villa, Lijiang River rafting, stay at Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel
    Day 3: Gossip Brain, Shicheng Block War Memorial Park, Guihua House, Yihe Wenyuan, Nanxun House, stay at Minjiangyuan International Hotel
    Day 4: Return
    Overall, the itinerary is a little bit more compact, and it can be arranged for a day or two, because the place like Datun Lotus Garden is not a must for photographers, but the prime time of the day is very limited. I am sure that I will not finish it. If you arrange for a day or two, make sure you don’t regret it.
    About transportation
    Shicheng County may be unfamiliar to most tourists, and it is easy to mix with Shicheng Village in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, so I will explain in detail how such a beautiful place can be reached.
    There are five airports in Jiangxi, of which Nanchang Changbei Airport and Zhangzhou Gold Airport are the most convenient.
    The flight time of Shanghai to Nanchang and Zhangzhou is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are often special fares. It is more common between 300 yuan and 400 yuan. It is also a good choice for aircraft arrival.
    The flight time of Beijing to Nanchang and Zhangzhou is about 2.5 hours, and the ticket price will be relatively expensive, generally above 800.
    The flight time of Guangzhou to Nanchang and Zhangzhou is about 1.5 hours, and the special ticket is about 500 yuan.
    Change to a car
    Nanchang to Shicheng County, the time is about 4 hours, the fare is 120 yuan
    From Zhangzhou to Shicheng County, the time is about 3-4 hours. The fare is up to 85 yuan and the lowest is 55 yuan.
    The most convenient way to get to the train is to get to the Ruijin station and take the bus to Shicheng. The cars from Ruijin to Shicheng are every half an hour. From 6:40 in the morning to 17:00 in the evening, the fare is 23 yuan and the running time is about 1.5 hours.
    The train, the high-speed rail can now reach Nanchang, or Xinyu.
    Shanghai direct bus to Shicheng, the destination is about 12 hours, the fare is 260 yuan.
    Guangzhou direct bus to Shicheng, the destination is about 9 hours, the fare is 245 yuan.
    For specific information on other cities, please refer to the website of Shicheng Passenger Transport:, with one day’s departure time, fare and running time.
    At present, Shicheng self-driving tour is very convenient, G72 Quannan Expressway, G35 Jiguang Expressway, all pass through Shicheng County, running through the north and south. And the road conditions in the county are also very suitable for self-driving tour.
    About accommodation
    There are high-end and low-end hotels in Shicheng County. You can book in advance and you can find it at the destination. Because it is a county, the price is still very acceptable. Recommend several special hotels for your reference.
    Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel
    Five kilometers from the county seat, it is a comprehensive hotel integrating hotels, restaurants, hot springs and water entertainment. Inside, there is a unique canyon hot spring in China, which is designed with the geological structure of Jiuzhai Huanglong limestone. The hot fog is lingering and the fairyland is the biggest feature of the hotel. Ideal for travel, vacation, business meetings.
    Deluxe Twin Room (468 yuan / night),
    Deluxe Suite Twin (498 yuan / night),
    Executive Suite (538 yuan / night),
    Honeymoon Suite (568 yuan / night),
    Deluxe Family Suite (598 yuan / yuan),
    Luxury team room (638 yuan / night)
    Remarks: The price of the room includes tickets for the hot springs and water park, as well as breakfast.
    Address: Located in Jiuzhai Village, Shicheng County, close to the Guanqiao exit at the intersection of Quannan Expressway and Jiguang Expressway
    Tel: 0797-5763888
    Hotel website:
    Minjiangyuan International Hotel
    The four-star hotel in the county town, the whole building is very high in the city, overlooking the charming night in the city. Modern and luxurious decoration style, clean and tidy, the price is super high, just the price of fast chain. The front desk service is super good, check-in and check-out are very fast and the waiting time is very short. The hotel’s transportation is very convenient, and you can even wait for the car that is coming from the bus station at the hotel entrance.
    Address: Chengbei Avenue, Qinjiang Town (next to the Land and Resources Bureau)
    Tel: 0797-5798888
    Aileen Villa
    Located at the entrance of Tongtianzhai Scenic Spot, it is especially convenient for tourists who like Tongtianzhai. Nowadays, the luxurious decoration style is embellished with a little lotus-like element, which is very popular among guests. The hotel’s restaurant is also very good, the full feast is a major feature of the hotel.
    Address: South Gate of Tongtianzhai Scenic Area (Door of Industry and Commerce Tourism School)
    Tel: 400-797-3855
    When we arrived, we met the annual tent festival in Shicheng. We have no experience, but it is still very suitable for camping. The temperature after the evening is very cool, accompanied by the mountain wind, smelling the lotus, watching the stars, is also a rare experience.
    About the specialties Jiangxi cuisine
    In addition to the eight major cuisines, there is a very characteristic one. It has a long history and is a self-contained group in the southeast and northwest. It is well-known at home and abroad. Wide selection of materials, prominent materials, focus on the knife, pay attention to the taste, salty and spicy, there is a farmer’s flavor.
    Fried melon
    Dongpo meat
    Steamed meat
    Clay soup
    Shicheng dumplings
    Various fish balls
    Hakka cuisine
    The whole banquet is a lotus flower for the ingredients. Through various cooking techniques, the fresh flavor of the ingredients is preserved, and a visual feast is brought.
    In the subsequent travel notes, a detailed introduction will be made.
    About the season
    Every April and May is the ocean of gossip and 10,000 acres of azaleas, so visitors who want to see azaleas must be at this time. The flowering period of the lotus is from June to September. The best time is from the end of June to July. Friends who like to watch the wreckage are scheduled to be in September. It is appropriate at that time. The best season for rafting must be a hot summer, so everyone can arrange the right time to play according to their own interests. But I can assure you that after you have come, you will be thinking and thinking about coming again.
    About the scenic spot introduction Datun Village Lotus Garden
    Located at the foot of Tongtianzhai Scenic Spot, the 100-acre Lotus Garden in the beautiful scenery of Dagu Ancient Village covers an area of ​​200 acres and is planted with more than 500 kinds of ornamental lotuses. It is integrated with Tongtianzhai Geopark and Nanzhao Ancient House. The traditional charm, but also a fresh modern lotus atmosphere, the Hakka ancient city dress up scoring outside the enchanting, a beautiful picture of “the lotus leaves are endless, the lotus flowers are different red”, giving people a beautiful and elegant sense.
    Here is the specimen of the 10,000-acre lotus pond in Shicheng County. It is also the breeding base of lotus flowers. There are some lotus varieties in China, which can be found here basically, and there are some exotic species in foreign countries.
    Tongtianzhai Scenic Spot, which is known as “Thousand Buddhas and Danxia, ​​Tongtian Shengjing”, is located in the Dajiang Village and Qianjiang Village of Qinjiang Town, 5 kilometers southeast of Shicheng County. It is the provincial forest park of Jiangxi Province and the first provincial geological area of ​​Ganzhou City. park. Because the main rock in the village is “externally like two fingers, the two palms are half-closed, looking up at the sky and the sky”, it is known as “stone strange, cave, spring, tea, Buddha”. The planned area of ​​the scenic spot is 27.1 square kilometers. The mountain is steep and the peak is high. The main peak is 601.7.Rice, a relatively concentrated scenic spot, is a comprehensive tourist area with agricultural tourism, sports and leisure, geological science and Buddhist pilgrimage.
    Tongtianyan Scenic Area
    Tongtianyan Scenic Area, Lijiang River Drifting
    With the reputation of a water roller coaster, it is located in the beautiful Xianren Ancient Scenic Area of ​​the Minjiang River. The rafting of the Lijiang River is both thrilling and wild. It is meticulously remodeled according to natural valleys and streams. While ensuring safety, it preserves the original wildness of the canyon drifting and greatly enhances the thrill of thrilling. The water is cold and clear, and it is a good place to take a summer break.
    The Bagua Brain Scenic Area is located in Xinping Village, Gaotian Town. It is located in the northeast of Shicheng County, 33 kilometers from the county seat. The Eight Diagrams brain has 10,000 acres of alpine meadows, with a wide view, integrated with blue sky and white clouds, and unlimited scenery. In April and May of each year, a hundred years of wild rhododendron blooms around the pasture, becoming the most romantic wild camping site. (This image is from the web)
    Shicheng County Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall
    Shicheng County is an important part of the Central Revolutionary Base during the Second Revolutionary War. It is an important starting point for the Red Army’s Long March. The museum has three floors in total. The first and second floors are the Shicheng County Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, and the third floor is the Shicheng Blocking War Memorial. The museum highlighted the Shicheng sniper war, the birth of the Red Five Corps, and the secret bank of the National Bank. Since the establishment of the museum, it has received a large number of audiences and has now become an important base for patriotism education integrating collection, research, publicity, education and tourism.
    Osmanthus House
    The provincial-level cultural relics protection unit in Jiangxi Province is the only well-preserved Hakka dwelling in Shicheng County. It is a typical representative of Hakka dwellings in the Qing Dynasty. It embodies the unique Hakka architectural culture and has also served as the prisoner of the Hongtian Guifu of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. The house is made of brick and wood structure, hanging on the top of the mountain, three-story and two-story houses, with a patio in the middle, a rear main room, two side rooms, front and rear courtyards, and the door is engraved with the words “Yong Huai”. The year is “Xianfeng Xinhai” “(1851).
    Yihe Wenyuan
    Yihe Wenyuan is located in the platform of Baofuyuan, covering an area of ​​20 acres and a building area of ​​15,000 square meters. It is a platform-style comprehensive industrial park with the theme of cultural tourism industry, service, hotel, trade and characteristics. The entire building of Yihe Wenyuan is rich in traditional Hakka style. The first floor of the exhibition hall displays many collectibles, handicrafts and special souvenirs such as Fujian and Taiwan, writing brush, strange stone, root carving, calligraphy and painting, and various antiques in the second floor antique collection.
    South House
    Nanxun is a typical Hakka-style brick-and-wood building with five-story hall and two-story structure. It does not use reinforced concrete, no screws and nails, but it has built ninety-nine and a half spectacular, inter-connected, corridors connected, twists and turns, endless, beautifully carved, experienced nearly three hundred years of wind and rain. Stand tall. There is a half-moon-shaped pond in front of the house. The water surface is wide and calm as a mirror. The big house, the foothills behind the house and the stalagmites reflect on it, like a natural picture.
    Remarks: The above information comes from the network.
    Ticket information
    Opening hours: October – May: 8:00-17:00; June – September: 6:30-19:00.
    Ticket price: 60 yuan
    It takes about 2-3 hours.
    ticket price:
    Full drift: 198 yuan / person
    Happy drift: 138 yuan / person
    The journey takes 5 kilometers and takes about 2 hours. The distance of happy drift is about half. It takes about 1 hour.
    Gossip brain:
    The ticket price is: 85 yuan, currently only available at the ticket office of the scenic spot.
    The rest of the attractions are free of charge.
    Painting said stone city
    When you arrive in Shicheng, you must visit the lotus pond.
    In the ten-mile lake, the new leaf field is gradually green.
    The green lotus is covered with green water, and the hibiscus is red. There is a root and a lotus root.
    Like the moonlight, it pours in the lotus pond. In the middle of the water, it is a daffodil that dances with the wind. A good lotus pond moonlight.
    To Stone City, you must not climb.
    It doesn’t matter if you miss the azaleas in the mountains. Ten thousand acres of alpine meadows, I am at an altitude of 1314 meters, waiting for you!
    Travel is a song, each clip is a note, happy, meet you!
    Under the blue sky of “Shicheng Blue”, the dead trees and ancient towers look opposite each other, witnessing the great changes in the city’s prosperity and sorrow.
    To Shicheng, you must not travel to Tianzhai.
    There is a vast, called Tongtianzhai. Baiyun blue sky, green sea red stone, Tongtian, more to the heart of people.
    listen! The breeze shakes the green water, and the back of the mountain water, the soul has a home here.
    Look! Clear, pureThe net blue sky and the rolling clouds are surging. The heat is gone.
    Bishui Danshan reflects the blue sky, the most magical Danxia landform, which makes people feel great.
    The Nanzhao House in the evening glow was covered with a golden costume from the evening glow.炊 袅袅 袅袅. It’s a few small ducks that are disturbing this calm pond.
    The traceability of Hakka civilization.
    The Hakka ancient house, which has experienced three hundred years of wind and rain, stands tall. The hall is full of atmosphere, and the back bar is twisted and twisted. The eaves are intriguing, and the dragons are carved on the columns, and the carvings are exquisite.
    Day 1 Water Carnival, Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel
    The first day we arrived was already dinner time. Such a rich welcome dinner, let me experience the characteristics of amaranth and Hakka cuisine, and feel the hospitality of Hakka people.
    A large table full of dishes, a variety of colors, a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian. I picked a few special features, the high value of the dishes for everyone to introduce.
    Dry pot bacon, the main flavor of the leek is in it. The salty bacon, the spicy red pepper, and the freshness of the cucumber slices, let us take a bite and stop.
    Bamboo shoots are a common dish in the South. The tender and tender bamboo core, the first entrance seems to feel the fragrance of the bamboo, a cool heart. Amaranth is different from Cantonese cuisine’s original taste/Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine. In the fresh taste of crispy bamboo shoots, the thick and spicy taste is pungent, and the more delicious and spicy, the mixed taste makes many southerners also enjoy themselves.
    Fish ball soup, the absolute representative dish of Hakka people. In the next two days, each dish will have a variety of fish balls and meatballs.
    The tender and smooth fish balls are hand-made with fresh fish. They do not add any sticky substances such as starch. They are completely patted to make them stick together and then squeeze into balls. With delicious mushroom soup, it is impeccable from raw materials to craftsmanship. Is it good to have a bowl?
    Braised trotters, boiled for a long time, let it enter the mouth, fat but not greasy. The fragrant taste is reminiscent and rich in collagen. I have to eat more and make up. Men also eat better, and nowadays small meat is popular.
    Stir-fried chicken. The fire is just right, crisp and delicious, very tasty. The refreshingness of the peppers and bamboo shoots is that my ability to eat spicy is somewhat unbearable. It should be the most suitable bottled beer, it is a good appetizer.
    Sauce duck, the raw material is free-range duck, the meat is firm and delicious, it is difficult to eat such authentic ingredients in the city.
    Braised oyster fish, braised and crispy fresh fish of Minjiang River, thick and delicious, with red and green peppers and green edamame, this combination is very visual. Moreover, the edamame has the savory taste of the fish, and the astringency of the fish is subtly neutralized by the bean flavor, and the taste is great.
    After a hearty dinner, why not eat? The highlight here is the legendary Jiuzhai Hot Spring. Jiuzhai Hot Spring is arguably the most famous canyon hot spring in Jiangxi.
    Bai Juyi’s “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow” has a cloud: “Spring is given to Huaqing Pool, and hot spring water is washed and gelled.”
    Li Longji also wrote the poem “Warm Soup on Snow”:
    No hot spring ice, I know that the fire is extinguished.
    Table Ruiliang is here, and a few can be pleasant.
    It can be seen that the understanding of the love and efficacy of hot springs has long been famous in ancient times. The hot springs are rich in minerals, which can relieve illness, eliminate stress, and are very healthy for both body and mind.
    In order to respect the tourists who came to the bath, there was no photo taken on the day. In the evening, we concentrated on the beauty of the hot springs. The photos behind it were taken on the third morning.
    Jiuzhai Hot Spring has dozens of pools of large and small. Mainly divided into, Dongba water platform, five elements SPA pool, hot spring counter current pool, special massage pool and so on.
    The Dongba water table is a pool of different sizes that resembles the limestone sedimentary geological structure of Jiuzhaigou Huanglong. The pool is down the mountain layer, the bottom of the pool is sky blue, and the feeling of the cotton pamukka in Turkey is a bit Like God. The trees on both sides of the pool are lush, and in the hot air of the spring water, people feel like they are in the mountains and valleys.
    Moving from Dongba Water Station to the inside is a square bubble pool, very Japanese style. Backed by the mountains, surrounded by green trees, the relative privacy is better. After eight or nine in the evening, you can also see the stars in the sky. Give people a complete rest and relax.
    Next to the Tai Chi Wuxing Pool.
    Tai Chi, the mother of yin and yang also. The five elements, yin and yang, are born together. Since the Taiji Pool runs through the five elements pool, it is the way to create the creation of all things, and to trace the wisdom of the sages. Each of the pools of Jinmushuihuo is surrounded by Taiji Pool. This is also a child’s favorite, because sitting in the pool, people can slowly rotate with the flow of water.
    Then there is the second courtyard, which has three square pools, red wine pool, lavender pool and angelica pool, all of which have corresponding medicinal effects. Next to it is the rest area of ​​the slate bath. The warm slate can promote metabolism, improve the blood circulation of the human body, excrete toxins from the body, and have the same effect as the Turkish bath.
    The main function of the countercurrent pool is to enhance physical strength, improve heart and lung function, and improve skin keratin. Then you can go to the waterfall area, the water slaps the person’s body to cause water droplets.Disperse, form an anionic effect, and have a calming effect. It is said to eliminate migraine, neck and shoulder discomfort, regenerate and activate brain cells, and promote blood circulation.
    Finally, it came to the characteristic massage pool, which is the massage effect produced by the impact of the water flow.
    Soak up the hot springs, you can also go to the water park next to a carnival. If you say that the hot spring is a quiet and enjoyable enjoyment of water. Then the water carnival is a passionate and joyful release, letting people release all the unhappiness.
    The central area is a surf pool that can hold hundreds of people. The first time I played this entertainment project, I was a little scared because it was like the waves rushing you to the shore. For the water, you can feel the waves. Even if you can’t swim, it’s absolutely safe. There are lifeguards next to it.
    There are also two folk song and dance performances in the evening, which are 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the evening. Don’t miss your favorite friends. While looking at the show, it’s not bad.
    In addition to the following two children’s favorite, there is also a water slide, from the height of the slide, along the trend of the slide, directly into the pool, many holiday hotels abroad are more common, still in the country Rarely seen.
    After the carnival, it is necessary to sleep in the United States and the United States. The hotel has several buildings and the accommodation area is the innermost of the entire area. The service here is really good. Some waiters watched us carry the box and took the initiative to help me. It can be seen that this is not her business. My stay with Fifi is a deluxe suite twin room. Chinese modern minimalist style.
    At the entrance is a small living room. The two air conditioners in the living room and bedroom were opened at the same time, and the temperature inside the room quickly dropped.
    A small bar with complimentary mineral water and local tea bags.
    Passing through the corridor, inside is the bedroom, the room is still very spacious, the bedding and the pillows are also very comfortable. Not long after lying down, I fell asleep.
    This angle can also be a good look at the structure of this room. A desk, next to the desk and chair is a TV and network cable, the network speed is still very fast, normal web pages and videos will not be card.
    Disposables are also very complete, the quality is OK, but I am more accustomed to using my own things.
    DAY 2 Datun Village, Tongtianzhai, Ai Lian Villa, Lijiang River Drifting
    Datun Village is located at the foot of Tongtianzhai Scenic Area, about a 20-minute drive from Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel.
    I have never seen a lotus pond of this size. I can still touch the lotus flower so close, and my friends and I are shocked. This is more delicate, that is more beautiful, for people who have photography, there will be a choice of syndrome.
    First come to a panoramic view.
    We arrived earlier, the morning light was still hiding in the clouds, and the shimmering light reflected the green hills in the distance.
    A layer of light fog, shrouded in a lotus pond that could not be seen at the end, and smoked beside it. I can’t tell where the smoke is, and where it is the mist. It seems as if the scene of the Legend of the Paladin is true. Those who give in to it want to be lighter and lighter, and can’t bear to disturb this quiet beauty.
    Just along this wooden plank road, I slowly walked into the deepest kiosk in the lotus pond. I want to think that the crowd is a little farther away. This kind of fairyland makes me wonder what kind of fantasy world I have crossed. Only quiet, can make my feeling of suffocation come true.
    The car line lotus pond, amazement.
    The red of the morning glow, the reflection in the calm pool. It is God who can’t bear this hibiscus flower alone, use this powder to reflect the beauty of this lotus flower.
    Datun Village is located at the foot of Tongtian Village in Danxia Geological Park. The mountain is under the lotus, and the mountain is like Danxia.
    There is a lotus pond with a background in Tongtianzhai. Any angle is very beautiful!
    The locals have long been accustomed to such beautiful scenery. I was thinking, what would it feel like if you ride a bicycle every day and bring a lotus flower?
    Ink and lotus, like a Chinese painting?
    In the morning, the little bee has begun to work, flying around, not so busy. The beekeeper was around. He looked at me with a camera. He was very enthusiastic about talking to me and asked if I would like to taste the lotus.
    The sun finally rushed out of the clouds, bringing a golden color to the lotus pond, as the light shone in the air.
    Such a place of immortality always reminds me of a Tang poem.
    The lotus leaves are endless, and the lotus flowers are different.
    The green lotus is covered with green water, and the hibiscus is red. There is a root and a lotus root.
    Xiao He has a sharp point and has stood up.
    The lotus leaf skirt is a color cut, and the hibiscus face opens on both sides.
    Tian Tian eight nine leaves, scattered green pool at the beginning. The tenderness of the water is flat, and the yin has covered the fish. The duckweed is not covered, and the weakness is still scattered.
    Yu Xue steals exquisitely, and is covered with green and red; life is infinite, only in pains.
    When we arrived, it was near autumn, and it was a bit late for the appreciation of the lotus. There was a piece of lotus leaf that had withered. If you like a lost friend, you have to be late in the autumn to be able to taste.
    The musk is sold in the green leaves, and the west wind rises between the green waves.
    The petals have almost fallen, just the next petal, facing the sun, very transparent.
    The sun rises and the sky gradually becomes translucent. In the misty haze, the town is exposed to color.
    I met a group of ducklings and hid in the depths of the flowers. Is this waiting for my mother to come back?
    There are a few more close-ups. It’s easy to take a close-up here. You don’t need telephoto at all, and even the phone is OK, because you can get close to the flower.
    This is also a picture that I personally like very much. It is awaiting release, and the light is just right.
    We had breakfast at a nearby farmhouse and came to Tongtianzhai. Tongtianzhai is a national 4A-level scenic spot, famous for its “Thousand Buddhas and Danxia, ​​Tongtian Holy Land”. There are three musts in the scenic spot. One is the root of life and the door to life, and it is in the same mountain. Second, it is completely artificially built.Luohan constitutes a thousand Buddhist temples, which favors all beings; the third is the largest cracked geological landform in China, which is a spectacle.
    What is the Danxia geological structure? It refers to the red rock series formed during the Mesozoic Jurassic to Cenozoic Tertiary sediments, generally called red glutenite, and the horizontal tectonic geomorphology refers to the Tertiary thick red glutenite horizontally or nearly horizontally. The flat highland is composed of a combination of strong erosion, dissolution and gravity collapse, resulting in flat tops, steep cliffs, and isolated tower-like topography.
    The first thing we saw was this layered bedding structure, in the purple-red sandstone, the interlaced bedding, the parallel bedding, and the meteorites occasionally stacked.
    This is our uphill road. The mountain is actually not high, but it still needs a certain amount of physical strength to climb up. We are listening to a song “Lian’s Heart” all the way, as if we were the lotus seed that lost 500 years.
    The roads of the scenic area are twisted and twisted. Fortunately, the repairs have been perfected now, and it is very safe to climb up.
    The rocky level just up the mountain is clear, and there are some canines intertwined at the mountainside.
    It seems that every Danxia landform will not be open to water, or it will flow across the waterfall or Pinghu Qiuyue. Tongtianzhai is no exception, there is a reservoir here. We saw a stone sticking out of the water, like the head of a python, and some people felt like a crocodile. I don’t know if Tongtianzhai will find another landscape after our discovery.
    Farther away, in the two mountains, the water in this bay is like a moon in the new moon.
    The reservoir is surrounded by hills, and the lake is also very clear and calm.
    Such a blue sky is rare in China, and it is hard to believe if you don’t see it with your own eyes. I want to put such a blue, can you call Tiantian Blue?
    The rest of the friends have already gone far, and in order not to fall behind, I have to catch up.
    Here is another area of ​​geological structure, joint structure. According to the degree of rupture, the phenomenon of rock rupture caused by tectonic movement is divided into three types: fault, joint and cleavage.
    This is the famous scenic spot of Tongtianzhai. The tortoise peak is like a turtle’s head. The peak is like the head of a tortoise. The two mountains overlap, just like a huge turtle.
    These two boulders are like a huge river raft. They are stacked together. The top one is reddish brown and the bottom one is sand color. It is also called river meteorite.
    Fotangyan, the five hundred arhats that were not artificially built, and the five hundred arhats of another mountain jointly formed the Thousand Buddhas Hall. This is also one of the three characteristics of Tongtianzhai.
    Guanyin sits on the rock, and there is another natural cave in the middle of the deep red mountain. There is a light-colored rock inside, like the Guanyin Bodhisattva is meditating. Because Tongtianzhai is a holy place of Buddhism, the four seasons of meditation are endless, and the name of the Buddha is far-reaching. I have to admire the magic of nature!
    Walk under a stone. The staff asked us to look up. It turned out that a fairy slept on the stone and covered with a thin shawl called the Fairy Rock. This is also the bottom flushing structure.
    This is the geological structure of the honeycomb cavern. The reason for the trip is mainly caused by the erosion of gravel by running water. There are also such stories and legends. Tongtianzhai is the base of the peasant uprising army Chen Youshun, who was under the command of the Yuan Dynasty. Such caves are the traces left by the fights of the year.
    Among the mountains in the distance, there are many Hakka families, living in this green hill and clear water, it is a fairy day.
    Another five hundred arhats, really realistic.
    Here is the largest crack in the geology, the color is also divided into depths. In order to protect this magical geological landscape, some places have been built with plank roads, and it is still necessary to avoid stepping on the play.
    Here is the drumming table. The drums heard on the way to the mountain are all from here. You can tap a few times and walk fortunes. There is a plank road on each side of the left and right, but you can only walk one person. If you have a lot of people, don’t be crowded.
    The clouds in the sky cast shadows in the valley. Don’t have any fun, beautiful Jiangxi is not a name.
    After crossing the plank road and climbing a few steps, I came to the core scenic spot of Tongtianzhai, the vertical cave, the door of life. The vertical caves eroded by vertical caves in Tongtianyan are called “the gate of life” or “the yin of the earth” because of their shape.
    A cave in the middle, shaped like a fairy meditating.
    The Tongtian Cave on the top of the head is like a two-finger inlay. If the two chapters are half-closed, look up at the sky and you may be named after the sky.
    There is still a difference in each crack, and this looks like a female yin.
    There are also a few tea trees here, which are also very famous. They used to be tribute to the emperor.
    The immortal plowing field is also a natural miracle. The neat cuts on the stone walls are like plowed farmland. Even better, there are still a few footprints, as if the magical fairy is slashing and slashing, and flying to the sky for a while.
    According to legend, the Miao Shixian people had a day of whim, and the stone mountains in Shicheng were everywhere. If you could plant something on the stone, it would be a great merit.
    Miao Shixian chose a stone slope on the west side of Tongtianzhai for experiment. He pulled a few hairs from his body and used it to turn it into a powerful cow and a sharp plow. After a while he plowed the stone slope.
    In order to plant something on the stone, the Miao Shixian people worked tirelessly, wading through the mountains, and going out to ask for advice. His behavior touched Taishang Laojun, and Taishang Laojun gave him a stone ganoderma and taught him how to plant it. Hard work pays off, Shi Lingzhi finally planted. According to the records of Ningdu Prefecture in the Qianlong period, the stone mountain in Shicheng has a history of picking Ganoderma lucidum.
    Nowadays, although the stone ganoderma lucidum on the Tongtianzhai has been difficult to find, the stone fields plowed by the Miao Shixian people are still well preserved, and the ridges and ridges are block-shaped and the shape is Bishaw. Later generations call this the “Xianren plowing field”.
    (The story information comes from Baidu)
    The clear, pure, large and large clouds bring coolness to this summer, making this summer unique.
    At a distance of 600 meters from the Gate of Life, there is a glass path, which is a huge project. Standing on the glass path, you can see a giant stone called the root of life. The two stones of yin and yang are so close, it is rare. There is also a mythical legend:
    It is said that the two immortals competed for the beautiful scenery of Tongtianzhai as their own cultivation place, and turned into two crazy stone pillars and surrounding creatures. After the two pillars were cut off, the Jade Emperor ordered the Erlang God to capture the two immortals and ask them to sin.
    The Jade Emperor angered them: “You two are too shallow, and your selfish desires are too heavy. Now you are stripping away your previous practice, becoming a mortal, re-cultivating.” And delineating their two residences in Tongtianzhai, male. On the west side of the west side of Tongtianzhai, the female’s living in Tongtianyan on the east side of Tianzhai cannot cross the border.
    The two immortals follow the will of the Jade Emperor and work and cultivate in their respective territories. After becoming a mortal, the seven passions and six desires are born, and the two sides have a heart of love for a long time. But if you want to re-cultivate into immortals, you can’t get married. They can only bury their love in their hearts. Through the millennium cultivation, they have become immortals again, the man is called “Miao Shi Xianren”, and the woman is called “Yuquan Xiangu”. Later, the male immortal became the “root of life”, and the female immortal became the “gate of life”.
    (The story information comes from Baidu)
    Tongtianyan Scenic Area
    From the sights of the roots of life, it almost reached the North Gate. There are two giant stones here, one shaped like a sheep and one shaped like a peach. It is called the sheep rushing peach.
    After the whole journey, although tired, but everyone is still excited. Under the cool mountain wind, the refreshing is unusual.
    After the exercise, I always feel very hungry. Fortunately, the next is a full feast of the Ai Lian Villa. Before I had a full feast, the whole fish feast, I also heard about the Hakka special feast for the first time. This is based on lotus flowers and is made by various cooking techniques.
    The interior of the modern and luxurious hall is decorated with some lotus elements. There are also rooms here.
    We have a private dining room
    Full of a table, I still pick a few special dishes, and introduce you:
    Lotus seed jujube glutinous rice, a sweet appetizer, tastes fragrant, and red dates and glutinous rice, not only retains the nutrition of lotus seeds, but also the effect of qi and blood, warming the stomach.
    Lotus milk soup, this is my favorite dessert. The sweetness of the milk, coupled with the fresh, sweet taste of the lotus seeds, made me unable to drink two bowls.
    Let’s talk about the small intestine lotus soup, this is a true traditional soup. Drinking spleen and clearing fire, drinking hot and hot, does not feel that there are other strange tastes, so that I do not like people who eat internal organs, but also drink a bowl.
    Meatballs, Hakka dishes will not be missing is the meatballs.
    I think everyone is familiar with bean sprouts. Have you ever eaten this peanut sprout? Next time you go to Shicheng, you can try it.
    Peanut lotus crisp, fragrant but not greasy, unforgettable.
    This is a dish full of flavors and flavors. The braised squid in the Lijiang River is decorated with lotus flowers, lotus leaves, and a hint of lotus in the fragrance. The color is also very good. It is definitely a visual enjoyment.
    Coconut cake, tender and delicate, eat one after dinner.
    Dongpo meat is also a special dish of Hakka. We have also eaten many times.
    Peacock meat, I was in conflict at first, the hotel staff kept explaining to us. This is the unique cultured meat peacock in Shicheng. It is used to eat meat. Well, the taste is not bad.
    The key point is that this dumpling. The difference is in dumpling skin, not made with ordinary flour, but with sweet potato powder, chewy and full of toughness, soaked in soy sauce and vinegar, chili oil, the taste is really great.
    After having lunch, we came to the Qijiangyuan eco-tourism area to experience the joy of the first drift in Asia. To be honest, I did not report any illusions about this attraction. The drifting at home and abroad has also played dozens of places. Why is it called the first drift? Is this boasting? There is such a hot day, is it not sunburn? Come here with this pile of questions.
    The rafting length is only 5 kilometers, but the drop is 320 meters. From the upstream to the downstream, there are countless fine bays, shoals, and vertical waterfalls. This stimulation level is not felt by other drifting. Two people, a rubber boat, slid down the water, and danced with the waves and took off with the waterfall.
    On both sides of the rafting, there are many precious trees that cover the sky. There are a few short places, no trees, and the rest is very cool.
    Don’t worry about security issues. There are staff all over the place, guarding them on both sides, one to prevent falling water, and one job is to push the stranded rubber boat to avoid stacking collisions.
    I heard the girls along the way.The scream is really scaring the salsa. Not only was it scared by this thrilling water flow, but it was also scared by the screams of the girls. Fortunately, no matter how exciting, it is safe and shocking.
    Such a hot day, playing in such a cold river, for a long time, really enjoy.
    Sliding into a calm area, you can chat quietly and recollect the thrills you just had.
    I deeply feel that this drifting is too exciting. Even for a photography enthusiast like me, I really feel that this experience is better than a few photos. Without personal experience, it is difficult to know how different this drift is. It is ten times better than the rafting of the Ayong River in Bali. It seems that in the future, the expectations of drifting will be raised.
    Drifting considerations:
    1. Avoid collisions. Keeping it steady and avoiding collisions is a principle that must be adhered to during drifting. When it is inevitable, the boat should be controlled at the frontal angle of collision.
    2. The area that is stranded is the area where the water is not deep, so don’t worry, you can test the water and push the boat.
    I had eaten dinner and went back to the hotel to sleep, but it was still early. I heard that there is an outdoor music festival, moonlight, lotus, music, how can you miss such a good time?
    Zhu Ziqing’s lotus pond moonlight has been read by everyone. But the real mood, but also have to know it before you know it.
    Under such strong lights and moonlight, you can still see the stars in the sky. It is clear that the sky is clear and the air is refreshing.
    Give me a light!
    Is Hibiscus more charming in the moonlight independence night?
    DAY 3 Gossip, Shicheng Sniper War Memorial Park, Osmanthus House, Sui and Wenyuan
    When I got up in the morning, I took a photo of the hot spring hotel. After breakfast, I came to the famous alpine meadow, the gossip brain, famous for the red azaleas.
    GossipThe scenic spot is located in Xinping Village, Gaotian Town, in the northeast of Shicheng County, 33 kilometers from the county. It takes more than an hour to drive. On the way, we have been listening to the staff to tell us about the beauty of the Eight Diagrams in April and May. The 10,000-acre azaleas dyed the gossip into red. I have been brain filling the beautiful scene, but unfortunately we are not coming, this is only a million acres of meadows. It is said that this was discovered by outdoor friends, and the video was sent to the Internet, and it was widely praised in the outdoor circle. It has also attracted the attention of the local government. This is the largest wild azalea protection area that has been discovered so far.
    It is not easy to go down the mountain to the mountain. Although the scenic spot has taken a lot of effort to build, but due to the 18-bend of the mountain road, it is still not possible to drive to the top of the mountain. There is a sightseeing tour bus to the halfway up the mountain and then start climbing. Although tossing is indeed a romantic and interesting place.
    There are still more than a dozen households on the mountain. The young people are estimated to be out, mostly left behind, and they will relocate and refuse to move. At present, with the gradual development of the scenic spots, the road conditions have become better than before, and it is also convenient for them to go up and down the mountain.
    The forest coverage of the Eight Diagrams brain is extremely high, and all of them are full of lush green. The sky is blue and washed, the white clouds and the dogs are dancing with the wind. For those of us who rarely see such a blue sky, we can’t help but admire them.
    In a piece of green, we found a small flower, a cluster of hanging branches, although there is no mountain red, but every stubborn flower will be pleasing to the eye.
    The sun has been hiding in the clouds from time to time, and it is not so hot on the way to the mountain.
    This pink flower, very low, is usually found at high altitudes and is still very common here. When we were immersed in the little discoveries and were happy, the staff of the scenic spot told us that there are many wild lilies that are on the cliffs. We followed the direction of his pointing and there was a surprise. In addition, because the wild environment is not disturbed, there are many wild animals, hares, pheasants, snakes, etc. If we can have an encounter, it is really worthwhile (the snake is even ~~).
    There is also a pink flower that naturally forms a heart shape, cute and unusual.
    In addition to the wooden plank road, the scenic spot is such a stone step. There are 6 groups of such steps, and when they are all finished, they will reach the grassland on the top of the mountain.
    At the top of the mountain, the clouds are low and the sky seems to be within reach. The clouds cast a mottled shadow on the green peaks, and also blocked the hot sun.
    A dozen people climbed the mountain together and had not felt tired, they had already reached the top of the mountain. The horizon is open for a moment, and the whispering in my mind is such a lyric. The vastness of the sky is my love! Oh, okay, it’s not my vulgarity, such a mountain grassland, it’s so beautiful that people have some brain suffocation.
    Going up a bit, I came to an altitude of 1314 meters above sea level. There is a heart-shaped area surrounded by stones, which symbolizes the love of a lifetime. The flower language of azaleas is always yours, representing the joy of love. The rhetoric of azaleas is when you see the full bloom of azaleas, the time when love comes. Every year, many people here successfully propose marriage. So beautiful, can you live up to it?
    Even if there is no azalea, it doesn’t matter. It is enough for the promise of this life.
    Travel is a song, each clip is a note, happy, meet you!
    On the top of the mountain, there are Mani stones piled up by locals and tourists. Although there are no six-character rumors, I believe that the heart is sincere. I also put a flag on it and got a touch of aura.
    Although the sun is very strong on the top of the mountain, because of the altitude, the temperature is not high, super cool. The cool breeze bursts, and people can’t help but stay for a while. Unfortunately, the afternoon trip is still very tense, we are urging to start down the mountain.
    I am always resistant to beauty. When I climbed the mountain with curiosity, I rushed to the front. When I left, I couldn’t help but walk to the end, even if I could only stay in love for a second.
    The first point in the afternoon is to go to the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall in Shicheng County. Shicheng was an important part of the Central Revolutionary Base during the Second Civil War and an important starting point for the Red Army’s Long March. As the focus of the promotion of red tourism, the leaders of the Tourism Bureau specially arranged this attraction for us.
    The picture below is a memorial park in front of the memorial.
    The memorial hall was built in October 1956. It was relocated in the current memorial park in 2009, and it is combined with the Shicheng Blocking War Memorial Park. A total of three floors, one floor, two floors are the memorial hall of the Revolutionary Martyrs of Shicheng County, and the third floor is the Memorial Hall of the Resistance War.
    Entering the memorial hall, the old lecturer deeply helped us to explain each layer of the memorial. The exhibition hall on the first floor mainly displays the list of Martyrs and Britain, and the other corner shows hundreds of generals’ painting and calligraphy exhibitions. The older generation of revolutionaries have given high praise and expectation to the development of Shicheng.
    The second floor is also divided into two parts. The first is a detailed explanation of the Red Army’s evacuation from Shicheng for the Long March. The other part is the secret bank of the National Bank. At that time, the secret treasury of the Soviet regime was established in Shicheng County.
    The exhibition hall also shows the establishment of the Soviet regime.
    This is the self-made dirt rifle at that time, is it the legendary “millet plus”?
    Design of the second floor exhibition hall
    The third floor shows in detail the scene of the stone city blockade.
    The Shicheng Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall has become a patriotic education base integrating collection, research, publicity, education and tourism. In the urban area, when you come to Shicheng, you can come to the memorial hall to learn about this history.
    Next, we went to the osmanthus house with a historically representative building. This is a typical Hakka residence in the Qing Dynasty. It was preserved and famous because it was the place where the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s young king Hong Tiangui Fu was imprisoned. In the traditional sense, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom officially declared its failure.
    The whole building is still well preserved, with three halls and two horizontal houses, and the house is stunned. The main building is not luxurious, the style is simple, but it is well preserved. A plaque hangs at the door, and the book “Osmanthus House”.
    The first hall of the room is the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum. There is a lot of coincidence between the house and the rise and fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. It is said that the time for the construction and completion of the house is exactly the same as the time of the uprising and destruction of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jiandu Stone City—-Nanjing, ruined in Shicheng (according to the failure of the young king to be smashed); the five horsehead walls of the residence and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the final five kings stone city is difficult to coincide. Is it really a “house”?
    The slanted light shadows sprinkled on the mottled wall-mounted wooden pillars, as if stroking the nicks of the years above it, sighing the impermanence.
    This is the typical hall of the Hakka. The carvings of the Qing Dynasty furniture are exquisite and beautiful, and the patterns are complicated.
    The typical Hakka brick structure, gray tiles overlap, revealing a day.
    It turned out that the last yard was another great feature of Shicheng. It is not open to the public because it is under maintenance. We can only come again next time.
    From the osmanthus house, we arrived at the Yihe Wenyuan. Located next to the Visitor Service Centre, it has a typical Hakka architectural character. It is a cultural market in Shicheng. The first floor is mainly for selling antiques, writing brushes, stone carvings, wood carvings, etc. The second floor is mainly antiques.
    For friends who like painting and calligraphy, the collapse of Shicheng is definitely worth collecting. The natural color is rich, the pattern is unique, the carving is exquisite, and the traditional craftsmanship of the Han nationality belongs to the provincial intangible cultural heritage.
    This platform looks like a landscape painting of Pinghu Qiuyue, a natural pattern.
    This platform is like a piece of bamboo, which is very design.
    The value of this platform lies in the exquisite carvings.
    For many insiders, you can know that the price/performance ratio of this platform is extremely high. There is also a brush, which is also a special product of Shicheng.
    There are also many beautiful root carvings and wood carvings.
    There is also a small supermarket here, you can buy some of Shicheng’s specialties and bring them back to relatives and friends. The flowers are very good with my taste. Recommend it to everyone.
    In a gift box, Shicheng Sambo took home the characteristics of Shicheng County and tasted it.
    There are also frozen fresh lotus seeds that can not be thawed within 24 hours, which is suitable for short-distance friends.
    From the hustle and bustle of the garden, you can see the opposite of the Song Dynasty’s pagoda. It is just being renovated and maintained, and we regret not being able to visit.
    I really like this photo, old trees and ancient towers.
    The last stop was Nanxunwu. In fact, we have passed by it twice. It was because of poor lighting and gave up shooting. This time we arrived at the prime time of taking pictures, and surely all the waiting is worth it.
    Nanxun House is a 4A-level tourist spot in Jiangxi Province, covering an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. The protection is quite intact. According to records, this is a wealthy merchant named Shicheng in Shicheng. His history is also a legend in Shicheng. In his early years, he bought soybeans with all his net worth. As a result, on the way to transportation, it happened that even in the rainy days, all the soybeans were moldy. When he was lying in bed, he was surprised to get the news. There was a disease in the south where only a moldy soybean could be cured. With this good opportunity, I dug the first bucket of gold. It is also a smooth road, and realizes the way of doing business, gradually enriching one side and building this house.
    This is the snowflake beer ancient building protection unit, with an annual photography competition every year. The good photos taken here are also available for submission.
    Here is the ancient stage.
    Part of the stage
    In the evening, there are still many visitors who are waiting in line to enter.
    Taking a picture
    The old man who lives in it is preparing dinner, and the fragrant rice has been put into the pot. The thick life is full of life, I believe that dinner will be excellent.
    Stocking poultry, a “two-person” leisurely walk.
    The evening light warmed on the wall, leaving a long shadow.
    There is a small pond in front of the house, Tongtianzhai, and the houses are reflected in the pool. There is a sense of sight in Anhui Hongcun.
    The old people in the village are also cold, and work at the pond.
    Into the Nanxun House, part of the house, is under maintenance, the years have given it a trace of vicissitudes of life, quietly telling the prosperity of the year.
    The favorite is the Hakka’s patio. The sun shines across the corrugated and sneak into the courtyard, making people feel warm.
    Out of the folklore pavilion, two stone lions waiting at the door were found. The shape is very unique. A lion has a ball on his foot and a string of copper coins hanging on his hand. This is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Another lion has a ball on one foot and a leg. There is a little lion playing, symbolizing the extension of the child.
    Walking out of the South House, it is a square. There are four screens connected to the horse’s head wall. Each horse head wall has a hollow figure, which is the shape of the shaped paper of Chinese painting.
    Looking at the past from these hollow windows, is it also a painting?
    Going forward, I went to the lotus pond again. The golden sun shines on the lotus pond, and the lotus leaf is inlaid with gold. The lotus flowers at this time are all flower bones. Unlike the morning, they are all competing to bloom. I don’t know if I want to sink to sleep, or suddenly become shy.
    The passing vehicles travel through the sea of ​​flowers, rolling up a wind and taking away a musk.
    The dinner venue is arranged at the Minjiangyuan International Hotel and is the most famous hotel in the city of Shicheng County.
    According to the usual practice, only the high value of the face, the taste is praised, of course, there must be special features.
    Fried double pills, as mentioned before, we will eat meatballs and all kinds of meatballs for every meal, but it will not make you bored. One is that the taste is really delicious, the other is no matter the shape. Still cooking techniques are different.
    Steamed double pill
    Shredded chicken, a seemingly ordinary dish, was eaten by us. The ingredients are not normal, and the chef’s careful cooking is naturally different.
    Stir-fry vegetables, this is a must-order, must be strongly recommended. The best thing to eat is that the meat in this circle is very similar to sausage. Some of the little friends didn’t eat it. I heard that the two friends who had eaten two pieces were full of praise for this dish. I was deeply sorry that I could only comfort myself. The middle dish also had meaty taste and the taste was good.
    Fried dried fish, delicious fish, Jiangxi cuisine accompanied by common cooking methods, delicious taste.
    Staying at the Lijiangyuan International Hotel in the evening, this hotel is truly amazing. It is hard to imagine that in a small county, there is no such luxury decoration, perfect service for this.
    Marble-decorated hall with luxurious crystal lamps. Spacious and stylish.
    We stayed in a double standard room, central air conditioning, cooling effect is very good, the bedding is particularly dry.
    The entire room is also a Chinese-style minimalist design, looking at the mountains to be elegant and elegant. On the table, a thick book about Shicheng County was placed, which was very detailed and specific to each village. It has important reference value for understanding Shicheng County.
    The clean and tidy bathroom is also a marble countertop, very clean. The overall feeling makes us very satisfied.
    DAY 4 Goodbye to Shicheng
    They are all colorless and can’t help.
    Yao Xi took the cool setting, and Jin Yu fell late.
    Looking back at the lamp, the water in the sock is dip.
    Imagine the early autumn, leaving the dream to sing.
    There is a period of flowering and there is a time when the feast is over.
    There is also a long journey to return home. We say goodbye to the most beautiful and beautiful lotus pond. We say goodbye to the most clean Tongtianzhai. We are going to the most extensive gossip. We say goodbye to the most enthusiastic Shicheng friends.
    When the romance of the mountain is romantic, we will make another appointment in Shicheng, but what?

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