In the early winter, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery. a trip from Chengdu to Chengdu

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Bi Penggou
    The golden autumn season and the middle and late October can be said to be the most beautiful season in western Sichuan. At this time, the western Sichuan is like the color palette that God overturned. It is dazzling, and our party is also fortunate to have met its most beautiful in this most beautiful season. view. The first scenic spot we visited on this trip was the Bi Penggou that was stained by the frost forest. Bi Penggou is located in Li County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. The national 4A level scenic spot is compared to the beautiful back of Siguniang Mountain on the back of Siguniang Mountain. Siguniang Mountain is beautiful and is regarded as its back. The shed is also a different style.
    At this time, the entire maple forest with the shed of the shed is like the burning sunflower of Van Gogh’s pen, and the golden yellow can be formed into a piece; it is like a fire cloud falling on the day, and it is painted into a beautiful landscape painting. The volume, against the blue sky and white clouds, the sun shines, the gold glitters everywhere, this autumn is almost strong to the extreme, in the meantime, the eyes are unconsciously trying to chase this beautiful color.
    This is the first time we have seen the snowy mountains. The excitement is beyond words. A magnificent snow-capped mountain surrounds us with mountains, walking on this silver-white valley path, overlooking the snow. The beautiful face of the mountain, a burst of coolness, can not help but feel refreshed, lingering in this beautiful snow mountain beauty can not extricate themselves. I have to share with you here. After entering the scenic spot, I suggest that you should take the bus, because it only takes more than 40 minutes to drive to the mountain, so it is more difficult to walk on the mountain, and the ticket + sightseeing bus is probably Need 140 yuan.
    The mountains and the mountains are connected, the peaks and peaks are interdependent, and the peaks and peaks are different. The snow-capped snow-capped mountains are like a blooming snow lotus. With its holy petals, the holy land of this maple forest is wrapped in the holy land. The color is more beautiful.
    If the magnificent snow-capped mountains are like the snow lotuses that have been sleeping for thousands of years, then this quiet and indifferent lake is like the eyes of the gentle and quiet little girl, bright and clear, as if it is not a fantasy landscape but a three-dimensional image. Ink landscape painting.
    The sun has fallen to the top of the mountain, and the afterglow of the setting sun is shrouded in Bi Penggou, rendering the whole mountain into golden yellow, fiery red maple leaves, clear lake water, pure white snow mountains… Bi Penggou covered with colorful Xiayi With its unique charm, it attracts friends from all over the world, and the sky is getting late. We can only keep the beautiful memories that belong to us and Bi Penggou by pressing the shutter of the camera.
     Luding Bridge
    After a long journey, I entered the boundary of Luding County in a blink of an eye. A long and meandering river between the mountains has broken into our sights. This is the famous Dadu River! After the high speed, the car stayed in the city of Luding, because there is not much distance from the Luding Bridge, so you can walk into the scenic spot.
    Luding Bridge (Tie Suo Bridge) is located on the Dadu River in the west of today’s Luding County. The bridge was built in the 44th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi. It was built in Kangxi for 45 years. Kangxi Yu pen wrote “Luding Bridge” and stood on the bridgehead. The Qiaotou Castle on both sides of Luding Bridge is an ancient wooden structure of the Han nationality and is unique to China.
    The long and narrow iron bridge is composed of thirteen large iron chains, nine are used as the bottom chain, and two on each side are used as bridges. Through the gap between the chains, you can see the rushing river under the bridge. The ticket for Luding Bridge is only 10 yuan, and the accompanying map also contains an illustration of the Red Army flying over the Luding Bridge in the primary school textbook. Step by step approaching this bridge with a long history, the wind and rain that once happened to it can not help but come to the scene.
    Now I am on the Luding Bridge, staring at the rolling water of the Dadu River at my feet. The ear echoes the poems that everyone read together in the classroom. “The golden sand is warm and the clouds are warm, and the Dadu Hengqiao is cold.” The textbooks can’t help but appear in the mind. The vignette scene on the red army when crossing the Dadu River and flying the Luding Bridge. Although the smoke of the war has gone far, it is surrounded by people who come here for sightseeing. The high-rise buildings on both sides of the bridge are full of bridges, but the bridges are still cold, but the hands are still cold and the torrent is still making people A sense of dizziness, not dare to look straight.
    No matter how high the literary or film art rendering art is, perhaps not when we personally came to Luding Bridge, both feet reallyIt felt really real when I stepped on the Luding Bridge and held the real iron rope.
    We came to Seda in the afternoon, and when we approached this holy place, we could not help but be amazed by the majestic and magnificent architecture in front of us. The strong Buddhist atmosphere was surrounded by it. Under the vast sky, the mountains and the winding streams of the mountains and rivers can not help but feel refreshed.
    Many monks practiced here, and there was a strong Buddhist atmosphere everywhere. The lamas, nuns and local villagers dressed in jujube robes came and went, showing a peaceful and peaceful life.
    Faith, invisible and intangible, but deeply rooted in the hearts of everyone here, give them spiritual comfort, and support them for generations.
    The most famous of Seda is the Buddhist College here, and tens of thousands of monks have been studying and practicing for several years. Between the overlapping mountains, the dense red hut is covered with a whole hillside that stretches for thousands of miles, making it impossible for anyone to see the end. In the west of Sichuan, the altitude is about 4,500 meters. Under normal circumstances, people will have different degrees of altitude sickness when the altitude reaches 3,000 meters. Because they have to travel halfway up the mountain, they have to walk about 30 minutes to reach these legendary “red houses.” “So, for your own body, everyone should look at their physical condition and do their best.”
    The red houses, the blue sky, the monks and the simple Tibetans, and the local Tibetans, seem to have come to a world far from the world, lamenting the power of faith, and feeling the difficulties in life. .
    I remember an article saying: “If the color of the day is aThe picture scroll, then it is a dream at night. “The color of the night is covered by a sea of ​​lights. The lights in the redwood house are also shining like stars. At this moment, the colorful color is like the reflection of the starry sky, emitting a gorgeous light. The night is getting deeper and peaceful. The color of the color also fell asleep in the light flashing.
     Tagong Grassland:
    Driving in the vast world, listening to “Sit on the train to Lhasa”, we came to another resort – the Tagong grassland known as “the place that Bodhisattva likes.” The Tagong Grassland, which is more than 3,000 meters above sea level, is vast and vast. It is located in Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The famous Sichuan-Tibet Highway passes through it and is the most famous grassland in Ganzi Prefecture.
    The house buildings along the way are filled with a strong Tibetan customs. The origin of the Tagong Temple is said to have a legendary story. According to legend, in 641, in order to consolidate the relationship with the frontiers, Emperor Taizong gave the Princess Wencheng to Songtsan Gambo, and gave a statue of Sakyamuni to the princess and Songtsan Gambo. When it was feasible to do so, the figure of Sakyamuni was as rooted here, and the people could no longer move it half a step.
    At the time when everyone was unable to do anything, the Buddha statue said “I don’t want to leave,” and the princess immediately ordered the sand to be copied on the spot. The new image was completed and the original image was successfully set off. It was finally successfully delivered to Lhasa and completed. Its mission.
    From the picture, you should be able to see a triangle vaguely. The tour guide said: “These are actually some Tibetan scriptures written by Tibetans in the Tibetan language or some Buddhist auspicious words.” This also shows the devout faith of the local people.
    The snow-capped mountains standing behind them echoed with the vast grasslands. Under the blue sky and white clouds, they formed a wonderful landscape painting, which washed away our troubled hearts.
    The bumps all the way, the bright sun all the way, the wind and frost all the way, the beautiful scenery all the way, and we will continue to open our next journey.
     Yingxiu Town
    The next morning we drove to the next attraction – Yingxiu Town, where the Minjiang River and the Yuzi River meet. It is located in the south of Wenchuan and is the only way to Jiuzhaigou, Wolong and Siguniang Mountain. The museum can be said to be the best place to showcase the history and culture of a place, so we first came to the Yingxiu Epicenter Museum with awkward mood. I remembered the suffering caused by the catastrophe in 2008 to the local people. The footsteps were getting heavier and heavier. In fact, when I saw the words “the 512 Wenchuan Earthquake Epicenter Memorial Hall” on the periphery, I was already sighing in my heart. The string of the string was suddenly tightened.
    After entering the memorial hall, I will continue to walk forward to see the scenes of the scenes that have been saved in the past and the buildings that were destroyed by the earthquake. I feel that my heart will be mixed with my heart. It has become very heavy.
    The objects displayed in the museum are all collected. The museum houses books, clothes and other items excavated from the ruins. There are also newspapers, diaries and other materials that record the disaster situation at the time, looking at the memory of those years. Looking at the painful expression in the eyes of the people who were crushed by the stones at the time, the nose could not help but be sour, and the tears began to unconsciously turn around in the eyelids.
    After coming out of the memorial hall, walk to the Yingxiu earthquake site for about 10 minutes. This is a primary school, and I heard that it is the only ruins that have been preserved. As soon as he entered the door, a broken stone clock in front of him first entered people’s sight, and its pointer was fixed at 14:28 forever. The tourists unconsciously slowed down and the guide’s voice was lower. The air is filled with sadness.
    We continued to turn around the school for a week, listening to many touching stories belonging to this town, watching the buildings that were destroyed by the earthquake, and lamenting the weakness of human beings in nature, and lamenting on human beings themselves. Being brave and brave in the face of suffering. The current show has almost recovered to even surpass the pre-earthquake level. Ying Xiu, once shrouded in sorrow, is stepping out of the shadows and moving towards prosperity. I believe that the dark clouds will eventually recede, and the goddess of fortune will definitely pay more attention to this small town that has suffered through hardships.
    The setting sun has fallen to the top of the mountain, and the breeze has awakened the clear moon hidden in the clouds. The mother of the earth is about to unload its curtain, and our trip to western Sichuan has drawn a successful conclusion.
    The memories brought to us by the 18-year trip to western Sichuan will always be treasured in our hearts!
     Eat in Chengdu
    There is a word in Sichuan dialect called a good dog. As the name implies, it is a special feature of the mouth, and there is no resistance to the temptation of food. In the Chinese language, it seems that the dog word is not a very good word, but the Sichuanese are very happy to admit that they are delicious dogs. Everyone feels that having a delicious mouth is a glorious thing. This is the eating culture of Sichuan. With the development of society, eating is not just a hunger, but an experience culture. So when it comes to Chengdu, how can it be considered worthwhile? Next, I will bring you to share some food stores that I think are pretty good, so that you can eat clearly!
     Chengdu eaters:
    This can be said to be a miracle in Chengdu’s restaurant industry. I listened to my friends very early and said that the daily turnover exceeded 100,000 and I had to pay a visit. Chengdu diners occupy the Chengdu food market in the form of new Sichuan cuisine. They have also been favored by many young people, and they have been promoted to the whole country in the near future. So that national tourists can come to Chengdu and have the opportunity to taste the net of Chengdu. How catering is hot. And these are all in the table, orThere is real material, we went into Chengdu to eat.
    This spicy fish fillet can be said to be my favorite. For me, who has a shadow on the fishbone, how troublesome it is to eat fish. This dish uses stab-free fish as ingredients, and spicy, this taste naturally conquers me who likes spicy and delicious. The freshness and spicyness of the fish makes you feel the charm of Sichuan cuisine in a second. And let you stop working and can’t stop!
    This dish is called the streaking prawn, which is the best dish to reflect the new style. With the seafood of the main ingredients of Cantonese cuisine and the spicy Sichuan cuisine, this combination is a combination of heaven and earth, and it is eaten and said. Put the boiled shrimp into a skewer, then boil in the hot pot, let the shrimp completely invade the essence of the bottom of the pot. This dish eats, not only retains the seafood flavor of the shrimp, but also the spicy essence of Sichuan cuisine. The perfect combination of the two, it can be described as natural and taste good! In particular, the bottom of this dish is used by the children, you must remember to use chopsticks to fish in the bottom of the sputum, very soft, eat up!
    Recommended dishes: Spicy fish fillets, streaking prawn
     Dalong Hot Pot:
    Speaking of Sichuan, in addition to Sichuan cuisine, there is still the ecstasy hot pot. This hot pot restaurant named Dalongyu can be described as a flower in Chengdu. It is reported that Chengdu has its own image everywhere, and it has spread the territory to the whole country.
    As a hot pot, the importance of ingredients is self-evident. The first is whether the bottom of the pot is delicious, and the authentic butter makes the whole pot more flavorful and rich. The variety of dishes and the exquisite selection of materials are all must be pursued as hot pot restaurants. In Dalong, you can see this sincerity. The excellence of the dishes is not based on slogans, but on the feedback from the customers who come up with the dishes. Everyone’s recognition is the real boutique!
    Recommended dishes: hairy belly, tender beef!
     Jiyu Thai seafood hot pot (Taigu Li shop):
    When I first saw this store, it was like being in a luxury store. The decoration here can be said to be a very luxurious one in the dining! Three floors, a chandelier, hanging directly from the third floor, the space is very good. And the color is also the cool color that I prefer, giving people a noble style.
    Thai hot pot, or to experience the most authentic Dongyin Gong soup base. The Tom Yum Kung soup in his home tastes quite right, just like being in Thailand. And the dishes are also quite exquisite, whether it is material or platter. Since it is a seafood hot pot, the seafood elements here are also signature, the ingredients are strictly controlled, and the materials that are dedicated to your mouth are fresh. Because seafood is very picky material, for example, if it is dead seafood, the umami taste is much worse than the live fresh. Maybe we can’t eat it, but we know it when we eat it.
    By the way, their desserts are also the mainstay. Yang Zhi Ganlu is highly recommended. After eating a hot and sour Thai hot pot, come to a bowl of sweet desserts to the heart.
    Recommended dishes: Thai tiger prawns, abalone, orchid crabs shipped from Thailand by air
     Mala Tang on the side of the road:
    There are delicious dumplings on the side of the road. Hey, don’t you know, there is a spicy hot stuffing on the side of the road. This spicy hot food restaurant called the roadside may be the pursuit of the most grounded culture, so the name is so close to the people!
    Every time I come to this store, I will unconsciously take a look at their dry oil dishes. The name of the dry oil dish may only be understood by the Sichuan talents. In fact, it is a seasoning plate made of the most direct seasoning without any liquid. In addition, if you say that you may pull hatred, this kind of seasoning may only be understood by the Sichuanese, and the ecstasy on the tip of the tongue. If you can eat spicy, you will understand why Sichuanese like to eat spicy things so much.
    In addition to the dishes, this store makes me feel that the recommendation is for everyone, it should be their positioning. I feel that the nostalgic style, no matter where it is, is the most resonating topic. There are so many elements in the shop on the side of the road that make people feel a second. These elements may have been experienced by us or we have heard of them. But they are gradually disappearing into the current society, leaving only memories to taste!
    Recommended dishes: roadside tender beef, fired three-necked rabbit waist, gongs and drums to eat a thousand layers of belly, brains and so on.
     Drunk Xichang:
    Speaking of Xichang, as a foodie, what did you think of the first time? That’s right, that is the famous Xichang barbecue. Now you don’t have to go to Xichang to eat authentic Xichang barbecue. Their home is the perfect place for the Xichang barbecue, which is perfectly presented to everyone through the form of barbecue. In fact, as a barbecue, the size of the fire of carbon fire is worth careful to control, the taste of the left and right is definitely the taste of the ingredients. If the seasoning is not well prepared on the ingredients, even if there is a good carbon fire, the strong carbon scent can be baked, but the taste of the food does not come out. The result is that the ingredients are wasted, and Do not live in this basin.
    Their dishes, from the color point of view, the first level is easy to win. The so-called color and fragrance, the color is not good, the perception of food is greatly reduced. Bake on a carbon fire, you can hear the hum of the oil drop, this is a kind of sound that can activate the locust immediately, the devil. When the smell of meat floats into your nose, a pot of food is released. How do you say if youIs a meat lovers, drunk Xichang will definitely let you return home! It is no exaggeration to say that eating meat to find him is right!
    Recommended dishes: special small pig
     As in 蜀:
    If the cultural difference between Sichuan and Chongqing is the most obvious, I might say it is on the hot pot. For a long time, Chongqing’s hot pot and Chengdu hot pot have a big difference in taste. Chongqing pays attention to spicy incense, and the hot pot of Chengdu is milder. For foreigners, Chengdu is more inclusive, but for Chongqing people who are used to authentic hot pots, the taste of Chengdu hot pot is generally not up to the requirements!
    But after eating this store, I feel that I have to take back my prejudice. Chengdu still has some hot pots that make Chongqing people covet. To evaluate the hot pot, start with the bottom of the pot. If the bottom of the pot is covered with the aroma of butter, this is a taste that makes the saliva uneasy.
    Although there are no bright dishes in the dishes, it is still good to follow the traditional dishes. The dishes in the hot pot cuisine are all neat. Recommended dishes are covered with hairy belly, large pieces, only need to be burned for 10 seconds, can be eaten, taste, crisp, taste great!
    Recommended dishes: cover the belly, tender beef.
     Looking for joy:
    Listening to the name of the store, the first impression is the eloquent Li Xunhuan. And this store is named after this, and it is somewhat romantic. The shop is located near the Jiuyan Bridge in Chengdu. It is a gathering place for nightclubs and a lively place. But the location of the store is not particularly authentic, and it is a waste of time to meet it!
    This shop is mainly based on oven baking, and the ingredients are full and full, and solid! Through the stove, you can see the neat food inside, it looks very appetizing!
    If you are worried that the meat meeting is greasy, then please put a hundred hearts, the store has taken this into consideration. So on the skewers, they used pineapples to make a gap. This makes this skewer more flavorful, meaty and pineapped with an alternative taste, throwing greasy aside, let you feel different refreshing!
    Recommended dishes: chicken wings!
     Live in Chengdu:
    Going out to travel, the most worry is to eat and live. And the quality of the accommodation also directly affects the mood of the journey, so in comparison, the comfort of living is the most important part of the current tourism!
    In Chengdu, I chose to leave the accommodation problem to my homestay. If you choose a good listing through the app, you don’t have to worry about it, just wait for peace of mind. In fact, this is the first time I have contact with a family. I also tried it with a try attitude, but I didn’t expect the answer to me to be so pleasant! Here is a big praise for a family!
    This room is locatedNear the north gate of Chengdu, it is a residential home. As far as the planning of the community and the observation of the environment are concerned, it is not remote. On the contrary, this community should be regarded as relatively high-end. This first impression gave me a comfortable heart. Followed by the community, here is the special description, because the first time to settle in, there is no room card, so you must call the guard to help open the door, sometimes the doorman will ask a few more words. How do you say this, although it seems troublesome, but it is actually a guarantee for security!
    The house I chose was a three bedroom room. Ideal for family travel. And the supporting facilities are also very neat, such as kitchen supplies, washing machines and so on. Suitable for a family to stay here for a while. And the overall style of the room is relatively simple, without the complicated decoration, it shows its noble! The cool colors of the room also reveal a clean and tidy, just like returning to the forest. Great!
    The space between the suites is very good, and our team is very satisfied with this. And there is also a light rail station not far from the door, convenient to travel! In short, this is a satisfactory stay experience!

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