If someone asks you for marriage in Lake Baikal

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August Photo Gallery: My Life Four Seasons
    Autumn is coming, and the travel notes I have left in the winter have not yet been written.
    This is a story of two people, but the span is more than one person’s autumn and winter.
    I met in the summer, held hands in the fall, and accepted a man’s proposal in the winter.
    The time nodes in all the stories are about the same, and I rationally remind myself that this is just the four seasons of life that all creatures will have.
    The hottest things often happen in the summer:
    We experienced the first long journey in life, starting from Taiyuan, Shanxi, all the way to the west, passing through Qinghai and Lhasa, and finally squatting on the Pokhara lake in Nepal. I don’t think there is anything more regrettable in the years to come. In the rain, we are parting ways. The whole street is wrapped in the color of the Kashmir wool scarf jumping. You seem to hate yourself why you didn’t leave.
    The warmest things often happen in the winter:
    In order to see the snow, you secretly bought a ticket. In the deep winter, we took the train to Harbin. In the world of ice and snow, I am frozen into a dog, so I watched you running around. Going back and forth in the snow and ice, I took a picture of Zhang Tonghong for me. In fact, I am very moved.
    The most hopeful thing is always in the spring:
    In Suzhou, spring blossoms. My graduate student is on the list and I am overwhelmed by the future. In the empty subway station, you are sitting across from me, and I am afraid to say something and I will cry. At that time, my dependence on you was not so deep, and you have been ready to find a job since then. You said that this is a sweet burden.
    And autumn is a season suitable for memories…
    On the second anniversary, you wrote a long confession. In the process of fighting reality and ideals, we also lost our eyes. I don’t know how to go this way, and I am caught in a low mood that everyone will have. But you are always worthy of showing love, which is different from me. I am a bit stiff and always incomprehensible.
    On the third anniversary, we finally realized our wishes, bought a house, and owned our own home. In the past two years, I often worked overtime with you on weekends and was dubbed the husband and wife. It seems that I will never grow up. Under your protection, I think this is a very interesting thing. It wasn’t until I finished my work and worked hard to understand how valuable the weekend was. And you just want to cash out the promise of giving me a home.
    On the last day of 2016, in a log cabin on the island of Olkhon in Irkutsk, Russia, you pushed the door through the sea and told me in an incredible voice: marry me.
    From then on, the love for Lake Baikal did not stop at the ice blue and the song, but now there is another reason for me to linger.
     Here is Lake Baikal
    The desire to go to Baikal is simple and even a bit old-fashioned. The so-called four seasons, the summer to see the lotus, the winter to see the snow, the autumn maple leaves and the spring river, this is probably the most beautiful thing I can think of all year round. Ever since I came to Hangzhou and met a classmate named Dong Shuzi, I was always dragged by her to do the right thing at the right time. Even watching the snow in winter seems to have become a matter of course.
    The singer (left): The proposed girl who was covered in the drums, and she worked as a travel planner and photographer. The Chinese Department of Pisces has a Totoro called Yuyuan and a boyfriend called a book boy. This travel writer.
    Dong Shuzi (right): Also known as Heidi. In the summer of 2015, we met a Cambodian travelogue in the honeycomb. It is a very lucky thing to be able to meet such a friend in the first year of coming to Hangzhou. The two girls always have a lot of time to finish the photos and one after another. In the same month, we received the notice of boarding the bee head, and spent two spring, summer, autumn and winter together to explore more possibilities in life. Nowadays, a marriage proposal planned by her has already taken place, giving me a trip and memories. There is probably nothing more cool than this. I will bury this story in my memory in the future. deep. I would like to thank you for the words.
    ▲ Bobo: Heidi’s old friend often appears in her travels. I didn’t see the face, I first heard about it, until we became the daughter of our family’s Totoro Tangyuan, we had a more direct relationship. Say good handkerchiefs, but they are duty-bound to become a live map of this trip. In a non-English-speaking country like Russia, you can find a bus stop and take us across the street. This is very royal sister.
    ▲ Lena: Internet addiction girl and accountant girl, with the absolute clever mind and unexpected comments, we are labeled as the “Golden King”. Lena, a science and engineering graduate, has a good hand and has a good form, which makes me particularly admired.
    ▲ Sparkling: This girl who accompanied me all the way in Hunan Travel Notes, was unanimously awarded the honor of “Mobile Phone P Figure” on this trip. One word is “beautiful”! Drinking vodka is like drinking boiled water. It is a cheerful girl who is particularly eager to meet and is very capable of infecting people around me.
     Huger Town
    ▲ Book boy: Lei in life, a small scholar in the travel notes. The protagonist of the marriage proposal. Cross the ocean, all the way, until blended into the five women. I have a poetic passion for life and me. (Hey, am I sprinkling dog food~)
    ▲ Thank you for meeting you.
     Chapter 1: [first encounter] here is very hot
    Before I came to Lake Baikal, I imagined and looked at it. Here is the Beihai that Su Wu has been defending for decades. It is Chekhov’s gentle waters that pass through the water like the air.
    Winter is full of ice and snow, and the sea is dark blue, with crystal clear light. I can’t describe the shock and touch of seeing it for the first time.
    We will depart from Hangzhou to Beijing, Beijing to Irkutsk.
    All the way to the armed, the children of the South to go to the snowy places in the north excited is very touching. Mainly reflected in the clothing and equipment, each person two down jackets, snow boots, warm baby … from Beijing began to work on the body.
    But after getting off the plane, I began to feel that the situation was wrong, and the temperature was not as low as I expected. Even when I got on the bus to Orihong Island, I had a more real experience. DressedIt’s really too much… the temperature difference is terrible, especially when sitting in the co-pilot with Shuzi, this adequate heating can be described as “baked”. Unexpectedly, when I came to the weather forecast and claimed to be the coldest place in the world, my first feeling was even hot! ! !
    In the long five-hour journey, I have been eager to get in touch with the outside world.
    I think the first chance for me to get liberated is in the commissary of the road. The driver master let us all get off, you can buy some food here, go to the toilet, or pick up a glass of water.
    While sitting in the co-pilot, I and Shuzi just want to be outside and breathable.
    Later, we got on the boat. Even people and cars are being driven into seemingly impossible ferries.
    One car after the narrow ship deck, surprised face.jpg
    Choosing the end of the year to cross the year, there is a risk that the ferry here may not open.
    In order to avoid this risk, we got off the plane and landed on Orihong Island directly on December 30th. It is the largest of the 27 islands of Lake Baikal and the best place to see Lake Baikal, known as the “mysterious island” by the people on the island.
    After waiting for about 20 minutes, I saw the slow-moving ship slowly approaching us.
    Walk along the deck of the ship on the deck. Holding the camera, I feel like a dream in the Antarctic world. But here is Lake Baikal, a place that is full of nightmares and infinite aspirations. It is full of mysterious stories and distant dreams. I saw the ice in front of me shattered and made a crisp sound. The boat was also slow, and we had an icebreaking trip with us.
    I find it very interesting. Observing the ice is really addictive.
    In the evening, we arrived at the small inn that we will be staying in these days.
    Nikita was not booked, and Nikita’s email replies that they were not open during the past few years. Our inn seems to be one of the few in the village that was still open during this time. After getting off the boat, a dozen people stopped in front of the log cabin. The room on the map will be where we dine, WiFi, heating and hot water for the next few days.
    There are about five or six rooms in the inn, and unfortunately we booked two rooms with no bathroom and toilet in the room.
    A triple room (Bob, Shuzi, lena), a double room (me and sparkling). When I go to the toilet, I only go to the dry toilet outside in the cold weather. At first it will feel a little inconvenient, but in retrospect, it is a very special experience to freeze into a bear in winter and wrap it tightly. (What can I do?)
    It was really unbelievable to stand in the door of the room and look outside, so I came to the shore of Lake Baikal.
    I am going to go out alone.
    If you come to Baikal, please be sure to greet the dogs here. Their friendliness will make you feel more like this land.
    Xiaobai walked in front, looking back at me from time to time, just like leading the way for me. It stopped at the end of the village and didn’t mean to leave. It’s been like this for a long time, I told him that it’s time to go back and we will come out later.
    I just want to see the sunset that I saw on the road.
    Shouting on Shuzi and sparkling, we walked towards the lake.
    There are abandoned boats here, moored on the shores of the lake.
    I want to come to the village to go fishing in the sea. Can’t be closer, someone reminds me from time to time on the shore, can stop.
    On the first day, in the incredible, we reached the place of dreams. Because the weather is very cold, running for a long time, tonight in the cabin, probably can sleep a good feeling.
    Good night, Baikal. I will be in close contact with you tomorrow.
     Chapter 2: [Love] South Line One Day
    You can imagine me being taken along the way. On the first day of the four girls you chase after me? Of course, these are all words.
    The development of Baikal has formed a very classic route through the development of local people: the southern line, the northern line, and the forest hiking. It’s impossible to walk through the forest during the cold winter. So we chose the route from the south to the north. The northern route of Lake Baikal is from the west side of the island of Orihong to the north side of the village of Huger, and finally reaches the northernmost point of Habery. The southern route is a brisk small lake and a quiet mountain.
    At nine o’clock, the inn’s driver master came to pick us up. I don’t know if it started from Lena or Shuzi started. The uncle who was with us for two days was named: Alexander.
    Then, under the leadership of Uncle Alexander, start our journey to the south line today.
    Along the way, I spent the surprise in the girls cheering and jumping.
    Today’s first attraction is this hillside with low grass. Don’t be too excited, Shuzi takes a variety of shots.
    We also brought two partners, Brown Bear and Sonny Angel.
    This lake has a lot of bubble ice, but compared to the bubble ice in February, the ice of this season should only be considered feminine.
    Probably no one will reject such a pure world. So is this looking for a reason for my smirk?
    Take a photo here, the left and right twins steal the mirror!
    Beautiful wave wave ~ there is a corner on the head
    A small couple with us, a car, and a good comrade who was later killed by the werewolf.
    This station is probably related to the Shaman culture of Orihong Island, with many rocks and trees. Orihong Island has long been considered the center of the Northern Shamanism, and shamans are considered to have the ability to predict weather and astrology. But later, as other religious civilizations began to rise, shamanism began to merge. But in the private sector, there will still be residual customs and culture.
    The most stunning scenery in the South Line should be here. It is also the longest stay in all the scenery of the day.
    Because the ice is relatively complete and wide, there are local residents who skate here, and our Alexander also parks here. Show the drift to show us.
    As far as I can see, I can see a row of small houses and poke the spots.
    Here, Lena has become the darling of everyone, and it is not too popular to compete for a photo.
    Today’s lunch is also solved on this ice. Alexander took it out like a juggler. Unpack the outer layer of tin foil and each person is a piece of potato chicken. In fact, the taste is not bad, especially on the ice, the taste of wild food.
    The snack after dinner is such a piece of cake, minty. The white outside the cake is very similar to the frost layer of toothpaste.
    However, everyone’s unanimous reaction is actually very good, and everyone who has the same taste and taste is more fun, haha.
    We specially took the bag of the cake and prepared to go to the supermarket to see if it was sold.
    This is the fifth stop in the South Line.The car entered the pure white world in an instant. The chunks of ice have a rounded arc, and the concentration of white is very high. It looks like an ice cream that can be bitten.
    Lena’s yellow and white match is easily submerged in such a scene, blending with the heavens and the earth. So either take a photo with our handsome car.
    The car continues to drive. Everyone who holds a camera probably wants an unusual angle. So when we saw this slope, we couldn’t care how big the wind was here, blowing people’s liver, and I followed the rabbit’s steps to protect the camera and follow the past.
    The mountains in the distance have the desolateness and barrenness that are not found elsewhere. In all directions, the wind is pouring on the body. Because there is no obstruction, I will feel that I have been blown away when I stay here for a long time. I am holding the tears blown by the wind in my eyes. I am still weakly down the mountain, leaving Shuzi alone in the cold wind blowing here. .
    And the waves here have also climbed to the heights.
    Unlike the ice, the slopes of Lake Baikal are mostly ridiculous in winter, and the grass is not born. Being in the open world between the world, it is easy to down the mood to a very low level.
    Shining toward me, I asked, if you suddenly appear suddenly, would you be very touched? (I later learned that she was exposed)
    I did not respond positively, just said: How is it possible?
    Yes, how is it possible?
    Today’s last attraction ends in such a blue ice lake. When I came here, there was no car.
    The ice here is more shocking, and the crack that extends to the end is clearly visible, shocking and aesthetically pleasing. At the last stop, the heart that stepped on the ice had already sunk into the stomach, and the footsteps began to solidify, and it was possible to hop on the ice.
    Every time you think it is already visually tired, but the next time there is still a surprise, perhaps this is the mystery of Lake Baikal.
    I can feel the ice layer here at a close distance, and I can feel the chill here through the gloves.
    I have never seen a thorough blue, I have never felt such a cold. I came to Baikal in January. Seeing the blue ice wish is pure luck. On the way, both I and Shuzi are praying, hoping to be worthwhile..
    Shuzi had a good time because she saw the magical existence under the ice.
    This lake, if you look carefully. The small plants that are frozen inside will be found to be the embodiment of other life features in the ice blue world.
    It has been seen that the interpretation of the natural ice seam of Lake Baikal is that the existence of ice seams is to supply oxygen to fish, and the second is to emit methane gas released from algae. It creates a majestic view of the heavens and the earth and is a magical landscape unique to Lake Baikal. Looking up from the ground, there will be an illusion of a fairyland.
    It was too cold to get out of the car. Looking at us through the window. If you stay outside for a long time, it will still be stiff. What kind of ghost will you get off the bus when you get off the bus? So we ended the last stop of the South Line under the mysterious gaze of Alexander.
    Xiaobai greeted us in the village on time. I really couldn’t help but give it a touch of killing.
    Considering that today is December 31st, New Year’s Eve, there is no dinner for the inn. I decided to go to the village to see if there were any delicious restaurants.
    As it turns out, it is still honest to book in the inn. One road went to the end and no restaurant was open. It’s hard to see a Chinese restaurant word, but it’s also closed. Later, we can only go to a slightly larger supermarket in the village, buy some instant noodles, red sausage, and take it back to the inn to eat.
    Supermarkets are not easy to find. From the outside, it is really sturdy. The weak light can’t be found without opening the heavy curtains.
    This supermarket is probably the biggest supermarket in the village. The specific location is not clear. I only know that it is a road in the village. I have been walking along and I will meet some small supermarkets on the road. But none of this has the strongest satisfaction brought to us.
    Because there are delicious ice cream and authentic Russian sausages. (The key points) I bought the red sausage. I remember to cut it in the store. I can try several flavors. After we have eaten it, we will judge the material by smell. Although we don’t know the above words, we know which one is delicious.
    We bought instant noodles, vodka, and some snacks to start going back.
    When I returned to the inn, Xiao Bai came up. It smelled the taste of the red sausage and was chasing after it. The kind heart shimmered from the house and had a close interaction with Xiaobai. Dogs with meat are born and cannot be used. Later, buying the red sausage will divide it.
    The atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve reached a climax in a warm wooden house.
    The owner took his little son to dance with the music. The two girls in the next room also took out the food bought in the supermarket. We finished the instant noodles in the living room and moved the messy battlefield to our own house. in.
    [A person who descends from the sky]
    The significance of the New Year is often to bid farewell to the past and look to the future.
    When the number is skipped in the clock, it will always miss half a beat, and the time is really gone.
    We have made an appointment in the glittering and my cabin for the New Year, drinking, bragging, and talking about life. Paved the blanket, took the red sausage and vodka, crossed the legs, and sat around with five people. We held the vodka bought from the supermarket and opened the talk mode.
    I seem to have a hunch that something going on for me will happen next.
    Glittering went to the toilet, except for Bobo in the original position, Lena and Shuzi moved to the opposite position. Please imagine that if you are an interviewee, then the reporter is in your position. But all of this, I always feel that it may be my own lonely inner drama, and I was denied by myself in a blink of an eye.
    Since I changed my job last year, my book boy and I have opened a two-city life in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Since then, we have rarely traveled together. Most of the time he is on a business trip or on a business trip. When I was traveling across the years, I asked if he might be with me, but he still said that he was uncertain. So I no longer hope, and I will not mention the matter of traveling together. I am a little disappointed.
    I sent some of the snow scenes to his WeChat and said: If you can, you can do it.
    Until the day before the trip, I was wondering if there was a possibility, he would suddenly appear. After I finished this article, I really advised myself not to think about it. The answer is obvious.
    The story seems to happen in advance. Maybe I felt my disappointment, and everything I planned didn’t follow the script.
    Playback one:
    Glittering went to the toilet to open the door to the book boy.
    Shuzi sat across from me for the photo recording.
    And Lei has been waiting for an hour on the bench outside the door.
    At this time, the outdoor is minus twenty degrees.
    Story playback two:
    Before the departure, I used the interview and the program to ask me to take the passport of me and the book boy, saying that I needed to do the program.
    I didn’t cause my suspicion at all. I really admire that I have always let me relax my vigilance, and my acting skills are great!
    At this time, the door opened, and the dog food was not afraid of the big cheers and screams. The black man dressed in fat ears appeared in front of me.
    A familiar voice, shouting my name.
    I feel incredible, but it seems to be unexpected. Very incomprehensible, only questioning, how come you came this way. Even forgot that he still continued to propose marriage.
    All my doubts were answered at this moment.
    As time goes on, the need to treat feelings is constant restraint and calm. Occasionally impulsive, long flowing water.
    In the wooden house, and your friends, you will experience the most memorable moments of your life. I can think of the way I am most pleased with my proposal. Thank you and give me a memory.
    Thank you too, but fortunately, there is no choice in the crowded streets, but fortunately you use the way of travel to record every stage of our lives. On the last day of 2016, I felt very happy.
     Chapter 3: [Hand in hand] North Line one day
    After experiencing the surprise attack last night, there was a sudden increase in the female group.
    Speaking of the experience of Lei’s total road, it is much more legendary than us. He did not book a hotel, a ticket, and even the visa was signed in Beijing the day before his departure. After arriving at the airport in Irkutsk, I was lucky enough to meet a foreign student andHis alumni. So I ran along the way.
    【Dawns Here Are Quiet】
    This is the first morning of 2017.
    When we sleep for only two or three hours,
    Decide to see the dawn and sunrise of Huger Village.
    Unexpectedly, the end of the sea is a pink. The crisp ringing sound from the church came to the ear, bringing the first sound of the New Year. Although the lake in January did not freeze into ice, and the shock of the north and south lines is not enough for us to remember, but this morning is gentle and refreshing, just like meeting you.
    The lakes in the abyss can sometimes clearly see the stones in the lake or even the floating ice. Great transparency is one of the most unpredictable features of Lake Baikal’s most accomplished and oldest lake. According to folklore, Baikal can not tolerate any foreign objects, whether it is a dead bird or beast or a human being, will be thrown to the shore, so there is such a clear water, also known as “Holy Sea.”
    Still at that time yesterday, I had to withdraw from the morning time. Going back, I didn’t even have time to sit down for breakfast, and the girls’ makeup was not finished.
    I havetily put the cosmetic bag on it, and on the technique of makeup in the turmoil, I feel that you are very good except me. .
    We temporarily told the inn that we would like to add one person, 1000 rubles. Or yesterday’s car and driver, a group of six people, plus a couple, eight people jointly opened today’s Northern Line tour.
    Because the northern line is a classic line. So there are more tourists than the South Line.
    The first stop of the Northern Line stopped here. This zone has many larch along the lakeside, nestled in parallel views of the lake, and the sun shines straight on the ground. On the small slope in the distance, it was filled with bread pickups, and some houses were faintly visible.
    2017 starts from ❤️.
    The rabbit is the key protection object of this trip, and falling into a commonplace. The kind rescue captains saw the rabbit dragging the body that was inconvenient to move and moved over step by step.
    Under the support of everyone, if you can still fall, who is it? Can only blame the ice of Lake Baikal is too thick and too slippery! The result was so unexpected, the rabbit not only fell, but also stumbled on me.
    The rabbit IQ that fell is also very touching. I insisted that I dragged her down. Fortunately, there are photos and big guys to testify for me!哼~
    Tips: The crampons are really important.
    Standing on such ice is not so easy. There are too many broken ice in this area, and sometimes it takes time to use both hands and feet.
    Inevitably, people will be persecuted paranoia, standing quietly on the ice, and suddenly heard the dull bounce, from the soles of the feet to the ears.
    These ices are shining in the sunlight, which is very beautiful. It is said that only extremely pure water can be condensed into such a pure blue.
    The girls who were already in a state of fatigue were playing apart from here. Various concave shapes with ice cubes.
    Accept your proposal in Baikal, the world is proof, you are my person in the future!
    The attractions in the future are getting deeper and deeper. It is a distance of several hundred meters to run back and forth.
    Everyone is hungry, but Alexander is not willing to feed.
    When they arrived here, the girls were not willing to go too far.
    The birds and beasts scattered, and the book boy and I started to go farther away.
    There are fewer and fewer people, but the general scope is in the hands of Alexander. Sufficient time to take a few empty, vast photos here.
    If you look at the ice here, you know it is really not cold enough. A thin layer of ice floated in the distance, like a layer of white gauze on the lake.
    When someone came back to ask me, it was not cold, I wanted to find a more appropriate description again – almost the same as the Northeast.
    This person dressed like a bear, followed all the way to here.
    Later, I heard him say that the pants on the body were bought temporarily. The wool pants and wool socks were worn by me, and the new shoes were too worn. All this is out of date, so that he has come across the ocean to find it, I feel a little dumbfounding. It is said that on the same day, another colleague in the bookboy unit successfully proposed marriage in Shanghai. Interestingly, in the circle of friends, they led a circle of friends: the headlines in the unit today are the success of our two colleagues. A jubilant.
    When I returned to the squad, it was just sitting on the edge of the cliff.
    In this situation, if you don’t take a picture, don’t you live up to this beauty?
    The book boy said, do you want snow? The voice has not fallen, and the snow has been flying all over the sky.
    Then there is such a legend, the blue sea.
    The mobile phone soul P picture flashes many times and hopes that I will copy it to her from the camera. She uses the mobile phone to p out first.
    But as the photographer’s dignity tells me, I still give it to you, hahaha.
    Going back, the piece of birch trees flashed from the side. However, the eight-man squad in the car played the werewolf to kill.
    Probably the murder game is too embarrassing, and the last attraction is not very high. Everyone only cares about who is the werewolf who is a civilian. I am blind in a game, and I have been calmly dressed in this game.
    But on a lot of dramas, who can compare Shuzi? At this time, Shuzi’s mobile phone was lost, causing everyone to panic. Finally, I found that the phone fell down the car seat, but I found it in time.
    In order to treat a few hard-working girls who have worked hard for us, Lei always decided to invite everyone to the restaurant! By the friendship he made on the first night, yes, it was in the restaurant where the door was knocked open.
    But what I didn’t expect was that the small restaurant was next to the supermarket yesterday, but the guests tonight were more explosive. Lei always took the translation software to order the whole meal. Under his recommendation, we ordered salad, fish, and chicken soup. . Forgive me for not remembering these specific dish names, but it is worth mentioning that the taste is already extinct in Hurier Village.
    Bobo said that the soup here is very fresh~ it is fresh to drink. Probably the reason why the environment is really good here.
    After dinner, the book boy sent us back to the inn and he returned to his place of residence.
    In the evening village, there are many Russian drunks who are crumbling. Later, when I saw the Siberian Barber, I realized that it was natural fun to play with the guns. Alcohol makes them excited and jubilant, and they have seen cups and cups. I have never seen a Russian big man who walks in the woods, on the bus, in the snow, with a bottle of wine, and some people drink alcohol, and some people buy drunken carnival, but here, wine is just them. Daily after tea meal. It doesn’t matter if you are drunk or not.
    Tips: If the girl goes alone, still pay more attention to safety, try not to travel alone at night.
    The next day, we are leaving Olihong Island.
    I finished the breakfast with the book boy and prepared to take another shot of the village. I have been shooting the sky and the lake for a few days, but I have neglected this small village that has brought me too much touch.
    You see the book boy lively like a lack.
    I told the book boy that I want to see Lake Baikal in the summer. He always said yes, come next year.
    I gave him a blank look, please combine the actual.
    Maybe I am the one who wants to do something for a year or two, and he is the one who often creates surprises and brings me touch.
    Travel is always unprepared, and even the vows become comfortable and romantic. This situation is worse than this.
    Not far away, I saw a group of cows, they walked on their own, undisturbed, just like the village at the moment is generally quiet, not yet awake.
    After playing with them for a while, they should go back.
    Please note that I am the same as the seal above, the action is not the same as God! Haha
    Oh, this is the inn we live in.
    Like the road when we came, we first took the ferry. Then head to Irkutsk. The book boy left to wait for the next ferry to join us. On the way back, the sky was snowing. The snow fell on the vast land and floated on the ship and on the people’s body. It seemed to be on the road to the island, and it closed the curtain for us.
    Finally, look at this ice blue lake, see Baikal, and see Xiaobai again.
    I will come back and see your spring, summer and autumn and winter.
     Chapter 4: [End] Irkutsk
    When I arrived in Irkutsk, it was like finally returning to modern civilization. We got off at the Central Market and walked to the hotel.
    Along the way is the scenery of the old city. Passing through the hustle and bustle of the market, the locals who seem to be accustomed to tourists, most of them wearing long robes and leather hats, are the serious and indifferent souls of this snowy city. The hordes of pigeons hovered over the gray-blue sky, sometimes in a toy similar to their own. At first glance, they thought it was a toy model. This humor is meticulously thought, but it has the same interesting joy as the fighting nation.
    The streets of the city are dominated by small wooden structures. Colorful, uneven, and a small town scenery. But the magic is that Irkutsk is the largest industrial city in Siberia and the second largest city in Eastern Siberia. It has more than 300 years of urban history. These wooden blocks, along with fresh industrial features, are unique.
    Everything was not slow, and in my mind a symphony of Russian literature and film was staged. Probably enough for all the love, in the fantasy of vodka and cigar, come to the snowy street to see the complex carved window. Probably no traveler does not want to take the long train from west to east, crossing the vast, rare land, this is just a self-exile. There is also a name here called “Far East.”
    Walking on the streets of Irkutsk, the modern girl, Shuzi.
    Temporarily booked the Marussia Boutique Hotel, located close to the 130th block and Karl Marx Street, shopping and shopping are very convenient. Returning to the city from a hotel that can only use dry toilets, we have too many wishes to satisfy.
    For example, take a good night’s sleep, such as eating a Russian meal, such as taking a walk on the street full of food and taking a shot of Russian beauty.
    The budget saved on the island can finally be spent in the city! Huo! Now! How happy you are.
    In the evening, you can see the clouds that are reddish by the setting sun in the window. The roof was covered with snow and white, and few pedestrians on the street added some anger to the scenery at this time.
    Woke up in the morning, the fog in the distance. The morning in Irkutsk is really easy to wake up a sleeping person. I woke up from my sleep and heard the morning prayers, so I listened quietly to the window, where there were sleeping forests, birds and clouds rising up. The air is fresh and nothing.
    In the wooden building, there were a lot of footsteps. It’s time to have breakfast, and the breakfast in the hotel can be chosen at the time of check-in. Red sausage, scrambled eggs, and milk oatmeal are also very good.
    The initial plan was always beautiful. We are going to play along the classic Green line in Irkutsk, Russian: зелёная линия. Along the way, there will be about 30 famous scenic spots such as Kirov Square, the Arc de Triomphe and the Kazan Cathedral. It covers churches, museums, ancient buildings, city squares, city statues, etc., with a total length of about 5 kilometers.
    But we are crazy about us on the Angara River, and we don’t have to go to the so-called attractions. It’s fascinating.
    The beast of the Irkutsk state emblem “Babr Babul” is the landmark here. It’s not far from the 130th block, because the shape is also very eye-catching. In 1880, the Irkutsk badge was described in the compilation of the emblems of the various provinces and regions of the Russian Empire: “On the silver emblem, a beaver with scarlet eyes runs, with a dark red color in the mouth. Purple sable.”
    “Historically, in the Far East, such as Irkutsk, tigers are called beavers. The painter added the beaver tail and ankles to the tiger, and became four unlike the beast Babr. Tigers and sables symbolize the uniqueness, power and power of the Siberian region. wealth.”
    The book boy stood underneath, just like another prey of the beaver, and there was no sense of contradiction.
    [Childhood time on the Angara River]
    We started walking along the Angara River, like six rovers. The road is just off the Angara River, and the early morning is aimless. There are some buildings scattered between the road and the river, some plants or abandoned entertainment facilities. Walk into the path and walk towards the river in half the time.
    The Angara River is the only river that flows out of Lake Baikal. This unique enough to make her the most naughty little daughter of Lake Baikal. It brought the lakes of Lake Baikal from the south to the north and lingered in the entire territory of Irkutsk before being injected into the Yenisei River. The Irkut River, a tributary of the Angara River, also intersects with it. The whole city is in the valley of two rivers, so the snow country in the imagination should be dry and exotic, but actually in the history of meteorology. Kutsk has a rainy case.
    At the beginning of January, the river had already formed ice, and the white snow accumulated on the river had already had no ankles. Looking far away, some people are fishing in ice, and they crept past. I saw a small hole in the ice, and the fishing uncle was not affected by the outside world.
    It is said that the limited range of ice fishing is relatively narrow. When the glaciers are frozen, you can drill a hole in any place on the river. At this time, because the temperature is very low, the fish’s reaction is not so sensitive, so it is easier to hook.
    On this side, the girls have already chosen their respective positions.
    The sun was falling on the snow, and a group of small painters came in the snow…
    In the eyes of Bobo, Shuzi, I shot it~
    A red girl in the reeds.
    Focus on me on the footprints.
    It seems that every country has a love bridge, and the love bridge in Irkutsk is no different. The same symbol and meaning of the same lock, the same song for love. The bridge in the snow straddles the Angara River, and because of the deep snow, it is less voluptuous. At the other end of the bridge of love, you can clearly see a cluster of smog, which is the scenery on the bridge.
    Of course, the couple on the bridge of love is the protagonist. Hahaha, Caesar has a dog food.
    I am miserable, I can’t help myself, sisters~
    Behind every figure of fluttering snow, there is always a Lei who is silent and always serves everyone.
    Since the glittering mermaid photo has been well received, it seems that only he can sprinkle well.
    In the snow, it is easy to shoot the bridge of the movie.
    This picture of sparkling cosplay “Love Letter” is very successful!
    I like this little Christmas tree, as if snow is its soil.
    Do you think we really walked back? I saw the amusement park in the snow and started playing again.
    Shu Zi: Report teacher, there is someone here!
    Me: You have to learn more from this classmate!
    Finally reluctantly bid farewell to the Angara River, Shuzi first went back to the hotel to add clothes. In the 130th block, I met a small Zhengtai, the camera feels super strong, straight hooks look at you, the old aunt really resisted not to lick face.
    When we reached the central market, we decided to go in and see if there was anything to buy. A warm leather hat is equivalent to about 600 yuan, and can not be swiped. On the streets of Irkutsk, almost the top of the head is a must-have for the people.
    [ Kazan Cathedral of Our Lady ]
    Located in the city, Kazanskiy Sobor Irkutsk is the only Orthodox church in Irkutsk and the finest of the 70 churches in Irkutsk.
    Walking from the central market to the church is still quite a distance. I don’t know why, everyone has missed the tram, so I crossed the countless trams in Ishi, and I didn’t fear the snow that was smashed by the ruts. I finally came here. The solemn, sacred church is located behind a bunch of shops, but its tall spires and domes are striking and well recognizable.
    The shape of the church is gorgeous and colorful. The dome, window frame and roof have nice blue accents. In the winter, there are exquisite ice sculptures on the outside of the church, which are shaped into different religious figures. The Kazan Cathedral is probably the only church in Irkutsk that allows tourists to take pictures.
    It is worth noting that women need to wear a hat or a headscarf to cover them.
    Not only is the appearance grand, but the interior of the church is even more exquisite. The Orthodox Church is a portrait worship, so there are no sculptures in the church, some are rich and exquisite murals, one by one, high above the story telling one story after another from heaven.
    Leaving Kazan Cathedral of Our Lady, we headed north along the main road to the Znamensky Monastery.
    The monastery built in 1762 is the largest monastery in eastern Russia. There are many celebrity tombs in the courtyard, and the famous December party members and their wives are buried in Russia. The statue at the entrance of the monastery is the Russian White Commander General Gorchak, the RussianThe tsarist strategist and an Arctic explorer were once misjudged. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, he was re-evaluated to restore his honours of important identities and status, such as scholars, explorers and strategists.
    Liang Enming’s prose “Baikal”, which mentions the history of the December party and the high Chalk in the Znemensky monastery, as well as a fragment of the description of the autumn Baikal, which is considered to be targeted before leaving. I am looking for it. The other is Hu Cheng, “I have met with one trillion white birch”, which is a collection of photographs and an essay record, recording the story of the traveller’s perspective on the Siberian railway. Very plain and very detailed, and even many places quote historical materials, fantasy is the legendary story and the ups and downs of the plot can be ignored. The misplacement of travel and life is ups and downs. Reading with travel and geography is not enough. The literary impression accumulated by the previous readings is also exhausted, Nabokov, Bulgakov, Turgenev, Pushkin. ….. With this trip, it became a noun object to be said to be retired. If you know what you think, you will feel awkward. If you come back, you have to make up for it. Maybe, this is the source of regret.
    Transportation: Bus No. 1, No. 3, No. 8 to Ремесленное училище
    The reason why the transportation method is put in is because it is not far from the bus stop. It is convenient to take a car directly from Kalmaks Street.
    Due to the nuns of the monastery, we were forbidden to take pictures, so we only looked at the architectural style of the monastery on the periphery and did not stay for a long time.
    Russian girls, even wearing a bloated down jacket is also very good! Mainly leg length…..
    After leaving the monastery by bus, we returned to Kalmaks Avenue. Buy some hand-to-hand gifts, but the price is not so friendly. So the little wish to come to Russia for shopping is put on hold. Still eat more real.
    Nostalgic Russian style in the Rassolnik restaurant. The Chinese menu is available, and the accordion music is surrounded here, making it easy to pull people back to an old world. We ordered some specialties such as red cabbage soup and hash browns. Still very good.
    Address: 3 Iyulya St., 3 130 Kvartal, Irkutsk 664022 Russia
    Time: 12:00am-2:00am
    Soviet nostalgic restaurant
    It’s just that after this meal we are leaving.
    In Baikal in January, it looks like dark blue eyes, and it is unforgettable with a glance.
    Back home, on January 18, I and the book boy received the certificate. From this step into another stage of life.
    But whenever the music rings, I will always miss this sea, this land, it has witnessed our story.
    When I finished this travel, it was already late summer and early autumn, and there must have been coolness in the north.
    I hope that when I meet you again, I can stay with you for a few more days, and we will complain again.
    ▲ End of the egg, thank you for your partner’s effortsA small animation with elements pieced together.
    Six people + the song “Baigar Lakeside”. Happy Ending.
    [End of the text]
    Weibo: Sky singing
    Public number: Tianhaijian No.1
    Codewords are not easy, and it is not easy to repair pictures.
    Copyright, please do not steal pictures.
     Guess the Raiders you want to know
    [trip route]
    December 30, Beijing → Irkutsk → Orihong Island
    South Line Day Tour on December 31
    January 01, Northern Line Day Tour
    January 02, Orihong Island → Irkutsk
    January 03, Irkutsk Day Tour
    January 04, Irkutsk → Beijing → Hangzhou
    【flight information】
    Compare the price of single-segment purchases and combined purchases, and finally choose the latter. Every person is flying 3300rmb, including 20kg luggage. Go to S7510 BJS-IKT 05:35-08:50, return S7509 IKT-BJS 01:50-04:45. The time from Beijing to Irkutsk is about 2.5 hours. Hangzhou used to transfer to Beijing in the past. There are two types of aircraft in Feiyi City, Beijing. One is the green small plane of Siberia Airlines, the legendary fighting national aircraft, the flight time is more anti-human, and the main red-eye flight. The other is Hainan Airlines, with normal time and correspondingly high prices.
    [about traffic]
    Irkutsk Go to Olihong Island and get to the bus every day at the bus terminal and the central market. Small buses, about 5 times a day in the summer. In winter time, the number of departures will be reduced, and the journey takes 5-7 hours. For your convenience, you can also contact the inn on the island of Olympus, which you booked, and usually provide carpooling services. Prices generally range between 500 rubles and 800 rubles. In the summer, you can also take a boat from the Rocket Wharf in Irkutsk. The price is several times higher. In winter, the bus will be cancelled due to ice icing. It seems that it is more cost-effective to carpool. It’s too late to book, you can learn to book a book, and you can hook up on the plane to alumni or local students. There must be a road to the mountain.
    [about exchange]
    The ruble is not a popular currency and needs to be reserved by the Bank of China before departure. Our exchange rate at that time was 8.5:1. With our own delays, the exchange rate was also watching and gradually decreasing. So I quickly exchanged 4000 RMB. If you play with us for five days, almost everyone can play around 6000. In addition to the convenience of Irkutsk city, we must know that most of our time is on the island, and cash must be sufficient.
    [Visa processing]
    The visa processing in Russia is very simple. Open the major travel websites, submit the required materials, and sign the visa within one week. There is no need for proof of property in the material. Before viewing the Raiders visa price generally floats around 700. However, it is too difficult for the small partners to use their intelligence and intelligence to win the Internet at a price of 465 yuan.
    [cold equipment]
    Lake Baikal The coldest season is in February of the following year. At this time, the snow was not frozen, and the temperature was as high as 40 degrees, zero.
    My equipment is: assault down jacket (wind-resistant), thin autumn coat + cardigan with high cashmere content, spare one piece of fleece or compression down jacket.
    Slim-fit down pants and autumn pants, and a thin wool skirt of medium thickness. Ski boots and crampons are a must. The head is covered with a Lei Feng Cap, don’t be ugly, and the key moments are cold and wind resistant. Generally, there is heating inside and inside the car. If you stay in the outdoor for a short time, it will be hot and mad, so it is convenient to detach.
    [Communication Equipment]
    There are several companies such as Beeline, MTS, Tele2, etc. It is cheaper to buy Beeline locally. Because we got off the plane and went straight to the island, we didn’t have time to stay in the city and chose to buy online. The card is Tele2, the signal is very good, 4 G can not be used, and it is probably less than 1 G in five days. Mobile WiFi is not recommended here, and there is no signal in many places.
    ◆ Conversion plug: It is required to have a two-hole cylindrical adapter. It is recommended to purchase a universal adapter.
    ◆ Thermos cup
    [about language]
    The popularity of English is not high, and Russian can only shrug and completely understand. But it’s not as good as downloading a translation software, or body language. Going out to play, nothing more than eating and living. As a whole, I feel that the locals are still relatively cold, but there are also very warm little brothers (handsome to the girls who have unforgettable discussions to this day) to help us guide us. The murder is so screaming again and again (sorry to forget that they have Married).
    Common location in Russian:
    Irkutsk : Irkutsk (Иркутск)
    Olkhon Island : Olkhon (Ольхон)
    Huger Village: Khuzhir (Хужир)
    Baikal: Baikal (Байкал)
    Listvyanka : Listvyanka (Листвянка)
    [camera warm]
    Although the temperature in January is not as cold as expected, the temperature difference is stillVery big and big. Usually, once we are in the house, we take out our backpack or camera bag and go into the room. Don’t take it out and look at the photo. Otherwise, it will really fog. This time you need to control how many you send.
    [About accommodation]
    Accommodation in Huger Village: Guest House Otdykh na Baykale, rating 8.2
    If you book a room that is not a dry toilet, the experience should be better. The downside is that it is far from the shaman rock.
    Irkutsk Accommodation: Boutique Hotel Marussia, rating 8.9
    Very convenient accommodation, perfect breakfast. Close to the 130th block, walk closer to the Angara River. The front desk is available in English and is easily accessible.
    [camera equipment]
    Body: Canon 5d3
    Lens: 17-40 F4 and 50mm 1.4
    Late: Photoshop+Lightroom

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