I don’t know if I’m drunk, I’m in the mountains.

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This travel is longer, it is recommended to read under wifi, local tyrants!
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    Although it has been late autumn, there is no autumn cold in Jiangnan. This warm weather can still experience the cold and wonderful world of ice and snow.
    Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World, adjacent to the Keyan Scenic Area, is surrounded by mountains and waters and has beautiful scenery. The total investment of the project is more than 400 million yuan and the construction area is over 60,000 square meters. It is a large indoor skiing hall and a real ice skating rink, and is equipped with a four-star conference and leisure hotel. It is a four-season skiing, ice skating, tourism, conference, catering and holiday. Entertainment as a comprehensive sports and leisure venue.
    This Qiaobo Ice and Snow World is adjacent to the Keyan Scenic Area, with beautiful scenery and mountains. The total investment of the project is more than 400 million yuan and the construction area is over 60,000 square meters. It is a large-scale indoor skiing and ice-skating rink, and is equipped with a four-star conference and leisure hotel. It is a comprehensive sports and leisure venue integrating four seasons of skiing, ice skating, tourism, conference, catering, vacation and entertainment.
    The temperature in the ice and snow world is kept at minus 4 degrees per year, and there are two professional snow trails. A full range of ski equipment can be rented at the service desk, including ski wear, gloves, snowboards and more. You won’t be skiing or worrying. There are professional coaches accompanying the professor all the time, you can feel free to enjoy the ice and snow world!
    Experience the fun of the world of ice and snow, and then we will experience the hot and exciting atmosphere in the Oriental Landscape Park. This oriental landscape park covers a huge area and is a holiday paradise with full temperature, all-weather, eco-energy, and an indoor playground with more functions in Asia.
    Oriental Mountain Water Park enjoys a unique geographical environment and 4a tourism advantage resources, covers an area of ​​390 acres, and has a planned construction area of ​​547,000 square meters. It is a holiday paradise with full temperature, all-weather, eco-energy, and a fully functional indoor playground in Asia. There are water amusements, real scene caves, tropical rain forests, thrilling tours (roller coasters, jumping machines, etc.), 5D cinemas and other projects. At the same time, there will be a new national defense technology experience project, which will have experience activities such as the return of the Shenzhou 10 manned spacecraft. The entire project consists of a super five-star Shaoxing Sands Hotel, two soho office buildings and six indoor heated playgrounds.
    Among the landscape parks, there are water amusements, real scene caves, tropical rain forests, thrilling tours (roller coasters, jumping machines, etc.), 5D cinemas and other projects.
    When it comes to Halloween, there are a lot of realistic monsters in the scenic spot, which is very suitable for young people’s appetite.
    In the scenic area, there is also a brand-new national defense technology experience project, where you can get a close look at the 99G main battle tank, the straight 10 armed helicopter, the 歼15 flying shark carrier aircraft and a number of ships and other latest national defense high-definition weapons, even 1 : 1 model, definitely a paradise for military fans.
    The most exciting part of the National Defense Science and Technology Museum is the shooting experience of the 95 rifle! Although it is not a live-fire shot, but with a gun completely 1:1 with 95 rifles, the hands are full of weight, the control is easy, the shooting experience is very enjoyable. The shooting experience can be very good to feel the compactness and precision of the domestic small caliber.
    The Type 95 automatic rifle uses a non-supporting structure that shortens the overall gun length. The utility model can be used universally, has a large volume of bombs, can be continuously fired, and has a violent continuous firepower. The 5.8mm gun of the Type 95 automatic rifle has a small recoil force, the whole gun has stable dynamic characteristics, and the overall layout is reasonable. The gun is armed with a good aim and the vibration is very small. The single and point precisions are all at a very high level. Moreover, the mechanism of the Type 95 automatic rifle is reliable, can adapt to various weather and environmental conditions, and has a long life span. The basic structure of each gun in the Type 95 gun family is the same, most of the parts are common, and the movable parts such as the automatic machine and the supply of the elastic are interchangeable, and the service and maintenance are extremely convenient.
    The Type 95 automatic rifle is equipped with a mechanical aiming and simple night aiming device, and the mechanical sight is a pupil-type photo door. It is equipped with a noise reduction and flame reduction device. It is also equipped with a 3x white light sight and a low-light sight. The low-light sight can accurately aim at a vivid target within 200 meters under low light conditions at night, and it can adapt to all-weather operations. This family of rifles can be equipped with a 35mm caliber grenade launcher that can be quickly disassembled to expand the point-to-face killing capability. It has a multi-purpose bayonet and scabbard. It is easy to carry and has the functions of assassination, cutting, shearing, sawing and cutting. It can also be used as a dagger to expand the tactical role of the rifle. In addition to rifles and machine guns, the new gun family also has short rifles and folding gun rifles, which enable a group of multiple guns to meet the needs of various arms.
    There is also a treasure house hidden in the scenic spot, which contains precious collections worth billions of yuan. It is said that these collections are privately owned by the owner of the scenic spot, polished their eyes, and feel the excitement of the private collection together!
    These two giant rooted lions are the world’s largest eucalyptus root carvings. They have been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Look at our little friends. Look at this carving. I can see how much the two lions are so shocking. !
    These three gloomy trees are more than ten meters long, and the photos have no reference objects, so it is difficult to feel its hugeness. Gloomy wood can be described as a treasure in the wood, very rare, each one is worthless, so such a huge appearance and so good gloomy wood is a rare sight! See three at a time, open your eyes!
    If you don’t say it, everyone will think that this is ordinary ivory carving. In fact, this is mammoth.Elephant’s teeth! It is said that this is one of the two largest mammoth ivory in the world, and the rarity does not need to be said!
    The dishes on this table must be recognized by everyone, that is, the famous Manchu. What is rare is that these 108 dishes are made up of Kistler! Simply too extravagant too local!
    Countless treasures are treasured in the museum, and it’s really dazzling. When I got to the back, I was completely shocked by the collection, so I forgot to take pictures! I really want to move two pieces in the middle of the night!
    Lunch We enjoy at the Cave Restaurant in Shanshui Park. I always thought that this cave was excavated during the construction of the scenic spot. I only learned that the cave landscape here was moved from the real cave! The local tyrants can’t bear to look straight, or eat silently.
    I have experienced the simplicity and modernity of Keqiao in the past few days, and then feel the autumn and autumn of Keqiao. This bed and breakfast in front of it is called Jinyuwan Ruoye Mountain Residence. If Yashan is a collection of dining, accommodation, sightseeing, and picking, it is suitable for mountains and waters and pleasant environment. There are flowers in the three seasons, fruit in the four seasons, mountains in the forest, mountains in the landscape, and mountains and rivers. It is a rare modern forest leisure farm.
    Here, relying on the terrain, a forest log house is built to blend in with the landscape. Every day you open the window, you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains. The comfortable and comfortable environment is fresh and intoxicating.
    Follow the wooden staircase and enjoy the spring to the room. The interior of the original rough tree house has a warm and simple decoration.
    Every window in the room has a different view. At the moment of throwing garbage into the trash can, you can enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors outside the window.
    Large floor-to-ceiling windows and a comfortable large balcony make it impossible to move. Teapot tea, sitting on a lounge chair on a balcony or on a swing, basking in the autumn sun, and spending an afternoon quietly is really wonderful.
    In the night, the Noyer Hill is in harmony with the exquisiteness. Tree houses, wooden houses, and thatched houses can enjoy beautiful and exotic mountain scenery without going abroad! This scene is fascinating, why sleep!
    In the early morning, the mountains are misty and fresh, and you can go to the Taoyile Ridge Trail outside the Noyer Hill House to get up early. This ancient road was built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is about 4 kilometers long.
    The pavement is paved with briquettes and stones, and there is no pressure on foot. This Taoxiling ancient road is the only way to Shaoxing, Qixian and other places, and has played a huge role in the trade of mountainous materials.
    The forest around the ancient road is deep and the environment is quiet. When the sun rises and the clouds are scattered, the scenery around the ancient road is quiet and comfortable. It is most suitable for morning exercise, strolling, and vomiting.
    When it comes to Tufei Naxin, there is still a good place to go in Keqiao District, which is the Jiji Mountain antique group. This camphor natural ecological protection area is mainly characterized by the protection and development of camphor resources and the sightseeing and leisure of ecological agriculture. Here, the ancient singularity, Lin Maoshu ancient, is a rare camphor cluster.
    The first sight of the camphor tree is attracted to its tiny leaves. After watching it carefully, I couldn’t help but be surprised. This leaf is not the leaves of the yew! Originally known as Chinese cockroach, it is commonly known as scorpion tree. It is a yew tree, yew family, and eucalyptus evergreen tree. It is a native tree species in China and a rare economic tree species in the world.
    Toon is a typical tree species that was planted by the predecessors. The fragrant fruits of Keqiao are mostly old citron trees from 800-1500 years old, and the yield is limited. Because the fruit of the camphor tree will take 3 years to grow, and the fruit of different growth periods in 1-3 years is hung on a tree, so the collection of mature fruit is completely done by artificial tree climbing. The ancient trees of the camphor are old and the branches are often decayed. Every year, the picking of the sweet-scented fruit will kill the trees and the trees will be more expensive.
    Under the camphor tree, there are many piles of fertilizer stacked. It is packed with sheep dung that is rarely used as a fertilizer. Utilizing Keqiao’s warm and rainy weather, the rainwater penetrates through the gaps of the woven bag and brings nutrients into the soil, thus providing natural nutrients for the camphor tree.
    In the ancient tree group, this tree is the Chinese fragrant king. This tree has been withered and has a history of more than 1,500 years. It is regarded as a god tree by local people and is especially loved.
    The fruit of the camphor tree is olive-shaped, the shell is hard, and the black fruit coat is wrapped with pale yellow flesh, which is rich in trace minerals such as vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc. After picking the citron fruit, it is stored in the darkroom for several days. After the peel is rotted and peeled off, the nuts are washed and dried. This is the citron fruit we often eat.
    The citron fruit can be eaten by placing it in a furnace and frying it together with the coarse salt. The fried citron fruit still has two layers of shells. This first layer of woody husks seems to be hard to be smashed with heavy objects. In fact, each of the toona nuts has a pale yellow dot on the narrow side. These two small dots are called fragrant eyes, as long as Hold your eyes with your fingers at the same time. With a light press, the top of the hard toon husk will crack, revealing a dark brown interior. This dark brown-like carbonized leather is the last obstacle to eating the toon meat. It can be broken and shredded by simply twisting it in the shell with your hand. The part that has not fallen off can be gently scraped off with a shell.
    At this time, you can see the orange and orange citron pulp! The camphor fruit is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor, crispy and delicious, and is a nutritious and superior dried fruit. The most famous local dried fruit brand is the mountain baby fragrant fruit, and the food must be tasted! Really super fragrant super delicious!
    With the orange-yellow fragrant citron fruit light entrance, our tour of Keqiao will also be completed. In a few days, I visited the ancient boat, bathed in the snow, tasted the food and wine, listened to the mountain language and explored the forest, not only experienced the ancient charm of the water town, but also experienced the modern Keqiao new gas, feeling too much memories too much. This trip is like this old wine, mellow and pleasant, with a long aftertaste.
    The green hills are always there, the green water is flowing, the wonderful Keqiao is here, waiting for you to come, waiting for you to go, waiting for you to taste.

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