In Guilin, love is like my dreamy landscape (super full Guilin network red punch card)

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    The impression of the beginning of Guilin began with the phrase “Guilin Shanshuijiaxia” on the hourly textbook. There are thousands of mountains and rivers in the motherland, but when it comes to mountains and rivers, I can’t help but think of Guilin’s poetic and artistic beauty. That city once sent an article about Guilin, which reads “The white pioneer of Taiwan is obsessed with Guilin rice noodles, but in fact it is a love for his hometown. He once said: “Guilin life is a happy child painting in memory. “Since ancient times, the city that has been crowned “the landscape of the world” is not only a place where the dreams of Bai Xianyong in Taiwan are in the nightmare, but also the poetry and distance of many urbanites who have escaped from the hustle and bustle.”
    In September, I finally arrived in Guilin and saw its most beautiful appearance. Under the peak of the misty peaks, the smoke and the rain of the Lijiang River, through a small boat, through Wanzhong Mountain, seems to have entered the artistic conception of ancient poetry; or in the age of love, the woman who turned into a minority nationality, shuttles between time and space; In the Reed Flute Cave, I feel deeply attracted to the great natural wonders.
    Forgive me, Guilin’s travel notes have been written until now. In fact, I also want to give a small suggestion to friends who don’t know where to go in Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s better to go to Guilin in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Deliberately give everyone a small mooncake in the ages. Rabbit, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. I have gone so many places, and now I may like Sanya and Guilin. Guilin is low-key and luxurious. From the moment I left, I began to miss. Because bloggers have always been the personality of walking, so there are many beautiful pictures, as well as a lot of videos, as well as some small spots and travel dry goods, as well as the net red photo punching place (although there is no value, but still have to forcefully share) and speak It’s a bit awkward, don’t mind.
     Guilin first impression
    When I first arrived in Guilin, the first feeling was that the climate was really comfortable. One and a half sleeves, a pair of jeans, not hot or cold. The air is not dry or tidal, and the breeze is wrapped in a faint scent of sweet-scented osmanthus.
    The mountains of Guilin are like those growing from the ground. The mountains in other places are often undulating, and the car needs to climb the mountain. But here, the mountain is the mountain, the road is the road, and the two do not conflict. Most of the mountains in Guilin are independent. They are always out of reach and somewhere out. Like bamboo shoots that break out of the earth, mushrooms that emerge from the rain, like pieces falling from the sky, one side here, a few on the other side. cluster.
    The mountains of Guilin are exquisite, the mountains are not high, the water flows around the mountains, the farmhouses are lying on the hills, the tall buildings are shoulder to shoulder, and the bridge spans the mountainside. The mountains of Guilin are covered with plants from head to toe. They are densely covered with lush greenery. The layers of the forest are green and blue, and the whole mountain line is soft and graceful like a woman with a graceful shape. The mountains of Guilin are different, some are like girls dressing, some are like old farmer farming, some are like reclining Buddhas, some are like book children. Elephant Trunk Hill, Old Man Mountain, Monkey Mountain, Camel Mountain, Baota Mountain, Moon Mountain. These imaginative names are no longer necessary for me. Near, far, slender, stout, patchy, looming. Standing on a high place overlooking Guilin, Guilin, like a huge landscape painting, it is like a super large bonsai.
    If you only talk about mountains, the mountains of Guilin are not like the majesty of Mount Tai. There is no cloud of Hengshan. It is not as steep as Huashan. It is not as beautiful as Huangshan. The beauty of Guilin lies in its mountains and rivers, the mountains and the waters, and the mountains. And charming. The water in Guilin is quiet, the miles of the Lijiang River, the level is like a mirror, the peaks on both sides are towering, the water reflections are continuous, and the Qingshan Peak is clearly seen. The boat is on the top of the Qingshan Peak. Sitting in the bow, as if entering a long scroll, it seems to be a long shot on the TV, the mountain peak slowly moved to both sides. The water flowed back and forth, and it was wide and narrow. This mountain has not seen enough, and there are new peaks. The flow of water makes people feel that the mountains are also surging. The water in the Lancang River is dark green. Through the turquoise water surface, you can clearly see the water plants and stones at the bottom of the water. The water is rich in various fish. From time to time, Jiangzhong saw the ducks playing in the water, the inhabitants of the wash, the fishermen who cast the nets, the old men who fished, and the quiet and harmonious pastoral scenery. About Lijiang is actually the most mistaken point, because I did not raft on the Lijiang River, only looked at the riverside, and the photos did not take more shots. So many travellers took a lot of beautiful scenery on the Lijiang River to see my friends in the travels. Just look at something else, maybe there are new discoveries.
    In the mountains and waters of Guilin, I couldn’t help but poise and forget. I remembered the sentence of Wang Guan, “Mountain is the peak of the eyebrows, and the water is the eye-waves.” I think of Du Mu’s “the secluded waters of the Qingshan Mountains, and the grasses in the autumn are not withered”. I think of Li Bai’s “a stream outside the river. “Thinking of Lu You’s “mountain heavy water re-questioning no way, Liu dark flower Ming another village”, think of Bai Juyi’s “Sunrise Jianghuahong wins fire, spring comes river green like blue” No wonder Qingren Zhang Chao once said: Landscape, this is the article on the ground. And our soul, too need the shelter and soothing of the mountain, too need water to wash and moisten. For a moment, unloading the burden of work, staying away from the hustle and bustle of life, letting go of the worldly distracting thoughts, let me indulge in such landscapes, let the heart become soft a little bit, let the emotion become a little bit more delicate, let the imagination be a little rich stand up.
     Beautiful picture preview
    Because the purpose of this trip is to find a network red card, but later found that people have gone to Yangshuo, Guilin City has a good scenery but few people pay attention, so I stayed in Guilin for a long time, went A lot of scenic spots, as well as places where locals often go shopping, eat some snacks, and live in some interesting hotels. The following will be slowly shared with everyone, this time let me narcissism, drying my own hard-won photos of myself.
    Guilin’s scenic spots are centered on the city center and evenly distributed throughout the southeast and northwest. However, there are no direct lines between the scenic spots, so the middle station connecting the scenic spots is the urban area of ​​Guilin. That is to say, when you go to various places, you have to go back to Guilin before you leave for other attractions.
    Just like traveling to other domestic destinations, there are three ways to travel to Guilin: FIT and group tours, independent charter tours, self-help and self-driving tours. As a name suggests, visitors from all over the country arrive in Guilin and form a team to travel with the group. The biggest advantage of this type of tour is that the price will be more affordable. The drawback is that tourism is not free.
    Independent chartered tours and individual passengers are just the opposite of group tours. The price of independent chartered tourists is often more expensive. The reason for the expensive is mainly because the number of people is small, the per capita car fare and tour guide service fee are higher, but if the company’s unit travels Can reach more than 16 people, the price will be different from the price of individual travel and group tour. However, this type of tour is more free, and the itinerary of the itinerary can be customized according to your needs. Once again, give you a vivid image. The squad is more like a bus ride. When you get to the station, you have to go down. You can’t think of where to go, so the fare is very cheap. In addition, the independent chartered tour is like taking a taxi. The car, wherever you go, the fare is calculated based on the destination you arrive at. Anyway, taxis are cheap.
    The last type of tour is self-guided tour and self-driving tour. This tour is very popular among young people. This type of travel needs to be well-planned before travel. The traffic needs to be solved by itself. Then, the travel agency will set the tickets and The hotel can travel as planned.
     Some necessary reminders and suggestions
    1, camera and related equipment.
    The camera in travel is a must, although the mobile phone is now equipped with a high-definition camera, but the later retouching is not convenient, personally think that SLR is better. Children’s shoes with SLR go to Guilin Remember to bring a wide-angle lens, such as Lijiang, Longji and other places need a wide angle too, lens paper, waterproof cover, cleaning tools to bring, because Guilin will not rain will come. The tripod can be worn with or without the belt. Of course, if the dragon ridge shoots the sunrise, it must be brought. When you fly a plane, be careful. In Guilin, I am frying chicken. I have a heartache. When I buy a plane without buying an airplane, I must buy insurance.
    2, dress and related equipment.
    Guilin’s summer is also very hot. Men’s clothes are recommended for T-shirts, shorts with sandals, girls’ T-shirts, hot pants, and of course, with beautiful skirts and beautiful photos. If you want to go to the Longji terraces, remember to have a pair of sneakers! Sunglasses and sun visors are necessary to drop, and sunscreen is very necessary. Girls must also remember to bring sunscreen, hydrating mask and the like, and the ultraviolet rays in Guilin in summer are also very strong.
    3. Money and valuables are related.
    There is no need to bring too much cash in Guilin. When you mainly buy fruit snacks, you can use cash. Other major WeChat payment + Alipay is very convenient. UnionPay’s bank card can be carried. There are also many ATMs in this bank. Cash withdrawal is also very convenient. Valuable gold and silver jewellery is not recommended. Although Guilin’s law and order is particularly good, after all, there are also thieves in the tourist city. If you want to bring it, you must keep it in your hands.
    4. Other miscellaneous items.
    In Guilin, many attractions will be exposed to water, mobile phone protection is very important, a waterproof phone caseIt is very necessary to drop, when it comes to mobile phone charging treasure also need to bring, two people share one can have drops. There is also the need to bring mosquito repellent water, remember! Especially on the top of the dragon’s ridge, the mosquitoes in the evening and evening are very powerful. It is best to travel lightly. It is basically enough. If it is not enough, go to the local supermarket and buy it now.
    This travel note is not written according to the itinerary, and it is written according to the scenic spot. Finally, I will introduce you to the dining and accommodation.
    Day1 Taiyuan – Guilin (Night View Sun and Moon Twin Towers)
    Day2 Guilin Day Tour ( Xiangshan – Qixingyan – Daxu Ancient Town – Visiting Night Market)
    Day3 Guilin – Yangshuo (Lushan – Reed Flute – Guilin Qianguqing – Yangshuo West Street)
    Day4 Yangshuo Day Tour (Shili Gallery – Sweeping Street Yangshuo – Guilin)
    Day5 Guilin – Lijiang (Guilin Garden Botanical Garden – Airport)
     Night tour of Guilin: the most beautiful is still two rivers and four lakes
    In Guilin, in addition to enjoying the famous landscape show, Guilin’s night can not be seen, Guilin night tour, the most beautiful scenery concentrated in the two rivers and four lakes. The two rivers and four lakes refer to the Minjiang River, Taohua River and Guihu Lake, Wuhu Lake, Shanhu Lake and Mulong Lake in Guilin City. The two rivers and four lakes form the water system around the city of Guilin, and are also an important part of the beautiful scenery of Guilin. The two rivers and four lakes under the night are full of lights and brilliance.
    The Elephant Trunk Hill on the banks of the Li River is more beautiful than the day at night. Only the tip of the iceberg can be seen outside the scenic spot. The ancient bridge double bridge is more beautiful under the night, and the two stone arch bridges juxtaposed under an old banyan tree are curved into a semicircle. Wuhu Hotel is located in the beauty of Penghu. The two rivers and four lakes are the main nightlife projects in Guilin, and they are more lively at night than during the day.
    The Sun and Moon Twin Towers in Sugi Lake are the landmark buildings of Guilin. The tower is a copper tower with a height of 41 meters and a total of 9 floors. The tower is a glass tower with a height of 35 meters and a total of 7 floors. The two towers are connected by an 18-meter-long underwater aquarium. The Sun and Moon Twin Towers are located in the downtown area of ​​Guilin, on the central axis of Guilin City, adjacent to the “Xiangshan Water Moon”. Xiangshan is the city emblem of Guilin, while the twin towers are the logo of the new Guilin. The towers of the sun, the moon tower and the Puxian tower on Xiangshan and the tower of the Buddha on the tower of the mountain echo each other and have the same meaning of “four towers with the United States”. Guilin Sun and Moon Twin Towers, known as the world’s first copper tower, is a beautiful night view of Guilin tourism.
    Yangqiao is the junction of Wuhu and Shanhu. The bridge is the main thoroughfare.
    The painting on the island of Huxin points to the night of Penghu. The green trees are also beautiful under the light.
    This bridge is the dividing point between Penghu and Guihu, and the bridge constantly changes its lights.
    The lights illuminate the green trees, which is a scene that is not visible during the day. Running out of focus, it became such a pattern, unintentional.
    The night in Guilin City is different from the daytime. In the evening, you can feel the beauty of Guilin on foot or by boat.
     Magical Elephant Trunk Hill & Aerial
    Formerly known as Lushan Mountain, Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the confluence of the Taohua River and the Lancang River in Guilin City, Guangxi. The mountain is named after a giant elephant standing on the riverside and stretching its nose and drinking from the Ganjiang River. It is known as the symbol of Guilin landscape.
    Xiangshan is known for its magic. The magic is first of all the shape of the gods, followed by a round of water and moon between the nose and legs, which constitutes the “Xiangshan Water Moon” wonder. Therefore, Elephant Trunk Hill is the city of Guilin in Guilin. It is the symbolic mountain of Guilin. It is located at the confluence of the Minjiang River and the Taohua River in the center of Guilin. It resembles a giant elephant with an area of ​​about one hundred and five between the elephant trunk and the elephant leg. A round hole of ten square meters, the river passes through the hole, such as the moon floating. Located on the west bank, the Xiangshan Shuiyue is opposite to the Yueyueyan on the east bank of the Minjiang River. It hangs in the sky and floats on the water, forming a peculiar landscape of the “Lijiang River Double Moon”.
    The main attractions of Elephant Trunk Hill include Shuiyue Cave, Elephant Eye Rock, Puxian Tower, Hongfeng Temple and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolutionary Site Exhibition Hall. There is also the only remaining stupa in the Kaiyuan Temple in Sui and Tang Dynasties. The Shuiyue Cave is close to the riverside, and the water flows through it. If the water floats in the water, the rocks hang into the water like the nose and drink the water, and the scenery is excellent. It has been a tourist attraction since the Tang and Song Dynasties. Song Yubei Shishi “and the water moon hole rhyme” poem: “There is a bright moon at the bottom of the water, the moon is floating on the water. The water does not go to the moon, the moon goes to the water.” This picture is vividly depicted. Covering an area of ​​118,800 square meters, it belongs to the karst landform natural scenic area. It is named after the mountain shape resembling a giant elephant drinking water. As early as in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it became a famous tourist attraction with a history of more than 1,000 years.
    That is, the Elephant Trunk Hill attraction in the two rivers and four lakes and Xiangshan scenic spots. The scenic spot is located in the center of Guilin. The elephant-like mountain shape in the scenic area resembles a giant elephant with its nose and sipping water. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Guilin. Although the scenic spot is not large, and the tickets are more expensive, many tourists will still come to the reputation of Elephant Trunk Hill, just to take a panoramic view of this panorama.
    The scenic love island is located on the north side of the Xiangshan scenic spot and is close to the Lijiang River. It is another good viewpoint to watch the Elephant Trunk Hill. The island has a beautiful environment and lush trees. It is the best place for locals to fall in love in the 1970s. It is called Love Island. Now Love Island is the place for people to enjoy wedding and photography. Lovers are like mountains and rivers. Under the testimony, I made a vow of love here.
    The Elephant Trunk Hill attraction is named after a elephant-like elephant trunk. The Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the confluence of the Lijiang River and the Taohua River in Guilin. It has become a symbol of Guilin City with its unique mountain shape and long history. More than 50 stone cliffs are preserved in the Shuiyue Cave between Elephant Trunk and Elephant Body. It is a key cultural relics protection unit in Guangxi. The famous poet Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty famously said: “Jiang Zuoqing Luodai, Shanrubi Biyu” is engraved in the cave.
    The island has a beautiful environment and lush vegetation. It is the best place for locals to fall in love in the 1970s, so it is called Love Island. “Love Island” is a masterpiece of Guilin’s mother river “Lijiang”, and it is also the cradle of Guilin people pursuing happiness and cultivating love. The distant relative “Xiangshan Shuiyue” testifies for love. May the world have a lover.
    Now Xiangshan Scenic Spot has become the base of marriage and wedding in Guilin, and Love Island is the location of people’s wedding and The lovers made a vow of love under the witness of Xiangshan Shuiyue.
    Aerial photography like the nose mountain, by the way to tell you a legend of the Elephant Trunk Hill. Legend has it that the seven fairies accompanied by the beauty of the world, the smallest fairy saw the people living in this land often encounter the troubles of flooding, the people are not happy, the heart is pity, they will go privately with the Jade Emperor’s mount Helping people to clear the river, and soon after being known by the Jade Emperor, they will bring the fairy back to heaven, and turn the heaven into a stone mountain, and use the sword to keep it, so that the heavens will never return to heaven. One day, the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva traveled here, seeing a heavenly elephant being here by Baojian Town. The Samantabhadra Bodhisattva was touched by the behavior of the heavenly spirit, and his heart was compassionate. Then he used his power to pull out the sword of the elephant body, but the heavenly elephant violated the rules of the heavens. In private, the Buddha had to use his own bottle to place him in the back of the elephant; later, the bottle became the Puxian pagoda on the Elephant Trunk Hill. I don’t know how long it took, Pu Xian Bodhisattva to ride a white elephant to revisit.
     Yan Xiufeng Seven Star Park
    Qixing Park is located at No.1 Qixing Road, Qixing District, Guilin City. It is briefly introduced. The Seven Star Park is surrounded by Xiaodongjiang River. It covers an area of ​​more than 600 acres. The scenic spots are like the seven peaks of Qixing Mountain, just like the heavenly Big Dipper. name. In the park, there are such scenic spots as “Beidou Seven Stars”, “Hump Red Cabbage”, “Crescent Rainbow Shadow” and “Putuo Stone Forest”, which occupy the beauty of mountains, rivers, caves and rocks. Famous attractions include Qixingyan, Longyindong, Yueyayan, Zenggongyan, Camel Mountain, Longyinyan and Huaqiao, Crescent Building, Children’s Paradise, Zoo, Three Generals and Eight Hundreds of HeroesTomb, mosque, bonsai art garden, Guihai Stele Forest, etc. Of course, the most famous is the monkey. It is said that the monkeys inside are not afraid of people, they are the boss.
    After arriving at Guilin City by Huixian or Liutang, you can reach 9, 10, 11, 14, 18, 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 52, 97, 204. You can also get from Guilin. Standing Xiao Huang in the past. Don’t forget to bring your student ID card to the park for free. In addition to walking tours, you don’t want to walk for a full tour of the paid sightseeing battery car.
    Camel Mountain is one of the top ten scenic spots in Guilin. Because it looks like a camel lying on the ground. Because it is like an ancient jug, it is also called Hushan or Jiushan. Because its state resembles a camel, it is notorious. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Jiangnan celebrities lived in this place, planting peach blossoms. Every spring, the peach blossoms flourish and the flowers bloom like a red glow, as if the Camel Mountain is covered with red clouds, and the scenery is extremely beautiful.
    According to historical records, in November 1944, in the Guilin defense war against the Japanese invading army, the 31st Army Chief of Staff Lv Yimeng, the Anti-Shanjun Command Chief of Staff Chen Jizhen, and the 131st Division commander Wei Weiwei died fiercely. In 1946, the Kuomintang government built the “Three Generals Tomb” to commemorate, and Chiang Kai-shek, Li Zongren, and Bai Chongxi had inscriptions.
    Qixingyan is located in the belly of Putuo Mountain in Qixing Park. The formation of Qixingyan is due to the change of underground riverbed, the rise of underground river and the exposure of the cave to the ground. Qixingyan is named after the Qixing Mountain. It is a prominent cave in the cave of Guilin tourist attraction. It is located in Guilin Qixing Park.Qixingyan was called Qixia Cave, Xianli Cave and Bixu Rock. It was originally an underground river. Later, the earth’s crust changed and the underground river rose. The ground was exposed to the present cave. It has been a million years old.
    Speaking of caves, I have been to Shihua Cave and Benxi Water Cave in Beijing. Whether it is a dry hole or a water hole, it feels like a big difference. Stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone sarcophagi and stone flowers change under the illumination of various colors. Measurement, mysterious infinity. It’s just that there is water in the water hole, you need to ride the boat to win the race, the dry hole is dry, there is no water flow.
    Overlooking the sky, the seven hills of Seven Star Park are like the Big Dipper in the sky. There are three peaks in front, like the handle, called the Crescent Mountain. There are four peaks in the north, like the bucket spoon, called Putuo Mountain. The two peaks of the two mountains, like the “Beidou Seven Stars” in the sky, collectively known as “Seven Star Mountain.” Qixing Park and Qixingyan are also named after this. Qixingyan has been a tourist attraction since the Sui and Tang Dynasties 1400 years ago. The Qixingyan is divided into three middle and lower layers. The upper layer only has the remaining caves such as Laojuntai. The lower layer is the underground river still under development. Visitors visit. It is the middle level, with a journey of about 800 meters, a maximum of 27 meters, a maximum width of 49 meters, and a normal temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.
    After the Qixingyan cave is exposed to the ground, the rainwater infiltrates along the cracks in the top of the cave for a long time, dissolves the limestone and crystallizes in the cave, forming many stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone sarcophagi, and stone dams. It is magnificent and charming, like a piece. The majestic and magnificent underground gallery is like an underground palace with treasures and treasures. It is amazing and amazing.
    We stopped at the entrance to see the three red characters of “Seven Star Rock”, and then climbed down the stone steps of the cave to the “first hole” that can accommodate thousands of people. Later, it was not only stone stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, but also animal-like stone snakes, stone monkeys, stone statues, and even stone-like lotus roots and stone melons, which are shaped like fruits, all kinds of utensils, vivid and vivid. It is amazing. Not far away, the voice of Liu Sanjie came: Thank you, thank you to the Quartet. I don’t have a good tea meal today, only the mountain songs are respectful. The euphemistic songs are like the sounds of nature, making people feel so intoxicated and relaxed.
    The tourists linger in the singing platform of Liu Sanjie. For a long time, they refused to leave. The familiar and sing-song songs soothe the hearts of tourists. A section of mythology is waiting for the tourists. The Tang dynasty and the four men learn from the West, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet at the bridge, Jiang Taigong directly hooks the fishing, and squats in the Guanghan Palace, leaning over and looking down, the original of the Shuilian Cave Huaguoshan Ecology. This side is the Yuyu Qionglou, the idyllic otter, where the stars are shining, the stars are shining, but the quiet Taoyuan fisherman ploughs and stalks, but the fortress is escorted by the eagle, which is really a meteorological change.
     Dagu Ancient Town
    Walking in the ancient town, the first feeling is quiet and simple. Wuli Qingshi Banchang Street is light and watery, the width of the small street is no more than three meters, and the narrow place is two meters. The dark brick and blue tiled house is quietly standing on the narrow roadside. Local residents have lived there for generations, and they still retain the appearance of hundreds of years ago.
    The ancient town on the east bank of the Minjiang River was built in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, bordering on the Lancang River in the north and only 23 kilometers from Guilin. It was born in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and flourished in the Republic of China. It was the “big” of 600 years ago and became the most prosperous town in Guangxi. In the Northern Song Dynasty, it became a famous trading center.
    Follow the Qingshi Banchang Street all the way to the east, built in the Ming Dynasty’s single arch stone bridge Wanshou Bridge, the male cross the town south. Time passes the slate bridge to the unevenness, and the cracks in the bridge stone are covered with moss and weeds, revealing the ancient town for a long time. In the film “Liu Sanjie” in the film, the three sisters and A Niu Ge took a boat through the Lijiang River, which is under the ancient stone bridge. The old bridge with a history of more than 400 years has more than 20 steps. The bridge deck is embedded with bluestone slabs. There are about one meter of short retaining walls on both sides. There are pillars at the four corners of the bridge. The stigma has a beautiful and unique stone lion. The ancient arch is a single arch, standing across the intersection of the Ma River and the Lancang River. It looks like the Qinglong River. Looking at the bridge shadow like a moon, it is closely related to the simple houses on both sides of the river. It is quite elegant with small bridges.
    The appearance of the ancient bridge vicissitudes can reach the past life of the town. The prosperity and poetry that once existed seems to be within reach. Like the water flowing years, just like the stream under the bridge, all the way slowly, no undulating, plain and calmly through the four seasons.
    Along the street, there are still many ancient shops such as bamboo workshops, straw shoes workshops, grass clinics and old barber shops. Every tens of meters in the long street, there is a firewall separated by a thick and solid brick arched doorway. The upper part of the sill is encrusted with a rectangular stone plaque, engraved with “Yong’anmen”, “泗水钟祥”, “Taipingmen” or The words of “Rui Yu Chau” and other different fonts are entrusted with the auspicious will of Yongan and the old Taiping in the pastoral life. The ancient folk customs of Chongwen Sunde here can be seen. In the town there are the Gaozu Temple in the Qing Dynasty, the Hanhuang Temple, and the Guangdong, Hunan, and Jiangxi Guild Halls. The curtained and mottled door and the copper ring on the door are the proofs of the history of the ancient town Zhongling, the outstanding people.
    The long street in front of the door, after years of polishing, on the bluestone board, some people’s footsteps come from far away, more people’s footsteps have gone very far, only the silent time, and the story of a generation of generations, slowly stretched, As always, long-lasting. There are several boats moored on the clear Lijiang River, and there are also fishing boats and cruise ships. The waterway transportation here is very convenient, and it can go up to Hunan and go straight to Guangzhou. Along the river, the mountains are green and green, the layers are covered with greenery, the river is clear, and the countryside is beautiful.
    On the slopes of the waterfront, every household in the vegetable garden is full of vitality, drying the dried vegetables and dried fish, and it is a scene of rich and self-sufficient. A colorful piece of clothes wanders in the breeze. At the back of the door, there are bamboo chairs of different heights, drinking tea, chatting, picking vegetables, and working. The residents have their own fun, and they watched the time. The misty and rainy rivers on the river have a long-distance artistic concept; the ancient towns are built along the river and stretch deep; the piers of the Qingshi base are thick and dignified; the long curved cobblestone river beach makes people stay.
    Every ancient town has its own taste. In front of it, one grass and one stone, one stone and one stone, faintly radiates a moist and simple southern water town charm, which is also an ancient style.
     Go shopping, eat and eat, say buy and buy Guilin Night Market
    Chinese culture has a long history and its influence is far-reaching. There are still many specialties that have been circulating many years ago, and many people have come here for this. Snacks represent the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient people. Tonight, I will take everyone to see the snack street in Guilin. In addition to the prestigious Zhengyang Street, there are East and West Lanes, as well as Temple Street. Walk in the crowd and go to Temple Street to eat a delicious meal. In the meantime, you will find that this kind of life is more delicious. How much do you know about Temple Street?
    Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is the busiest and most popular pedestrian street in downtown Guilin. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is 666 meters long and is perpendicular to the Zhengyang Gate of Ming Dynasty. It is the main passage for the nobles of the Ming Dynasty. It is called Zhengyang Street. At the center of Zhengyang Road, the red bell tower, which is 17.5 meters high, has a big ancient bell hanging from below. It has become the most striking sign of the pedestrian street. Here you can taste authentic Guilin dishes, speciality snacks, and a wide variety of exotic dishes. After a full stomach, take a walk to the nearby Lijiang River. The Grand Falls Hotel is also a good choice.
    In Temple Street, Hong Kong, every night, the atmosphere of the city is filled with light. In this bustling and modern city, it is like the last watchman of Hong Kong. There is also a temple street in Changsha, where all kinds of snacks and foods are available. It is known as a street that can’t be eaten. A landmark, a city, a taste, a culture, a landmark is not only a symbol of the city, but also a city spirit, a symbol and a carrier of food culture. Guilin people have another good place to go, Guilin Temple Street.
     Overlooking the whole Guilin, the colorful fairyland
    Guilin Lushan is located in the eastern suburbs of Guilin City, 8 kilometers from the city center. The main peak is 909.3 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Guilin. It was named after the temple in the Tang Dynasty. Take the cableway from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and look far and wide, the peaks of the sea and the mountains, the clouds and the rain of Guilin.尧 Shanxi Slope has an elevation of 450 meters above sea level. It was built by Qin Shi, and the name of Lushan came from this.
    Lushan is a scenic spot with natural scenery and ancient tombs. The mountains extend roughly north and south, and the hills are undulating and the rhododendrons are everywhere. There is snow on the top of the mountain in winter, and a white snow cap is seen from afar. On the mountain, there is a jade milk spring that flows from the Baishi Cave. The water quality is clear and the seasons flow.
    Lushan is famous for its unpredictable and colorful four-time scenery, and is the best place to enjoy the scenery of Guilin. Lushan is still a feng shui treasure, and there is the most complete preserved Ming Dynasty dynasty tomb in the Ming Dynasty. Jingjiang Wangling, the scale is grand and brilliant, and the plum bottles unearthed here are famous all over the world.
    Guilin rain is a must in China, and the rain in Guilin is the most rainy summer. Watching the summer rain on Shangyu Mountain is a good time to enjoy the scenery of Guilin. The clouds go to the fog, the peaks are hidden, the heavens and the earth are connected, the clouds are connected, and they are placed in them. I really don’t know whether it is human or fairyland. It is no wonder that Chen Yi has a poem: “I am willing to be a Guilin person, not willing to be a god.” At this time, watching the scene of the top of the mountain, although it was cloudy, unable to see the sunrise, it gave birth to a trace of regret, but the scene after the morning fog retreat was amazing.
    The sightseeing cableway of Lushan Mountain can directly reach the top of the mountain. The front view of the paddy fields is like a mirror. The village houses are like paintings. The Qianfeng is surrounded by wild green, and the water circulation channel of Guishui has a panoramic view of Guilin. The rainy scenery of Guilin is like a bonsai in front of you. Looking southeast at the top of the mountain, you can see the huge natural reclining Buddha, just like Sakyamuni lying on the lotus, which is the biggest natural discovery so far. Reclining Buddha.
    Guilin Laoshan Scenic Spot is the first batch of 3A-level tourist scenic spots in the country and the first batch of civilized scenic tourism demonstration sites in Guilin. It is the autonomous youth civilized unit of Guangxi Autonomous Region. Guilin Lushan is suitable for all seasons. It is the best time to visit from April to October every year. Lushan is located in Guilin, Guangxi. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, with mild climate, short summer and long winter, abundant annual precipitation, abundant sunshine and annual average. The temperature is 19 degrees, the light is sufficient, the seasons are divided, the winter is not cold, and there is no heat in summer. Of course, travel must pay attention to the weather changes, so as not to be affected. Deng Guilin The highest peak, no tickets for walking and driving to the top. Cableway topping Guilin Laoshan ¥95 yuan / person (two-way cableway) ¥ 45 / person (slide).
     Reed Flute Cave of the Palace of Nature and Art
    Known as the “Palace of Nature and Art”, Reed Flute Cave is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Guilin. It has hosted dozens of foreign heads and dignitaries such as former US President Nixon, Carter and former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. “Guilin is the best in the world, and the scenery of the reed flute is the best.” The Reed Flute Scenic Area is located on the banks of the Taohua River in the northwest of Guilin City, 5 kilometers from the city center. It is the core component of the Lijiang River Scenic Area. The whole cave is like a magnificent and magnificent underground palace carved with gems, corals and jade. We are here to see the wonders of the Creator and deeply feel the wonders of nature.
    Reed Flute Cave is often called the Reed Flute Seven Star Rock and Qixingyan. It is a bright pearl of Guilin landscape. “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and the scenery of the reed flute is the best.” Reed Flute Cave is a bright pearl of Guilin’s landscape. Reed Flute Cave is located on the mountainside on the south side of Guangming Mountain. The depth of the cave is 240 meters and the journey is nearly 500 meters. It is a scene. A highly beautiful and beautiful place to visit.
    In this wonderful cave, the stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone sarcophagi, and stone flowers are vivid and vivid, which constitutes more than 30 landscapes, including “Red Luobao”, “Gaoxia Waterfall” and “Disc”. “Dragon Pagoda”, “Original Forest”, “Daiyun Yunshan”, “Crystal Palace”, etc., can be described as moving into a scene, step by step. The entire cave is like a magnificent, magnificent underground palace carved with gems, corals and emeralds.
     Guilin’s ancient feelings and unforgettable performances
    In order to better experience the feelings of the ages, I decided to go to see the ancient feelings of the afternoon. It was at the entrance of the ages. When I flew the plane, I fried the chicken. Although the chicken was fried, I insisted on going to the scenic spot and holding the wreckage. The video of the aerial photography is shown to everyone.
    Walking into the ancient scenery area of ​​Guilin, you will pass through the Millennium Tunnel of Guilin and return to the starting point of memory. Look for the most beautiful Liu Sanjie in your heart and experience the humanistic journey of the land of Bagui.
    Since ancient times, ethnic minorities such as Zhuang, Han, Yao, and Yi in Guangxi have sang songs. The vast Zhuang Township is known as the “Guihai” and is called “the land covered with the keys” by the poets. This national character makes them naturally create the legend of the singer Liu Sanjie. People regard Liu Sanjie as the spiritual factor of singing activities and admire them for the inspiration of creative inspiration.
    As soon as I arrived at the entrance of the scenic spot, I was greeted by the statue of Liu Sanjie, who was vivid in the imagery and integrated with the landscape of Guilin. It was the embodiment of the true, beautiful and beautiful children of Bagui. There are a god bird on each side of the statue, and the song of the song singer still spreads everywhere, echoing in the green mountains and green waters.
    The ticket gate of the ageing area is also very convenient, it is very convenient to use the ID card to get the ticket directly.
    Dozens of high-tech and children’s experience projects such as the haunted house in the scenic area, the living Qingming Shanghe map, and the wonderful street are very interesting. Yangshuo Ancient village has created a unique life style of farming city, and the handicraft workshops such as the wine cellar of Grandpa in the street, the grandmother’s wine cellar, the dad’s toys, and other hand-workshops keep the homesickness and find the memories of the fathers. The East Street is home to Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and other national specialties and snacks. The Lover Harbour and the 4th Bay are great places for young people to relax. What you can’t miss is the wonderful seven-star big song and dance “Guilin’s Eternal Love”, as well as the five-star 5D real-life drama “Land of the Landslide” and dozens of major performances such as “Cangzhuang Carnival” and “National Flash Show”. Technology show, feel the feast of culture and technology, let you linger.
    Yangshuo The ancient village restored the appearance of the former village. The ancient wells, ancient trees and ancient streets can be seen everywhere in the scenic area, as if passing through time and space.
    Qifeng reflection, clear water Qingshan, shepherd boy leisure song, fisherman leisure fishing, Tian Choujingran, 阡 如 织 ,, unlimited scenery panoramic view, Zhuang Jin, Miao Yin, prints, zigzag, embroidery, clay sculpture, close to feel the folk culture of Guangxi History and charm.
    Rice noodles, glutinous peppers, wine making, etc., feel the millennium history and culture of Guangxi in close quarters.
    High-tech and children’s experience projects such as haunted houses and wonderful streets are full of fun, giving people a different childhood experience. Don’t be afraid, I took a photo of you.
    Jiang Zuoqing Luodai, Shanrubi Biyu, “Guilin Qianguqing” is unfolding in the paintings of the ink and wash in Guilin, “Guilin Legend”, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”, “Eternal Lingqu”, “Liangjiang Love Song”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, epic interpretation of Guilin In the history of 10,000 years, tens of thousands of stage machines and hundreds of actors have entered the earth, so that the audience can always express their love and beauty in the beautiful scenery of Guilin, and sometimes swim in the stormy waves of the Lingqu flood, and sometimes immerse themselves in the songs of Liu Sanjie’s folk songs. Galloping in the vast history of Guilin, from the visual, auditory, emotional and other aspects of the spirit and flesh, blood and tears, life and death, love and affection, combined with a tour of the Baguio land show.
    From legend to reality, the main line of this time is very clear, this is also my personal favorite; the performance is very good in lighting and sound, can be combined with Broadway, holographic projection is very good; all kinds of The local costumes of the national characteristics make the audience feast their eyes; the performances of the hundreds of people are very strong, and the actors’ performances are also in place.
    Hundreds of actors have interpreted the history of Guilin for thousands of years in the form of “flying the sky”, allowing the audience to express their love and beauty in the beautiful scenery of Guilin, and sometimes swaying in the stormy waves of the Lingqu flood, sometimes immersed in the songs of Liu Sanjie’s folk songs. The heart is galloping in the vast history of Guilin. From the aspects of sight, hearing and emotion, it feels the shock of blood and tears, life and death, love and affection. It combines a large-scale tourist performance of Bagui.
    The “Guilin Rice Noodle Festival” is held every year in Xing’an, and many people do not know the Central Committee. In fact, Guilin rice noodles originated from Qin Bing Xiu Ling Canal. At that time, Qin Bing came to the south, that is, the place of Xing’an County, Guilin City. Labor is hard, no pasta is eaten, and the body is paralyzed. One called Qin Yingwei, the rice was ground into a slurry, steamed into thin pieces, cut into noodles, Qin Bing saw the familiar noodles, there is appetite, this is the origin of Guilin rice noodles.
    After watching the wonderful performances of Guilin’s ancient love, you will come to the 3rd secret, a large comprehensive experience area integrating food, leisure, entertainment and children’s play area. There is a feeling in the jungle.
    The bookstore is the quietest place in the whole secret. Most of them are adults reading books. The children are playing in the play area not far away. Although it looks simple, the whole is not very elegant and fashionable. People are willing to stay and sit down. Of course, reading books here is free.
    There are various high-tech experiences in the amusement parks in the ageing scene. Not only adults can feel, but children can also participate in them. The fun, naughty castle, robot cube, dinosaur kingdom, etc. are rarely found in general playgrounds. I saw it, just like a child, it was like a big playground.
    After watching the wonderful performances of Guilin’s ancient love, come back to the ancient festival square to participate in a pot and carnival. A group of actors and audiences joined hands in a big circle, and more and more people participated. I jumped up while playing the tempo. Here, no matter where you are from, at this moment, you are a Guilin person, enjoying the grand carnival together, and I also participated.
    During this period, I also cosed a Ms. Miss sister.
    In the age scene, in addition to watching the show, you can also see the beautiful scenery, as well as a variety of small gifts and snacks of all kinds of tastes, strolling around and eating, and accidentally strolling from the day to the evening. The favorite is the ice cream in Figure 2. When I bought the ice cream, I also met the young lady of the heroine (the most beautiful one). Guilin is the best in the world, Guilin is always unforgettable.
    In the scenic spot, you will also see the national flashy show of Guilin’s ancient feelings, the soldiers who are wearing talents in national costumes, and the handsome guys wearing ethnic costumes who are in the crowd, interacting with the audience from time to time. The various performances in this ageing scene are a unique scene of the ancient times, and you have been enchanted by the variety of styles.
    In addition to flashing, there are other shows. Mo Tusi recruiting is one, it is presented in the form of a mountain song, which can be difficult to suddenly grab the hydrangea tourists, nervous to sweat, this female 婿 对 对 总是 always can make people laugh, now I don’t dare to pick up the hydrangea at random. When I saw it, it was a brother of Datong who grabbed it, and his wife was below. He was broken, haha.
    There is also a fire-breathing, topThe bowl of the folk juggling is difficult, I feel that I am constantly applauding. It’s already in the blink of an eye. The night is also beautiful. In the cheerful atmosphere, I left, but the true feelings of the ancient love will always be infected. It’s people.
     No night city Yangshuo West Street
    West Street, there are many places on the Chinese map called this “two words.” There are several numbers in the west, including the West Street of Yixian County in Anhui Province, the West Street of Yiyang, Henan, the West Street of Hubei Yucheng, and the West Street of Quanzhou, Fujian. I was so impressed with Yangshuo West Street in Guangxi, perhaps before I went there to see a feature film called “Yangshuo West Street Temptation” on the Internet. Perhaps it is the temptation of this film that I took my family to drive to the place where “Guilin is in the world, Yangshuo is in Guilin”. Perhaps after I felt the day and night life in Yangshuo West Street, I was deeply infected by the style and style of the place.
    Yangshuo West Street is a charming street. Every lane here, the quaint flavor, the bright bluestone road, imprints the stories of different eras; those decorated with exotic facades tell you that there are more foreigners living here than the Chinese, some obsessive Foreigners in the West Street have already set up camps here and opened hotels and restaurants.
    Walking into Yangshuo West Street is like walking into the United Nations, the Vietnamese restaurant, the Indian restaurant, the charming East-West style house, blending with the sleepless West Street night, you will inadvertently pick up the feelings of the five continents, feel Go to the different perspectives of the five continents and taste the charm of the five continents.
    Walking into Yangshuo West Street is like walking into a place of dreaming. The dreams pursued by the two celebrities such as Lin Dong and Owen, and many people like them have the same dreams. They have different educational backgrounds, different experiences, and different dreams. Therefore, their achievements are different, but Lin The dreams of Dong and Owen are so memorable that Yangshuo West Street is remembered and remembered by international friends.
    Walking into Yangshuo West Street is like walking into the paradise of love. On that day, a newlywed couple from Suzhou told me that they chose to visit Guilin Yangshuo, Hong Kong and Macao during the National Day holiday. Although the time is very fast, they believe that Yangshuo West Street is a place of love. Our love is not awkward, but it needs The mountains and rivers of the motherland bear witness, and Yangshuo West Street is the best place to witness love. I can see their worship of Yangshuo West Street, perhaps because they have seen too many West Street love stories.
    Walking into Yangshuo West Street is like walking into the home of watching. The way of chasing love like the two celebrities like Lin Dong and Owen has long been history, and the wishful love will no longer appear here. On the day of meeting with Xiao Zhou from Guangzhou, his way of chasing love was special. He met with a lover who worked in Changsha, Hunan, in Yangshuo West Street, but because of the National Day car, he had arrived at Yangshuo West Street, and the lovers still Blocked on the way. He said that he would wait a day in advance to familiarize him with Yangshuo and familiarize himself with West Street, and also let him have the capital to accompany his lover.
    Walking into Yangshuo West Street is like walking into the ocean of songs. Although it is already October, the weather is still very hot. However, if the West Street is not covered by heat waves, the singers of the street alleys sing songs of different nationalities. But what impressed me was the series of songs in the movie “Liu Sanjie”, “Only the Songs of the Mountain Songs”, “This is the Qingshui River”, “The Knife and the Lotus Roots Are Continuous”, “Where the World Sees the Tree and the Vine”, etc. The long river, the song that still lingers on the heart of the river, a kind of long-lost warmth suddenly ripples in the heart.
    Yangshuo West Street, a window to see the world, a hometown of tourists’ hearts, a place that integrates Chinese and foreign cultures, let me really experience what is called Guilin landscape, what is Yangshuo style.
     Water curtain real scene “remember Liu Sanjie”
    For Yangshuo, the ancient county of the millennium, it is familiar to both domestic and foreign tourists, in addition to the landscape, but also because of the love story of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge.
    According to legend, Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge met in Yangshuo Yulong River and decided to have a big banyan tree. Under a hundred-year-old banyan tree, A Niu Ge sang his heart to Liu Sanjie: “On the mountain, I only see the vine tree, and the world sees the tree wrapped around the vine. If the vine is not wrapped around the tree, it will be spring and spring.” Liu Sanjie: “Even even after, we have settled for a hundred years, the 99-year-old died, and I have been waiting for three years on the bridge.” A tree, a love song, has made the most beautiful love story of the ages.
    Yangshuo “Impression Liu Sanjie” large-scale landscape real performance, interpretation of the love story of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge, but the adaptation of the “Impression Liu Sanjie” live drama is not the earliest and most original version. Yitian West Street “Reminiscing Liu Sanjie” large-scale water curtain performance to restore the classic “Liu Sanjie” movie plot, reappearing the scene of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge’s songs, but also joined the Yangshuo original ecological osprey performance, spectacular water curtain, colorful The fountains make their millennial love continue in Yitian West Street, singing through the ages. The water curtain performance of Yitian West Street “Recalling Liu Sanjie” will become another love card for Yangshuo.
    The love story about Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge can also be found in the brick wall of Yitian West Street. Shuiyuefang engraved their love legends with words, and they decided to let their love bloom and scatter the leaves, the vines wrapped around the trees, the trees wrapped around the vines, and the next generation was prosperous. Imagine, spring and autumn, with the lover to send a red ribbon on the tree, make a promise under the tree, what a rare wonderful situation.
     Shili Gallery, picturesque
    As the saying goes: “Guilin landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo mountains and rivers Guilin.” The most beautiful place in Yangshuo is in the Shili Gallery and the Yulong River in the southern suburbs of the county. In addition to the intersection of the two sightseeing belts at the Gongnong Bridge, there is also a mountain path connecting them. That is the No. 1 trail. Although I can only walk on the trails, but there are also bicycles passing by, this is not, I am too lazy to rent an electric car.
    Yangshuo Shili Gallery is located in Yangshuo Moon Mountain. Because of its beautiful scenery along the road, it is known as the Yangshuo Shili Gallery. The main landscapes include dolphins, flaming mountains, Longjiao Mountain, Qinge scenery, and ancient scenery. Yangshuo A must-see for self-help travel. Sit down on the bamboo raft and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Let’s take a look at the introduction. Very sad, when I went to the weather, I didn’t have much to wait. I saw a large lotus field that is suitable for taking pictures. If the season is coming, it should be beautiful.
    Entering the Moon Mountain Scenic Area in the Moon Hill, along the road to the peaks of the Qifeng, the pastoral beauty, many mountain rock shapes are unique and imaginative, picturesque, known as Yangshuo Shili Gallery. When the US President Carter came to visit Yangshuo, he learned from the bodyguards who had been playing in front of him that there were many small scenes in Shili Painting Lang, which was particularly interesting, and the car would pass by. After listening to Carter, he temporarily proposed to the receptionist to change the tour plan and borrowed several bicycles to roam the ten-mile painting lang.
    Shili Gallery in Yangshuo Yulong River, many people will choose Yulong River after rafting, in the electionChoose Shili Gallery. The best way to play in Shili Gallery is to ride a bicycle. There are a lot of car rental places in Yangshuo County. If you come to Shili Gallery, you can ride and ride. You can not only exercise your body, but also you can see many beautiful scenery along the road. The reputation of the gallery is like this. The most suitable season is in the Shili Gallery after the fall. At that time, the fields are full of crops. If the weather is good, the blue sky will be in the mountains, which will make your journey more comfortable and memorable.
     Sweeping Street in Yangshuo & Guilin
     Dining & Accommodation Recommendations
    Familiar with my babies know that I like food, but I still recommend several restaurants. Not many ones are ice cream shops in Dagu Town, one is a coffee shop near Xiangshan, and the other is Yangshuo. Beer fish.
    1. Yangshuo Fu’an Fishing Port
    Recommended by locals, beer fish is very good, can be ordered, anyway, special dishes, eat more, it doesn’t matter, the fish has no smell, it is very authentic, but also ordered the mushroom meat, a little oil, fried rice is good, will not be pit But food, this kind of thing, I can only guarantee that I can eat it this time. Everyone picks what they like.
    2. Wuliu Living Hall
    Wuliu Shangcun Living Museum Super High Value StoreIn addition to being suitable for taking pictures, it is also very charming. Wuliu is from Tao Yuanming. There are tea books and stories here. The desserts are delicious and beautiful. The store is located on the first floor of the Yuxiang Hotel, close to the famous attraction Xiangshan Park. If you want to find a place to spend afternoon tea, you must not miss it. There are also pottery works by young ceramic artist Wu Yuyu, each with its own personality.
    3. Dagu Ancient town ice powder
    Guilin ice powder is slightly different from Sichuan ice powder. The powder is made into strips, then brown sugar and mint are added, and it is refreshing and refreshing. Ice powder is also like a bowl of rice noodles, raising the people of Guilin and also supporting a family. The taste of the food may fade with time, but the memory brought by the food will become clearer with time. Just as I went home, my mother shared the bowl of rice noodles when she was a child. This is the source of food, the hometown. The most sincere memories.
    If you have more accommodation, then I will give you a good picture in order. If you want to know more about the baby, please let me know. I always feel that I can eat well before I can play well.
    1. Qinghui Hall
    In order to look at the ancient times, it is convenient to set up this inn, the environment is very elegant, it is said that Shunde folk customs plus Shanghai Beach’s petty bourgeoisie. 360-degree viewing room, you can see the sculptures of the ancient times, but also take a bath in the beautiful scenery, very comfortable. After that, I will show you some interesting decorations. I always feel comfortable living on the road and I can have fun.
    The interior of the Qinghui Hall is very elegant and very small, and the inn that always feels the charm is more fascinating. I like the slow life here, and I feel comfortable and have a feeling of going home.
    2. Guilin 驿·Royal Garden Courtyard
    From afar, I went to the ancient woods outside the courtyard, and walked into the small bridges and waters in the courtyard. People couldn’t help but sigh “from the world, from one side.” Not only does the hospital offer you a “bed”, but you want to bring you a different life experience. The hospital is realistic againNow the ancient charm of Guilin Royal Station in the Tang Dynasty, the room has become a pleasing scene.
    3. Guilin Exhibition International Hotel
    In the net red hotel with very vibrating sound, the hotel has a constant temperature infinity pool on the 16th floor, you can see the whole Guilin, and more than a lot of Miss Sister is filming (don’t expect, no one will shoot me, I look forward to your photo shoot). The interior decoration is very luxurious, the interior structure is very good, the lobby is very foreign, the corridor is scattered, the service attitude is very good, the bathroom is well arranged, the bathroom and the shower are separate. The location is excellent, and it is close to the major business districts.
    Ok, so much. I really want to marry in Guilin. I feel comfortable in my small days, and it is not bad. Life is a cup of tea, no beauty in the movie, no romance in the novel, no tenderness in the song, no heroism in poetry, but it requires your down-to-earth practice; life is a answer sheet, no specific topic, no Strict requirements, but it requires you to answer with the truth in the depths of your heart; life is a path, a road that has no beginning and no end, no road signs, no direction, its ninety-nine bends, muddy, bumpy, Rugged and flat. But it requires you to measure completely with your own feet and step out of your own path. Since you have chosen to live here, you have to live meaningfully, otherwise it will mean something. Only after experiencing hellish tempering can there be creation. I wish you all the friends who read my travels, and you will be able to go to the place where you want to go!

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