I don’t want to go to Sichuan, I don’t want to leave. Talk about the city that Chengdu does not want to go to eat.

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As the saying goes: If you don’t enter Sichuan, you won’t leave. Sichuan is indeed a magical place that makes people feel comfortable and does not want to go. It can’t resist Sichuan’s cuisine, so it embarked on a food road that belongs to Chengdu.
    Beijing Drum Tower, Nanjing Confucius Temple, Hangzhou Hefang Street, the buildings in the north are always too serious, and the new features of the Jiangnan area are generally full of enthusiasm. Although the Internet is always sprayed into the land of the Tianfu government, tourists should not go to the wide and narrow alleys, but the chicken-ribbed spots in the eyes of everyone may be different in the eyes of others. Come here, it is definitely going to go to the ancient streets of Hanzhong.
    Route: Kuanzhai Alley is located at Jinhe Road, Qingyang District. Route 57 can reach the commercial street directly, and then walk a few hundred meters.
    The name “Kuanzhai Alley” is very interesting. I thought that this street was probably named after it was wide and narrow. When I arrived at the scene, I found that it was simpler and more rude than I thought — it was a collective name for the old streets and courtyards that were paralleled by three lanes, narrow alleys and wells.
    Guan Xuan said that the wide alley represents the folk culture of the city, the narrow alley represents the slow life, and the alley represents the new life. It sounds like a well-planned standard commercial street. Really, people are really more!
    Kuanzhai Alley is a relatively large-scale Qing Dynasty ancient street left by Chengdu. Together with Daci Temple and Wenshu Monastery, it is also known as the three historical and cultural city protection blocks in Chengdu. Actually, it is quite interesting. I feel that the planning of Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley is quite good. Although it is quite commercial, it is a rare daily feeling. You will see the local aunt and aunt are very comfortable at the intersection!
    Let’s take a look at our brave little friends who are picking ears on the street. According to him, in addition to the expressions, the master’s craftsmanship is really good, much more comfortable than the tony teachers in the shampoo shop. Here is a sentence, and sure enough, the people all over the country have an obsession with the ears of the pottery. It’s really cool.
    Longtang Theatre: Here, Sichuan has changed its face to understand. From small to large, I really don’t understand the change of face. I don’t know if my eye speed can’t keep up, or the makeup of the master is too good. It is just one of my 100,000 reasons. You can order a pot of tea, sit in the Longtang Theatre and take a close look at the authentic face. Maybe you can solve this mystery before me.
    Street sings can be seen everywhere, the people of Sichuan and Chongqing are really good, and they enjoy eating.
    Sichuan hot pot can be seen everywhere, what Xiaolong turned over Dajiang, Li Xue hot pot and so on.
    One wide and one narrow one lane, the ancient ruins of the ancient ruins. Green brickWasilan Road, a long time. Bamboo table bamboo chair bamboo fragrant, wide sitting and listening to the scent. People come and go, people are inexhaustible, and Tianfu Shaocheng has a long aftertaste. It is really apt. I especially like the bamboo on the street, so I am too comfortable. Others are some of the specialty stores, such as brocades and crafts.
    Clean blue bricks, old wooden doors and windows, old horses on the wall, old teahouses under the street, rich sycamore trees, these ancient charms, and the collapse of the tall buildings next to it. Big contrast.
    Ok, okay, it’s finally time to eat. Start to eat~
    Chengdu Eater (Zhimin Road)
    Chengdu Sichuan cuisine hot list first!
    Two floors, dining mainly on the second floor, the wall design of this staircase won my heart. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows can see the lively crowds on the street, the large brick red walls and the interspersed wooden materials are both festive and simple. Pretty Local, the wall is the Chengdu dialect, the pillar is marked with the landmark: wide alley, narrow alley, Wu served… The ceiling is some bamboo crafts, the whole store is very young, and Chengdu is a creative The concept of Xinchuan cuisine is very consistent.
    Streaking prawn: It is not the taste of dried prawn! It is very hard to eat! Remove the shrimp shell and remove the new shrimp from the shrimp shell. Then simmer in the spicy pot and soak it in the spicy soup. It not only maintains the flavor of the shrimp but also has a spicy and delicious taste, even if no one peels. The shrimp shells can also be chained together and cannot be stopped. Please be sure to fish at the bottom of the shovel, because the bottom is used for the scorpion!
    Juice sauce: cold dishes, bright colors, not so heavy seasoning, the taste of the mixture is sour and spicy. Slightly spicy, but spicy is extremely enjoyable, it is very good! Sweet! I can’t help but eat it all at once.
    Unrelenting Bullfrog: This style is too exaggerated, look at this full pepper! The cold watered frog frog, the frog meat is very large, sour and spicy! Still quite characteristic, but I personally prefer to eat the hot one.
    The heavy weight of the fish: the characteristic grilled fish fillets, the sliced ​​fresh fish skewers on the bamboo skewers are baked very fragrant, the filling is full of surprises, and the pineapple is greasy, and the string is particularly enjoyable. The fish fillets are thick and there is no thorn! Just match the pickled fish soup, one fish and two, hot and sour.
    Acacia Red: Anti-spicy artifact, small tomato after peeling and fragrant osmanthus brewing, the color is good-looking, cold and sour.
    The overall dishes are pretty good-looking: the sweet and succulent ribs of the sweet and sour, the Nestle palms in the hanging branches, the frogs in the drunkenness, the funny roast pigs, and the nose. Stepping on the thunder will not enter the pit. It is really Sichuan cuisine that is not only spicy, but also more delicious.
    It is also a red shop that is sung red. Where can you believe that the branch of Vientiane City has more than 500 square meters…. We went to the 50-inch old shop.
    When I arrived in Chengdu, I realized that Yulin could only walk to the second ring elevated at the end, and Chengdu did not have the exact Yulin Road… You said nothing.
    What the old shop said, a bit broken, it is estimated to maintain the original “folk flavor”, after all, the flow of traffic brought by the traffic can not dilute the “original formula”. I thought that the pub would be open at night. We used to be less than a little late in the evening and have already started business.
    The small bench table on the wall of the door is quite interesting. Very suitable for punching a photo.
    The tavern has a limited location and offers some simple snacks and drinks. After entering the door, you will feel that you have come to the Japanese-style izakaya in the TV series. The aisle is narrow, but there are so many people sitting in the afternoon and drinking is going on! Also blame the warmth.
    I ordered a bottle of tavern with the same name beer, and it looked pretty good.
    Looking out the window, the net is a tourist taking pictures, dragging the suitcase and going to the tavern to take a few more. My poor friend, going to the toilet, is basically already squeezed outside, and his face is arrogant.
    In general, the tavern is still on average, there is no sky-high price and flashy marketing, and there is no set meal for tourists. The daily store is a song, and the store will inform you in advance when there are performances. It’s just that some wine, it’s mainly about who is drinking.
    If you say thank you to Zhao Lei, thank you for “Chengdu” has made so many online red stores, it is better to say that Chengdu really provides them with too good creative materials. The founder of the tavern called “Sister Tang”, in order to support the original music, think of the time and a few friends drink and listen to the song, only opened such a store.
    I hope the tavern will always be the original tavern.
    Drunk Xichang
    Warm reminder, business is too good, need to make an appointment.
    For dinner we chose the drunk Xichang brazier barbecue. Although it is known as a brazier barbecue, it does not seem to be a brazier. The mesh-shaped grill is made of electric heating wire. The decoration in the store is a little modern and modern. It distinguishes many antique decoration styles in Chengdu. The photo is pretty good.
    Bamboo skewer meat: small pork signboard, the meat that has been marinated in the sauce is inserted on the oversized bamboo stick, the outer coke is crisp, and it tastes very cool, not at all small. Please remember to scorch the skin, so that the lean meat with the gravy, this picture you can imagine, the taste is very good, conscience recommended. Eat dry, or simmer a little chili noodles, or a piece of meat wrapped in lettuce with a little pickle, um~ why lose weight!
    Garlic Beef: This dish is also very simple and rough, a thick layer of garlic should be on the beef, how fragrant you know! And the accident is delicious. After the test, the garlic taste is not heavy. The beef is good meat and very strong.
    Drunk Shrimp: Although I am a southerner, I still have to try it in Chengdu. Um~ The drunken shrimp is really delicious, but I still like the drunken shrimp in the south, but this is worth it.
    Padding tofu: I really blow it! The bean flavor is very charming, but there are fold roots and minced meat on the top. Those who don’t like to eat the ear roots are estimated to reject this dish, but I recommend it, very special. Look at this practice for the first time.
    There is outdoor space in the store, a large terrace, and the lights are lit at night. The air in Chengdu is actually quite good, a bit moist. It is recommended to sit outside when the weather is good.
    As in 蜀
    To Chengdu! Of course, you must eat authentic Sichuan spicy hot pot! The first stop we went to the Yulin Life Square [such as in the 蜀], the Yulin business circle hot pot popularity ranked first!
    Gray brick walls, tile houses, red lanterns, decoration is a consistent Chengdu style, but oh, the store incorporates the elements of the cottage, it is like eating hot pot in the Du Fucao, a little cool.
    The whole kitchen is presented in a clear position. Everyone can see the whole process of the side dish and the pot. The real thing is real and it is now sold. All the snacks, take-away food, etc. are also operated on the display stand in the hall. Everyone can see the production process of each snack at a close distance, and it is quite hard.
    There is a “Mercedes-Benz pot” on the menu. I saw the name for the first time. As a southerner, I still shameed a shabu-shabu.
    Qualified old hot pot butter bottom, the spicy taste is moderate, the bottom of the pot has bean sprouts and hand-grown beancurd, and the bean flower is in my heart. The “token” in the middle is the soul of the hot pot, butter!
    The essence of Sichuan hot pot is that there are no strange and strange spices, it must be oil dishes and garlic! Coriander lovers of me.
    Double Pepper Overlord Beef: Red Pepper Mountain Pepper Marinated Double Pepper Overlord Beef, this color… I thought it would be spicy to fire, but after scalding it was a spicy taste that could not be stopped at all. After cooking, the beef was spicy. In a moderate situation, the original fragrance of beef is exuded, and the more cooked and tender, it seems to have discovered the New World.
    Fennel fried fried meat: the king of the snacks, you can eat two, crisp meat fat and thin, each bite can hear the crisp sound of cockroaches. Put it in the hot pot and the level is even more distinct.
    Flammulina: The shape of this mushroom is very fascinating…. So the original ecology. A operation is fierce like a tiger: the waiter comes to us, cut off the roots and take it back to clean.
    Kung Fu potato chips: Not that I said, I really admire the master’s knife, too powerful.
    Covering the hairy belly: the signboard in the store must be spotted. Now it is a selection of Sichuan local buffalo hairy belly, very fresh, thick and flexible, and the taste is super crisp.
    Warm reminder: point to cover the hairy belly to send a free pot bottom, only red pot.
    Goose intestines: How can the hot pot have less goose intestines! Quite crisp and praise.
    Red wine, fat cow: This is the first time I have eaten the beef. I have eaten red mutton before. Pick up a chopstick after you have finished it.The meat is firm but the entrance is very soft, not bad.
    Hey, their mushroom soup pot is not the same as the soup I have eaten before. The general soup pot is white soup, but their home is a bit yellowish, very refreshing and no added feeling, sweet and sweet.
    The price is really touching. All the leeks are no more than 20 yuan at the beginning of the 1st, and the vegetarian dishes are 3 yuan, 4 yuan for the main fight, everyone can go to eat. It is said that every hot pot restaurant in Chengdu has a special dessert for the diners to eat and dissolve, then I will consciously come to the bowl of bean curd.
    Full of satiated food, quickly go with me to the streets of Chengdu.
    I caught an OFO in a class.
    The streets of Chengdu are also too comfortable, the thick smoke and fire, very grounded. As a relatively provincial capital city, there are small grocery stores everywhere, playing aunts and aunts, and Chuanyin is too interesting. It’s like talking talks anytime, anywhere. It’s no wonder that so many rappers can be said to be geographical advantages.
    We are here in Taikoo, as a fashionable Chengdu, how can you not go to Taikoo?
    Every time I saw the young lady and the little brother of Chengdu on the street shooting, I couldn’t help but sigh that the skin and body ratio of the people of Sichuan and Chongqing is really rare. A giant linear sculpture stands on the square of Taikooli, which is quite cool, and feels like the LOGO indicator column in Taikoo.
    Grab a pair of super-loving father and daughter.
    Look at this giant panda that is over the wall. IFS network red punch card point~
    The national Taikoo Li feels good, although it is very commercial, but the whole is very young, with a live business district.
    Jiyu·Thai-style seafood hot pot (Taigu Li shop)
    Change to eat a seafood pot today, hehe! Everyone said that Chengdu is suitable for eating spicy red pot. Today, look at seafood.
    We are fishing in the afternoon, I feel that the dinner at night is estimated to be in line. The facts tell us that the afternoon market also needs to line up (hands). The store is large in size, upstairs and downstairs. When the seats are available, there is a small and one tea. It is recommended to take more pictures when the position is equal. The environment is very good. The decoration is very modern and fashionable, the mirror ceiling of the hive is very cool, and the vertical glass is too beautiful. No wonder everyone has to go to the card.
    The whole space is filled with a touch of coconut fragrance.
    Tom Yum Kung: We ordered a signature fresh winter Tomomi two-person meal, the old soup made of squid soup as BASE, then added the bottom of the Tom Yum Kung soup made from the spice package, and then poured into the instant coconut juice, so the whole soup is still very Rich, especially coconut, is really sweet. The set also includes seafood platters, platter, pot bottom and many free snacks, perfect for two people to date.
    Seafood platter: The amount is very good, shells, fish, shrimp slippery, shrimp…. don’t worry about not eating enough. Bamboo prawn slides my favorite, the shrimp is very fresh.
    Vegetable platter: I love okra! There is a shop of okra in the rare vegetable platter! Praise!
    In particular, there are six ingredients to be carefully prepared: signature lemon mint, classic traditional Thai, Sichuan fragrant rice spicy, spicy seafood, peanut butter, and Chuanxiang dry sauce. As far as reason is concerned, Tom Yum Kung does not need dip sauce. This operation from the traditional Thai style to the Sichuan flavor is really quite powerful. I dare to ask, who has tried the Dongyin Gong hot pot?
    The position of the two is almost filled.
    Abalone: ​​Good head, the meat looks thick and creeps. Emm…. The name is called live abalone that creeps, but it is quite unique. After all, it is usually more dry. Please put the abalone down to the pot, not tasty.
    Here I want to blow the service in the store, it is too thoughtful, the shrimp peeling skill is first-class, and the whole feeding speed… We have no time in the bowl, we are busy all the way, making us not very happy. It is. The service staff will help you to heat the ingredients. The different ingredients also have the corresponding order and duration, ensuring that the taste of each seafood is smooth and Q-bomb.
    Curry King Crab: Curry can be, not the kind of curry chicken curry, very rich, standard online.
    Seafood fried rice: Forgive us two starving ghosts…. Please rest assured that we will eat seven 7 eight in the end.
    Shrimp sashimi: Shrimp is quite fresh, the meat is firm and elastic, the taste is sweet, and it is delicious with dipping sauce.
    Not far away is the Great Holy Spirit Temple.
    Daci Temple, located in the center of Chengdu, is a famous Chinese temple with a long history, grand scale and rich cultural heritage. It is known as the “Shenzhen First Jungle”. Once known as the world’s famous murals, it is one of the few famous temples in the ancient Xiqiao area. Entering the Zen Temple, you will receive three “Environmental Fragrance” for free, and the engravings under the forehead of “Zenyuan Ci En” are different.
    The tea room of Daci Temple. The tea room of Daci Temple is not large, but the history is not short. It is said to have existed as early as 1200 years ago. The first time I saw the tea room in the temple, it should be the inheritance of the incomparable Zen master and Daci Zen tea.
    The surrounding modern architecture is similar to the quietness of Jing’an Temple.
    Look! Is it Buddha light?
    The temple really has a mysterious power, and everyone looks particularly kind.
    Dalong Hot Pot (Taigu Lidian)
    The old name of the country, which has blossomed all over the country, must be eaten.
    Dalongyu walked away from the style of Chongqing hot pot. For a while, there was no USB interface on the hot pot table. Dalongyu was on every table, and the store immediately picked up one because the customer was slow. cable. There is still a reason for the big dragon to smash the propaganda. Even because the floor slippage lost more than 100,000 turnovers, I was very impressed by the boss’s enthusiasm.
    Dalongyu is a red-and-white decoration that is in love with the Chinese style. It is especially festive. And the taste is also, famous for its spicy flavor.
    Ice powder: Sichuan famous snacks, basically a must-have dish for every hot pot restaurant, a hot pot without ice powder is incomplete. The brown sugar ice powder is very simple and has no rich ingredients in other places. The simple brown sugar glutinous rice balls have a little bit of wine, which is very refreshing and crystal clear.
    Shabu-shabu: I especially like the mushroom soup pot in Chongqing. It is so delicious. It tastes much cleaner than the other soups. I later found out that their mushroom is yellow and yellow, which is whiter than I usually eat. It’s so delicious. On the red pot, full of butter! It’s the most conscience I have had so many butters.
    Spicy beef: Most of the sea pepper noodles! This dish can really eat spicy. If you can’t eat spicy, you may feel a little spicy, but it does not affect the thick taste of beef. Emphasize that beef is really big!
    Drip waist flower: thicker than the average waist piece, it also has a lot of food to eat, the key is super tender, not so obvious smell.
    Big knife hair belly: a whole piece is raised with a kitchen knife! It can be said that it is a feature! And the taste is not lost, it is very crisp.
    Yellow throat: my love! I can eat bankruptcy in their yellow throat! That is crisp! But the yellow throat is very time-consuming. Everyone pays attention, but fortunately they have a small note on each dish to indicate the time, this detail is very good.
    Reluctant bean skin: The tofu skin of Sichuan hot pot in other places is thick. The local tofu skin in Sichuan is very thin and thin, and the bean flavor is obvious and delicious!
    Empty fried paralysis: Please close your eyes, the man around me, after we have two chopsticks, we have never seen this paralysis. The skin is crunchy, the inside is very awkward, wrapped in powdered sugar ~ really fragrant!
    Duck tongue: Eat the halogen, grilled, hot pot duck tongue to eat once, play the teeth!
    Shrimp: It is very convenient to remove the shell, and the meat is very fresh.
    Miss sister next door. Why do Sichuanese eat so many hot pots, the skin is still so good!
    Sigh! It is really cheap to eat hot pot in Chengdu! Come to Chengdu to eat hot pot!
    Wu served
    When it was built in 223 AD, it was the only temple in China and the most prestigious Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and Yi Han heroes. It is also the most influential museum of the Three Kingdoms. Wuhou Temple is a commemoration of Zhuge Liang’s ancestral hall during the Three Kingdoms period in China. It was named after Zhuge Liang was named Wu Xianghou.
    The main entrance of the temple: the plaque is “Han Zhaolie Temple”. In the thick shadows of the gate, there are six stone monuments, one on each side of the monument, the largest one of which is in the east side of the monument, the Tang Dynasty “Song Han dynasty Zhuge Wuhou Temple monument”,
    The large pine trees are spectacular.
    Liu Beidian: After the second door is Liu Beidian, also known as Zhaolie Temple. Entering the main gate of Wuhou Temple, you can see the magnificent Zhaoli Temple. Zhaoli Temple is a single-style mountain-style building. There is a gold statue of Liu Bei in the middle, 3 meters high, full of grace and solemnity.
    Zhuge Hall: After Liu Beidian, the next few steps (Wuhou Temple is lower than the Han Zhaolie Temple, symbolizing the relationship between the ancient monarch and the minister), is a hall, with the “Wuhou Temple” plaque. The main hall enshrines the statues of Zhuge Liang’s three generations. In the middle of the hall, there is a gold statue of Zhuge Liangtou Dailun towel and a hand-held feather fan. The three-sided bronze drum in front of the temple is produced by Zhuge Liang with the soldiers in the south, and is called “Zhuge Drum”.
    Wenwu Gallery: Wuhou Temple, the important figures of Laos have statues. Among them, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have special halls, and the remaining important civil servants and military commanders are respectively molded in Wenwu Gallery.
    Sanyi Temple
    Righteous spirit
    It is also the Chengdu people of the mahjong, hahahahaha.
    Mala Tang on the side of the road (Zhimin Road Direct Store)
    There is a kind of memory called: go to school, go to the side of the road, and go home together.
    This is another store that must be queued after 5 o’clock. The whole store has shown the elements of old Chengdu from the decoration to the bottom of the pot. In the 6070s, the wall is a large-scale hand-painted graffiti, and it is a retro-style retro line. The navy blue tables and chairs feel like returning to the feeling of sitting on a small bench and eating together when you are young. How can such a group of people sitting on the street squatting and eating snacks can make people not resonate.
    The uniforms of the uniforms of the clerk, all the fresh ingredients are put into the freezer in the freezer, what you need to take. A variety of meat accounts for a quarter.
    The sauce dish is very simple, only the pepper noodles and the peanuts are broken. All the ingredients are cooked by the side, big to the roots, green peppers, red peppers, garlic, as small as rock sugar, pepper, soybeans, etc. Feeding, isn’t it afraid that others will steal it for you? Each dish is prepared in advance, and there is a stress. The waiter’s little brother said that in order to ensure the purity of the taste, guests are generally not recommended to make ingredients.
    At first glance, I thought it was a market item that sold my feelings. When I sat down to eat, I found out that there was love and the material was the true face of this shop.
    No shabu-shabu, the slightest spicy is the last bottom line
    Nostalgic aluminum pan & chilled Jianlibao
    The little brother said: The classic pot of the flavor is sure to be served with the original soup plate. It tastes spicy and delicious, not greasy at all. Spicy [traditional pot], to be served with dry sauce, spicy but not dry, Ba Shi ~
    Beef: The signed beef is delicious and can’t stop. The meat is just the right size, a string of it, and it tastes spicy.
    Large hairy belly: Chengdu really has a very fresh hair, and it will not go wrong.
    In addition to the string, here are the various kinds of food.
    I just want to use three pale words to describe: too delicious!
    As the saying goes, “There is no shortage of Sichuan.” Means that Sichuan cuisine,Beauty and beauty together form a gentle township, which makes it easy for young people to indulge in it and is unable to extricate themselves. Food is one of the “culprits”. Really, there are only three words: too delicious!
    It’s really a city that doesn’t want to go when you come. Take the locals and say that it is very suitable. why? May be accustomed to a leisurely and comfortable life rhythm! Chengdu is a central city with five loops, convenient transportation and high-rise buildings. It is the largest metropolis in the Southwest. It’s not a rainy little town. I am coming to Chengdu to be a pensioner!

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