I have walked through the sea salt several times and I have seen it tirelessly for thousands of times.

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    Here is a small town in the south of the Yangtze River. The heavenly patrons have given this piece of land a unique geographical location. You can see the mountains, see the sea, walk into the lake, and have a mottled footprint that has passed through the millennium history. The flavors and delicacies that come down are natural in the mountains, the green waters, the countryside, the people…
    It takes only a moment for a city to fall in love with a city. It often runs through a lifetime. It is like encountering sea salt. The neon and neon of the city can always throw away the brain, let people forget the passage of time, and sigh that the light there is short.
     [Sea salt lake view of sea salt]
    On the coast of the East China Sea, the Qianjiang tide source hides such a landscape: the lake is surrounded by the mountains and is away from the dust; the mountains are surrounded by the ups and downs, such as sitting and jumping; the sea, the mountains and lakes are like, like a dream Fantasy, Nanbei Lake is located in Haiyan County on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay. Although it has convenient transportation, it does not hinder the leisure atmosphere on this pure land. It is not noisy, nor unassuming, with a breeze and low-key passing. The most beautiful seasons in Zheli seem to have a dark fragrance, which has become an ideal place for people in Zhejiang to laze and live slowly.
    Facing the lake, facing the green hills, there are Egret Island and Butterfly Island in the lake. A Baodi traverses the east and west, and the pool of calm water is divided into two petals. It is different from the view of Xizi Lake. The tortuous lake shape makes this sparkling lake more unique.
    Egret Island is a small island in the middle of the North Lake. When the late summer and early autumn, there are groups of egrets flying in the air, and countless literati singers are splashing ink here.
    The North and South Lakes and the West Lake are neighbors for many years. They are boating on the lake and have the illusion of being in the West Lake. At this moment, people are born and romantic, quiet and self-cultivation…
    A vast expanse of water, a green and clear water, it turned out to be such a lake that can be tasted and played. It is such a quiet and elegant, both closed and shameful. The lake of tolerance.
    Into the butterfly island, the clumps of grass leaves with dripping drops of water, lightly smashed, the group of red squid that shook their heads and tails have already played their “fishing light”.
    The butterfly island resembles a butterfly. The island is built with a mountain sea pavilion. It has three floors, and the layers are open and open. It is surrounded by mountains and faces the sea. Although the pavilion is small, it can accommodate the lake and the sea, from the top to the bottom. Like the shape of a butterfly, I have to praise the creator’s whimsy.
    Standing on the quiet lakeside, just like people who have satisfied too many big fish and meat, they like vegetarian food. It is because of the luxurious dress and excessive excitement of the West Lake that it has set off the natural makeup of Nanbei Lake. excellent.
    Boarding the Baiyun Pavilion, the North and South Lakes are unobstructed. There is no hustle and bustle in the scenic area, and there is another expression here. It is quiet, deep and introverted. I feel that the surrounding air is as cool as a few degrees and cools. And quiet brought into my heart.
    The spring rain of the North and South Lakes, the four seasons like songs, are like a changing picture, the mountains and the lake are all in front of you, ethereal and open, feeling the gift from nature.
    This is not a big lake, it is located under the green hills and mountains, the sea of ​​thousands of oceans, and the source of Qianjiang tide. When you see the sea, you can see the lake, so it There is the vastness and strength of the sea, and the tranquility of the mountains adds to its tranquility.
    The water of the lake in the Nanbei Lake is like a woman, lying still in the mountains and seas, quiet and beautiful, with a kind of beautiful, thin mist to put a layer of tulle.
    Looking at the calm lake, the heart is like water, standing in the pavilion, closing your eyes, breathing the fresh air from the lake, standing on the long embankment, enjoying the beauty of the lake and the mountains.
     [The cultural garden of Haiyan]
    Gion, one of China’s top ten gardens, is like a quiet ink painting. Even though time passes, it still quietly stops at the city’s glimpse, guarding one’s own soil and water, walking between pavilions and pavilions. As if crossing back to ancient times, all the words and deeds brought the style of some people in the painting.
    The construction of the whole garden adopts “water to turn with mountains and mountains to live by water”. It is mainly composed of trees and mountain ponds, which are slightly dotted with architecture. Step by step, every carving or every pavilion is exquisite. The pursuit and elegance of the quality of life in the ancient Jiangnan are everywhere.
    In the long corridor between the promenade, I look back. I can always see a touch of green in the open space of the house, not much more, just right.
    There are countless large and small halls of this kind, which are similar to the classical wooden style. The white wall is full of incense, the pavilion is green, the original Chinese style, wearing a costume and sitting up, is a place. Yan Xiu or a high-ranking official, the image is clear.
    Feng Yuzhai, the owner of the garden, was the second to the poet and playwright of the Qing Dynasty. The Huang family had the Changyi Garden and the Liyuan Garden. Huang Yuqing took the two parks as the second daughter Huang Xiu. When a garden carries a loving father’s good wishes to his daughter, the grass and trees inside will also bring a touch of tenderness.
    It used to be one of the locations of “Dream of Red Mansions”. “Xue Baozhen saw the butterfly in Hangzhou, and waited until the butterfly was not made. When the butterfly went to the Dicui Pavilion to hear the little red whisper, it had already arrived at the Haiyan Garden.” The 87th edition of the Dream of Red Mansions will The highlight of the “Baoyu Butterfly” was arranged in the shooting of the Gion. Fortunately, in the Dicui Pavilion, the two local teachers heard the Yue opera of “The Miss Lin in the Sky”.
    There is a lot of different scenery here, so you need to slow down. You will miss the elegance of the wall and the tile. You will miss the chic design of the eaves on the roof, miss the warmth of the lantern hanging, and miss the slight fascination of the wall. Ink, miss the traces of the passage of the mottled corners on the pillars, and miss the sputum of the weeping willows.
    In the “Tian Ying Jiu Qu” walked through the Jiuqu Bridge of a hundred turns and thousands of times, looking for the long-term happiness of “the beautiful and hidden spring stone, the garden alone the lake and the mountain”The warm autumn wind, pouring the leaves of Acacia, soaking the dark green grass, dancing the willow leaves, together.
    In the “Don’t have a hole in the sky” to meet the joy of quietly meet, Buddha: one flower and one world, one leaf and one bodhi, the craftsman uses half-life experience, stacking mountains and water, creating an atmosphere of deep forest wild water.
    In the “Dawn Painting” bathing in the morning light, the swaying of a small boat, into the depths of the pond, shocked the water. It’s a trip with girlfriends, lovers, and family, or walking alone here.
    What I love most is not only the fascinating green scenery at a glance, but also the dignity and cultural heritage of the entire garden. “Gu Teng Pan Yun” is one of the ten scenic spots in the Gion. The most eye-catching thing under the North Mountain Cliff is the ancient wisteria that is attached to the high trees and green clouds. It has been living here for more than 400 years, and it has been a vicissitude of life. Years of rotation, old Gu Teng, the constant is the feelings.
    The garden in the early autumn is sometimes very quiet, sometimes very agitated, sometimes very charming, sometimes very empty, quietly listening, quietly smelling, every place is like telling a story of a soul, not regretting the return of the dream, only Hate is too hasty.
     [Sea Salt Pig Pig Planet]
    The first time I heard about the name of the pig and the planet, I was a bit stunned. I walked into this paradise and found that this is a magical world, subverting all my imaginations about pigs. It is the first pig in the country to gather indoors. A one-stop experience combining outdoor play and science education is a pig.
    When you enter the door, you can see a large children’s play area. All kinds of cute pigs will welcome their small partners in the world of pigs in their own unique posture. Whether you are a bear child or not, you are really sincere. Older children who are unwilling to grow up will spend a day at the Pig Park to keep their bodies and minds healthy.
    Whether it is a variety of artistically imaged pig sculptures or the theme music that permeates the entire park, the pig culture is well integrated into every part of the park. Each pig has its own characteristics. I am so excited that I can’t move my footsteps. It is a holy place to take pictures. I must not miss it, and I will return to my childhood.
    I miss the innocent look of the long-lost, occasionally stop and use a childlike heart to experience this complex and changing world.
    There are also various children’s play projects. Mom and Dad hold the children’s hands, put together the time, put together the happiness, put the love together, record the moment with the camera, and many years later such a scene probably It is the most beautiful picture in the memory.
    In the Meng Pig Theater, there are not only cute clown performances, but also unexpected clever and cute pigs, completely subverting all my imaginations about pigs. If you don’t believe, please continue to look down.
    At the opening, there will be a clown performing various magics, so that everyone can quickly enter the state, and interact with the audience from time to time, the atmosphere is extremely good.
    The main characters of the pigs are on the scene. They are trained and cultivated at an early age according to their different natures. They form their own unique skills, especially smart and wit, which is simply the star of the whole park.
    In the Pig Planet, both adults and children, they all see smiles, they hear laughter, and happiness is irrespective of age. You must not miss it here.
     [Historical relics of sea salt]
    Each city has its own logo, and there is also a place to commemorate and pass on. In the way we can understand, it presents the greatest value and the most profound spirit of the region. The sea salt is a thousand-year old county, and it has its precious nature. The history of the remains, so a museum that can accommodate these artifacts is especially important.
    On the first floor of the hall, the “seaside is wide, Yantian looks like” sculpture is extremely style, very delicate hexagonal atrium design, fitting the historical charm of sea salt.
    There are jade back ivory combs, three kings of celadon four-series cans, the former Song Dynasty of the Southern Song Dynasty, the first of the Pingjiang government, the Xupu stationed in the water army, the other nine seals, the nine-party copper water army will print, the Ming Dynasty Zhu Pu “search for the hidden map” The precious cultural relics such as Wen Zhengming’s “Desert Wood Map” make you dazzled.
    The scene of the millennium settlement restored by the ruins of the Temple of the Immortals in Baibu Town can provide a close-up experience of the lifestyle and production methods of the Haiyan ancestors.
    The salt-salting scene of the Haiyan Baolang salt field for the prototype reduction is at the forefront. The sea salt, which is bound by the sea, is not only closely related to the sea, but also inextricably linked with salt.
    Tianning Temple is an ancient temple in the Han Dynasty. The temple was built in the Tang Dynasty. It is a magnificent cultural relic. It has been listed as a key cultural relic in Zhejiang Province. In history, Tianning Temple has been incredibly fragrant, and pilgrims are walking around, and today this ancient temple is We are welcoming all visitors with a new look.
    You can’t miss the Haiyan Cavity Museum, which shows the history and objects of the sea salt chamber at the head of the four major sound chambers.
    The museum is really a mysterious place, just like a time machine, taking us to explore the long river of human history and feeling the splendid culture that has settled down for thousands of years.
     【seaSalt food cuisine】
    Traffic Tips: Recommended by car
    Directions to Hangzhou: G92 to Haiyan East exit to the expressway, navigate to various scenic spots;
    Suzhou direction: G15W to S11 at the Fengqiao exit, and navigate to various scenic spots;
    Shanghai direction: G60 to G92 at Haiyan East exit, speed to navigation to various scenic spots
    Gourmet Tips:
    It is strongly recommended that the mutton of Haiyan Zhapu, the high-quality lake mutton is cooked with firewood and small fire, until the soup is rich, the meat is succulent, and a small bowl of mutton can be chatted all over the world.
    Don’t miss the eight bowls of sea salt: Dongpo meat, egg dumplings, taro, lamb, dried bamboo shoots… Every dish can be delicious inside.
    In Haiyan, stroll through the green trails, admire the wonders of the mountains and seas, read the history and culture of the garden, experience the childhood fun of the pigs, read the history and culture of sea salt, meet the sea salt, meet you differently.
    In the same city, everyone has different ways of opening. As long as the memory is sweet, you will not be white in this city.

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