[Huiyun Weinan] A long-standing ancient village in southern Anhui, a petty bourgeoisie, this is a combination of heaven and earth.

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[Hongcun] The villages that came out of Chinese paintings, the streets and alleys are beautiful.
    Weinan County is the most famous poetry and painting village in the north and south of the Yangtze River. Although it is a small county with a population of less than 100,000, it is the first county in China with the most intangible cultural heritage in the world. Xidi and Hongcun are unparalleled in the world. The world-class ancient town is in the territory of Jixian.
    We often hear Xidi and Hongcun, both of which think that Xidi and Hongcun are a place, but it is not. Xidi is the ancient town of Xidi and Hongcun is the ancient town of Hongcun, which is 4-5 kilometers away.
    Going to Hongcun does not have to buy tickets to enjoy the most beautiful part of Hongcun. You can see the picturesque and dreamy scenery on the street outside the Hongcun Scenic Area. China’s most beautiful Chinese painting country.
    The village community of Jixian Chinese painting represented by Hongcun is the most admirable place in southern Anhui. Besides, there are many free open ancient villages around Hongcun. Is it the name of the county that feels out of Chinese painting? Very good?
    Next, Yamano Jun will briefly introduce Hongcun.
    Huangshan Hongcun Scenic Area is located in the rural area of ​​China’s oil paintings. It is a national 5A scenic spot and one of the scenic spots that the UNESCO is listed as a world intangible cultural heritage. By the end of 2015, the entire Hongcun had preserved more than 140 houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among them, the famous small scenic spots include: Nanhu Chunxiao, College Reading, Yueuma Fenghe, Niuchang Shuizhen, Shuangxi Yingbi, and Pavilion Ancient trees, Leigang evening photos, etc. The scenic area is green and spring all year round. It is as mysterious as walking into the fabulous legendary painting town. The whole scenery cannot be expressed with simple beauty, but cannot be conveyed by words.
    From the entrance of the scenic spot along the lake to the painting bridge and then to the ancient dwellings to the moon marsh, the top of the mountain is a bird’s eye view of the entire Hongcun. It is really a time to appreciate the most core values ​​of the village in the picture. This feeling likes to rob yourself of the slow experience.
    It is also worth mentioning that Hongcun is also a classic costume action movie such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Su Shier” and the TV series “Da Yu Tang” were shot in Hongcun.
     [Tachuan] Fall in love with Qiuqiu, love in Tachuan
    Today, the global economic development, although the industry has upgraded to a multi-level industry, but as the most primitive and most fundamental agriculture can never get rid of. Because agriculture involves the most basic issues such as eating in human development, agriculture has always been the only industry in the world that cannot be ignored. As a big industrial country, China’s scientific development level of agricultural development is in the leading position in the world.
    As an agriculture-based industry in China, farms, fields and other agricultural production sites can be seen in every province. Farmland can be seen everywhere in the Jiangnan area of ​​China. However, in the southern part of Anhui Province in the south of Anhui Province, there are many farmland and the scenery is picturesque. It has become the most beautiful paradise in the eyes of photographers. Many farmlands are famous throughout the country, such as Tachuan in Jixian County.
    When we mentioned Tachuan, the first impression that we gave us was the ancient villages of poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River and the ancient buildings with the characteristics of Huiyun and Weinan. The scenery in Tachuan is indeed the case, but this village is just a sightseeing spot with a combination of farmland and several trees. Because of the over-loving and hype of the photographers, this is an ordinary agricultural sightseeing area. The scenic spot for domestic charges. This farmland-based Tachuan scenic spot charges 40 yuan. It is necessary to know that this 40 yuan is not expensive. First of all, the traffic in Tachuan is not convenient. You need to take a taxi or drive by yourself. The second is that this Tachuan is an ordinary village where farmers live and agricultural production. Compared to the colorful and freely open West Lake Scenic Area, Tachuan’s charges are too high or even excessive.
    As the most beautiful poetry and painting village in China, Tachuan has no tourism investment cost, and is the place where agriculture grows farmland. In addition to the autumn scenery can be used as a photographer’s attraction, the rest of the time is just like the ordinary farmland in the country.
    Of course, the 40-yuan Tachuan ticket is actually not reasonable or right. After all, this has become a national fever-level autumn land, and many tourists also expressed their willingness to pay 40 yuan to enjoy the autumn scenery here. Yamano Jun I felt that the scenery here was very good during the Tachuan period. It was visually more general, but it was especially suitable for photography and portraits, so I personally like Tachuan very much. Many people think that Tachuan is not fun, and there is no meaning of buying tickets to enter the scenic spot. Compared with the friend Chen who runs with me to Tachuan, I don’t like Tachuan very much. Therefore, it is not fun to play Tachuan, it is worth noting that it is totally worthy of playing. It is really difficult to define this. However, what is your opinion or opinion on this farmland as a scenic spot for fees?
     [Lu Village] The first floor of Chinese woodcarving, the living fossil of woodcarving artLucun in Jixian County is very close to Hongcun Scenic Area, about 2 kilometers away, and also belongs to Hongcun Town. Like Hongcun, it is a typical ancient village in southern Anhui. The difference is that it is less famous than Xidi and Hongcun. Therefore, there are fewer tourists and good scenery here. It is one of the best destination choices for photography and travel enthusiasts.
    Lucun is also known as Lushan Village. It belongs to the village of Hongcun Town, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. It is about 1 km north of the center of Hongcun Scenic Area, a world cultural heritage site. The ancient dwellings of Lucun are the Qing Dynasty. The Buddhist monk was founded by the doctor, and the houses such as Zhichengtang, Siqitang and Sichengtang are still intact. The famous “Wood Carving House” is the best of the Huizhou woodcarving art. It was made by two master craftsmen who spent 20 years carving and carving. It is known as “the first floor of Huizhou woodcarving”. The Huangmei drama “Huizhou Woman”, which once caused great repercussions, was put on the stage with the woodcarving building as a scene.
    When we mentioned the ancient villages in southern Anhui, all that was known was the place of Xidi and Hongcun. It is true that these two villages are the expression of ancient villages in southern Anhui. In addition to the two outstanding representatives of Xidi and Hongcun in Weinan, there is also a village with a historical heritage.
    This ancient village is the most primitive ancient village in China. It is still home to the indigenous Huizhou people.
    In addition to the historical site of the Luzhou family’s Huizhou ancient village in Lu Village, it is worth mentioning that the wood carving art that shocked the whole world has several houses in the village that were left over from the wood carving building. The wood carving building in Lucun is the village. It is the most worthwhile to see, and it is also the most precious historical relic. It has now been included in the national key cultural relics protection unit. The craftsmanship of the woodcarving building is exquisite, and it is also a good technical and good craft that is now one of the best. The miracle of the woodcarving building has made Lu Village a strong interest in the world. Woodcarving art is also an indispensable part of Huizhou culture. It is also the craft of the imperial family in the Han and Tang Dynasties. Now it is hidden in Huizhou people, and it has become a non-material cultural heritage in China.
     [Yueshan Banyan Tree] The petty bourgeoisie in the ancient village of South Anhui
    The location of Banyan Tree in Huangshan City is very perfect. It is located in Lu Village, Jixian County, the county where the most beautiful villages and Chinese paintings are out of China. It is only a few hundred meters away from the Lucun Woodcarving Building. Zhuang can enjoy the ancient villages of the Huizhou style, and it feels very angry. When you stay at Banyan Tree in Huangshan, you will find that enjoying the petty bourgeoisie holiday in the ancient village of Minnan is a very happy thing in life travel.
    As an international brand of Banyan Tree Hotel Group, Banyan Tree Huangshan has hidden the beauty of China’s most beautiful villages. In the Banyan Tree Huangshan Hotel, not only the elegance of the environment, the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, but also the historical and cultural village. The kind of subtle emotions that accompany me. This feeling is what I like most.
    As before, Yamano will present all aspects of the Banyan Tree Huangshan Hotel to everyone, so that everyone has a necessary reference when choosing the hotel, hopefully useful.
    First, the appearance of the hotel:
    Like other international luxury hotel brands, the appearance of Banyan Tree Huangshan is a first impression of a large scale with local characteristics. In the hotel area, you can see a series of Huizhou villas connected together, which has become a beautiful landscape in the Lucun area. The floor of the hotel is not high. It is the same height as the old buildings in Lu Village. Perhaps it is because of the feng shui guidelines that do not exceed the height of ancient buildings. The height of the building is no more than three stories, but the grandeur of the atmosphere is very emotional.
    Second, the hotel’s services:
    The Banyan Tree Huangshan Hotel has nothing to say in the service. After arriving at the hotel, the Welcome Department of the hotel will wait for me in the hotel room and the entrance of the hall for a long time, then personally send me to the front desk on the second floor. Check-in, the front desk service is also very warm and hospitable, and gave me 2 Lucun scenic spot vouchers, the first impression is good for the service. From check-in to delivery to the guest room, the whole process is very warm, considerate and comfortable. It feels like the Banyan Tree Huangshan Hotel is the right choice.
    Third, the hotel’s lobby:
    The lobby is divided into two levels: the lobby on the first floor is a leisure bar, guests can enjoy afternoon tea, gossip and simple entertainment on the first floor, and the second floor is the front desk where the hotel stays. The interior of the hall is in accordance with the typical Hui style architectural style. It is quite ingenious and very comfortable in lighting design, color temperature selection and Feng Shui pattern. Staying in the lobby, you will understand why Banyan Tree is so stylish, it has a lot of credit for its own design philosophy and planning.
    Fourth, the public area of ​​the hotel:
    The public area is designed according to the overall planning of the Jiangnan garden, combined with the local Huizhou architecture and the Huizhou Feng Shui theory. The temperament of the Banyan Tree Hotel also has the atmosphere of Huizhou culture. This is the overall public area. Visual feeling. In addition, the greening of the public areas is very commendable. In addition to the preservation of the old trees, a lot of flowers and trees have been planted. A garden-style, resort-style luxury brand hotel has been created. It’s just like this in front of our eyes.
    Fifth, the hotel’s rooms:
    Walking into the room made me feel very warm and comfortable. The cold air outside made me cool all over the place. After reaching the room, the warm temperature and the fragrant air made me smile. Yamano Jun is a Luyuan Suite with a balcony with a view. The whole room is divided into three parts, the living room part, the bedroom part and the bathroom part. The outermost part of the living room and the innermost part of the bathroom are the largest and the smallest design of the bedroom is exactly in line with the traditional Chinese theory of home Feng Shui. The bedroom is where the owner sleeps, usually sleeping at night, especially when sleeping deeply, the body sleeps. The degree of dormancy in the middle body has some established relationship with the magnetic field of the room space. Generally speaking, the smaller the room, the smaller the disturbing magnetic field of the bedroom, and the least the interference caused by the sleeping body is minimized. The largest aspect of the living room and bathroom area is aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, it is a balance adjustment function for the balance of the yin and yang of the whole bedroom and the venting of the room. This design is rare, and Yamano has to do this. liked.
    In terms of the hardware and details of the guest room, it is completely in line with the definition of an international brand hotel. Whether it is a mattress, a bed sheet or a bed, it is an international brand. It is very comfortable when sleeping, and it is very helpful for quick sleep. The bathroom is dry and wet, the quality of the bathroom toiletries is very good, even better than the quality of many international brands of toiletries, really admire this. When you stay in your room, you can feel why the Banyan Tree Huangshan Hotel dares to advertise that it is the most expensive and best hotel in Huangshan. This is not without reason.
    Sixth, the hotel’s restaurant, dining:
    The restaurant at Banyan Tree Huangshan is divided into two main areas, one is breeze, mainly for breakfast, and the other is lobby lounge. The style of the restaurant is also typical of Huizhou architecture. With the perfect design concept and decoration features, the restaurant here is very beautiful and comfortable, and it can make dining a high standard enjoyment. The color of the dishes is very good, and the taste is not bad.
    Seventh, the surrounding environment of the hotel:
    The hotel is located in the Lucun scenic area, and it is very convenient to walk to the entrance of Lu Village a few hundred meters away. It is also very convenient to visit the ancient villages of Hongnan and Guanyu, and for a few kilometers, it is convenient and fast to arrive on foot or by car. The surrounding environment is first class.
    Eighth, the hotel’s traffic:
    Banyan Tree Huangshan is very close to Lu Village, and a taxi from Hongcun can directly reach the hotel entrance. It is about 1.9 kilometers to Hongcun. It is very convenient to walk and drive. If you like the beautiful scenery between Lucun and Hongcun, Yamano suggested that you can take a walk from Hongcun to Lucun. Enjoy the picturesque scenery.

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