In March, Yangzhou, a shower of rain, looking for a flower

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    Huai Zuo Ming Du, Zhu Xi Jia, Jie Sao less in the beginning.
    After the spring breeze. Do your best.
    After Huma glimpsed the river, the waste pond arbor, still tired of saying soldiers.
    Gradually dusk, clear corner blowing cold. They are all in the empty city.
    Du Lang Jun rewards, counts now, heavy to be shocked.
    Longitudinal Beans Words, Qinglou dreams, it is difficult to give affection.
    Twenty-four bridges are still there, and the waves are silent and the cold moon is silent.
    Reading the red medicine at the bridge, who knows who is born every year.
    ——Jiang Yan, “Yangzhou Slow·Huai Zuo Ming Du”
    For thousands of years, many literati singers have left the eternal singer in Yangzhou, and my favorite is this one. Although there are some sentimental injuries, I always remind me that Yangzhou has such a heavy story outside the spring breeze.
    Yangzhou seems to have been in this way, extremely prosperous, and then ended in silence, sleeping for many years, heavy and prosperous. Now, no one is doing the Yangzhou dream of ten years, just coming and going, looking back at the millennium, infinite sigh. And Yangzhou, elegant turn, still lived a slow life that belongs to only oneself.
    This may be the most comfortable state in Yangzhou.
    Although I was on the edge of Yangzhou, I have not been disturbing. I have never had a suitable chance to really enter her. Finally, in March of this year, in the most beautiful time, meet Yangzhou, go to a rain and rain, find a flower.
    Centennial Qionghua
    Wooden hydrangea
    Ancient Daoqionghua
    shouxi Lake
    Jinquan Huayu
    Overlooking the ancient street
    Dongguan Ancient Street
    wishing Tree
    Common lane
    Dongguan Gudu
    Marco Polo Flower World
    Marco Polo Flower World
    Marco Polo Flower World
    Marco Polo Flower World
    Marco Polo Flower World
    Eating in Yangzhou
    As a foodie, before Yangzhou, Yangzhou’s food was made a big dip. The boiled lion head and the three-bun dumpling soup bag… Fuchun Tea House, Yechun Tea House, Lushi Ancient House, Dongguan Street Snacks.
    However, this time, I didn’t have time to taste it. It was a flower festival in Yangzhou’s newly opened garden. The two days were too hasty, and I couldn’t walk into the life of the old Yangzhou, but I plunged into modern Yangzhou.
    Huaiyang Flower Banquet, the name of the feast, is really a meal made with flowers, beautiful colors. Flowers snow Mei Niang, colorful flowers frozen, chrysanthemum tofu, rose gold goose liver, petal small fried meat, and fried chrysanthemums that stunned the eyes of the little friends.
    Rose gold silk foie gras
    Chrysanthemum tofu
    Colorful flowers
    Small fried pork with petals
    Fried daisy
    Live in Yangzhou
    Accommodation in Yangzhou is very convenient, from inn to star hotels, all styles are available.
    On Dongguan Street, there is a parental music inn, because there is no stay, can’t get in, but it looks very special, very angry, and must come and experience it again later.
    This time we stayed at Yangzhou Mingfa International Hotel, the location is a bit biased, but the infrastructure is good, comfortable and quiet, suitable for general business travel. The standard room we stayed in was generally good, but the sound insulation was slightly worse and had a little impact on sleep. The breakfast at the hotel tastes good, but it lacks a little Yangzhou character.
    Walking in Yangzhou
    The high-speed rail has not yet reached Yangzhou. Although it is a bit inconvenient, but because there is no high-speed rail, Yangzhou has retained its own rhythm to the maximum extent and lived slowly.
    To Yangzhou, you can get off at Zhenjiang Station and transfer to the bus for 15 minutes. It takes about 1 hour. Zhenjiang Bus Station is very convenient, you can buy tickets at the ticket vending machine, you can also pay with Alipay scan code. No matter what time you buy a ticket, you can go directly to the ticket gate to check in, and enter the seat in order.
    After getting off at Yangzhou Bus Station, you can take the tourist line directly to get off at the destination. Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, Ge Garden and He Garden are all connected. Between the scenic spots, there is also a sightseeing bus, buy a ticket on the bus, 5 yuan a piece, you can go back and forth several times a day.
    Trip planning
    D1: Slender West Lake – Daming Temple – Dongguan Street
    D2: Yangzhou Marco Polo Flower World
    Fireworks meet in Yangzhou in March, only for the one tree, the flower is blooming
    Ten miles of spring breeze, two minutes of the moon, Rui Xianfei down the Qionglou.
    Look at the ice buds, and you will be broken into jade.
    I want to live in the long days, the clouds are standing, the muscles are too real, and the flying swallows are flowing.
    Converging the group, the spirit of Qingli, all pay Yangzhou.
    There are several rain windows, and the dreams are shocked back and the sky is fragrant.
    Like the flower garden god, the pity is cold, riding a crane to swim.
    In order to ask the scenery of Zhuxi, the sky is long and the smoke is long.
    At dusk, I took care of the lonely city and blew new ones.
    ——Zhao Yifu, “Yangzhou Slow·Shili Spring Breeze”
    Fireworks in March, the flowering of Qionghua is the most beautiful season in Yangzhou. In the misty and rainy weather, holding the umbrella into the slim West Lake, not looking at the twenty-four bridges, the ancient wounds and the present, only to “see the ice flower, the broken jade into a skeleton.”
    Twenty-four bridges, bustling, and the scene of the West Lake Broken Bridge, have long since returned to the “Twenty-four Bridges Moonlight Night, where the jade people teach to brag”. Fortunately, after twenty-four bridges, Slender West Lake returned to silence, I was able to find it, the tree tree Qionghua.
    Qionghua is in Yangzhou, just as Peony is in Luoyang. Since the millennium, there have been many legends; now, once in the season, it is still full of flowers. The difference is that “Weiyang has a flower, and there is no such thing in the world.” I have not been able to see Qionghua in other cities, but I can see peony outside Luoyang.
    Yangzhou people have a special liking for Qionghua. The original Qionghua was extinct as early as the Yuan Dynasty. Therefore, the Yangzhou people regarded the Qixianxian, which belongs to the same family as Qionghua, as Qionghua, and accompanied them from generation to generation. At this time, the whole city is full of Qionghua, opened under the city wall, opened in the garden, and opened in the small courtyard.
    Although I have never seen the original appearance of the legend, the current Qionghua is still very beautiful. This kind of beauty is not colorful, not delicate, but white as jade, drow, and noble, but it does not reject people thousands of miles away. This is the common year that Yangzhou has been with Yangzhou.Temperament.
    Legend has it that the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty went to Yangzhou under the Qionghua, and under the Qionghuashu, Qionghua was withered, and the Emperor was furious and cut down the Qionghuashu.
    Although the versions are different, they all tell the same story. It is these legends that add a lot of quality to the Qionghua.
    Slender West Lake is misty and rainy, and the raindrops fall on the tree-tree Qionghua scattered in it. There is a sadness, but no sadness, everything is just right.
    On the side of the road, on the broken wall, and on the side of the Song Dynasty, the figure of Qionghua can be seen everywhere. The times are flowing and the flowers are still open. That mouth Song Jing, that year, is the same, is it full of Qionghua? What was the look of Qionghua at that time?
    The Qionghua of Slender West Lake is mostly one piece. There are no thick branches. Sometimes it is difficult to connect the thick legends with this cluster of short Qionghua.
    After walking through the garden, I was really surprised by the large cluster of wooden hydrangea. Although it is a wooden hydrangea, it is also a close relative of the Qionghua family. A large cluster of wooden hydrangea, flowers bloom, spectacular, do not have a sail.
    Strolling through the Slender West Lake, Qionghua saw it all, but didn’t see enough. So, after coming out from the North Gate, in the rain and rain, he went into the Daming Temple and went to find a plant in the Qing Dynasty. It was already over 300 years old. Qionghua
    “Qionghua 芍 芍 芍 芍 , , , , , , , , , 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼 琼Quiet and simple, there is a Qionghua in the yard. I don’t know what time it was. Qionghua has been blown away by the rain, leaving only the lonely trunk.
    Before the Jianzhen Memorial Hall, there was a Qionghua, which was under the bridge and Songwa. Because of the rain, I was always looking at her under the pavilion and wanted to ask the story she had experienced.
    However, after looking for a long time, I did not find the legendary Qionghua. In the rain, I went up and down a few laps. When I decided to go out with regret, I was in front of Pingyuan Building not far from the exit. She met.
    Qionghua, like Yangzhou, has a long way to go. For thousands of years, Yangzhou has experienced wars and has experienced Yangzhou on the 10th. Qionghua, after several times being transplanted into the official garden, withered and died. Then, the Eight Immortals were recognized as Qionghua. Daming Temple, the 300-year-old Qionghua, is the oldest and largest one in Yangzhou.
    I saw this Qionghua, full of joy, took the tour bus, went to Dongguan Street, the most representative historical street in Yangzhou. This street used to be the water and land transportation hub of Yangzhou, and it was also the center of commerce, handicrafts and religious culture. Now, it has been developed into a commercial street, but in the bustling crowd, you can feel the old style.
    Avoiding the commercial street, in the alleys on both sides of the street, there is still an ordinary time of ordinary people, if it is separated from the world.
    Going out of Dongguan Street and walking to the wall, I was looking at the wall. I thought that I could tell me directly from the big sister on the edge of the tower. I can go up from here. So, board the tower and overlook the entire street.
    The next day, I met a world different from the imagination – Marco Polo spent the world, accidentally, from the classical poetic Jiangnan, fell into the fairy tale of fantasy dreams.
    Walking into the door of the flower world, it is a blue sky painted in the bridge hole, the dark and dirty bridge hole elsewhere, here is the paradise for children.
    After entering the paradise, a national treasure, all kinds of, lazy lying on the lawn, lying on a big “LOVE”, so cute that some people can not walk.
    However, I have to go to see the alien flower field circle that I saw on the Internet before. Unfortunately, you can’t see the shocking effect of aerial photos on the ground, but you can walk on the bridge of the sky and overlook the front. You can still feel the various shapes of the sea of ​​flowers.
    The small train will open regularly, we sit on it, cross the flower sea, cross the fairy tale, and wear to the end of the flower world. On the second day of opening, there were a lot of people in the flowers at the entrance, and they were very quiet. So, slowly, come out from the innermost part of the fairy tale.
    Once, Marco Polo went from Europe to the Middle East to the East, and finally to China. The Flower World set up different customs zones according to this route. From inside to outside are Dream Europe, Magic Middle East, Oriental Garden, Marco Polo Street.
    Get off the train and walk in Dream Europe.
    Rainbow flower hills, rainbow-like flower belts are layered, beautiful, you can also climb up and feel the flowers in front, overlooking the labyrinth below.
    Mask labyrinth, many children like to shuttle here to see if they are really lost. The wall of the labyrinth is covered with a lot of mysterious masks, telling the story of dreams.
    The lake of life, two boats parked on the lake, reflecting the maze.
    Lost in the sea of ​​colorful flowers, all kinds of flowers, opened very well. It is said that there are 1386 colors in spring, which can be found in the world of Marco Polo.
    Crossing the sea of ​​flowers, the tall dream tower is the highest observation platform in the world of flowers. It can be seen, overlooking the panoramic view of the flower world, not far from the water, the flower garden, the flower garden, the flower sea in front, the pirate ship in the middle of the magic middle. ……
    On the second day of the opening, the interior of the Marco Polo Brave was not fully completed and could not really go into the expedition, but from the outside, it is known that the children will be fascinated.
    In front of the pirate ship, there is a paddling pool, which is a summer paradise for children.
    The Hobbit’s hut is also a fairy tale lodge for children. It is beautiful in front of the house. Many children walked into the small courtyard and sat in a small chair in front of the house, and they were not willing to come out.
    Elf candy house, wind hole, this is the place I must come after I saw it on the small train. Although they all have their own names and uses, I still stubbornly thought that I accidentally entered the antenna. Baby’s home.
    Going out, it is the Oriental Garden, changing the magic of the Middle East, transforming into the style of classical gardens, misty and blooming.
    Magic Wishing Pool, many children have a small wish there.
    Magic Wishing Pool, many children have a small wish there.
    Flowers, dreams, magic, fairy tales, the world of flowers is the most attractive thing for children, even if it is an adult, walking in, it is inevitable to lead to a childlike heart.

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