In the 20 years, the world looks at Pingyao, looking for the ancient city in childhood memories.

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    December 3, 1997, is a day for all Pingyao people to be engraved in their hearts. On this day, Pingyao Ancient City was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, which filled the gap in the world cultural heritage of our province and created a precedent for the inclusion of the entire ancient city in the world cultural heritage. Pingyao handed the world to the world. An epoch-making business card.
    I can say that I grew up in the ancient city. Once upon a time, I wanted to go back and see that this rhythm of life made us stop and have to do this because you have to live.
    If you want to play hot and loud, Pingyao Ancient City is not suitable.
    The ancient city is too small, the central business district is very small, from the south gate to the north gate, an hour is enough.
    But such a small town is extremely warm and quiet. Standing under the roots of the city walls, it is impossible to want to be jealous. The old people took the futon and watched the kittens and puppies fight, which was even more quiet.
    Strolling through the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi, it seems to pass through the millennium time tunnel, the ancient city building, the ancient dwellings, and the ancient sounds of the township passed down from generation to generation.
    A cup of tea, a pot of yellow wine, a plate of Pingyao beef, a Tao Rengong, a slightly smug face, a slightly smiling mouth … suddenly drunk
    Pingyao Ancient City, a small besieged city with a broken surface and rich connotations!
    Going back to this very familiar city, I am familiar with every texture, every inch of skin, this childhood paradise.
    I am delighted to board the ancient city wall, watch the sun set, look at the smoke in the distance, and there is a way home in my memory.
    Passing through the winding streets is the look of the mother, looking forward to the side of the road…
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    Late: Photoshop (in the later stage, the effect of self-adjusting ancient film is the direction).
    [About attractions]
    1. Pingyao Ancient City Wall: Pingyao Ancient City is the most intact ancient county in China. It is an outstanding example of Chinese traditional cities in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the development of Chinese history, it shows an extraordinary culture. A complete picture of social, economic and religious development.
    2, Shuanglin Temple: The most ancient monument in the temple is the Northern Song Dynasty Dazhong Xiangfu four years (1011) “Aunt’s Tablet”. The age is long and the writing is ambiguous. The twentieth line “re-repairing the temple in Wuping two years” is still identifiable. “The second year of Wuping (571) is the Northern Qi Nian, which is not only rebuilt, but its creation date must be earlier than this. Even from the Northern Qi Dynasty, Zhongdu Temple has experienced more than 1,400 spring and autumn. It reflects the ancient working people. Smart wisdom and creative talent.
    3. Pingyao County: Pingyao County is located in the center of Pingyao Ancient City. It was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and was built in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. The earliest preserved buildings were in Yuanzhizheng six years (1346) and have been around for more than 600 years. History, the whole station is located in the north facing south, showing an axisymmetric layout. Pingyao County is one of the four well-preserved ancient clams in China, and it is also the largest existing county in the country. The entire building complex of the county is orderly, patchwork, and reasonable in structure. It is an organic whole. It can be called the epitome of the palace from the layout of the building or the function setting. On May 19, 2004, the 11th Panchen Lama came. When the county magistrate visited, he was pleased to mention the words: Pingyao County
    The most ancient.
    4. Collaborative Celebration Hall: Synergy is a unique ticket number in the Chinese ticket industry. It was founded in the 6th year of Qing Xianfeng (1856) and was closed in the Republic of China for 2 years (1913). The eastern part of the Finance Department is the second surname of the Wang Dynasty.
    The management features of the collaborative lottery number are very clear, mainly including: one is people-oriented, knowing people is good and responsible; the second is to focus on flexible scheduling of funds; the third is to highlight key regional operations, with the important characteristics of modern successful enterprises.
    5, North China First Escort: North China First Escort introduced three outstanding figures in the bodyguard industry in the middle of the Qing Dynasty in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, namely, the guns Wang Zhengqing, the left leg of the iron legs, the Xingyi boxing master Dai Erqi three darts life story And the information of the darts where the three darts are located. The Escort has a training martial arts field in the backyard. There are often contemporary martial arts enthusiasts who practice here, and tourists often participate in activities. Therefore, it provides some physical objects and materials for studying the development history of Chinese bodyguard industry and studying the development history of Wushu Xingyi, Changquan and other martial arts schools. At the same time, there are some deeds of three martial arts people and their descendants, which have certain characteristics.
    6. Pingyao Chenghuang Temple: Pingyao City God Temple is an important god in the Chinese religious culture. It is mostly played by famous heroes who have contributed to the local people. It is the god of Chinese folk and Taoism who believe in the city. It was built in the early Ming Dynasty and was rebuilt in Chenghua. In the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao, Zaiyu County, rebuilt the Chenghuang Temple and wrote the “Inscription on the Inscription on the Temple of the City.”
    7. Photo Exhibition of the 20th Anniversary of Pingyao Shen Heritage
    [travel cost]
    This is a short weekend tour, starting from Beijing high-speed rail to Pingyao Gucheng Station, the approximate cost is as follows:
    First, traffic:
    D1: Beijing West Railway Station – Pingyao Gucheng Station EMU (D2001 Beijing West Railway Station 07:46-12:08 Pingyao Ancient City Second Class 183 yuan)
    D3: Pingyao Ancient City Station – Beijing West Railway Station High-speed Railway (G616 Pingyao Ancient City 13:40-17:28 Beijing West Railway Station Second Class 225.5 yuan)
    Second, tickets:
    Pingyao Ancient City Ticket Price
    1. Pingyao Ancient City Pass: Full price 130 yuan/person Half price ticket 65 yuan/person (Pingyao Ancient City tickets are not required to be booked online, the scenic window can be purchased, 16 people can purchase the team ticket can contact the customer service below)
    2, Shuanglin Temple: 35 yuan / person Half price ticket 15 yuan / person
    3. Preferential policies: Children under 1.2 meters, active military personnel, disabled persons, and elderly people over 60 years old will be exempted from the ticket with valid certificates. Young people under the age of 18 (including 18 years old) can purchase half-price tickets with valid documents.
    Third, dining: 200 yuan
    Fourth, accommodation options: winter is Pingyao ancient city off-season, booking Pingyao B&B Inn from the OTA network, the average price of a room for one night is about 100 yuan.
    Total: about 1,000 yuan
    [Travel preparation]
    Pingyao Ancient City recommends visiting the ancient city wall, the Ming and Qing dynasty street, the Rishengchang ticket number, the Pingyao Confucian Temple School, the County Museum, the North China First Escort, and the Qingqing Village. If you have more time, you can visit the Chenghuang Temple and the Qingxuan Temple. The visit time is recommended for two days.
    The place where Pingyao deserves to be fine is far more than the open spots where tourists are shouldering. Walking in the ordinary lanes of Pingyao, inadvertently entering an ordinary courtyard, you may feel your emotions and let you harvest the accident.
    In Pingyao, there is no bridge in the water, but there is the simplicity of the ancient town of Ming and Qing Dynasties, not the style of the high-rise buildings, still the thin brick and green tiles.
    The ancient city walls are thick and deep. The streets, shops and houses in the ancient city still maintain the traditional layout and style. The rich culture of Jin merchants and the simple Jinzhong folk style, Pingyao exudes a quiet and introverted temperament.
    [Pingyao Ancient City Wall]
    20 years in the world, looking back to the ancient city in the depths of memory
    Pingyao Pingyao, plain and far away? A kind of lingering in the heart will always affect people’s emotions, whether you are intentional or not, willing or not.
    The UNESCO World Heritage Committee gave the evaluation of Pingyao Ancient City: “The ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of the Chinese Han nationality in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient city of Pingyao preserved all its characteristics and showed it in the development of Chinese history. A complete picture of extraordinary cultural, social, economic and religious development.”
    Pingyao Ancient City is one of the important birthplaces of Shanxi merchant culture and an important symbol of the inheritance of Chinese Han culture. After thousands of years of historical changes, Pingyao Ancient City has left different cultural imprints in different periods. The elements of Shanxi merchant culture, architectural culture, temple culture, religious culture, governance culture, Confucianism culture and folk culture constitute the ancient city. Cultural Features.
    I believe that this is a cause and effect. The earth is the cause, the face is the fruit, the dust is the edge, an ancient history, and I have a connection. That ancient, not just used, such as a city, a village, some stories, some people.
    Regarding the city wall, this is the earliest text I came across. It is smoked yellow, in the debris of the remnant pages, without rejection and guard, and the disaster, blood and humiliation behind the shredded paper. Yes, just as the spear always represents the offense, the shield always represents the defense. The wall always means rejection and guard. It writes the mind of a nation in a cultural way.
    Although the success of the application in the same year as Lijiang, compared to the reputation and prosperity of Lijiang, Pingyao is like a child who has been left out, and the eyes are both broken and rudimentary. The deep rut of the city gate tells us that the former Pingyao was once prosperous. It is now declining. And because of poverty, Pingyao survived in the city-building movement of China in the past two decades, presenting it to everyone thousands of years ago. The sea of ​​sangtian, the dead are like this, standing on the streets of Pingyao, full of emotions, changes in the world, impermanence, a city and a person, in fact, the fate is the same.
    When I stood in the city, this ancient city has a panoramic view. The so-called history, at this moment, is just a painting, which is unfolding before me. This painting has nothing to do with the distant, only related to the weather, it determines the color of the painting. Under the gorgeous autumn sun, the painting is red and yellow, closer to the true nature of history; sunlight and heavyness are its hidden themes.
    Pingyao is no exception. The city of the square, the wall is a few feet high, the wall is brick-lined, the wall is built, the 3,000 mouths, like the vigilant eyes, always peep at the enemy outside the city.
    As the saying goes, there is no country that will never change, and there is no wall that will never fall. However, Pingyao is an exception. At my feet, this towering, stalwart, thick, solid, black and brown wall with vicissitudes of life, Pingyao ancient city wall, is proof.
    How many generations of this life and life, how many joys and sorrows, how many smokes filled, how many drums sounded, this wall did not fall down, did not collapse, did not tear; then a period, one by one, only to have this called Pingyao Ancient city.
    Pedestrians are small, the millennium is endless, rushing, not taking a few grains of sand; free walking can pass through the world, can read countless dust, but can not shake the thick soil of this thick wall. Hao no doubt, for Pingyao, I am just a passer.
    [Pingyao Shuanglin Temple]
    What Chinese should know: the treasure of oriental color art
    20 years ago, Pingyao Shen’s legacy, one city and two temples: ancient city, Shuanglin Temple, Zhenguo Temple, and Lin Shuanglin Temple, which met the oriental art. The color sculpture of Shuanglin Temple is famous at home and abroad and has high artistic value. Shuanglin Temple is mostly a legacy of the Ming Dynasty. The big ones are the rest, the small ones are fine, the image is beautiful, the charm is vivid, and the exquisite color plastic art is well-known as the “treasure of oriental color plastic art”. It has become a consensus to see Shanxi in five thousand years. More than 70% of the land above is in Shanxi, which is the common pride of Jin people. The exquisiteness of the sculptures of Shuanglin Temple is rare.
    The name of Shuanglin Temple comes from the “double forests into the extinction”. According to the Buddhist scriptures, when the Buddha Shakyamuni Nirvana, the double trees opened white flowers, which was called “double forests into the extinction.”
    Pingyao is a sample of the ancient city of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, and it is also a world cultural heritage. It is the ear of the famous reputation of Shanxi. But the real trip to Pingyao is quite different from my expectations. Pingyao Shen’s legacy, one city double temple. The essence of Pingyao is in the Shuanglin Temple. And Pingyao City, just walked away. Even in Shanxi, there are several quaint people, so you don’t have to focus on one place.
    Shuanglin Temple is in the west of Pingyao City. The Buddhist scriptures, when the ancestors were eighty years old, they died in the celestial bodies.That city is next to the river, between the two trees. In due course, the Buddha “head north of the west, right flank and lying”, Nirvana ascended to heaven, and the four sides of the tree were white. The reason is that the Buddha was in the “double forests into the extinction”, and the temple was named “Shuanglin”.
    To Shuanglin Temple. The temple turned out to be a castle, surrounded by walls, and only one door, the entrance to the temple. I don’t know if the temple is well preserved, is it because of this hard wall? The temple should be no later than the Northern Song Dynasty. It has been more than a thousand years old. However, the temples and statues of the temple are mostly reshaped after the Ming Dynasty.
    Most people are used to using one culture to understand another heterogeneous culture. The products of some eras, such as some XX Raiders, you can find out what you can shoot here in this guide, where you can shoot at that time, and then eggs, here, slowly feel the everything here , with heart, heart, feel with heart.
    In front of the Temple of Heaven, the four King Kong stood in front of the Shuanglin Temple. The four King Kong faces are full of exaggeration, and Kong Wu is powerful.
    The color sculpture here attaches importance to communication with your heart, so many of them are embedded with black glass beads as eyes. So even if the millennium passed, the window of their hearts is still vivid.
    The ancient craftsmen used large pieces of bare body and undulating techniques to create the momentum of King Kong’s brave and powerful. It makes people feel that he is no longer a pile of dirt, but a real person who can hear the sound. The ingenious design of abdomen and temperament makes us feel the tremendous power of Superman who is constantly coming out of the shape of King Kong. In addition, the most amazing thing is that no matter where you stand in the martyrdom, you will always meet the eager eyes of a diamond.
    Shuanglin Temple is known as the “treasure house of oriental color sculpture art” because it is a collection of Chinese Ming Dynasty colored plastic products. Its contents include not only Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Luohan, but also the emperor Brahma; both the gods of protecting the law and the supporters. In addition, there are pavilions, mountains and seas, flowers and trees, which constitute a picture of the people and the gods living together. These colorful sculptures with the form of Buddhism use the image of Buddhism as a carrier to express the meaning of Buddhism in the human world. They reflect the characteristics of the development of Bodhisattva after the Ming Dynasty in China, exude a strong sense of life, combined with superb artistic techniques to form a dear. Respectable art appeal.
    The tiles are blue-gray, the bricks are blue-gray, the stone roads are also blue-gray, and even the grass in the wavy is blue-gray, the light sunlight is sprinkled, everything is so harmonious, natural, simple, is a light Ink painting.
    The Sakyamuni Buddha is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha., that is, the Buddha. Unlike other places, the Buddha of Sakyamuni in the Sakyamuni Temple is very vivid and lively. Although the Buddha was a godlord because of his wealth, and the future generations were more deified, the Buddha never claimed to be a god, nor did he regard Buddhism as a religion. Buddhists, the Buddha’s education also. The Buddha is only a mortal with great consciousness. Everyone in the world has the potential to have great wisdom, and they can all be Buddhas.
    Your history is long and long, varied and complicated, and chaotic, old and old, strange and rising, but you don’t need to swear. If you are a song, you should accompany the accompaniment of Hong Zhong Da Lu. If you are a poem, you should recite it in a generous tone. Yes, when the river of time flows through this plain, it has become infinitely broad, vast and rushing, so that the eyes of old China are bright and wide, so that the world can not help but look at it.
    If the heart does not love the mountains, it will not be able to follow the name. The turmoil is turning to the current situation, and going straight is the beginning.
    The ancients believed in heaven and earth, believed in ancestors, believed in Confucianism and Buddhism, and united the inner conscience, conscience and external heaven and earth. The ancients believed that the unity of heaven and man is respect for the universe, the world, nature, and life. It is also about heaven and earth, nature. The gods and the awe of life, is it not worthwhile for us to go to the letter and worship again?
    Now, Confucius and Mencius, Lao Zhuang, Buddhism, and the source of our Chinese nation’s beliefs have gradually moved away from us. The excessive pursuit of rights and money seems to be our belief. I don’t know if this is right or wrong. Maybe this is made by the times, but it is still faint and can only pray that tomorrow will be better!
    The Guanyin image here is very close to the home. The Guanyin Guanyin, the Free Guanyin, the Avalokitesvara, etc., are no longer displayed in the official image of the weekdays. They are no longer sitting in danger, especially the main image in the Thousand Buddhas Hall, the right leg is right, the left leg is curved, left The foot is lightly touched on the lotus leaf, which is completely unrestrained and leisurely. Can’t help but wonder if Shuanglin Temple is the secret base of Guanyin?
    Look back and take a look at the address of the soul. As if I heard the kind call again.
    [Pingyao County]
    Gathering the most ancient Pingyao County, feeling the soul of the culture of the rule
    From the last feudal dynasty in China, when the Qing dynasty was dead, history was stopped here, and the banks, the ticket number, the darts, the martial arts, the shops, the dwellings, and the county that defended the political order, the defensive aliens The invading walls and temples and temples will always be fixed. Although the time of the outside world has passed away for a hundred years, and here is still the same, everything here is like an old man who has become a sage, telling us about that history.
    This place is called Pingyao, an old county seat located on the land of Jinzhong.
    Pingyao’s lanes are too sturdy, people are not easy to wake up, thinking that the warm sun is slanting on the shoulders, or the warmth of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The plot of the transition, the low-pitched, blue-brick and gray tiles, the already dry memories, and a few words of dampness.
    It is said that you are an old city, original, antique, square wall gray tile, exquisite and exquisite, elegant and chic… But what is this old town?
    The majestic gate has a lobby, two halls, jail, etc., so that we can see the real scene of the ancient county. When crossing the door, don’t put your foot on the high threshold, you must cross the past. This is the rule.
    Just now, you can use a ticket to enter and exit the door. Who is willing to stay here? The majesty of Gaotang, the horror of torture, the darkness of prison, is enough in the heart, why bother?
    Sitting north to the south, is not the old saying: “Since the ancient Tuen Mun opened south, there is no money to come in.” For the impression of Tuen Mun, do not want to say more. Those plaques such as “just and honest” are just selling dog meat at the head of the sheep. How many Qing dynasties are there in the history? The ups and downs of the Bohai Sea, the wishes of the people’s livelihood, and the wind and rain of the world are concentrated in this small county.
    In the lonely echo that I pulled out on the road, I carefully identified the face that passed by, and I might meet myself in the past life. I smiled back on the bluestone road and gave me a cool, watery look.
    Here we also watched a program that simulated the ancient “Shengtang Broken Case”. It was a meat butcher who sued a smuggling smuggling of his purse. The county magistrate came to the servant to ask, and the servant said that the money bag belongs to him. . The clever county magistrate made “water boiled copper coins”, only to see a thick layer of oil on the surface of the water, and decided that the purse belonged to the butcher, and that the servant was orally convinced and had to plead guilty.
    This “smart copper case” was an anecdote in the Song Dynasty when he was appointed as a county magistrate. After being adapted into a small piece, it not only promoted the wisdom and talent of the ancients, but also increased the interest of visitors.
    Walking in Pingyao County, the most appreciated is the pair of philosophical philosophies. Looking at the majestic Pingyao Ancient County Office, looking around this long and short couplet, I suddenly discovered that the culture of the ruler is alive and has a soul. I am talking to this ghost now. This ghost is the Confucian spirit that was imprisoned by the imperial power. It is telling me about its ideals, its actions.
    I looked up and looked at the gorgeous brick carvings in full bloom, and I spent a hundred years in the cold. When the weather is clear and the rain is clear, the Republic of China is transformed into a cloud of smoke, and finely engraved with delicate patterns. In the criss-crossing gullies, slowly flow past the old things.
    I don’t know that Pingyao’s life as a grandfather’s life in this county’s life is full of bells and bells, and it’s an official creed that “it’s better to go home and sell sweet potatoes”, I’m afraid that these couplets are The county grandfather wrote a beautiful and beautiful word for himself. Say it well, how is it done? The people can learn…
    In the county hall, it is also called the court. There are three large characters in the “People’s Hall”. The couplets on both sides are: “Eat the people’s meal, wear the clothes of the people, and the people can deceive themselves as the people. If you have an official, you won’t be dissatisfied with an official. You don’t want to say that an official useless place depends on an official.” The screen in the middle of the hall is a picture of the landscape of the mountains and the sun. When the church is promoted, the county magistrate is sitting in the place where the rising sun rises in the picture, meaning that the sun is shining like a sun. ”
    Everything is like what we saw in drama.
    Modern architecture master Pei Mingming said, “Building is alive. Although it is solidified, it can contain humanistic thoughts on it.” All buildings in Pingyao Ancient City are full of life, full of brilliant humanistic thoughts.
    Stop on your chest, fingers with the city’s sunshine, gently touch your wind marks, clear rain stains. Touch the brick and touch it again; listen to it and listen to the cry of your heart. Touching you, touching the skin that culture has cultivated; listening to you and listening to the strong heartbeat of the Shanxi merchants.
    The tiles are blue-gray, the bricks are blue-gray, the stone roads are also blue-gray, and even the grass in the wavy is blue-gray, the light sunlight is sprinkled, everything is so harmonious, natural, simple, is a light Ink painting.
    The entire county is majestic, solemn and solemn, and the torture instruments of various interrogators have made us look cold. The ancient county of Pingyao has preserved the whole picture of the county in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in a lively place, with high ornamental and research value.
    Your history is long and long, varied and complicated, and chaotic, old and old, strange and rising, but you don’t need to swear. If you are a song, you should accompany the accompaniment of Hong Zhong Da Lu. If you are a poem, you should recite it in a generous tone. Yes, when the river of time flows through this plain, it has become infinitely broad, vast and rushing, so that the eyes of old China are bright and wide, so that the world can not help but look at it.
    In fact, Pingyao is hidden, her external beauty is not a substitute for the city tower, and her cultural connotation is not able to comprehend through the day and night. Pingyao is Pingyao, not ordinary, not far away. Nothing, the ancient rhyme is long, the humiliation is not shocking! Meeting you is my fate, watching you is my song, Pingyao impression, printed in my heart!
    [Collaboration Celebration Hall]
    The largest underground vault in Pingyao Ancient City was exposed
    Some people say that “money is the most common and effective mutual trust system in history.” It is the most universally acceptable thing for human beings.Can cross all cultural divides without being affected by any religion, gender, race, age or sexual orientation.
    Jin Merchants is the earliest businessman in China, and its history can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The Ming and Qing dynasties were the heyday of Shanxi merchants, and Shanxi merchants became the top of China’s top ten business groups. In the Chinese business community for 500 years. The family of Shanxi merchants is different from the general bureaucratic family. It is a family of traditional Chinese culture with commercial branding characteristics.
    Synergy is a unique ticket number in the Chinese ticket industry. The Shenlongzhu in the center of the underground treasury is said to be the center of the entire Pingyao County. It sounds magical. The management features of the collaborative lottery number are very clear, mainly including: one is people-oriented, knowing people is good and responsible; the second is to focus on flexible scheduling of funds; the third is to highlight key regional operations, with the important characteristics of modern successful enterprises. At the beginning and end of the reign, the successes and failures of the people are all related to people, the people are saved, the people are dead, and everything is fine.
    The building of the old site is coordinated with six courtyards that are interconnected and self-contained. Five street-facing pavements, the middle passage, tall and majestic. The appearance of the bones is strong, the taste is thick and the gods are hidden, and it is very advertised. The tile “has the talent to gather talents to know people and philosophers, and the heart of the country to the light of the country”, no store money and cheesy, show synergy and people-oriented, a total vision of the broad and broad mind. The shop under the shop is on the upper floor and the brick and wood structure. It was originally an important venue for depositing, depositing and summarizing cash.
    The establishment of the synergy celebration is the result of the promotion of two young talents. First, Liu Qinghe (word Su Zhai), due to family poverty, 15 years old dropped out of school to discuss business, had exchanged in Weitai thick ticket number, after the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolution broke out, Jiangnan chaos, the ticket number has been scattered and reduced personnel, Liu will With the same number friend Meng Ziyuan left the Weitai thick ticket number, and determined not to be under the guise of others, but set up a separate portal. They first introduced to find the wealthy merchants in the Niedian Village of Yuci, and Wang Dongzheng, who presided over the housework of the Wang family, had no suitable candidates for the ticket number. When they saw that they had done things in the famous Weitai thick ticket number, they were familiar with the ticket number business. Talents, immediately hired Liu and Meng, and Wang joined the Mijia of Wangzhi Village in Pingyao County. The two companies jointly invested in the joint celebration number.
    There are many places worthy of performance in the Shanxi merchant culture. The essence of the success of Shanxi merchants lies in the spirit of Confucian merchants. The Shanxi merchants, who were deeply influenced by the Confucian culture at that time, had a very progressive business philosophy. The root of the Confucian merchants’ spirit is the word “integrity”, which may also be a value concept that is relatively lacking in society.
    Under the backyard, it is a traditional cave dwelling in Pingyao. Quiet and quiet. In the past, it was the treasury. The height difference between the upper and lower houses is a lot of dexterity and vigilance in the safety awareness of the gold and silver. Here, the upper and lower courtyards were rebuilt as medium and high-end accommodation rooms according to the original functions.
    The Synergy Celebration Hall is the only place in Pingyao Ancient City to be named after the merchant hall. Since the company’s business in Guangzhou was the largest in the year, the name of Guangzhou Foreign Bank was used to refer to it in Pingyao’s residence hall. Business hall. Here still maintains a quaint architectural pattern.
    The money house was born in the Ming Dynasty of China, because at that time, the two currencies in circulation were silver and money. And because of the different uses of the two currencies, there is a social need that must be exchanged for each other. It is this demand, the organization that bears the function of currency exchange – Qianzhuang came into being. Synergy Qingzhuang was the largest bank in the country at that time.
    The entrance to the vault is remote and unknown. It is only possible to enter the underground vault by changing the narrow underground steps. The treasury walkway gave the golden light to the light, and it was brilliant again.
    It can be seen that the establishment of the vault was quite a brainstorm at the time. Safe, concealed, convenient to transport, all-inclusive. Leading to the front cabinet, there is a winding path kiln, leading to the back street, there are two entrances and exits, the library has a special person to look after, there is a wire mesh roof, this vault is really unique.
    The gold ingots and silver ingots of the underground vault are full, and it is necessary to have a large amount of circulation at that time. In this way, the underground vault is really indispensable.
    Into the vault, the face is about 20 square meters of the hall, the two sides of the two compartments store gold and silver, the center of the hall to set up a dragon column, the name of the day: the East China Sea Dragon King’s “Dinghai God needle”, it is said that it is the center of the entire Pingyao County It sounds amazing too.
    As for the vault, I also heard an interesting story: the origin of China’s first cash machine is in this vault. Because every time the withdrawal, the silver ingot needs two bamboo baskets from the underground vault to pass through the shaft to the store, the people in the vault can’t go up, the people above can’t go down, the words “withdrawal” are so originated. .
    There is also a statue of Wu Sheng Guan Yu in the underground vault, which acts like a door god.
    If the big money house, the safety of the folks on the cabinet is self-evident. When the society was in turmoil and the credit crisis was serious, Qianzhuang had to hire a martial artist to see the Zhuang Almshouse. This period of time has continued for decades. The Sixth House became an important venue for the guards to practice their legs and feet. What I want to say here is that, from the shopkeeper to the buddy, many people have a good hand and a good hand. In addition to protecting themselves and defending themselves, they are more physically trained.
    [North China First Escort]
    What is the mysterious profession of the ancient dart board dartmaster?
    This is a mysterious career that has been passed down from word of mouth for a long time. His records can’t be found in historical documents, but his image is more and more passed down. Some people say that they are high-ranking stunts. Some people say that they are eloquent lobbyists. Some people say that they are all righteous, and some people say that they are in a nest with the thief. Among them are the heroes who stand in the sky, and the marquis who is the seal of the Queen Mother. What kind of person is this? Has this profession really existed?
    The first Escort in North China, reappearing rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes, in fact, right next to you, rivers and lakes, he did not end, because the real rivers and lakes have just begun…
    The first dart board in North China is located on the west street of the ancient city. It tells the development history of the dart board and shows many of the tools used at the time of darts. It reproduces the living and working conditions when the darts were in the past, and the history is rich and interesting.
    Escort, as China’s early insurance industry, it developed with the development of commercial trade in the Ming and Qing DynastiesIt can be thought that the commercial and commercial trade customers will transport cash to the bulk. According to the “martial arts Huizong”, the Shanxian Zhang Heiwu, who is known as the invincible of the gods, was in the Qianlong period, and the leaders all opened the “Xinglong” Escort in Beijing Qianmenwai Street.
    In the history of China, similar to the nature of the Escort, it can be said that it is a station. The earliest station can be traced back to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. We know that the station was dedicated to escorting some letters to the court. From here, we can see that the limitations of the station are only It is limited to between the courts, and there is no security mechanism for some commercial exchanges with the private sector.
    The main characters on the main hall are the four characters “Wei Zhen Sifang”, which is a copy of the club’s e-mail. Li Hongzhang is the minister of the Qing Dynasty cabinet, and the club’s e-mail is Li Hongzhang’s house guard. Li Hongzhang has a placard inscription. Two sides of the couplet: a habu dart car, every year, the rivers and lakes back safely, meaning: I hope that the darts can return safely in the process of darts. Hawu was the “common number” that was shouted at the time of the dart. It had the power and the imitation of the weapons on both sides. Look at the sculpture above. The middle is Fu Lushou Samsung, which represents auspiciousness.
    The principle of the dartmaster’s life is “with three smiles, let the three divisions, drink three points of wine”; the three sessions of the darts are not “one will take a stove, two will repair shoes, three will haircut, do not wash your face.” The three taboos of the darts are “not asking what is in the bag, avoiding contact with the employer ‘Baoyu’ and avoiding the reward in the middle.” There are a lot of jingles like this. It seems that it is not the rivers and lakes that I imagined to be envious and enmity, but also a kind of profession that is cautious and hardworking.
    The First Escort of North China combines the essence of the three major darts of Shengji, fully and truly reproduces the unique style of the Chinese Escort since the Qing Emperor Qianlong. The total area of ​​the whole hall is more than 1,000 square meters, divided into four parts: front, middle, back and courtyard. The Escort has a training martial arts field in the backyard. There are often contemporary martial arts enthusiasts who practice here, and tourists often participate in activities.
    The establishment of a dart board, or the delivery of cash, the delivery of goods, or the transshipment of goods, satisfies the need for commercial cash settlement in commercial trade, and is therefore prosperous. The ticket number was born, and the business of the Escort was sharply reduced. The most prosperous period is when the domestic situation in the late Qing Dynasty is chaotic. In the Republic of China, all kinds of military and police armed escorts appeared, and the Escorts successively declined, and they gradually withdrew from the historical stage.
    The originator of the Escort is not even sure of the experts, and there is no written record, but it is specific to every e-ball but can’t help but know its originator.
    [Pingyao City God Temple]
    The childhood temples of the city are constantly coming from memory.
    During the journey of my life, the magnificent scenery of the religious landscape has often passed, and I always have a soft spot to visit. I feel that there is no harm: I have enriched my religious history and culture and cultivated my thoughts and sentiments. The business environment is more open. In front of the Chenghuang Temple Street, I feel like standing in a dream, the dream reflects the youthful memories of a handsome young boy more than ten years ago!
    The place in the city is also called the city grandfather, it is ancientOne of the most important gods in the religious culture is the hero of the famous people who have contributed to the local people. It is the god of the folk and Taoism who believe in the city. He is a local official in the underworld, and his authority is equivalent to the mayor of the Yangjie. Therefore, the city is related to the city and develops with the development of the city. The city was born in the ancient rituals and was the patron saint of Taoism.
    The Chenghuang Temple originated from the ancient water (隍) Yong (City) sacrifice, one of the Eight Gods of the “Zhou Palace”, “City” originally referred to the high wall of the excavation, “隍” originally refers to the moat without water. The ancient man-made city was to protect the safety of the people in the city, so the tall city walls, the city buildings, the city gates, and the city and the moat were built. They believe that things that are closely related to people’s lives and production safety are gods, and the city and the shackles are turned into gods of the city. Taoism puts it into its own gods, calling it a god that cuts off evil, protects the country and protects the state, and rules the soul of the dead.
    When I was a child, I used to sit on the platform of Wenshu. I also touched the mighty and lovely stone lions and told the stories to my friends. I also looked at the summit of the main hall and looked silly and dazed. The trunk of the cypress tree is a poem… No matter how intoxicating our youth, the temple and the cypress are always humiliating and calm.
    The Chenghuang Temple in the land of China is the most common Taoist landscape. Almost all the ancient city towers stand tall and small. The flute of the city traversed low and low, and “putting it down is happiness” – the long-standing Zen language still can’t be understood. Looking at the happy face in the city of Xiaole, I seem to understand.
    Go chasing the joy of the original edge of a day, no matter how humble. Go to the Temple of Literature to find the fragrance of the book, go to the Chenghuang Temple to find the original taste of the day…
    In the temple of the city, there is a smoky cigarette. In the hall of Huang Peijiao, which was reconstructed with steel bones and earth, he sat in the city of the Song Dynasty costume, but he bowed in front of him, but he was in Paris. Perfume, footsteps, sneakers, hair, hot into a 1933-style modern wife.
    As the years passed, the happiness and innocence of childhood was exhausted by the reality of life. I always have the idea of ​​escaping from the mountains. Even if it is a day, I feel the solemnity and solemnity of the sacred temple in the morning bells. Sometimes I have to wear a false mask to tear away and truly and thoroughly examine myself and reflect on myself.
    In the deep mountain gully, where you can see the depths and mysteries of nature, you can listen to the good and evil of the Holy Land, the sounds of life and death, and the cool feelings in a completely different human landscape. The soothing mountain wind soothes, letting the long-standing backlog of the heart, helplessness and unhappiness drift away. Unfortunately, I am always jealous of life locks.
    The ancient street of Chenghuang Temple can still overlap with the images in memory. The church at the corner of the street still looks like a statue. The spired clock tower is classically and solemnly sheltered in the chapel. It can withstand the excitement and endure loneliness.
    The historical and cultural connotation of the Chenghuang Temple is very rich, and the traditional Confucianism, Taoism and folk culture are integrated. These cultural connotations are not only reflected in clay sculptures and murals, but also in various aspects such as the architectural form of the temple, the Yuetai music building, and the woodcut brick carving.
    City God TempleThe structure of the building is also very distinctive. The wooden structure of each temple, the opening, the upper limit, the wood carvings and the use of glass components are strictly in accordance with the feudal rituals at the time, and the craftsmanship is superior. Every pavilion and pavilion pays attention to the carved and painted buildings, which are exquisite and meticulous. From one aspect, it shows the development level and strong financial resources of Pingyao County in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. And the resulting elegant cultural needs. It is an iconic building that embodies the wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people.
    The history of human society has been rolling forward, such as the big waves and sands, the thousands of Taoyun dynasties still exist, the ancient temples of the city temples are forever, the texts are Jingli, and the scenery is literary.
    After more than a decade of time, this ancient street, this Chenghuang Temple is following the footsteps of China’s take-off, bursting with the pride of the prosperous world, plucking the heroic melody. There is such a victory in the hometown, it is full of eyebrows! Mulberry has this ancient charm, I am proud of it, there is no other word! ! !
    [Pingyuan Shen Heritage 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition]
    Pingyao, the inheritance culture of culture, inherits history and culture is related to the future. Culture has the power to change a city. In the past 20 years since the successful application of the ancient city of Pingyao, the world heritage brand has led Pingyao, allowing Pingyao to confidently go to the world, and Pingyao has strengthened its confidence in building an international tourism city.
    Pingyao has become a well-known global tourist city from a small northern town in the north. If there is no successful application, I don’t know how long it will take. If there is no successful application, do you know if the historical remains of Pingyao can still be as good as today?
    The 20th anniversary of the application of the ancient city of Pingyao, the Pingyao photography exhibition to the world, a photo, is a piece of experience, one story.
    Pingyao Ancient City successfully declared the world cultural heritage, making the ancient city a common wealth of all mankind and opening a window to the world for Pingyao. The success of the application will enable Pingyao to position itself with international thinking and international vision, and let Pingyao confidently go to the world. A series of reports commemorating the 20th anniversary of the successful application of the ancient city of Pingyao, today broadcasted the “International Fan” Pingyao.
    Each photo carries the story of Pingyao people under the leadership of the county party committee and county government to protect the heritage, develop tourism, and benefit the people. This exhibition restores the history of the ancient city, and the local people are proud of it.
    With the gradual rationalization of the protection and management system, the ancient city of Pingyao has quietly changed, various activities have gradually enriched, tourists have gradually increased, and tourism management has become formal. Now, as soon as you come to Pingyao, everyone agrees: “Pingyao has changed, the ancient city has changed, and it has become beautiful and clean.”
    The rise and fall of an ancient city is a history of social change. The ancient city of Pingyao reached the peak of the Qing Dynasty from the middle of the day, and fell into the bottom of the valley due to the turmoil of the world. It only returned to the world stage after entering the reform and opening up.
    “Pingyao Impression”: ancient style ancient rhyme ancient pottery city, new sound new tone new Pingyao.
    A condensed creator’s painstaking efforts to sing the songs of the ancient city through the millennium, inheriting civilization, and welcoming the world;
    A poem filled with Pingyao people’s deep feelings, writing poems that Xiaokang Pingyao’s initial heart is unchanged, squatting forward, and feelings of homeland;
    A gift dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the successful application of the ancient city of Pingyao.
    In the past 20 years, Pingyao Ancient City has completed a magnificent turn from a small town with no name to a world-famous tourist destination, which not only protects the authenticity and integrity of the World Heritage, but also ensures the vitality and cultural heritage, and also takes into account tourism development and people’s livelihood. improve. The ancient city of Pingyao has no historical relics that have become rigid due to mechanical protection. It has not become an ancient city that has become a taste because of over-exploitation and destruction of historical features. Zhang Fuming, deputy governor of Shanxi Province, said: “The ancient city of Pingyao is alive and healthy, living alive and living. It is a veritable ‘live ancient city’. ”
    The ancient city of Pingyao, which was originally unknown, has attracted worldwide attention with the “world heritage” with the highest gold content. After 20 years of development, Pingyao has gradually moved to a uniquely charming international tourist city from the small county town where the original name of the original application was not seen.
    On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the successful “Shen Ye” of Pingyao, it coincided with the conclusion of the party’s 19th National Congress. There is every reason to believe that under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the protection and development of Pingyao Ancient City will surely re-cast brilliant and achieve new breakthroughs.
    Thousands of legends are still here, stepping through the ancient search for happy heart
    Intercepting the wandering feelings, eyes immersed in a row of houses. The unique temperament is like a beautiful woman, so my thoughts continue to extend. The ancient city is so solemn and damp, and my heart is swaying through the thickness of the blue bricks in the long-standing folk customs.
    This ancient city contains too many legends, the night is getting deeper, the rain is gradually stopped, the red lanterns are picked up, and the ancient streets of Pingyao are bustling. The mystery of the ancient city is unpredictable, and it seems that it can’t help but bury it for so long.
    The ancient city of Pingyao in the dream, such as the flower in the mirror, the moon in the water, like the mirage of the sea, makes people feel distant and vague and has no closeness. Its outline can only be turned from the paper media that has been scented with ink. Go online to find the link.
    Nowadays, this millennium ancient city has finally become a cold wind in the winter, and the care and sorrow of the hundred-turn forward has gradually become clear.
    Instead of looking for the so-called wind and snow, I want to be alone, quietly lingering in the green bricks and tiles of the ancient city of the millennium, feeling the old days in the ancient city walls, and savoring the thickness and simplicity of the ancient city of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    The same is a very strong commercial taste, with all parts of ChinaThe ancient street is very similar, she tried hard to integrate into the modern business society, but how to look at it, or just starting to look like, compared with Lijiang’s leisure and extravagance, she is still simple and rough, so the simplicity and roughness make me more I am more than happy, but I can imagine that after a few years, she will change her original appearance by the world of materialism. Is it fortunate or unfortunate in Pingyao?
    Pingyao Ancient City, an ancient town that was once the financial center of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the birthplace of “Jin Merchants”, is now quietly huddled in China, watching the changes in the sea and the world, as it was in the past, silently, in the calm and strategizing, Indulge in the layout of its business empire.
    Pingyao, because of history and culture, is widely known to the outside world; Pingyao, because of the importance of culture, drives the rapid development of the economy. Yesterday’s Pingyao, the revolutionary Dingxin; today’s Pingyao, endeavor to cross; tomorrow’s Pingyao, rise and take off!
    Pingyao came from a distant history, and I entered the history of Pingyao from reality. The distance of Pingyao is a historical distance for me.
    All the way to the quiet, Pingyao ancient city enjoy peace. The legend of thousands of years is still here, and the ancients are looking for a happy heart.
    When we searched for the far-away style of Pingyao Ancient City ticket number, e-shop, temples, etc. among the old houses, we couldn’t help but feel the vicissitudes of the world: people went to squat, things are still there! The past is like a cigarette, and the finger has been passed for hundreds of years. Time is like water, how long life is.

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