How to get to the Yulong River hiking route? 2017 Yulong River Trekking Guide

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How to hike Yulong River (Tickets) in Liyang Shuo? How do I go on foot? The Yulong River is famous for its bamboo raft tours, but if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you definitely think there are other better ways to visit. Yes, cycling and hiking along the Yulong River is a good way to visit. Let’s talk about the 2017 Yulong River hiking strategy.

2017 Yulong River hiking guide

Hiking route:

Jinbao Township—Yulong Bridge—Maoma—Old County—Chaoyang—Gongnong Bridge

乘 Take the shuttle bus to Jinbao Township from Yangshuo North Bus Station. It runs every 20 minutes and costs around 6.5 yuan. Take the Jinbao Country Car, and then start hiking through Yulong Bridge-Luoma-Jiuxian-Chaoyang-Gongnong Bridge. After that, take the bus from Lipu / Gaotian to Yangshuo to the county town, about 5-8 yuan per person. All are shuttle buses. After arriving at the county seat of Yangshuo, he still chose to take the bus to Guilin at the North Bus Station.

徒步 This hiking route has a total length of 15 kilometers and has 14 weirs. The ancient monuments on both sides of the strait are densely packed. There are three of the most famous ancient bridges in Guangxi-Yulong Bridge, Xiangui Bridge, and Fuli Bridge. Ruins, Panzhuang ruins, ancient houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During the hike, you can experience 20 places such as “Yulongmugui” and “Rhino Watching the Moon”, which are ancient and natural and full of charm along the river.


If you are hiking for the first time, follow someone familiar with the route.

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