In the autumn of October, an unparalleled self-driving in western Sichuan

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    I want to ask me which season is the most beautiful all year round.
    I will answer the fall without hesitation.
    To ask me where is the most beautiful autumn
    I will answer Chuanxi without hesitation.
    Maple leaves red through a hillside
    Snowy mountains stand at the end of the road
    Autumn in western Sichuan can give you all the beauty
    Self-driving Chuanxi, come to a festival with the autumn
    Chuanxi – self-driving
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    West Sichuan is now referred to as the western part of the Chengdu Plain, namely the Aba Prefecture and Ganzi Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The altitude is generally above 3,000 meters. There are spectacular glaciers and snow-capped mountains on the plateau. The terrain is ups and downs and the climate is complex and changeable. The scenic spots in western Sichuan include Kangding Ancient City, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Taoping Qiangzhai, Wolong National Nature Reserve, Siguniang Mountain, Seda Buddhist College and Miyaluo Scenic Area.
     An unparalleled self-driving in western Sichuan
    In Ya’an, I had the first close contact with the National Treasure Panda, and the embarrassing appearance was even more lovely than on TV.
    After the weather in Luding County, the weather suddenly became bright and cheerful. The first time I saw the snowy mountains, I don’t think I would forget the excitement in that life.
    For the first time in a Tibetan-style homestay, the brown-yellow décor is complemented by warm-toned lighting, and the transparent roof can be seen in the sky.
    The first test drive of Ruifeng S7, the whole process especially in the plateau area, the average fuel consumption of 9L per 100 kilometers, the entire team of friends have expressed considerable satisfaction.
    At the altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the Seda Wuming Buddhist College, looking at it, the crimson cabins, rolling, and these red cabins, is the residence of five thousand customs.
    On the streets of Malcom, the pupils are out of school. The children’s simple eyes and innocent smiles are also the biggest gains of our self-driving tour.
     About self-driving lines
    Day1 Chengdu-Ya’an-Bifengxia
    Day2 Ya’an-Luding Bridge-Kangding-Folding Mountain Pass-Xinduqiao
    Day3 Xinduqiao – Tagong Prairie – Seda
    Day4 Seda-Malcon-Changre Hill
    Day5 Malcolm – Dream Pen Mountain – Gulgou
    Day6 Li County – Bi Penggou – Wenchuan
    Day7 Wenchuan – Yingxiu Town – Chengdu
    1. Long-distance self-driving must first check the performance of the car, especially the low temperature in the plateau, the car’s antifreeze can not be negligent.
    2. Although Chengdu is not too cold in October, it has a great temperature difference between day and night, and the wind is strong during the day. Therefore, warm underwear, jackets, gloves, hats and other warm clothes are indispensable.
    3. The most important thing in the plateau area that can’t be ignored is the high anti-reverse. Before going out, be sure to prepare some medicines such as glucose and plateau. Especially the first time you go to the plateau, don’t worry about high anti-go, you should treat it with normality. Self-restraint. After entering the high-altitude area, remember to not run, jump and other strenuous exercise to prevent lack of oxygen and cause physical discomfort.
    4. There are many ethnic minorities in the plateau, so we must respect the beliefs of ethnic minorities. If there are products on the roadside, it is recommended to avoid them as much as possible.
    5. The climate in high altitude areas is relatively dry, so lip balm is also essential. Plus the air is thin, it is recommended to eat less spicy food and eat more light and digested food.
     Prelude to start, see Chengdu
    After flying to Chengdu, it is already more than 4 pm. The hotel booked in advance is near Tianfu Square. After going to the hotel to check in and put down the luggage, the first thing that must be done is to fill the stomach in the paradise of eating goods. This shop is the self-driving tour of Chengdu, where local friends took me in the past – the cockfighting rice field (New City Plaza) is about 800 meters away from Kuanzhai Alley Subway Station, just to eat and stroll along the way.
    Let’s talk about the consumption of their family. The three of us finally settled the loan with a 10% discount on a certain group purchase network. The total amount is 230 yuan, and the average person is more than 70 pieces. The first dish, I named him Koi, which is the term that fired all over China in the past. Eat him, you are the next Koi. In fact, the name on the menu is called betta, which tastes like a mango-flavored pudding. It tastes soft and has a light sweet taste and is not too greasy.
    Sliding chicken claws, as the children’s paper in the north, they must be good when ordering, slightly spicy, slightly spicy, slightly spicy, and the mouth and the mouth are very tasty. The cooking for a long time has separated the flesh and meat. After a little chewing, the bones have been detached.
    Jiaozuo chicken claws, the difference between the former and the former is that this is relatively dry, the taste is more spicy, personally prefer the above-mentioned slippery chicken feet.
    Bun clip beef, this is a special dish on their website, the price is a little expensive 58 yuan, but the tin foil inside is wrapped in genuine beef sirloin, stewed with tomato is very tasty, and it is very embarrassing to eat. There is no such thing as the kind of firewood that used to eat beef. The outside shortbread is a little bit hard. You can put the beef pieces together with the soup on the shortbread.
    Coriander mixed with beef, each piece of beef is cut very explosive, slightly with a hint of spicy taste, because it is cold, so it is particularly refreshing to eat, it is recommended to try a thin piece of beef after eating chicken feet.
    This big skewer is definitely my favorite thing that night. The big chicken pieces are skewed together with the pineapple. They are roasted on charcoal fire. Because the chicken itself is cooked, it doesn’t lose too much water, plus cumin, paprika. Seasoning, I would like to ask who ordered the dishes? Why don’t you have two strings per person?
    The sour plum ice powder is a kind of ice powder that is sucked up. With a variety of spicy dishes, it is definitely better than the fire artifact wanglaoji. Look at the slogan on the plastic packaging, the highest level of powder absorption, not only has a taste, but also has a feel. I am also drunk when I see it here.
    The charcoal grilled chicken, the chicken itself is very tender, so in the process of cooking, completely absorb the umami taste and delicious, although after looking up full of peppers, but a northern child paper frankly said this Really not spicy, all are fragrant peppers, and the instant noodles in the lower left corner, you know, it is definitely faster than chicken.
     Day1 “The City of Sanya” – Ya’an
    After finishing the day of renovation in Chengdu, the next morning we gathered the team to be ready to go. Four Ruifeng S7 plus driver masters totaled 15 people. Each person distributed a jacket and sailed to the first trip to this self-driving tour. One stop in Ya’an, about two hours from Chengdu.
    When I first got the jacket, I felt heavy and stupid, and the trunk of each car had already been filled with a large suitcase. The jackets were not put in place, so I really felt that I had a good place in the first day or two. But after arriving in Seda, I will not give up on myself.
    After 9:30 am on time, I went all the way to the Ring Road Expressway. Since there was not much arrangement on the first day, the entire fleet was not too fast. The distance of 140 kilometers was just at the luncheon. After the high speed, it is the famous “Nine Bowls” in the local area. In fact, it can also be understood as a local traditional vegetable restaurant.
    Don’t make trouble, this is not a divination label. Is this just a chopstick? This time, because there is a team leader who took the car in Sichuan, we have arranged all the accommodation and catering for us in the early stage. The order is also omitted. The principle is to have local characteristics, and try to balance the taste of everyone.
    After opening the public comment, this restaurant is still very famous in Ya’an. When I eat here, I also know for the first time what is called Chuanxi Dam. I have only heard of it before. It is said that the carving of this countertop is an ancient county town of Ya’an carved by a master craftsman.
    When the time is up, go to the north and south of the river, there is a dish – braised pork, but the taste may be slightly different in different places, some may be sweet or with acid mouth, and some have more fat, Some will be slightly firewood.
    Because many of the friends who came with the car came to Sichuan for the first time, the team leader also considered the principle of not too hot and too spicy when ordering food. It is very light soup and vegetables, very good, and the taste is very rich.
    In Guangdong, it may be called Meicai meat, but this is called sweet burnt white. As a foreigner, my understanding is: the so-called sweet nature is the beet that is marinated below, and white is naturally the white meat that is buckled on it.
    After lunch, drive for more than 30 minutes, start Ya’an’s scenic spot – Bifengxia base, that is, visit the famous national treasure giant panda. Speaking of Bifeng Gorge, it can be regarded as the integration of two scenic spots. One part is to watch only the giant pandas, and the other is to watch wild animals. If you book online, the former is 90 yuan and the latter is 140 yuan. We naturally chose the former giant panda.
    This is also my first close contact with the national treasure. Before entering the park, there will be a staff member Amway, you will take a sightseeing bus, and also say that if you walk more than 3 kilometers, in fact, we finally walked down, really not 3 kilometers. If you are not in a hurry, it is still recommended to walk, and the three or five friends talked and laughed, and did not feel very tired.
    At the base, there are 20 giant pandas in captivity. After the adaptive life in the early stage, all the giant pandas have basically adapted to the various conditions here. And they all distinguish between the adult area and the children’s playground area, which is the young panda.
    Because it was late in the afternoon, many pandas were taking a nap on the side after entering the park. They only saw the giant panda PP. It was so easy to go to the end, only to see that a few were relatively lively and active, I just watched quietly. You eat, there are three more after eating.
    For dinner, we went to the area to eat one of Ya’an Sanya’s Yayu~ before eating hard vegetables, I would like to eat a plate of dried kidney beans. From the first day, it seems that every meal we have a strong variety of suggestive leaders, help us add This dish is destroyed in minutes.
    Ya fish is an outstanding representative of Yaan cuisine. After eating the fish head, you can also pick out the fish bone like a sword in the fish head as a mascot. The legend of Yayu was that when the son-in-law made up the sky, she lost her sword into the Qingyi River and used it for the common life. Therefore, each ya fish has a bone sword that resembles a sword.
    On the way back to the hotel after the meal, I finally married Ya’an’s second ya, Yafeng. Ya’an is a rainy town. During the year, there are more than half a year of smoke and rain, and the true heart is also the ratio of the rainy weather. Many people will ask here to see, Ya’an Sanya, this has already decrypted Yayu, Yayu, what is this third ya? A: Elegant girl, that is, Ya’an has been beautiful since ancient times.
    The rain was not big that night, our hotel was halfway up the mountain and the air was very fresh. Imagine that the next day I have to pass through Kangding and go straight to the high-altitude area. There is a little excitement in my heart~ Good night, Ya’an.
     Day2 Kangding – Folding Mountain Pass – Xinduqiao
    Let’s talk about this Ya’an hotel, the Bite Xingyue Hotel, which is about 500 yuan a night with breakfast. Because it is halfway up the mountain, it is especially quiet at night, which is good for the fatigue relief after driving one day. At 9 o’clock in the morning, everyone’s suitcase was once again filled with the trunk of the Ruifeng S7, which means that we have to depart from the first station of today’s Luding Bridge.
    Ya’an to Luding County is about 100 kilometers away. It takes about one and a half hours to travel. From this map, it can be seen that after Ya’an, the surrounding areas are really mountainous, and the altitude is gradually rising, but it is generally 1000 meters. Therefore, even if Kangding, who arrived in Luding or went west again, did not feel it, but the temperature dropped significantly.
    After arriving in Luding County, the friends who are traveling with each other said that the weather is already open. The reason is that Chengdu does not have a sun in the summer, but the blue sky and white clouds do not need to be said; and Ya’an, Yayu, who passed yesterday, explained everything. It is also a difficult brother in Chengdu, and it is difficult to dry clothes in winter. After arriving in Luding County, the weather was so much better, and I felt a lot of heart in front of me. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath of oxygen.
    After the high speed, it is not far from the famous Luding Bridge. After parking, you will walk into the scenic spot. There will be many villagers selling mountain goods and various herbs, but the dialect they say is too strong. It sounds like a northern child’s paper. Something hard. But I have heard of it before. There are many expensive herbs here, such as gastrodia, bezoar and so on.
    The rushing river, stopping for a little while, has a feeling of dizziness, and the illustrations of the “Flying the Bridge” in the elementary school text are also emerging in my mind, which also makes me step up and go forward. Look at the shocking scene of the flying bridge.
    Luding Bridge, also known as the Iron Bridge, is located on the Dadu River in Luding County, Sichuan Province. It is said that after Kangxi Emperor unified China, the bridge was built to strengthen the cultural and economic exchanges in the Sichuan-Tibet area, and the bridge was established at the bridgehead. The bridge was built in 1705 and was completed in 1706.
    Feel the feeling of swaying on the top of the shackle. The one that I heard the most at the bridge was “I can’t pass?” – “Come here, look at the past”, but the problem is, you Dare?
    The ticket for Luding Bridge only costs 10 yuan. The accompanying map is accompanied by the pictures on our textbooks in the past. The sound of the shells came from the ear, let us once again fear the Eighth Route Army at that time. Let us cherish this hard-won beauty and peace.
    The Luding Bridge is 103 meters long and 3 meters wide. 13 iron chains are fixed in the abutment of the two banks. 9 are used as the bottom chain and 4Handrails are used on both sides. There are 12,164 iron rings interlocking, and the full bridge iron parts weighs more than 40 tons. [guidebook quotation]
    Luding County is 60 kilometers away from the next supply station, Kangding. Why is Kangding a supply station? Because it is going to Chuanxi or 318 to Tibet, this may be the last relatively large city. , daily necessities such as daily necessities, glucose, and plateau safety, try to fill in the station at Kangding, because after all, after Kangding, all kinds of conditions will drop, and there are many inconveniences when purchasing things. Along the way, “Kangding Love Song” is played, which must be the standard for the legendary love city of Kangding.
    After lunch in Kangding City, we did find a relatively large pharmacy, bought the necessary glucose, plateau and a small amount of portable oxygen irrigation. In the afternoon, we have more than 4,000 meters above sea level. Half of them have not been to such high altitudes, and everyone is a little nervous.
    Kangding is less than 80 kilometers away from Xinduqiao, but it is expected to take 2 hours, because there is no high speed, and it has to climb over 4,200 meters above sea level. In fact, we really went for the whole afternoon, because just one When I went up the mountain, I was blocked. I used the mobile phone to test the altitude. It was already 3,500+. I was stuck for more than two hours before I was able to walk. It was already more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon. This picture is also a panoramic view of Kangding City after leaving Kangding, and it is the first time in this trip! I saw the snow mountain for the first time~! ! !
    When our No. 2 driver told me that I had reached the Fenduoshan Pass, I asked slowly, how much is the altitude here? Answer “4298 meters”, I said, don’t make trouble, I don’t lie to me when I first come to the plateau. I don’t feel any sense of swelling?
    In fact, a big part of this high reaction lies in your psychological factors. First of all, don’t be afraid. You have to tell yourself to adapt slowly, but now it is not physically uncomfortable and does not mean that you have completely resisted the high anti-reverse, because now you have just reached a high altitude. The time spent on staying is also very short. I said that I was abandoning the jacket yesterday. I want to take back the words I said. I am wrong. I really need you in the wind. There is only one word now – cold.
    It is said that the change in the weather in this pass is really very fast. In the previous picture, when I was photographing with 4298, there was still sunshine. When I turned around and wanted to go up, I had already floated a large cloud. After picking up the camera, I basically Looking at the scenery in front of you is just a snowy mountain, and we are now on the snow mountain of more than 4,000 meters.
    After turning over the mountainous pass, I continued to travel to Xinduqiao. The driver on the road told us this because the trip to Western Sichuan was arranged for 7 days, which is relatively easy. Many of my friends 318 into Tibet, from Chengdu to Xinduqiao within a day, and we stayed in Ya’an for one night.
    Altitude atA little bit of decline, when arriving at Xinduqiao Town, the altitude is about 3,300 meters. Although it is 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun sets, the near-light sun illuminates the opposite hillside, and it feels beautiful. .
    I arrived in Xinduqiao Town that night and it was already dark. I stayed at this Tibetan-style bed and breakfast. I asked for a price of 400 yuan on the Internet. If I want to link, I can privately trust me. I will not do it here.
    Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, and the online wind is quite strong, the floor heating has been opened here in late October. It is still warm when entering the room. Because it is already above 3,000 meters above sea level, it will also provide aerobic rooms.
    The interior of the room is very rich, and there is a fireplace as a decoration. Speaking of here, by the way, the town of Xinduqiao, many people will take this place as the first resting place in Chengdu. The Kangding that I just said is a supply station, and here can be understood as the foothold of the first day. There are quite a few hotels and B&Bs here, and there will be high-end and low-end ones. It looks like a traditional Tibetan style from the outside.
    We live on the third floor, which is also the highest floor (there is an elevator, so don’t be afraid to pull the big box), the warm yellow light is matched with the overall yellow and orange color, which is extraordinarily warm. Xinduqiao, which is 3,300 meters above sea level, is the first night of high altitude in our true sense. Will there be high anti-reverse? Will you have a headache the next day, with some doubts or fear, good night, Xinduqiao, tomorrow to start color.
     Day3 Tagong Prairie – Seda Buddha College
    Many people say that the better the physical quality, the more likely it is to produce high anti-goods. Well, I admit, I may be a good body. I really had a headache until dawn, so that after I got up, I still had a faint pain in the back of my head. As the plateau goes down, glucose still tries not to drink it as much as possible. It is afraid that it will produce dependence. Just like the driver told me yesterday, I have tried to adapt myself to this high-altitude environment.
    From the future, I have passed through Sichuan, and I have arrived at such a high altitude in the future. The scenery along the way is also amazing. I recalled the excitement of seeing snow for the first time after I was out of Kangding City yesterday. I arrived at the mountainous mountain pass at 4 pm and stood on the snow above 4,200 meters above sea level. I felt that I was the first to overcome the high, but actually But it is, haha.
    Xinduqiao Town is more than 40 kilometers away from Tagong Town. If you are not in a hurry, you will drive for about 1 hour. In fact, there are quite a lot of vehicles on the road. It is necessary to say that from Xinduqiao to the west is the 318 National Road, and the Tagong Grassland is in the north of Xindu Bridge, so from today it has left the 318 National Road and headed north to the destination.
    Through the window of the Ruifeng S7, because everyone knows that the window film is like a filter, the camera does not know how it will be discharged. So there is the picture above, I named him King Kong Hulu, is it especially like the seven-color mountain before the birth of the gourd?
    However, in fact, the original appearance of the people is like this. Asked the leader, this snow-capped mountain is the famous Yala Snow Mountain. It is more than 5,800 meters above sea level. The leader said that our luck today is really good, there is no cloud cover, and Yala Snow Mountain is completely Show it before our eyes.
    In the Tagong Prairie, in the Tibetan language, “Tagong” is a place that the gods like. It is said that Princess Wencheng built a 12-year-old figure of Sakyamuni when he entered Tibet. From then on, there was the Tagong Temple.
    According to legend, in 641 AD, in order to strengthen national unity and consolidate the frontiers, Emperor Taizong gave the Princess Wencheng to the Tibetan king Songtsan Gambo, and gave a princess and a Tibetan king a 12-year-old Buddha statue of Sakyamuni. Just as the princess passed through this place, this sacred Buddha was like a root on the ground, and could no longer move half a step! At a time when everyone was unable to do anything, the Buddha image was open to indicate that he was willing to stay here.
    However, this Buddha statue has an unusual mission and must be sent to Lhasa. Princess Wencheng immediately decided to let everyone use the sands on the spot to copy a statue in the original image of the Buddha. Moreover, it is also said that in the process of shaping, the lower body was just finished on the day, and the upper body was naturally generated overnight! The new image was completed, and the original image was able to start smoothly, and finally arrived in Lhasa and enshrined in the Jokhang Temple.
    The rivers, grasslands, forests, mountains, temples, Tibetan houses and rich Tibetan customs along the route accompanied us all the way, and the music in the car changed from yesterday’s Kangding Love Song to Zheng Zheng. The version of “Back to Lhasa”, although many of us have not been to Tibet, although the end of this trip is not Tibet, but the scenery here is giving us the feeling of Tibetans in our minds, it seems that the mind also The scene of the Yarlung Zangbo River emerged.
    In the October of the Golden Autumn, as the world said, this is the palette that God overturned, leaving the most beautiful colors to the magical land of western Sichuan.
    At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I arrived at the famous Seda Buddha College. After a day, my head had been suffering from a slight headache. After arriving at the foot of Sedafo College, the team leader confirmed the physical condition of each person repeatedly, because I took the car to the mountainside for a while. I have to climb the mountain for more than 30 minutes to see the real “red house”, so I was unfortunately passed away, but also responsible for the body, after all, there are four days of travel. The picture above uses a photo taken by a peer friend.
    Half of the best friends went up the mountain, and we were not idle. We have come to the famous Seda. Although we can’t go up, the surrounding nature can’t let go.
    The origin of Daxian County, after research, was mainly named after the discovery of a horse-shaped gold in Setang in the early years, so it is called “Golden Horse”. Seda County has a long history. As early as 3,000 years ago, human beings had flourished here. The Dong clan, one of the six clan of the ancient Tibetans, lived a nomadic life by water and grass. The locals called “Alu Luomai”.
    The rolling snow-capped mountains and the roads that can’t be seen at the end of the road, let the mind continue to fantasize, dreaming of this magical and sacred Tibetan land, what more beautiful scenery is waiting for us? Just then a group of sheep crossed the road and had not waited for the camera to be lifted back to the sheepfold under the thatched cottage.
    Chatting with the driver on the bus, the local children’s school attendance rate is not high now. I was very surprised at what it was. One may be too occluded, and many of them think that after going to school, they still have to go home to release cattle and sheep, so going to school may not be useful to them. I can’t help but sigh, even though the scenery here is beautiful, but I can’t walk out of this mountain. I can’t imagine how wonderful the outside world is.
    At 6:30, the sun is going down again. Today we watched this golden landing in Seda and slowly disappeared into the distant snow-capped mountains. We are surrounded by snow-capped mountains all around. Everything here tells me that you have finally come to Seda, but the most regrettable thing is that you can’t walk up the mountain to the Buddhist College at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters to see the spectacular scene.
    On the way back to the hotel, Ruifeng S7 just played “Back to Lhasa”. I think it is here for someone who has never been to Tibet. It seems to have touched the feeling of Lhasa.
     Day4 leaves Ganzi and enters Aba Malkang
    There are more than 400 kilometers of mountain roads from Seda to Malkang, which takes about 6 hours. Pictured above is taken at the roadside when we are eating at noon. And there was no imaginary bustling along the way, and even the convenience of the commissary was not much, so at noon that day we were finally able to find a canteen on the road, all the halogen eggs + instant noodles + ham, a luxurious instant noodle lunch .
    In fact, after arriving in Ganzi from Seda, it is the 317 National Road in the direction of Malkang. Although many people say that there are too many 318 people and want to go 317, I want to say that after all, 317 has no 318 bustling, many supporting, just like a convenience store. Well, it’s rarely said.
    There are two small roads from Maerkang County to Changli Temple. They all go out along the 107 National Road and turn left in the direction of Tibet. The two small roads start to bend at the bottom of the valley. They climb back and forth like a comb to Changli Temple at an altitude of about 3,500. The road is very Narrow, many places can only pass a small car, and individual bent cars need to be inverted to turn around.
    Changli Mountain has an excellent observation deck. On the way to climbing the mountain, you can overlook this small town of Malcolm. The river flows through the center of the city. The friends next to you sigh, how long have you seen such a clear stream? What?
    In the process of climbing the mountain, there was always a cloud on the top of the head, and there was a drizzle. I thought that even if I went to the top of the mountain, I couldn’t see anything, but I would like to say it.
    When I said that it was going to be late, when I was about to reach the top of the mountain, I looked at the mountain. It seemed to be clear at once. The winding stream and the Malkang city built on the mountain were just in front of me. At that moment, I was crying for another beauty in front of me.
    There is no double rainbow, there is no stunned. There will be a rainbow after the storm, if not, it is because the air quality is not good. This sentence is not a tune, it seems so funny now, not only the rainbow after the storm, but also double! color! rainbow!
    After going down to the hotel, the hotel just happened to be in the main city of Malcolm. It happened that the pupils at 5 o’clock were out of school, and they used a little white to sneak a few portraits. The clever little child seemed to see through my thoughts. You are wit. Laugh, or? Deliberately want to be on the stage.
    This should be the traditional Yi costumes. There should be no entertainment such as square dance in the evening, but I believe that different national cultures will have more exciting performances.
    The red scarf is attached to the neck of every elementary school student. As we were when we were young, we are all flowers of the motherland. We must study hard and repay our motherland.
    Before consulting the Raiders, many friends recommended to come to Aba Prefecture to eat wild mountain bacteria, so everyone agreed that today’s dinner theme is “bacterial mushroom”, but also organic beef with local characteristics.
    There are a variety of mountain mushrooms that can’t be named, and the taste is quite good. After all, it is pollution-free, and it should be difficult to eat in big cities.
    The perfect blend of mashed potatoes and yoghurt, the mashed mashed potatoes with sweet yoghurt and the raisins are so delicious that they can’t be described. Only those who have eaten know the beauty.
     Day5 on the dream pen mountain and the lower Gulgou
    In the morning, I drove out of Mengbishan. At first we were not familiar with this attraction. Ruifeng S7’s car leader said that the dream pen snow mountain is the second big snow mountain over the long march of the Red Army, and there is a feeling of awe.
    Mengbi Mountain is 30 kilometers away from Malkang County. It can drive directly to the top of the mountain, but the road is relatively narrow. In addition, there are more snowy days in this season, and it is necessary to pay attention to safety when driving up the mountain.
    Feel the first winter in 2018, heavy snow has covered the road up the mountain, but fortunately our character is not bad, the sun is still a force when climbing the mountain that day, but the wind is relatively large, the temperature is low, we must pay attention to wind and warm .
    Mengbi Mountain is located at the junction of Zhuokike Township South and Xiaojin County. It is east-west and the mountain is gentle. The lowest mountain pass is 3,900 meters above sea level, and the highest peak is 4,470 meters above sea level.
    Mengbishankou is the only passage leading to Xiaojin County in the county. It is also the second big snowy mountain over the long march of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army on June 27, 1935. In this mountain, I feel that the snowy mountains in the distance seem to be more spectacular.
    With the beauty you must have prepared for today’s snowy mountains, the red clothes are most conspicuous in the snow, and the photos are especially beautiful, just when the white Ruifeng S7 and the white snowflakes are in good condition. This color tone saves this beautiful scenery.
    You are deliberate, people wear red, what do you wear in an orange down jacket, but also want to come to a color contrast with the white snow? Standing on the top of the snow-capped mountains, there is a slap in the foot of the sword. “I am waiting for the warm spring of the snow-capped mountains, waiting for the lonely geese after the melting of the plateau.”
    After going down the mountain, I ate a simple lunch. We continued to follow the direction of the 317 to Chengdu. It was 140 kilometers away from Gulgou. The whole journey took 3 hours. On the way, we will pass through the Miyaluo Scenic Area. After several discussions, we will not stop. Because there will be more beautiful Bi Penggou waiting for us tomorrow, it is said that it is the ultimate autumn.
    Gulgou is actually a border area of ​​Miyaluo. Most of the friends who stay here are coming to the hot springs here. One can wash away the exhaustion. Secondly, staying as a stopover is also quite good. The choice, we walked along this mountain road all the way, the colorful leaves are constantly changing, it is really beautiful.
    I also tried to take a picture of the reflection on the vibrato, but there is still a certain gap from the legendary reflections in the water. Therefore, the little partner on the side said with a strong heart, the revolution has not been successful, and the comrade still needs to work hard. .
    A small road next to the 317 National Road leads to this unnamed mountain. The mountain stream flows slowly. In this golden autumn season, the maple leaves are also red, and I quietly appreciate nature giving us the most. Precious scenery.
    The sound of the sound of the water is like a cheerful piece of music. I am in the mountains and take a deep breath. I think this is the real release of myself. Around the ancient, the red maple leaf, the yellow ginkgo, and the ivy, one is good. A harmonious and beautiful picture.
    In the evening, I stayed at a local hot spring hotel in Lixian, which is called the Xikang Yaquan Hotel. The price is not cheap. If you are interested, you can check it yourself, but! I have been unable to vomit, I went to a review network to intercept some of their family’s bad reviews, netizens see for themselves, but a certain network has a bad review? Why is it so strange?
    The netizens or friends who saw this information, especially the friends who are going to travel to western Sichuan, the landlord is definitely not a plain-mouthed spit, just telling the truth to everyone, cherish life, stay away from LS (the picture below is my comment, above) The picture is intercepted by other users comments)
     Day6 God’s Overturned Palette – Bi Penggou
    The sixth day of self-driving Chuanxi was just Saturday, just after the frost was not long, so there were a lot of tourists coming to Bizhugou to enjoy the autumn, and there were also tourist groups, so it was blocked for a while before driving into the scenic spot. Online booking: tickets + sightseeing bus = 140 yuan
    Here to popularize it, you must take the bus after entering the scenic spot, because it takes more than 40 minutes to drive to the mountain, if you are walking? Probably not working, and after the 40-minute bus, you can choose to continue to pay for a small battery car, about 10 minutes to the famous Zhuoma Beach. If you walk and listen while walking, it will probably take more than 40 minutes.Look like, so everyone can choose.
    In the process of going up the mountain, I really want to bend the mountain road, so I don’t want to eat too much for the breakfast of the motion sickness. I told everyone that the 50-seat bus is hanging on the luggage rack in front of the car, in the car and behind the car. Take a stack of plastic bags and use your own brain to make up.
    After we arrived at the transfer station on the mountain by bus, we waited in line for the battery car. The one-way trip should be 15 yuan, so we chose to walk up the mountain and watch and shoot along the way. The first attraction is Zhuoma. Beach, when she is really present in front of us, probably can’t be described by words.
    Not far from the snow-capped mountains, the yellow-transparent leaves on both sides have been reflected in the middle of the lake, but the lake is so crystal-clear, I feel that all the scenery is perfectly integrated, how many times we look at various Tweets, the most beautiful Chuanxi, this is not the beauty we are looking for.
    Bi Penggou is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, perfect natural ecological landscape and excellent ecological environment. The red leaves, the original forest, the waterfalls and the glacier are strange. I always know that Bi Penggou is beautiful, but the real immersiveness has discovered that the word beauty is far beyond my imagination.
    Bi Penggou is actually the northern foot of the Siguniang Mountain we are familiar with. The biggest scenery in Bi Penggou is the tree. In the autumn, the Biangou red maple leaves are very early, and the mountains and springs are full of beautiful and beautiful maple leaves.
    With so many days of self-driving in western Sichuan, Xueshan seems to have become accustomed to it. There is no such thing as a surprise in the second day of the county. However, in the snow-capped mountains in the Bibenggou scenic area, there is no cover at the top of the head. It is completely present in the tourists. In front of me, and this golden autumn, I believe this is the best gift that nature gives us.
    By accidentally catching a little snowman who was broken, I can’t believe it. The first snow of this year was neither in my hometown Shandong nor in the northeast, but in the south – Sichuan.
    The last point is Yuyang Lake. The overall scenery is not worse than the one just seen in Zhuoma. It just looks a little smaller. The trees on both sides are closer to the lake, so it looks more beautiful. .
    After leaving Bi Penggou, we went to Wenchuan, the last stop of this trip to western Sichuan. When I talked about this place, I really felt a lot of emotions. That year I just took the college entrance examination. Although I was not old, but in May of that year, as a For students in the middle of the game, it seems that they are not learning. Every day at noon, they have to pay a dollar to buy a newspaper. The first thing to look at is the latest news about the earthquake.
    I will take back this heavy topic first. I stayed at the Shuimo Manor that night. I will pass through Bi Penggou and pass through Wenchuan City. It is only 17 kilometers away from the epicenter of Yingxiu Town.
    The environment of Shuimo Manor is still very good. There are rows of green bamboos in the heart of the people. Looking at the distance and the small rivers. With this nice name, I really feel that I am now in Jiangnan. It is really with Sichuan. The mountains cannot be linked together.
    The single-family villa we live in is actually more like a legendary tree house, but there is still a little distance from the front desk.
    If you live in the main building, it is strongly recommended to have a room on the first floor. Because you can open the curtains, you can see the fish in the small pond in front of the window. The mood is naturally very comfortable.
     Day7 Wenchuan ten years, strong hold back tears
    Early the next morning, we drove to the Epicenter Museum in Yingxiu Town. I have been looking forward to seeing it here before, and I know that I will be touched by the scene and may cry. The facts tell me that when I have not yet entered the memorial hall, I just saw the words “the 512 Wenchuan Earthquake Epicenter Memorial Hall” on the outside.
    The physical objects displayed in the earthquake museum are all collected. The earthquake objects displayed are: the ruin of the earthquake, the daily necessities, the clock that always stays at the time of the earthquake, the truck that was rolled by the stone, and the student diary excavated from the ruins. , school bags, shoes and other work and study supplies.
    After entering the memorial hall, I really wanted to see the items displayed and the audio and video materials of the year, but the tears kept turning in my eyes, so that I didn’t even have the courage to lift the camera in my hand, for fear of a tear. When you fall, you can no longer control your emotions.
    Going to the end of the memorial hall, a primary school student who raised his hand to salute, I did not use the black and white post-gradation, and silently said, Wenchuan, the rise!Sichuan, Xiongqi!
    After the memorial hall came out, it took about 10 minutes to walk to the Yingxiu earthquake site. It was originally an elementary school and it is said to be the only preserved building ruins after the earthquake. As soon as I entered the door, like the memorial hall, a big clock, time was permanently fixed at 2008-5-12, 2:28.
    There were a lot of tour groups visiting the weekend. We followed the guided tour around the school for a week. I heard a lot of stories about the school at that time. Some were so touching, and some were so tearful. In front of this collapsed school building, when we closed our eyes, we seemed to hear the deafening earthquake at that time. The scenes of the PLA soldiers and volunteers who went to the front line rescued also appeared in front of everyone.
    I firmly believe that no matter how difficult it is, there are our strong motherland behind me, I love you, China!
     Day7 returns to Chengdu, and the heart is the hot pot.
    After a week of self-driving in western Sichuan, although the scenery is beautiful, but the hot pot of heart is really not eaten along the way, so after arriving in Chengdu, we ate the squad that night to go to this cattle light shadow shop, as to why they chose their home I will see it later. Location: Exit B of Kuanzhai Alley Subway Station, about 5 minutes walk, can be searched by Baidu map navigation.
    The overall decoration of their home is a retro style, but it is different from the retro like a coffee shop we have seen before. Old-fashioned sewing machine, old-fashioned hand-held dialing phone, old-fashioned large-sized tape recorder, black-and-white TV set. As a 90-year-old, I seem to have only seen sewing machines. Others have heard of it. It is the first time I saw it in real life. It.
    Who do you know what is on the bottom right? candy? Cookies? Anyway, I really haven’t seen it, so it’s really an eye-opener to come to their home for dinner. This should be a childhood memory of a lot of big brothers and sisters after the 80s.
    Three people ordered the most conservative bottom of the pot, the aunt who served the food and the amiable, said the younger brother, this broth is not delicious at the end of the pot, you must try the butter soup, this is delicious oh~ we ordered it earlier. Hot pot steak, this is what the aunt said is directly placed in the bottom of the pot, and when I find the dish, I still feel a lot of steak.
    Fat cow rolls, cut very thin, so pay attention to the way to take the way to cook the hairy belly, seven up and down, the taste is very tender, especially in the spicy soup, really heart is the fragrance, if not afraid Two days of getting angry and getting acne, I really can’t stop eating meat.
    The fried crispy meat has always felt that this pre-meal appetizer is very similar to the dry fried pork tenderloin, but it is only known after eating it in Chengdu hot pot restaurant that its appearance is crisper than the dry fried pork tenderloin, and the lean meat inside should be the previous If you have marinated it a little, it tastes more intense. As for me, the chili powder above is still a little less.
    Vegetarian dishes are generally 5 yuan a piece, amaranth 15-25 yuan, and finally settled about 70 yuan per capita. Because their seats are not too much, they are not as noisy as many hot pot restaurants. Instead, they are all young people who talk softly and do not affect each other. It is not like eating a food stall.
    Very elegant tea cup, a seated aunt (in fact, Sichuan dialect should call aunt liang liang) will come to brew tea, green tea tastes very fragrant, very conducive to eating spicy pot greasy.
    The hairy belly of the seven up and eight, the pursuit of that is a hint of crispy taste, because it is the bottom of the spicy hot pot, so for me to eat just right, with the most basic ingredients of Sichuan hot pot sesame oil garlic The taste is absolutely perfect. As a northerner, I want to solemnly say to the hot pot, the sesame sauce is drunk, bye bye.
    This is the hot pot steak that I mentioned before, and it is directly placed in the bottom of the pot, because it takes a long time to cook. The weight is still quite large. A person eats at least four or five pieces. The meat is relatively tender. Some beef pieces have a little fat on them. It is even more delicious. It is cooked in a hot pot. I think No need to season, the taste is enough.
     Day8, I will go home after eating this meal.
    I plan to go home on the last afternoon, so I still have half a day to spend, and the time to eat at noon is reserved for this online restaurant, the restaurant chain, although their name is pizza, but Very serious, they definitely have more than pizza. The same is still three people (this time is a man and two daughters), and the per capita consumption is less than 80 yuan.
    I have heard of Sichuan taking a lot of vegetables many years ago, and I have had countless fantasies in my mind. What is it? Is it coming out of the plate like magic? Later, the university students told me that you can understand that it is a small hot pot of one person, put the meat and the dishes together, then I understand. And their home is the combination of pizza and Chinese-Western fast food.
    The two MMs in the same line strongly point to the durian pizza, but I am really really XXXX, so under my repeated pleading, I ordered a Mediterranean-style bacon pizza. Most of their pizzas are 35 yuan, 6 inches, three people eat. The words are enough. Be sure to make a quick decision, because after all, the pizza systemThe process still takes a certain amount of time, and there are also take-away orders. If you are not good, you have to wait for a long time.
    The menu of taking the vegetables, the vegetarian dishes ranging from 1-5 yuan, the leeks ranging from 6-9 yuan, each dish has a rough weight mark, can be ordered according to several people, the waiter sister will also tell you, point The dishes are not enough or too much.
    Speaking of pizza, the first thing is to taste its taste. In fact, it is the selling effect, that is, the visual effect of drawing. However, the pizza in their home has done both. The cake at the bottom of the dish is also very thin, and the taste is quite good. The price of 35 yuan, I think it should be very high in Chengdu.
    Baked big eggplants, and the taste on the street stalls is absolutely different, not as greasy as you think, to be slightly spicy, the taste of various seasonings immersed in the inside of the eggplant, the taste of the cockroaches, I did not stop anyway. .
    Caramel toast, I haven’t waited for me to start, I was slap in the face of two foods. I just got a call. Your love for dessert is beyond my imagination. Ok, manual. The two foods that Aite had eaten together on the same day, please leave a message at the bottom of the picture after seeing it. What is the taste of this toast, let you clear it in my two-minute telephone time.
    The lame pasta, the broth soup poured on top is still very rich, you have finished eating the dessert, so don’t blame me for eating a few more pasta – -,,
    Very literary food packaging, each of their home-made vegetables is decorated with such wrapping paper. When one side of the dish comes up, there is a kind of pleasing feeling. Let’s take a look at what the two foods have just ordered. Let’s go inside the dish.
    Well, it’s really worthy of the name of eating goods. Instant noodles are indispensable. If you don’t have enough at night, instant noodles are the life-saving grass. This sentence is always true. But to tell the truth, this instant noodles are soaked in the broth of the dish, the taste is really unique, the scent has risen at least several times, and the instant noodles are faster than the meat.
    Beef rolls, bacon meat, fish balls, and shrimp dumplings are also essential, because the soup is still spicy, so the vegetables are not dare to eat.
    Seven days of self-driving in western Sichuan, I finally let me know the golden autumn of October when God overturned the palette. I saw the snow mountain for the first time. For the first time, I set foot on the mouth of more than 4,200 meters above sea level. The first time I saw a group of yaks running on the side of the road, the first time I struggled with Gao, and of course the first time. Eat the real Sichuan hot pot, the sauce is not a sesame sauce, but a sesame oil garlic…
    The road ahead is still very long, I believe it must beThere will be more beautiful scenery waiting for us to discover, but I am hard to forget the 18-year-old Sichuan-Western self-driving tour.

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