I didn’t see Zhangjiajie in the rain and rain. I really haven’t really been to Zhangjiajie.

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Zhangjiajie had been there twice before, and both went to the group. It was a bit of a glimpse of the flowers. It was because of the beautiful scenery that I went there again. Last year, I saw a friend in the circle of friends sent a group of rain and fog. The Zhangjiajie in the middle is like a fairyland. The photos I took when I went to Zhangjiajie Tianqing twice were a bit gray and completely two effects. So I always wanted to go to Zhangjiajie again to take a picture of Zhangjiajie.
    Zhangjiajie in the rain and fog must have rain. It was a good choice to stay in Zhangjiajie Mountain for a few nights in May, and the air on the mountain was beautiful. The self-guided tour was not bound by the travel agency’s itinerary. It was discussed with the wife. The wife also readily agreed that my wife had also been with me. The second Zhangjiajie also felt very beautiful.
    The summer of May is also the rainy season, so check the weather forecast, avoid the May Day, after a few days after May 1st, pay attention to the appropriate ticket price and weather, buy the ticket in advance and go away, the ticket is about a week or so to book, Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie The ticket is 1300 yuan including the airport construction fee, and the ticket for two people is 2,600 yuan.
    Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie’s high-speed rail has not yet opened (it is said that Zhangjiajie can pass the high-speed rail next year), Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie now only train, car, aircraft three ways, train to Zhangjiajie to 20 hours, Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie cars also 13- 14 hours.
    After all, it was a self-help tour. I saw a lot of Raiders on the Internet before departure. Regarding the route, accommodation, and not eating goods, I ate less attention, but the actual choice of eating in Shenzhen is enough. Shenzhen is a lot more delicious. Those so-called authentic delicious, take Guilin rice noodles and Sichuan cuisine, I went to Guangxi to eat Guilin rice noodles and Guiyang’s Huaxi powder and Sichuan eat Sichuan cuisine really not so delicious in Shenzhen, it should be said that these have arrived in Shenzhen After the improvement.
    The approximate itinerary of Zhangjiajie May 8th-12 is: the first day: the second day of Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie City: Zhangjiajie City – Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – Jinbianxi – chaotic slope (hiking up the mountain) – Yuan Home – Mountain Inn Day 3: Point to Taiwan – Shentang Bay – Daguantai – Yangjiajie – Shanshang Inn Day 4: Aerial Garden – Shenbing Party – Point to Taiwan – Shentang Bay – Grand View Garden – Mountain Inn Five days: Helong Park (walking down the mountain) – Shili Gallery – Jinbianxi – Huangshizhai – Zhangjiajie City Day 6: Zhangjiajie – Shenzhen Why live in the mountains for three nights, the first of these scenery to wait, the second mountain on this The inn feels that you can still be too lazy to move around.
    The first day: Shenzhen’s flight is a 22:15 pm airplane. It takes about 45 minutes from the subway to the airport. Since it was forced to change the ticket because it only arrived at the airport 45 minutes earlier, it was forced to change the ticket. The second time will take more than two hours to arrive at the airport. The plane was delayed for more than half an hour. It arrived at Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport at about 1 am, and the taxi to the hotel was only 18 yuan. The urban area of ​​Zhangjiajie is not big, so it can be said that the hotel from the airport to the city is dripping. It should be 20-30, and if it is more, it should be slaughtered. The hotel is about 15 minutes walk from the train station. Because the hotel is not very satisfied, I will not post photos of this hotel. Zhangjiajie as a tourist city, tourismThe package is very complete, the hotel is everywhere, the price is relatively close to the people. Zhangjiajie Railway Station is adjacent to the bus station, and the Tianmen Mountain Cableway is also nearby.
    Day 2: Zhangjiajie City – Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – Jinbianxi – chaotic slopes (hiking up the mountain) – Yuanjiajie – Shanshang Inn next day at the inn to the suitcase to the inn in Zhangjiajie Mountain, worthy of praise All the inns in Zhangjiajie can check their luggage to the next hotel to be stayed at the hotel. The size of the suitcase is not more than 20 yuan. It is very convenient for self-guided tourists. This time I brought it. If you don’t have the baggage check-in service for a 24-inch suitcase, it will be very troublesome to stay at the mountain inn.
    The entire Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has five entrances, namely Zhangjiajie Forest Park Ticket Station, Wujiayu Ticket Station (Sign Gate), Weinan Temple Ticket Station (Tianzi Mountain), Zhangmugang Ticket Station and Yangjiajie Ticket Station. I have only been to the ticketing stations of Zhangjiajie Forest Park and Wujiayu Ticketing Station (signal gate). These two ticketing stations are also the most visited by tourists, because they plan to climb the mountain from Yuanjiajie, so this time Enter from Zhangjiajie Forest Park Ticket Station.
    From Zhangjiajie city bus to Zhangjiajie Forest Park ticket station, the journey is 1 hour, the ticket is 12 yuan, there are many passengers outside Zhangjiajie bus station saying that the ride is 10 yuan to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, I did not pay attention to them or I honestly take the car insurance at the regular station. Enter the station and get on the bus directly, then buy the ticket after getting on the bus. A staff member asks which door you want to go to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and then tells you which car to go to. The windshield will also have a line card, but it is best to ask the station staff to be insured.
    The station has a map of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for sale. I also bought a 10 yuan, but I don’t recommend buying it. There is a free tour map in the scenic spot and it is more simple and clear. The ticket price of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is 245 yuan, which is valid for 4 days. It is not valid for 3 days. However, if you enter the scenic spot, no one will check the ticket. I have not seen anyone checking the ticket in the scenic spot. There should be no problem for a few days. This time I wanted to buy Zhangjiajie’s annual ticket. The ticket seller’s window said that it is no longer selling Zhangjiajie’s annual ticket. I don’t know if there is any annual ticket for sale. A free tour map is available at the enquiry center at the entrance of the scenic spot below.
    At 11 o’clock in the morning, I arrived at the entrance of the scenic spot. Since it was not a holiday on weekdays and 11 o’clock in the morning, the tour group usually went in the morning, and the entrance to the scenic spot seemed cold and clear. Entering the scenic spot, I came to the big oxygen bar square and took a picture with the drone. But the effect of this cloudy weather is very general. The right hand side of the big oxygen bar square is the entrance to the village, but it is closed. It is not recommended for visitors to enter, if you enter and exit from the entrance of the Zhaizizhai in the middle of Jinbianxi.
    On the left hand side of the big oxygen bar is the bus parking lot to Huangshizhai. From here, take a 2-3 minute bus ride to the Huangshizhai cableway station. The big oxygen bar goes straight to the Jinbianxi entrance. The entrance of the Golden Whip Creek to the Oxygen Bar Square is because there are many tourists who are looking for food here. The monkeys in Zhangjiajie must not provoke it. The “Poetry Monkey” here has the “sexuality” of the Xiangxi bandits. I saw a monkey seeing a 6-7 year old boy eating and catching up with a little boy’s trousers. One hand reached into the boy’s trouser pocket and pulled out three yolks. Pie (it is estimated that there are three egg yolk pies in the pocket, if there are many possible robs). The situation was almost the same as that of bandits and robbers. It was so funny, but unfortunately there was no video at the time. The father next to the child may not have noticed that there is a monkey robbing his son. The little boy did not speak out or stop the monkey, letting the egg yolk pie with its hollow pockets, if it blocked the monkey, it might be attacked by the monkey. Another time, a tall man teased a monkey and pretended to throw things to the monkey. After 2-3 times, the monkey was angry and made a strong shake of the branches to attack him. It seems that you TMD is playing me.
    The whole journey of Jinbianxi takes about 4 hours. At the end, it is surrounded by four waters. The Jinbianxi Valley is deep and quiet. Because the golden whip stream is flowing all the year round, the water vapor content in the air is relatively large, and the air is fresh and negative. Oxygen ions are very rich, and it is very cool in the Golden Whip Creek. It is very cool in the hot summer days, because the sun can be used for a little time, and the surrounding trees are green, the scenery on both sides is pleasant, and it is very comfortable on foot.
    Set up a tripod to shoot the slow-door waterscape on the side of the Golden Whip Creek, the wife urged to say that there is no time to shoot this water, do not go to the mountains when it is dark. So I took a few shots and left.
    Because we have to hike up the mountain, we only walked up the steps from the middle of the Golden Whip Creek. We walked from the Oxygen Bar for more than an hour through the Zicaotan Service Area (the price of Zi Cao Tan is higher than that of the mountain, and a bowl of baked potatoes costs 10 yuan. There is only 5 yuan on the mountain. There is a small road here. The road is the entrance to the toilet and the sand knife ditch. From the sand knife ditch scenic spot, you can go up to the Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie cableway, but the sand knife ditch. The scenic spot has been closed and will not be allowed.
    Here, the Zicaotan service area is not far away. There is a branch in the sights of the thousands of miles. On the other hand, it is going to the direction of the water around the four gates. On the left hand side, the mountain is a chaotic slope. There is no scenery on the slopes. All the way is a step road. We met several tourists from Yuanjiajie down the mountain from the chaotic slopes. Only two of us went up. In Zhangjiajie, we also met many foreigners in Europe and America and Korea. People, generally Caucasians in Europe and America prefer to be alone or with two people. They rarely see more than three people. Koreans like the Chinese like to go with the team, and there are dozens of people.
    About one and a half hours can reach Yuanjiajie. The main attractions of Yuanjiajie are: Back Garden, Tianxia First Bridge, Ecstasy, Wuhou Temple, Eight Diagrams, Deaf People, Moon Turtle, Xiaodongtian, Lovers Valley, five women worship handsome, Qiankunzhu, Yinyangjie, etc., playing in Yuanjiajie for about an hour has been more than 4 o’clock. Then take the bus to the Sanqiaokou bus stop at the first bridge bus stop in the world, call the innkeeper, and the innkeeper will pick us up at Sanchakou.
    Due to the weather, the effect of shooting in Zhangjiajie on a sunny day was a little gray and not transparent enough. I had almost no surprises with the situation before, so I didn’t want to send a photo of friends. Yuanjiajie is the main area in Zhangjiajie. The sights are the must-see attractions for tourists, so there are more people. The tourists from the Yuanjiajie general tourism team take the Bailong ladder up the mountain from the foot of the mountain. It takes only 2 minutes to reach the top of the mountain from the foot of the mountain, but the Bailong ladder It is said that the holidays are even queued for 4-5 hours.
    Hollywood photographer Hansen conducted a four-day location filming in Zhangjiajie. A large number of landscape images later became the prototype of the various elements of Pandora Planet in the American sci-fi blockbuster Avatar. The picture of “South Tianyizhu” became “Harry”. Luya Mountain is the prototype of the suspended mountain. Zhangjiajie “Nantianyizhu” (also known as Qiankunzhu) was officially renamed “Avatar” “Hallelujah Mountain:
    Our three-night mountain inn called Laowuchang Shanshui Pastoral Inn. The online booking is 122 yuan a night. It is located in the old house of Tianzi Mountain. I live here mainly to watch the sunrise on the mountain, although It is not a special regret to see the sunrise here for a few days. Sunrise is not very famous in Zhangjiajie. For me, it is second. The main purpose is to take pictures of Zhangjiajie. It takes about 10 minutes to drive from Sanchakou Bus Station to Laowuchang Shanshui Pastoral Inn, passing through Lilac Village. Although the inn on the mountain is going to be dismantled, there are still a lot of business being opened. If it is really removed, it will not be so convenient.
    The front of the inn is a mountain, the location is excellent, sitting in the hall can see the mountain in front, we live in the room outside, you can see the mountain view outside the window, the boss family is also very good, I am The hotel stayed for three nights. Every day, the innkeepers drove to the Sanchakou bus station. The innkeeper would take guests to the “Shen Bing Party” and “Air Garden” to shoot the sunrise. We are eating 50 meals at the inn, one Dinner one morning, three dishes for dinner, the taste is very good, the breakfast is steamed, porridge, eggs or boiled noodles are also full, the room is very clean, the inn in the mountains will be a little wet, but we live here Not at all wet.
    The hot water in the bath is also sufficient, there is a disposable washing supplies, WIFI is also very fast, there is also a standard LCD TV, the room has an electric kettle, but I have no use, because the hall has a large public water, it is too lazy to boil water It is. I was prepared to endure hardships before coming. I didn’t think that the facilities on the mountain inn were quite unexpected. I stayed in the mountains for a few days, because I was very tired during the day in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The air on the main mountain was very good. At night, it was quieter, so I went to bed at about 9 o’clock in the morning. I wanted to get up early to watch the sunrise the next day, but the weather did not wait for the sunrise. This time I spent three days in the mountains, I could see the rainy and hazy Zhangjiajie like a fairyland. It is already very satisfying. The photos taken in the past two days are a bit gray, and there is even more scent than the Zhangjiajie in the rain and fog. Therefore, I want to take the most beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie. I really want to live in the mountains. It rains for two days. Before 1 o’clock in the morning, the fog is too big to see. When it is 2-4 o’clock, the fog slowly dissipates. The strange peaks in Zhangjiajie Stone in vainUnder the clouds, I saw that some of the group’s shackles were not helpless when they were in the fog. Overall, this inn is still worth recommending!
    A small dish of two or three dishes, a bottle of beer, look up at the green hills, look down on delicious food, very comfortable. I thought that if I retire later, I can occasionally stay in the inn on the mountain for a few days. It is also very good to be a mountain person.
    The third day: the point will be Taiwan – Shentang Bay – Daguantai – Yangjiajie – Shangshang Inn, the owner said that if there is a sunrise in the morning, we will wake up, I also set the alarm clock, but the weather is bad in the morning, no sunrise So I slept until 7 o’clock and got up. After breakfast, the boss sent us to the Sanchakou bus station.
    First, take the bus from Sanchakou to Tianzishan to go to the station to play. You will not go to the general tourist group of Taiwan attractions. I have encountered several Korean tour groups to go to the station, but they are all 10 The small group of individuals is estimated to be the kind of deep tour, and there are some people who play photography. There are relatively few tourists here. From the point of view, I can see the Tianzi Pavilion in Tianzi Mountain, but the photo taken from the station without the rain and fog is not very good.
    Point to the Shentang Bay 200 meters away, walk past it, 1200 meters away from Helong Park. After taking the Shentang Bay, take the bus to the Daguantai attraction. The bus inside the Zhangjiajie scenic spot is free to sit. Helong Park has a snack street on the mountain. The price is very cheap. The cucumber is 5 yuan, the mineral water is 5 yuan and two bottles, the roasted corn is 5 yuan, the baked potato is 5 yuan, and the chestnut is 10 yuan. It is very affordable, the price of the scenic spot here can be said to be very conscience! In the past few years, roast potatoes and roasted corn were also 5 yuan. After several years, there was no price increase. Helong Park also has McDonald’s. I have looked at a package that is about 10 yuan more expensive than the urban area. It is still acceptable. My wife said that the price of the service area is even more expensive than the price here. In Yuanjiajie. There is a KFC.
    The Daguantai attraction is 300 meters away from the Sanchakou bus station. The name of Daguantai is often said to be a grand view garden, which may be the reason for the Dream of Red Mansions, huh, huh. This attraction is also relatively rare. Daguantai attractions include: Xianren Bridge, Tianzi Block, one step difficult, and the chickens foraging.
    From the Grand View Terrace, you have to walk a long step to reach the following attractions. The slope is also a bit high. It takes about one hour to walk to the Xianren Bridge. There is no scenery in the middle. The Xianren Bridge and the Tianzi Seat are Together.
    Due to the small number of tourists, the stalls here are not open. It is difficult to go to the left hand side of the steps and the chickens are foraging. On the right hand side is the Immortal Bridge and the Son of Heaven. There is a toilet here. Because no one cares for a long time, my wife almost vomited out of the toilet.
    Heavenly Son
    From the Xianrenqiao to the original road, the branching point on the side of the lower step can only be difficult to walk, the chickens are foraging, and it is difficult to take a dip in the mouth. The chickens are very close to food. About 10 minutes, there is a pueraria powder in the middle. As long as you buy a bowl of 3 yuan a bowl of Pueraria powder, you can add it as you like. At first, I haven’t noticed the words “putting to eat” on the signboard. The boss only knows after the reminder, then I ate 6-7. The bowl, in the difference between Zhangjiajiejing, sells 5 yuan a bowl, the boss Mr. Wang said that someone can eat 10 bowls.
    Mr. Wang is quite able to talk. He said that they have their own Gegen powder factory in Zhangjiajie. They mainly do Pueraria powder wholesale and express delivery to all parts of the country. A pack of Pueraria powder can cost 5-6 kg of water. Also bought a pack.
    Chicken feeding:
    One step is difficult, the bottom of the barbed wire is the abyss, the top of the two mountains is one step, and those who fear the high disease look down.
    It takes 2-3 hours to visit several attractions in Daguantai. It is also a shooting spot for sunrise in the scenic spot of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. After the tour of Grand View, it is already more than 12 o’clock at noon to take a bus to Yangjiajie to play, Yangjiajie general tour group will not go, I went to Zhangjiajie when I went to Zhangjiajie for the second time.
    It is said that Wulongzhai in Yangjiajie used to be a bandit nest, so the terrain here is more dangerous. Yangjiajie has famous scenic spots such as Wulongzhai and Tianbofu. In addition, there are steps to climb the sky, air corridors, and see each other. More than a hundred attractions, the spots are relatively scattered. A line of days can only accommodate one person to go, if the body is relatively fat, it is really too much to go, it is really a husband and wife.
    In Wulongzhai, you can also wear costumes and costumes with the owner or the wife of the village, but it is charged.
    In order to increase the thrill of the play, the scenic tour path set here also adds some difficulty, so the tour groups of a large number of tourists will hardly come here. The picture below is the Tianbo House at the end of the Wulongzhai tour:
    Since the time has already arrived at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, only to visit the “Five Langs worship Buddha” will be retraced, this tour route is also very few people, today count down the platform – Shentang Bay – Daguantai – Yangjiajie It’s also very tiring for the attractions to go down and go over 30,000 steps. Originally, I wanted to go to the Wildcats tortoise attraction. When I went to the middle of the way, my wife said that I was too tired and worried too late (in fact, I was very tired). So I went to the scenic spot and said that I can only go down to the ropeway in Yangjiajie. Station, to return to the mountain can only return to the original road or take the Yangjiajie cableway, so think about it or return to the original road.
    It is also more than 5 o’clock in the Sanchakou bus station called the innkeeper to drive to pick us up, the boss took us to the sky pastoral and the Shenbing party attractions, if the sunrise, then here is the shooting point. Opposite the Shenbing Party is the Bailong ladder in Yuanjiajie. There are many people under the Bailong ladder.
    The weather in Zhangjiajie has not rained for two days. My wife said that this time will not come white? I said that the weather forecast will have rain tomorrow. People go out to play and hope that the weather is fine, but this time we hope to rain, huh, huh.
    Day 4: Sky Garden – Shenbing Party – Point to Taiwan – Shentang Bay – Grand View Garden – Mountain Inn is very foggy in the morning, the boss should see no sunrise or call us, we wake up with our own alarm clock with a tripod In the air and pastoral fog, I waited until 9 o’clock, the fog still did not disperse, so I went back to the inn to have breakfast, the innkeeper sent to the Sanchakou bus station to play with ourselves.
    Take the bus to Helong Park. The picture below is the Yubi Peak of Helong Park. The fog will be scattered all of a sudden. Many tourists will come to Helong Park early. At 10 o’clock, the fog is still very white and can’t be seen. Tourists rushed past, and there were a few tourists from the Korean team who could only take advantage of it and there was no way to follow the group. Looking at the scenery sometimes depends on luck, and my mentality is to go with the flow. Yubifeng:
    I bought two grilled corn from Helong Park and two pots of roasted chestnuts for lunch at noon. Then I took the bus to the station, and waited for about an hour at the point. The fog was not scattered yet. Two tourists from Shentang Bay said that the wide area of ​​the area around Shentang Bay was sometimes blown away by the wind. I also showed me the photos I just took, so I took my tripod to Shentang Bay.
    Going to the Shentang Bay fog is indeed beginning to be scattered. When the time gathers, the rain and fog are illusory to show the beauty of Zhangjiajie Wonderland! I am so excited that I am busy with drones and singles.Anti-cross shooting, my wife is also playing with soy sauce to help, and sometimes said that this side is very beautiful and said that there is beautiful, here also took some photos and videos that I am satisfied with.
    I took a 40-minute shot in Shentang Bay. My wife said that I would go to the stage to shoot it. I felt that there was a good look there, and I ran to the point. It was really foggy, but the effect was not god. The best time for the bay, the best time for the fog to pass away.
    Because the fog was changing, so many photos were taken in the same place, but they were not willing to delete them. Because it was really beautiful, it was a pity that those tour groups hadtily missed the best scenery, so it’s a shame to take these photos. For ample time, it is no wonder that some landscape photographers stay in a place for half a month and a month to shoot the beauty of that moment!
    It’s almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon when the filming of Shentang Bay and the point will be rushed to the Grand View. The fog has almost disappeared.
    Day 5: Helong Park (walking down the mountain) – Shili Gallery – Jinbianxi – Huangshizhai – Zhangjiajie urban area is going down the mountain today, the fog is still too big in the morning, so there is no going to the sky garden, the gods party to shoot, eat After the breakfast baggage, let the innkeeper help to check in to the inn of the mountain, then the innkeeper sent us to the Sanchakou bus station, we satTake the bus to Tianzi Mountain and walk down the mountain from Tianzi Mountain. From time to time, it is still rainy and the visibility is very low. I can’t see it. After the visitors have passed through Helong Park, I am glad that this time it is not with the group, otherwise it will be the same as these tourists.
    Walking down the mountain from Tianzi Mountain is also a step road. After a few trips, it takes about 3 hours to walk down the Shili Gallery. It is impossible to see the scenery because of the rain. There is a small shop on the small platform that is coming to the bottom of the mountain. The feeling of starting to stop, there is an attraction here, the fog is a bit scattered, the faintly can see the beautiful scenery of the fog, but the fog is still relatively thick, so I stopped to buy a bottle of Red Bull 12 yuan in the store, here than the price on the mountain Expensive, but do not buy things, the store does not give in to shelter from the rain.
    After staying here for almost half an hour, I continued to go down the mountain. I went down to the Shili Gallery to see that the fog began to scatter. I started the drone and SLR cross shooting. I didn’t expect the fog of the Shili Gallery to be scattered, if it was on the mountain. If you drag for an hour, it is estimated that there is no drama.
    The Three Sisters Peak shyly showed the beauty of her girl in the looming, and did not expect that the beauty of the rain and fog in the Shili Gallery was the most beautiful! There are a lot of similar photos that don’t know how to choose, each one is beautiful, so you can only put a few more.
    In Shili Gallery, the time of fog is less than an hour, and each angle has different beauty. Repeat it and repeat it. The bus stop from the Shili Gallery to the Shili Gallery is already at 1 o’clock noon.
    Drug collection for the elderly:
    There is no need to sit in the Shili Gallery train. It takes half an hour to walk from the entrance of the Shili Gallery. I am struggling to go to Huangshi. If I go there, there is no fog. I am sure that the scenery is greatly discounted. If I don’t go, I will be a little regretful. I still take the bus to the water around the four doors. From the water around the four gates, walk to the Golden Whip Creek and go to the big oxygen bar square. It doesn’t matter if you don’t go to Huangshizhai.
    The import and export of the middle section of Jinzixi in Luzizhai has been closed.
    It takes about 2-3 hours to walk from the water to the big oxygen bar square. It is already more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It rains fine, and Zhangjiajie under the blue sky and white clouds shows another beauty. It just finished the rainy sky. More transparent. If you go to Huangshizhai time will be tighter, ask the staff of the scenic spot to say that the latest bus from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park to Zhangjiajie City Bus Station is the latest.It is 6:30 in the afternoon.
    The online Raiders said that it takes about 2 hours to travel to the Huangshizhai Great Loop and about one hour for the small loop. Some people here are saying that if you go to Huangshizhai, you can get a free tour guide if you ask them to purchase a cableway ticket. (The cableway can get a 110 yuan from the top, they can return from it.) Asked about the time to go to Huangshizhai to go faster. I was able to catch up with it, so I went to Huangshizhai with a guest. (It is precisely that he buys a good ticket first, so we don’t have to pay for it first, and then give him money after playing.)
    At this time, take the cableway to the empty hall of Huangshizhai.
    On the opposite side of Huangshizhai, you can see the mountains on the other side of Yuanjiajie. It can be said that Datong is different. If you don’t take the cableway to go up the mountain, you can go up and down the mountainside for about 2 hours. There is no scenery on the Internet. Zhangjiajie Tourism has a slogan: “Not less than Huangshi Zhai, come to Zhangjiajie”, it is said that before Yuanjiajie had not developed before, this is the case after Huangjiazhai developed after Yuanjiajie.
    A landscape and Yuanjiajie are very similar. There is no bus connection to Huangshizhai in other scenic spots, or it is closer to the Huangshizhai bus station from the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. If you go around the four gates or other bus stops There is no bus to Huangshizhai, only 2-3 hours walk from the water around the four gates through Jinbianxi to the big oxygen bar squareTake another 2 minutes bus to the Huangshizhai cableway station.
    In this way, the number of tourists going to Huangshizhai has been reduced a lot. We also encountered a few tourists from South Korea on Huangshizhai. Due to the time problem, we only rushed to take a few shots at an attraction. There was no rain or fog, and it felt flat and rainy. The scenery should be pretty good.
    At my speed, a big loop trotting down for an hour is like this. It can be said that I don’t regret going to Huangshizhai. I went to Huangshizhai and regret it, but I have time to look at it, huh, huh.
    From Huangshi Village, it was almost 6 o’clock. When I walked to the entrance of the scenic spot for a few minutes, I went to the bus in Zhangjiajie city, which is also 12 yuan. Stayed in the downtown area of ​​Zhangjiajie for one night. At 4 o’clock in the morning, I got up and dripped to the Lotus Airport in Zhangjiajie. At 7:05 in the morning, I returned to Shenzhen. From the plane, I saw a spectacular sea of ​​clouds over the Tianmen Mountain. One day, the Zhangjiajie in the sea of ​​clouds is more perfect.
    One of the most famous dishes in Zhangjiajie is the three pots, which can be seen almost everywhere. The three pots are also called Tujia three pots, mostly for the intestines, pork belly, tripe, lamb belly, pig’s trotters or pig’s head. Sample or variety is specially processed into a pot by a local earth chef. I feel that the taste is okay. As for which one is recommended, I would like to directly search for nearby foods in the public comment to see which one is highly rated. This Zhangjiajie four-day tour ticket: 2600 yuan, Zhangjiajie urban area for two nights accommodation 300 yuan, Zhangjiajie scenic area Shanshang Inn 3 nights accommodation 366 yuan, eating about 500 yuan, drip, bus, luggage check 120 yuan, attractions tickets 490 yuan The Huangshizhai cableway ticket is 220 yuan, and the whole two people spend 4,600 yuan.

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